It can seem like we are in a cloud. God is with us and He is leading in a mystery. The Rock, Christ, follows us and gives us spiritual drink and refreshment. We need pastors and assemblies to help with this, for He is coming soon. (Psalm 19:7-9; 1 Corinthians 10:1-4)

Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11949
11:00 AM on 9/6/2020

P. Schaller –

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Awesome. Great to be here. 1 Corinthians 10, I’d like to use this text to speak about the days we are living in today in the United States and in the western world and in our mission
on the Earth. One day we will see Christ. Won’t that be amazing! When is that going to happen?
November 4 th ! The day after the election! We know in the Bible it says you cannot select the
day. We don’t know the day or the hour, so I am not serious! It would be awesome if we left. If
we didn’t die but glorified, resurrected, caught up with the believers’ bodies that are
resurrected out of the ground, Philippians. 3:20. That day will happen one day. There will be Christians
on the earth, but we will be caught up in the air and meet Christ in the air. In the Greek
language there are two words for “air.”

One is higher than the mountains and one is air where it is lower than the mountain level. Which word does it use when it says we will meet him in the air? The lower one. How close to the earth does Jesus come when he comes as a thief? How many of you have had your bicycle stolen off your back porch? Could the thieves meet in the
back and return the bicycles! What do I mean? A thief comes and snatches. I don’t think there
are any thieves here today, praise the Lord. I don’t think like that. Jesus’ return is like the world
doesn’t know and he comes, and he takes us, and we meet him in the air. Where in the Bible
does it say that? How many know? You don’t know where that is? You do know. How many
know where it is in the Bible? Just raise your hand. I’m curious. You don’t know as much as I
thought you did. 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18. You can make a note of that. We will be changed in a twinkling
of an eye in 1 Corinthians 15:51-53. We’ll be gone. That will happen one day. When? When? When the
Supreme Court decides!

What did Jesus say? That you don’t know and not even the angels in heaven know. My Father knows. Isn’t that good? It’s going to happen, but the way the natural man thinks, history is like this. Here’s the line. Here’s the day Jesus rose from the dead. He’s gone. He’s seated in heaven. He is here in us. This year is 2020 and we say everything continues as it has been from the beginning. That’s how people think. They don’t realize about this
amazing change that is going to happen. They don’t realize it. They don’t think about it. Jesus
said as it was in the days of Noah, everybody is continuing. Buying and selling and getting
married and having a funeral and a birthday party. Everything continues the same but then the
flood came. He said it about Sodom and Gomorrah. Everybody is doing the same thing. And in
our world. Everybody is buying and selling Microsoft shares and vacation home and planning
their vacation and little Johnny has a birthday party. Everything is the same and then there is a
huge change. This is a radical change that is going to come. How do we know this? Because we
are reading the Bible. The Bible is telling us about the coming kingdom.

The Bible told us about Christ coming the first time. The Bible tells us about his coming the second time. There are two parts to it. One is a thief and people don’t know and don’t see He is coming because only we
that believe meet him in the air. The others don’t leave. They have seven years of Tribulation.
You think people are having a heyday today and causing a lot of trouble and you think there is
destruction and rebellion and immorality today? This is only the beginning of sorrows. This is
the beginning of what is coming. There will be severe, worse, nuclear war and pandemics and
demons released out of Tartarus, incredible periods of pollution and meteorites hitting the
earth and asteroids and waters polluted with blood, insects and all kinds of problems that are coming that are written about in the Book of Revelation that is coming.

We are not going to go through that. We are going to be taken out before that happens. We do not go through that
Tribulation period but it’s coming. How do we know this? We are Bible readers and students of
the Bible. Bible college starts this week at MBC&S. Our first night is Tuesday night right here in
the auditorium. If you don’t know about it or haven’t heard about it or not sure about it, you
are welcome this week to go to classes. Come Tuesday night. You can hear some. It will be in
this room. We will have the kickoff for Bible school starting on Tuesday night. I teach a Bible
Psychology course which is an excellent course. There is a Gospel’s course. There is P. Love and
P. Scibelli. There’s P. Matt Gehret. There’s Justin, Dennis White. We’re going to have a very
good year in our Bible school. You are welcome. God speak to your heart about learning your
Bible. A lot of you have iPhones but if you have your Bible, can you raise it up like this. Pump it
up and down a minute a couple times.

This is the Word of God. This is precious. This keeps us from a lot of foolishness. It keeps our life. It orders our footsteps. It enlightens our mind. It gives us understanding. Psalm 19, the first part of this psalm, the first six verses is about Creation. We have two ways of understanding God. One is Creation. When we look at the sea
and the moon and the stars and insects and animals and plant life, we say God is smart. God is
wise. When we look at the cosmos, gravitational forces, physics; when we look at the universe
we say wow, this is organized. God is smart. Because he is smart, doesn’t mean I know him. I
know about him. I know he’s smart or wise. I believe that about God but don’t know him. It
would be like a primitive man finding my watch on a deserted island – not deserted but a
primitive people and they find my watch on the beach.

They’ve never seen anything like this, and they look at it. What are they saying in their minds about it? Where did it come from? Who made it? What is it for? Also, does the person that made that love? Are they an enemy of mine
or do they love me? Where did they come from? It’s the same way in the first six verses of
Psalm 19. Where we see Creation and we find Creation and we go, wow! Whoever made that is
so amazing, talented, and smart, but do they love me? Are they caring about me? I don’t know
what it means. I need more. That’s why we have the Bible. This is what the Bible is for. It’s for
us to know the person that made the universe. Someone made a boat, but I don’t know what
kind of person they are. Are they a good person or a bad person? They made a boat. Just
because they made a boat doesn’t mean they are a good person. I don’t know that yet, not
until I meet them. Look at Psalm 19:7. We have verse 7, verse 8, and verse 9. We have six
phrases for what we will say is the Bible.

The law of the Lord, that’s the Bible. The testimony of the Lord, that’s the Bible. The statutes of the Lord, that’s the Bible. The commandment of the Lord, that’s the Bible. The fear of the Bible is clean. That’s the Bible. I’m going to make this really simple for you. Here is a person and I’ll write them as a square. What will the Bible do?
Look at verse 7. Converting the soul. It will take the person and change them into a round. From
a square to a circle. Convert the soul. The Bible will give me a new heart. It will change my soul.
What else will the Bible do? Vs. 7. Let’s go to the next picture. I am now, – I’ll put a graduation
cap on me, – I am now wise. How did I get changed? The Bible. How did I become wise or
educated in life? How did I get the mind of Christ? By the Bible. The Bible did it. The Bible
changed me. Vs. 8. Here I am. I’m smart and then it says, “rejoicing the heart.” Here’s a big smile on me now. What happened? I am changing. I was changed. I got smart and I got joy.
Where did you get your joy from?

The Bible. Where is that written? Right there. Notice something. A man could study some science and just has this and questions and doesn’t have a lot. He only has the sea and the sun and the moon and the stars and E = mc2 and other things on physics, and chemistry and medicine, but he doesn’t have a changed life. Just because I
study the universe doesn’t mean it changes my life. It’s only God that changes your life. How do
you find God? By what he says to you, how he speaks to you, how he gives you the Gospel. How
he says I sent my Son into the world to teach you parables, miracles, ministry, discourses,
wisdom. What did the wisdom do? It changed me. It made me smart. It also gave me a smile on
my face. There’s one more. Vs. 8. Enlightening the eyes. Here’s your changed life. You’re wise,
you smile, and you got big eyes. Enlightening the eyes means understanding, perception. It
means I see something. I understand something I didn’t understand before. I understand who
the Jews are. I understand who the prophets are.

I understand there is purpose in life. I understand who God is. I realize he loves me and cares about me and forgives me. I realize that he put my name in the book of life. Therefore I have joy unspeakable and full of glory. How did all this good stuff happen? It happened by the Bible. How do I get the Bible? That’s our point
this morning. That’s what I want to share with you. We’re getting there. Let’s look at those
verses one more time. Vs. 10. What is more desired? The Bible. The commandment of the Lord,
the testimonies of the Lord, the statutes of the Lord. Those are phrases for the Bible. I’m
making it simple, so I do not have to memorize them all and say them in order. I want to break
it down and make it simple. The Bible is like gold. One little historical illustration, this man in a
pond in California in 1848 found gold. He kept it a secret for a year and then it leaked out.
Within months, 1849 the California Gold Rush.

In months, 300,000 Americas went West to find what? Gold. You find gold, your life changes. You find gold, you become rich. You find gold, you give your life; you cross the United States of America in a wagon train to find gold. You take a ship around South America to get to California to find gold. I found it. I found the Bible. That’s
what I found. How about you? Have you found this gold? It’s everything. I was thinking about it
the other day because I heard about a politician in Washington that has 300 million dollars. I
know who that person is. He’s on the news a little bit. These are amazingly, extremely wealthy
people and I could care literally – I’m on my bicycle riding and thinking about it. This woman has
300 million dollars and has nothing compared to what I have. I got a bicycle. I got my health. I
got a mind. I got the Spirit. I got friends. I got purpose.

I got this diagram right here. This is what the Bible did for me. He enlightened my eyes and I realize what it is because money, believe me, money is a tool and it’s valuable to use in life. I’m not against it. I just don’t love it. It’s
awesome. It’s a tool. It’s a useful tool in life. You can solve problems with money and do things
for people but it’s not everything. Someone that has that as their purpose or goal in life is
missing the whole thing. It’s an amazing thing to have God. More to be desired than gold is his
Word. Sweeter than honey. Sweetness means in our meditation this kind of very gentle sense,
this appreciation, this sweetness, this kindness, this penetration of goodness, this creative part
of the heart and the mind. A sweetness and gentleness. That Bible makes that for you. I
remember being in Bible school and the sweetness of it.

The presence of God in the room and the beautiful sense of truth. You can roll it over like honey in your mouth. You can roll it around in your mouth. It melts in your mouth and goes down. Why did God compare the Bible to gold
and honey? It says more to be desired. Desirable. I want it. I want it. Isn’t that beautiful? Let’s
go to our message in 1 Corinthians 10. I believe you and I are on a good road in life because we have
been born again by the grace of God and we have a new heart and a new spirit. Because of the
new heart and the new spirit, we want to hear truth. By the way, one of the books of the Bible I
love very much is Ecclesiastes. Ecclesiastes talks about how empty life is without God, that
there is no real meaning in life without God. In contradistinction to that is Song of Solomon.
Which is the opposite. Life is filled with meaning because of love. Love makes the world go
around. Remember that phrase. I don’t remember the association.

Maybe it’s a song. Love makes the world go around. God is love. There is a lot of loves not from God. There are a lot of attachments that are not from God. Jesus showed that to us. We have found meaning in life
through our new birth because God loves us, and we love him. We worship him. 1 Corinthians 10:1,
which cloud? What’s the context but the Jews leaving Egypt. They left Egypt and traveling south
and there was a cloud over the nation, a couple million people, a big movement, a huge group
of people, large area of ground that they covered. A couple million people moving and walking.
The cloud was over them. The cloud was light to them. It radiated light to them and darkness to
the Egyptians. It was darkness to the Egyptians and light to the Jews. That’s like Jesus. Because
we know Jesus and walk with Jesus, Jesus is light to us but to the world Jesus is darkness. They
don’t see any value in Him. They don’t necessarily believe his teaching or believe in him as a
Savior. It’s even worse. It’s religious garbage.

I don’t care anything about it. I want to stay away from churches or Jesus. That doesn’t mean anything to me. To the Egyptian it’s darkness. But to us, it’s the opposite. Because of our little diagram up on the wall here. It changed my life. It helped me immensely. It encouraged me. It enlightened me. It gave me hope. It helped me in
my family life. It helped me in my personal life, the sword through my problems, my pain, my
rejection, my guilt. Jesus is real. He gives light to us as we move in faith out of Egypt. They all
passed through the sea, the Red Sea. That’s a body of water. You’ve seen it on the map. There
is the Sinai Peninsula and they were on the other side of it. God lead them to the edge of the
water, and they could look behind and the Egyptian army is coming and look ahead but nothing
there but miles of water in front of them. The sea.

The Red Sea. Vs. 2. It means that they were with Moses. Moses got them there. They were baptized unto Moses. In other words, obedient to him, subject to him, following him with the cloud. They come to the sea and go through the
Red Sea and are baptized unto Moses. It means they actually saw the hand of God work
through Moses. In a sense, that has happened to us too. But it’s been Jesus that did it. We also
read in the Bible that God uses men. Like he used Billy Graham and Billy Sunday and he’s used
men through history. They have heard from God and followed God in faith. When you are with
them, you get the benefit of what they are saying and ministering. You get the benefit of it. You
are with them in the faith. The same spirit in them and with them is the same spirit we drink.
We drink the same spirit. That’s why we assemble because we want Jesus to speak to us.

That’s why we are in the ministry. We find the ministry to be giving definition and it’s more than
Creation. It’s the teaching of the Bible to instruct me in my heart and mind. Actually, what happens is you end up saying this is good. This is better than gold. This is sweeter than honey.
This is what I need. If I didn’t have this, maybe I’d be in a barroom somewhere. If I didn’t have
this, maybe I’d be home confused and troubled and depressed. Maybe I’d be off playing a game
or fooling around and not feeling my purpose in life, not being satisfied. When you go through
the Red Sea on the other side, it says they sang in Exodus 15. They sang this song and were there
three days celebrating. They were amazed. We were in bondage in Egypt and now we are free.
The horse and rider is cast into the sea. Our God did it. Our God who promised to us 400 years
ago Abraham that we would one day come out of Egypt.

We would go down into Egypt for 430 years and God would take us out and we would bring the bones of Joseph out. Remember when Joseph was dying he said when you leave, bring my bones out with you. That means he
believed it and they believed it. And then they were in unbelief as slaves. It will never happen.
We are in bondage. We are slaves. It will never happen. Moses said no. it will happen. Follow
me. Let’s go. I believe we are in a time in the United States of America where we need to be in
tune and listen to what God is saying to us. The world will say one thing, but God will say
another thing. What the world is saying is important and we may not find it important or
believe it to be important, but we find God’s mind, Spirit, and heart. Vs. 3. Spiritual food. We
were evangelizing yesterday in a small town about an hour away from here. A group of us go,
two cars. We are doing this on Saturdays.

One Saturday we went to Westminster. We went to Northeast. Then to Glen Burnie. We went out to Sykesville. I think we’ve been going to nine different places. Hampstead. Evangelizing and praying. Evangelizing and praying. Praying and sharing. I have some questions I’d like to ask you. You are on the street or you are with a
relative and talking to them about your faith and they said some of these questions, would you
have answers? They say when you talk about your faith, they say to you I think you are making
too big a deal about this. How would you answer? You see, when you have the Word of God,
you are able to have an answer. You have God’s Word, you have something to say. You are
making too big a deal about it. Really? You think so? About death and what happens after you
die. Is that a big deal? We can’t talk about it? Is that a big deal? I’m living on the edge of death
every day. Don’t you think people are very concerned about COVID because they are afraid of

They are afraid of dying and you say I am making a big deal about this discussion
regarding the faith? Jesus said the value of a soul is worth more than the whole world in Mk. 8.
Your soul is valuable. Seek him and you will find him. Somebody else said, I don’t believe. I’ll
take my chances. What kind of chances do you have? I’ll take my chances. Why did Jesus come
here into this world if it wasn’t important? I think if I was God and you can take our chances in
whatever roles and you don’t want to make any decision about it, I think God would say to you,
friend, how could you come into my marriage feast? You have no garment on. Cast him into
outer darkness. You’re taking your chances in being cast into outer darkness? You see, what is
the point, the question is reasonable and natural but the answer – look at verse 3. They ate
spiritual food. When they came out of Egypt, there was something spiritual happening. They
could feel it. They realized it. It said the rock that followed them they drank from it in vs. 4.

That Rock was Christ. Rocks don’t really follow you usually. Cars follow you. Busses follow you. The
dog follows you. A rock follows you? Yes, the rock follows you. What kind? Spiritual Rock. Is that spiritual Rock following you? Yes, and we even drink of that spiritual Rock. Remember
Moses hit the rock and water came out. There is something about your life that is rock solid,
and it follows you. That is God. God is speaking to you from the Bible so you can speak to other
people with spiritual words. Spiritual food. Someone else on one of our soul winning trips said,
I’m going to have a good time in this world and let the next world take care of itself. Let’s think
about it. I’m going to have a good time in this life and let the next world take care of itself. Are
you okay with that? Not really.

Really? I missed a train one time because I didn’t take it seriously. I got sick one time because I ate some poisonous food and didn’t take it seriously. I lost a job because it didn’t take it – I almost drowned because I didn’t take the ocean seriously. You think you can just live this life and let the next life take care of itself? What do you think it’s
going to happen? You are more responsible than that in this life and if God is saying to you, I
sent my Son. I gave my Son so you can have eternal life and you don’t do anything about it? You
don’t care about it? That’s the life of a fool. Fools live like that? Is that what you want? No. You
plan to eat lunch and I don’t think you ever miss. You plan it. Just let lunch take care of itself.
Really? No, prepare to meet thy God in Amos 4. What am I trying to say? This world is in some
kind of trouble. Every person you meet on the surface can be nice and polite and I appreciate
that. But I also believe there is something deep moving and working in the hearts of people.
That needs to be addressed.

The answer for our country is evangelism. Christians that are waking up and realizing I can on purpose make my life count by being baptized under the cloud. What is a cloud anyway? When a cloud is close to the earth we call it a fog. I’m in a fog. I can’t see very far. I’m in a fog. That cloud led them. It takes faith to live in a cloud. For the cloud to be over us and lead us and he’s going to take us out of Egypt. Moses is our leader and I’m going to
understand things about God not from this world, not taught in the university or the public
school and they are often not taught at the church. They are often not taught in life. You can’t
find it. They teach about this but not the person who made it. If you find the Bible, this is going
to change you. The Bible is going to change you. I once was smoking marijuana. I don’t do it
anymore. God changed my heart. That was scary. Maybe I was going to believe both in Jesus
and smoke marijuana at the same time. That was scary.

I probably could have reasoned my way, but I wouldn’t have gotten very far with God in a personal way because God loves righteousness and he called us to live by faith. I did something crazy. I said to God, if you are
real, make me happier than a man that is stoned. Make me happier than a man high. Make me
what you came to give me. I am ready for it. God is saying walk by faith and I did. And I never
smoked again by God’s grace. I mean it. The grace of God. The grace of God changed my heart.
He put an intelligent cap on my head. He gave me a smile, big eyes, and this is how I am, you
and I. Not always. Not always. There are times – not always. I don’t mean it that way. I mean it
this way. When you find gold. You don’t forget it. When you taste honey, you don’t forget it.
Maybe I haven’t had it for a while, but I’m hungry for it. I know where I can go. I can go to the
local church where the pastor is teaching me the Bible.

I can be in the Body of Christ where I can be in fellowship with the sweetness of God. I can go to a place where I can be told what is right and what is wrong. I can be told what the world is, what Egypt is, because they will lie to
you day and night. We got the cloud and the Rock that is following. We will go and find Him. I need a pastor-teacher, a man of God in my life. I’m from New York but I found one in Maine. I
lived in Maine for three or four years because I loved what I was hearing. Then I went to Finland
and we became those ministers and the Finns responded and they found Jesus. This happened
with us and it’s more than 40 years ago. And on and on it goes. The story goes on. You know
what the United States of America needs? Anyone going to get the idea? What do we need? A
lot of money?

No. A good economy? No. that may come and go. What do we need, covid free?
No. We don’t need that. We need to find God and be baptized under the cloud with Moses and
follow him and eat spiritual food and find a Rock that will follow us, and we’ll build our house
on Him whatever goes on in our future. That’s an a amazing way of thinking. We are not backing
off with it. When you get it, a team of horses can’t keep me back from California. I’m going to
California. I heard there is gold in California. Well, in a similar way, you get that. I’m here. I’m
here for 40 years. I’m here. I’m eating. I’m feeding. I’m growing. I’m making decisions. I’m not
like the world. We are different. We are different. Get it straight. You are different. You have
changed. You are different. The grace of God is what you are growing in and the Spirit of God is
anointing you in the freshness of it and the reality of it. It’s precious to us.



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