God draws people through the power of the Word and the Spirit. Jesus came to earth to bring us to Himself and to the Father. The Finished Work truth of the Gospel never fails to touch open hearts. (John 6; 2 Kings 2:2)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Steven Scibelli
Sermon # 11258
6:30 PM on 5/7/2017

P. Scibelli

Even when you fall, where you end up you are ahead of where you were. If I fall from here on my face, fall forward and get up, you are a couple feet ahead of where you were.

Jn 6. This is one of the most amazing portions in the S. Jesus does a great miracle with the miracle of the loaves. He preaches a great message. Eat my flesh and drink my blood. Great message but it wasn’t a great response. Everybody left. Amazing when a preacher preaches a message and everyone leaves. Help me tonight. Stay!

I preached once at an ecumenical breakfast, and when I was done with the message, there was just four of us. An awful lot of food for us! It was just a regular message about communing with God and being born again and you couldn’t believe how many got up and hit the doors.

Jn 6:68 then there is a great departure but what is left is a lot of great disciples. He also said would you also go away? You would think he would be so concerned. Just lost 5,000 people. These guys, I better be careful to say the right thing. Will you also go away? To whom shall we go? You have the rhema, the personal words of eternal life.

Jn 6:68, Thinking of what it means to be drawn by God. Spiritual magnetics is interesting. God desires to draw us. Sometimes we don’t recognize it. If we evaluate the difficulty or trial and analyze it, we will not see God using it to draw us to himself.

1 Cor 10:13, God is able to meet us in that place. He is faithful and able. God is always drawing me. He is drawing us all the time regardless of what is taking place. Even when the prodigal son was in the pig pen and came to myself, what has happened in the past somehow connect where I am and I say I will go to my father. There were certain things and I was in situations where God’s voice came years ago and I was drawn by them. The Incarnation. How much does God want to draw us? God became a man. We take it for granted or know it theologically. How much did God want to draw us? He became one of us. That’s how much he wants to draw people to himself.

Hos 11:4 I was one that took the yoke off of their jaw. That’s incredible. He drew us. God is always drawing us. Even when we find ourselves going in another direction and making deliberate moves to go in another direction. Ever gone negative to God and meet someone and tell you exactly where you are at and they are a stranger. God using people to draw us.

A couple ladies told me today we pray for you every day. That’s why I’m living. It just takes one mosquito. I told my wife I’m not going to talk about this stuff!

Two leaders gone for five years and both of them came back. Both of them were at all the services. They said is it ok? I said I’m trying to figure out where I can use you in the ministry of GG. There was some negativity but just because they were there, God was drawing them. They would be there and excited about the Word of God.

Amazing people in Africa. Charity, your husband is amazing. P. Jabulani, the tragic thing happened in his life. He sang a song, “Perfect in all of his Ways.” Through the song and the message he wept. It was so powerful. God is perfect in all his ways. He can say that after what has taken place in his life.

Sometimes we evaluate our circumstances or what is happening in a family financially or our physical situation. God says I will use this to draw you to myself. In being sold by your brothers I was going to use it to draw you to an unconditional love and a great leader who would be an overseer of all of Egypt. From one boy to 2.5 million coming out later. God would use Joseph to draw the nation of Israel.

Jer 31:1-4 with LK I will draw you. I want to cause you to rest and love you with everlasting love and with LK I will draw you. I will build you again, oh virgin Israel. He calls idolatrous Israel a virgin. He uses those truths. He uses his R and his purity and holiness to draw people that are not R.

Luke 15:1 publicans and sinners were drawn to him. They know of being in his place he was holy, pure and R and tender and loving. He would initiate to them and they felt comfortable coming. In Lk she comes in to kiss his feet and wipe them with her hair. Here’s the religious spirit. If he knew what kind of woman this was.

I was told by someone a certain father said stop reading the Bible. You can’t read it or understand it. That’s for us. I said X marks your forehead. That’s the last time I talk or listen to you. Thank you for telling me not to read the Bible. That’s really happening to me to get to know God.

I think of P. John Jason and P. Ben Nar and P. Alfred in a village with 26 pastor leaders. He said I can only get up a mountain and climb a tree to get you on the telephone. To get a signal on a cell phone. He says I’m in a tree. Don’t fall! Don’t be like P. Steve Morello falling out of a tree! It’s God’s work. These men are 14,000 coming to church in GGWO in Africa. That’s not baptistic, that’s God. This happens every week. The finished work, grace message, life of God, power of God faithfulness of God, truth of God is drawing people.

In the convention in Uganda, the prime minister came and Uganda ambassador to United Nations or America. I said to myself, be careful what you say. They have to live here. You don’t. The Holy Spirit says don’t hold back. In the message I turned to them and said don’t open your hand for money if what comes with it is alternative lifestyles from Europe and America. You don’t need the money if that’s what brings with it. Stay poor and stay pure than be rich and wicked. The ambassador said you’re not afraid to say the truth. She was drawn. It’s amazing.

P. Chris in Malawi with three children and a father and mother in their mid-70’s to late 70’s. We were out evangelizing and the two of them showed up on bicycles. The way they got off and on them they looked like experts. Wow, look at them! They said why pay money for taxis. It’s too much. We can use the money to help people. They are on the back of a bicycle. Someone is driving them. People come to church to see them! There they are moving towards 80 and on fire for God soul winning, heading prayer meetings. They had a prayer meeting where others come. I’m magnetized by God.

Adam, where are you? What does that mean? I’m drawing you. Abraham, Moses. Moses is backslidden and commits murder. Puts the guy in a hole. This is Moses. Kills the guy and digs a hole. God says how are you doing Moses? I’m going to use you to bring the nation of Israel out of Egypt. Me? Draw near. Moses must have been ready to back up. Get hit by lightning for killing someone. Draw near Jacob. Even though trickster, liar, supplanter and deceiver, you are my trickster, liar, supplanter and deceiver! You belong to me. When you get your identity correct you will realize who you are in me and you will be drawn. What are you doing on the road to Damascus? Are you looking to kill more Christians? I’m going to use you to preach a message about grace, love, mercy and the finished work. Spiritual magnetics.

I saw people playing guitars in 1977 in GG and I thought, who are these weirdos?! I looked like something out of a bad movie with a suit and tie. We looked like criminals because we were! Raising their hands. What’s wrong with them? Got back aches. After the preacher preached from Ps 19, I said he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Then a man named Dick Loftus came to my house every week. It was through him. It wasn’t the message, guitar, raising hands or Marriott hotel, it was God using the Body. I didn’t know anything. God used people to draw us. Before you know it we were going to church. I remember when my wife came. They drove our children away to Sunday school in a red van. A lot of things the enemy tried to do to keep us from coming, but spiritual magnetics drew us. Life, love, the Body, the vision. One of the things that drew me they said we do blitzes. What’s a blitz? Are we in a war? I came and said wow these people are evangelizing. I was even all by myself. I didn’t know what I was doing. I want to tell you God loves you because something happened to me. That drew me. Evangelistic. Loving God and going after souls.

Jesus came to draw people. He didn’t come down to be king. He hid on the hills. I didn’t come to be king now. God wants to use us to draw people as we are drawn to him. We go out on Saturdays. We are drawing people. Maybe you say I don’t know what I’d say. Say nothing. Smile. Say Jesus loves you. You don’t have to be a genius. You just have to have a heart that cares about people being saved. Perfect love casts out fear. Drawing people.

We see people come back. I had a pastor one time and he had a real problem with his marriage and left his wife. I said you step aside for a while and we’ll work it out. He didn’t like the idea and started to abuse me verbally. My flesh said strangle him but the Spirit said be quiet. He was negative for three years. One day he knocked on my door and he said God forgave me. Do you? I said I never filled your position as a pastor. Just go back. He became one of the most amazing men. P. Christian. God drew him. God wants to draw us.

Sometimes we have people in our life and love naturally but God’s unconditional, unending love wants to draw us. Drawing people in India, Nepal, China, the islands, S. America.

We have a new church in Haiti. 200 people in three months. They are being drawn by God.

Prayer draws people. We pray they come. We really do.

Let’s be a people who continue to be drawn by God ourselves and watch God draw people.

Let God’s life in you draw the person you are having a problem with. Let God’s love and life come through you. So many try to find intricate ways to solve problems with people. Let God live through you and watch what happens.

He will draw people. He drew Israel, Thomas, the Sons of Thunder James and John. Jesus made them sons of his love. They became amazing. In drawing them, he changed them. When they came to him, they saw who he was.

He drew blind Bartimaeus, rich Zacchaeus, and a leper. He was in Simon the leper’s house when let woman anoint him with oil. He’s in a leper’s house. What’s he doing?

We are spiritual lepers. Lost or sinners. Sin is leprosy. God says I love you and I will draw you. You fail and do it again and again and God has a plan to draw us.

One day he will draw all of us to heaven.


P. Schaller

I asked P. Steve to run the mike to say a few words.

We just love P. Scibelli and his ministry. How much that ministers to us. We’re so happy he comes home and just came and has the love and the vision and we are drawn.

2 Ki 2.

Some of us are going to India. Maybe you can come up on the stage. (He’s naming people that are going). Then we go to Nepal. It’s a fast trip. Pray for us. Being drawn.

2 Ki 2:2, you can be drawn, the magnetism that pastor mentioned, drawn by love and saying in your heart this is where I belong. This is where I want to be and you’re not going to get rid of me.

Maybe P. Barry. Run the mike to him. He looks like he is in a coma! Years ago P. Barry was that tall and about as wide as he is now. P. Barry and his dad and mom from Massachusetts and they heard a message from P. Stevens and what did your dad and mom say? P. Barry: Pack the house. We’re moving. They were working in a town (in Massachusetts) and in a short time we got on a bus and moved to Lenox. We’re all in. Little Barry at that time. He said I don’t want to go! What did your mom and dad say? They said just for context I was 9 years old. I was in the middle of a high level youth ice hockey group and didn’t want to go. That is true. Knowing you. They said the place where we are going there is ice hockey by the church. I was one of the few thrown out of an ice hockey game for fighting and graduated on the same surface from Bible school.

There was something in the ministry that drew us. Freshness, vision, courage, faith, a radical way of thinking and living. A lot of freedom and liberty. You could make mistakes because God is love. When Elisha followed Elijah, maybe he realized this was his life, this was his future. In a little while we have a graduation and these international students walk across the platform and then go back home. Thank you for following God. Thank you for your life of faith.

We’ll have Faith Promise. A picnic, a big kind of family festival and we’ll talk about making a pledge for the year. I’ll dedicate beyond my tithes and offerings and by faith give $50 to missions, or a hundred or more. At the end of the year we will see how much we have raised by Faith Promise and how much has gone out to help our missionaries. We are drawn to faith, to missions, to prayer, to love.

Elijah could say to Elisha you stay here. Eisha said no. You can’t discourage me. By nature maybe I’d go away. Like with Jesus, eat my flesh and drink my blood but my spirit can’t go away. This is Holy Spirit saying to me this is the way walk in it.

When people are sent out as missionaries from here – P. Carl and P. Brian. They said we will go back to India and plant churches because of what we learned here. They did 25 years ago. There is 107 churches in India and the magnetism is not Dr. Stevens or P. Scibelli or anyone else. It is the H.S. drawing people. They draw the people to God. They sleep at night. They learn the Bible. They live in faith. They rent a hall and start preaching.

You get some training and go by faith and touch people in N.J. PA, Delaware, Virginia, and around the world.

Terry Shismanian: It was an awesome message this morning… I said this kind of message is why I go to Greater Grace. Just digging for the nuggets of gold. It’s awesome to be a part of this.

I asked P. Cooper and he said it was awesome in Federal Hill. We have a building in Federal Hill and the people gathering. They gather in the Catholic Church. All the Protestant churches were closed doors. They went to the Catholic Church. They didn’t know enough not to go! The priest said sure. We do mass and then you can have it at 11.

Do you know you have a magnetism in your life that is not a charismatic personality? You can be the quietest person and draw someone to God. Your godliness, your peace, patience, kindness, firmness, your prayer draws people to God. We are gatherers, not scatterers.

P. Stevens had this thing with his car and the restaurant and bagel shops and we would jump in the car if we could…we’d ride in the back and are attitude was an honor because the Spirit of God was moving and working as it is today. We look for wisdom and counsel and exhortation. We look for everything we need to live in this world. We are so socially wired. I need to look at someone’s face. I need someone to love me. I am being drawn by God to God. Get in the car with a pastor. Get in another car and ride and talk and have fellowship.

Draw me and we will run after you. If Jesus was on the earth and Christ was talking you would say no man has spoken like this man. Let us hear him again. Let us follow him. Let us go with him. We will die with him. Think of it as great success. That is how much we are drawn to him.


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