Jesus talks to fishermen in Galilee and He sees them fishing for men. In His divine order, He knew something in them would bear fruit. On the other side, Elisha saw from God what evil Hazael would do. All things in our lives work for good. Ignore those subjective and negative seeds that would hinder you. (Romans 8:28; 2 Kings 8:8-15)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11676
7:00 PM on 5/8/2019



P. Schaller

Everything works together for good for those that are called. Here’s a good point. In my life today, I have a bad day and then a week and month and year. What does that mean when God says that all things work together for good? Which is real? My trouble is real but God says everything works for good. It’s hard to determine how your life is by your experiences, by your circumstances, by your mood or emotions and reason. You might be much closer to God in your walk of faith when things are bad.

You can’t evaluate by what is happening because the kingdom of God is within you and God is conforming you to the image of his Son. Let God arise and let his enemies be scattered. We praise God and enter his courts with praise and thanksgiving.

There’s a time when we are to stir up that which is in us and believe it in our conscious and sub-conscious mind. What you have here goes in your conscious and sub-conscious mind when you go to sleep and your subconscious goes to work. You live rarely based on what is happening in your conscious mind. That’s why it’s important to have morning devotional and praise and thanksgiving with your mouth and doctrine in your soul and Bible verses come to your heart and mind. I relate to God in the conscious mind and that will affect what I really am which is 90% subconscious. It’s the consequence of the conscious mind working more deeply in me in my inner man. What I believe in the inner man is who I really am. All things work together for good for those who love God, but I say not in my case and the Holy Spirit says yes in your case. You’ll start to believe it in your soul. Not just say it in your mouth but believe it in your heart. You’ll be not the tail but the head. God will be in control in your life and you’ll end up having an influence instead of the world influencing you and putting you down. T

he world wants to put you down. Circumstances want to bury you. Finances want to bury you. The devil wants to bury you. Your personality wants to bury you. Your pessimism wants to bury you. Not going to happen. I want to be Spirit filled and taught. I want to learn to praise God, sing a new song and be Spirit- filled. I want to determine who I am in this world and I determine what I believe and who I am by the grace of God. Let’s say “Praise God” a few times. Praise God! I believe you, Lord. You are for me not against me. I believe you. I praise you.

We have a clip for India. This brother said can I give thanksgiving to the A.V. and I. T. department. It’s not going to happen [the clip playing, that is].

All things work together for good. We had a great time in India. P. Carl and Susie and P. Brian and Marina and the work in India.

I think I’ll do the message right now. First part is an unusual part, 2 Ki. 8.

The banquet for our Bible college is a week from Friday. We’re going to do a Scotty Dubay and his team. The chairs are going to be moved out and we’ll put in round tables. It’s an MBC&S banquet and we are inviting pastors in the city who have sent students here to Bible college to honor them. And folks like P. David Moore who for maybe 30 years has been sending students. We want to give him a free plate of food and a lot of honor. It’s in this room and on May 24 at 6 p.m. our graduates will give a short testimony like they do every year. You can buy tickets in the lobby. It’s $30 a ticket. Buy a couple for your neighbors and bring them to the banquet. We got the tickets. Saturday is the graduation with P. Sam Miles as our guest speaker that day. We’ll have a great time in that graduation. Please come and support the graduates.

We are in 2 Kings, a very unusual text. With my IPad, I’ll make a little sketch. Are we ready? I think I am. Lord! Help me in Jesus’ name. Amen. Pray for me. Did you just do that? Pray for me. Pray for the church. Why don’t you do it right now? Have a prayer for the USA and preaching the gospel in India.

Father, bless in our ministry your people. Heal someone listening to your word tonight and minister to us some of our neighbors far from you. Bring conviction. Save people by your grace. Jesus we pray and bless these thoughts tonight. Thanks for being here. Church, thank you and thank you God for leading us in godly convictions about life. Church is a priority. Everything in its order. Church has high priority. Everything in its order. In your name, Amen.

That last part of the prayer was good. There is a divine order. First Bible college, P. Carl came and Joe Swaeder came and then to Bible college. Everything in its order. A couple years here and God sent him [P. Carl] back. To this day, he has such a focus on reaching all of India with the gospel. It’s amazing. His eyes speak. His heart speaks. His wife, they really are a team. Incredible people. I’ve never witnessed something as great as what I see in their lives and work. The people from India hear about a Bible college in Mumbai. They come, train, and go back to their area (He’s naming areas). P. Brian in the south (He’s naming places). It’s amazing. Everything in its order.

When I started to go to church, I realized it was important but didn’t understand. Seed is like that. Seed and truth is like that. We can’t see the value of it or understand it.

Mk 4 the seed grows by and by but I don’t know how. There is an order in how it grows. It’s a beautiful parable. When you start as a Christian, I didn’t know what was going on. Everything God does, it is in his timing and his divine order.

The message in this story is about a prophet Elijah looking at another man and seeing down the road who he is and what he’s going to do. I’ll call this an evil seed. When you look at the man at the moment in the story, you cannot tell that. It was like that story in World War I when a British soldier and Adolf Hitler who was a young soldier in World War I. When they met, the British soldier could have killed him and shot him but he let him go. Adolf Hitler ran free and became this evil man or was an evil man or became such a killer. This is a similar story in this text here. I want to use it to talk about the good thing God is doing in your life but the story is about an evil man. The prophet can see what is going on.

2 Ki. 8:7-9, forty camels is a big present for Elijah. Elijah is going to say something interesting. He shall recover but he shall die. How do you understand that? It means he will recover of the disease but he will be murdered.

vs. 10. This afternoon when I was praying what to share, this story came to my mind. I don’t know if it’s from God or not. I know it’s from God, but I’m sharing what’s on my heart. It’s sticking to my heart. There is something in there God would like to say to us. The average person when sees something like this, can only see so far. Only sees something on the surface. When they look at the United States, they see the obvious or they look at India and see it in a natural way. When they look at a sister or brother and when a brother fails, they may see them in the context of the failure. Or if they succeed, see them in the context of success. Life is more complicated than that. Who knows how a seed grows. Who knows what the planting is that is going on. The devil is busy planting seeds. You might say I can handle it. The prophet says you can’t handle it. It’s taking you. It has a handle on you. You cannot handle the seed that comes from the evil one. The seed that comes from hatred, lust, lying. Even the man here can’t believe it.

1 Ki. 8:11, he’s looking at this man Hazael and the man of God was staring at him and he knew. He knew where it was going. He knew who the murderer would be, who this man would become and he wept. I wonder how much God could look into world and hearts and minds of people and God would weep and see where it’s going. He knows where it’s going. He knows what’s going on. The man wept. I heard a message by David Wilkerson and the man just wept in the message. He had a vision about America and the future. He wrote a book about it called “The Vision.” This was in the 70s or 80s.

I love that understanding that the Holy Spirit in you and you and I are called by God and we are able in some degree of looking at what is happening and seeing both where the evil is going and what God is doing in your life. It’s awesome.

So he wept. Let’s think about it. He wept. He saw. He just wept because he saw. Jeremiah saw and he wept. He was called the Weeping Prophet. Jesus saw and he is called the man of sorrows. Paul saw it and wept day and night three years. You and I see in some measure and our hearts are broken. Things that you hear about in our church every once in a while. We say them because we know where it might go. We speak about the works of the flesh and see where it might go. We are not legalistic, just saying from our hearts please don’t do that. Don’t live with your girlfriend before you marry her. It’s out of order. It’s too much too soon, one preacher said, to have sex before marriage with your fiancé. It’s out of order. When you have the authority in your soul to honor God’s order and respect the woman and the woman the man. It builds trust. It’s order. Many examples I think.

vs. 12. You can guess the guy is going like, ah, you must be mistaken. Who are you talking about? What I will do to the Israelis. I’m Syrian. I’m a messenger from the king. What authority do I have? Elijah says no, I know who you are. You will murder your king and you will take over. You will invade Israel and you will slaughter Jewish people. That’s what you will do.

vs. 12-15. One side of me is I’m so glad I don’t know these things about people. I don’t think of it like that. In this case, the prophet knew and saw what a seed can do.

Then, I was thinking the opposite story, the second part of the message. When Jesus comes in to the world and looks at you and tells you, follow me. I will make you a fisher of men. He can see. Not that day but I know where my seed goes. I know what my seed is. I know one day you will be raised up and be like me with a glorified body. I know my Father loves you and is for you. I know Peter when you deny me I will find you and restore you and you will be converted and strengthen the brethren. It all happened in my order, by my seed planted in you. Paul met Jesus on the road to Damascus. When he fell down to the ground and heard a voice, that voice told him where his life would be going. You will turn many from darkness to light and Satan to God. We didn’t know that would happen with P. Carl when he first came here. We didn’t know what a great man of God he’d be.

There are many hard ways in life and it’s hard to know what is happening. Everything in our lives now is guaranteed to work for good for we are called. We are conformed to the image of Christ. We are being made into his image. That voice of God that comes to your heart. You might say I am very confused but wait on God. He will renew your mind and strengthen you and build you up. The seed in you bears fruit and we know not how. Mk 4:26-27.We didn’t know what would happen to the Apostle Paul. We didn’t know what would happen to Peter or the Apostle John. When Peter said to Jesus, what shall this man do? Jesus said, what is that to you? Follow me. If it’s my will he would remain till I come, that is my business. He is the disciple that Jesus loved. John is the one who will write Revelation and the three epistles of John. We understand this is how it goes.

The last point I want to make is my conscious and subconscious mind. We don’t know what this man had in his mind and in his subconscious mind. We don’t know what seed and murder and evil was in his heart. The demonic spirit or seed of murder and hatred toward the Jews and lust for power and how it affected his life. We can say the same principle regarding the believer. You have this future, and way too much we feed into our subconscious mind lies and thoughts that are not relevant to God’s reality. We say things. I have a short list of things we say that are buried, that get buried in our sub-conscious mind. I have it when I travel. I get tired but don’t talk about it. P. Stevens said quote Rom. 8:11. We also take a nap. I came back last night and I feel good and I’m healthy. Thanks for your love and prayers.

I think the world we live in has something to do with what we are consciously confessing and believing and embracing. “I cannot do it” we might say. Be careful with that. Maybe you can’t do it but maybe you can. “I can’t.” You’re reinforcing something. How do you know you can’t? We have to be there before God. The seed in us that is guaranteed is guaranteed this outcome. With that seed, Paul said I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. “It’s no use trying. It’s so hard.” How do you know?

My wife and I pulled into a drug store late at night and I said it’s closed. She said, no, it’s open. I said, Lee, it’s dark in there. She said it’s open. I walked towards the store in obedience to her and said it’s closed. I get to the electric light and the door opens. I could feel her eyes in the back! I had to make a decision. I turned around and said “it’s open!” I got it under control! Everything is fine! It’s open!

“No use trying.” “It’s too hard.” “I cannot do it.” “I’m tired.” “I quit.” “I’m not in good health.” “I can’t make it.” “I don’t think that’s for me.” All these things we may be saying about life and in a way we are removing God from all those statements. The seed in you is amazing. It’s the word of God. It’s Christ. This seed Jesus promised us way in the beginning. When you put the seed in, you don’t know where it is going. He promised us it will work. It will have an effect. He promised by and by and he said you don’t know how it’s going to go but it’s going to go. You don’t know how. You start to confess and say things.

When I lived abroad, sometimes young people would say to me, my parents said I’ll never amount to anything. We could meet that in the city of Baltimore. “I’ll never make it.” “The cards are stacked against me.” “I’ll never amount to anything.” One man said he was in prison and he asked the prisoners, how many of you your parents told you that you would one day end up here. All of them raised their hands. Which came first? The words and the mentality and then the crime or did the crime come first, or what happened? In any case, it’s not the way to parent. You don’t say to your children way before you say the seed that is in you is powerful and you don’t know what it’s going to be but I know Christ in you is able to produce this amazing consequence. He promised everything works for good. And that he’ll never leave you or forsake you. We could be the opposite of the experience of Elijah.

In silent, he started to weep when he looked at this man. We are like prophets looking at each other and seeing the greatness of grace. We are seeing what we become. We are seeing the freedom and authority of Christ and answered prayer. We are seeing what God is doing. We are shining. We have joy unspeakable and full of glory. We see something man can’t see but God told us way before it happened. How are we talking about these things? Be careful to confess. That’s it. Should I go a little more? Just for a minute or two. “I’m too old for this.” Who said that? Why did you say that? How do you know that? Who decided? You read some article or something. How do you know? Maybe it’s amazing what could happen in your sub-conscious mind if you set your eyes and had a walk with God in faith. The Spirit renewing and healing our body and God speaking to us from the Bible. But I think if I’m a Christian and I put the Bible aside and I say all these things in the world that are said. “I was born on the wrong side of the tracks.”

One brother was talking to me from his heart and it was beautiful. He said my life is cursed. He told me things that happened. I know him well. I said I don’t believe that. I could never say my life is under a curse. I could not believe that. That which is born of you is the Son of God. God has blessed you with all spiritual blessing. Yes, you have difficulty and problems but aren’t all those things light afflictions and we count it all joy when we fall into various temptations.

It’s easy to interpret life through circumstances instead of getting saturated and believing in our quiet heart and embracing what the Spirit says to our subjective mind and objective mind that gets into our soul that is in our spirit and we are able to say the things the Apostle Paul said in his epistles. It’s a great lesson. Did you get it? Repeat it to your neighbor for a minute, the whole message! You only got a minute though! The evil guy – what that is. The man of God and woman of God and then I’ll wrap it up.

I don’t know what you are saying but it sounds great. I got in an elevator in the hotel in Mumbai and these two Indian girls were talking. I knew they were speaking English but I couldn’t understand. That’s like now. I think we are saying the same thing.

There is so much power in this evil word and people don’t know where it’s going. So much grace in you and me and where it goes it’s powerful. Practice it. Believe it and your life is to the glory of God. Your life is powerful. Don’t let the natural man determine your life. You have the seed of God and his word, and his Spirit. Walk in the Spirit and trust him. There will be times when you say wow, that’s amazing. God is with me.

We heard such good stories in India about the people coming to Christ. Beautiful! And some miraculous things that God is doing. He’s moving in India. He’s doing a work in India. It’s remarkable what God is doing in that country. There’s also persecution and difficulties and opposition. But these guys, when they have it in their heart, you cannot stop them. They confess it. They believe it. And it’s working. They’re planting churches in parts of India which has never happened before [He’s naming some places.] God is doing a work there in India.

There’s Pastor Roger Robbins in the back there. And then his dad is here, Pastor Roger Robbins over here. There’s two of them. So good to have you Rog. His brother is getting married. Do you want to share in the rap tonight? You’re welcome. Maybe with your dad. We’d love to hear from you. Now, let’s do the offering.

I know who holds tomorrow and who holds my hand, right? That’s how I feel. Do you feel like that? People are coming here for Convention in June and the Indians were telling me – we don’t have that piece, right? They don’t have it in the A.V. The Indians were telling me they listen to our services. It was so edifying, and I have a little video on that, but. Convention, this church, the Body, – it’s funny. Like God could say, the Apostle Paul would say I see who you Ephesians are. I know where this is going. I see who you are in Rome. I know what the church is in Rome. I see where this is going. I know who you are. God could say, I know who you are in Baltimore in the Greater Grace church. I know where this is going. I know who you are. Isn’t that amazing? The reality of it is awesome. Be sure to talk to yourself in the context of truth. Be sure to enjoy and appreciate who you and I really are because the gospel is going into parts of the world and it’s shocking the power of it, the reality of it.

I met one man. He was a witch doctor in India, and he would curse, and persecute, and want to murder Christians. He was definitely of that evil seed. Christ saved him and changed him. When you look at him, he’s like an angel almost. I know where this is going. I know who you are. That is amazing and remarkable.

Would you stand with me now and turn to your neighbor and say, I want you to get ahold of your thinking. I want you to change it up. Come on! Get right with God. Turn to your neighbor and say, come on! Everything works for good. Come on! Believing in God. Thank you. Praise the Lord. I want you to get ahold of your thinking. Praise you, Lord. Halleluiah! Halleluiah!



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