This world shall have its end. It is not enough for us. There’s more. There’s God. The Son has been given. He shall come in the clouds of glory one day. As people, we have an accountability problem. But God took responsibility and brought salvation through the Cross. It’s wonderful to know Him, the Counsellor, the mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6-7)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Steve Andrulonis
Sermon 12008
7:00 PM on 12/16/2020

P. Steve Andrulonis –

Praise God! Hey! How are you? Any Grinches in the house? Any Grinches in the house? We won’t be a
grinch by the time we are finished with you tonight. The grinch can’t steal our Christmas.
Maybe it’s trying but it’s not going to do it, really. What should we think about? We should be
full of joy right now. This is the time of the season. Ten days to Christmas. This is the 15 th , right?
Ten days until Christmas. It’s awesome. Guys have you got the thing you were supposed to get
for your wife? We can talk. I can help you maybe. I have some ideas. Really, it’s just, I was
driving through Dundalk yesterday. It’s all lit up. Everybody has their lights on. There are more
lights than ever. We are going to shine Christmas into this dark world no matter what. You
know the Grinch story, right? I mean the cartoon, not the Jim Carey version.

God forbid. Sorry. I’ve got to compose myself here. I’m wearing green too. Wow, that’s pretty interesting? The
story, the Dr. Seuss story goes like the Grinches heart was two sizes too small. Or was it three
sizes? Get that from your neighbor, alright? Talk about that for a moment. How small was the
Grinches heart? That’s your question right now and if you don’t know who the Grinch is, if you
are from somewhere else outside of America and you don’t know how the Grinch stole
Christmas decades ago when it first came out then, just, you know – he’s a mean one, Mr.
Grinch. So how small was his heart? It was smaller than it was supposed to be. That was the
premise of the cartoon and the book first. His heart was so small and that’s why he couldn’t
understand the message. Now, the Grinch doesn’t say anything – it’s not a Charlie Brown
special because Charlie Brown, they just open to the Gospel of Luke.

Linus drops his blanket when he says “fear not” – says the angels. And he drops his blanket and it’s sort of like a
statement. Jesus does so much to Linus in the Peanuts character that he doesn’t need his
security blanket anymore because Christ the Savior is born. Now in the Grinch, it’s all like
understated about like the joy of Christmas, and it comes anyway. Even though the Grinch
steals all the accoutrements, all the little things that went with Christmas – the beast, and the
roast beast and the tinsel and the tree and everything. He stole it all. He took it up to his place
on top of the mountain. And there wasn’t going to be any more singing because his heart was
too small. Then he realized that Christmas happened anyway. I think this is like probably,
probably the Grinch character is loosely based on Lucifer. Let’s figure it all because every year,
Christmas still comes. Even though he tries to bring things into our life to say there isn’t any
reality to what we are. There isn’t any reason. I should say that. He tries to make it
unreasonable for us to celebrate every way he can.

This is the way of Satan to accuse us to make us think there is no way that we can celebrate. But we know that we can celebrate. We know that there is a light. And I thought about something. There is the light that guided the
wise men and there is the light that was on the Mt. of Transfiguration which was the glory of
Jesus. The light was shining out from him and I’m thinking was the star that way? Was the star
of Bethlehem the same kind of glory that Jesus wore before the disciples. This sign was for the
wise men and this one was for the dumb guys, the fisherman. The wise men followed the star
and the fisherman followed Jesus and they saw him all lit up one day. I think that’s what people
need to see. They need to see us all lit up in the best way. Not in the way that the world thinks
that people get lit up. We get lit up with the glory of God. That’s the testimony that we have. And it makes sense, it makes perfect sense that the devil would try to do something to rob us of
our time of celebrating Jesus entering into the world cause it’s one of the top significant
moments in history.

Jesus is going to bring God-ness, not goodness but God-ness to human
beings to show us what we can all be. Because if you read the beginning of the Bible, he made
us all of dust and then he blew into our nose and made us all alive. There’s a God-ness about us
and Jesus came to represent that in its fullness. And now that we are hid with him we can
represent it. We can be filled with – pastor preached about it. Oh, it’s tomorrow’s message.
Sorry. Grace Hour tomorrow, Pastor’s message is on the Incarnation and about the fullness of
the character of God. You can listen to that at 1:00. Donate also in the offering. Grace Hour
envelope. Use it. Use it. Use it wisely. There you go. But that’s the point is the Incarnation as P.
Love spoke on Monday about it. It’s to assume the flesh of man. This is something the devil
can’t take from us and that the devil never had, and it makes him really agitated. We have a
God-ness about us. Not goodness.

No! The Lord knows that we are not good. God-ness cannot be taken out of us. We are made alive by the breath of God and Jesus came to show us when we live in the fullness of him then everything about us is God. We light up like the transfigured Jesus. Maybe not that way but to the angels we are all lit up. They look at us and they wonder
and it’s amazing. Celebrate a little right now and then we will move on to the next thing. God is
in me. God is in you. Maybe that’s the beginning of wisdom. Really. The beginning of the
beginning of wisdom. I’ll love my neighbor as I love myself because you have God in you, and I
have God in me. Even the nasty neighbor who is not a believer yet, he has God in him too. He’s
just waiting to be found. That’s the truth. That’s the beginning of the beginning of the fear of
the Lord. I have God in me, and you have God in you. Talk to each other about it. Go ahead and
talk to each other. I said talk to each other. I’m not hearing nothing. Come on!

That’s an amazing thought. I just thought about that. I’m going to stop trying to be good. I’m just going to
be God. Because I am and he is and he’s in me. If you’re going to narrow that down and edit
that down to a real sound bite I can be made to sound really proud. I’m prone to that, but I am
God because I am in him and he put something in me before the foundation of the world. It’s
amazing to think about that. I’m a gift to the world. You’re a gift to the world. It’s amazing.

P. Schaller –

What a beautiful season this is. What a precious holiday. The great feast. The great
Christian feast. Even in India, in a Hindu country they through the years but not now because of
covid, they’ve had the platform that’s on wheels. What’s that called? Float down the street and
the band and runners running along and handing out tracks and eating together. One Christmas
season they had 4,000 people, just feeding them. They did the float and preached and there
was a great feast. They know in that country that this holiday is ours. This is ours. And what is it
about but Isaiah 9:6. This is what we shared on radio the other day, P. Love. I love this verse. I
think all of you do. Read out loud with me. This is the human part of the verse. A son is given.
This is the Son of God who before Bethlehem existed from everlasting Micah says in 5:2. I was
thinking if you lived a thousand years before Jesus and you were told God will come one day,
what will be in your heart?

If you are even told 1,000 years from today God will be here on the earth with us, what would you think in your heart? I think I would say I would love to see that. I wonder what God looks like? I wonder what he would say? I wonder what he would be angry about? I wonder what he would love? I want to be in a room where God is speaking. This is what it is. This was a promise. This was coming and here we see Isaiah about 750 B.C. when he
is saying this. Vs. 6. Imagine the baby born in Bethlehem and on his shoulder. In the Jewish law
and in their tradition, they had a waive offering with the shoulder of the animal, the sacrificial
animal and they would wave it before God as an offering. Commentators write about it and
maybe we think about it a little this way. This is the heart of God. The government is on, he’s
responsible. He has a heart for it. He’s obedient. He is accountable. He is responsible before
God. He is obedient to God. He has the heart of God. This baby has actually the government of
God on his life on the earth. He’s carrying a responsibility. He’s carrying his duty. His heart and
mind is truth and righteousness.

The problem with the human race in simple terms is we don’t want the accountability. Luke 19:14, maybe we should start with the context, vs. 12. This is a parable. Vs. 13. His citizens hated him. This is the condition of the human race. I don’t know how to explain that more clearly than just to say the history of the whole human race is
basically this. We hate him. We hate it. We hate him. We don’t want him. We hate him. What
do you mean? It’s very harsh. Well, it’s basically summed up in this fact that over and over
again we blame others. We deflect. The problem with society is the poverty, the money, the
lack of education, our race, our finances, our social system. Carl Marx believed the problem
with people was economical. Skinner blamed it on our environment or lack of education. It’s
always outside. But Jesus when he was born this was different. The government meant he was
taking the responsibility of being obedient to God. That’s what I am here for. To be obedient to
God, submitted to God, obey God.

The human race doesn’t think like that. It’s about me. It’s about my life. Luke 19:14. That’s it. No, we don’t want him. God comes. No, we don’t want him. It’s just the way it is. We get blinded by our excuses, our deflections. Anybody read the book, the Lord of the Flies? Remember that story? Back in high school maybe you read it. I have a
little write up on it. I remember it vaguely, but I realize the principle. Chuck Coulson refers to it.
It’s a parable. Nobel Prize winning author William Golding wrote it. “A plane load of English
school boys is wrecked on a tropical island. Good British subjects they are they attempt to
organize themselves into an orderly society while awaiting rescue. But darker urges soon
gripped the boys. The veneer of civilization melts away. Many of them revert to savagery first
as a game. Then in deadly earnest. One of them wounds a boar. Suddenly the desire to squeeze
and hurt was overmastering. Soon the boys are chanting with ritualistic fervor, “kill the pig. Cut
his throat. Bash him in. A sow was caught, killed, and a primitive sacrifice, the head cut off and
placed on a post.”

These are like school boys, 12, 14, 16 years of age. They are on this island
and then they put the head of the pig on a pike. “Great black and green iridescent flies buzz
incessantly around the severed head. The boy’s chieftain giggles as he rubs his bloody hands on
the next boy’s face. The young savages turn on a fat asthmatic be speckled lad nicknamed Piggy
who retains more civility than they care to have on their island. Which is better? Piggy asked
plaintively as they advanced on him, to have rules and agree or to hunt and kill? Moments later
he is knocked off a cliff. His skull cracks open. His arms and legs twitching and then the waves of the sea wash him away. Piggy’s friend collapses in a spasm of grief. With filthy body, matted
hair and unwiped nose Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and
the fall through the air of the true, wise friend called Piggy.

Later when the group is rescued, a shocked naval officer asked how such savagery could have happened. I should have thought that a pack of British boys – you’re all British, aren’t you? – would have been able to put up a
better show than that. I mean. Civilization, empire education, all the trappings of human
progress had clothed these young innocents. Now their faces smeared with blood, their
consciences inoperative, they bear the guilt of the death of two playmates.” We will not have
this man reign over us is what they said regarding Christ. It’s what our society says. Because we
don’t want to be accountable. We don’t want to say I’m wrong. We don’t want to be broken.
We don’t realize how wrong we are. I need something more. P. Steve said not my goodness but
my godliness. That’s what’s needed. Bethlehem is when we see God coming into the world.
Isaiah 9:6, there’s five names. Many of you know them by heart. Vs. 7. Do you see that in verse
7? I’d like you to put in there, other words other than God’s government.

Put in any word you want to, anything in there because no matter what it is, it won’t work because everything has
an end outside of him and his government. Let’s put in the United States of America, Toyota,
the United Nations, concepts like democracy. Put in there, Communism, Hinduism, Buddhism.
Put in there money. Anything you want to. Vitamins and health and health clubs and education
and mathematics. Anything you want to. This world has an end, but this Christ and his
government has no end. When we come to him, we are coming to him realizing that this world
is not enough for us. This world is just a world maybe civilization but under the veneer of
civilization is savagery, murder, lies, betrayal, arrogance, pride. Is it going to last? Does
arrogance last? Does perversion last? Does lust last? No, but this is God becoming a man so that
man can live forever. And the increase will have no end. I wonder what that means? The
increase of his government has no end.

Doesn’t it mean the increase we receive has no end? Doesn’t it mean that we the bride have no end? Doesn’t it mean God’s wisdom, the beginning of it is the fear of the Lord but there is no end to his wisdom. Doesn’t it mean love never fails and love wins and has no end? What about the word “joy?” That joy that has no end.
Unspeakable and full of glory that has no end. Aren’t the things most important to us are the
things that have no end? The things that light up our hearts and fill us and satisfy us like his
righteousness has no end. This world we live in has an end. We will not have this man rule over
us. Okay. That’s your end. That’s horrible. You know like stealing Christmas, the Grinch steals
Christmas but he has an end. The devil has an end. The lies have an end. The flesh of man, the
tragic history of man and the horrible things that have happened in time with people. I read this
story some time ago and I remembered it. It was a woman who was old, 91 years old in a
nursing home. She was born in 1890, married at 17.

Had children. One child died at the age of 2. During the 1930s, there was financial trouble and they moved into -her mother and husband’s father lived with them. Mid December 1939 her mother died. It goes through a long
litany of events of tragedy. Children dying. Poverty. In her old age her husband died, lost their
home and had to go to work. Ran a little café. Lived in poverty. Her youngest son died. And so
on. Just a tragic story line. She’s in a nursing home now and is depressed and wants to die. She is a believer. She said to the, Lord, what more can I do for you? Because she was always a
believer. She prayed with all of her heart, if you are ready for me, I’m ready to come. I want to
come. I want to die. Take me. I knew I was dying, she said. But then he spoke to me as clear as
can be. Write to prisoners. Three words “write to prisoners.” Imagine that. I wanted to die, and
the Lord said okay you go back and write to prisoners.

The Lord said okay now, Mertie, you are to do this. He couldn’t have spoken to me any clearer if he had been standing before me. I was afraid at first. I said, “Lord, me, write to prisoners? I ain’t got no education.” I had to teach
myself to read and write and I don’t know “nuttin” about prisons. But there wasn’t any doubt. I
would have squirmed my way out of his hand if I hadn’t obeyed him.” She started to do it and
was faithful. When Chuck Coulson met her, he looked at some of the letters. She started to
write. She wrote to a prison. She didn’t have any address. She just said Atlanta Penitentiary,
Atlanta, Georgia. She said I am a grandmother who love and care for you who are in a place you
have no plans to be. My love and sympathy goes out to you. I am willing to be a friend to you
and correspondent. If you would like to hear from me, write me. I will answer every letter you
write.” When Chuck Coulson met this woman in her nursing home, she had stacks of letters
from prisons and different places. She was 91 years old and shining.

The glory of God on this woman. I was thinking with Christ the government has no end and his work has no end. His gifts have no end. His purpose has no end. Then what’s his name? It’s these five words: Wonderful.
Wonderful. That’s what we all need is wonder. I want something wonderful. When Chuck
Coulson met this woman, he felt it. This woman, the glory of God. Though the nursing home
was with wheel chairs and gray walls and televisions going with sitcoms and chatter, this
woman had a little room with her little desk and the obedience to God and the Spirit of God in
her life. I want to be submitted to God. I want Christ to be operating in my life. I have many
reasons to be depressed. I lost my family and everything. But I have Christ. On her shoulder is
the government. In a way, she’s willing to be. I need to be responsible. Here I am God. If you
say, then I will follow. I want you to be at the very basis of my life.

You are wonderful. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be old and find something wonderful. Like a child sees a whale on those whale watch boats out in Massachusetts or an adult. It’s a wonder. It’s wonderful. To be in a nursing
home and find something wonderful. To be in life and find something wonderful. This is his
name. Wonderful. 2) Counselor. He’s the one that will counsel me in truth. I’ve seen in the
ministry at different times how we all hide. We are very good deflecting and hiding and not
wanting to face the reality and be healed and restored. We don’t go deep enough in God’s
reality and be humble and obedient to it and embrace it. He’s the counselor. Every time we
have our church services, we ask God to be our counselor. Like a doctor making an adjustment
or a teacher or coach or counselor or someone giving me advice or a father or pastor. Some
way God would be with us in real life as our Counselor.

A thousand years before he came we would like to say I’d like to be where he is and meet him. Who is he? He’s Wonderful and Counselor. 3) The Mighty God. P. Steve mentioned it. The Mighty God. Maybe we are Christians
and maybe we become more conscious of Christianity than we are of God. Yes God and
Christianity are one and the same but at the same time we might be drawn to a form, but we
have God but drawn more to the practical details of life. We believe in God, but we don’t park there that much. We are not that God conscious. We are more life conscious, my world, my life,
my things. That’s very normal. This is the meaning of this that he is the Mighty God. The Mighty
God. The strong God. The real God. The living God. Wow! Jesus showed us that when he walked
on the water and did amazing things, when he ascended up into the clouds – Matthew 26:64 it goes
like this. Jesus is before the Sanhedrin and Caiaphas or whoever is in charge is talking to Jesus,
and tell us plainly, are you the Christ? I am. You will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand
of power and coming in the clouds of heaven. I was thinking in that environment, that is the
craziest thing to say.

The fear, the authority, the fact he is going to be crucified and he’s saying
it as if it would be something almost ridiculous. You will see the Son of Man coming in the
clouds of heaven. But actually, you know, that’s the truth. And he said it to them. Though they
didn’t believe it at all, not at all, it doesn’t matter. We are reading it and kind of like a little bit
on the end of our seat. We can’t believe it either. Is he coming? It’s year 2020. Is he coming? Is
he coming in the clouds of heaven? Is he coming on a white horse? Yes he is. He is coming on
the clouds of heaven. How can you say that? Because he is the Mighty God. He is the One with
government that has no end. He is the Christ, the resurrection and the life. He is the One who
forgives. He is the One who calls us by name. He is the Christ. He is the Savior. He is the answer.
What is his name? The next name is Everlasting Father. I thought the Father sent the Son? Yes,
he did but the Son is just like the Father.

So Jesus’ name is Everlasting Father. He’s a father also. Yes. He’s called the Everlasting Father. Jesus is the Father? Yes. He’s your father. He’s the Everlasting Father. Now I’m confused. Don’t worry about it. It’s beautiful. He is the Everlasting Father that came to this world with a plan to give us what we don’t have. The humanism of the
20 th century was the fertile ground for so many tyrants. Learn the word, a “tyrant.” Mao and
Stalin and Hitler. The tyrants of this earth don’t go away. They are around us all the time. We
will not have this man rule over us. I am in charge. We will not have this Christ rule over us.
Herod, I am in charge. I will murder him. That’s the history of man. The total depravity of man.
The blindness of man. Even though God told us when Jesus Christ would come in the book of Daniel.
Even though Jesus Christ told us where he would be born in Bethlehem. Even though God spoke
plainly by the prophets, they murdered, killed, lived in atheism and unbelief. Even though they
did all of this, they were blinded to it. It’s repeating itself in history. It is the same thing. When
you find him, he satisfies you.

Let’s talk about that. Have you felt it? Have you ended your journey of searching for truth? I have found it like Augustine said. He was a womanizer as a young man but a very bright young man…then the reality that came to him. The brokenness. I am a sinner. I have failed. I don’t want God. I do want God but I’m afraid of God. The same story repeated with all of us. I don’t know what it is. I’m afraid of you but you love me with arms
stretched out. I believe in you. We are born again. When we are born again, he tells us his name
and we realize he is the Everlasting Father. He is the one I really want. P. Ben shared a brilliant
thing when he was with us a couple years ago now. He said Satan has an orphan spirit because
he was thrown out of heaven. He has no father. When he’s in this world, he wants all of us to
be orphans. He wasn’t us to have no father, no family, no authority over us. He wants us to be
independent and on our own. He knows the disaster of the human nature left to itself. We are
barbarians, and murderers and liars and haters and jealous.

What a story. No family. He works overtime so you will not have God. You will not have a country. You will not have a family. The devil wants to rip all of it away from us. No Bible, no faith, no God, no country, no family, no
integrity, no accountability. Just go around in life saying I’m a victim. It’s not fair. It’s not fair.
When you come to Jesus, you have to say I am wrong. I am a sinner. When you do, you find the
Everlasting Father. You find the Holy Spirit. You find wonder. You find Counselor. What’s the
other name? Prince of Peace. I’m afraid. I give you peace. I’m in trouble. I give you peace. I’m
91 in a nursing home with nobody but I have God and God told me and I’m doing this and the
Holy Spirit is teaching me. This government has no end. My peace has no end. God’s mind is eternal,
and God is our Father. This is our blessing. This is what Christmas means to us. We are part of
something eternal. We are not orphans. We belong to God. God says we are part of a holy
nation, a holy priesthood. We belong.

The devil is afraid of the church. That’s why he attacks it so much. God is for the church and the church is a very real thing and we are part of it. It is precious. Some day in the future, I want to play you that Billy Graham message from 1963 in Los Angeles as he is passionately preaching. He said in America, there are psychological
problems people are having and they are even taking medication. They’re even taking
medication. You have no idea where we are today, 60 years later. You have no idea what has
happened as churches are empty and children are without a dad. Today schools are closed and
so many things going on. How fast things are moving and what is happening on many levels, but
we have the message. There will be many people hungry for it because it’s not fun being an
orphan. It’s great to have the Gospel. We must preach the Gospel and share it and bring it into
the hearts of people. And give gifts.

I went to the barber shop the other day and had some pencil sketches I’d done and said, “Merry Christmas” and gave him some. We had a fun time. I gave a big tip for Christmas and it was fun. There are people you will meet during the course of these days we are in. There are people in January and February and through the year coming up and what the world is saying is one thing but what we are saying is precious and important.
Okay. Amen. Pray with me, please.


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