Our mission is about rejoicing in the Name of God. People need to know the Name of the One that they can trust. We know Him and have Him in us. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-24; Revelation 19:13-16)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11339
7:30 PM on 9/27/2017


P. Schaller

Thanksgiving. What to be thankful for. The Spirit of God and thanksgiving. Are you thankful? I know we are supposed to say it but really think about it. Are you thankful? What year did you get saved? Pastor Colban? 1977. Say one good thing about 1977. Then go to 1978 one good thing, 1979, 1980, and go all the way through to now. How long would it take? Even bad things. When I look back God was with me. God blessed me. I believe in that. Thanksgiving and worship. Give me three things you are thankful for (talk to your neighbor).

Rev. 19 one small portion for your meditation and your thoughtfulness. What is J.C. name? What other names does Christ have and what do they mean?

Rev. 19:11 this is Christ returning. He’s called Faithful and True. That relates to his character. Faithful all through his ministry, all through his life. And true. Truth in the inner man. Then it says more.

vs. 12. We have a name and we’ll put a question mark. Who knows the name that no man knows? God. Does God know his name? This is a special name Christ has. God knows the name but we don’t know the name. I wonder what it is and what it means. It’s a mystery. I don’t know the name. When he is returning, chapter 19 is him returning and he has these names.

vs. 13. We have three so far. What’s his name? The Word of God. What does it mean? He is God, the thought of God. He is everything about God. All of God’s minds, aspirations, desires, intentions…he is called the Word of God. This can stir our heart in the Spirit to think of who Christ is. The Christian life has a lot to do with the name of the person we are worshipping. The higher the name, the more the awe, the character, the content of who he is. This is our privilege to be worshippers. Before you didn’t care about God but when you were brought into the family and were born again and given the spirit of adoption and we cry, Abba, Father. We say daddy in our worship and in our thanksgiving and our praise. We go beyond what is seen and understood naturally. Thanksgiving is part of our life. We are seeing God more than the visible. We are able to see the invisible God. And believe in him.

The last name is in verse 16 in this list.

Rev 19:14-16. Horses, coming back with horses. I wonder if in heaven animals speak. I wonder if they are there as part of the whole picture. God made them.

vs. 15. Truth comes when he comes. Out of his mouth is a sword, the sword of godly authority, of righteousness, and of truth.

vs. 16. King of King and Lord of Lords. In regards to his ministry on the earth in the millennial reign, this is his function as the King of all Kings. Regarding all of the human race, no one higher than him. Nobody can contest him, usurp, lie or get away with it. Nobody can overcome him. He is God incarnated, man glorified, man put in that place that God had intended for man when he first made him. His name is called Jesus. A common name in Hebrew. Hosea is also Jesus. Joshua is also Jesus. Jesus has a common earthly name. He’s a humble servant not noticed in the world though he is God. Crucified, resurrected and then glorified, highly exalted at the right hand of the Father. We that believe in him have the Spirit of Christ, and we are learning his names. There is something about him I will not know. He has a name no man knows. I assume forever and ever. Nobody knows that name but God. These names Faithful and True we know in the Gospel’s: who he was, why he came, what he does in the ministry, and his heart for people.

In Hungary, we went to a city…we had an outreach and the people were amazing. We preached at a tram stop for a few minutes and then the tram would come. People were listening and we sensed the H.S. there. People are looking for the name but don’t know it. They want to know the name of the one they can trust who is Faithful and True. There is an economical depression in that part of the country. It’s the lowest average income in the whole country, less than $100 a month…we had an evening meeting and were greatly encouraged. This is what mission is. It’s about the name of God. It’s declaring God and making him know in some measure.

We don’t know how it works but people are affected and get excited about their faith. It’s so fun when a group of believers get excited. The veil is taken away from their eyes and they start to read. I have a question? Can you tell me? Those questions are so precious. We’re not mechanical because we don’t know everything but we lead them in the faith with joy and thanksgiving and a personal excitement. When you get a group of people learning to be thankful.

1 Thes. 5, the general disposition of the believer. Saturday I will speak to the ladies how Adam was God’s first draft and the upgrade was Eve. The value of women and what women mean in a man’s life, in church life, what they mean as teachers. The value of a woman and her spirit of joy and having a home with peace and satisfaction.

1 Thes. 5:16 have a lot of fun. You’re older. Have a lot of fun. You’re young? It’s normal to have a lot of fun. Older? Do it on purpose. Have a lot of fun in life. You say pastor I need help. We’ll send a comedian over your house! Life is made up of that. It’s very powerful and important.

vs. 17. Pray without ceasing. Pray. Drop it. Pray, say amen and drop it. Don’t worry about it. You pray and then worry. But pray with declaration. God, I’m giving it to you. I commit it to you. That’s it. Amen. I’m going back to rejoicing.

Drop it. vs. 18. In everything give thanks. In everything give thanks. Follow up the thing with a thankful comment. Ride in the car with a lot of thanksgiving. A lot of mystery is in life. Don’t get bogged down with the reasonableness of life. The reasonable people can take your joy away from you. You go to prison with a reasonable person and you’re in trouble. Paul and Silas decided to sing. The H.S. filled them and they sang and rejoiced. They did it by faith. They started singing by faith. Why not be happy instead of sad. We are bleeding and in prison and have been misjudged and abused. Look up on the board there. The names of God. The names of Christ. He is Faithful and True. He said all things work together for good for us. I’m learning this. I’m saying it with you and at you too, of course. I was thinking in Hungary, what would I do in these situations? I have believed the Spirit of God would teach me in a healthy church to have a good attitude and put on the Lord J.C. and put off the old man. In a difficult situation, I would be with others and many times it’s the poor people who can teach us to be thankful and rejoice. They say I’ve lived like this my whole life. I’ve prayed to God every day for my food and he gives it to me and I’m thankful. There is a name of God nobody knows and that’s fascinating to us. When you go to heaven, you will have a name that no one knows but you and God. Isn’t that cool. I know you but there is something about you you do not know but God knows. Isn’t that cool. God knows what you are capable of. In the O.T., the names are connected with the mission. Moses was taken out of the water. Call him Moses as a baby. 80 years later he is taken out of the water of the Red Sea. He comes out of the water. Thomas is kind of doubting and that’s his name. Simon, Simon, your name will be Peter. Names are important for us. The Christian life is filled with thanksgiving. Our general mode of operation is a lot of fun as much as possible. Then there is tears, release, seeing God and knowing his name.

He’s called the Word of God and King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s vs. 18. That’s tough. Try it. In everything give thanks. This is hard but I can give thanks to God. Someone is in the emergency room, but I can give thanks to God. Thank you, God, I go home tonight. I have lunch today. Thank you for my friends. Even when we have lost something, we can find lost things.

Lk 15 says the sheep was lost and found. The coin was lost and found. The son was lost and he was found. Let’s say I lost my son, but I know God, I know his name. I know who he is. I’m talking to you, God. Bring my son home in Jesus’ name. Don’t give up so easily because it doesn’t happen. God is looking for real relationship. Is there anything there in our heart where we are stubbornly saying in a spiritual way I want this thing changed in Jesus’ name? That’s prayer, intercession. We can do business with God. We can get serious about it. We are in this world to be salt and light. To see God answer. Get a group of new believers around you. Many in the community groups are doing it. Have a lot of joy. I see it with people who have a great spirit of thanksgiving, prayer and faith and saying, Nope. Don’t like it. Lord, please change it.

vs. 19. The Spirit of judging quenches the H.S. Do not judge. Bring joy and life and love. The Spirit of criticism in an overly negative way quenches the H.S. The H.S. is there to bring life, love, peace, godly edification.

vs. 20. Don’t despise the preaching.

Prove all things, vs. 21. Imagine I don’t want to hear it anymore. I don’t want to hear P. Schaller anymore or pastor so and so. Can you imagine being in that state of mind? I can say it. I say Lord, why have I listened to messages 30 years and now I’m saying I don’t want to hear them. Something changed inside. I’m hurt or discouraged. Despising the teaching. Not wanting to hear it. This is the uniqueness of our faith. This is evangelical Christianity … produces all kinds of social activities but won’t produce evangelism. Social activities in itself will not build a church but the preaching and the Bible teaching builds the church. We look at what is not seen. We say let’s start a school. Let’s do a food bank. Let’s help kids learn to read. I can’t do those things unless I know what is invisible, unless I know these names and understand I have a real life in God.

vs. 23. The God of peace sanctify you. You can say I’m sanctified. What happened to you? I’m sanctified! You go to buy a pair of shoes and tell them, size 9 and a half and I’m sanctified! I’m sanctified spirit, soul and even my feet are sanctified by God. There is something special about me. I can’t explain it to you. How did it happen? I have a good time. I pray a lot. I’m thankful in everything. I don’t despise the preaching. I’m living in the Body and proving all things. I abstain from the appearance of evil and my God has sanctified me. Not only in my spirit. The H.S. is in my spirit but also in my soul. My brain is affected by God. Sanctified spirit, soul and my blood pressure! God sanctified me in my body. I’m ok. Who knows really? I’m ok and so are you because you are sanctified by God.

vs. 24. He will do it. It’s not just talk. You get up in the morning and you are refreshed. God gave you a great sleep. 1977 one good thing. 1978 and you are sanctified. You’re not bogged down. I lost my sanctification! Would you pray with me!



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