Vision and submission are what makes our lives effective for Christ. Sense of faith can move us. As believers, we care for each other and our hearts cleave together to live under the authority of God. We can live as a team in purpose. (Acts 11:23: Ephesians 5:21; Psalm 133:3; Matthew 18:20)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller
Date: 2024-03-13
Sermon# 12682
Time: Wed 7:00pm

P. Schaller –

Great. All right. So, let’s have a prayer. (Prayer). All right. Wait a minute. Before we sit down. We learn to live
with you God and with each other. So, how’s it going with each other? All right. So, okay. We
learn to live with God and then with each other. So, do you love each other? Do you love your
neighbor? You do. Do you love the people around you? Then, go ahead. You can greet each
other with a holy kiss. Okay. Go ahead. Okay. You may be seated.

Turn with me to Ephesians chapter 5. I want to thank the Body for the ministry that so many
people have while we were out of the country, and how the Spirit of God is teaching us and
leading us to serve and to be submitted one to another to love each other.

If you have two people here – there’s a little sketch for us – and they are married. We’re going
to make one a female. Okay. So, they’re married and they have a hard time. They have a hard
time with each other. Okay. Because they’re not spiritual. They don’t know about God and his
love and how hard it is when you have two people that are, you know. I buy you chocolate. You
know, you make me my favorite food and al of those things that are on the surface of life
cannot compare to what it means when a man leaves his mother and father and they cleave.
They are joined to each other and this word is “cleave.” It’s used with the church in Acts 11:23.
Maybe we could throw that verse up there. Acts 11:23. I believe it is vs. 23. It could be vs. 22. I
think it’s 23.

Okay. Oh, yeah. We have a steadfast purpose. We have King James? King James version
because it uses the same word in Matthew 19:5 when a man is cleaving to his wife. Do we have King
James? Yeah, there it is. Vs. 21. This is the leaders from Jerusalem. When they came to Antioch.
I could draw a map for you but we won’t do that. But they went from Jerusalem. They went up
to Antioch and when they saw the grace of God, they saw the grace of God.

Can you see the grace of God? We did in Budapest. We saw the grace of God on an assembly of
believers. And no one of us, we don’t take any credit for it. We don’t take any credit. We’re not
talking about us in that sense. We’re talking about how God has ordained for believers to be
cleaving to each other. To be cleaving to the purpose of God.

Look at this sentence. When he came and seen the grace of God, was glad. We could make a
little outline of that verse here. They saw the grace. Now grace is on you. Grace is here. We are
children of grace. We are blessed by grace. We are indwelt by God’s grace. We are objects of
his grace. He’s not holding you under the law but under grace. He’s loving you unconditionally.
He has saved you. Justified you. You’re standing in the grace of God. This is a fellowship of
grace. When they saw the grace. They saw the Spirit of grace. They saw the liberty. They saw
the Spirit filling those people in the church.

Now, these are not Jews. They’re not Jews. They are in a ancient city called Antioch up in Syria
and they are pagans. They are, they worship Zeus and Dianna and other pagan gods for they’ve
been born again and when the disciples saw it, they saw the grace of God that they were saved.
They discerned. So that’s another word for what happened. They discerned.

They saw it. So, that’s just one part here. Okay. So, they were glad. They saw the grace of God. They were
glad and exhorted them all and what did he say to them? What did they preach to them? What
was exhortation? What’s the meaning of exhortation? It’s not a “rah-rah” exhortation. You can
say like a coach would give a pep talk at halftime. That’s like rah-rah speech but this is a
spiritual exhortation to them. And the apostles are saying to them God is with you. God has
done this. The Spirit of God is in the room. You are being encouraged by God and that you with
purpose of heart. Purpose of heart. This is the same word for Ephesians 3:11 for eternal purpose. It
means intention. It means that you have a direction. It means that you have a purpose. You
found God. God found you. God is with you. You have, you would cleave to it. How’s it go?
Purpose of heart. They would cleave.

So, there you have, you would purpose in your heart. This is just helping you. This slowing down
the verse a little bit. Purpose of heart. You would cleave and again the same when Adam and
Eve were one. They cleaved to each other. They were joined. They were one. One flesh and
that’s marriage. Body life is not marriage. Marriage is marriage, but the same word for us being
joined unto the Lord with the same purpose of heart. We’re deeply encouraged.

We’re listening. We’re believing we are one as P. Scibelli said. That manifestation of God is in oneness.
I want to get real practical with it, because I want to talk about this word “submission.” And it’s
a good lesson for us. My handwriting is horrible. But that’s okay. But now I want to go
backwards a little bit. Tell the history with regards to Hungary because this is interesting.
We moved to Finland in 1975.

We started going to the Soviet Union in 1976 through the 1970s and also the 80s. We were many of us in Finland and here in Baltimore we are praying if the Soviet Union ever collapses, we’re going to go. If the Soviet union ever collapses, let’s go. I know Bob Pekarek was in the group. A bunch of you folks were in the group praying and
wondering what would happen to the Soviet Union. It seemed impossible. Never collapse.
Well, anyway. Long story short. We were taking trips into Poland. We started in 1984 in Poland.
We were going to Kaliningrad. Things were starting to move, 1989. We were in a Dunkin Donuts
here the fall of 1989 with P. Matti and a few other brothers and this East German buses were
leaving Hungary to go to Austria. So it meant in effect the Hungarians are not stopping East
Germans from leaving the Iron Curtain.

So, the Iron Curtain is collapsing. We saw it on the news. My wife and I living in Belair,
Maryland. We saw it on the news and we – and I said, Lee, we got to go. That was all. That was
the end of the conversation. Like she just, you know, she understood.

So, in 1990 a team formed. This was 1990 a team formed. This was P. Matti. Ulla. Ulla down
here and others. A group of people moved to Budapest and then in the summer myself and my
family moved to Budapest. There was nothing there. There was nothing there but I want to say
to the young people that you need to have vision in your life. You can have vision in your life.
Lift up your eyes and look on the fields. They’re white and ready for harvest. You want to get
trained. You want to have a life of faith. You want to see something happen. It can happen. God
honors the Gospel. Preach the Gospel. Go somewhere and preach the Gospel. And what will
happen you have no idea.

So, I think I was 39 years old at that time, and I said to Dr. Stevens I was thinking about it. And I
said I think I’ve got to go to Hungary. Leave here. I was teaching here in the Bible school. I was
the head of the Missions Department. We had a beautiful church going on but it was in my
heart. Let’s go. And I just said I can with my wife and I. Let’s go for one year. One year. Let’s go.
Let’s go. Honestly, I promise. I swear on the Bible. One year. No, it wasn’t like that. But a little
bit like let’s go.

So, we took our teenage young kids 9 years old, 12 and 13 years of age and just packed up and
moved to Hungary. And we had a great team and beautiful story. But I say this when I talk to P.
Stevens about it, he wasn’t so excited about it. But he let me decide for myself what’s God’s
leading. But this was one thing I thought to myself if I live to be 70 years old, I would regret that
I didn’t do it. I’m 72. I don’t regret it cuz we did it and it doesn’t mean me.

Honestly. There are amazing number of people who went to Hungary. I mean we had more
than 300 people through a 10 year time that were coming and being part of the team and they
added tremendously. And we had a big, we had 500 people in the church. We had a Bible
school of 180 people. We went to 24 Soviet cities in a 10-year time and started churches. That
was not just us alone but Greater Grace and people from Greater Grace and it was amazing.
Siberia. St. Petersburg. Moscow. Uzbekistan in Samarkand. In Bishkek and on it goes. It’s

Those people that came from different parts of the world came because they have a sense of
faith. They have a sense in their church, they have a sense of faith like we do here tonight. We
have a sense of God’s will with purpose of heart. We cleave to the Lord. That we want the Lord
in our relationships. We want the Lord in our marriage. We want the Lord in with our children.
We want the Lord in our friendships. We want the Lord in our churches and with the church,
the different churches.

So, that’s what I want to say. Vision. And then this word “submission.” I’ll give you a chance to
talk for a minute in a minute. Turn to Ephesians 5:21. I think this HUPOSTASSO. This being under in
the military. Being submitted. It’s a military term. Being submitted. Being under the authority.
Being submitted one to another in vs. 21. Did I say that? Ephesians 5:21. “Submitting yourself one to
another in the fear of the Lord.”

We are independent people. Americans in our ideology. We have an ideological idea about
being independent though we aren’t really. We’ve very dependent on many things. Very
dependent on the system that we live in. Very dependent on the government in many ways.
Very dependent people. We’re very dependent. But the ideology is I’m a self-made man. I am
independent. I don’t need you. I can do it on my own. I can survive on my own. I can do it on my
own. When you are Spirit filled, that changes and you look to see who you can be submitted to.
You look to be submitted to God and not to be on your own.

That “submit” is a big part of what we saw at Eurocon when churches are submitted one to
another. When a pastor is submitted to another pastor. So, let’s make a short list here. We are
submitted to each other, Hebrews 13:17. Can we put that up on the screen? I’m going to have to –
okay. Beautiful.

“Obey them that have the rule over you.” Who has the rule over them? Nobody has the rule
over me. Yeah, God wants you to have somebody rule over you. And the word “rule” is exactly
that. It is to reign. I don’t want anybody reigning over me. That’s Luke 19:14. We’ll not have this
man reign over us. Why? Cuz we don’t like the authority. We have a problem with submission
cuz we have inside some rebellion cuz in our flesh we’re not going to be submitted to anybody
including God. We have God in our pocket but not God over us and reigning over us. That’s the
way we live.

But I want to help you cuz your life has a lot to do with submission. It does. It’s an amazing
blessing. Like submission is a great blessing for us and by the way, in marriage many you know
there’s two stereotypes in marriage with men and women. This is the idea. Women are – I got
to draw the woman. Female version of a human being. Woman is – this is a stereotype. It’s not
right. It’s not right but this is how it goes. A woman is nagging. A woman is unhappy. A woman
is complaining to the man. A woman is overpowering. A woman is domineering. A woman
wants to take charge. A woman this and that.

Okay. Let’s go to the guy now. What’s the stereotype? The guy is chauvinistic. The guy abuses
the woman. The guy is reigning over. The guy is unkind. He’s too hard. He’s too direct. He’s too
tough. The man is like a brute and he’s ruling or he is passive that he has nothing to say. He’s
indifferent and so on. So, there’s stereotypes. Of men that are wrong. They are true and
accurate, but they can be wrong. And then there are stereotypes of women that are also

And so, maybe you know that. Do you know what? In my marriage, we don’t have either of
those. How about your marriage? What do you have? You have what’s called submission. This is
different. This is when you are submitted to God and the Holy Spirit fills you and you are
thankful. You are at peace. I’ll put down a few words here. You are thankful. You know, it’s hard
to argue with a guy that’s thankful. It’s hard to argue with a woman that is thankful. She is
thankful. She is thankful. She just is thankful for so many things. She just is thankful and it’s
hard to argue with her because she’s so appreciative and so thankful.

And then the man, he’s just so thankful. First thing he says to his wife is I’m just so thankful for
what we have. I’m thankful for you. I’m thankful for what you do for me. I’m just thankful to
you. I mean I’m thankful to God. But this Spirit of God that is in you allows you to be submitted
one to another. That’s the spirit of oneness. And by the way, it’s not only in a family like in a
marriage but it’s with pastors. Pastors that are submitted one to another and us to be
submitted to the leader. Let’s go to Hebrews 13:7. In other words, somebody cares about you. That’s who I’m submitted to.

That somebody cares about me. They do. They care about me in their heart. It’s easy to be
submitted to somebody that is caring about you. And that’s what’s in you.
There’s another submission. It’s 1 Peter 2:13. It’s submitted to the laws of the country. The laws
of the country. Like we could say rules, traffic laws, ordinances. We could talk about taxes. We
could be – you are to be submitted to the authority over you in the legal, the legal sense. That’s
what it says. Another submission is submitted to the elder, 1 Peter 5:5. Like the older gentlemen.
The older man with respect. To honor him. To have submission. When you walk into a room,
you don’t walk into a room rebelliously looking for what you could destroy. You don’t walk into
a room to tear people down. You don’t walk into a room to look like what’s wrong with it and
why didn’t somebody do this or that.

You walk into a room like understanding that you are submitted to God. We are submitted one
to another and how can I serve. This is 1 Corinthians 16:16. Let’s put that up on the screen and we’re
going to finish here. 1 Corinthians 16:16, sorry. Let’s do vs. 15. These are Paul’s workers. So, this is a
family. This is a family. And what does Paul say to the Corinthians about this family? He says in
vs. 16. My team. He’s saying you should be submitted to Paul’s team of people. Be submitted to

What happens? In that submission we find God. This is Matthew 18. Another verse up on the screen.
Matthew 18:20, wow. When there is unity, Psalm 133, their God has commanded a blessing even life

Now, it’s tough. Let me say this. When we start fighting with each other, it’s tough. Hard. When
you start fighting. When we start fighting with each other. Marriage. We start fighting. A family
with your kids. Start fighting. Friends start fighting. Church starts fighting. Churches start
fighting with each other. It’s horrible. It’s horrible. And people get offended over little things.
1 Corinthians 13 says love is not easily offended. There is not love. There must be the humility before
God. He gives grace to the humble and you will find love in your heart and you will love. You
will love. Now, this is how some people think.

They go into a group like that where there is love and grace and joy and peace and they say where did all these people come from? I wish these people were in my church. These people were in my church, we would have a great church.
Well, here. Pastor. Listen. Pastor, go teach your people to humble themselves under the hand
of God and get grace. Greater grace. And love and serve each other. And you’ll have those
people. For those people are the same sinful people that are in your church. And that you are
to teach them and lead them and guide them in humility and be submitted one to another.
That’s how it happens and that’s our prayer that this would go on and on and on as Jesus

All right. So, that was my – so we had a couple points and we’ll finish. We had covid. We
cancelled Eurocon the day before, two days before. People already flew in. Because of covid,
we just felt like cancelling and we did. But they cleave. They cleave. Years go by. They cleave.
We remember. We remember is a real thing. Remember my friend. Remember my sister, my
brother. Remember what God is doing in that place.

I’m saying this to say in the year 2024, many years have passed and the same people from 40
years ago and 45 years ago that in some cases 45 years, they’re the same people cuz there’s
nothing like this fellowship of love where Jesus is between us. And some of you are on the
beginning road of your walk with God and some of us older folks can say there’s nothing better
in all the world to be in the presence of Christ in the midst of his people whether it’s over there
or it’s right here. There’s nothing better than Body life. Nothing better than having oneness
with each other.

What about in a marriage? What about the chocolate and your favorite meal and I bought a
dress for you and we’re going to go on a vacation here and I love you and so on. Okay. That’s all
fine. Those are all nice little things to do for each other if you can afford them. But what if you
can’t afford them? What if you got to go deeper. You got to look at each other and just think
are we one? Are we together? Do we have fellowship? Is Jesus between us? And if he isn’t, let’s
make the effort to believe that if we gather in his name that Jesus will be between us and
they’ll be some kind of depth that happens in time in God’s grace and God’s way.

How about two pastors that don’t talk to each other. This is a thing that’s funny. I’m going on
now here a little bit. There’s two pastors. They don’t talk to each other but they want to go to
the leader. They want to go to the leader. The leader has to say to them, do you talk to your
brother? Do you love each other? I know you say you love me, but do you love each other? Do
you forgive each other? Are you serving each other? Can you be submitted one to another? It
doesn’t work like this. Leave your gift at the altar and go get reconciled to your brother. And do
you love your brother? Can you be submitted to your brother? Do you love and pray and
encourage your brother and so on as you know what we’re saying.

Jesus is saying sinful people that have found me and gather in my name will be submitted one
to another. And in a marriage, when they are submitted to each other, it will bring the best out
of the woman and the woman will bring the best out of the man.

And the women will say to the woman, how did you get such a great husband? And she said
God helped me encourage him and he gave me grace and I ended up having this great guy. And
the great guy could say my wife helps me a lot. She doesn’t nag me. She loves me. She’s
submitted to me. She prays for me. She loves me. She encourages me. She’s quiet around me.
She’s supportive of me. She just loves me.

And the same the woman could say about the man. It can happen. It does happen. It is our
fellowship. It’s in the marriage like that and in our friendships also. And in Eurocon, it was so
much fun to be in that big room with all the talking and all the hugging and all the quietness
and all of the holiness and the peace. And the peace that was there. I’m making a big deal
about it, because it does mean a lot to me and because it is God in the presence of his people
and it is here. We have it by God’s grace of course. And we’ll have our Convention in June. We’ll
be participating in that fellowship in June and so on. Okay. Amen. Would you pray with me
please. (Prayer).


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