You are bought with a price. We are washed in the Blood and set apart. As Christians, we honor the spiritual and material parts of who we are. We glorify God with everything about us. Some go with the flow like a ghost ship. Paul aggressively wrote to live in sanctification and to flee fornication for we belong to Him. (1 Corinthians 6:9-20)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12724
Date: 2024-05-26
Time: Sun 11:00am

P. Schaller –

I want to introduce our theme for this morning, so turn with me to 1 Corinthians 6 just for a few minutes and
make an outline for you to follow the text. Hey! Great to be here this morning. It’s great to dive
into the Word. I came to church to listen to the Word of God. Isn’t that amazing? Do you want
to learn anything today? Turn to your neighbor and just say, do you want to learn anything
from the Bible today? Come on! Pick up your game. Let’s go. Let’s go.

So, the text is 1 Corinthians 6:9-20. And I want you to see something in that text. So, 1 Corinthians 6:9-20.
Okay. Let’s go here. Two things. One side of the column, one side is the sin that Paul is
addressing, and it’s sexual sin. So, he is very aggressive on attacking this particular sin in the
text of Scripture. He talks about the Corinthians that they were fornicators, idolaters,
adulterers, effeminate in vs. 9. Effeminate referring to homosexual. And abusers of themselves
with mankind, vs. 9.

They also as a congregation, individuals, they were thieves. They were covetous. They were
drunkards. They were revilers in vs. 10. Extortioners. And those people that are that way will
not inherit the kingdom of God and such were some of you, vs. 11.

So, this group of people they were pagans. They were living by their bodies, their body, the sins
of their bodies and so he is not afraid to attack and to go at this particular problem. And so, if
you have it on this side of the text, you have the sin and the sins that we commit as people and
then the other part of the text is that, well, you have been bought with a price. That is in vs. 19.
Your body, your body is the temple. I’ll right here your body. What’s that mean?

Your physical body. My body. What’s sex? Sex is a function of the material body. But my body is
the temple of the Lord. So, this is amazing text of Scripture because he’s talking about how we
change from being wrapped up in sexual addictions, sexual sins, and then he’s making an
argument that your life has changed because you were bought – B-O-U-G-H-T. Bought. And he
says, he adds, you are bought with a price. You are bought with a price, vs. 20. For you are
bought with a price. Vs. 20.

We have the sins of our body here on this side of the – the sins of the body. We have
fornication. And that’s uh a sin of the body and then you have you are bought with a price. And
now you glorify God with your body. Your body is not doing that anymore and your spirit. That’s
the text. Why is that text important? Because I want to understand my new life in Christ. I want
to learn how to live my new life in Christ. I’d like to know what has God done for me. Has he
bought us? Are we the temple of God and does the Spirit live in us? Does the Spirit change our
life? Who is in control? Is God able to deal with me, help me, set me free? Am I bought with the
price, the blood of Christ that has redeemed us from the slave market of sin and brought us
into the kingdom of God so that now with our body and our spirit we glorify God. Is that true? Is
that true? Isn’t that the text?

Isn’t that good to talk about that and work that out and think about it and break it down and
understand it? Oh, that’s our message today. So, if you want to leave, now is the time to leave
the meeting! Now is the time to get out of here! No, you got to stay. Security, lock the doors!
Lock the doors! All right.

So, here we are. We’re going to have a good time today in the Lord. Uh, yeah. Okay. So,
welcome P. Steve Devries. He is one of our Greater Grace pastors. He lives in Kentucky. Been a
missionary in Thailand. Missionary in South Korea. A great servant, godly man. Friend of Gary
Groenewold and Kathy. Came down for the graduation.

By the way, all the graduates from GGCA and MBC&S do you want to stand for a minute? Or
you graduated from anything. Driver’s Ed! Would you like to stand up? We’d like to give you a
hand. College. Anybody? There we go. Yes, Israel. Yes, Ruthie from Albania. Wow. Great.
Vanessa. Yes, very good.

If you came in for Convention from another country, would you stand up? We haven’t yet
greeted you. There’s the Hulett’s and John and Diane from Romania. Great. Good to see you.
Ivory Coast. No, P. Conan from Ivory Coast. Great. Wow! Ivory Coast pastor. Praise the Lord.
Okay. Welcome P. Steve.

P. Steve Devries – Thank you. All right. Good morning. So, this is the offering. Last night, P.
Schaller called me and asked if I’d be ready to preach a message this morning at 9:00, so I was,
I’m ready. But the Holy Spirit is very amazing. The Holy Spirit moves and directs and changes
the schedule. It’s beautiful to have a heart ready. You know. Yeah. That’s, that’s good. So, this is
the offering. Maybe we’ll speak the message tonight but the thought that God has on my heart
is about the value of little things. And so, in Luke 21 concerning the offering.

The value of little things. Part of the thought is this. That as graduation has happened and I like,
I remember back in 1992 when we graduated, when I graduated – how many of you know
Donny Fisher? The class of ’92. Yes. Anyway, so but you graduate and then you like, I remember
thinking actually great things. Kind of big things. Let’s go, let’s go win the world to Christ. And
but that really wasn’t reality – that’s actually where God did not fellowship with me in the
meditation of the big things but the meditation of the little things. And it’s so precious and so

Luke 21:1-4, in the passage in Mark that records this, it says that Jesus called his disciples to
himself to say these words. They’re all watching. You can imagine what the disciples were
noticing. We can imagine bags of, you know, treasures being – like that’s like easy to see. But
Jesus didn’t look at that. He looked at this poor, it’s actually beggarly woman with two mites.

And notice that she didn’t put in one mite. She could have. Let me put in half to the Lord and
half for myself. But what’s a mite? It’s so little. She put it all in.

And is the message, is that the point of the message that we give all today in the offering? Well,
maybe they’d be happy if you put in all as far as the accountants go, but that’s not the point.
The point is my heart and actually P. Schaller is going to be speaking of this and he has already
started. We’ve been bought with a price. Everything I have belongs to him. And in my heart, it’s
already his. And to put in two little mites is so precious to the Father and we’ll be speaking
more about that tonight I think. So, let’s pray. (Prayer).

P. Schaller – Okay. How about you guys have enough energy to stand up on Memorial Day?
Come on. Oh, no energy. Look at Marty. No energy. No energy. All right. Turn to your neighbor
and say may God really bless America. We need help. May God bless America. We need help.
Pray for the country. Pray for the country. Okay. You may be seated.

Turn to the text, 1 Corinthians  6 and we’re going to start in vs. 9 after a few minutes, but I want to
make a point using vs. 20. So, I want to emphasize something. There was a day you were born.
What’s that called? Birthday. If you look back at your past, what was one of the greatest things
that has happened in your life in the past? Graduated from kindergarten over here! Graduated
from a school. Inherited a gift. Won a prize. Was first place in this or that. Or maybe you got
married. Maybe you had a birth of a child.

What is the greatest event? The greatest thing that has every happened in your life if you think
about it? What is it? Yeah. I’m sorry. I couldn’t hear all of your comments but. Vs. 20 says you
are bought. You are bought with a price. Usually, we don’t know really what that means.
Buying. Being bought. You know, I have a piece here.

“Slavery was an integrated part in the Greco-Roman world in the first century. Slaves were used
in almost every aspect of life. They were considered property and were bought and sold in the
slave markets. The institution of slavery is mostly foreign to us today. We tend to think of it as
barbaric and inhuman and indeed it was degrading to those that were slaves. But it is important
for us when we read and study the Bible to understand that it was part of the culture of that
day and the writers of the New Testament drew from this institution to illustrate some spiritual
truths. We were slaves to sin.”

Like the Jews were slaves in Egypt and had no rights to property, had no governmental control,
no military might. They had nothing. Virtually, they were slaves to the Egyptians. But God
brought them out of slavery. And if you remember on that night when the death angel passed
over, they were to put blood on the doorpost of their house. When the angel saw the blood, he
would pass over that house and the firstborn in that house was not killed. It’s a picture of
redemption. It’s a picture of a payment. A payment.

This is a very important word in our theology. So, this picture was a timeline of your life. The
great event of your life is your new birth. You’ve been bought by God with a price with the

Okay. So, we have the Jews coming out of Egypt. Eating the Passover Lamb that night.
Not sitting down because they were in a hurry. No leaven bread ’cause it took time for the yeast to
rise. They ate the flatbread. They had no time. They had to leave Egypt and flee and go away
and God lead them south to the Red Sea. They came over and there was no question in their
mind that God did it. God saved them. Brought them out and saved them.

Actually, if we looked at it in three pieces. Egypt. You could geographically draw the map.
Wilderness. Is it up now? No picture. Okay. Three pieces. They were in Egypt as slaves. They
were brought out of Egypt into the wilderness and there they were taught. They were taught by
God in the wilderness not to live by bread alone. But by living by every Word that comes out of
God’s mouth, Deuteronomy 8:2-3.

But he didn’t want them to stay in the wilderness. He wanted them to live by faith and make
their way to the Promised Land of milk and honey and live victoriously over the enemies. The
people that were the aborigines of the land. The Canaanites and the Philistines and the other
tribes. That this land was given to them.

By the way, there is a war going on now in Israel in Gaza regarding this issue. Who owns the
land? The Palestinians or the Israelis? And we know it’s the Israelis. But they were gone 2,000
years as the prophet Hosea said would happen but then they came back, 1948. The United
Nations agreed they would be a nation as they were sympathetic to what happened to the Jews
in the Holocaust. What Hitler meant for evil, God meant for good. What Hitler did was propel
Israel to become a nation and for millions of Jews to go back to the Promised Land. That land
was given to them from God. There are people that don’t believe that.

But we, the Jews and the Christian people, we believe that generally speaking. But I don’t want to get off my point here.
You are bought with a price. That was a high price paid for us. We are bought with a price.
Why? To bring us from slavery into a new life all the way. I brought you out to bring you in. But
in between, there is the wilderness. This is like the life we are living now in this world. We have
a lot of room for unbelief. We have a lot of room to doubt it. We have a lot of room in the text
to live in sexual sin and say it doesn’t work. My Christian life doesn’t work. I have this appetite. I
have these habits I have in my heart in my life and I live in sexual sins.

And Paul the Apostle goes at that point. He like is a hunter. He attacks it. He goes at it and so
we want to do that today also. I want to provoke you to think with me in the text and see what
is he saying. How our life has changed. What kind of life do we now live? And is it one of sexual
addiction and control of my body. My body controlling my life or is God controlling my life
because he bought me with a price. He paid a price for us and he owns us.

So, let’s go at it. Where are we in our text? Chapter 6. Did we read vs. 9 in the introduction?
Okay. We did. Okay. So, we have the bad stuff, vs. 9. The bad stuff is in vs. 9 and 10. Vs. 11. And
such were some of you. Were some of you that are in this auditorium today, were some of you
thieves, drunkards, revilers? You can raise your hand as I go through the list! Adulterers,
fornicators, effeminate. Were you that way? Were we? Yes. Yes. We have lived like that. Yes,
we have. Yes, we have done that to one degree, one small degree or greater degree. That is our
sin nature. That is how we live. Let me just say a couple things about it.

There are people’s lives that are not under any control but only themselves, and it could be
illustrated by a ghost ship. I don’t have it up on the screen. I thought about it too late, but to
have a picture of a ghost ship and read a piece about what is a ghost ship out to sea? Maybe
you’ve heard about it or seen it but the ship is totally abandoned. Everyone on the ship has
either died or abandoned the ship, and the ship is at the mercy of the sea. It goes wherever and
it’s just floating and it will crash one day perhaps somewhere along the sea coast. The ghost

Who’s in charge of the ship? [God]. Thank you! But if you liken that ship to your life and there
are people living a life tossed around and nobody really in control. Then, we pity you ’cause that’s
a life that has so little meaning. Is so prone to accident. So prone to some fatalism where
nobody is in control. And you are not – God did not buy you so you would be like a ghost ship.
He bought you so that he would control you. He bought you so that he would own you and lead
your life to fruitfulness. To bring your life to something meaningful. To be glorified by your life.
How did that person do that? God did it. God is in control of that ship. God has it. That’s what
he’s saying here. But we live the other way. Let’s read it.

Vs. 11. When we have washing, we have two words. We have blood washing us of our sin,
covering our sin. We have water. Water of the Word of God. Washed by the water of the Word,
Ephesians 5:26. Like the bride is being washed. We are the bride and we are being washed.
Sanctified. How about John 15.3? “Now you are clean through the word that I have spoken
unto you.” It’s like washing us by the Word that Jesus has spoken to us.

By the way, I don’t know if you have that in your life but you need to have it. You need the Holy
Spirit to be washing your life because there are gray areas in life that you can be exposed to.
Things that maybe are kind of like that wasn’t nice. It wasn’t good what happened. I’m with
somebody. They introduce something to me. They’re talking or telling me something or there’s
something dishonest or something not exactly right. There’s some pornography or something
suggestive. There’s something I find myself in a situation. I don’t like it.

That God washes us. He cleanses us in a practical way. He sanctifies us. He cleanses us. Our
conscience is clean through the blood of Christ, Hebrews 9:14. Our feet are washed by Jesus. Jesus washes our feet, John 13. God cleanses us in our hearts by the Word. The Word of God is living
and it is powerful and it searches the inward parts of the belly.

Remember the priest slaughtering the animal and opening up the animal. I’m a butcher’s son
and I grew up doing this as a teenager that we would clean animals. We would butcher – it was
already butchered but we would cut it up, a quarter of beef and so on. And so the knife going
through the joints and marrow. It’s a good picture of God doing an operation in your heart and
cutting through the layers and getting into our hearts and the Spirit of God doing that in our

So, vs. 11. Two words. They are different. Sanctified. Practical cleansing. Justification is
salvation. You’re justified once. You’re saved once. You’re sanctified many times. You are
cleansed many times in your life. You are justified once when you are saved. You are bought
with a price. You are declared righteous. You are a righteous person in the mind of God.
Vs. 12. These are like things that I can do them. I can watch a movie. It may not be that edifying.
I watch a movie. It’s not godly. It’s not a godly movie. I could see it. I don’t condemn myself for
it, but it’s not that useful. It’s not expedient. It’s lawful. I can see it.

I can be exposed to something. But it’s not that – because we are not legalists as Christians. We are not judging
ourselves by law. But we are indwelt by the Spirit and we have a sense in our heart, do I want
to do this thing or not? Maybe I don’t want to do it. I won’t talk about it but I’m not going to do
that cuz it’s not edifying. It’s not encouraging me. It’s not building me up. I’m not part of that.
I’m not going.

Thank you for the invitation but I’m not going. I don’t feel like I want to be there.
You may not say that but this is the idea. That governance of the Spirit in your heart is a
valuable part of your life because God will help you as you walk in the Spirit and find how you
want to make decisions about your life because there is a lot of looseness in life. Many people
find themselves in situations. How did I get here? Well, if you had been governed back here by
something deeper in your heart; if the Spirit of God was really leading you and teaching you and
helping you make decisions, maybe you wouldn’t end up over there.

But here’s good news for a bird caught in a trap. Here’s a bird caught in the trap and it says in
the psalm that the bird caught is – the bird that, he escapes. He escapes. He’s very close. He’s
caught in the trap, but maybe the fowler like as he’s released, he’s getting, he’s caught the bird
already. He already caught the bird. But then, as he’s like taking the bird out of the trap, the
bird is gone. Like a fish. He’s on the hook. You bring him in and the net, you know, and then you
lost him.

Like us. The good news is that we do make bad decisions. We do find ourselves in trouble. But
it’s not over. God can deliver you. God can set you free. God is at work in your life. It’s not over
till it’s over. All right.

Go back to vs. 12. That’s a big step. Look at it. I’m out of Egypt. There’s no food and no water. I
get discouraged. And I’m subject to the power of that discouragement. I watch some movie
that’s not that edifying. It draws me into temptation. I’m sexually triggered. There’s triggers
that excite you and me. There are triggers. And now I’m brought under the power of it. Now,
I’m under the power of it. It’s lawful but it’s not wise. I shouldn’t be there. It shouldn’t have
happened but it did and now I’m brought under the power of it.

But he’s saying and I will – let’s go back to the verse. I will not be brought under the power of
any. So, that’s a good text, isn’t it? Okay. Let’s think about it here for a second. Temptation and
the power of it. We got the power of a temptation and here you are and he’s saying I will not be
brought under the power of it. That’s what he’s saying.

Come on. Come on. Paul, are you kidding me? No, I’ll not be brought under the power of it.
How do you do that? I’ve been bought with a price. My body is the temple of God. I actually
have an authority that’s from God. I’m not a ghost ship that’s just being pushed around by life. I
have something in me that determines for me my life. I’m a decision maker in my heart. I’m
hearing what God has to say to me about my life.

My life – I actually have an authority that is from God cuz he bought me with a price. Not to
leave me in Egypt but to bring me out but not just in the wilderness but to bring me into a
richer life. I have a land of promise. A land where it’s flowing with milk and honey. Where there
are victories. Where Christ is a reality for me. Where I have found the reality of Jesus in my life.
That’s what he’s saying.

All right. Go to vs. 13. Let’s write that down. Meats for the belly. What’s the meaning of it?
Food for what? Stomach. What’s it mean? I have an appetite? Anybody here ever go without
food for three days? One day. Two hours. An hour and a half! Have you ever been hungry? I
mean really hungry? Have you ever been really hungry? Yeah. It’s real. We have to eat. You can
go 40 days without it but you will die in 45 days. You’ll probably die in 45 or 50 days. Yeah. So,
you have to eat.

Then, what does he say? He’s going to talk about sex in a minute, but I want you to notice
something here. This is brilliant. The Holy Spirit has us talking about food and then he talks
about sex and they are different. I used to hear, you know, that you have an appetite for food
and you have to get it so that you live. So, you have an appetite for sex so you have to get that
too. [He made a sound that means “no.”]. These two syllogisms have to be check out. You have
to figure it out. You got to be smarter than the world. You got to be wiser than the world. Not
true. They’re not the same. Sex, you don’t have to have it to survive. Food, you have to have it
to survive. But you don’t have to have sex to survive. There’s a difference. Yeah.

One syllogism. I’ll give it to you that C. S. Lewis shared in one of his books. I think about it every
once in a while. This is something you can think about. It goes like this. Milk is a bodily fluid for
food. Milk is a bodily fluid for food. All bodily foods are nutritious. Really? All bodily fluids are
nutritious? All bodily fluids are food? No. How about it? What’s that mean? It means that a
Christian, a Spirit filled Christian that has the Bible is able to understand how to live his life
better than somebody that doesn’t have God.

If you don’t have God, you will think like the world thinks and that’s what we’re choking on in
our society. We’re choking on foolishness. We’re choking on absurdities. Clown shows. We’re
talking about confusion and evil and the propagation of lies that destroy people’s lives. It’s like
ghost ships. Like who’s in control? Silence. What’s going on with your life? There’s nobody
there. Christ came and bought you with a price. The greatest thing that could ever happen in
somebody’s biography is that I was bought by God with a very high price, the blood of God, so
that my life would be different from the world. That’s what he’s saying here. Let’s read it.

Vs. 13. What is the meaning of that but there will be a time when the material world will not be
the same as it is today. There’ll be a change. There won’t be the stomach and the food thing
anymore. They’ll be some change. We don’t know what it is. Will we eat in heaven? Probably. I
don’t know. Why not? I don’t know why. I don’t know but I’m saying that the body, the body
will be going to the grave and the meat, too goes to the grave and deteriorates and in one
sense it is destroyed. But in another sense, we will be raised from the dead. Our bodies will be
glorified. We will be changed and we won’t have that kind of appetite that way. Our appetites
are affected by our fallen nature and that’s called lust.

So, we have that. Then, go to the next text. Vs. 13. What a unique thing that is. My body is not
for fornication. My body is for the Lord. That’s quite a meditation, isn’t it? My body is not for
sexual activity of that appetite, but my body is actually set apart for the Lord and sex has its
great place in a marriage. I mean it’s a beautiful thing in a marriage. It’s like a gift to the human
race for a couple reasons.

#1. It glorified God for the usefulness of the body to procreate, to produce children which looks
like producing children is under attack on many levels in our society. Like producing children is
not a good thing. But we that do that, produce children as Christian people and has Jewish
people. They do it, also. Large families. They do it to the glory of God and in obedience to what
God said.

Not only is it for children, producing, reproducing our race of people in Christ but and hopefully
in Christ they are born again and saved but also for pleasure. For intimacy. For connection.
What a blessing. We said it’s like a fire. A fire in a fireplace is like sex in marriage. But if you take
the fire out of the fireplace and set the whole house on fire or the Chicago Fire which hundreds
of houses were burned down. Or Dresden, Germany in World War II.

What a horrible, horrible fire sex can be setting on fire the lives of people and destroying people. But this is a good thing
when it’s in marriage. And then, you don’t need it. You don’t need it. There’s lies about it.
There’s lies about sex. It’s ridiculous. It’s like you live like animals. It’s ridiculous. Like crazy.
Okay. Live like that. Go live like that. What’s going to – let’s read it.

Vs. 14. That means our bodies will be glorified. Vs. 14. I know my spirit is joined to Christ but my
body is a member of Christ? Our bodies are the temple of God? Our physical body has value?
Our physical body. Whether you like your body or not isn’t the point. The point is that God
made you. Who made the deaf and the blind, Exodus 4? God gave you life. You have life. You
have something to do on the earth. God has called you to a mission and your body is a member
of Christ, vs. 15. God forbid. Vs. 15.

So, there’s a believer. He goes with a prostitute and his body which is the member of Christ he’s
showing to a prostitute, and Paul says God forbid. That cannot happen. And he’s talking to
pagan people. You cannot do that. There’s a better life.

This whole thing about Christianity is that it’s a better life. If you haven’t found that yet, you
will. Just keep walking with Christ. You will find it. There’s a little illustration I read. There’s a
Greek myth about a man who had his face was like so and he put a mask on that was different
from his face. And he wore the mask all the time and then what happened was his face changed
to conform to the mask. So, when he took it off, it was like the mask.

And I use that story to illustrate that when you become a believer in Christ, you put on him. You
put on Jesus. You start to walk with Jesus. You think like Jesus. You make decisions with Jesus.
And then, you actually – that mask is actually from God and when you take it, you are like him.
You have changed. You changed from glory to glory. You actually become like Jesus. But putting
on the mask is faith because you might say, this isn’t me. And God is saying this is you. Put it on.
Put on the mask. Go ahead. Put it on. Walk by faith in me. Come on.

No, it’s not me. I got to be honest with you, that’s not me, God. God is saying I bought you with
a price and trust me. Walk by faith. You’re not a ghost ship. I’m in charge. Be submitted to me.
Trust me. And as we do that, we find ourselves filled with the Spirit. Not joined to a harlot.
Empty life! Loser! Loser! Shame on you! Empty person! Empty, sinful person. What happened
to you? You want to go back to Egypt. Go back to being a slave? Go ahead. Go ahead. Shame on
– sorry about it. You’re losing. You’re losing. I don’t mind saying that really loudly. Loser! Loser!
You’re shaming me. I am. I’m shaming you and me cuz that’s not your life. Come on! That’s not
your life. No, that’s not your life. Okay. All right.

Go back to vs. 16. I’m a nice guy actually but verse 16. Look at verse 16. What? God forbid. Vs.
16. Look at Paul. He’s going at it. Come on Paul. You cannot build Christianity by going against
paganism like that. No, I am. No, I am going at it. You used to live like that. You do not live like that anymore. I’m going at it ’cause you are bought with a price. I’m going at these people. I’m
telling them. It’s over. You cannot be joined to a harlot. You got to stop that. Stop that. It’s not
edifying. It’s not God. God’s not in it. Stop it. That’s what he’s saying.

Vs. 16. We read it. Now, we have something that goes back to this picture here. This one. Sin,
fornication, and now the argument is Spirit. The argument is God. The face is changing. I put on
the mask and now I’m actually being changed by God. Now, I’m saying yeah. I’ve got God. I
don’t need that. I don’t need that. I got God. That’s the idea. Okay.

Go to vs. 18. Run away from it. Give your phone to your confidant, your wife, or husband. Give
your phone to a friend. You have access to the phone. Everything I have. Be accountable. Don’t
be with a woman alone. Be accountable unless you – it’s up to you. As a pastor, we have that
rule. I cannot be alone with a woman who is not in my family. I cannot. I follow that. It has kept
me. It has protected me. I always have that as a way of life. That is a great blessing and that’s

That came from men of God in the past and Billy Graham followed it also. Billy Graham, when
an elevator came down and there was one woman on there, he wouldn’t get on it cuz he would
go up with her and she could come out of the elevator screaming that he accosted me or
molested me or whatever it is. He didn’t do it. He kept himself. What an honorable man. What
a great way of life. What a man of God he was. What an example.

How about it? You want to be accountable? Then, look for accountability. Yeah, you want
accountability? Then, put in there the margins. Put in the guard rails. Put in there and have the
people around you and live like that. Why not? Cuz we that are joined unto the Lord not saying
that we are perfect people. But just giving you a direction this morning using the text. Okay.
We’re finishing up here.

Vs. 18. Just a note here. We’ve got the sins. There are attitude sins like jealousy. There are
attitude like spirits. There can be arrogance, pride, covetousness, sins of an attitude. And then
there are body sins and maybe you could have alcohol maybe or some drug addiction. A sin of
the body. The body drives you to that sin. Fornication is one of them. You can be driven to that
by your body.

Vs. 18. STD’s, sexually transmitted diseases that are unique phenomena that are only
happening through sexual contact. You don’t want that in your life. You don’t want that. So, just
learn what it’s saying here.

Vs. 19. Somebody else owns these hands. Somebody else owns these eyes, ears. Now, one of
the great things is to learn to be a servant. When you learn to be a servant and you use your
body to serve. Like you walk to a house to visit somebody sick. You’re serving. You’re feet are

used in service. There are things we can do with our body that we can do to serve. A young
boy’s playing soccer on a soccer field and you jump in and you’re able to run around with them
and play with them because your body is healthy. You’re able to use your body to serve. Maybe
your body is not in that good shape, but you have another body type or your body, the tools
that you have. Your ears. Your eyes. Listening to the Word of God.

The highest form of worship. Listening to the Word of God. Being able to sit still and concentrate and just listen and meditate and then be available to God with your body. This is God’s body. These are God’s hands, God’s
eyes, God’s liver, God’s feet. This is God’s body. We are the temple of God and that’s it.
Lastly, vs. 20. Look at it. Why did God give me fingers? So, I could turn the pages of the Bible
like this. Why did God give me eyes? So, I could read the pages of the Bible like that, right? Why
did God give you a hand? So you could shake your brother or sister’s hand and say hello, good
morning with your mouth, with your tongue. You can share the Gospel with people. You are a
tool in the hand of God. Our body is set apart to glorify God.

I have never found greater joy. Living in sin is not fun but there’s great joy in walking with him
and being – we are bought and we are now his servants and we use what we have and it’s really
fun and joyful. Amen.

I kind of want to tell you a little story. I did it at 9:00. Just for your – I think I can do that in a
minute. Beauty and the Beast. Anybody remember that? Walt Disney movie. Everything. Beauty
and the Beast. Remember that? You got it. Beauty and the Beast.

So, how did that work? There was a young girl, attractive young girl, and then there is a beast,
right? A beast. And she kind of saw something in him. Something you know. I don’t know the
story that well, but when she kind of made the move and kissed him and he turned into this
handsome guy that she married and they lived happily ever after. But he was a beast at the
beginning. And like what drew her to kiss him or believe or what drew her? It was like faith. And
in a way, that’s what I’m saying today.

I know we said it pretty well. God did. I believe that I communicated to your heart. What I’m
saying is the Christian faith, you don’t know how powerful it is. But you need to kiss it. You
don’t know how powerful it is. Don’t mock it and say it’s an animal. It’s a beast. I can’t do that.
No, I’m not, I’m out of here. Don’t do that. But look at it. You don’t know how great it is. It will
change your life. Come to Christ. Trust him and then you will have a new life. Yeah, that’s it.


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