In suffering, we recognize our need for the comfort only God can give us. What happens here on earth will be used to bring glory to God. We need to prepare our hearts for the things we will face in the world, the wilderness of carnality. (Isaiah 40:1-5; Romans 8:17)

Speaker(s): Zane Turk, Josh Johnson, Josh Harris, Gillian Coelho
Sermon 12035
6:30 PM on 1/31/2021

Jesse Feyers –

Wow, what a beautiful worship. This is why we drive through snowstorms to be in the presence of God. That
was anointed. Good job guys. Amazing. Who is glad to be here today? Psalm 122:1, I was glad
when they said unto me let us go into the house of the Lord. Who’s glad? Turn to your neighbor
and say you’re glad to be here today. Amen.

(Bible college video).

Jillian Coelho –

Good evening church. I was asked to share a little thought that has been on my
heart. My name is Jillian Coelho for those that don’t know who I am. I was praying God, what
do you want me to say because my words are not my own. I was thinking of the word
“testimony.” What is my testimony as a believer, and I come from India. I come from a country
where there are different cultures, traditions, religions, and they all kind of in a way contribute
to the Indian mind. I thought is that my testimony? Are those circumstances what shaped me as
an individual? A friend pointed out a verse to me in Revelation 12:11. I thought to myself I was like
what do we have to share with people? What about our lives speak in volumes greater than
words sometimes and it’s the blood of the Lamb. Regardless of where we come from, our Bible
college is amazing. We have people from Finland, Hungary, India. My cousins here. The one
thing that we all have, the one thing that brought us to this place in this time is the blood of the

The second part of that verse says they did not love their lives even when faced with
death. How do practically apply that to my life? The second question that came to my mind
was, what does God desire to do with a testimony of God applying the blood of the Lamb to the
doorpost of my heart? What does that look like? Ephesians 5:15-18 which has been my anthem this
year says, “see that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time
because the days are evil. Wherefore, being not unwise but understanding what the will of God
is.” It’s funny because God hasn’t really told us what is going to happen. God hasn’t shown us
the end but he’s saying I’ve given you the blood of Christ. I’ve given you the love that comes
directly from me. Redeem the time. Take the time to study me. In Bible college, we are studying
the mind of God and discovering him in an intimate and personal way.

We just want to take who God is and run with it. That’s like how we would redeem the time, not as unwise people,
not as fools. Psalm 90:12 says number your days and apply wisdom to your hearts. I’m not just
walking through this life as a nobody. God has applied his blood in my heart. And as I walk, I
walk with the value that the blood of Christ has the ability to change people’s lives. That’s our
testimony. That’s the way we walk with God. Like no matter where we come from, no matter
our culture might be it’s the love of God, it’s the blood of Christ that brings us together. E.
Stanley Jones wrote this book, The Indian Road, and he says, “earth’s blackest day and earth’s
brightest day are only three days apart.” That’s because of the blood of Christ let’s redeem the
time. It’s so encouraging to be in Bible college and be with the student body and in the Body of
Christ. Where else would we be? What else would we be doing other than redeeming the time
and walking in the will of God in our lives and obeying it. Amen.

Josh –

Good evening. Let’s stand together. My name is Josh, Joshua. I’m also one of the Bible
college students. I was really touched by Bella’s portion in the video! Let’s pray because without
the Spirit giving us the ability to hear and the ability to speak, I’ll be like that. (Prayer). Isaiah
40:1-5, Tonight we’ve been asked to share – you can be seated. We’ve been asked to share on
suffering. To partner with what we heard this morning. How much comfort we had this morning
in the Word, amen. Personally I was very touched by the Word today. It administered rhema by
the Word today. The Word has a purpose. In Romans 15:4, as we heard last Sunday from P.
Schaller, whoever prophesies they’re speaking God’s Word not our own. Whoever prophesies
speaks edification, building up the church, exhortation, and comfort to men. 2 Corinthians 1:3-6. It says
in another place that he will not leave us orphans. He will send the helper, John 14.

The helper, the Comforter, the Paraclete, the one who comes along side and helps and comforts us. He is
the God of all comfort. This isn’t a comfort like a superstitious comfort. It’s not empty. It’s
reasonable. There’s reason for our comfort in Christ, Amen. Paul said in 2 Corinthians Is there any
consolation in Christ? Yes, much so. And it passes the natural comfort of say someone who has
been outside shoveling snow and coming inside to the warmth of the heat. But in a sense, this
is an illustration because it takes the bitter cold, the bitter chill, the wind, the snow hitting your
face, that pain, that suffering as it were. It takes that suffering for us to appreciate and
appropriate the comfort of Christ. We recognize our need for it in our suffering. We recognize
our need for the comfort. Then we recognize him as the source, the God of all comfort and then
we lay hold of it by faith by his grace and we receive that comfort and then we’re able to
comfort one another with that same comfort.

And then it’s like wow, thank you, Jesse for comforting me in that situation, and then you would be like thank you bro, for giving purpose to my pain. Giving purpose to my pain and that’s what the Christian life is about. We have the
fellowship of the sufferings of Christ and we comfort one another with the same comfort that
God comforts us.

Josh –

My name is Josh. I know this just happened, but could everybody stand? Could
everybody sit down? So, everybody just stood up, not everybody but a lot of you did. We all
have one thing in common when we did that. We don’t float away. We’re all on this world.
We’re all the same traveling through this world and gravity keeps us down, so I want to talk
about this thing we have in common. That we are part of this world. We cling to the dust. Our
feet, we jump, and we are still here. It’s inevitable. I want to go to the Gospel of John 1:10. Ryan
told me today that I would be speaking, and he said the theme would be suffering. Because we
live in a fallen world, suffering will come. It’s inevitable. Pain will come. Sorrow will come. This
is , yes, the world rejects Jesus. It doesn’t know who Jesus is. In John. 15:19 the world doesn’t love
you. In John 17:14, 1 John 3:13 says the world hates you because we are Christians. The world is
passing away. The verse in Galatians it says that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but
against principalities and powers of this world .

Satan is the ruler of this world in John 14:30. Satan roams the earth in Job. 1:7. Satan seeks to devour you like a lion in 1 Peter 5:8. All these things are against us in the world. We are here and we have to deal with it. Suffering is going to
come but then – I just gave you eight verses on how terrible the world is. But then I want to go to Romans 8:17-18. So all these things working against us. The world hates us. The world hated
Jesus. The world hates the spirit that we have. We wrestled against the demons of this world,
but it says the sufferings of this present time, they are not even worthy to be compared with
that. Whatever we face, it’s not even worthy to be compared with what – we are heirs with
Christ and one day we’re going to be, we are seated above in heavenly places but don’t even
compare the sufferings of this world with what we are going to have eventually. That’s the
promise. That’s the hope we rest on. Let’s get excited about this. The world system can’t touch
what we have in Jesus Christ. Thank you, guys. Amen.

Zane Turk –

Hey guys, I’m Josh. Just kidding. I’m joshing with you guys! Chuck! Let’s turn to S.S.
8:5. Just a short testimony from the Fed Hill church. I was there this morning and it was
amazing. The worship is anointed. The messages are anointed. New people are coming in and
saying I’ve been looking for a church for years. I’ve been looking for a Bible saturated message
and they are like, you can feel it and you walk in and there is something going on. It’s anointed.
It’s amazing. We are a part of it. We are all a part of it. Yeah. So let’s read S.S. 8 and I think God
will help us get something from this. How is everybody doing? You heard two messages already.
Good? The soldiers are here. You guys are soldiers. Come on! Killing a lion in a snowy pit, right?
On a snowy day. We’re still digging in, right? Like Josh said the lion wants to devour us but we
are here on a snowy day. And we’re just like, come on. Let’s do it. S.S. 8:5, in the Bible in certain
places, the wilderness relates to carnality. When the Jewish people left Egypt, they were in the
wilderness. It’s a picture of a Christian who gets saved but they are living in carnality.

They are complaining against God. They don’t have spiritual eyes, maybe not so much faith. Maybe they
can’t look past the situation and see God’s hand. There is complaining and backbiting and
gossip and revelries against each other. It’s a picture of carnality in the believer’s life. In this
verse it says who is that coming up from the wilderness? I want to talk about leaning today. If
we turn to Isaiah just a couple pages to the right, Isaiah 30:1-2, it says this interesting thing the
Israelites did. Isaiah 31:1, we turn a couple pages to the right, Isaiah 36. Wilderness. Carnality.
The Jewish people were getting attacked in chapter 29 of Isaiah. There is a siege, a prophesy of
a siege that is to come and Assyria is going to siege them. They’re going to attack their city.
What do they do but they go down to Egypt and try to make an alliance with the Pharaoh. They
try to make an alliance with the king of Egypt, the horsemen and chariots. I was thinking what
does this mean? What does this mean in our lives? That we kind of rationalize our life. We see a
problem and say what can I do to fix the problem.

What are the solutions? Let me make a bullet point list. I can do this and this. I can call this person. Maybe I can get a loan from the bank. Maybe I can do this. I can look for another job. I know what to do. The preparation in the heart
belongs to man but the answer of the tongue is from the Lord, so those things are good that we
think but if we are living in the land of wilderness, if we are living in carnality and we make an
alliance with the world instead of an alliance with the Spirit, this is what is going on here. In this
time, a lot of people have a problem and then they say I need to come up with a solution. I
need to buy canned beans at  Aldi, 700 canned beans and put them in the basement because I
don’t know when I’ll be able to eat. Something is coming so I got to go stock up on canned beans. I’m making a plan in my flesh to make a provision for a problem, but I don’t think about
the Spirit.

Isaiah 36, this is when a messenger from an army comes to derail the Israelites and
make fun of them and assault them with his words. Is 36:6, Egypt. It’s a staff. It’s my crutch. It’s
my own plan. It’s my own device. It’s my own rationale. It’s my own way to get out of a
problem that I’m in but when I lean on this, actually what does it do? It pierces my hand. There
is a staff that I lean on and when I lean on my own understanding, I get pierced by the very
thing I am trusting in. What does Proverbs 3:5 say? We actually don’t know it because maybe we
don’t practice it, right? Trust in the Lord with all of your heart; lean not on your own
understanding. Lean not on your own understanding. Lean not on my own understanding
because it’s going to pierce me. What did Moses do in Exodus 4? Before Moses went to Egypt he
threw down his staff.

The Israelites trusted in his staff, but God told Moses to throw down the
staff and when you pick it up, it will be new. He’s going to say put off the old man and when
you pick up the new man, then you can walk in the newness of life. I don’t have eyes of
carnality, but I have eyes of faith. To be spiritually minded is life and peace, right? The Israelites
leaned on this staff. Let’s go back to Song of Solomon and let’s read 8:5 again. This book is
amazing. It’s a beautiful book, Song of Solomon. Come on now. It gets a lot of flak because of
the images in it but if we can see the picture of Christ, it’s the most beautiful book you’ll ever
read in your life. It’s who is that coming up from the wilderness of carnality leaning on Christ.
The church coming up from the wilderness of carnality and leaning on her beloved, leaning on
Christ. And what we are talking about tonight is love and suffering, right?

Love and suffering. Who is leaning on Jesus breast at the Passover meal? John, right? There is a certain rest that we
have when we know the finished work and when we believe it in our hearts. There is a certain
rest that we have that we have comfort from the cold and the bitterness of the world and the
carnality and the fear of death and the fear of what might happen that I can’t foresee. But
when I know the finished work of Christ, when I can get ahold of love, then I can lean on the
breast of Christ and come out of the wilderness of carnality. Why was John leaning the one
leaning on the breast of Christ? The chronological timeline is different from what the principle
is, and the principle is that the only disciple who was at the cross was the apostle John. He was
at the foot of the cross when Jesus was dying and shedding his blood for the sin of mankind. No
one else was there. What I just want to say tonight is that we can come to the cross of Christ in
the quietness of our life, in the lonely places in our soul, John 12:24.

Do you have a problem with feeling lonely in you life? Come to the cross and die. See Christ on the cross and say I die
with you and I’m going to get a new life. I’m not going to be lonely because you are going to
give me a new heart and a new spirit. Do I have a problem with sin in my life? Galatians 5:24 says
“those who are Christ have crucified the flesh with its lust and desires.” And the order of this
verse is correct, those who are Christ’s. I need to know my position in Christ in order to have my
flesh crucified. I’ll be carnal my whole life if I don’t know I belong to Christ. I’m going to be
carnal my whole life if I don’t know Song Solomon 7:10. The epitome of the finished work that I am my
beloveds and his desire is towards me. I belong to him and his desire is towards me. Where do I
find the finished work but at the cross. When John was at the cross, he saw Christ and was able
to lean on the breast of Christ, right? I just want to say one last point from Songs Solomon 8:5. They didn’t know who it was. When you rest in the finished work, no one is going to know who you are.
Who is this person that has so much joy?

Who is this person that doesn’t get sidetracked from the trials in life? Who is this person that has peace in the midst of corona virus 19 and 2020? How do they have so much peace? How do they have so much peace? I don’t recognize that kind of life. It’s because I went to the cross and lost my life. I have assurance when I die I’ll be in
heaven forever and ever and ever and it’s not something that I did but it’s something that I saw,
Jesus on the cross. And when he came to the earth, Jesus Christ, he put his hand on me and his
hand was pierced. I didn’t lean on my own understanding. I pierced my hand on my own
understanding but when he came down, he put his hand on us and his hand was pierced. I can
know that’s the finished work and I’m in. I belong to Christ. Those who are Christ’s have been
crucified and the passions, they are crucified but it only comes through knowing the finished
work. It only comes through the suffering and saying that I’m going to go to the cross where the
highest suffering was so I can find the greatest love.

The cross is the place where suffering and love meet. The cross is the place where I find my life. The cross is the place where I find rest. And then I’ll have it say of me, who is this one coming out of the wilderness, leaning on her
beloved. Let’s pray tonight.


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