Walking with God means the way of the Cross. Jesus wants us to learn the Cross and bring all things there. Paul kept pressing on after Jesus. He always moved with God. Keep yourself in the way. (Jeremiah 6:16; 1 Corinthians 1:18-21; Philippians 3:10-13)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller

Sermon 12400
6:30 PM on 11/2/2022


P. Schaller –

Turn with me to Phillippians 3. Jemima really has worship in her heart, doesn’t she? Really. Wow. Leading us in
worship. Wow. That’s beautiful. That was awesome. Thank you, Jesus. Jesus. If you keep your
finger, we’ll look at Jeremiah. We’re going to look at Phillippians 3. Jeremiah 6:16.
Remember to vote and your vote is important. Remember that. This is the time of year to be
praying and thinking about it and of course higher ground, the higher ground is thinking with
God and worshipping God and your relationship with God. I believe if we are worshipping God
and living in faith and listening, then our life greatly benefits.

In this verse Jeremiah 6:16, tonight for a few minutes – before I start, I want to welcome P. Arto and
Yulia. Where are they? Want to stand up? Yeh, come on. Stand up. Great to have you. Yes. You
are much loved in this church. You really invested a lot by your heart and your faith and your
love. Really. Thank you.

Nathan returned from Finland. So, Nathan had a great time. I want to use you a little bit tonight
in the message. And then is there somebody else here visiting. I’m not sure. What? You want to
stand cause I can’t hear. If you’re here maybe from abroad. P. Boger is here and his wife,
Melody, Sebastian’s sister and brother-in-law. Anybody else? Anyway, we are asking for the old
paths, right? Look at Jeremiah 6:16. (Prayer).

Wow! This will be fun. Pray for me. I know you pray for me and pray for the ministry and what’s
going on. This is such a moment right now. This very moment to feel and sense that God can
speak to our hearts. It can be very simple but we pray that it would be really from the Spirit,
that God would speak to our hearts. We would go home tonight saying thank you, Lord. I got a
slice of bread. I got something. I saw it or I understood it. I believe it. I’m walking in it. Thank
you, God. Wow.

Vs. 16. Now when you think of old paths, I want you to go in your Bible. Who is way back in the
Bible walking a certain path? Way back in the history. Enoch walked with God and he was not.
Noah walked with God and built an ark. Abel offered the blood. What is an old path? It's not the
path of man which we will see in a second. It’s another way. It’s a different way, and I want to, I
want the Lord to say something to us about it. We will say also we ask for the old path. One
that works. That’s a good way of saying it. It works. It actually gets you from here to there. It
works. Wow. It’s the old path. It’s the way to heaven. It’s the way to God.

What good is it if I’m walking away and it’s around here and there and I’m somehow lost or
wandering. These paths that we watch in our politics today. These paths. Have you noticed how
dangerous and perilous they are? How wrong they are. But how wise man is in his 1 Cor. 1 the
wise man. The wise man of the world. But we are different. We are asking for something that’s
different from the wisdom of the world. We want another way. We have found it as well.

Vs. 16. Confidence. Peace. Rest. Long life. Sometimes I think in the Bible of the period of time
when men lived hundreds of years. And we can hardly live seventy when we are wanting to go
home and be with the Lord! They lived hundreds of years before the flood. Did they have rest
for their soul? They said, “we will not walk therein.”

Turn now with me to 1 Corinthians 1. We’ll get to Phillippians 3. 1 Corinthians 1:18, easily we could just slip over
those words. They’re like a religious phrase for us unless we really break it down and think
about it and practice it. The preaching of the cross. That’s one of our primary meditations as
born again believers is the cross. It’s so different from us. Like Jesus died on the cross. We don’t
want to die. Jesus looks like a fool. We want to look wise. Jesus is stripped and naked and then
we want to be clothed. Jesus is weak. We want to be powerful. We want to be accepted. We
want to be popular or accepted or understood. We want the applause and we want the
approval of people.

But the cross is where God meets us. It’s the only meeting place where God meets us in a
certain sense. I think he meets us in the ditch, the gutter, under the bridge. He’ll meet us in the
university classroom. He’ll meet us anywhere of course. He is everywhere. But what he does in
our lives and when we become believers, he wants us to learn the cross. It’s almost like I live
my life and I bring into my life a way of thinking that challenges my flesh. My natural man.
People don’t have this. They don’t have this old path. This unique way that God works. They
have other pathways. They don’t have this one. It’s not natural. It’s not the wisdom of the

Look at vs. 18. I think what we are doing tonight could be seen as foolish in the eyes of the
world because they don’t understand it. They don’t know the power of it. They don’t know the
old pathway. They are not even asking for a pathway. They’re just living their life. They’re just
living their life like the way it is naturally lived everywhere. Look at vs. 18b. What? The cross is
the power of God. God’s power is in that. It’s a paradox, isn’t it? There it is on the wall. And it’s
weak and foolish and shameful and there is the power of God. And the strength of God and the
mind of God at the cross.

When the Holy Spirit saved you and came in you and you have this new heart, then you ask and
standing in the way where is the old path? The one that worked for Noah and Abraham. The
one that really changes your life. Where is that? What is it? And we are saying using this text
that it is the way of the cross.

Look at vs. 19. I remember back in the 80’s I think, there was a big movement for
homosexuality to be accepted as a popular or as an acceptable lifestyle. There was a big push,
1984. And the politicians were saying it’s fine. It doesn’t hurt anybody. It’s just something
historically that has always existed and we should extend our hand out and even they get
married and that’s the end of it. That’s the end of it. Really? Is that the end of it? There’s power in that movement. There’s the wisdom of the world in it. There is the destruction. Not the
solving of a problem but the destroying of lives. Another side to their mind, their philosophy.
It’s like that in a lot of ways in the world we live in.

They are promoting something but don’t know the result. They are talking about solving a problem but where does it go? Why don’t they know where it goes? Because they don’t have wisdom.
The wisdom of this world is saying we will solve the problem and then we are aborting babies.
In California, I heard they passed a law, 28 – is that right, Jen – 28 days after the birth of the
baby, you can kill the baby. That’s infanticide, isn’t it? Where is the wisdom of the world with
solving problems? How do people, where does it take us? Where is it going? Anybody have a
clue? I’ll tell you. It leads to the crucifixion of God.

That’s the wisdom of the world that God came and we crucified him. It came to the persecution
of the church. The closing down of churches. The martyrdom of preachers like Vladimir and
Ridley and Smithfield, England. Burned at the stake. The wisdom of the world. The burning of
Bibles. The imprisonment of Christians. The wisdom of the world. The way of the world. The
world doesn’t have the cross. They don’t understand it. They don’t see it.

But if you take a group of people like us that are learning the cross, do you know what we
have? We have power. What do you mean power? Joy, love, faith, freedom. Truth. Another
kind of wisdom. God given gift. Wisdom from above. Where does it say that? James 3. How do
you raise your family? We need the wisdom from above, don’t we? How do you run a business?
It’s wisdom from above. How do you keep your marriage which can be very challenging and
that’s not an indictment about anybody who has failed in it. We all fail. We all fail. But what
does wisdom do? It gets us. Takes up the cross. Goes on and there is power in it.

Read the text, please. Vs. 19. Lord, are you destroying the wisdom of the wise? But wait a
minute, Lord. I got my smartphone. God could say your smartphone has made you an idiot. You
know a lot but do you know how to walk across the street? Do you know how to love your
neighbor? You have a lot of knowledge about this and that but I will destroy the wisdom of the
wise. We have made airplanes and machines that are absolutely astounding. And medical
services that keep us together.

There are so many good things that have come out of the engineering and the intelligence and
the determination and the planning of man. But it’s going to come down we read. And even the
skeptic says we could be in a nuclear war that could exterminate the human race. Yes, that
could happen. It’s not going to because Christ will return but that’s where it’s going. I will
destroy the wisdom of the wise. I will make them fools. They will be fools. They will lie down in
sorrow. Wow.

Let’s go to the text there, vs. 20. I’ll bring it down. They don’t have it. They don’t have it. Where
is the wise? Vs. 20. Where is the scribe? Where is the wise? I meet them every day. How about
you? I meet the wise man. The wise man is saying I don’t need any religion. The wise man is
saying I got everything under control. My retirement fund is in good shape. The wise man is
saying I’m highly educated. The wise man is saying I got it all and then we are saying really? Do
you? Are you wise? Are you going to heaven? I don’t believe in that. I don’t believe in God. Or I
believe in God but I don’t believe in religion. I don’t have any religion. He’s a wise man. He is.
But he doesn’t have the pathway. He doesn’t have it.

That’s why we evangelize, open our mouths and say something. Share a proverb. Talk about a
testimony. Tell a story. Be a talker. Just talk. Talk about God. Talk about the Scripture. Talk
about life. Talk about what you found. Share your faith. Just be a talker. Just be kind and be a
talker and listen to people and talk to them because in their hearts they know it’s a troubled

And the wisdom that is in this world – hello? Do you see the wisdom that is in the world and
where it’s taking us? One person said to me, they said, wow, America has changed. And I’m so
concerned about my country cause my country is going to follow America. My country is going
to vote and follow the United States of America. They’re going to do what they do. I go the
world is going in a certain direction fulfilling the Scripture as prophesied. Okay. So, this is one
part of the message but not the main thing I want to say.

Go to vs. 20. I will leave you with that verse for your own message. You can discuss that verse
and really challenge yourself with that verse 20. It’s a very, very profound statement. If that is
true, then we are in a very troubled time. The world has always been like that. But God in his
wisdom is allowing the world in history to happen because he’s fulfilling his purpose. What he
says to the church is to know the cross as a way of life. He says to us take up the cross. He says
to us have it in your life, the cross, so that you will find God, his wisdom, and his power. You’ll
find another way. And you will have rest for your soul. You’ll have peace in your heart. This is
what we want to say.

Go to vs. 21. By their wisdom and there were many intelligent, wise people in the time of Jesus.
They were the leaders. They were very smart, very efficient, proficient, capable men. But they
by wisdom did not know God. They did not know him. They did not know his wisdom. When he
gave a good answer, the best, – when Jesus gave an answer, shocking, and there’s silence. Their
wisdom – they didn’t have the wisdom to say, maybe he’s right. He’s right I think. This man is
unusual. I need to humble myself before God. I need to seek God. I need to find the truth. I’m
going to listen to more of him with an open heart. He challenges my religion, challenges my
pride, challenges my way of prayer. He challenges my way of thinking about the law of Moses.
He is challenging me but I realize that I am smart, efficient, capable, approved by the world but
I could be wrong. Very wrong. And he’s the answer for me. Wow.

So go to the last part of the message tonight is Phillippians 3. Paul in this chapter describes his
conversion and then his way of life. He wanted Jesus in his life so much that he would do
anything that was he would go to the cross and count everything that was for his benefit as
dung. Everything that would give him credit. His genealogy, his last name, his birthright, his
wealth, education. Everything. His self-righteousness. He would bring it all to the cross and
then he would find God. God would show him.

Vs. 10. That is why I love our church so much because I feel we have – I know we have heard
about the cross in some measure embraced it. Counted the cost. Gave up. Surrendered.
Became worshippers. He leads us. We are empowered. We are able to do things. We are joyful
as we do them. We are not manipulative in our leadership. We are free spirited. We are
worshippers. The power is in God. How could you get people to do things? We don’t do it by
nature. It’s not our personality. It’s not our skill. It’s the cross. If we have the cross, you taste
the reality. I taste the reality. We are anointed with the power of God. And we’re just available
to God. We found the old pathway that works, that changes lives. It helps people. It gives

Long periods of time where you are just able to do what you do for long periods of time because
God has showed us that if we can lose our life, we will gain it. We will gain his life and his life is
what is in us. That’s what we follow. Paul is saying it to the Philippians and he tearfully said in
vs. 18 regarding people he said “many walk of whom I have told you often and now tell you
even weeping, they are the enemies of the cross of Christ.”

Now sometimes when you read your Bible you might say that’s about the unbeliever. The
unbeliever is an enemy of the cross. But in the context, he’s writing to believers. And even in
the church, there are those that are the enemies of the cross. They’re more concerned with the
tradition, maybe the building. They’re more concerned with their reputation, what the city says
about them or thinks about them. Or what they are gaining or long history of accomplishments
and take it upon themselves as a proudful group of people or individuals.

And he is saying, no. They are the enemies of the cross. Really? Lord Jesus, are we your enemies
of the cross? You love Jesus but you don’t want the cross. You love Jesus. You love the church.
You love your friends. You love people but you don’t like the cross. The cross. That’s bringing
my life to God, isn’t it? Giving God first call. Your business. Your work, Lord. Lead me. Yes.
Vs. 10-11 He knew he was going to be resurrected, but he’s talking about a higher quality
resurrection. The out- resurrection it’s called in the Greek. He was anticipating a better
resurrection. I think the resurrection is all – my words of trying to explain this – we are all
resurrected. We all go to the bema seat and we all get reward but some have another degree of
glory. That’s 1 Corinthians 15.

There are degrees of glory in the resurrection. He wanted to know God
and he wanted it to be seen also not for his ego. It’s not about ego. It’s about glorifying God. It’s about God is glorified. To glorify God by your life, by taking up the cross and somebody
benefited from your life because of the cross and the glory and the power of it. So, skip down.
We’re going to finish here. Skip down to vs. 13. He’s desiring something but he’s saying I haven’t gotten it but I desire it.
And that is in this lifetime. It’s not finished. You want it, wanting it, apprehending, getting ahold
of what my calling is, what I’m really after. It’s kind of like you have it in your hand. Paul could
say I’m an apostle. I’m a pastor. I’m a preacher. I’m a teacher.

Then it’s like, no. No. Yes, I am but where did it go? It’s Jesus. I haven’t arrived. I’m always desiring. I’m always going for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. I want Jesus in my life. You’ve already arrived. Sit
down. Take a chill pill. Take it easy. Cool it. Chill it. You’ve already arrived. I know what you
mean. I understand. I understand. I’m very relaxed. But I have it in my heart because that cross
means there’s always life, God, power, wisdom and I need it all my life. Not as though I’ve
apprehended like I’ve got it packaged. No, but I press on.

Look at the next verse, vs. 13. By the way, you forget the things that are behind that have been
successful and that have been failures. You can forget everything behind you. God will sort
through it all at the bema seat. I judge not myself. It’s a small thing for me to be judged of you,
Paul said. For me to be judged of you is a small thing or to be judged of anybody. Yeah, I judge
not my own self. But I will be judged on that day at the bema seat he said.

So, what do we do? We press on. What do you mean press on? The pathway, the old pathway
the good way, the real way, the way the world doesn’t have. The world is following in their
foolishness and they are on a slippery slope and it’s not going to end well individually,
collectively, in our world. It’s not going to end well. That’s not pessimistic. It’s just biblical. We
have a lot of hope and peace and love and rest and we’re wanting to win people to another
way. We would like to win them. We would like to talk to them and preach the gospel to them.
When Nathan was in Finland, P. Arto on a team and they are on the street at the train station.
P. Arto said it well the other day.

Finland is a secular society. Very educated. Relatively very
wealthy, educated people. And like in the secular world have left the church. So, Nathan and
Benscu are there to do sketch board at the train station. But they feel by the atmosphere
intimidated. Have you felt that way? Do you know what that is? To be somehow, somehow very
cautious, too careful, afraid to even talk to foreign strangers about anything, not to mention
telling them about Jesus. Have you felt that? Okay. What did they do in principle? What did
they do when they felt that way? They prayed they said. They prayed like ten minutes before
they did the sketch board.

In my words – I don’t know. You can ask them – in my words, I go to the cross. The cross in
things like that. Are you ashamed of the gospel? Maybe I am. I should go to the cross. There
Jesus is saying come and be with me. The world will hate you. I am here hanging as a fool. Can you open your mouth? That’s a little bit of a dramatic scenario but I want to say it for all of us
all the time. The picture is there will be times when the atmosphere and the people we are with
and everybody in the world is super charged. Quiet. Don’t say a thing. Keep it to yourself. Don’t
say a thing. You have no right to do that. Back off. Go to your church. Like they did in England
years ago. You could preach only in the church but the preachers that were on fire would go to
the graveyards.

John Wesley stood on the tombstone of his father who was a pastor and John Wesley preached
in the cemetery. That’s when he understood that the Holy Spirit was with him. He went field
preaching until he was 87 years old. Preaching, riding horses, carriages, preaching. The birth of
the Methodist movement that came here to the colonies and preaching the power of God to
change people.

So, they did the sketch board. Some people stopped. They did their thing and then they were
filled with joy. Is that right, Nathan? Do you want to stand and just say it in a word? Just say we
were filled with joy. I’ll tell you want to say! No, I mean really? Were you? Really? You were
filled with joy? Yeah.

What about paying my bill to my landlord? What about voting? What about helping my
neighbor? What about forgiving somebody of something? You go to the cross. What about
getting up in the morning when you don’t want to? I don’t want to get up. I don’t want to get
up. Could I go to the cross? Could I go to the place where I meet God and give to him my
laziness, my indifference, my tiredness, my excuses? I’m a victim. I’m hurt. Nobody loves me.
I’m wounded. Could I go to the cross and find the life of God and the power of God?

Paul said even weeping they are the enemies. They are Christians that are the enemies of the
cross of Christ. Let’s look for the pathway that comes from heaven and think about it and walk
in it. And when you walk in it, there will be something happening in your heart. Don’t blame
your husband or your wife. Go to the cross. Love them. Forgive them. Go to the cross. Find God.
It might not happen immediately. I say why did I get this blessing and God said because you
took up the cross and you trusted me and you brought your flesh to the cross and live by faith.
I’m doing this now. Look what I’m doing. God could say from heaven look at what I am doing.
No doubt you are doing it. You are doing it. This is how you work. We take up the cross in our
everyday life and find his life.

I want you to make your own version of what I am saying. I don’t want you to be condemned. I
want you to apply it to your life whatever way that means. I want you to be serious with God.
It’s your business. I have nobody in mind. I’m not preaching to any on person here. I’m just
saying it to all of us because it came to my mind yesterday morning that there are people as
Christians that have never learned the message of the cross and bringing that into their life.

They are always busy talking and trying to solve problems and do their thing and they haven’t
been serious in meeting God at the cross and find a new way. Okay. Amen. Let’s pray.


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