The Spirit has been sent into this world to bring home the Bride for the Son. This Bride is His Church, the company of the regenerated. God shall save us and reward us and clothe us for Himself. (Revelation 19:6-8; Genesis 24:3-7)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11425
11:00 AM on 2/25/2018


P. Schaller

Praise the Lord. Halleluiah! God is good. I got a question. Is there anyone here who loves, who loves, who loves the Lord’s appearing? Really? Some of you are right there. I want the Lord to come back.

2 Tim. 4:8 it says there is a crown given to people who love his appearing. I was thinking what is it about us that we would love the Lord’s appearing? That’s at the Rapture. Do you love the idea of the Lord coming back? And why? You can talk back to me. Give me a couple reasons. The world is not a good deal is what he’s saying. Anyone have money stolen from you? Anyone have a disappointment? Anyone have a broken heart? Anyone got tired of life? Young people, no. Ready to roll! There are different reasons why we love the Lord’s appearing. One of them is the ungodliness or unrighteousness, the lying, the cheating, the stealing, the emptiness, the frustrations, the fears, the worries happening in life around us. We have in our heart this calling for a more perfect world. We can feel and sense it exists and Jesus told us it does. He is the king of it and he is someone we can trust. Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. And if you enjoy that, you anticipate it, it’s probably the H.S. in you and there is a crown for that sense that I want the Lord to come and put things in its right place. We want justice in the world because we are made for that. Best way that happens is live every day in the Spirit and by the Book and teach us and train us for the kingdom that is coming. It is here. It is amongst us. We can taste it and see it and in our hearts we see it in faith. It is coming. It is going to be amazing.

Rev. 19 weddings. That’s our message today. Weddings. I feel like we are in Kentucky or Tennessee (from the song)! Real energy in there. Do they wear shoes in Kentucky? I said that one time as a joke and a guy from Kentucky gave me a pair of shoes. I’ve been wearing them ever since! He said they do wear shoes in Kentucky and here’s a pair! I’m feeling good today, praise God. We will have a serious message but on the way a good time.

Rev. 19 a diagram. Here’s a line. Where are we at in time in our Bible? The beginning of the Bible after he made creation, what did he say? It is good. When he made man? It’s very good. When his Son came and was baptized, what did the voice from heaven say? This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. Hear him.

Mt. 3, Mt. 17. Not everyone heard the voice. It was like a thunder. Man is very good, fallen, and very bad. Look at your neighbor and say very bad! Very, very bad! Roll the R. Very, verrrry bad! The Son of God came and where is this going? It’s going to a marriage, the marriage supper of the Lamb. Marriage of the Lamb.

Rev 19:6 my wife has background music at night when we go to sleep. I don’t need it. I don’t need background anything. I just go to sleep! Many waters. Maybe the ocean rolling, Niagara Falls, thunderous noise in heaven. A lot of noise coming because people are excited in anticipation of a wedding.

vs. 6. That’s a way of saying the all-powerful God who made man in the beginning very good, lost him, sent his Son in whom I am well pleased, redeemed us by his blood, saved us by his grace, and indwells us in the mystery of the fellowship. And has made us relatives. He’s not ashamed to call us brethren. We are related. We have been born of his seed. We are members of his Body and we have a direction we are going in. This idea of historical direction is important. In the Communist world, the Communists were addressing by their philosophy and ideology something people are looking for. Where did he come from? They said we are an accident. This is evolution. We don’t know why we are here but going towards a utopia. That’s all lies. Wait a minute, is it an accident or did Jesus say as the Father sent me, so I sent you. That doesn’t sound like an accident.

Jn 1:12 born of God. The H.S. sent into our hearts so we can learn what is going on where we are going.

Rev 19:7, marriage. Wedding. 20 weddings in the Bible. We read the Bible and see different weddings, Ruth and Boaz, Adam and Eve are one. The first couple. We read about Solomon and his problem with women and how many wives. It says concubines but in Sunday school a boy said 700 wives and 300 porcupines! Maybe it’s true!

One wedding we will look at is Ge. 24 where we read about Abraham getting a wife for Isaac. Look at the timeline. There is a time where we will be raptured. We will go up. Christ comes down. This is the meeting for the first time of us with Christ in our bodies that have become immortal. They are now mortal. Buried in the ground, dissolving, falling apart, decaying and entering the biosphere. Our mortal bodies are written in a book.

Ps 139 meaning the DNA. God knows our material makeup because he is Almighty and when he calls with a voice of an archangel and the trump of God there will be a sound. I don’t know who will hear it. Just like the voice came from heaven and they didn’t hear it. Those God wanted to hear it, they heard it. Some thought it thundered. The Rapture is the glorification of the material bodies out of the ground. The church being in its perfected, glorified state meeting Christ in the air as bride groom. As guys, the idea of a wedding and marriage it doesn’t ring your bell. Ladies love weddings generally and they are into it. We understand that. I would like the guys to focus with me with something that is here that is incredible and awesome. There is a day coming when we will meet Christ in the air in the Rapture. If I died tomorrow, and my body was buried I am not in my body.

In heaven there is anticipation of souls of men with some kind of body, 2 Cor. 5:2. We don’t float around with spirits and souls without a body. There they are anticipating the future unfolding that is going to be happening in our timeline. The world is going to fall into terrible deception in this seven year period. Incredible trouble. You don’t want to be here. I don’t.

In Revelation, Daniel, and 2 Thes. 2 we read about it. The marriage is our subject this morning. He’s going to come and get his bride.

Rev.19:7-8 she has made herself ready. We have not made ourselves ready in one sense. But in this sense we are walking with God. Please walk with God and learn what that means. He’s the God of all grace and wants you to know him as God in your personal trials. When in a trial and you decide to trust God in the trial. That’s a decision. We find the grace of God in the trial. There is a crown given to you, STEPHANOS. Not a crown like a king wears but a crown of honor, a bestowal of honor or recognition on a person. We have it in this life in different ways. The world has it in their graduations and in Hollywood and in Olympics. Awards given out to recognize the individual and they honor and reward them. It’s attached to the person. They are recognized and honored. This is happening among us and it is spiritual. Our heavenly Father has promised this bride being prepared will be without spot – I have a little spaghetti on my shirt. Without spot and wrinkle. She will be ornated or decorated as a bride. Christ comes and gets the bride. He comes and takes his bride and meets her in the air. He takes her to heaven and in the heavenlies the Father presents the bride to his Son and there is a wedding with guests.

vs. 8. This is not from her. This is from God. This is the R of God. This is the result of her walk of faith. This is the work of grace that has happened. The bride as a whole but the bride is made up of individual people through history: Luther, Augustine, John Huss, Charles Spurgeon, and Amy Carmichael. Men and women we know and we don’t know. We don’t know everything that has happened in church history. All of these individuals will be individually viewed, recognized individually in the bema seat judgment.

Rev. 19:8-9. Rapture, marriage, and then after is the reception or the marriage supper or feast. That will really happen. Blessed are you if you are invited. That’s not us because we are the bride. We are right center. In a Hebrew wedding, the groom is at the center and proud of his wife. This is with the Father. The angels are there, O.T. saints are there observing.

John the Baptist said he was a friend of the bridegroom in Jn 3: 27. Blessed are they who are invited to the reception. There is a marriage feast coming. In Peter, one day with the Lord is a thousand years to men. There is millennial reign of Christ for 1000 years. The marriage supper is in the millennium. This is the time we are feasting and communicating and connecting with each other in this celebration of what God has done. He sent his Son who was so pleasing to him. Now his Son has a wife who has been perfected and joined to him in a wedding that transcends anything that can imagine. A wedding feast that will last for whatever period of time. The people, Jewish and Gentiles saved in the millennial are welcome in and observe the miracle of the Messiah and his bride. The bride is you and I in union with him. We sense it. We are joined to the Lord by the H.S. We sense it amongst ourselves. Our hearts are knit together like Jonathan and David. Christ said we would be one as the Father and he is one. Such oneness but so many people and we are one Body.

One fold and one flock in Jn. 10 and we would hear his voice.

Ge. 24: Isaac was a good type of Christ.

The only son of Abraham and Abraham is old in Ge 24:1. Before he dies, he would like to have his only son Isaac with a wife.

vs. 3. He sends his servant to find a bride for Isaac. If you follow this in the typology, God has his only Son and sends his servant to find the bride. The servant of God is the Holy Spirit. He is sent in the world to find a bride for the Son of God. The Father is saying it has to be this way or there will be no bride.

vs. 3. There is a deep spiritual meaning in that. She has to be a relative of mine. I came from hundreds of miles away and you’ll have to travel far away, maybe 800 miles to find a woman who will marry Isaac. You cannot take a wife from here. Jesus came into the world and can’t take a wife from the world, worldly people. He has to have them regenerated, from the same seed, from God. God has to save us to be the bride of Christ. God has to make us as the same kind as the Son of God. God has to save us. We are like the Canaanite people. Can’t happen. Has to be a family member of mine of the same family.

vs. 4-5. No, Isaac has to stay here. This is our land now. She has to come here. If she doesn’t come here, no deal. He’s not going there. Isaac is here in a New Covenant and this is where his wife will come or there is no deal. You know what it means? God is not compromising with the world. It’s going to be my way. One pastor said a Jehovah Witness knocked on his door. He said may I talk with you? The pastor said I’ll let you come in on one condition. I do all the talking. This is the part I like. The Jehovah Witness said that’s not fair. The pastor said it’s my house. We’re not talking about what is fair. It’s not your call. This is God that is saying I want a bride for my Son but not based on your ideas but based on me. It will be my way. Jesus prayed not for the world but these you gave me, Father. Keep them in the world. I have showed them your word. I have manifested your name to them and they got it. They know I came from you.

They are my bride. I go away and in Jn 14 Jesus said I go and prepare a place. Most Bible teachers say when Jesus went away, ascended, that’s what he did in heaven. He prepared a place for his bride. In Jewish tradition the father negotiated with the family for the woman and the son would meet her and they would make their negotiation and the father would approve. Then they would go away and the son goes to the father’s house and the bridegroom would be preparing a place for him to live with his house. An extension on the house. The shack, the cellar apartment, another building on the property because he has a bride. When the servant went, he was in trouble because he saw how impossible it is to find a bride on these conditions. She has to be a relative, be willing to leave her family, and go far away and marry someone she never met before. He being in the way the Lord led him. He started to think the woman is to be that woman who offers to water my camels. We made a calculation. There were x number of camels and they drink 30 gallons a piece. She offered to water them and she’d have to pull up hundreds of gallons out of that well. Iron woman! I married one of those. Yeah! I don’t know how exceptional that story is but God was in it. This is what I think about the church. The church has the Spirit of God and has called us to be married to someone not of this world. We are a different kind of people. God has made you a different kind of person. You are a resource form God. The Spirit dwells in you and you cry Abba, Father. Don’t get discouraged. You have a calling. When the man came to the well, Rebekah said out of the blue would you like me to water your camels? He starts worshipping God. He takes the jewelry and he says would you like this. She says yes. Who are you? It’s a relative of Abraham. He’s hitting it. Everything is firing on all cylinders. He is in awe and worshipping God. He says is she willing to go with me and be married to my master’s son? The father asked Rebekah and she said yes. This is like us. I am happy to go but we will come back. I am happy to be connected with him by promise. I might leave my family, my ideas, my plans but I am in it. This is what he has called us into. We are strangers in a strange land. We’re doing something the world doesn’t know about. We want to be honest because it’s in our heart. Our heavenly Father is honest. I want to be clean because it’s in my heart. I want to be loyal. I want to be faithful. I love these kinds of things. It’s written in our heart. We are to be married. Jesus said if I go, I will come again.

Rev 22 my reward is with me. I will come again and take you. I will take you to the place I have prepared for you. There is a place prepared for us. We have to use our imagination. Learn to do it and enjoy it. It’s real, true. Billy Graham went there the other day. There must have been a great celebration but not less than you and I going there. Angels would have a party for this man who was saved by God’s grace. It’s not yet bema seat. When we go to heaven there is not yet bema seat. The bema seat will happen at the time of the wedding and at that time, there will be loud noises like Niagara Falls, a lot of voices, singing, because the wedding of the Lamb of God, the wedding. Hold it! Calm down! I read that Prince Charles’ wedding in England cost $100 million dollars. The wedding. Williams wedding was $38 million. The ring was worth $131,000. And on it goes. Big hullabaloo. Sound of many waters. A big thing going. Omnipotent God has done this. Lost him, redeemed him by his Son’s blood. Out of Jesus’ side, – the centurion knew right where the heart was being a military killer. The centurion knew where to put the spear. On the shaft of the spear came blood and water. The bride has been born from the side of Jesus by his blood and the water of the word. You were born again by the water of the word and the Holy Spirit and the blood is where we came from. Out of Adam’s side came Eve. Out of Jesus’ side came the bride, us. We can feel it somehow. I want to go to a wedding where we will live happily ever after. At the wedding, we got the cake and throwing rice, the car, the streamers, flowers. What are we saying? Good luck! Disaster! No! We are hoping the best. We hope it will work. Everything will be okay. We hope you will not die in youth or be broken hearted. We hope your children will be many and healthy and blessed. We hope you will prosper and be able to pay all your bills. We hope you will have a blessed life together and forever. It ends because till death do we part. We know how life is. It can be tiring, disappointing, heart breaking. We hope not. We are hoping. May the showers of God’s blessing be upon you in this wedding! We are built for it. That’s what we want. It may go many ways. We know we are yearning for something that will never fail. There will not be a broken heart or cancer or death or a broken life. We know we are made for the marriage of the Lamb. In these words. Two or three things about the bema seat.

When Jesus takes the bride and in the story of Ge 24, I encourage you to read it slowly. It’s a long chapter. Much longer than many of you – !! Great story. Jewelry is given to Rebekah. She gets on the camel and goes. Where is Isaac? In the field meditating. Not under stress. It’s arranged by someone else. The servant is bringing her. Jesus isn’t under any pressure today either. The purchase price has been paid, the blood spilled. The Holy Spirit is in the world getting the bride. On day we meet him in the field, or in the air. There we will go in the air. There will be an “a ha!” moment. We will realize in the presence of Christ there will be the reality at the bema where God’s reality meets my life. God’s reality is now face to face with me. This is called a bema seat. Not a judgment seat. Three ways it is used in the ancient world. One was in athletics, giving awards. Paul uses this metaphor to say our lives will come under the scrutiny of the Almighty God and how we have lived in this earth. The worthlessness of our folly and unbelief will be made known to us without a sense of condemnation but a sense of loss. I am so thankful the reality of God is here. There is part of my life that is dust and ashes and periods when I’m deceived or misled, proud, arrogant, unfaithful, and selfish. All those words are used to describe this non-Christ manifestation that happens in all our lives. If we are anticipating his coming, there is reward. If we are sharing our faith with wisdom there is a reward. If we are feeding the flock and have mastery over the sin nature and trusting God in our trials, there is a reward. There are five of them mentioned in the Scriptures. I want to package it simple. When we meet him, there will be realization and we will all get updated, rebooted. This is reality. Some kind of process happens there. That’s it. The reality is there and we will be clean without spot or wrinkle. This bema seat is individual, every believer. Some mystical, transcendental reality not able to explain on the earth.

Jude 24, praise God for the reality of God and some of us would say some of my life was gold and silver. Thank you God I took life seriously and you called me to go after it like an athlete is wanting to win the race. That happened and it was real. God will show us that reality. He will take his bride and we will be in the place he prepared for us. The Marriage Supper will be the reception. We will speak about that next week.


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