Moses supposed his brothers and sisters would understand what he was trying to do to lead Israel. But he was wrong. At burning bush, he found God’s way. There’s something we know like Mary the pregnant virgin when she met Elizabeth, an old lady having a baby. (Acts 7:23-33; Isaiah 12:4)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Ben Nahr
Sermon # 11700
7:00 PM on 6/19/2019



P. Schaller

Yes, Lord. Praise God. Praise God our Savior. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Lord. Praise God. Praise you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. We praise you Lord (Prayer).

Let’s say a few things together. Say to God, Lord, by your blood you have saved us. By your Spirit, we are indwelt. We are wise. We are humble. We are broken. We are filled. By your Spirit. Turn to your neighbor and say, is that true? Praise you Lord. Before you sit down, we’re not done. Let’s glorify God, amen.

How did all of this happen? God did it. God made us. He’s the Shepherd and we are the sheep of his pasture. We have not made ourselves. He made us. He saved us. He led us. How many of you really took a long time to find a good church? Dominic, good to see you. Did it take you a long time to find a good church? How did you end up in this one? Are you still looking? I’m finished. I found it. If I found a good church, who gets the praise for that? God. Did he lead you? He did. He led your footsteps and guided you in your heart. We will have a meeting tonight and who gets the praise? God. Who is doing the work? The H.S. The H.S. is in us. The H. S. is showing us Jesus Christ. And we praise him and rejoice in him a lot. Praise God a lot. Praise God. He did it.

Did you breathe today? Who gave you the breath? Jesus Christ. Did you eat lunch? Who gave you the lunch? Jesus did. Say thank you, Jesus and next time a little more ketchup! Did you ever go fishing and catch the fish? How? Jesus gave you that fish. Ever have a glass of water? Jesus gave you that glass of water. Ever have a good friend? Jesus gave you a friend, a good church, answered prayer, and filled you with the Spirit. Did he give you a good wife? How about a bad one? I’ll take whatever God gives me. Does he give you trials? Who is God? He is awesome and we are gathered to look to him and hear from him. He is a talking God. That’s important. He’s a speaking God. Other gods don’t talk. Our God talks.

Lizzie, good to see you. Does our God talk? How much? He does. Look at the Bible. Heaven and earth pass away but God will keep talking to us. He’s our Heavenly Father and he wants to show us his secrets and lead us in our faith. When God is a talking God, his people become a talking people. You have a message, a gospel. You praise God because of God. We end up saying something worthwhile saying. Isn’t that good.

Take ahold of the hand of the person next to you and say we are going to have a good week. Jesus is with us. Praise God. Glorify God. Thank God. God bless you. Halleluiah!


P. Scibelli

I had a prayer in 1985 and prayed help, Lord for the – it says godly – but it’s HESED man, the grace man ceases and the faithful fail from the children of men. Here is the answer. He’s a grace man in Ashamian, Ghana and they have a great church in Ashamian with P. John Jason.

Welcome P. Ben Nar from Ghana.


P. Ben

Good evening. If you would kindly turn to Isaiah. I bring you greetings from my pastor, P. John Jason. Many here are friends to him. He asked me to greet you in a special way.

Is. 12:1-3, I love this passage so much because it has ministered to me. I read it many times. The third verse says we shall draw water out of the wells of salvation. The Bible doesn’t have the doctrine of wells to be one of the major doctrines in the Bible, but interesting events took place around the well. The first one is the story of Hagar with her baby and they had a bottle of water and it got finished. She was at the point of death and the baby, too. She was holding a bottle hoping water would come from some place. Ge. 21:19 God opened her eyes and she saw a well of water. You are needing a bottle of water and God shows you a well. It contains more than a bottle. It’s deep, wide and holds a lot of water for refreshment.

The second story is when Jesus met the woman at the well. She is filled with some sort of desire and need only God can satisfy. Maybe she thought she could find it with a relationship with a human being. She met Jesus Christ at a well. Thank God the Savior was sitting at a well. We will draw water out of the wells of salvation.

Every born again believer is sitting by a well. Many good and refreshing things in that well. Salvation is no joke. It’s a good thing to be saved because God brings us to a well.

Jn 7:37-38 he that believes on me out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. To refresh, to strengthen, to encourage, to build up. Not only are we sitting by a well but it’s inside of us. This well whatever we draw of it we get freely. Is 55:1 we don’t buy with money. If you are thirsty, come freely. You won’t spend money to buy. Everything a human being is looking for can be found in the Savior Jesus Christ. We are sitting by a well and God will open our eyes and we will see we are sitting by a well. A well that brings refreshment. We are told to draw water out of this well. What are some of the things we will draw out?

Eternal life is a gift and a package that comes with many good things. A born again believer has a friendship with the living God. God has become our Savior, provider, and keeper. When we are weak, he is strong. When we are hungry, he gives us food. Jesus gives us something at the point of salvation the well can’t give us. People go to many places in search of something. The whole world runs around looking for something but it says seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. Out of the well we have eternal life, life with no beginning and ending, the life of God itself. Nobody can kill. Life nobody can destroy. Do not fear them in Mt. 10:25 who can kill the body but not destroy the soul. We have eternal life that can never be killed, destroyed, stopped. You can’t stop it because we are sitting in a well and out of our bellies are flowing rivers of living water all found in Jesus Christ.

Out of this well is healing, physical and emotional and spiritual. We look to Jesus for he is the well. Out of it we have forgiveness. Of him we have redemption…the forgiveness of sins. I am forgiven not because I did anything or asked for it. I am forgiven positionally according to the riches of God’s grace. He’s so rich in grace it can’t be exhausted. The grace of God has forgiven us. Out of this well we draw joy. That’s why we are told to rejoice always. If we didn’t hear it the first time, again I say rejoice. We have eternal joy and we experience the joy the Holy Spirit has made available flowing through us. No reason for the believer to walk like this. Every reason to walk chest out and face out. Even the devil fears you and me. Christ is in us. Christ in us is the hope of glory, amen!

We are sitting by a well. Out of this well we draw hope, hope for tomorrow. Today might not be a good day but tomorrow is a great day. Tomorrow is in the hands of God. God has planned many good things for us. Out of this well we draw love. Love unconditional and not based on how I perform or how I am doing. God is love and the only thing he can do is love you and me. He can’t do any other thing. Out of this well we draw strength. When we are weak, he is strong. God doesn’t need our strength. He needs our weakness. Then we give him the opportunity to show his power. Out of this well we draw wisdom, the wisdom of God. Jesus Christ himself is our wisdom in 1 Cor 1:30. He is our redemption and our justification and sanctification. He is everything we desire him to be. He already is for us. Out of this well we draw contentment. Godliness with contentment is great gain. We gain a lot because we are content in whatever state we find ourselves. We are not struggling or in a contest with anyone, content and satisfied in him because of sitting by a well. Out of this well there is peace between us and God and among us and in the families, marriages, homes, institutions because of sitting by a well.

What is in the well is in us will come out and all of the people well see Jesus Christ. We are sitting by a well. We shall never thirst or hunger because we are sitting by a well.

God bless you all.


P. Schaller

That was great. That was edifying. Didn’t he make it clear! That was so good. Work on it for a minute will you. I don’t want to rush into another message after hearing a great message like that. What did he say? One sentence. Package it in your heart and mouth. What did he say?

When you listen to a message like that, does it kind of resonate in your spirit and you are with him and what you are hearing and our response. That is amazing what he is saying. I hear it and in my spirit I say yes in my heart. It reminds me of two pregnant women meeting each other and when Mary found out Elizabeth was pregnant and Mary found out, what did she do? The angel visited Mary and she was spoken to about bearing a son. What did she do? She went to see Elizabeth. When there is something in him from God meets something from God in you, that’s called encouragement. When Mary met Elizabeth, there was a spiritual fellowship and it was in a word you could say encouragement. This is not in the Scripture but I’m going to add and share this. Mary could say I wanted to go see Elizabeth. I think she knew something. She’s an old woman having a baby and that’s kind of impossible. I just met an angel and this is crazy. I’m going to go see her. When she went to see her, how many were there? Her, Elizabeth, John the Baptist and Jesus was there. There was a Greater Grace seminar, convention! Don’t go that far! You know what happened? The Trinity is the Father and Son and when they are together, what is the third person? The Holy Spirit. This will help you maybe.

When I have a boat, and I like boats and I got a boat and another friend has a boat and we got boats and we get together and have a coffee, how many are there? Me, my friend and what else is there, the spirit of a boat! The spirit of “boatry!” A comradery. There is a mentality. There is a fellowship. When two guys like softball and meet together, it’s a softball fellowship. When a father meets son it is a good fellowship and around the two of them is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God. This is a mystery but you can understand it humanely because we are made by God. When Mary got this thing going on the inside of her, she went to see Elizabeth and when they met and John the Baptist leapt in her, I’m sure they had some talk. It was my baby who just leapt because I have met the mother of my Savior. That’s real talk. People can’t do that. People can talk about boats but hard to talk about God with any definition without God. When God is in you, then there is a response in you and the spirit of our fellowship is the Spirit of God. This is where we live and enjoy it and recognize it and get build up in it. I came to get built up because I know you. I don’t know if I’m going to get to my message. I’ll get there I think.

I want to give a shout out to a few people. Ed Murphy and Kim in the Havre de Grace church are precious people. I want them to stand for a second. P. Julian and Natella, this is a long story. They are here with us. P. Dominic from Costa Rica is the pastor in Costa Rica. Is that Thelma? You have a great story. That’s a story for a rap session. Charles Hadley and Roger and Lizzie over here. Okay.

Turn with me to Acts 7 for our message. It’s simple. God is going to give us a great time in our Convention. Don’t miss the Convention. If I had a choice of eating a hamburger or going to the Convention, guess what I’m going to do? Be with you. You’ll talk about deep things, spiritual things and I’ll get a hamburger also. Make a sacrifice to be here, every session. Have a focus on the word because you will take away words. It will edify you and build you up. You need it. We just heard Hagar was dying of thirst and she couldn’t see the well was there but an angel showed her. Sometimes people are dying but can’t see God is right there.

P. Bamouni was there. He disappeared! He’s over there with the French translation. He tells amazing stories. P. Luigi and Isabelle are here too from France. P. Bamouni, we did Havre de Grace last night.

I asked him to tell me a story. He said in Burkina Faso a little boy went to a gold mine where his father was mining gold for a big company and many miners were coming out of the mine and covered with dirt and black from their work. Someone said to the boy, how will you recognize your father? The boy said, I can’t. But he will recognize me. P. Bamouni said this is like an allegory. Sometimes in life, we can’t see God or recognize God but he recognizes us. Thank you Pastor. I want to hear stories in the next couple weeks and be near the well. I want God to speak to my heart. I want to meet Elizabeth when something is going on I don’t understand and the right kind of fellowship that will help me understand what God is doing in my life. It’s a sad thing when I leave and go away from people walking with God and living in faith but it does happen.

Read with me now from Acts 7:22. I thought he couldn’t talk very well. Here it say he had no problem talking. He was mighty in words and in deeds. Some say he was in line to be the next Pharaoh, an important person. Vs. 23. He was a Jew and an Egyptian.

In Europe, I met Hungarian Jews. There is a thing that happens. They say I am a Hungarian, but I am a Jew. I’m more of a Jew than a Hungarian and I want to go to Israel and live with my people. It happens in history. The Zionist movement many Jews were saying I am a Jew and will go to Israel. This is a work of God in the end times. Moses realized I want to see my people so he went to see them in vs. 24.

Many times we see the injustices in life. We see many in our private, personal life. We see things when people are wronged. Maybe in the political world we see a lot of that nowadays. We see it in many forms. There is something in us that reacts to it. He defended him and avenged him. vs. 24. I wonder if Moses did this out of self-righteousness or emotion or anger. Was he violent? Was he in the flesh when this happened? God allowed it to happen. He had an understanding it says there.

vs. 25. He supposed his brethren would have understood. That’s the part I’m fascinated or drawn to. I thought people would understand me. I would save the nation. I would deliver my brother. I was an Egyptian, Jewish leader and I could help my people. I thought they would understand. We have to be careful of this. Sometimes in our action, we feel it is right and we feel others will understand. You understand what I’m doing. We are on the same page. Come on. You know what I’m doing but they weren’t with him because this is not we could say maybe and carefully here, it’s not politics. Getting a whole group of people to have this but this is something different. What God wanted to do would not be political. It would be different. I supposed they would understand we would go into all the world. I suppose they would understand we would have a Bible school. I supposed they would understand what we are doing in our church but many may not understand. They may not know. They may say it’s good to go into the world and bring goodness but it may be they don’t understand.

Of course, because to use the illustration in the beginning when Mary was pregnant, she didn’t understand and when she went to Elizabeth, she started to understand. I believe you are the mother of my Lord. This is: freeze that picture. What? This is God. This isn’t people being angry. This is God. This isn’t about technology and money and other things.

I read an article by William Carey this morning. He stirs me up. It’s 1792 and he gave four reasons the heathen stay unreached. This is not popular. The Moravians in the 1740s started to do missions. William Carey, the father of the modern mission’s movement understood we must go. These are reasons people don’t go. This is 1792.

The distances are far from us. That’s why we don’t go. Then he addressed that argument in a strange, in our ears, a strange defense to argue against that. He said whatever the objections were made before the invention of the mariner’s compass, nothing can be alleged for it with any possibility in the present age. Another way to say it is we have no excuse because ships have compasses.

2) Because of the barbarous and savage manner of living, we don’t go. It’s so primitive.

3) We don’t go because of the danger of being killed by those savages. That’s why we don’t go. Because of the difficulty of procuring the necessities of life.

And the last one is to have to learn unintelligible languages. He said these are no reason. I suppose we would understand him. We don’t understand you sir. We have our homes, our county, and our language. I suppose they would understand what I am doing. They cannot understand what we are doing. It’s so unique and different. It’s a certain nature. It’s not possible. Here comes the story. Acts 7:26-33, the story is simple. I thought you would understand this would be a movement. I thought you would get behind me. No, we don’t know who you are or your motives. Your methods are not good. You killed a man. Moses fled and for 40 years carried this in his heart.

When he came to the burning bush, now we do business. Now it’s God. My ways are not your ways. I remember being in Bible school and wondering what I was doing. I was listening to the word and fire began to burn in my spirit at different times. I had bad times and good times, times I had to find the well and find the joy of my salvation and find wisdom that comes from another source and a strength not based on us. We have found it. We gather together once a year in big groups and smaller groups around the world and we celebrate this. Elizabeth, you know something. I do. And Mary you know something. I do. It is sacred. It is God. It is powerful. It is our calling. It’s where people in Hungary get saved and Turkey and Siberia and Vietnam and Ghana, Africa.

Where did you come from P. Ben Nar? He has a similar story. I liked my life and was a strong guy and a worker and I really didn’t know the way until I met the burning bush, the living God, the church, the fellowship. Someone like P. Scibelli opened the Bible and spoke. I hear a voice behind me saying I started to believe and trust in the living God. He gets the glory for everything we are saying these weeks and months together. We have a celebration of decades. It is different. It’s not the flesh of men. It’s the Spirit of God. They are relaxing talking about our boats. We love our boats. Drinking coffee and talking about our boats and having a good time. It is like that. We are on our knees in a sacred way worshipping God saying this would never happened except Jesus Christ raised from the dead. This would never happen except God is a God that talks and speaks and sends. What happened at this event and 40 years later at the burning bush? Maybe God is not like Chatty Cathy. When he speaks, hear him and embrace what he says and follow him.

The result of William Carey by the way, he went to India. He said we don’t go because we are afraid of the savages and the language and poverty but the business people go and the sailors and the people stealing and the colonization of the country. On the way there, his son died and his wife went mentally sick. He learned 24 different languages and translated the Bible in 4 languages. He was a cobbler in England. I was in his home town. P. Morley said it’s the next village. Do you want to go? I said please. I had been in his home in India earlier. Now I’m in England and I’m in front of his house. I started to cry. This cobbler, teacher, brilliant man, common man, humble man believed we should go. When he went, he never went home. Many struggles. Many pains and difficulties. Did he find the well? Did he know? Did God comfort him and teach him? Did he have fellowship? Did he do great work? Yes, he did.

I wonder what God wants to do with you and me. We know something about it. We are sitting around not talking about our boats or softball but we are talking about the Lord. We are so refreshed by it and believe a lot can happen when he is in our midst. Don’t underestimate him. Don’t shut him off or ignore him or believe it’s inconsequential….seek him. You will find him. Listen to him and follow him. You will be rejoicing together and encouraged in Christ together in a fellowship that is a mystery, the fellowship of the Trinity, of love, of God.

Lord, speak to our hearts about it. In Jesus’ name. I thought they would understand. Moses, I thought they would understand. Let’s go to the church. Let’s follow Jesus. No. I thought they would understand. They don’t understand. At the burning bush, things change. That’s what happens. It changes.

Once I was on a plane and a guy sitting next to me wanted to know what I do. He said, how can I get a job like that? That sounds like a good job. I want that job. I didn’t even attempt to try and explain to him! I thought they would understand. This is so unique.




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