The eternal Word has been from beginning. The Word is what gives the way of life. The Word and the Spirit bring us life. (John 1:1)

Speaker(s): Steven Scibelli, Thomas Schaller, Peter Westera
Sermon 12359
6:30 PM on 8/21/2022

P. Pete Westera –

Hello everybody. Why are you laughing? We just got back. We had a great week. We really did. I was
so happy driving home and talking with my wife. Thankful to God. Just a beautiful time. P. Gary
Groenewold preached to us Sunday morning last week. It really helped us put some thoughts in
our hearts. With those thoughts, we went to camp.

He said that one of the most beautiful things to see is watching the Body pick up their cross or
watching the Body lay down their life. All week I was thinking about that. It was really like that.
There was 87 staff members up there working very hard. Not all of it is fun you know. Usually,
you’re sleep deprived and all kinds of other problems, but you know, they were doing it. They
were doing it. I have, we have these radios. Maybe 18 of us, I don’t know, have radios. All week
I was hearing someone call hey, can someone grab this? Someone on the other side of the
campus would say, I’ll get it. Then someone would say, I need this and then someone would
say, I’m coming. I’ll get it for you. And then someone else. All day long this is how it – all you
had to do is hint that you need help or that you’re overwhelmed with something. Just the
entire conversation over the radios was so edifying to me cause people were so eager to help
us and help everybody and help each other and lay down their lives.

I’m just – I know enough, I’ve been around long enough to know when we have unity and when
we don’t. I’d have to say this is one of my greatest experiences of unity that we’ve had with
such a large team which is not easy to do especially under stress, sleep deprived, under
pressure. I think God helped us. We went with the right heart. I’m just proud of the staff. I
really am. Amazing people. Amazing to see honestly.

I could talk to you for hours about little things. These little things that you need at camp that
someone has that gift or that ability that I don’t have in a million years but this person has it
and there he is and he’s doing it. It just comes together beautifully, so you know, we don’t
operate with heroes. There’s not one or two or five people that do everything. It’s just a lot of
people doing a lots of little things. That was a great blessing for me to watch. I was thoroughly
enjoying that. And very thankful for that. Some of those staff members are here. I wish I could
name names but it doesn’t work. It just backfires because you’re going to forget people.
Anyone that has the camp life look, just thank them for me. Like this one!

We did have some beautiful moments I think. First of all, P. Jason came to camp! Actually, he
thrived. He thrived. Every day, he was smiling. We were a little worried about him in the
beginning, but he did wonderful. I loved it. Actually, I think he’s quitting the inreach
department! He’s going to join youth ministry. You’ll have to figure that out. He wants to come
to Camp Life Europe and Camp Life. One is not enough for him anymore. I loved that he came.
That was beautiful. Awesome to see him.

We had prayer meetings in the morning and they’re awesome. They’re really special for us and
a lot of kids coming to them. Lot of kids which I am always a little bit surprised when they show
up. But they like it and love it. Many of them told me they love the prayer meetings. Those are
maybe like – someone said the prayer meetings in the morning are like a conference. That’s just
a beautiful thought for us to know we have a beautiful worship time in the morning with

The messages with P. Love really has an anointing at camp. He preaches and there was one
message – I have been listening to P. love for 40 years. Forty years. Next year will be 40 years. I
have never seen him do this. Around the camp fire he’s preaching and talking about Abigail,
David’s second wife. And he is just telling the story and he gets the crowd into it, 270 teenagers,
87 adults. Not teenagers but kids. They are just cheering during this message. I can’t even
describe it to you. Or they are booing it. Booing when it’s a bad part of the story.

What was Abigail’s first husband’s name? Nabal. I got it. Nabal. So, he was the bad guy and the
whole crowd was just booing him every time P. Love said his name. His name means stupid and
everyone goes ahhh! And then in the end it’s quiet and he goes would you believe it? David
marries Abigail and the whole crowd, 350 people go yeah! It was the most amazing thing. I
thought we were turning Pentecostal! I don’t know what was happening. It was an amazing job
of preaching and getting kids to interact with the story for 20 or 30 minutes. Then everyone is
talking about how we are Abigail’s and just the theme of the message and everyone
understands what it means.

He’s a gifted man and we’re very grateful for him to be there and
preach to us. And then he was the last to leave. Every year, he’s the last to leave campus. The
captain of the ship is the last to leave. So, that’s probably why he’s not here. I don’t think he’s
here, right? So, thank God for him.

This morning we had a baptism. That was just a beautiful moment. The Belgium kids that you
met got baptized. Maybe you didn’t meet them but they were here last week. You know, there
is like tears. They’re serious. This is a serious moment for them. They’re ready to show the
world that they’re saved. They belong to Jesus. One of them waited. I was with her in Georgia
for Camp Life. I was with her in Romania for Camp Life. I was with her in Finland but she was
waiting for Camp Life America. That’s where she wanted to get baptized. So, I think she was
waiting for that. Just a beautiful way to end Camp Life.

Then I’ll share one verse with you quickly. We had this devotional one morning. Php. 4:7, you
know, I was thinking about it like I have never heard it before. This idea that there is a peace
which is passed my own comprehension. I can sense it maybe but I cannot describe it cause it
comes from the mind of God. I know when I have it, but I don’t quite know how it all works. It’s
beyond my mind. Peace that passes understanding. There’s this peace and we can have it.

And the second part is that this peace can keep my heart. That word “keep” the best way
maybe to describe it as a word picture would be that it’s a garrison, an army around my heart.
So, I picture I have a heart and it’s vulnerable. It is under attack. It is prone to all kinds of
craziness but there is also a peace which will protect me from myself and from all kinds of

My favorite word in that verse is “and” because “and” means that it’s a result. It’s a result of
something. Peace coming to me as a result and of course we know what goes before it. Rejoice
in the Lord. We did that at camp. We really did. Rejoice in the Lord. Always. Pray. We did that at
camp. And be thankful. We did that at camp. And I have this in my mind that there is 270 kids
that have a little tiny garrison around their heart because they did and I know I do so I pray that
they do. Praise the Lord. Thank you Jesus.

P. Scibelli –

You would stand with me for the whole message! No, I’m just kidding! Wow. If you
could put up on the screen John 1:1. I’m going to talk about the Bible tonight. Is that okay? The
Bible. Say, the Bible. The Word. The Scriptures. Yeah, God is right. Can you get that up there?
Okay. There it is. We’re going to learn this verse tonight. I know we already know it, but we’re
going to learn this verse. “In the beginning was the Word.” Say that. “And the word was with
God. And the word was God.” One more time. (Prayer).

As Jemima was singing that song, I was thinking in Genesis 1, 2, and 3, I think it says 25 times
“and God said” or “God called.” That’s how the word in Genesis 1, 2, and 3. God said. God said. God
said. God called. God called. God said. And God said. God said. That to me is remarkable. The
importance of God’s Word.

Just a little side light illustration before I get to the heart of this message, I don’t know who was
with me whether it was my wife or someone else in 1996. There was this man on the other side
of the street. I was watching him because he had a certain hat on. I was just looking at him. Hey
you? Come over here. Come over here. Hurry up. Hurry up. And he crossed the street. It was in
Wandegeya in Kampala, Uganda. He crossed the street. He’s just looking at me. I said, have you
ever heard the gospel? He was just still staring at me in a strange way.

He was a Ugandan who had actually been to America for eight years and he was the first person
that ever came to the church in Uganda. We had the church in the – listen to where we had the
church. I think you’ve known this before. We had the church – the church began at the YMCA. I
like the YMCA because I was a member. My father was a member. A lot of us were members of
the YMCA in Springfield, Mass. I went there and said, I’m a lifelong member. Give me a room.
The guy looked at me and said, who are you? I said I’m a YMCA. I’m a man from the YMCA. He
actually gave us a room. I think he gave it to us for free.

And so, we started the GG church. He said I don’t have a room but if you clean the kitchen, the
kitchen can be used. I don’t know anything about Africa, but it was interesting. Amazing Linda.
She would clean – remember that? Clean the kitchen and I mean this kitchen was used all day
long. She would clean the kitchen, her and a few other people, but her for the most part and
then we would have church service in the kitchen. It was amazing. We had seven graduates
who were ordained from the kitchen. Seven people that started Bible school in the kitchen and
ended up leading in the ministry and are still around. It’s really incredible.

The importance of the Scripture. “In the beginning was the word.” This speaks of how eternal
the word is. The word is eternal. It’s not just black letters on white pages but absolutely eternal.
It’s incredible. I think this week if I’m not – sometimes my figures are a little bit too low or my
wife will say often too high but I think we have 3,100 people starting Bible school this week and
last week around the world. Thirty one hundred Bible college students. Can you imagine? Say
halleluiah to that! And you can be 3101, 3102, 3105, whatever it may be. We have 1,150 in
Africa alone. One thousand one hundred and fifty students are in Bible school in 25 countries
because we see the importance of Bible school and so do many other people around the world,
America in our ministry everywhere.

How vital is this Word. “In the beginning was the word.”
this Word is eternal. We base our lives; we base our lives on his word. It’s absolutely eternal.
And this is important to understand. There’s a lot of things that are going to be passing away.
Did you know that? I mean, I was thinking about it the other day. I’m 75. Where did this go?
Where did the 75 years go. Vapor. Thank you for helping me! It’s like a vapor, James 4. Gone!
And what not. You just think about it and so all of this. The buildings. The cities. The continents.
Everything. Heaven and earth will what? Are you sure? Yes it does say that. Heaven and earth
will pass away but my word is there forever. “Forever O Lord thy word is settled in heaven.” I
used to pray, God, the Word is settled in heaven. Would you please help it to be settled in me?
To be settled in me. This is so important. So important. So vital.

We see that people have a hunger and a desire to learn the Word of God. Psalm 19:10 it says
“more to be desired than fine gold, yeah, then much fine gold. Sweeter than the honeycomb.”
In the beginning was the what? The Word. The Word has always been there. There’s always
been – “in the beginning was the word and the word was with God.” So not only is the word
eternal, but the fellowship in the Trinity was based on the Word. Are you with me? The
fellowship of the Father the Son, the Father and the Spirit, the Son and the Spirit and all three
of them together, they’re eternal fellowship was always based on the Word of God. God’s
Word. God’s mind. God’s thoughts.

You know many people – I worked in an area for many years where they had drug and alcohol
problems and crime problems and in prisons or what not. Had homes for people. There were so
many people with their psychologies and philosophies on how to help an addict recover and
really live a stable life. But it never involved – millions and millions of dollars are spent to rehab people and they don’t understand that they have to change, they have to see people’s thinking
changed. Amen. I preached a message one time called everything outside of God’s Word is
stinking thinking. Sorry about that! Remember that? Stinking Thinking. They don’t realize,
people don’t realize the only change that can take place – the word “repentance” sometimes is
a word that people don’t like.

They have this idea, this frame of reference towards that word
that maybe signifies something else in their mind that they remember and it didn’t come across
right or was with the wrong spirit. But repentance really means changing your what? Changing
your mind. Changing your thinking. This is how it begins.
So many people are trying to change people’s ways. He said my thoughts are not your thoughts.
Therefore, my ways are not your what? Not your ways. It begins with the thought patterns and
the thinking. P. Stevens used to have this ten-point procedure about how to make a change. It
came in 1977 in a class that I watched. What was it called, Lynn? No. It wasn’t that. It was
something else. It was something else. It doesn’t matter right now. It’s, hold on. Okay.

He talked about a thought coming in. A thought is meditated upon. It goes in and we begin to
make a decision. An action takes place. The action is logged in the subconscious mind. Then it
can be brought out from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind. Another action can take
place will be followed by a series of actions which will become a pattern and a way of doing
things and then eventually it becomes an identity. Everyone’s identity started with a thought.
Are you with me?

A drug addict, it began with a thought. It began with a thought. Think of the worst sin you can
think of. It all began with somebody having a thought and thinking it through and meditating
upon it and then making a willful decision which brought in an action which brought in a series
of actions which brought in a pattern of thinking which brought them to a certain thing that this
is my identity. This is who I am. This is who I am. I can never be anything but this. This is what I
am. I’ve been like this for 30 years. Not going to change. Changing the thinking.

This is where coming to Bible school for those who have been to Bible school, those who
haven’t been to Bible school, those who pray about coming to Bible school, those who will take
one class. I don’t know, I think we have classes every night is it, P. Steve? Not on Wednesday
but every night. You can come and take a class and just sit there and begin to say, God, show
me how to think. I want to be able to think correctly.

How is it that I can have a marriage? I need to have God’s mind on marriage. How is it I can
raise a family? I need God’s mind on raising a family. How is it that I can be at my job and be a
witness for Christ? I need God’s mind for my job. I need God’s mind for my neighborhood. I
need God’s mind in the sports activities that we have, whether we are younger or older. We
need God’s mind. That’s why it was very simply said in Php. 2 and by the way, the book of
Philippians the word “joy” is used 19 times and the word “mind” or “understanding” is used 17 times.

Put them together. You have God’s mind; you’re going to have joy. Hallelujah! Are you
here tonight? Come on now. Come on. I know – P. Pete Westera, are you tired? You’re
quickened by God. Amen. “In the beginning was the word.”
I need God’s mind. I need God’s mind every day. It’s not something that well I’ve been to Bible
school and I’ve been in the ministry since 1976 so you know what? I need God’s mind. I need
God’s mind day and night. Night and day. In his doctrine, I shall meditate what? What is that?
Really? Does it really say that? My meditation in Psalm 19:14. So thinking with God. We’ve heard
that so many times. There are books by Dr. Stevens written on how to think with God. If my
mind is in God and my mind is God’s thoughts and God’s mind, then there’s a great possibility,
probability that my decisions will be based on how God thinks. Amen.

How God thinks. My decisions about how to handle money will be based on how God thinks.
My decisions on how to operate in a situation that maybe is tense or a problem or something
going on at work, I’ll have God’s mind.
I remember one time seven people took me to court. Okay. It was in an African country. They
tried to get me deported. Why would they want to do that? I’m such a nice person. Why would
they want to do that? What did I do? I aggravated them because all I ever talked about – see,
they said okay. We came to this ministry and we followed. It was all about the Bible, but you
never brought any large amounts of food, clothing, medical supplies, doctors and all of that. I
did my best to see what we could get. We did have some of that happen, but after three or four
years they decided that they didn’t want this.

They wanted these other things that pass away. So, they took me to court. I was thinking about what do I do in this situation? Okay, I have a tendency. I could get angry. I could get a little bit angry sometimes, whether it’s in the flesh or
the Spirit even sometimes. Righteous indication. I went to court. They were there. And God said
to me not with his audible voice but just from the heart, go up and shake all of their hands in
front of the judge and tell them thank you for helping me to grow. So, I did it. I shook their
hands. I want to thank you for helping me to grow as a believer. The judge said, he’s free.
Dismissed. Case dismissed against him. No problem at all. Why? Because I want to think with

We can get ourselves in things that take place every day in life and God says I want to bring in
my thinking. “I went outside after church and there was a little thing in my – someone hit my
car door!” “I’m never going to that church again!” That’s not thinking with God. Park way out
there or something. If it’s that bad, you can use the exercise maybe. There’s nothing wrong.
Thinking with God. These things are going to take place.
Every time I got on a bus that Gerry Roberge was driving – P. Gerry Roberge – I had to really
think with God cause he drives, he drove, I don’t know about now – he drove like a maniac.

I’m thinking to myself, he’s scaring the death out of me. If you’re wife is here I’m sorry. I should
never have said it. Forgive me? She agrees! I was like you got to be kidding me! Next to him was
Kathy Ryan! She’s not here tonight, is she? Oh, okay. The two of you must have friendship.
Scary! Remember the bus in New York going through the tunnels? You’re like an inch from the
side of the tunnel. I’m going, we’re not going to get to evangelize in New York. We’re going to
die. Huh? But if you’re thinking with God, right? Perfect peace whose mind is what? Stayed on

Ever been in a situation where you don’t have peace? I had a guy put a gun to my head one
time. He said, stop preaching. The sweat was coming down the sides of my, under my shirt. It
was fearful. I was standing there. God, you have to give me something to say. I don’t like this
idea at all, what this guy is doing. I said, let me ask you a question. Before you pull the trigger,
can I ask you a question? He’s looking at me like what are you nuts? You want to ask me a
question? I said, yeah. Why would you want to go to jail for the rest of your life for sending me
to heaven? I said, does that make any sense? He said, no. It doesn’t. He said, really? I said,
yeah. I’m a Christian. I’m born again. You kill me and I’m going to heaven. You’re going to go to
jail for sending me to heaven. That’s a bad deal. He put the gun in his pocket and walked away.
Let me tell you something. I was sweating and living in intense fear but the mouth worked. The
mouth worked. The mind of God. See, the mind – there’s the thoughts and then come the
words and the ways. Amen.

So, I want to think with God. How can I think with God? I need to think about the importance of
this word, amen? This Word is so key to my life. I need this Word. I need the mind of God in me
and it's step by step. Don’t be intimated. Even if you start with five minutes of Bible reading a
day. It’s better than no minutes a day. Hello? Then it gradually works up and I begin to think
with God and not just black letters on white pages but I allow the Holy Spirit who wrote the

And isn’t it amazing? The Holy Spirit wrote the Bible and the Holy Spirit lives in me because I’m
born of the Spirit. How would the two like to get together? Wouldn’t that be great? Isn’t that a
great marriage? The Spirit who wrote the Bible and the Spirit in me. Getting together. Right?
Yeah, God is right. So that I am living and receiving from God’s mind.

Receive with meekness the implanted and engrafted Word which can deliver your soul. We’re
saved. We’re born again if we are, but my soul needs to be delivered every single day. The soul
is the mind, the emotions, the conscience, the self-image, the will. I need to be delivered on a
daily basis. Hello? I don’t care how long you have been a Christian. I’ve been a Christian for 50
years. What do you mean delivered? I don’t need delivered. I’ve been delivered. Really? Wait.
There’s a problem. Right away there’s a problem.

I started off the story with Jemima and I forgot all about it. He was walking and I yelled to him.
He came to church. He got saved. Came to church. Went to Bible school. He was our first Bible
college student. And that was amazing sitting in a kitchen and having Bible college classes in the
kitchen and watching these men graduate. And Jemima is a result of that man coming to the
ministry. Am I right? Am I right? Come on. I need a witness. Am I right? Thank you. It’s amazing.
And the Word of God.

We have this Word. Our ministry has been so elevated through the Word of God with P.
Stevens and P. Schaller and men of God and P. Love on Grace Hour and all these men that are
around the world preaching the Bible. Three thousand students starting Bible school within the
last two weeks. Isn’t that amazing? Three thousand people letting God’s mind be developed in
them. And yes it comes through preaching. Yes, it comes through church services. That’s why
coming to church three times a week even four. Twice on Sunday morning. Sunday night.
Wednesday night. Whatever.

Coming to church is an opportunity for me to have God’s mind developed in me because my
mind is corrupt outside of God. The old sin nature has a mind and even when you think it’s
good, it’s not. Hello? It’s not. It’s not good. Cause it’s not God. It’s not God.
I need God’s thoughts. I need God’s mind. Working in a prison you would find people in there –
incredible. People that were – by the way, when you are sentenced to life imprisonment for
murder like where we came from up in Massachusetts, there is no death penalty. So, to kill
somebody else in jail is no big deal. You’re sentence doesn’t become any longer but how to give
them God’s mind. How to give people God’s mind. I’m dealing with a person right now that I’ve
known for 40 years. Just trying to give them God’s thoughts by communication through
telephone. The mind of God. That’s why we have messages.

That’s why we have Grace Hour. That’s why we have Bible school. That’s why we send missionaries in all the world.
Are we sending missionaries to get a cultural experience? Did you come here to learn the
culture of Africa? I don’t know anything about culture. I never even learned one word of any
African language. I don’t have time. I only have time to learn the Bible and preach the Bible and
teach the Bible. It’s amazing to me when I hear some of these men preaching and teaching 10,
20,30 years and they’ve been doing it and I see the results of what’s taking place. It’s

Can you imagine we have I think 11 churches in China. Hello? Maybe I’m not supposed to say
that. Asia. Sorry. It’s incredible. We just planted our 11 church this weekend in Kinshasa Congo.
The Democratic Republic of the Congo. I was talking to the pastor today and yesterday. He’s so
excited. A brand new church. A new church in the Congo. And that’s an intense jungle area. It’s
a village church. In the villages, they need to learn the Bible. Amen. Where there’s poor people,
rich people, wherever they are. It’s the Bible. We have a living Word to give to people.

“In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God.” Actually,
how the Greek language reads is in the eternal beginning was the word or is the word and the
word was facing God and then the third part of that verse is the word absolutely is God. Not he
was like it’s past tense and now he’s become a song or something else. A hymn or whatever.
Absolutely the word is God.

God, give me a desire for your mind, your thoughts, your word. I don’t have it. That’s okay. How
about asking God for it. Hello? Is there any response here. Is it yes God? I don’t have a desire. I
don’t even want to read your Bible. How about okay. If that’s true, give me a desire for the
Word, God. Help me. Change me. Motivate me. I want to know the Word. I want to learn the

We have a Christian school. I hope they are learning the Word. I should say I know they are
learning the Word. Sorry, P. Barry. That was a mistake. They are learning the Bible, right? They
have Bible every day, don’t they? First thing in the morning right? Bible. Bible. Bible. The Word
of God, the living Word of God. Light. Where young people whether in first, second, third,
fourth, fifth, sixth grade, they learn to think with God. They can actually even go home and
maybe where there is a parent isn’t thinking with God they can say, that’s not what God would
do, mum. That’s not what God would do, dad. That’s not the right thing. Thinking with God.
How to think.

Because from my thinking, comes my ways. Comes my decisions, my thinking, my thoughts, my
decisions and then the actions and then I develop these certain ways and the ways if they are
not of God, I’ve got to go back and change my what? Thinking. Thinking with God. This is so key.
You know this. I’m talking to the choir. You know. It’s like talking to the choir about singing
when I can’t sing a tune. You know this. How to think with God.
But it’s so easy because what is the devil’s objective according to what Jesus says? He comes to
steal, kill and destroy. Now watch. Steal the Word. Kill off the influence of the Holy Spirit and
destroy fruit. Kill, Steal, kill, and destroy. If he gets – Christianity today for much of it, sad to say,
I know this in Africa, is wordless.

I went to a church one time and the man said our service is 3.5 hours. Huh? 8:30 to 12:00. He
said you’re the main preacher. I said, okay. Great. You got 20 minutes. I’m thinking to myself
what in God’s name are they doing for 3.5 hours and there’s 20 minutes of the Bible? What’s
happened here? This was in Nigeria sorry to say. I can’t believe it. I would go places and there’s
really no emphasis on the Scripture and they are born again. They are saved. But it’s kind of
like, I don’t know. Something has been taken.

Remember what Jesus said to Martha. Martha, Martha. You are troubled and cumbered about
with so many things serving God. She was serving God. He says only one thing is needful and Mary has chosen the best part which shall not be taken from her. What did Mary choose?
Sitting at his feet when what? Hearing the Word. Martha, Martha. You are having an anxiety
attack. The word THERBAZO. You’re an emotional wreck. Tell her to help me! She’s not helping
me! Jesus, tell her to help me! She’s trying to direct God. Martha, Martha. I love you Martha
but don’t you understand. You are so careful and troubled. You are an emotional wreck. You’re
living in anxiety and you’re an emotional wreck. Why don’t you look at what your sister is
doing? She’s very calm and at peace sitting there listening to the Word. Listening to Jesus

And this is the key. I want to hear God speak. Amen. Are you with me? I want to hear God
speak. “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.”
Absolutely is God. I want to hear God speak. As we get on in age, I want to hear God speak unto
the day I go home to be with the Lord. I want to learn the Bible. Learn the Bible. Continue to
learn the Bible, Philippians 4:11. Learning the Bible. Paul still was learning the Bible in jail. After being
an apostle for 30 years, he still wanted to learn the Bible.

Learn the Scriptures. We can’t out – somehow out – we don’t need them anymore. We don’t
need them anymore. I’ve outgrown the Scriptures. I’ve outgrown them. “I know that already. I
went to Bible school.” That’s nice. Do you still read the Bible? Once in a while. Okay. You have a
once-in-a-while mind thought, a once-in-a-while Christianity. God help me to have a hunger for
the Scriptures.

Help me. I’m at home. I’m raising children. I can look at the Bible. I can get something in the
morning to take me through the day. A word from God. God’s Word. Heavenly Word. I need the
Word. I won’t stop saying this. I can’t say it enough. God, give me a hunger.
I love what Jeremiah said, in closing. I did find your Word and I ate it and it was the joy and
rejoicing to my heart cause I’m called by your name. But do you know what he said in the
beginning before he even started that? I’m alone. Everybody was against him but the Word was
for him. Amen. Have you ever had situations where people are against you? Hello? The Word is
for you. God is for you. God is the Word and God is for you and the Word is for you.

Don’t read the Bible and let it condemn you. Don’t read it through with a legalistic mindset.
Don’t read it and it’s killing you. The Word gives life. The Word is a Word of grace. “I commend
you to God and the Word of his grace which is able to build you up and give you an inheritance
among them that are sanctified.” Paul says my last word to you is the word of grace. You’re
never going to see my face again but don’t weep. Put your face in the Bible, the Scriptures
cause they’re not going away. Halleluiah. They’re here forever.

What are we going to do in heaven? Learn the Bible. We are going to grow in getting to know
God. We’re going to learn the Word in a brand new way without a sin nature, without the devil,
and without this world. (Prayer).
Before I pray, this last story coming to me. Adoniram Judson went to Burma. He had to watch
people the tones they spoke and what came out of their mouth and he had to create a
language in Burma. It took him 30 years. He made the Burmese language and then he
translated the Bible into the Burmese language. It took 30 to 35 years to do that. Can you

And 2 million born again people, born again Burmese came from that Bible translation. Hello?
Burma didn’t have a Bible. He said I’m going to translate it. I’m going to make a language and
make a Bible and people are going to get saved. And he had those manuscripts with him when
they put him in prison for many years. He would put them in his pillow and sleep on them. If
they had found them, they would have gotten rid of them but Judson’s Bible today is the only
Bible in Burma to this day.


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