The Church of Christ has power as His Body throughout the world. Trends in government and culture have come and gone. His Church remains. (Ephesians 1:17-21)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11267
7:30 PM on 5/24/2017

P. Schaller

Esther 6. I’d like to share about the Body of Christ worldwide tonight. It is amazing to see our brothers and sisters up here on the stage with so much unity and life and authority because we are the Body of Christ.

Est. 6:12, Haman had planned to take Mordecai out to have him submitted but he underestimated the divine sovereign plan to have him promoted.

vs. 13. He has not fallen but has begun to fall. That phrase maybe in your Bible reading has caught your eye also. I have something to say about it. Never before have I said much about it. You begin to fall and then you’re going to fall. If you have started to fall, then it’s over. You’re falling. If you have a narrow base and tall rod here and if it starts to fall, then it will. It’s like balance. If Haman you have started to fall then it’s over. This little action here and why? Watch. I begin to fall and I don’t. Jesus said if you build your house on a rock, and this is the difference. If you have a foundation of a house, then if it begins to fall it doesn’t mean it’s going to fall. But if your base is narrow, if the base is evil then it is narrow. And you’re going to fall. What is happening in this world is people are standing just right and they are standing but bring in a problem, a crisis, a challenge and you get it to move a little, and the base isn’t there, it will fall.

1 Cor 1:10. It is amazing in China they speak the same thing we do. It’s amazing. It’s amazing in Finland and Costa Rico, they say the same thing that we do. We have the same Bible and same Holy Spirit. We are rooted and grounded in him.

vs. 10. I think the last segment of that sentence is profound. Perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment. Where did the same mind come from? From meditation on the Bible, understanding the finished work, listening to what the Spirit says to us in the Body of Christ. Our thinking has given us a way where the foundation of the house that doesn’t easily fall.

The theme of our convention is built on a rock and we know the gates of hell cannot prevail against that.

Some remember the video that we played. This is the growth of Christianity. On the left corner you see the date. The Roman Empire is being conquered by Christianity. It goes 2,000 years spreading to China, Asia. What do you see there? Authority. The authority of God on the earth through believers like us. We don’t have super weapons. We have our hearts and our minds.

When Haman just began to fall, it was over. It’s going to fall. But with us we are not easily moved. We have found the reality and no matter what happens, death, life, principalities, powers – whatever it is. Even in our own lifetime we have seen this small ministry that started in Maine with a simple faith and we have the foundation. If you hear my words and do what I say, you are building your house upon a rock.

Eph 1:17, how small beginning it was but the gates of hell cannot prevail against it. In our heart and mind and thinking, we bring all our thoughts subject to this truth.

The God of our Lord Jesus Christ in vs. 17. To know him, the person. This is a big difference between religion and relationship, program and a person. There is a huge difference. With the person there is authority.

vs. 18. These are three powerful things we begin to understand. Quietly in our heart and have it in our background and minds and that we know how wealthy we are in him. We actually have a sense of it. When we gather in his name, two or three are gathered in his name and there he is in our midst.

We have our mission’s banquet Friday night…7:30 the missions program in this chapel. This June we will have a march in the city of Baltimore. Hundreds of us that are coming for Convention on that Saturday before. The theme of the sign is we love Baltimore, we love God. We will be marching down into the Inner Harbor, go around and come back, and then they will take us away!! Actually, we have legal permission for it so it will be fun.

What does it mean? Our prayer is that the Spirit will speak and we around the world – we believe we have had 2,000 years of church history and believe we are coming to an end of a period. Troubled times, end times. We believe Jesus could take us away in a second. To the young people, don’t lose heart. You may live here long on the earth because we have been saying this for hundreds of years. You can have your dreams and wishes. Some of us at the other end of life are happy to go!

vs. 19. There is great power for us who believe. We hear about it. The power that Mordecai had to stand and be different. The power to have conviction in life. To start a Bible school and have people come to it. To sit there for hours and days and months and for their heart to be moved by the H.S. in truth and doctrine. To be one and have vision and go to the next town or the next country and start something up. What is the great power that we have?

Haman had a lying tongue for a moment in Prov 12 but the lip of the righteous is forever.

Churchill said a lie goes around the world before truth puts its boots on.

What is happening in world history? You realize what is said on the news but most importantly what is said in the church, what God is saying to you in your closet. The popular chatter on the street you may not pay such attention to it because there is real power and authority in the Body of Christ worldwide. The Spirit of God in China has an effect on us and we have an effect on them. We affect what is happening and they affect us because we are the Body. It is not easy for us to fall.

Ps 37:24 we fall but we are not utterly cast down. We fall but God is greater than our failure. We are prepared for this.

vs. 20. Think of Islam, Communism, and all the attacks. The Roman Empire and barbarianism of Europe. All the demonic forces at work and have been through history and we are the authority of God in this world. I mean it. We are those that bind and loosen. We are the church that is built on the rock and the gates of hell cannot prevail. We are united in Spirit and mind. We speak the same things. That’s amazing. Down through history we have heard them and believed them and embraced them. It’s had an impact on our life. It’s gone into the world like what was said. I don’t believe what we have seen could ever happen. What we hear on the stage, what we have seen through the decades and heard about. You can build a Toyota and sell cars in Africa but can’t do what P. Scibelli did in Africa unless God is with you. You can have a Chinese restaurant in San Diego but can’t do what P. Satellite has done in China unless God is with you. There is no money here. No jazz, nothing appealing, only lifting up J.C. and making it clear who he is and what he has done. We who believe in him are the same mind and heart and there is authority in it. People’s lives they stop it. They stop killing, swearing, lying, stealing, fornicating, adultery, cheating, deceiving and Jesus fills their heart with the H.S.

This power in vs. 21 is far above all principality and power. It’s far above Haman and his devices, far above Communism. In our country here, it’s far above the media and politics. It’s the world and demons and the strategy of the devil to attack and deny Christ and live in atheism.

One lottery winner in Maryland, 200 something million dollars and he was a Wiccan and opened a store on Belair road and other stores. I thought Lord, you had him win that? That’s fine. Give it away to the ungodly and give the power to the atheists. Your ways are amazing. I’m sure about it. I have no doubt about it.

I love where I am standing in this picture and I’m sorry that Haman – if start to tremble up here, it’s over. You don’t have anything in you, with you, any way to stand when you start to fall. It’s over. You’re not going to make it. So it is with the human race. The human race needs to take note of the fact there is nothing behind them, with them. They need a Messiah, a high priest in heaven, the HS as their counselor, the living God, the almighty God, the great God.

Far above all principalities and power in vs 21. Let’s think of some names. Toyota. USA, Einstein, Scibelli! Every name whatever name you could come up with! There is no name that gets close. In the tower of Babel, they looked for a name. Its wind and smoke. Nothing can stand. When you are born again and baptized into the name of Christ. The prophet said thy word was found and I did it eat the word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart for I am called by thy name, O Lord God. There it is. We have that.

vs. 22-23. Power, authority, the authority of Christ, Body life. P. Brian said church life we know about but this is Body life. Authority. God sends us and we have authority. You have authority in your home. Why not use it. Stand in it. Use it. Love, forgive. Authority in our neighborhood, over all principalities and power and might and dominion. Every failure and disappointment, and everything that can happen in our life.

If we began to fall, we’re not going to fall. Can’t happen because he took the fall for us, was raised from the dead. Even if you begin to fall you will not utterly be cast down. If you don’t have Christ, the beginning of a fall is evidence of a fall guaranteed. Don’t believe every Pilipino, every person in Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia. Don’t you believe there will be people who would love to hear and believe and not only begin but continue their Christian life?

Old timers don’t quit in the end. Go all the way. Don’t back up in the end of your Christian life. We are one and uphold each other. Don’t’ back off but draw near and be closer and more fervent.

Be grace centered more and more as we see the day approaching.



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