So love is a certain quality of love. It has a manner that forgives and never forsakes. This love God can put in our heart as He did for Joseph and Moses — two who had to deal with major troubles. Let so love guide the way you see others. (John 3:16; 1 John 4:11)

Speaker(s): Pastor Steven Scibelli, Pastor Eugene Davis
Sermon 12042
11:00 AM on 2/14/2021

P. Eugene Davis –

Good morning. Thank you for braving the elements and coming out this morning. How many people
actually slid, partially or fully, all the way to church? Yeah, it’s an amazing morning. It’s just
awesome. (Announcements). Just this morning for an introduction, just want to consider, how
many yesterday went to the Marriage Seminar? We had an amazing Marriage Seminar. It was a
great time and a lot of people were here. I had the privilege of – I went on outreach yesterday
and while I was waiting for the Youth Center to open, I had to go to the bathroom, so I went
down into the Fellowship Hall and Gavin and Rosalyn were there. I looked at them and I was
like, is there a wedding reception going on here or something? It was beautiful. The lay outs, the
sequence, all of that stuff was just awesome. I was thinking thank God for marriages. Amazing
marriages. Not perfect but God working in marriages and God working in single people. I was
thinking about this thought, how important it is to be persuaded.

The word “persuaded” is not a feeling. It’s to be mentally won over in the mind. It is actually a thinking term. To be persuaded, to be convinced, to have conviction. It’s amazing. Naturally, we are not persuaded towards the
things of God. Isaiah 55:8-9, God says my thoughts are not your thoughts; my ways are not your
ways. They are higher. God says I am persuaded in Jeremiah 29:11 the thoughts I think towards you,
thoughts of peace and not evil. But you may not be persuaded. We may not be persuaded how
God sees us. That’s why we love this pulpit. That’s why we love this church. As I said before, it’s
like a maintenance shop. We all are at different stages needing maintenance in our lives. And
we come in, some sputtering, some sliding. Transmission is stuck. I’m coming in. The kids are
screaming. I’m coming in. But what happened to us? Do you remember the first time you sat
and heard a message and the pastor is preaching and you’re like, that ain’t me. No. No. He
doesn’t know me. He doesn’t know what is going on in my life.

Do you remember the first time by the grace of God you were introduced to the grace of God? Acts 13:43, this is an amazing verse because the word “continue” means to remain. To abide. To stay. To be fixed. To park.
You just put the car in park and you just sit there. You are not worried about the gas running
out. You are not worried about the idling but you heard something. That has grabbed your
attention. Wait a minute. What? What? Jeremiah 31:1-3, “I have loved thee with an everlasting love.”
What? You love me? But what about my past? I have loved you. Be persuaded by the love of
God and continue in that persuasion. Don’t be moved. Don’t be unsettled. Don’t let your
emotions get a hold of you. Think with God. Thinking with God. This has been the hallmark of
our ministry, categorical doctrine, how to think with God. Irregardless of how I feel, irregardless of
what you said to me, irregardless what someone else said to me, and irregardless of what I am saying
to myself. I’m learning to think with God. I’m continuing in those thoughts.

Phpilippians 2:5-8, let this mind continue in you. So many times there is an attack that maybe I have heard something but I stop hearing it and then I find myself moving away from the thing which I heard. I am not
persuaded any more. Paul said it to the Galatians. He said this persuasion doesn’t come from
the one who called you. A little leaven leavens the whole lump. Because the Galatians all of a
sudden had turned from the grace of God, had turned from the finished work by the Judaiazers
and now we’re living in something that was not God’s thoughts. It was another mind. Paul was
furious. He was furious because of love because he had labored. He had introduced them to the
grace of God. He had risked his life for this message and now the very people he loved were
being moved away from the very message that delivered him. He came in and wrote the letter
and he was dealing with this error of legalism in the church. Another way of thinking persuading
something different than what God has said. I love this, 2 Timothy 3:14, “continue in the things that
you have learned” and listen to this, “and been assured of, knowing of whom you have learned
them.” Our learning is in relationship to a person.

The word “learning” in the Bible is never without a relationship to the one you are learning from. So think about being persuaded. There is a person who persuaded you. Their life, their love, their faithfulness. Maybe you have been in
this church and you’ve seen this person. You have been in this church from the time I was a
child. Now I have my own kids and I am persuaded that this is God’s place for me. Don’t take
lightly your portion in the Body of Christ. Don’t take it lightly that you can not be here and they
won’t think about me. We are persuaded of better things of you. This is your place. This is our
place. Romans 8:38, ten things can’t persuade me. Ten things can’t alter or change my mind. God
loves me. John. 3:16 “for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that
whosoever believeth” – it could be that whosoever is persuaded by that love. “…in Him shall never perish but have everlasting life.” Let that thought come in and be your persuasion. Don’t
be moved from the love of God. Don’t be moved from the faithfulness of God. Don’t be moved
from the grace of God. I am persuaded this morning that people are still lost. That’s why we go. I
am persuaded that prayer works. I am persuaded that it is finished, John. 19:30.

God wants us to be persuaded. He wants us to continue, to park in that persuasion and not allow some other
thought, some other mind come in and move me from the persuasion that God has established
me in. You know it’s amazing. I love this thought. P. Schaller was saying it yesterday. We kind
of came in the back while all the couples were here to listen on the message. I was reminded by
Ryan that I didn’t register, but I loved the message! Thank you very much! Did a great job. Think
about this with me: P. Schaller was talking about Billy Graham who went home to be with the
Lord. His daughters spoke and said that when her mom was alive and Dr. Billy Graham was
alive, they would come into a room and just sit and look at each other and stare at each other
for hours and not say a word. I was thinking about that. This was a couple that was persuaded.
They didn’t have to say much. Now, there are a lot of things they went through – kids being
born, grand kids being born – but what remained there was to continue in something that God
had done. That’s a beautiful story.

Maybe you are here this morning and you know what, you’re
thinking, okay. I’m not Billy Graham. No one asked you to be Billy Graham but the same God
that is faithful to Billy Graham is the same God that wants to persuade you he is faithful to you
and you can continue. You can continue. Acts 26:22, let God help you. Don’t reject God’s love.
He loves you. Let him love you. Let him build you. Let him comfort you. Let him strengthen you.
Let him bring you back. Let him settle issues in your life. Let him persuade you to his mind.
Because you know what? The mind of God is amazing. In closing, I love this. Paul is speaking
to Timothy. Timothy is a young man. His father was Greek. He was not raised by his father.
There could have been some discouragement in his life. Some things were not settled in
Timothy’s life. Paul says to him in 2 Timothy 1:5, …I am persuaded is in you also.” What that did for
Timothy’s life as a young pastor, maybe questioning his effectiveness, questioning am I the one

Paul came in and says, Timothy, there is something that God started in your family. It was
in your grandmother Lois. It’s in your mother Eunice. And I’m persuaded it’s in you Timothy.
Then he says, stirs it up. Stir up what is in you. And as you stir it up, you’ll continue in it decade
after decade after decade no matter what happens. What’s so amazing is the world we live in,
they are not persuaded by God. Some other mind has persuaded them. Have you ever talked to
someone and you are listening and saying, who persuaded you in this area of error that God
doesn’t love you or somehow God has stopped loving you? We come along side of them and
we begin to give them the mind of Christ. It’s amazing what the mind of Christ does in a person.
We begin to persuade them. You see their countenance change. You see decisions being
made. And you see families being restored. You see marriages being restored. You see single
people saying I’m going to be a single person for God.

My life will glorify God. I’m not comparing myself to someone else because I’ve been persuaded that God loves me. I don’t have to be them. I’m looking at them – sometimes you look at somebody and it’s like oh man, their life must
be amazing. God wants to persuade you your life is amazing, too. Let this
mind be in you and be fully persuaded that God is able, the working and the doing and the
working out in you, Philippians 2:13. It is of God who works both the willing and doing of his good
pleasure and he’s working in you and he works it out as well. Be persuaded and let nothing
remove you from that persuasion of mind because God loves you.

P. Scibelli –

Okay. If you would stand with me, unless you can’t. That’s okay. Turn with me to
three verses. I didn’t know I was speaking this morning so I came dressed this way. Then Jen
tried to get me – she went and got one of P. Schaller’s shirts and ties. His large is my small and
I realized it just isn’t working, otherwise I’d be like – Anyway, we love him and thank God for his
life, amen! He’ll be here tonight. John. 3:16 which I’m sure we know it. There was a man that went
and preached seven messages seven nights in a row on John. 3:16. After the second or third
message, the deacons of the church said he must be a fraud. He’s only got one message, and
then they called him into the office. They said to him, you only know one message? It’s like the
third time night in a row. Are you really like a preacher? He said to them, when you can live in
that message, I’ll stop preaching it. When you believe and live in that message, then I will. I was
thinking about a verse this morning. I noticed a particular word that is used in John. 3:16 and I
want to hit that one.

This Bible is so small, wow. John. 3:16, 1 John. 4:11, it says we should “so love” one another. Not just that God loves the world, but we are to so love one another. This says,
Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s weekend, husbands so love your wife. It’s used only three times in
the Scriptures, “so love.” You can be seated. What kind of love? Soooooo love. Can you say it
that way? Soooooo love. As they say in Ghana, you try. You try. What does it mean “so love.”
The word in the Greek language is HUTO AGAPEO. It talks about a certain type of love. It’s not
just AGAPE love. But “so love” when you combine the two words means a quality and a manner
of love. It’s a particular type of love, a quality and manner. It’s really extensive and very intense.
That’s how God loves. I think I first heard this, obviously we’ve all heard these verses growing
up. Maybe at a younger age or what not. I remember in 1974 somebody meeting me on the
street. That’s all I ever did was live on the street.

I don’t mean homeless, but I was just always out. I don’t think I ever spent a day after I was five years old, I don’t think I ever spent a day in the house. Not that I didn’t have great parents. I just didn’t like – it felt like something was going
on and I was missing it. I actually ran away from home when I was five years old. I won’t tell you
what happened after that. I didn’t go too far but I went far enough. A young lady came up to me
and at that particular point I was maybe on my 15th year of narcotics and alcohol addictions.
Fifteen years at that time. I got the timing correct. She said, can I tell you something? I said,
yeah. What are you going to tell me? Jesus loves you. I’m like, you’re nuts. You’re sick in the
head. God could never love me. I believed in God but I didn’t believe in God’s love to me.
There’s a lot of people out there like that. They believe in God but they don’t believe in God’s
love towards them. She kept following me and saying it. It really aggravated me. I was
aggravated at this particular person.

Then I remember the first Bible study that ever took place in my life. I was asked to share a verse. It was in my own house. A man was coming there to do it, P. Dick Loftus who actually became a missionary to China. He asked me to share something before the Bible study, like an intro. So I read Ephesians 3:16-20 and talked about a love that is
exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond what you can ask or think. It struck me. After that,
when we were having coffee in the house later, I said, if you ever ask me to say anything about
the Bible again, you will never enter my house again! I don’t talk about the Bible. I listen. You
can use my house, but don’t ever put me on the spot like that again because I’m not a person
that communicates the Bible. I believe it. I’m saved. But I will never be anybody who speaks
about it. I said that to Dr. Stevens one time in – I remember the time. It was on the front stairs of
627 State Street in Springfield, Massachusetts. He said, have you ever thought about
pastoring? I said, nope! He said, would you pray about it?

I said, nope! He said, won’t you even think about it? I said, nope! I said, if you pressing me about this, I’m going to lose all respect for you. What an idiot I was! I mean it’s so interesting. I really loved working in the city on the
streets. We had homes for addicts. I loved participating in a street ministry and working in
Winchester Square especially, a certain area. And talking to people and ministering to people. It
was something I was doing almost every day, just out there talking to people, but I wanted
nothing to do with pastoring. I just wanted to see people get delivered from alcohol and drugs
like I had been delivered. One time it happened that I was locked up by the police for talking to
addicts. Can you imagine that? Isn’t that interesting. I began to realize something about what it
means to be “so loved.” Through these experiences, working in prisons for ten years, and
working with homes. We had two homes called the Life House. I really enjoyed that ministry for
a long time, realizing there was something about this particular idea of being so loved. I heard
Hudson Taylor.

They asked him a question about what does it mean for you to be a missionary
in China. What do you have to do to be a missionary? He was interviewing people. And you’ve
heard this story before. One man said, my great grandfather, my grandfather, my father were all
missionaries, so I’m going to be a missionary to China. He said, see you later! The next guy
said, I want to be a missionary to China. Why do you want to be a missionary to China? I want
to be a missionary to China because there are multitudes of people being lost there. They need
the Gospel. See you later. Finally, one man came and he said, why do you want to be a
missionary? Because God so loved the world and I know God loves Chinese people. He said,
you’re the man. You’re the man for the work. I think it’s really incredible God so loving us. God
so loving us. We can become familiar with that. We can begin to take it that yes I know that
verse. It was something I learned in elementary school and Sunday School.

So loving. But this is so important because God so loved me into salvation but did it stop there? Was that the end?
Are you with me? Are you with me? Okay. I don’t have a left eye so I don’t know what is going on over there! Something is going on but I have to turn my head this way so I can see. Hi! It’s
good. It’s awesome. But “so loved” is something that continues to take place. “So loved”
continues to take place because it’s speaking about a self-sacrificing, eternal and personal love
that God has for us, not just when we get saved and hear the message but every moment of
every day I need to just fellowship with the truth that God so loves me. Amen. This has to be
something that takes place all the time. Does God so love you when you are being tested? Yes.
When you are being tempted, God what? No, no, so loves me. God so loves me when I’m being
tempted. When I am in my worst failure, God what? God so loves me. He so loves me. When
nothing seems to be going right in the middle of it guess what is happening? God is what? God
is so loving me. He’s loving me with an intensity that is personal and eternal and self-sacrificing
and constraining.

This kind of love. This is the kind of love that changes people. I met a man
yesterday on evangelism. Where were we yesterday? Northpoint Flea Market. I don’t know why
they call it a flea market. I don’t know! This man was there and he said, I don’t want to talk about
God. I lost my wife. I lost two people in my immediate family and I got an attitude. I said,
awesome. God still so loves you. No matter if you have an attitude about God. I don’t like God.
God still so loves you. I don’t like God. I don’t want God. I don’t like God. I don’t want to hear
about God. He still what? He still so loves us. When we think about that the way God loves me
no matter what is taking place in an individual’s life. I was thinking about Mary Magdalene this
morning. It says “out of whom came seven devils.” I thought I had one or two come out of me
but not seven! She must have been something. She must have been some case, amen! By the
way, you think there is a hard case out there, too hard for God?

Hello? Look at the person sitting next to you and tell them nothing is too hard for God’s love. Come on! Don’t be afraid to
talk to them. So loved, right? P. Bob Colban, right? Where you minister down in the city, right?
It’s because many times people have been subject to religion, religious exercises, religious
ideas, religious thought patterns and it’s not – it’s “lovism” and not legalism. It’s God’s love and
God loving people. God loving me out of my failure, out of my sin. It’s really something else
when you think about it, how important that is. Joseph loves his brothers with God’s love and
they sell him into Egyptian hands, into the Ishmaelites, 93 years he has to live in Egypt. He goes
in as a 17-year old boy. What happens? He said in his mind God loves me. God didn’t sell me.
He sent me to save many people alive. I am never going to hold a grudge, an attitude, a bad
thought, anything evil against my brothers for what they did because love thinks no evil, 1 Corinthians
13:5. Is that what the Bible says? Hello? Can you imagine Jesus never had an evil thought
ever? Hello? “Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.”

Not one time. Are you kidding me? You don’t even know what happened on the way down here in the car! What was
happening outside here or what is going on next to me, you know? Whatever. He never had one
thought that was contrary to his Father’s thinking or to the Holy Spirit. He never had an evil
thought. He never thinks evil. Don’t get condemned by that and don’t feel guilty if you’ve had
them. That’s why we have a mercy seat, amen? God help me to think in love towards people.
Are you with me? In the 90s, when we were ministering in Southern Uganda towards Rwanda,
and we were traveling to Rwanda, and you know about the Rwandan genocide that took place.
Three hundred thousand people were murdered in one night. You talk about problems. I didn’t
say so many people a year in a city. I said 300,000 in one night; 1.2 million people were
massacred. How are you going to change one tribes attitude towards another? Are you going to
establish a United Nation’s commission? Oh, yeah.

That’s going to work. I’m not saying they can’t do some things. How is it going to happen? AGAPE love is the only thing that can change Rwanda. When they began to live in AGAPE love, even when the president and people in their
government began to understand it’s only God and the Holy Spirit that can ever change
anything. It will never be religion. It will never happen. They actually eradicated all of the
religious churches right out of the country. They needed “so loved” to see a difference made.
I’ve said it before. We ended up have a mission team where we sent Tutsis and Hutus together
to Rwanda to start a church, on the same team! How does that happened? So loved. So loved.
In one aspect, Paul said this to the Corinthians. The Corinthians were boxing each other. There
was nothing but problems in the Corinthian church. It was incredible. He said in 1 Corinthians 12:31,
I’m going to show you a more excellent way. What was that? What was he going to show them
in 1 Corinthians 12:31, chapter 13, 14:1, 2 Corinthians 12:15. “I’ll gladly spend and be spent for you, though
the more I love you the less you love me.” He was going to show them. By the way, he didn’t
mean talking only. He meant “show I unto you.”

The word that is used in the Greek language is “with my life.” I’m going to show you with my life a more excellent way. That is HUPERBOLLE. Something above and beyond what you ever thought about. That is what is going to make a
difference in Corinth. That is what is going to make a difference in a marriage. That’s what’s
going to make a difference in a single person. That’s what is going to change an addict. That is
what is going to happen with people that just can’t seem to get along with people. Just let God
so love you. Then that “so love” from 1 John. 4:11 flows through. This is “so love.” What kind of
love? Soooooo loved the world. So loved the world. He can love his brothers who sold him.
Amazing, isn’t it? You meant it for evil but God meant it for good. Israel? How would you like to
be put over them? Forty years in the wilderness. Are you kidding me? Murmuring, complaining.
What? This kind of water? What’s this? Every day 40 years manna, morning, noon, and night?
Three meals a day? Here comes the manna again!

You could develop an attitude. I don’t know if I ate macaroni three times a day for forty years whether I’d have an attitude. I don’t think so! As long as my wife was cooking it! Can you imagine the monotony of that? Just dropping down
and things are going on. It’s hot there. They are in the desert. This is forty years. What’s going
on here? And you have to lead these people. Just read Deuteronomy 7:6-10 when Moses talks about
loving the people of Israel. He loved them. God put it in your heart. Could God put his love in
your heart for one person that causes you more difficulty than anybody else in this world? Could
he do it? Really? Are you sure? Yes, he can. He’s done it. I remember when I first met P.
Renaldo and P. Eugene. It was in 1993, right? These guys were really like – no, they were
great. Like all of us were a little rough on the edges. You know how that means. I thought to
myself, we would have these rap sessions at night in the car, like 11, 12 or 1:00 in the morning.
Where was that place? Burbidge Court. I’m getting tired, no! So loved P. Eugene. So loved P.
Renaldo. So loved disciples. So loved the children. So loved your wife. So loved your husband.
This is a love that has a quality to it, an intensity to it, it’s personal and it’s eternal and it changes
people’s lives.

This is what changed Corinth and made it a great church. This is what changed
Isaiah in Isaiah 6. This is what changed Jeremiah in Jeremiah 31. We heard the verse, “I will
love you with an everlasting love and with loving kindness I will draw you. I will build you again.”
Here’s what God says about Israel, idolatrous Israel, “O virgin Israel.” He calls the idolaters
virgins. Imagine that. He calls them virgins. Cause God is seeing through the eyes of love. God
is thinking with the mind of love, seeing with the eyes of love, taking steps with a walk of love
and just loving his people. Amen! But we are so used to, we fail and we think like it was before,
like it was in the world or something that took place, you know. I remember Mrs. Nestle her
name was. It’s kind of why I like chocolate. Mrs. Nestle. She would knuckle my fingers. In those
days you could do that. When was that? None of your business! That was 60 some years ago,
62 or 63 years ago. She would always say, put your hand out, Steven. Here we go again! Just
don’t tell my father. When something happened in school, we got dealt with it at home again too.
Put your hand out and down comes this ruler with the metal thing on the end of it. I’m sorry to
bring those things up.

Somebody might want to sue me! I don’t know. It was painful. I thought to
myself, she doesn’t like me. I never thought one teacher liked me. Mr. Lucy in grade 7, I
wouldn’t stop talking and chewing gum and he took a yard stick and opened up the side of my
mouth with a yardstick bleeding. I’m like, if I get this guy outside, I’ll tell you what I’m going to do.
Maybe nothing happened to you because you weren’t like me. But then when you meet a God
who so loves you, how much easier it is to learn God’s words and God’s thoughts when you
know he loves you. When you know someone loves you, it’s easy to listen to them, amen. And
it’s easy to learn from them. He says to them, it’s something above. This kind of love I have is
above. He said to the church at Ephesus, it’s going to be exceedingly, abundantly, above and
beyond what you can ask or think. This is God’s love from Ephesians 3:16 all the way to vs. 20. You
know what happened in Revelation 2:1-7. He says I have something against you. I’m not against you
but I have something against you. You left me, your best love. I’m the one that loves you church
and you left me. And you know what? Isn’t it great God never leaves us even when we leave
him? Say hallelujah! He so loves me.

God who? Ever have that attitude. Things didn’t go the way you wanted them to. It wasn’t happening the way you thought it should happen. I’ve had it with that. No, I can forsake God, but he says in Hebrews 13:5-6 and Joshua 1:5-6, Isaiah 49:14-16, I will never leave you nor forsake you. What does never mean? By the way in the Greek
language it says five times, I will not, I will not, I will not, I will not, I will not leave you or forsake
you. I just want to get it through your thick head. I’m not going anywhere. I was reading this
morning from 1 John – if you have a chance this afternoon, read 1 John. 4:7 – 5:3. Are you with me? Are you awake out there? Twenty-nine times in that portion of Scripture the word “AGAPE”
is used. Do you think God is trying to say something. Huh? AGAPE, AGAPE. He’s making a
point through the Apostle John about God’s love. And the Apostle John would need that kind of
love because he was going to have to go to the island of Patmos, which was an island for
insane maniacs, surrounding by shark infested waters and be there at 95 years old.

Thanks a lot God! Everything I did with the Gospel and this is what I get? Shark infested prison at my old
age. I was telling some people the other day, don’t ever put me in a nursing home because
there is going to be trouble. Don’t even try it. I don’t care how crazy I get. Just send me back to
Africa. They’ll take care of me. They’ll chain me to a tree and leave me there! Bring the food
every other day, you know! That happened to me one time. I saw a guy who was chained to a
tree. He was a maniac. I said, did anyone ever minister to this guy? They said, are you kidding
me. That guy kills anything that goes near him. I said, let’s go! Let’s go speak with him about the
Gospel. As we go back and think about out of whom came seven devils and Mary Magdalene
went all the way with Jesus. She was with him in his ministry. That doesn’t mean women are
going to be ordained this week, okay?! I’m not talking about that. She was with him in his
Galilean ministry. She was there suffering in the garden.

She was at the cross. She was at the tomb and she was with the church in the book of Acts. See, seven loves replaced seven devils. Isn’t that amazing? God will fill you with his love. God wants to fill me with his love and that will
motivate my life. Loving my wife that way. I know she loved me that way. She was saved before
I got saved. By the way, that wasn’t easy for her, but she loved me with a love that came from
the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit sheds abroad – you’re born again and you have the Holy Spirit,
right? Eph 1:13, 4:30. Sealed by the Holy Spirit. What is the Holy Spirit’s ministry? Is it first to
convict me of sin? No, the Holy Spirit’s ministry to you and I is to shed the love of God abroad in
our hearts. That’s his ministry. That is what he does. So many people – that’s the Holy Spirit, if
this happens, this person will rise from the dead. They’ll prophesy. They’ll be healings. They’ll be
miracles. Yes, I understand that. But the ministry of the Holy Spirit foundationally is to shed the
what? Love of God abroad in our hearts, amen.

What does Baltimore need? Politics won’t give you “so loved.” Hello? Huh? Education, sorry about this. Don’t get upset with me. I think education is as God leads, but you’re not going to learn “so love” in educational institutions.
Hello? You’re not going to get it from the United Nations, problem solvers of the world. You’re
not going to get it from big business. Hello? You’re going to get “so loved” only from Jesus
Christ. That’s where it is coming from. That’s the only place it is coming from. Yet everybody is
looking to solve this world’s problems and marriage problems and relationships problems,
identity problems. Am I a boy or a girl? Who am I? And all of this is going on. Educational
problems, crime problems, violence problems, drug addiction and nothing works but “so love.”
The devil has what I call substitute love. Emotionalism. Religious love. All kinds of loves. We call
them satanic, substitute loves. They’re out there. We can easily be led into it and find out when
we are in it that this isn’t working. I’m exhausted.

There’s no results and no success at all. What this world needs, what the church needs, what lost people need, what addicts need, what marriages need, what families need, what countries need, what will solve problems – it’s only
one thing. So loved. He so loved. That’s God toward us. It’s us towards each other. You got a
problem with somebody in the church? How about so loving them. That will deliver you. That will
be a deliverance from the problem. Hello? Five people took me to court one time and I
appeared before a judge. This was in a certain African country. They were trying to deport me.
Good luck to you! I don’t deport easy, that’s why I got five passports. I have a different identity
that no one knows about! I got up and I said, you know what? I love these men cause God loves
me and I love them. Case dismissed. Case dismissed. So love can make a difference.
Separations and divorces and please if something’s happened, don’t start thinking backwards.
So love can change a relationship. So love. “You don’t know what he is like.” So love him. So
love him. “You don’t know what she is like.”

So love her. “You don’t know what these kids are like.” How about so loving them? How about so loving the children, the teenagers. Wow. “Well, you know, that person parked in my parking place.” What a major trial! Oh my God! Oh my God!That’s unbelievable! How are we going to get through that one?! Huh? So loved. The little things
and the big things. So loved takes care of them all from beginning to the end, from the large to
the small, from right now into eternity. When we get to heaven, there will be no flesh, no sin, no
devil, no world and we will experience like never before what it means to be so loved.



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