Description: How fast can love leave our hearts? It happens when we judge, when look down on others in some way. We have been called to love. Jesus asked Peter a simple question — Do you love Me? Let speak not evil of another. Let’s be doers of the law of love. James 4:11-1; John 21:16

Speaker: Thomas Schaller
Date: 2020-06-10
Time: Wed 7:30pm

P. Schaller –

Thank you, P. Lou and Miriam. How many remember them when they came into the ministry in South Berwick?
There are some here from way back then. I feel for a few minutes to love each other and
encourage each other for a time or pray for each other and say a good word. Move around or
sit where you are seated. Make little groups and just minister. We were just ministered to by
this amazing couple. I feel you have something to say to love your sister and brother. (Prayer).
John 21, I’d like to speak about love tonight. Two parts of the message. One is a bad part and
one is a good part. Which do you want to hear first? Let’s take the bad!

There is an illustration. About 200 years ago, one of our well-known encyclopedias discussed the word “Adam” with
only four lines but five pages were devoted to a discussion on love. Two hundred years later,
the same encyclopedia had five pages on the word “Adam” and the word “love” was omitted.
The encyclopedia said nothing about love. How fast does love leave our hearts, our lives? How
easy it is for the world to lose love. How believers also who are called to love, many times we
can lose it. We have a sin nature. In that sin nature, it’s about me, my life is about me, of
course. It’s me. I am first. I am ultimately the end game and everything in between. We know
this because we read it in the gospels. In this portion, Jesus said three times to Peter, do you
love me?

John 21:16, there is much to say in this text with the Greek language and so on but that
will be too long and arduous to explain. That’s not what I want to say. When Jesus met Peter,
he did not say something along the lines, do you believe in my doctrines? He said, do you love
me? He didn’t say, are you excited about what will happen in the future? Do you know how
privileged you are that I’m talking to you? Do you love me? That’s the bottom line, isn’t it? Do
you love me? Do you have love in your heart for me? My person, not what I have done like
walking on water or feeding the multitude. Me. Do you love me? That gets lost. That no longer
is important. This is important. These fish are important. Jesus said that the first time. Do you
love these fish more than me? My house, my job, my wife, my children, my very life. You’re
destroying my life, my very life.

This is the thought behind what we want to say tonight. Love.
Love gets lost and gets filled with another word, something else that I want to suggest tonight.
This is the bad part of the message and that is judging. Judging. Under it we have the word, self-
righteous. We can say self-promotion. There is a promotion or exaltation of myself when I
judge. I’ll put the word Satan. I’m convinced what I want to say about tonight is a message
about Satan and his mind and a message about God and his mind, God and his mind is love.
Satan and his mind is judging. Jesus told us not to judge in Matthew 7:1. And many other verses.
James 4:11 judging the brethren. It’s in our nature. We get a little bit higher when we judge,
and we are judging someone else for any number of things.

How we dress, what we say, how we talk, what we look like, what we did, what is in our past. There are so many things about us that we can judge each other. You don’t care about me. You offended me. I can’t believe you
did that. And all these different sentences we have in a course of a day where judging is a big
part of our soul. We are judges. When Jesus came, if you look at the cross there and meditate
on it, you see love. He didn’t come to judge. He came to love. When he talked to Peter, this was
important to him. Have you seen Peter? Do you know I love you and now I’m asking you, do you
love me? Do you know I love you? I love you. It’s night and day. We judge about global warming and politics and there is issues of race and economical things and education.

There are so many things we can be so busy judging people. It’s an imperfect world. People are judged and we
might say that’s right because judgment is right. Yes, but when Jesus came to Peter, he didn’t
come to judge Peter. He wanted the relationship. I want a relationship with you. You denied me
three times. I could judge you, but I didn’t come to judge you. I came to love you, serve you,
touch your life. I came as a servant. Last night was a great night because maybe 70 people
gathered for our June Alive outreach. I heard different stories. One elderly black woman came
out on her porch and said I was in my house and I didn’t know who you are but now I see you
are Jesus people.

Thank you for coming. My grandsons need you. Teach my grandsons. Moody’s
Sunday school teacher was a teenager and working in a shoe store in Boston. He went to a Bible
class in a church and his teacher saw him and then the teacher went to the store where he was
working, hunted up the newcomer and put his hand on Dwight’s shoulder. He said I’m
concerned for you. His lips trembled and he could say no more. When he was gone the boy said
to himself, here is a man who has known me only two weeks and he’s concerned about my
soul. I guess it’s time I was concerned about it myself. He went in the basement and knelt by
empty boxes and gave himself to Christ. So easy for him to become a believer and so easy for
that teacher to say a simple sentence that spoke to his heart.

He got saved and became an amazing evangelist. Soul winning is misunderstood by Christians. 95% of Christians never led a soul to the Lord in one of these statistics. Then they don’t know but God uses us. We touch
somebody. We sing a song. Oswald Chambers, no Charles Spurgeon was testing the acoustics in
a big hall. Say something. He yelled out, “Behold the lamb of God who takes away the sins of
the world.” A worker in the attic heard it and was converted with one Bible verse. We are in the
world and the issue is not judging people. The issue is love. Love changes people. One of the
brothers said, P. Stevens, maybe you should stop watching the news and go out and talk to
your neighbor. You might gain a lot more by loving your neighbor. It’s a world of judgment,
harsh, severe judgment everywhere.

The talk on the street is judgment. Looking down at people. Everywhere. Politicians, government authorities, leaders. It’s so common. Unfortunately, it can happen in the church and it happens in our own hearts. We have to learn love. Learn love. It’s not natural. We have to learn. I should ask myself the question, before I
judge someone, have I been a servant? Have I laid down my life? Have I cared for others?
Haven’t I done the same thing as that person, Romans 2:1. I would shift to what Jesus said to
Peter, do you love me? Peter is having a hard time answering that. He isn’t baptized with the
power of the Holy Spirit yet. He hasn’t found what will happen at Pentecost where that love is
like fire, the spirit of cleansing and purifying.

The love and devotion Peter had ended up in his martyrdom where he was being killed for his faith. Love. It’s amazing. James 4:11, speak not evil one of another brethren. Norm Myers said to me, he quoted a verse, Jesus said, “you being evil know how to give good gifts to your children.” That caught his spirit. He thought about it. He
shared it with me, and I also loved it too and got it too. You that are evil. You that give gifts to
your children. You that think so highly of yourself. You’re not good people. You are evil people.
You give good gifts to your children, but could you give good gifts to your enemy. No, we can’t
do that. This is what has happened to us. We have found our evil nature has been dealt with by Christ only by the Spirit filling us and only by Jesus Christ and his mind are we able to think in a
new way. Not to judge but to love.

This is written to the church, vs. 11. Those are believers. We speak evil one of another by our judging each other. I would love to see revival in Baltimore city because of oneness that we would all have. All the churches would have oneness because of the Holy Spirit. I would love to see all of that happening. I would like to be part of it. Maybe it is
happening, and I don’t know about it. If it is, we are in it. We are part of it without knowing it.
Sometimes and even of course with ourselves, we can be easily speaking evil of each other.
Speaking evil of each other. Speaking evil of the church. Speaking evil of evangelicals. Speaking
evil of the faith. Speaking evil of believing. Then the unbeliever who is judging in their self-
righteousness and they judge and talk and express themselves but there is not love there. Mt.
24 in the end times, the love of many will wax cold.

Love will disappear out of the encyclopedia. Love will become such a watered-down word that we won’t know what it means. Actually, we don’t know but the Spirit can teach us what love is and what it means to love. Vs. 11. Judging.
Isn’t it funny I’m going to say something, and I hope you understand me. You can have
somebody with folded arms looking down at you and saying something about the political issue
of the hour, maybe about corona or global warming or business or Black Lives Matter. There is a
judgment. You don’t _____. You fill in the blank. How do you know what is in my heart? How do
you know what I think about it? Why are you judging me when you don’t know? How do you
know what is in my heart? Put me as the judge.

I am judging another brother. I’m making a judgment on them and have to ask myself the question, how can I judge? How do I know what is in their heart? Have I walked with them? Am I put in a place of being a judge? If I am a judge,
then I am in a place of a judge and not a doer of the law. I am a judge of the law. What does it
mean to be a doer? It’s Jesus is the doer. He is loving. I’m not judging you. I’m loving you.
You’re not perfect, but I actually am perfect. I didn’t come into this world to judge you but save
you. I came to be a solution. I came to give you wisdom and help you in life. I came to die on a
cross so you could have a changed life. Are you wanting to be a judge or a doer of the law and
love like God loves? Which do you want to do?

That’s my message tonight for us to think about. I believe it could be said so many ways. Reaching children in our neighborhood. P. Gary and P. Renaldo and the folks that got this June Alive idea. This June Alive idea is beautiful. It’s not about living in this world to be judges of things but loving others that need love. They need a
word. They need a message. They need a prayer. They need God. They need to believe life is
more than people fighting with each other. I know of a church situation and it’s fighting. Could
you stop your fighting? Why are you fighting? Why is it in your heart to be a fighter? Why do
you have to be right? Why are you so combative? Why are you so angry? Why are you fighting?
The answer is this message.

Someone is a judge and they are judging, and that judgment comes back on them. The Lord says I’m not going to forgive you if you don’t forgive them. You are going to live in the bed you have made. If you want to live by law, you will be judged by law and are as guilty as the people you are judging. If you could die at the cross and humble yourself and say I am not perfect. I’m not right. I need to find God in a fresh new way. If we could
humble ourselves before the living God not people first but before God. To be humble before
God and be spiritual all the days of your life. It’s not hard to be a Spirit- filled believer living refreshed all the days of your life. That’s normal Christianity. We become the judges in life. We
become judges in life. We grieve the Holy Spirit. It says that, doesn’t it? Vs. 12. We’ll stop there.
A couple sentences.

Those who love deeply never grow old. They may die of old age, but they
die young. The loneliest place in the world is the human heart when love is absent. You take a
person and fill them with love and their whole world is different. They care. They reach out.
They think a certain way. They are Spirit-filled. They are not judges of old people. Young people
can judge old people. Old people can judge young people. I don’t judge anybody. That’s a great
answer. I want to be a servant. I can be a servant to a young man and live with him and sit
where he sits and be patient with him. We can do it with old people. There is no generation
gap. A Spirit-filled life there is love. Where there is unity, there is a blessing.

Wow. Love is not blind. It sees more not less. But because it sees more, it is willing to see less. Good word. Let me
say it again. Love is not blind. Here is Jesus. He has a lot to love. He is willing to see. He sees so
much but willing to see less because of that love that covers a multitude of sins. It covers
people. That’s what I am thinking about with the people shut in their homes and haven’t had
human touch and love and flow. I think we are made for love. I would like someone to love me.
This is the principle. I would like to love someone with this same love. Love people blindly but
love is not blind. It just chooses to see less. It doesn’t think evil.

When Jonathan said to David, my father is going to kill you, David is so naïve about it. The spear slipped out of his hand? The javelin? He is targeting you. David didn’t go to be fearing Saul, suspicious, worried about his
future. David had love. Love is what people are needing. Love is what moves us in our ministry
and moves us in our life. To Lou and Mariam Kahlenback, 64 years of marriage, 84 years old and
alive and kicking and doing really well. Love. That is what we learned from God. Love.


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