Men tend to exalt themselves above measure. How does God help us with this? With suffering. We need to be turned to Him and His grace. It is such a blessing to recognize our need for Him. This is humility. (2 Corinthians 12:5-9)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Eugene Davis
Sermon 12034
11:00 AM on 1/31/2021

P. Schaller –

Before you sit down, Josh, I might need your help for a minute. That song, “lose all our guilty stain,” right? All
my sin. All of it. You go through the Bible and think of people’s sins. What sins do you see in the
Bible? You see a lot them. Give me some examples. You see? Murder. Okay. Murder. I haven’t
murdered somebody with these hands, but I could have. In the Bible, I have in the sense that all
the sin ever committed in the Bible is really – if I offended in one point, I’m guilty of all, James
2:10. Are you and I guilty of murder? Yes, in that sense that God says – we are sinners and we
have been redeemed. Our sins are forgiven. My sins are gone. Forgiven. What is another one?
Adultery. Lying. How about homosexuality? All the sin. The Corinthians had that. The people in
the church were effeminate. There is a Greek word also for poison sex. Or poison fornication.
It’s referring to homosexuality. Is that in the Bible?

Yes. Maybe that’s not my particular sin, but has the blood of Jesus – does that take my sin way? Does the blood of Jesus take away my sin? That means it’s over. It’s gone. Isn’t that amazing. Let’s do that one little phrase. “And sinners
plunge beneath that flood, lose all their guilty stains.” Turn to Jeremiah 2:22. This is a memory verse
for you. This is only a short word here. Jeremiah 2:22. Though you take niter. That’s an acid, isn’t it?
or alkaline. It’s alkaline or acidic. Niter – does anyone have that in your translation, a different
word for niter? Lye. Okay that’s a base. That’s alkaline. Vs. 22. Powerful chemical. Though you
are washed with a powerful chemical, vs. 22. God is saying you may wash your hands day and
night, but you can’t get rid of your sin. You might climb the highest mountain. You might
sacrifice for years and years, but you can’t wash your sin away. You cannot do it. When I
evangelize sometimes I say, let me ask you a question.

If I do this much bad, and I do this much good, does the good cancel out the bad? What do most people say? Yes, they do. How do you get rid of it? How do you get rid of your sin? By doing a lot of good? legally, it doesn’t work like
that. If you commit a murder when you are 20 years old and you live the rest of your life until
you are 80 years old and did awesome philanthropy. You gave more money to feed the poor, it
can’t cancel out the fact that you murdered. What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the
blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus. I heard in the modernistic movement in the 1920s and 30s in
evangelical churches, they took hymns out of their churches that were about the blood. Can
you imagine? The whole thing is about the blood. Everything about our new life is by the blood
of Jesus. How did I get rid of my sin? By the blood. How did you get saved? By the blood? How
are you justified? By the blood. Blood.

Though you take much soap and get a lot of counseling and take a lot of medication, what can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. I want you to be happy this morning and have a good time. Stand up for a minute and say to yourself – go ahead and stand up. I know you just sat, and you say I can’t believe I have to stand
up again! I know it’s covid time maybe. I guess so, but I’m looking at my neighbor face to face
and I’m saying you’re looking good. Let’s have a good time. Let’s rejoice a lot. Praise the Lord.
God bless you. You’re looking good.

P. Eugene Davis –

I looked at Farshad and said you’re looking good. And Afroos, good job. He’s
looking good. When you see a husband you say to the wife, you took care of him. He’s looking
good! Have you ever and I’m sure all of us come across people that are going through situations and circumstances. It may be difficult. It may be painful, but do you ever realize that maybe
they’re not getting what they need for their situation? In other words, they are going through
something but it’s not meeting what they need. We see this in Jeremiah. Jeremiah is speaking
to God’s people in Jeremiah 6:14. What does the word “slightly” mean? A little bit. Just touching the
surface. There is an interesting comparison here. The hurt of the daughter of my people and
then it says slightly. Vs. 14. Jeremiah 8:11 says the same thing. I was thinking about, I was reading in
John. 4, the woman at the well. You know the story. She is – Jesus must needs go through Samaria.
Just the Samaritans, the background they were half Jew and half Gentile. The hurt of being, of
not fitting in, being rejected by both groups.

The world comes in and says we will heal your hurt but it’s only slightly. Why? Because they really don’t know where the pain lies. You got knee pain and they are giving you something for your elbow. It doesn’t work that way. I love in John 4 because she is at the well and Jesus is at the well. She is there to draw water, but drawing
water is only the cover for what her real need is. We see that in this world. People are doing
things but it’s only a cover for their real issue. In this world, there is hurt. There is pain. There is
sin but only slightly is it dealt with. Here is another Baltimore. As we heard Wednesday night,
the love of God. There is no love of God so they have to compromise and give you something
else thinking hopefully it will meet the needs. In John. 4, Jesus said to the woman, “if you knew
the gift of God.” That is amazing because each one of us in this church we came in and we come
in and there may be situations and circumstances out of our control. We don’t know why. We
don’t understand. We are tired of the world’s analysis and the world’s counsel and the TV
shows and the music. It’s not meeting the need. It’s only touching it slightly. But when we come
to Jesus, it’s beautiful, right? He says we learn to understand what the gift of God is and who it
is that is speaking to us.

A word behind us that says, this is the way walk ye in it when we turn
to the right hand and the left. The most amazing thing in John 4 that happened with this woman is
she goes from being consumed with her pain and her hurt to being a soul winner. It’s
awesome. She goes into the city and says, come see a man who told me everything about me.
Is this not the Christ? You say, what happened? Where is your hurt? Where is your pain? She
says, I met Jesus. I met Jesus. And it’s no longer consuming me. He was able to go to the depth
of my situation and bring in the depth of his healing. Now, I am a missionary. I love this because
in this time that we live with covid 19 and situations and circumstances, yeah, there is a lot of
hurt but we by the grace of God know where the answer lies. There is a fountain filled with
blood that flows from Emmanuel’s veins. God with us. This is amazing so maybe you are here
today and there is hurt. You are in a good place. You are not alone. You are with family, but the
beautiful thing about it is Jesus is at your well. He is sitting there. He is not moved by your
situation. He has a provision for you. Just get to know him. Let him love you. Let him pour in the
oil of gladness for the spirit of heaviness.

P. Schaller –

Great. Praise the Lord! Turn with me please to the first verse is Isaiah 55:8 for our
message this morning. I’ll share with you the outline of the message in a minute. This will be the premise for the message, this principle in Isaiah 55:8. P. Serradji mentioned this Friday night in
the men’s meeting. We had a Friday night’s men’s meeting and donuts. The donuts were such
high quality. They were amazing! They weighed about three pounds apiece! I never saw so
many men excited about donuts! We went out the door and we ate our donuts and had a great
time and coffee. P. Jason put the program together. It was excellent. P. Dennis White gave a
very good message and from his message I have this message. Part of my message is this
principle Isaiah 55:8. As I listen to P. Dennis preach I was thinking of a little diagram to kind of
represent what he was saying. I came up with one. And it’s very simple. It’s like what does God
think, what is God, who is God? What does he think? What does he do? His ways are not our
ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts.

I could draw it like this, just a box like that. That represents God’s thoughts, God’s ways, God’s character, God’s nature. Then man, man thinking about God could be really thinking this way. This is God. He gets it wrong. You know, he gets it
wrong. He doesn’t understand. That’s what we are going to say today. Man needs help. Man
left to himself does not know God, cannot know God, does not know God’s ways and he gets it
wrong. You might say I went to church today to realize how wrong I can get life. How wrong I
can be about things. You might not like that but Isaiah 1:5 “the whole head is sick; the heart is
faint. From the top of his head to the bottom of his feet are wounds and bruises and putrefying
sores that cannot be bound up or mollified with ointment.” It’s like what P. Eugene said. My
prophets are healing the hurt of my daughter Zion slightly by saying, peace, peace when there
is no peace. So I think a big issue would be, who is God? Isn’t that amazing. It was in the New
Testament when Jesus was with his disciples when he said, “who does the world say that I am?”
They said Jeremiah, Elijah, some prophet, and then who do you say that I am? Peter said, “thou
art the Christ the Son of the living God.”

Jesus said, “flesh and blood does not reveal this to you but my Father in heaven.” That’s how you know who I am by my Father showing it to you. Left to yourself, you will not know who I am. It raises a number of questions in my mind. Proverbs  14:12. God is love. Does the world say God is love? No, they say, the largest problem people
have regarding God is suffering. Why is there so much suffering? Our answer is we don’t know
God’s ways, nor do we know God’s thoughts. Well, why is there suffering? We’re not saying it’s
not a good question but there is something behind the whole thing we don’t understand. When
we look at life, we easily get it wrong. Proverbs 14:12, but I’m right. Well, let’s see where you end
up. The end result will speak loudly about if I am right. I mean big picture right. Like did I get it
right? When Christ came into the world, he understood and ministered to people knowing how
wrong we can be. His own people did not receive him. Many times in the talk with them, Matthew
23, Matthew 12, Matthew 15 you see the contest that they were not receiving and could not understand.
They were fighting with him and actually hating him and ultimately destroying him because of
what we are talking about here.

So, the second point of our outline is – let’s make it this way. God is love. Do you see that? No, help me. How can I see that, that God is love? God is love in my suffering? No, I don’t see love in my suffering. God is love in my life. No, I don’t understand that God is love. I do not see that and understand that. Why? 1) Who is God? Who is he? 2)
Man. One thing we should understand about man is how wrong he can be. That’s a good
starting point. We are different kind of people because we have the Holy Spirit and the Bible is our teacher. When the Bible is teaching me, I’m open to receive what God has to say about me.
When I am able to say I am wrong or I do not understand or help me God, this is a great starting
point. Proverbs 3:5, another way of saying that is admit that you need help to understand. Admit
that you and I have a problem because often times we get things wrong. Remember when the
Jews came out of Egypt, they saw it, the Red Sea. They saw it. The wall of water on the right
and on the left and the enemy behind them and they walked through.

The Red Sea. They saw it and for three days on the other side of the Red Sea they were dancing and celebrating and
singing that God had cast their enemies into the sea in Exodus 15. Then what did they do? Well,
Moses went to the mountain to get instructions. He was there 40 days. They made a golden calf
and said this is the god that brought us out of Egypt in Exodus 32. How could you be so wrong? Did
a golden calf take you out of Egypt? There wasn’t any golden calf when you came out of Egypt.
Sure there was a golden calf in Egypt but that was an Egyptian god. When you left Egypt, there
wasn’t any golden calf that brought you out, but this is how wrong man can be. How we can get
the Bible wrong. How we could misunderstand the church. How we can misunderstand God.
How we can misunderstand people. This is an important lesson for us. So humility and being
able to see. In our culture, and I mean the western world rarely – it doesn’t seem to me that
people easily say I could be wrong. I am sorry.

Please forgive me. I don’t understand. Maybe I am wrong. It’s usually I am right. Usually I know or I understand, or we know better than our forefathers. That really bugs me. The idea of evolution, the general idea is improvement but the
theory of evolution, first of all, it’s a general idea people have that is being propagated in our
culture all the time but is man actually improving? Not morally. It’s worse morally. What’s
happening? Is it pride? Is this the age of deception? Is it more and more like this? Like I think I
know what Christianity is. I think I know what Christianity is and I don’t want it. Maybe you
don’t want it because you really don’t know what it is. Maybe you don’t know who God is.
Maybe I don’t want the church. Maybe you don’t want the church because you don’t know
what the church is. How about Bible understanding? You don’t know what Bible understanding
is. You could read the Bible, but you don’t know what it is that you are reading. Is this possible?
Could you humble yourself? Could you seek? Could you ask questions? Are you looking? No, I
already know.

This is the idea. I already know. I’m having a little difficulty with my message this
morning. I’m going to stop right here cause I’m not feeling the anointing like I normally do, so
I’m going to ask you to pray for a minute or two in your chair and be humble before God and
ask God to bless this meeting, okay? (prayer). What I’m saying is preparation for the future. The
times we are living in and what I need in order to suffer well. What I need in my general
understanding of life. What I need to get it right, not in the absolute sense of rightness but in
the sense that I need to realize some things I haven’t realized before. One of them is that I can
be wrong. Any body here, can you ever, do you realize how wrong you can be? Yeah. You can.
Do your realize that maybe when I am wrong and I realize how wrong I can be, I go to God and
ask God to help me. I’m sure you do that. Help me. Lead me. Teach me. How wrong I can be.
Even if I know the Bible, 1 Corinthians 13 and I know the Bible very well, but still I need the spirit of the
Bible. I need to realize the nature of God that God is love and who he is.

Wednesday night’s message was amazing. I highly recommend it for people. Listen to it. There was a visitation of God in that message and this one too. Praise God. Thank you for your love and your prayers. 2)
Man, 3) Man suffering. There are Christians that don’t believe that suffering is really a part of
my life. That if pray to God I will not suffer, or I ask God and he’ll deliver me from suffering. God
could be to me the loving Father that would never allow me to suffer or go through trouble.
Not true. Suffering is part of life. John 16:33 “these words I have spoken unto you that in me you
might have peace.” In the world, tribulation, trouble. Job 5:7, “man is born unto trouble as the
sparks fly upward” like in a fire. Sparks go up just naturally go up with the heat and so man is
born, and the trouble comes. It’s normal. It’s having a mortal body. It’s having a sin nature. It’s
having a child that has a sin nature, a husband or wife that has a sin nature. A friend that has a
sin nature. A church that has a sin nature.

A boss that has a sin nature. A government of the United States of America governed by people that have a sin nature. Man is born unto trouble and that trouble is ordained of God. This is his plan. The godly suffer persecution, 2 Timothy 3:12. Yeah, they that are godly in Christ Jesus shall – not if they will but they will be persecuted. The
devil will put his eye. Job said the devil has put his eye on me. And the arrows of the Almighty
have poisoned my spirit, Job said. Pain and trouble in life. No! Yes, that’s his plan. That’s his
plan. Suffering. No! Yes, that’s his plan. That’s God’s will. That’s his plan. I avoid it as much as I
can. I don’t want it in my life, but it happens. It’s part of my life. What does it do for me? It does
many things for me. Suffering draws me to God. It’s the plan of God to use suffering to humble
me and draw me to God. That’s like the book of Job. In a way, Many times people say it’s not
his will and if it is, I don’t understand how that could be. I don’t like it, God. I got a problem with
you. I got a problem with you. That’s very understandable.

But there is another side to man. Man is capable as a believer. He is capable of going to God and trusting God. Broken and contrite heart God will not despise, Psalm 51:17. It’s a work of grace. The person that explained
this the best was the Apostle Paul because he had a lot of suffering in his life. Acts. 9:16, Christ
told him he would suffer a lot and the Apostle Paul did. Again, I don’t want suffering. I don’t like
suffering. I want to know God without suffering. But it looks to me in the Scripture that
suffering is explained to us. “Count it all joy when you fall into various temptations that the trial
of your faith maybe more precious than gold that perishes.” But we are in a culture that gets a
lot of things wrong. We as a people suffer. That’s one of the reason why. We are angry at God.
There are people that don’t believe in God. They’re angry with God and they get a lot of things
wrong. They don’t understand. You and I are called to understand it and believe it. That leads
us to 2 Corinthians 12 for our main text here. Vs. 5. Paul knew God so well he understand his infirmities
were actually part of God’s plan and that Paul found Christ in his suffering and in his trouble. Vs.

This little picture, this one, could be also about people or Paul. Paul is saying people may not
understand me as I really am. They might have an overinflated view of me because I’m an
apostle and God has used me in a great way. But they may misunderstand me. We do it in our
world all the time. We have heroes and celebrities are heroes and people that are rich or
famous or this kind of thing and we have the wrong understanding of who they are. A
basketball player. A professor. A teacher. A politician. Any number of people we could get
wrong. Paul said God ordained for me to have trouble and to suffer and have my infirmities so
that I may know him and process my pain through God and find God and glorify God. People would see me not as some great big hero because of me but would see me as weak and infirm
and see God in me. This happened with Joni Eareckson Tata, the paraplegic who broke her neck
diving into shallow water in the Chesapeake here in Maryland many years ago.

I’ll read a little bit later. You might say, nobody in their rightful mind would ever want to be a paraplegic but
when you hear her and see her life and how she lives. You ask her the question if you
investigated you realize how wrong you can be. How wrong I can be in life. I wrong I can
understand life in itself. Isn’t it interesting. Go to the text. Vs. 7-8. Beat me. Buffet means as in a
beating like with the fists pounding on somebody, punching them, beating them. This is what
Paul is saying happened to him. The messenger of Satan was pounding on me and buffeting me.
There are many things to say in speculation about what that specifically was in Paul’s life, but
it’s not written there. There are many things we could say about it. I don’t want to go there. I’d
rather just make the point. Paul was feeling pain. He had a thorn in the flesh. He was impaled
by it. it’s a strong word I understand. It’s very strong, very painful buffeting that is happening to
this man. If we use this diagram as kind of a template for the principle, how easy I can
misunderstand suffering.

How easy I can look at it and say it’s not right. How easy I could say of
course, I don’t want that to happen to me. But back up from the thing and understand
something deeper in our message. That is God’s ways are not man’s ways. I would say many
Christians think I become a Christian. I have my Bible open. I learn the Bible. I say my prayers. I
go to church and live happily ever after. I marry Miss America. We have 14,000 children! All of
them are honor students. And we own properties and on it goes and whatever you want to put
in there. That’s the idea of life for an American. That’s a very common thing. Not suffering. Not
suffering. But I want to say this: I want you to think with me about it. I want you to process it. I
basically want to say this 2) man needs help to understand and generally he is not saying God
help me. Generally. Instead he is saying I got it. I got my education. I got my bank account. I got
my beautiful wife. I got my little kid. I got it. I got it covered. I’m smart you know. I got it
together. I’m really – I got it. I got it. I got this. You don’t have it.

Okay, it seems like you got it but it’s a blessing that you don’t have it. It’s a blessing that you need God. It’s a blessing that you can say help me God. Trust in the Lord with all my heart because we drift to idolatry and to
life without God and we have these little gods around us that we handle like the rabbit foot and
the talesman around my neck and special socks that I wore when I won the last game. You
know, there are basketball players that wear the same socks! It’s like a good luck thing or
something and many other things that we do in our hearts because we don’t have the authority
of God. We have ourselves and our gods or our way and our life. Then when the suffering
comes, we say, how can that happen to me? Now what do I do? Now what do I do? This is the
words from Paul. Vs. 7. Thank you, Lord. Lest anyone think that I got this one. Lest anybody
think that wow. That can happen to all of us here in this room. Because you look good. You got
your life together. You got a nice car out in the parking lot.

Your family is beautiful and everything. We could exalt you above measure. But when the collapse comes, now we find out who God is, who you are, and we find out those two things primarily. I want to see God now. I
saw you but now I’m looking for God. I saw you live your life but now I got to find God. I want to
know God. Is God there? Is he there? So go to vs. 8. I prayed to God three times that the thorn would depart from me. The pain would be gone. I prayed to God three times my son would come back home. It’s a thorn in my side. My son left. My son. It’s a thorn in my side that my son would come back home. I prayed three times that my son would get out of jail. It was a thorn in my side. I prayed three times for my wife. I prayed for my finances. I prayed for my boss. I
prayed for, you know, terrible storms I’ve been through as a person. I prayed three times and I
expect God to answer that prayer and get rid of the thorn. But he didn’t. What did he do? Vs. 9.
What? My grace is sufficient for thee. Means enough. My grace is what you really need, is my
grace. But no, Lord. I need the thorn removed. The thorn is going to make you look bad Paul.
You have a thorn. You’re limping around in life.

As you are limping your face is shining and people are seeing Christ. Your words are God is with me or I’m comforted. It’s not gone away but God showed up. God is with me. How did God come and visit you? Because you are
humble. It says the humble he gives greater grace to the humble. But he resists the proud.
Sometimes when you suffer, that’s what comes out is the pride. How could this happen to me?
What happened to me? I am so angry with God? How could this be? I’m done with the whole
thing. I’m finished. That’s what comes out is me. My anger, my frustration, my disappointment.
I thought God would do this. I am angry with God. I’ve met people. There was one man who
was upset and very depressed. He was angry with God. I said why are you angry? He said
because my father died. How old was your father? 93. What? I don’t get it. He thought he was
going to live forever or something? What happened? You didn’t process that a long time ago?
You didn’t understand that people die? I don’t get it. No, God would keep him alive and alive
and alive for me and him and I love him and so on.

That’s maybe the point of this diagram here. This one. What world am I living in? What world am I living in? Could we say that to modern man today in his arrogance and his understanding of the world. A little girl says she is a boy and
a boy is saying he’s a girl. What world are we living in when we are not even processing the
obvious things. What about the world you and I are living in? Hey, when adultery is sin, it is sin.
When lying is sin, it is sin. When pride is sin, it is sin. It is a poison. It is death. It is sin. The very
fundamental things that are wrong they are now being said they are right. Before you ever say
that is right you better check it with God and be humble before God and hear what God says.
This is for the church. I expect the world to be wrong, but I don’t expect the world to be wrong
in those degrees. We are wrong and we are being checked but here’s one of those things we
need to be checked on and that is our suffering. Because he said it this way in vs. 9. By that I
mean I’m sure Paul means I have been beat up.

I feel very weak. I’ve been hurt and in that hurt-ness there is God’s strength, God’s visitation, God’s peace, God’s Spirit comforting me. His strength. I’m shining. Many of you know Sky Zucker who had years ago, more than 30 years ago
had cancer in her jawbone. One of the bones that made the jaw bone and you know her as an
amazing believer, and she had the surgery. And all her adult life that I’ve known her she has
been dealing with this thing and she shines in her spirit and in her heart. I talked to her this
morning in the café. I’m so blessed by that person. She has enriched my life. That person is a
testimony of God. Have you ever sat with a group of complaining, negative, hurting, wounded,
troubled people that just can’t find any satisfaction. I have. Have you ever sat with saints that
know God and they are quiet and they simply, the Spirit is with them and in them and they simply know God. Yes, we have. Which glorifies God? This one doesn’t. But this is what Paul is
saying. Look at the end here. Vs. 9. 3) Suffering, 4) Ultimately glorify God. Suffering in your life
is ordained by God to bring you to the knowledge of God and in the knowledge of God your life
is glorifying God.

It’s not like you are walking around in the planet saying, glory to God! Glory to
God! No, your life as you are sleeping, you life is a testimony of God’s reality and it’s saying to
the world that God is real, and God is here, and God is enough. Your life is glorifying God. That’s
the end game. Is it easy? No, I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m just saying it’s the way it is. That our
thoughts are not his thoughts. Our ways are not his ways. His ways are different. His thoughts
are different. But if we can learn to actually labor in a good sense of heart and mind laboring in
understanding and believing this, we will tap into it and find it to be real. This is Joni Eareckson
Tata testimony that I have here. “I do what wise Christians once did with me.” This is here
testimony. “Back in the early 70s when I was starting to take seriously Christ’s lordship in my
life.” This is after when she was 17 years old and she dove off a friend’s boat in the Chesapeake.
Her story is interesting. She’s a young girl, athletic, attractive young teenager. And she had the
day before bleaches her hair like white blonde or something. When her sister was in the water,
I think her sister was in already.

But she dove in, broke her neck and that was it. She’s paralyzed. Her sister is in the water and looks around and the flash of her hair color caught her sister’s eye. She grabbed her and pulled her up. Saved her life. Joni Earkeson Tata said if I had not bleached my hair the night before, it’s for sure she wouldn’t have seen me in the muddy
water, but God saved my life. Here she says, “in the 70’s I started to take Christ seriously. My
friends didn’t merely tell me the biblical truth. Here, rejoice in your trial. It will do you a world
of good. instead, they hooked up their spiritual veins to mine pumping compassion into my
wounded soul. “com” means with, “passion” means Christ suffering. They literally were Christ
with me in suffering. I wasn’t their spiritual project. I was their friend. One night, a few Young
Life friends who like to sing picked me up for a late night drive into Baltimore city. We ended up
downtown at the railway station, a massive structure with travertine floors, marble columns,
and vaulted ceilings. We found a corner and started harmonizing, our voices echoing
throughout the station.

An officious looking guard approached and ordered us out of the
building. ‘See that no loitering sign? It’s 11 pm and you kids don’t belong here!’ he barked. And
he pointed at me. ‘And you! Put that wheelchair back where you found it. Right now!’ ‘But sir,’ I
insisted, ‘it’s mine.’ He told me not to give him any lip and put it back right away. When our
little group started laughing, he realized his error.” That was she’s paralyzed. “That night when
my friends got me home, one kneeled beside my chair. Joni, that’s the first time I ever heard
you call it my wheelchair. Thank you for doing that. You are helping me with my own problems
too. I had welcomed my trial as a friend, and it felt so good.” I like that story just because it’s
not easy, but doesn’t the Bible say with God, all things are possible? Didn’t he allow that
woman to break her neck and her whole life to be a paraplegic and have a ministry worldwide
to other people. I could never do that. That’s the point. I could never do that. But God. I would
say she would say it was through God I could say this is my wheelchair.

This is my life. This is, you know, I am embracing this and that’s what basically we need to work with. Let us humble
ourselves before God and learn of him and understand that suffering is part of life. We all have something. Foreclosure. Loss of job. Sickness. Disease. Children problems. Marriage problems
etc. Come on! Come on! Come on! I know that. We all have. I’m not saying it’s easy, but I’m
saying this is about God. Come on! This is about God. God will help us. God will fill us, and God
will be glorified in it.



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