We are members of Christ. We are His Body directed by Him. We are mystery and on an mission. His Church is His work in this world. (Acts 2:40-44)


The Body and this Untoward Generation


Speaker(s): Pastor Steven Scibelli, Pastor Adam Speedy
Sermon 11776
7:00 PM on 10/30/2019

#Spiritual Life 






P. Adam Speedy –

Numbers. 13:30, possess it, seize it, take it. 14:8, God will give it and let’s take it. Caleb was of the tribe of Judah
in 13:6. Caleb was of the tribe of Judah and the same tribe of Jesus Christ in Revelation. 5, The Lion of
The Tribe of Judah. Genesis 49 Jacob said Judah is like a lion and a lion’s whelp and old lion. Caleb, if
you look at his background wasn’t much by sight.

He’s a young man, born a slave who left Egypt and was part of the nation of slaves that was landless and possessed nothing and not much of an army. So easy for that to be his identity. Imagine having that identity and the other ten spies were afraid and saw themselves as grasshoppers. That’s what maturity can be at times. We are
born defeated, have a slave identity and the power of sin is in us. Things we want to do we
don’t, etc. Your birth certificate, your natural identity in Adam.

There came a day in Caleb’s life like Moses – he refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. The cross has struck a death blow to our natural identity. The cross comes in and we never want to identify with our natural
identity in Adam. The land is good but devours its inhabitants. We were like grasshoppers.
That’s slave talk, natural identity. Caleb had another spirit, the spirit of a lion. He was a young
man but never lost it.

At age 85, he said give me that mountain. He still had that identity. Our
natural past has no bearing on our overcoming identity. Our failure has no bearing on your
overcoming identity given to you by the spirit of the overcomer, Jesus Christ in Colossians 2 and Ephesians. 4.
When Jesus Christ arose, ascended, he led captivity captive. He took the Old Testament saints
and Moses and Abraham, and all these sinners saved by grace who had no right to go to heaven and he who was the one who is the lamb slain arises as the lion of The Tribe of Judah.

He led them from one domain Abraham’s bosom in Hades, defeated to ascension, victory. He spoiled
powers and principalities. It’s a picture of a victor. P. Dan knows what a victorious army is. Romans
6, we don’t present our bodies as servants or slaves to unrighteousness but as weapons of
righteousness. God takes us from slaves to weapons. He spoiled principalities and powers. It’s
like a victorious general coming back…Here are these losers naturally speaking.

Sons of Adam, defeated ones, redeemed and bought back from the slave market of sin. They are given a
brand-new identity. I can’t imagine the angels looking at this. These are the trophies of grace.
Victorious rulers, Jesus Christ, amen, who is God. Captain of their salvation. He says here I am
and the brethren you have given me. He presents them. I can’t imagine what that was like. He
spoiled principalities and powers.

He brought the trophies of grace and tramped over Satan in
it. He was vindicated as the Son of God, as he spoiled and stripped off as a garment his body
which is us, as he brought them into heaven. In Ephesians 2:6, we also want to announce someone
else is graduating. All the unborn saints to come, victors. I want to end with this. That Jesus
Christ as he called us victors and makes us weapons in his army, every now and again a
minority, a weak saint realizes his identity and becomes explosive in Satan’s world.

That’s what happened to Caleb right there. Caleb said give it to me. Let’s take it right now. That was not a
strong human being but a weak saint who realizes he has a spirit of a lion…great decisions of
thinking with God in their identity. That’s what we are realizing who we are. We walk in
defeated and realize maybe I am seated above. Maybe it has no bearing on my past…. a mighty
man of valor.

P. Scibelli –

Acts 2:40-44, I got to follow that. He’s a great man of God, right Belinda? When did I
meet you? 2004. 19 years ago in a Bible study in a city called Durbin. Is that right? The message
was Ephesians. 2:4 but God and I had a negative attitude about that Bible study because I had to drive
6 hours to do it. Six hours up and back and I see three people in the room, and I begin to think,
what is this about? In that room were three missionaries him and his father and mother.

That’s why I preached “but God.” That was amazing. Then he showed up in Bible school. I came back
from Africa and he was standing there. But God. This is a great portion in the word of God. I do
want to relate it to that message. Our identity is in two places. It’s in Christ and in the Body of
Christ. The devil practices identity theft. He doesn’t want me to know who I am in Christ or the
Body. He can’t attack the head, so he attacked the Body, you and I as members in particular
here on this earth.

It’s quite something when you recognize the warfare. He is speaking, Peter,
with incredible affirmation and testifying with power and strength, exhorting and urging
people. He’s standing in Jerusalem in all places where Jesus Christ was tried and crucified. The
3,000 got saved and it grew to 5,000. God was doing an incredible work in Jerusalem. He said
save yourself from this untoward generation. Untoward generation. Not a word in our
vocabulary per se.

We could say we are saved by grace in Ephesians 2:5-8, Titus 2:11-2, James 1: 19-21 God does the saving and
we understand it. SOZO – keep yourself safe from danger. There is danger everywhere and you
need to be in a place where you save yourself. Is that works? Absolutely not. You save yourself
by receiving. If it was untoward then, and I’ll explain what that is, what is it now 2,000 years
later. 2 Timothy. 3:13 evil waxes worse and worse.

The night is far spent, Romans. 13:12. The devil and the old sin nature and its tactics and the world system is not getting better. Evil is getting worse and worse and the night is far spent. Peter stands up in Jerusalem and says save yourself from this untoward generation. I was thinking of Italian ice cream. The word is spirogeneia. This is what it says. Save yourself from this wicked, perverted, polluted, unjust and unholy generation. Do you think it’s
good out there?

No, it’s not. The best of the world’s good is evil. Sorry to say that. Some people
don’t agree with that. Read your Bible. It might be good but if it is not God, it’s no good.He said: You
need to be rescued from this filthy, perverted, polluted, unjust, crooked and perverse
generation. It’s the same with us today. We are born again and have churches across America and this world and need to be in a place of receptivity.

The church is all about the Body of Christ. Thinking about the church
as the Body of Christ. Romans. 12:1-2 are you with me tonight? I beseech you, beg you by the
mercy of God that you present your body a living sacrifice. We are told to present our bodies to
the Body. You’ll see that in the first four verses. Reasonable or logical service. Then it tells us
not to be conformed to this world.

It means don’t take on the outward forms and trends and
thinking and culture and education of this world. Don’t be conformed to this world. Are you
with me? Is the church getting more worldly or the world getting more Christianity? Interesting
question. I’m not going to answer it until the rap. It’s like a strong initiation. Be not conformed
to this world. It’s polluted, filthy, crooked, unjust, perverted, and unholy.

Perverted, wicked, evil, unjust impure, and perverse. People are thinking about making laws that would legalize
laws having sex with children. People want to legalize drugs and drink what you want and
legalize gambling and smoking dope. Next it will be heroin. Legalize these things and putting this stuff all over the TV. Pornography running rampant.

This age is polluted, filthy, perverse, crooked, and unjust. I don’t get too many amens to that. I don’t know what people are going on. This is warning and urging. We have an enemy. The enemy you don’t see is more dangerous than the enemy you see. In Africa, we see witchcraft. When you see someone walking on air in front of you with
hair sticking straight out, you know it’s a devil. You see someone change in front of you into a
snake, you know it’s a devil.

A TV program or commercial with two gay people kissing each other is the devil. Be not conformed. Don’t be conformed to this world. World is KOSMOS, that which is alien from and in opposition to the life of God. That’s what the world is. Jesus used it 19 times in John 17, warning us in a prayer: Watch out for the world.  I’m talking to myself too. The way businessmen and women conduct themselves. They practice and do things the way the world does. They think that’s the only way they’ll make money. Marriages taking on the form of this world. Everybody does this. Well, everybody.

Raising my children according to the world’s ways. Be not conformed to this world.
The way the world raises kids is filthy, polluted, unjust, perverse and wicked. You say..I don’t like you
tonight. I’m not running for election. I’m elected. Christian school and Bible school and church. I
need to watch out for myself. Save yourself from this generation. How do you save yourself?
You save yourself by being a part of the church, the Body.

A lot of people can take or leave church. I was thinking of bringing my wife up and giving her a big kiss. I have kissed my wife on Facebook or is it Face Time? I press it when I’m overseas and I give her a kiss. I don’t feel
anything but some dirty screen. I was thankful I could see her face but wasn’t like kissing her
lips. It’s a little bit different. I watch it on the internet. You’re out there and sick and you can’t
get here. I’m not talking about that.

People that could be here and miss a lot, they miss the presence of God. I don’t know if you get the presence of God on a broadcast. That’s why Hebrews 10:22-25 says don’t forsake the assembly of yourself together but do it much more. I’m praising God you’re here! Kosmos series is on. I’m sorry! I like sports once in a while, but I don’t know why it takes three hours to play one inning. Give me a break. I can’t make it through any game. Save yourself. Body life. He starts about receiving the word with gladness.

He talks about receiving the word with gladness, prayer and soul wining. If I’m not careful, this is what I can do anyone can do is become familiar with the church. We can see someone fail, get analytical or critical and we are doing it to a member of Jesus Christ’s Body, which are scared. Even when they fail, you are still my son in Luke 15. You are in the Body from the first day you get saved. You are no different than someone who’s been saved 40 years. You are a part of the Body of Christ. Say that. I’m in the Body. Say that to the person next to you.

I’m in the Body. This is the Body of Christ. It’s amazing. It’s anointed. How good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity. It’s the anointment coming down. There God commands a blessing, even life forevermore. I was thinking of Yvonne Green and thinking help Yvonne Green. She’s an amazing woman of God.
How many years in this ministry? Almost 50 years. Stand up. Give her a hand. And she’s only 60
years and three months! Knock it off. I’ll tell you how old you are. Thank you, Just joking.

A member in particular. It’s incredible, when I saw P. Norm Pazda come in. He’s the Body of Christ. This is the Body of Christ. This is amazing. It’s the soma of God. If you read 1 Corinthians 12, members in particular. Each one having a purpose and pleasing God. Each one bringing a profit to the ministry. Your prayers could save my life or someone’s life. I don’t take it for granted when people say I pray for your travels. That’s why I’m alive. Are you with me Jim Markowski?

He’s a precious member in particular. We are members of the Body of Christ and
don’t try to look at things naturally or with a temporary viewpoint. The Body is a mystery. Are
you with me? Ephesians. 1:9, 3:3, 3:4, 3:9, 5:32, 6;19, Col 1;26, 27, 2:2, 4:3, 1 Timothy. 3:9, 16. Check it
out. It’s the Body; it’s a mystery. It can’t be known by natural viewpoint. A mystery can only be
known by grace, the word and the Spirit.

I look at P. Steve Paragello and I see a mystery. It’s a mystery he can’t figure out what his name is! It’s a mystery. I don’t care if you are 80 or five, rich or poor, educated or illiterate, the color of a person. There is nothing like that in the Body…The Body encompasses all. It’s an amazing opportunity to experience the head. If I’m not
receiving from the Body, I can’t say I’m receiving from the head. “I don’t need the church. I got
Jesus.” You are stupid compared to what the Bible says.

I can’t make it without the church in my Christianity. Linda, do you think we would still be together if it wasn’t for the church? She goes, no way! I don’t know how anyone could live with me anyway. Don’t say you agree Kathy!
It’s the church that makes the marriage. The weak are there so we can strengthen them. The
strong are there to strengthen the weak. You are there to pick them up and strengthen them.
God puts them right there so that can happen.

He brings people in so we will experience Body life. Missions is Body life. I see missionaries by themselves and I thank God when we plant the churches, we do Body life churches. I’m not going by myself – me and me? That’s not a team. That’s ridiculous. Remember we went by ourselves in Ethiopia and I said let’s go home. I rented
a house with no doors, water or electricity and she said good job. We rented this for two years.
Go to sleep on top of the bags.

We had hockey bags. I need the Body. What would we be preaching to tonight, chairs? School should be a Body life school. Bible college ought to be about Body life not just an institution to train people with biblical knowledge to graduate as an egg head. There is an exchange of life going on. Dr. Stevens taught us that for decades. The
devil wants to hide it, blinding people’s minds in 2 Corinthians 4:4 not just to the gospel but the truth
of the Body.

Paul persecuted the Body and got a revelation of the Body. I experience love,
where? In the Body. I experience faith, where? In the Body. I experience mercy, where? In the
Body. I experience finished work in the Body and an exchange of life. We are members in
particular. There are fingers and bones out there and all kinds of body parts. We are the Body
of Christ, amen.

We have an anointing and power beyond what anyone can do by themselves.
We have a Christianity that is going off by itself. I don’t need people. All I need is that computer
and my ability and I can become something. Who needs people. people put themselves by
themselves to experience themselves and end up with themselves. My marriage should be a
Body life marriage.

My single life ought to be where? In some stupid night club or exercise club?
My life is in the Body. I want to grow old in the Body. I want to grow older in the body. It’s
amazing. Can’t live without the Body. You’re dependent on people. Just you thinking that shows
you where you are at, in a strange place.

Nick Plunkett came in today or was it yesterday. Is your mother here? I remember when you were 16 or 17. Where did we go? France or Italy. Was it 30 of us? It was the most horrific train ride, but I was with the Body. We enjoyed each other. I met your son today and I began to think about you when you were 16 or 17 old. He has a desire
to go to India. You travel a lot. I get to meet the Body. Travel more. You can visit Marlboro or Florida. Or Eurocon.

You get to experience Body life everywhere not just in a local place. It’s
amazing when you meet people, the Chinese, 140 in Bangkok. Were they Chinese having some
missionary work being done? No that’s my Body. The enemy would like us to go our way. It’s
okay. You’ll make it on your own. I can’t make it on my own. You think you can? What will
happen in heaven? Body.

You don’t feel uncovered because your old sin nature will be left buried. Heaven
will be about Body life. Why not get used to it here. People say church, been here, done that.
How about Body? What’s Body? It’s in the Bible. Want me to give you a few verses on it? Come
to the Body of Christ, the local body.

I can experience the very life of Christ. You meet people
on athletic teams and when there are Christians on those teams they cling to each other. It’s a
team physically but believers there together because they are the Body of Christ. Let’s not look
at each other in the natural. Let’s not be critical or look at people’s failures or sins or past. Let’s
see people as the Body of Christ. It gives God pleasure. This is known as the Body.


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