Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor David Moore
Sermon 11920
7:00 PM on 7/15/2020

P. Schaller –

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Wow! It’s so awesome. Life is about Jesus Christ. What a joy. We
have a special night tonight. We invited P. David Moore from upstate New York. We love this
guy. How many are from that ministry up there? Raise your hand. Many others. Beautiful.
We’re going to have an introduction, and l’d like you to turn to 1 Corinthians 14. This is from Sunday’s
message on the rain drop. The rain drop message. Rain drops keep falling on my – eh! What
about the deck out there? We call that the COVID free deck out there. It looks permanent,
doesn’t it? Convention. Keep everything in prayer as we make our way in this interesting time.
One thing for sure, there is a certain sound.

Turn to 1 Corinthians 14:8. Say that with me. If the trumpet give an uncertain sound. Would any one like to make a trumpet sound which is uncertain? Go ahead. Sounds like a hound dog! A ten-year-old boy learning to play the trumpet, you know, the squeaking and so on. We might not know what is really being said. But when God speaks to us through the Holy Spirit, there is a certain sound of Isaiah 30:20. There is a voice behind me
saying, “this is the way.” Our prayer is that God would move in our world and people would be
tired of all the raindrop that’s falling in Proverbs 27:15. A woman that is unhappy, deeply hurt,
angry, can be in the house and can be the constant sense of dissatisfaction. We said in our
Sunday message that this happens to us anyway. It might not be a contentious woman but it’s a
subconscious sound I hear from my own soul. You’ll never make it. You’re not good enough.
Quit now. Aren’t you tired? You know you did that. You know you’re no good.

This (drip, drip). It may not stop your whole life. It may be disappointment, regret, broken relationship, divorce,
broken heart and it’s in life. It’s here. The Wall Street Journal did an article on children’s deaths.
30 children under the age of 15 died from COVID. I think it was 30. Was it in only one area? In
the United States? 30 but 4,131 children die from accidental deaths like drowning and bicycle
accidents. 163 from the flu and 30 from COVID. It’s the argument that schools should open. It’s
very interesting the whole idea of how people can live and it’s just the same thing. The thing
about a drop of rain is it makes the same tone, the same sound constantly. It’s constant. There
is nothing fresh. This is my introduction tonight. When you hear from God as a way of life, it’s
very refreshing. You could even say I never heard that before. You could even say that’s

This is Mark 4:24. Take heed what you hear. Because the rain drop is what I hear, but
the big question is am I able to seek another sound? Can I look for and find another sound? Can
I hear in my spirit the Holy Spirit speak to me and build me up and lead us in faith. I’m available
to God whatever he wants to do and how he leads us as a Body. I don’t feel we fear things. We
want to be led by a certain sound. Jesus said you have to be careful however what you hear.
The news, we said it many times. It’s your life but you have to find out what is it you need to
hear that is able to keep you joyful, edify you, make you useful, fill you with the Spirit and lead
you in faith and stir our hearts in humility. I want to speak in the coming weeks on humility and
condescending to men of low estate. It’s in Romans 12.

People that are not powerful people that are low in our social status, social strata, – people that don’t have anything to offer you practically. They are not there for your ego. They are simple people that we love because God is
like that. God respects the lowly, the misfortunate, the unfortunate. It’s beautiful. It says don’t
be wise in your own conceits. I got off a little bit. I want to get back to this and finish. Take heed what you hear. Vs. 24. I believe if I bring my hearing is like this much. It’s in my hands and this is
what I get back. But if my hearing is this way, God gives me more. He that hears will hear. With
what measure I measure in my hearing is the measure that will be given to us. These have been
great days for us in the Body. This is growth.

This is prayer for our country. This is revival. These are great days. How can you say that? Don’t you know what is going on? I know the raindrop message it’s constant, doesn’t change and it irritates me after a while. I don’t really care about it. Where is God and what is he saying? He will lead the Jews out of Egypt and lead them into
the Promised Land. He’ll bring the Gospel into the third world and send laborers into the field
and he’ll make disciples in this time. This is nothing. We have the threat of death. This is
nothing. A vending machine can fall on you. By the way, if you are ever in an ocean swimming
and a shark circles you, don’t swim away from it. Stay there. Face your demons! I’m not kidding
you. The Navy Seals training. They have to swim in shark infested waters where the great
whites are in Southern California.

They have to do a two-mile swim in shark invested (waters). And their training is if a great white circle you, you stop and wait. If it comes to attack you, you hit it as hard as you can in the nose. It will turn and swim away from you. They have not lost a man from what I understand. Isn’t that cool! I don’t want to hear this raindrop all the time that
tells me nothing new, nothing valuable, nothing from God. It’s pent up anger and frustration.
We are called to hear. If we hear, look at what happens to us by hearing. By hearing your life is
changed. By hearing you have faith. By hearing you make good decisions. By hearing, you
overcome temptation. By hearing, you have a new friendship. By hearing, I got my wife. Look at
her down there! Our household is not the raindrops but the certain sound by God’s grace.
Thank you for your love and prayers and now we are going to do something else. Amen.

P. David Moore –

Good to be here with you. Thank you, P. Schaller for the privilege of coming
to be here with you and share the Word. P. Schaller called out those who have roots in our
ministry. Would you please stand? I want to know that I recognize you. Is that P. Brian back
there? I was going to Face Time you and say what side of the ocean are you on. And Ruth is
here. She’s not long in Baltimore. She’s heading back to Albania. Ruth Hulett is going to join her
family very soon on the mission field. You’ll be in our prayers. I think we’ll have the privilege of
supporting you. I think God will give us that privilege. Is Matt Roberge here? How’s your
eardrum? 100%. I busted an eardrum a couple weeks ago and thought of you. I fell off the boat.
It was nothing spectacular like you did. I just flopped in the water. No blood either.

I got gipped. He came up to do a live concert in Lake George. We went out in the boat to have a little fun
earlier in the day and he busted an eardrum and had water and blood draining out of his ear.
He was the lead singer. He was a trooper, smiled, and went on to glorify God and bring the
gospel at Lake George. I wanted to bring a quick word of encouragement on the critical
dynamic of divine joy. This is a divine provision. All through our earthly lives, there are times
ups and downs and times of blessing and trials and now the whole world is going through a trial
not just America. The whole world is in the grip of this pandemic, and some are trying to make
it worse than it is. Not that it’s not bad but some are trying to scare everyone. It brought uncertainty but as believers we have heard the certain sound.

Our hope is focused beyond this life and when and how it ends, and this provision of divine joy is especially sweet at this time. It’s God’s will for us to have this as his children whatever situation we are in. John. 15 is part of the
upper room discourse. They may have left the room at this point. They may have been out in
the streets of Jerusalem headed for the Kidron Valley. They may have even headed down into
the valley or across. We don’t know exactly. Maybe they were still in the upper room. Jesus
knows what is going to happen in the next 24 hours and others don’t. He knows their minds are
going to be blown and totally overcome with grief as they watch him die on the cross. They are
going to be totally shocked in an hour or two as they watch him surrender to the temple guard.
Jesus knows all of this but doesn’t tell them about what is going to happen.

He gives them promises, gives them directions to give them the strength not only for that trial. They probably
spent three days in utter despair until they saw him in the resurrection. But then beyond that to
sustain them for the rest of their lives and on into eternity. Ten of the original 12 died martyr’s
deaths and the only one that didn’t, John, they tried to kill him. They boiled him in oil three
times, but he wouldn’t cook, but that’s because he got another assignment. Your retirement
assignment John is to go on a barren rock out in the Mediterranean with a bunch of crazy
people and criminals and that’s how you are going to spent your early nineties. Not the
retirement plan I had in mind! But you are going to get to write the last book in the Bible! In
that case, sign me up Lord! Halleluiah!

The only one we know that he told he would die as a martyr was Peter and that was after the resurrection there by the sea of Galilee after he cooked them breakfast and after Peter led them on a fruitless to begin with fishing expedition. It was fruitless until Jesus showed up and pulled them through, let the net out on the other side and
then everything changed. As long as they were following Peter and his plan, they got nothing.
When Jesus shows up, they did what he said, and everything changed. He told Peter when you
are old, they will take you where you don’t want to go. He was telling him you will die as a
martyr. Not right away. Not until you are older. Not until you served. This is all implied there.
That’s because Peter was boasting on the night Jesus was betrayed.

I will die with you right now. Of course he wasn’t. Jesus had to tell him you will deny that you even know me three
times before the cock crows. That is the context of Jesus giving them all these precious
promises and directives in the upper room discourse and here the immediate context of
chapter 15 abiding in the vine. Four verses we are going to look at and focus on one of them, vs.
9-13. Three things we want to consider quickly here. The result of abiding in the Word of God
and in his love ensures our fruitfulness. If we just stay. Don’t get drawn away. It’s easy to get
occupied with the details of life. Not be drawn away from the Word of God and the love of God.
If we just stay, remain, adhere to, rely upon, MENO, the Greek word. Just stay and abide and
we will be fruitful.

There will be a satisfaction. Probably just about everybody here and if you
haven’t found it yet you stick around, and you will. The satisfaction of doing the will of God and
knowing we have done the will of God. Even before we see the fruitfulness of it, just knowing I
did my Father’s will. I did what he wanted. I honored and obeyed. There is a certain satisfaction
that comes with that and then even a greater satisfaction when we see the results of it not only
in our lives but in the lives of others. 2) It produces divine joy in all of it’s fullness. In this present situation and the whole world is nervous and jerky and no one knows what will happen next in
the short run. We all know what is going to happen next because the prophecies are written.

Not exactly what is going to happen tomorrow and in the newspapers, but in the long run we
are going to heaven and taking with us as many as we can. What happens between here and
there, there are a bunch of details and if we live by faith it can be exciting, not scary. Abiding
produces this divine joy. Not human or natural joy that comes or goes. The source is in heaven
and has nothing to do with circumstances on earth. It’s divine joy. It’s his joy. It becomes our
joy and he wants us to be full. Not half full or quarter full but full where it is obvious. We share
joy and we are smiling. We are looking for the next opportunity to let it out. I just had a quick
bite with my wife down at Fells Point before we came here. We overheard the couple at the
next table and the gal was saying it was her birthday. I wanted to sing happy birthday right on
the spot.

My wife said please don’t. I said, okay, hon, I won’t because I love you and I’m here
for you. I didn’t sing happy birthday then. As we are leaving, I couldn’t resist. I had to say happy
birthday just to get a response. She appreciated it. We had a quick exchange. I really didn’t sing.
I might have sung a couple words, but I didn’t sing the whole song. My wife didn’t even mind.
At that point, she saw the results. The joy. 3) It enables us to love with divine love. This is
supernatural for us to love our enemies, to love people that don’t want us. We can do that.
How many have done that? You have loved people that don’t want you to love them. You’ve
done it and loved them anyway not just to provoke them but really love them. Once I blew a
kiss to a guy in traffic.

He was so mad. I don’t get involved in road rage, but I cause it! That’s
another story I can tell at the rap. I actually felt guilty. I shouldn’t do that. I provoked the guy
and didn’t mean to provoke him, but once I learned I provoked him, I’m glad I did! You got what
you needed! Better get off that subject! John. 17:12-13 we find Jesus praying. This is his high
priestly prayer to his Father for his disciples and by extension for us. John. 17:12-13, this is Jesus
praying to his Father for them and us that we would have his joy fulfilled here in this world. Of
course it will be in heaven. That will be easy. Here it may not always be easy but it’s always
wonderful and powerful for us to have divine joy right here and right now. People will wonder,
why? They will think we are happy.

Behind happy, I am filled with divine joy. Not that we would give that answer but sometimes that might be the answer to give. I’m not going to let people think I’m a nice guy. If you only knew. If I am, Jesus gets the credit. That’s for sure. Without Jesus, you wouldn’t even want to know me. If someone notices we have divine joy, we may just
call it what it is and not let them get away with thinking that we are happy. Psalm 16:11, I don’t
think we have to wait until we are there in his presence. He is with us now and will never leave
us or forsake us, so if we will fellowship with our heavenly Father through the Holy Spirit and
recognize his presence with us right here right now, we can have fullness of joy. Jesus prayed
for us to have it. He told his disciples this is why I am giving you my Word that my joy would be
in you and your joy would be full.

As we acknowledge him in all our ways, he promises to direct
our paths and we will have that fullness of joy. In his presence is fullness of joy. Psalm 30:5 but
joy comes in the morning. In a crowd this size, there are probably some that are going to weep
maybe tonight. Maybe you were weeping before you came here. It’s part of the human
experience. Things happen, but we have a Father, a provider, a Savior and he promises joy comes. The tears are temporary. The joy is an eternal provision. We can touch it at any moment
in time by faith and it is our destiny for age upon age. Joy comes in the morning. There is a
portion, Nehemiah 8. You are familiar with this portion. They’ve come back and they rebuilt the walls
in record time. Nehemiah is a great leader.

Thank God for the leadership you have here with Pastor Schaller and all the team, men of God, women of God that are here. People humble enough to receive grace from God and lead the charge and prepare others to be leaders. So Nehemiah came back, didn’t listen to the enemies. Got down to business. They build the wall.
Once they build the wall, they began to read the Scriptures. Their hearts were broken because
they realized the sins of the forefathers had caused the Babylonian captivity. The walls they just
finished rebuilding got wrecked because of the former sins of Israel. As they were hearing the
law being read by Ezra, they began to weep. They were brokenhearted over the sins. Not their
own sins but the sins of others. Actually I’m going to pause there because there’s a momentary
commentary in our situation.

There are people in America who want to make us feel guilty for
being Americans. They want us to feel really bad over the past sins of Americans. American is
self-correcting. I’m not buying it. I’m still proud to be an American. Thankful. That doesn’t mean
that Americans haven’t made mistakes, but we will face them and rectify them. I’m not going to
feel guilty that America hasn’t been perfect. Or on a personal level, there are people that live in
regret. God hasn’t called us to that. Our sins have been paid for by the blood of Jesus Christ.
Not so we can wring our hands and mourn over them for the rest of our lives, but so we can say
thank you Jesus for forgiving me and cleansing me and filling me with your Spirit. Let me bring
the message to those that need it. Let’s go forward and not get stuck in the past and regret and
that’s exactly the message getting back to Nehemiah. They saw the people. They are all

They are all weeping, and Ezra and Nehemiah got out and said stop it. This isn’t
a day to weep. They bring out the fact, listen. You are hearing the Word of God. You are
responding to God. There is a time for repentance and brokenness but that’s not this time. Now
it is a time to rejoice. We just finished building the wall. You are hearing the Word of God. We
are here to serve the Lord. Today is a day for us to rejoice and celebrate and have a party, have
a feast. The joy of the Lord is your strength. For us to remember that, that the joy of the Lord is
our strength. If there needs to be a moment of remorse, regret or repentance, – yes, that’s holy.
But don’t get stuck there.

The devil would love to get us stuck on a guilt trip, instead of giving
thanks for what God has done about our past and anybody else’s past for his glory. So we can
have fellowship with him and bring others into fellowship with him. Couple verses from Romans
14:17. Romans 15:13, here is the apostle Paul writing to the church at Rome. He’s speaking of our
God being a God of hope and his prayer is they would be filled with joy and peace in believing.
It’s by faith we access this faith. By believing the promises of God we receive this divine joy
along with peace and love and the rest of the fruit of the Spirit. It is all by faith, but it is
powerful. It is divine. It is eternal. I think I wouldn’t be right to finish without mentioning this.
There is a specific joy that comes with soul winning.

God wants us to have divine joy and it’s big and it’s broad, but there is a specific joy that comes with soul winning. Joy when even when one soul is saved. Jesus made a point of demonstrating that when he told the parables in Luke
15, the parable of the lost sheep and the lost coin and the lost son. In each one of those parables when the shepherd brings the one back, he leaves the 99 and finds the one and bring
it back, he is rejoicing, and Jesus makes the comment there is joy in heaven when one sinner
repents. It would appear there is a continual rejoicing in heaven in the church age because
people are getting saved all over the planet as the gospel goes out. Heaven is cheering. The
people in heaven are cheering every soul that gets saved. Someone in heaven was maybe
praying for that. Maybe it was their child or another family member or a friend.

They have gone to heaven ahead but now they know this one is going to come as well. So the rejoicing
goes on and on. When the lost coin was found, the woman called her neighbors and said rejoice
with me. Jesus said the angels rejoice when one sinner repents. The lost son, when the son
returns, the father throws the party. You know the story. The complete restoration and the joy
that was there. Yes, he went out and lived wickedly but that wasn’t the point. He was back and
restored and it was time to rejoice. We probably have some loved ones, friends, maybe some
relatives that are backslidden. They are not bringing to God at this moment of time but maybe
by tomorrow as we pray, as we love. Maybe next week.

The sooner the better and for us to be able to rejoice with them and let them know that they are – oftentimes they come back kind of shyly, eyes cast down and wondering are they even going to let me in. For them to get met with
that kind of full on. Like the father received the prodigal son full of love and joy at their return.
That’s the way they need to be met. Psalm 126 we find the soul winner’s joy there. Those that
go forth weeping bearing precious seed shall doubtless come again rejoicing bringing the
sheaves. That’s why we go. We go out looking for the lost souls and there is joy in it. I’m going
to close with one verse from Isaiah 51. It speaks of the end of the story. Vs. 11. We can have the
joy of the Lord right here now and it will strengthen and encourage us. It’s really good

People won’t understand it. They will have questions and that’s where we come
in, to answer those questions. It’s our forever. It’s ours. It’s everlasting joy and it’s going to be
on our heads and everywhere else for that matter. To have our experience be the fullness of
the joy of the Lord. The joy of the Lord. The joy of the Lord. Thank you for listening. Appreciate
you. Appreciate you men of God. Let’s enjoy this provision of divine joy. I know most of you.
You are my brothers and sisters. I know many of you. I see familiar faces and we got stories.
Some of you maybe haven’t met me yet but I’ll be back for Convention. (Prayer).


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