The renewal of our mind transforms us into winners. We lose the stuff that drags us down and conforms us to the world and its ways. We become reasonable worshipers when we give our bodies as living sacrifices unto Him. Romans 12:1-2

Speaker(s):Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12187
6:30 PM on 10/24/2021

P. Schaller –

Okay. Praise God! I heard the message at 11:00. It was so good. I loved it from P. Roger on Ezekiel 16 and P.
Gary on Matthew 10. It was so really edifying and I just love our church so much. I was at Federal Hill
service at 11. I’m so thankful for what God has done down there at that area and how God has
used Justin and Anne Margaret and Tommy and the team; Charles and others that were there.
Marty. And P. Butch was there, too. Just the gang. It was so good and to see the work of God.
It’s beautiful. I’m so thankful for that. Tonight, I had one thought in my mind I want to share with
you. Maybe we will rehearse and repeat it a few times. So it relates to Matthew 17:2, and it has to do
with the meaning of this word “transfigure.” And the Greek word and the meaning of it in this
amazing story. vs. 1. (Prayer). Would you stand with me for a minute. Just bear with me. I know
you do this a lot. Just say to your neighbor, I want to see Jesus.

Could you get your act together. I want to see Jesus. Could you get it going? I want to see Jesus. We got to see the
Lord. Good song, Seth. Amazing. Mark. Marie. Yes. Mr. Wileczek. Dana. Beautiful. Great. I want
to see Jesus. Okay. Yes, we do. Let’s continue praying. (Prayer). Amen. You may be seated. Be
not conformed to the world. That’s what we want to say tonight. When you leave here and go
across the parking lot to your car, you’re going to say in your heart, be not conformed to this
world. Would you say that with me now? Be not conformed to the world. We’re going to take our
time on that. Be not conformed to the world. Alright. This word in vs. 2. He was transfigured
before them. How was he changed? What is that word “transfigured?” vs. 2. Was this a
cosmetic change or was it deeper?

There’s a word for it. It is METAMORPHEO. To change into another form. We have this used in 2 Corinthians 3:18 for us. We are changed from glory to glory. And also regarding our mind in Romans 12:2. Has your mind been changed? Have we received from God the new nature? Do we have a love and a desire for God in our hearts deep inside? Yes.
There are times when that is very strong or very real to us. We are drawn to God. When you are
drawn to God, then follow that, that desire for God and his holiness and his plan and faith.
Remember that little diagram. Maybe we can get the Ipad here. That little diagram about reason
and then faith. Without contradiction, great is the mystery of godliness. We do it this way: here’s
reason. Like a box. And we have faith and we live in faith, kind of transcends. We have faith and
now we live in the mystery of godliness. It goes – we live in it. We walk in faith.

We find God. It’s beyond reason. You might walk on water as you follow God. You might see food multiplied as
you follow God. You might see God while you are on the cross. You may lead someone to
Christ as you live by faith. This is a way, and it’s God who holds our life together. We said this
morning that many people have their life held together by their environment. Their job holds
their life together. Their family holds their life together. Their education holds their life together.
Their money, their house holds – life is held together by their house. You take the house away,
their life falls apart. The life is held together by something small. By a dog. A dog. I lose the dog
and my life crumbles. I mean I’m not making fun of it. I’m just saying this is the way we are as
people. All of us. But Jesus came. Read the Gospel of John this week and the Holy Spirit will
speak to you and draw you to faith and you will worship God as you read the Gospel of John.
You’ll see Jesus going beyond. He is the I AM.

He’s in heaven. He’s there while he is on the earth in John. 3:13. He’s the bread that we have to eat or we have no life. The water we have to drink. Out of belly will come water. This he spoke of the Holy Spirit. That’s exciting. The believer
has this. The unbeliever has reason but he also has another mystery at work. The unbeliever
has the mystery of iniquity. This is the mystery of iniquity. The one on top is the mystery of
godliness. That’s 1 Timothy 3:15-16. The bottom one goes down to – I like to say it this way, a crack
in the pavement. You slipped down into iniquity and iniquity ends up being – it perishes. We
read that in Psalm 1:12. meaningless. Disappear. The mystery of iniquity. It may have it’s hour, but
it’s over. It’s gone. It disappears. It’s a crack in the pavement. It goes down to hell. It’s over. It’s
done. It’s gone and the kingdom of Christ goes on and on forever and ever. Alright. So, that’s
not the message, but Romans 12 is. Turn there with me. We know the text but I want you to
listen to it tonight this way. Chapter 12:1, I plead with you.

I draw you. I beseech you. I ask you. I like that feeling. Somebody lead me. Please lead me. Plead with me. Beseech me. Somebody persuade me. I need the preacher to speak to me. I need him to convince me. I want him to
persuade me. I want him to push me like in Japan at the subways. Pack in the people in the
trains. I need somebody to get me moving. Get off the boat! Get off the boat! Get out of the
house. It’s on fire! Get out of the house. It’s on fire! Do something with your money. It’s going away. It’s perishing. Do something with your money. I plead. I beseech. I ask you. This is
beautiful. The Apostle Paul was the man that we model our life after. He had some teeth in his
words and in his heart. He had some fire in his belly. He has the Holy Spirit. We have, we have
a duty, I was thinking today, to lead people to Christ. And as a pastor in our church, I cannot be
satisfied unless people are getting saved in our church. They have to get saved.

They must be born again in our church. Amen. They’ve got to. Our neighbors have to. People that we know
have to get saved and born again. We are interested and persuaded. This is the idea of the
word. vs. 1. Because there is something big, there is something big going on. I like it when you
get heightened. I read one time in a poker game and I know none of you know anything about
poker! Okay, in a poker game they put money in the table and they bet, and as the stakes get
higher there is more to win. And if you are playing, you also have a lot to lose. I like that picture.
I want that in my life. I want a lot to win. I like the idea. It stirs your heart. There is a lot to lose.
There’s nothing more important in our life than to realize this game called life is a big win or it’s a
big loss. Yeah. This thing is huge. You think it’s an accident you’re alive. You think it’s a light
thing that you are alive?

That your mouth works, your feet work, your ears work, your mind works? You think it’s a light thing? Are you gifted? Are you in life? This is the idea here. You and I, wow. It’s big. What is it? We are here to glorify God. We are here to help people find God. We are here to see people saved from hell. What? To save from hell. Woe! That’s huge. Yes, my life
has something to do with that. That people can be saved from hell. Christ saves them. That’s
huge. My life has some meaning. This is where he is saying – let’s go to vs. 1. Bodies means
our body. Let’s go through some parts: ears, eyes, mouth, feet, and hands. My body. I was
thinking of bringing a Halloween mask and cutting it into pieces and putting the pieces of the
mask. God, I present my ears. But I never did it! It wouldn’t matter anyway. I put my hands,
they’re hanging from some tree. These body parts that are hanging from trees in the cemeteries
of people’s front yards. I have no idea what they are trying to communicate. It’s like wow! Well,
isn’t it funny we bring the eyes and the ears and I have a temptation of what I listen to. You got
to get away from bad habits by just stop doing them.

I have a bad habit of gossip and listening to gossip. I got to get away from it by putting my ears and my tongue on the sacrificial altar. The living sacrifice of my eyes and my ears on the altar. That’s for God to burn them up in a sacrifice
or to take them and honor God by a living sacrifice. He doesn’t care about chickens and goats
and oxen. He cares about your body and my body. When we make a decision to bring it to him
and put it on the altar, it’s amazing to me when Christians watch horror movies. Now we are in
that season. I’ve seen them advertised on the TV. That’s strange to me because it doesn’t seem
that ugly horror and all the wickedness that goes with the world of murder and grotesque and
vulgar images are good for me. It seems they tintilate or stimulate my lower nature. We can
bring the TV on the altar. I think the TV is a great tool, but you have to use a tool in a good way.
A chain saw is a great tool but it’s definitely not a good one when it’s used the wrong way.

Or a match or gasoline. We are people that have found the Holy Spirit leading us and so we must
learn something about denial. I’m not cursing anymore. I’m not cursing and swearing. When I
do, and I start doing that in my heart, it hardly gets out of my mouth, but I realize there’s
something that I need spiritually in my heart to fill me and teach me and transform – same word
– my mind. Okay. Go to the next portion. vs. 1. Imagine your hands are holy hands. That’s why
we raise them sometimes because we’re in the light, and the blood of Jesus Christ has cleansed
us from all unrighteousness. We are holy people. When you find the holiness of God and you
get that line that you go, your life comes together. You become wise. I know the body parts are
kind of like about these bodily temptations or bodily tendencies.

There is also like an intellectual lust or reading information or gathering compromising doctrines or false teaching or intellectual inquiry that does not bring me to a good place. On the other hand, contrarily, when my mind is
renewed, you become wise. You can glean from the Scripture and understand it and it’s food. It
gets lodged in your spirit and you become a person that can talk to anybody and listen to them
and understand them and you can ask questions and make them think. Provoke them like
Daniel and David and Joseph. It goes this way in vs. 2. We have the word there “reasonable
service”. Holy and acceptable unto God which is your reasonable service. It’s only reasonable
that if Christ died for me and I am sanctified now by him, I would bring my ungodly desires to
God. I would have an altar in my life. It’s only reasonable that I would have this kind of worship.
The word “service” there, reasonable “worship.”

That’s the word for worship. Now we come to the part that I really like to think about. I think it’s very simple but I want to encourage you in it. vs. 2. this is a different word from “transform” or “transfigure.” It is METASCHEMATIZO. Many of
you know this. It implies a fashion. It means, it’s a fashion that is on the outside or appearance.
It’s used for Satan transforming himself into an angel of light. He’s not actually a real angel of
light because the light isn’t in him but he can make light or appear as light because he is able to
change himself on the outside. He isn’t that on the inside. This is how the world operates. They
change on the outside. They follow or conform or as Philip says in his translation, we are
squeezed into their mold, into what the world is saying. We are squeezed into what the world is
doing. What is the fashion or the thought of the day, we are squeezed into it. We are conformed.
SCHEMATIZO means, the SCHEMA is the word for blueprints or plan, like electrical plan for
your car. Electrical plan for your house. Blueprints for buildings and all of the planning.

This is like the world. There is a plan but I don’t conform to it. I’m not conforming because I’ve been
changed and I enjoy the spiritual change in my heart and mind that is for God. Godliness. Truth.
And here we are on a Sunday night and we have one hour or more together and then on a
Wednesday night a little more than an hour together and then I go out in the world and I am
inundated with information and a schema, a plan that they want to squeeze me into. I don’t, this
is an attitude I want you to have. I beseech you to take your body as a living sacrifice. Give it to
God and the spiritual effect you will actually be changed in your mind. Your mind. You have
body and now your mind is transfigured or it is changed, METAMORPHEO. You are changed.
Hallelujah! I am changed. I have been changed for many years and so have you. We have
been changed. They might say what do you think of this or that? I’m not so interested in that. I
know about it. I thought about it.

I realize what it is but I think God has given me understanding about that. What do you think about it? Tell me why you think that? And they don’t have, they don’t know because they have followed a scheme like what we are supposed to say in our society. Like you’re supposed to say – you can’t say that. You’re supposed to have this
vocabulary and you’re not supposed to say that. That’s not correct. You shouldn’t say that. I’d
like to explore that with you. I’ve been thinking about this. I feel we should be able to speak very
directly and truthfully about things and put them on the table. Understand then. And think about
them and understand where I am coming from because what we need in our society is a lot of
communication. We need a lot of love and a lot of people who are able to stand up and say I
have something to say and then you are able to in love and in clarity have a word in season.
You have a message. You are not conformed to the world. You are transformed. That makes us different. Isn’t it good? Where did you get it? It’s from the Lord. It’s the Holy Spirit. “You’re hyper-
spiritual.” No, it works in life. It’s in the house. It’s in the barn. It’s on the playing field.

It’s in the dugout. It’s in public. It’s in private. No, it’s the filling of the Holy Spirit and the renewing of my
mind. It helps me with people. It helps me in my vision and my direction. No, it’s not anti-. It’s the
mystery of godliness, that Jesus came into the world that is against him and he reached it. He
spoke to it. He spoke again. And then he spoke again. And they had questions and then he
spoke again. He explained the parable. He was able to be a teacher. He was able to manifest
the nature of God in a world that was conformed to the world and the mind that is the mystery of
iniquity. The mind that is anti-God. He was able to live in the presence of his enemies and God
prepared a table in the presence of those that disagreed with him, but he was able to reach
them. He never stopped by the way. When he was hanging on the cross, he still was dying. He
doesn’t stop. He says today you will be with me in Paradise.

You see, a renewed mind is a very good thing. The world doesn’t have it. They go with the herd. They go with the group. They all say the same thing. They all act the same way. They behave the way – and they are very fearful
and very afraid of falling outside of the group. But not you and I. We’re in another group by
God’s grace. He wants you in that fellowship which is the mystery of godliness. I guess are you
going to follow the group or I beseech you give your bodies to God. It starts there. Give your
bodies to God and because of that faith, the Holy Spirit will renew your mind and you will not be
conformed to the world but you’ll be drawn to God and he will lead you and fill you with the Spirit
and just say I don’t need the world. I’m in it but I don’t need it. It doesn’t have much for me
except the opportunity to minister to people and love them. Okay is that good? Is that a good
message? Okay, so I think it is. Nothing new comes to me about it except I think maybe I could
say one last thing. We were taught in our ministry years ago, we had rap sessions and talking
and we kept on. We were kind of trained to follow the Spirit in our conversation.

I think we do very well at that with the fellowship that I have in general and I think we have. Learn to have
your fellowship in Christ and be very kind and loving and joyful and ministering to God and each other. The doctrine, the habit of understanding and growing, I think some believers amongst us
have a great need for constant doctrine. Constant high dosages of doctrine will deliver me from
many temptations. I’ll keep my mind. My mind will be helped. I won’t be wandering as much. My
mind will be focused. My concentration. One hour of doctrine a day. Expose yourself. Have your
meditation time. Have a prayer life where you wait on God and take time. Take time in your
prayer life and don’t just run through it. Take time and even preparation for prayer. Before I pray,
I might be walking around thinking I want to pray. I want to come to God. God I am serious
about it. I need you. I need a visitation. I need fresh oil. I need your visitation. I ask you to
anoint. I ask you to bless me in my prayer. I need that. I’m tired of it. Anything less than it.

Come on, Jesus. Give it to me. Then you go into the prayer. And you are serious about it and you
receive. There’s a little message on having a changed mind that God gives you so you don’t
conform to the world but you are free and able to minister. Lastly, I think the devil in our country
wants to break us down so that we retreat. We’re afraid. We withdraw and things fall apart. Say
back in your corner. Don’t talk to anybody. Stay away from people and he wants to separate us
and stop talking. But this is the good news. You don’t do that. It’s amazing. You don’t do that.
You are free. You are Spirit-filled. You have a mind. You are able to talk to unbelievers. You are
able to engage with them. You are able to love them. You are able to preach. You are able to be
out. You are able to care. You’re able to look for needs and meet needs. You’re able to give
money away. You’re able to bring food to people. You’re able to bring the Gospel. You’re able
to hand out tracts. You’re able to say, God loves you.

God loves you. Jesus is for you, not against you. That is where we must go in our country. Now listen, will it happen? I don’t know. Is the Church ever going to turn back to orthodoxy and be right on with God? That’s not my goal.
My goal is not to change the country in one way. My goal is not to change the church in another
way, even though both are needed. But our goal is for me and my house and in my little plot of
ground where I have two blades of grass growing, I want to have four blades of grass. Do you
get it? I got one path of a pumpkin. I want to have two pumpkins. I got my little patch and that’s
how I want you to think. You’re mind is renewed and you’re able to say, I’m in the game. I’m on
it. I’m in it God. Give me a soul. I’m in the game. I want to have a ministry with Jesus Christ in
these last days. Wow! What a privilege. Last days when we see the world falling apart. I’m not
falling apart. How about you? You’re not falling apart.

The world is falling apart, but I’m not falling apart. I got my little patch of ground and I got something to do here and boy sisters and brothers there’s a lot of stuff on the table to win or to lose. I’m not going to lose. I want to win
because a renewed mind says you’re in the game. You got it. Jesus is with you. Let’s go. Let’s
go. I believe God. Let’s preach the Gospel. Let’s love people and let’s meet needs. Amen. Okay,
let’s pray for – I know you guys would clap easily but don’t do it. I know you would. No, it’s good.
We’re good. Let’s pray right now.


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