Experience liberty and joy in your Christian life. We are wealthy as heirs of God. Have we learned what God has given to us? He tasted death for every man. So many live under deception in bondage to lies. (Hebrews 13:3; 9:16; Deuteronomy 13:1-5)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller
Sermon: 12609
11:00 AM on 11/5/2023

P. Schaller –

Let’s praise the Lord while we are standing. Just praise the Lord. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Thank you, Lord. Praise
the Lord. Just praise him. Say it a few times. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus.
Liberty. Liberty. Freedom. Joy. Peace. Hallelujah! Just use your voice. Fill the house with praise.
Go ahead. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord.
Let’s do it again. Do it again. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah.
Hallelujah. Shake the dust off. Hallelujah. Praise you, Lord. Speak to our hearts. Thank you,
Lord. Praise you, Jesus.

Thank you, Lord. hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Our Savior, the
Conqueror, the Redeemer, Our Brother, Our Father, Our God, Our Rock, Our Door, our Way,
our Captain, our Shepherd. Halleluiah. Halleluiah. The way, the truth, the headship of Christ.
The Church. The Head of the Church. Halleluiah. The Holy Spirit anointing us, filling us, speaking
to us, ministering to us. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

Lord, if you could heal someone here listening. Lord, if you could set us free. Lord, bad habits
would fall away. Lord, sins would be gone. The power of them. Lord, our conscience clean by
the blood. It’s happened already through the cross. It is finished. Say that to your neighbor. It is
finished. It is done. It is finished. Hallelujah. The work is finished. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Praise
the Lord. God, our God. Who is our God? Who is our God? Who is he? Who is he? The King of
Kings. Halleluiah. The living God. The only wise God. Our God who gave us this book. Thank you,
God for this book. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

Hey, let’s tell the devil where to go. Go ahead. Out! Out! Gone! Hallelujah. Hallelujah.
Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. How about our attitude? What’s our attitude? Love. What is it?
Faith, joy, truth in the inner man. Praise the Lord.

Say this with me, I am crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I live. Yet not I. Like do that
dramatically. Yet not I. Yet not I. But Christ that lives within me. And the life that I now live, I
live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and died for me. Halleluiah. Amen. Praise you,
Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Yes, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Yes, Lord.

The devil is gone. We are born again. He’s here in the world but he’s under our feet. Lord, we
call on your name. we trust you. Fill us. Anoint us with freshness today. Renew our mind.
Quicken our spirit. Feed us. Feed us Lord, In Jesus’ name. Amen. You may be seated.
Just as an introduction Pirjo who is working in the missions office, is she here? Pirjo? What? She
was raptured? She’s gone into the air. She’s in Sunday School. Okay. This is the international
day of prayer for the persecuted church. So, when you came in, you saw some material, some

This magazine, I recommend it. It’s published by the Voice of the Martyrs. There’s a
story in here about this young girl in Sierra Leone. Now, I think we made a slide. That’s why I
wanted Pirjo. Greater Grace churches in Restricted Nations. We know that there are Baptists,
and Pentecostals and Presbyterians and all kinds of missionaries and churches that are in these parts of the world. It really doesn’t matter if they are Greater Grace or not. But it’s good for you
to know that from our schools we have sent missionaries to these countries, and they have
prospered. They have been blessed. They have sown seed. They have assembled. They’ve seen
salvations and in some of these places a lot of believers. A lot of people.

And this young lady tells a story. She was 12 years old. Her grandmother was in a secret society.
She was a witch. They would take young girls and initiate them into this society and th story is
written here. I don’t want to get into it too much, but “she grew in her understanding of Bondo
rituals. The grandmother allowed her to wear the devil costume and conduct mutilations on
these young girls.” She was 13 at the time. “At my young age, I initiated 35 girls in to the secret

It says that in Sierra Leone, most of the country is Muslim. Thirteen percent are Christians, but
90% of the people are blind with secret societies and these secret societies are like demonic
societies where they do initiations. They do voodoo. And something like voodoo. They kill
children. Her grandmother even killed children by ritually kidnapping their souls. Really like sad
story. But then this girl saw the Jesus movie and she just had it in her heart. “My heart was
fixed on the Lord Jesus Christ,” she said. “I started yearning to give my life to Christ.” She tells
about her struggle and the people in the secret society trying to kill her but escaping to the
pastor’s house and to the church, and how her life changed.

Today, we want to speak about how Christ came to set the captive free. And how these
bondages are real. It’s a little different service for us today. A little bit. We have a four and a
half minute video for us to play. And I want you to just think – here we go. I want you to think
of people that are in bondage. Bondage is a big word. It covers a lot of ideas. But there’s real,
real bondage. Everything from a government that puts you in a prison, or to spiritual powers
that put people in spiritual bondage. And that we are free. We are Spirit filled believers living in
a free society. We are blessed people. And we use this gathering today to just ask God to put it
in our hearts to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters, because we are told this in Hebrews
13. Turn there with me and we’ll finish this part.

Hebrews 13:3, we didn’t know this girl here. We didn’t know her at all, but we’re learning about this
society there by reading the article and think of people that are in demonic depression,
demonic bonds like in Luke 8, Mark 5 when the man had demons in the graveyard. There were
two of them. Matthew says there were two; Luke and Mark has one. And how this man in that
one case and two men in the other were under the influence of the devil. We remember them
that are in bonds as bound with them. People in prison, in jail. And ask for their comfort.

We had a brother in Nepal – we’ll see the video in a minute. In Nepal. This video is not about
him, but this brother was a Christian, a Spirit filled Christian in a village in Nepal. And they
planned, they made a – they planned to get him and send him to prison. So, this is what they did. They took an illegal bird, a bird that is illegal to capture. What do you call those? What are
they? Endangered species. You can’t possess them or capture them. They had a box of one of
those and there was a guy with a motorcycle and on the back was the box. And this brother was
hitchhiking. The motorcycle pulled over, picked him up and had him hold the box. He didn’t
know what was in the box. Then, the police stopped the motorcycle, and arrested the guy that
had the box. One of our pastors. Do you know how long he went to prison for? Five years. And
he had I think six children. His name is Beam. Like sun beam. That’s how I remember his name.
Beam. Wow. What a guy. We know him. He went to prison.

And when he went to the prison, there were prisoners that started clapping cause he came.
They heard he was a Christian. There were Christians in the prison who wanted a pastor to
come to the prison. So the prisoners started clapping. I think there were three of them in the
prison, and by the time he finished there were like 60 Christians in the prison.

By the way, we helped financially his family to survive during that period. Praise the Lord for
that. It says here remember people that are in bonds. Remember them as if we were bound
with them. So, that’s what it says. And them which suffer adversity as being also in the Body.
So, it’s sad to think of people suffering by food deprivation and water deprivation and other
forms of suffering and their families separated and so on. Let’s take a minute and pray right
now. (Prayer).

Okay, so we’ll play that video. It’s a story from Nepal. Let’s play that. Thank you.
Okay, you may be seated. I know when Christ came into the lives of people in the New
Testament, they came alive. They came alive spiritually. We see that written in the Scripture
that we were dead, and God made us alive unto him. We were alive with bios life. That’s the
Greek word for life. There’s two Greek words for life. We have bios and we have from there
biology. And we have zoe, and we have zoology. Zoology like a zoo, right? A zoo of animals.
Well, those words are used in our New Testament. One for our first birth. We have bios life. Our
body is alive. We are born from physically and then born again. We have God’s life, the zoe life.
We are born of the Spirit, and we’ve come alive.

But we do have a tendency to go back into our bondage or natural mind, and we can live in our
sinful habits and patterns of thoughts and behavior that are natural. This happens to us. But on
the other hand, you have in you Christ. Christ is in you. You have the Spirit of Christ in you. And
when you walk by faith, the Holy Spirit is in us and God honors our faith. We have faith in God
who is the God of all grace, 1 Peter 5:10. He’s the God of all grace meaning he does not judge
us. The judgment that should go on us, has gone on the Son of God. When Jesus died, he died
not only for the sins of the past, but all our sin – past, present, and future. This means we are
the object of God’s grace. We stand in it, Romans 5:2.

I think of standing in a swimming pool. Like you’re just standing in a pool and if you fall down,
you fall down in the pool. You fall down in grace. We can frustrate grace in Galatians 5:4 as if we are not in it. But that’s like a rich man dying in poverty. He could have a lot of wealth, but he
doesn’t live in it. He lives in his poverty. Like the elderly woman who was a bag lady in New York
City. When she died pushing a shopping cart in the city of New York as a homeless person
eating one hot dog and one Coke a Cola a day. When she died, the police went to her room,
and they found the mattress was stuffed with $700,000 dollars. Poverty but wealthy. That’s like
you and me. We’re wealthy. God tells us that in the Bible.

You see, in a way, Hebrews says how can I know what this says unless I have a teacher? That’s
Acts 8:20. But Hebrews says how will you know what is in the testament, the will and testament
of your inheritance unless you have someone telling you what you have inherited? What have
you received from God in Christ? In a way, God has invited us to this room today. I am the
attorney to bring out of the Bible what you have inherited. I want to give you the good news
that you have become very wealthy in Christ Jesus.

Let’s read that part. It’s not my message but it’s an introductory thought for you. Hebrews 9:16, if
there’s a covenant – you can use the word “covenant” – if there’s a covenant, there has to be a
price paid for that covenant. If there is something for you to be participating in, there must be
some agreement. There must be some means that I receive what has been given to me in that
testament. The death of the testator is Christ. Christ promised us this forgiveness of our sin.
This new life. This eternal life. This redemption.

Vs. 17. Meaning if we think of inheritance, the inheritance is actuated by the death of the last
will and testament of the wealthy person. Christ was very wealthy. Christ had power with God.
Christ was sent. Christ did this amazing ministry of liberation for us. He gave us this new life. So,
he made it enforced. He made it possible. He gave us the legal contract.

Maybe you’ve heard me tell before when I was in the airport at Amsterdam, the plane took off.
I looked down and I saw some houses there. I don’t really remember the story, how I learned
about it, but those houses were inhabited by squatters. People moved into these empty
houses. My mind went to what that means. Who are squatters and they just move in and take
over. They stay there.

But you know, there are laws regarding squatting and taking over vacant property. And
basically, it’s kind of like this world. The devil has moved in, and in a way, he has legally taken
over because we have sinned. When we sin, we came under him. We came under him.
Maybe P. Steve, do you want to get that chain and walk out here as a prop? This is Halloween
all over again! What do you think? Should we bind him up? Okay. Over the neck. Where’s his
wife right now? She’s saying, wrap it tight! Okay.

That was a joke. Sorry. Not a good joke. Not funny. Joke but not funny. Okay. You want to step over there for the camera shot?! All right. He did, the devil did move into the Garden at the beginning of our Bible, right? He came into the Garden. Why? Cause somebody was made in the image of God was in the Garden, and he was
the target. Cause Satan hates God, so he attacks us. And moves to bring us into bondage.
There’s all kinds of bondages.

In that story we that young girl in Sierra Leone, I shared that in the beginning, right? Okay. I lost
it I think. It disappeared. The devil took that! It’s really gone. Okay. Yeah, it’s gone. Wow. The
story of the girl with that secret society and the control of this society on this young girl and
she’s being hunted, and she saw the Jesus movie. She went to a church. They threatened her.
We will kill you if you go back to that church. So, there’s bondages of all kinds in our lives.
And those lies, those lies are very intimidating. And I feel like, and we know that if the devil has
some handle on you, like some stronghold, some lie that gets under your skin like you’ll never
change. Don’t even think about it.

Those Christian people are weird. Don’t even think about it. Don’t ever go to a church. Don’t even think about it. Don’t open the Bible. It will make you crazy.
Many lies that bring people – and it’s like the devil is here. He has a legal right to it in the mind
of God. God has put him here. At the same time, Jesus came to set us free and to be really free.
So, in that story, the girl escaped. They’re looking for her. Her grandmother was one of these
witches in this group, and this grandmother – you have a family member that you love, or
you’re connected with, and she is part of that bondage. The grandmother. Or your friend. You
can sit down. You can take it off, too if you want. Thank you. All right. Give him a hand. That’s
good. Okay.

A side point. Deuteronomy. This is an amazing text. Deuteronomy 13:1-3, I’m really going to slow down on
this, because I don’t know if you got it. A miracle happens. They say there will be a sign. A sign.
There will be a healing. There will be a sign. The sign happens. And they say it’s from this other
god. This other god did it. Then you will not follow them. You will not follow them. You will not
embrace it. But there was a miracle? It doesn’t matter. It’s the wrong message. It doesn’t
matter. It’s a lie. That lie will bring you into bondage. It doesn’t matter. You don’t look at the
stars to find about your future. You don’t go to a tarot card thing or medium or anything like
that. That’s bondage. That’s satanic. It starts sweet but it will end bad. That’s a lie. That’s a
bondage. You’ll end up in bondage. Okay.

Vs. 4-5. Here’s a good question. There’s a god that does a miracle, and then our God doesn’t do
a miracle in that case. There’s a god. He will do a miracle. He will cure you of cancer, that god. I
pray to Jesus. He doesn’t cure me of cancer and I’m getting sicker and sicker. I’m tempted to go
to the other god.

Will you go to the other god? Huh? It says no. You don’t go to the other god. Are you and I
looking for – what are we looking for? We’re looking for the true God. Not necessarily miracles.

We’re looking for the true God who tells us the truth. And Jesus said I will set you free and
you’ll be free indeed. But witchcraft and demonic activity that we read about in the Voice of the
Martyrs magazine which has mysteriously disappeared! That story – oh, there it is! Let me read
this one part.

These secret societies in Sierra Leone, at the 9:00 service a brother went out and I go, what
country are you from? He said Sierra Leone. Is it true what I said? He goes, it is. There are many
secret societies there and this magazine said 90%. They do these miracles with the voodoo and
also killing people, demonic influence. Killings are common and so on. But they say there’s
something in the Christian that prevents you from taking that soul. I want to tell you, and this is
the inside story that “it is not only because my grandmother said it, but I myself tried it and saw
it with my naked eyes. I saw it in the children who became Christians. When we wanted to take
them, it was difficult. Those children you cannot take. There is a force that fights you.”

This is a demonic world, isn’t it? this is a world that has been usurped. That has been invaded.
They are here in this world and there are many expressions of this bondage that is in this world.
And we are people of God. We are free with the Spirit of liberty. And we stand fast in our liberty
and do not get entangled again with the yoke of bondage. That’s Galatians 5. Context is the
bondage of legalism. The bondage of living by law not by grace. So, when we are liberated by
grace and we learn to live by faith and the words of God, then we live by faith. We live from
faith to faith, and we’re not entangled again with the yoke of legalism. But instead, we have
fellowship in the Spirit and grace.

Okay. Now, turn with me to the text, Isaiah 59. We do communion this morning, so we have a
full service here. This has to be very short. I really want you – I do – I really want you to have
this liberty. I really want you to discover Jesus. Experience Jesus in your personal life. I really
want that to be your way of life. That you have this liberty and this joy. The reason why is
because it’s our privilege. Because lies are real. Lies are everywhere. Lies are embraced in your
own heart. You may believe a lie and that lie binds us, limits us. When we hear the Word, and
the anointing encourages us. We worship God. And we thank him and live by faith in him. Then,
it increases our capacity. We begin to enjoy him, love him, enjoy him, worship him, and know

When the squatter comes in, we pull out the document. Basically, we say you don’t have the
right. You have to go out. Out! Out! That lie is not controlling. That lie I don’t believe it. I don’t
embrace it. Actually, in Deuteronomy 33, there’s another text there where it says the Jewish people when
they walked with God, the enemies would go seven directions away from them. The Philistines
would go. Canaanites would go. Jebusites would go. When they lived with God, they had
authority. It says that their enemy would be thrown out in front of them.

So, it goes like this. Enemies are good at hiding. Have you ever noticed how much sinful stuff
happens at night? How much people stay in their house and do bad things. How they stay
under cover on their computer? They stay. They hide. Lies live like that. Like don’t find it out.
Don’t discover truth. Lies are hiding. Aliases. Pseudo names. Trafficking activity. Not in public
but behind. And Jesus when he was arrested, he said what are you arresting me for?

I have spoken openly and publicly out in the temple. Everything I am teaching, I’m doing it out in the
open. That’s like God, isn’t it? God says bring it in the light. Always in the light. Isn’t that
beautiful? That is where our authority comes, cause the devil loves to hide in the darkness and
lie to you. The devil will lie to you and say don’t even think about it. It will never happen. It will
never work. It will never change. It will never work. Never change.

So, this is what Deuteronomy 33 says. Here’s the Jews. The Jews are coming. The Jews are
walking across the stage. And it says I will throw your enemies out in front of you. So, it’s like
God takes them by the scruff of the neck – that’s me saying that – and he throws him out in
front of the Jew. And he’s exposed. That’s how you destroy him. Exposing him. Bringing him out
in the light. Then he says and now destroy him. I will throw him out in front of you.

Listen. When you learn this book, when you personally learn to read the book, be very patient. I
asked one brother here, do you read the Bible? He said, no I can’t read. I said, do you hear the
Bible? Like listen to it on your phone or something? He said, yes, I do. And I like it. I said well,
that’s good. Keep at it. Don’t get discouraged. And just keep reading it.

Listen. This is what will happen. You will hear something and that will happen to you. Like the
enemy is thrown out in front of you and you go, oh! Oh! That’s not true. That’s a lie. I know
now. I understand. So, the squatters, you go there with the document. Sorry. You have to go
out, cause I own the building.

How do you own the building? I own the building. I own the building. Do you see the analogy? I
have victory over death. Death says no. You don’t have any power over me. God throws the lie
out in front of me. I say, are you death? Yes, I am death. You must be afraid of me. We say, yes
and no. Yes and no. Of course, I should be afraid of you. I don’t want to die. But actually, Christ
said that he died in my place. That I will not die. Believest thou this? If you believe in me, you
have passed from death to life already. We will not die. Death, give it your best shot. O death,
where is your sting? O grave, where is your victory?

How are we thinking? We are learning to think with this Word. This is where your life changes.
You will say my life will never change. The lie comes out in front of you like this. Now it’s
exposed. I say, Jesus, will my life change? He goes, you have already changed. And you are
changing from glory to glory. You walk by faith. I will show you greater things. You have a
victory over your old life. There’s a new appetite you have. New desire. There are new words.

You have the Holy Spirit. You have a new teacher. You have new friends. You have a new
society. You have a new fellowship.

One day when you die, you leave your body. You will not be tasting death. He tasted death for
every man. He tasted death for every man, Hebrews 2:9. Where’s that written? It’s in the book of
Hebrews, chapter 2:9. So, we are free. We are worshippers of God.

So, when they ran after this young girl to curse her and bring her down and get her back, they
didn’t succeed. We’re thinking today about people in the world that are in trouble. And we’re
thinking of the Gospel. We’ve been separated unto the Gospel. There’s nothing like it. There’s
nothing like a real walk with God by faith. There’s nothing like the message of grace. There’s
nothing like the Holy Spirit saying go ahead. Stand against the enemy. Stand against the enemy.
He will flee from you in seven directions. Go ahead. Stand there. Just stand there in Christ by
faith and he’ll flee.

I heard, one of our brothers in Pakistan told me – he lived there for many years, and he married
a Pakistani. He said the Muslims are afraid of Christians. You can have 300 Muslims and you can
have two or three Christians and they are afraid of them. I’m not bragging about that in a bad
way. I’m just trying to say something. That when two or three are gathered in his name, there is
Christ in our midst. And there is an enemy that is a liar. They intimidate. They hide. They work
against us. They are real.

But if you and I have a way of life where we are in the Word and we are reading it as a way of
life, we are also not just reading it as doctrine but embracing it and practicing it. Let me just
finish with saying this. Learn to practice it. Embrace it and practice it. Put it into practice. Learn
to obey it and do it. Blessed are you if you hear these things and you do them.

You might say I don’t know that I have the will power. You don’t realize that Christ is in you, and
he does it. Faithful is he who has called you who will also – he works in you to will and do his
good pleasure. You’ll find yourself getting, doing it. You’ll find yourself active. You’ll find
yourself engaged. And that kind of becomes the grounds of fellowship of our new life.
I could not be happier than to be a pastor of a church that has found the joy and the life of
finding out who my enemy is, and he’s gone. He’s destroyed. And you’re walking in that
newness of life like the Bible promises us. What a joy. You help us by your new life.

You build us up. We are built up. We are able to help people in different parts of the world with our
message, our way of life, our financial resources, our prayers. All kinds of ways. People traveling
there. Reinforce and help brothers and sisters find and know the liberty.
P. Steve, you want to stand for a minute? You got the chain? Did you get rid of the chain? Get
rid of the chain. Listen. Just stand there. That’s good. There we go. That’s what – if that is indeed what has happened to us, if we have found Christ in a real way, then it’s in our hearts.

It’s in our hearts. We want people in this world to find Jesus. Thank you. Sorry. Good. Great job.
I got to wrap it up. It went a little long, but I got to tell you this story that happened to me.
I was in New York Saturday. I was up in New York and flying back from Albany, and I sat on the
plane next to a 30-year old guy who was a tax accountant. I usually talk to the person next to
me, but I just decided I wanted to talk to him. Maybe he will be good at talking. I don’t know. I
said, you’re from another generation. How old are you? He said guess. I said 40. He said I’m 30.
I said I apologize. I said, how old am I? So, we had that little thing.

I would like to ask you two questions about your generation, and you can ask two questions
about mine. He goes, that sounds good. We talked about 40 minutes on the way back from
Albany to Baltimore. That was good. We were just talking. I talked about God a little bit. I talked
about faith. You never know when you’re talking and who you are and just talking. Just to love
him and encourage him and listen to him and learn something from him.

At the end of the talk, we closed it up. The plane landed and then he said, – I go, I lived in
Europe for quite a long time. I lived in Finland and Hungary. He goes, oh, my boss – because
he’s a tax accountant – my boss lived in Hungary. And I go, oh really? He did some kind of
mission work there. And I go, really, what’s his name? Maybe I know him cause I did that, too.
He said Lance Brosky. I go, we were on the same team together and he’s my friend and his wife,

I kind of took away from that this idea that evangelism isn’t hard. It’s loving people and talking
to people. Because to be honest, there are a lot of people that are in bondage. A lot of people
are struggling with bad habits. A lot of people are spending a lot of money, losing a lot of
money, have broken hearts.

Another thing I heard in the social media is that young men are having a hard time finding a
good wife, and good women are having a hard time finding a good man. Yeah. You think so? Do
you think so? What we’re telling people. Do you think so, with all the lies that are hiding in the
darkness and destroying the lives of people. The best thing that you and I can do is to put all of
our trust in Christ and learn what he has to say to you. Hear it. Embrace it. Little by little you
will see what God will do for you. Amen. Would you pray with me. (Prayer).


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