Christ at the right hand of God makes a case for me. The Spirit also reveals to our hearts this advocacy and what it does for us now. The Lion of Judah speaks for us and stands for us. (John 14:25-26)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11820
7:00 PM on 1/15/2020

P. Schaller –

How many of you know that part in the gospels where Mary meets the resurrected Christ and he says don’t touch
me. I haven’t yet ascended to my Father. John 20:16, when we come to church, pray the Spirit will
minister to each of us. I’m sure that’s why you come. We are drinking the same spirit and come
to get something from God, – understanding or a word of faith or a word of wisdom or prayer or
an expression of love.

We are seeking God in the Spirit and that means also in you and in me. We are looking for Christ. Paul said I determined when I came to you to know nothing except Jesus Christ and him crucified. What is it about Christ in you but for you to live in Christ. To know Christ is in us. Christ is here. Christ dwells in us. Colossians 1:29 Christ manifested. When we are with each other, we provoke each other in a spiritual way. Maybe something I say provokes Christ in you and you say amen in your heart.

Maybe a song you hear. I love to sing with all my heart as much as I can in our worship. It’s one of the best parts of our service for me. I think of the words and sing it. I’m not a singer but I am. I don’t care about the music end as much as the rhythm and worship and putting my heart into that. I hope you feel that same way. We can
come to the church with a mood. Like I don’t feel like it. You have your privacy and maybe God
has put something heavy on your heart.

You are led by God. I’m so happy people come with the attitude that God has something for me that will help me in my life. Jn 20:16, I like to think God. I’m so happy people come with the attitude that God can say your name, Mary, and you can turn and find him. We take one step toward God and he takes two or three. He honors our faith. He honors our attitude. Vs. 17. Now, the word there is to grab ahold of, hold tightly. Timothy Keller brings
this out in his book on Encounters with Jesus.

Reading it this afternoon, it spoke to my heart. Don’t grab ahold of my physical body because I have to yet ascended to my Father where I will sit at his right hand and I will be manifested everywhere, not only Israel but whoever believes in me, I will take up my abode and live in them. Mary, you know me this way in Israel, as a man
you can hold onto. When I ascend to the Father, you will know me in your heart. I will never
leave or forsake you. The Chinese and Russians and Latino, anyone throughout history has the
opportunity of having me in their heart.

When I ascend to the Father, it’s a game changer. I will come to you and whoever believes in me. When I ascend unto the Father, the kingdom of God will come on the earth like it’s never happened before, to every nation, kindred and tongue. The authority of Christ will dwell in people like you and I tonight, when I ascend to the Father.
Mary don’t hold tightly to me; don’t touch me. I have not ascended. When I ascend, I will be
everywhere in this world to whomever believes.

You have known me in my miracles and at the Sea of Galilee, when I was going you didn’t see me. Now I’ve gone to the Father, I will be with you in a prison cell, in a hospital bed, in the Antarctica, in the ocean and if you make your bed in hell, I am there. I am your Savior who has translated you from darkness to light and you will
know that in your spirit. Vs. 17. I want to add and Mary, this is a game changer. This is big. You
will assemble and I will be in the midst.

You will pray and I will answer. This is big. I am for you and not against you. When you sin, I will be there to forgive you and wash you with my blood. When you are confused, I send the PARAKLETOS. I will send the Comforter, the counselor, the paramedic, the paralegal, the para, the para, the para. And he’ll be with you and guide you and
counsel you and lead you into truth. You’ll be here in the midst of wolves, but I will prepare a table for you in the presence of your enemies. This is our fellowship tonight and wherever we
are, we have a fellowship with the throne of God.

That’s what Christ came to do. Not to just give us hand cuddling comfort but legal powerful, comfort, teaching, doctrine so no matter who I am, I can know who I am because of him and who he is. Would you stand with me for a
moment. Make an effort in faith if you feel like it and minister Christ to your neighbor. Ge 4,
we have a good selection of events and activities this next weeks. We have some news for you
maybe you would be interested.

P. Ben is coming a week from this Sunday. P. Ben from Jerusalem and we love his ministry in the Word. I’m reading my Old Testament looking for things to ask him that I haven’t answers to. He will be with us one week and his ministry is so precious to us and a very good friend of ours in the ministry. P. Sam Muhima is here tonight. He’s from
Uganda. It blesses us. Superbowl Sunday, that night we will have service at 5:00 so you can
watch the Superbowl with your family or by yourself. That’s a new move by us.

Some of you are not football fans and we appreciate that. Service that night will be at 5. A week from Friday, the
country is marching in Washington, the March for Life or the pro-life movement in our country
to save babies in the womb. Some of us will go down to Washington for that event and say I
really have something to say about this issue. You are welcome to attend that in D.C. Some of
the folks are putting cars together or hop in a car or go by train. However you would like to do

Genesis 4, the advocacy of Christ is our theme. I would like you to think with me – I got the
iPad. One brother named Cain and the other Abel. We know the story. It goes back to Genesis 3:15
where you have the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman in battle with each other.
The seed of the woman is Messiah and the seed of the serpent is Antichrist. All through the
Bible, you have these two seeds and they fight with each other and kill each other.

The seed of the serpent came into Judas Iscariot, killed him and he was part of the conspiracy to kill Jesus.
The first battle we see is with Cain and Abel. I want to make a point about evangelism. Put
between these two men a whole group of people of all kinds of people, unsaved people, people
that don’t know anything about God or the Bible and they are all here between these two men.
Cain is evil and he kills and murders his brother.

His brother ministers to God and undoubtedly Abel had a ministry by way of typology or by way of example to unsaved people like we do. We are in the world and of the seed of the Messiah, of Christ. We are in the world and we are around unbelievers, the same unbelievers that are under the influence of Cain, the antichrist
spirit. Cain is the wanderer, the murderer. He’s the guilty one. He has an influence over so
many people by his words, his organization, his activity.

He is in the world and of the world. We are in the world but not of the world. We are of the seed of the Messiah. There is something that has affected us, so we have a ministry to the unsaved and even people who are far away
from Christ. They need the gospel, the message, the mercy, the prayer, the love. They need the
ministry of Christ and we are in the world for that. I think a lot about unsaved people. I don’t
think I do such a good job of reaching them, but we can all say, Jesus, only you can reach them.
They are here and some are looking for you.

Some come into this room and are looking for you. Some find you. We are here in a world where there is a tremendous amount of confusion, misinformation, many spirits and voices. Jesus knew this. At the Last Supper, he had a message for his disciples and said I go away, but I send another. We want to speak about the two advocacies that we have in this world. In order to have an influence and a ministry in the world
we are living in, to be able to say to someone far away from God that God loves you and cares
for you, that Jesus is for you and came to save you, forgive you, anoint you, put your name in
his book.

That’s what we want to do tonight.

1) Jesus Christ and he is called our Advocate.

We said last Sunday this is also translated “Comforter” in the King James. There is an opinion by the
translators that this word PARAKLETO we don’t have the right English word. It’s more strong
than a comforter, like someone holding your hand and being nice to you. More like a legal
adviser, a coach who can be serious with you; more like a lawyer who can give you direction
and counsel you in life, even if you don’t agree with him on one level because maybe you are
not able to know or understand him, but he is an able advocate or counselor.

1 John 2:2, great traveling with Pete Westera. He’s here tonight. He’s a lot of fun to be with, encouraging,
selfless, serving in the night and morning, reaching young people. He really is like young people
in different countries that know us and go to Camp Life Europe and Central Asia. It’s amazing to
see these young people respond like they do and be hungry for the ministry. They have found
Jesus as a teenager and are hungry for him. 1 John 2:1, I go to the Father.

He said to Mary, I ascend up to my God and your God. He sat at the right hand in Revelation 5:12. He has all power.
Dunamis, the power and then strength. There’s seven words. We won’t go into it now but if you
want to look it up in Revelation. 5:12-13. One word is “DUNAMIS” and one is “ISCHUS.” DUNAMIS is
the physical power, the ability, the power by way of dynamite or a volcano or moving a
mountain. ISCHUS is a word for legal power, like a document is able to change someone’s life.
An inheritance or title deed with your name on it.

This is legal power. This has been given to Christ, and Christ is seated. It means a lot to us to know what it means that he is my Advocate. It is said by the theologian Charles Hodge, “in court you disappear into your advocate. If you
stammer, but your lawyer is eloquent, what do you look like in court? Eloquent. If you are
ignorant but your lawyer is brilliant, what do you look like in court? Brilliant. In some cases, you
may not be required to speak or even to appear personally in court.

Your attorney appears in your place as your substitute. What do you look like in court? You look like whatever your
advocate looks like. If your advocate wins, you win. If your advocate loses, you lose. In short,
you’re lost in your advocate. You are in your advocate. This means a lot to us because I have
sinned, but my Advocate is seated at the right hand of the Father with legal power. He can
make a case for me. He can say to the Father, it’s paid for.

That’s it. He is seated in such authority that we are always accepted in him. Nothing can separate his from him or this love that made it possible. When God looked to save the human race, he went way above and
beyond anything we can ever manufacture in ourselves. Sometimes we think I haven’t prayed
enough, I haven’t believed enough, I haven’t read my Bible enough, I haven’t been sincere
enough, I haven’t been obedient enough.

All of these sentences are easy to be said in our hearts. But the purpose of understanding the advocacy of Christ, means that in the Bible, we have revelation and spiritual understanding of who he is and what he has done. That’s amazing. How many of you have traveled in a big city and seen a light show on a huge tall building? Have
you ever seen such a thing? They take a huge building and put a million dollars of lights on the
building and they light up the building.

Well, this is like the Holy Spirit is sent into the world to light up Jesus Christ and show us who he is. The Holy Spirit is sent into the world to say, there he is on the throne. He’s for you. He’s your Advocate. God could never condemn you because of him. Romans 8:1. God is for you and never against you. He could never leave you or forsake you.
The first advocate is Christ seated at the right hand of the Father who has done all this legal
stuff for us.

We have all been to the cemetery and buried our loved ones but legally that person
has not been overcome by death. Christ died for us so we would not die. That means by sight
we bury our loved ones and they died but in reality they have just left their bodies. Their body
dropped to the ground. It’s impossible for Christ who has died for us to give us anything other
than eternal life.

It doesn’t start when I die. It started when he died, when he was raised from the dead. When he died, death was judged. O death, where is your sting? O grave, where is your victory? This is spiritual understanding. This is enlightenment by God’s Spirit putting the lights on the building. The Spirit is the second Advocate. He has been sent into the world to reveal the advocacy of Jesus that has legally established us in a kingdom that cannot be moved
or shaken. Ninety-six things happened at the time of salvation. I have it here. All of us are
somewhat familiar with this list of things.

We are foreknown, elected, predestinated, chosen, called, reconciled, redeemed, born again, regenerated, made righteous, justified, glorified, adopted, complete in him, sanctified, forgiven, quickened, perfected, accepted, made qualified, crucified with Christ, buried with him, raised with Christ, born of the Spirit, baptized with the
Spirit, indwelt by the Spirit, sealed by the Spirit. We are in God. We are in Christ. We are in the
Spirit. We are dead to the law. We are delivered from the law. We are circumcised in Christ by a
circumcision not made with hands, Colossians. 2:11.

Translated into his kingdom, given the gift. He gives us life in his name. We will never die, John. 11:26. Christ is our propitiation, our foundation, our life, our head, our husband, our advocate, our brother, our friend, our shepherd and high priest. These are only words I know and Bible verses, but I realize every one of these words has
a meaning that is so deep and profound. The natural man does not understand it or has no
interest in it. We are people of the Spirit and the Spirit puts the light on the building so to
speak. What an amazing building that is.

Someone could say what about the light? The light is to show us the building. When we see the building, we worship like they did in Revelation. The 24 elders fell down and cast their crowns and worshiped. Then John started to cry. Nobody could take the title deed out of the earth out of the hand of God on the throne. Then there was
a mighty angel that said cry not! The lion of the tribe of Judah is worthy to take the title deed.
Then it says one of the 24 elders said, – no, he’s the one that said, there is one that is worthy to
take the title deed.

We don’t know who those 24 elders are, but that one could have been Judah, the son of Jacob who was promised he would be the authority. The king would come out of Judah. That might have been Judah who said to John, weep not. Remember that verse about Shiloh, before Shiloh comes. Beautiful correlation. No man could have written the Bible. They must be true, real. In this lifetime, we have the spirit of worship and lightness when we realize
the Son of God and what the Holy Spirit is doing in the church to show us the Son of God.

When we have the advocacy of the Spirit in our life guiding us into everything. John 14:25-26, we are
human beings, Lord. We get afraid easily. Even watching the news maybe sometimes we get
shaken. Maybe we have fears. Any kind, all kinds of things as people. How fragile we are. Lord, how fragile we are. I can be worried, moody, depressed, sad, afraid, guilty. All these things that
happen to us as people. And as a pastor, I’ve been thinking a lot about this as the Body is a
faithful group of believers loving God and the word, growing together.

As a pastor and all of the pastors here and every Body member here in the Spirit of God, you have a ministry of the Spirit of God. Galatians 6:1, he that is what? He that is spiritual. I have seen in church life sometimes when
someone that is overtaken in a fault, he that is carnal goes and talks to him. He that is
judgmental goes and talks to him. He that is proud is aggressive and goes and straightens it out.
In the spirit of meekness considering himself he could be in the same thing.

Restore such a person. It’s totally different. The Comforter or the advocacy of the Spirit is to minister to us
when we are weak, and I can hardly lift up my head and I’m frail and afraid of death. I’m
worried about my family or sickness or something someone said to me. We are like sheep that
get anxious and nervous, bumping each other. There are four reasons sheep don’t lie down:

1) parasites, and membranes in their nose and in the bushes scratching.

2) They don’t lie down when they are hungry.

3) They don’t lie down when they are anxious with each other and

4) They don’t lie down when they sense danger like a wolf or dog.

Psalm. 23 says he makes me to lie down in green pastures. In a church like this one. I got to say it’s a good one. It’s a Spirit-filled church. We get along really well because we can lie down, because the Spirit is our Advocate,
our Comforter, our teacher. What does the Spirit do? He shows us Jesus. Don’t worry about it.
You have an Advocate in heaven on your behalf. You have an Advocate, Jesus Christ the
righteous one who is on your side.

He’s in the courtroom of God representing your interest, defending you. You have an Advocate, Jesus Christ the righteous one. The ministry of Spirit is in the Body and in your own heart. Learn to read the Bible in such a way you take your time. Read it real slow. Have a piece of paper and pen and take one verse and what do you see in there.
Write down a few things and work on it and read it again for another five or ten minutes and
pray about it and wait on God and be really quiet before God.

The Spirit will teach you. He is your Advocate. He’ll instruct you. He could say knock it off by the Bible. The Bible will say, knock it off. The Spirit could say don’t worry about it. I read a story about a billionaire. He had three
10 dollar bills in his pocket. He took a taxi for $8. He gave him a ten dollar bill, a two dollar tip.
When he got home he had one $10 bill. Where did the other $10 go? Did I make a mistake and
give the taxi driver two ten dollar bills? He started to worry about it.

What is happening in his life? He’s becoming very small and losing perspective of his wealth. If you have a billion dollars, does a $10 bill bother you? It might but it shouldn’t. This happens to us all the time. We are
very wealthy because he is seated at the right hand of God. The Holy Spirit has to correct us.
Are you kidding me? Forget the ten dollars. Are you kidding me? Throw a hundred dollar bill out
the window just to celebrate. You got this messed up.

This is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is to give us the context in our life. Are you worried about death? The Holy Spirit says do not fear. Jesus said it. Do not fear. You believe in God. Believe also in me. You’ll be dragged before the synagogue and beaten and some of you killed but I go and prepare a place for you. Huge
change. Huge counsel Huge perspective. We must be corrected many times in the course of our
days on the earth. We need a lot of help.

We need each other. We need spiritual people to love the Body and build up people. Ladies and gentlemen, this is happening today. Cain is a murderer and influencing people that don’t have a clue and it’s evil. We are with the Messiah in this world. We are of his Spirit, his purpose, of his ministry. He is seated on a throne and he has
sent us into the world to have a ministry of the Spirit in a world that is lost and hurting. When
you say come and believe in Jesus, he will comfort you. Do you mean it? When you meet
somebody in the grocery store, just say I go to a church. I want you to come sometime.

Please come and visit us. It is a great place. I have a lot of amazing friends. There is a great word that
comes out of this book for you. God is for you. Christ came to save you. He cares about you.



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