God is present always. His work in our lives shall reveal the enemies. His hand reveals what we cannot see and brings victory. (Psalm 21:8)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Steven Scibelli
Sermon # 11391
7:30 PM on 12/27/2017


P. Scibelli

Imagine God wants to do exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond what you ask or think. 2018 will be amazing answers to prayers. One of the hallmark messages of this ministry would be about the throne of grace. Let us therefore come boldly, Heb 4:16, to make an approach to God. PARASEIA, we make an approach with amazing freedom and no fear at all. We get grace for our weakness and mercy for our sin. My weakness and sin can’t stop me from coming boldly. We can come boldly. We come with freedom and without fear, with amazing courage because God says I’m there with grace and mercy. You’re weak, you come. Fall into sin, you come.

Five reasons to come:

1) We have a great high priest on that throne. We are coming to a great high priest. Anyone ever come to a priest before? I have that background and feared it as a 9, 10, and 11-year old. Great high priest we are coming to.

2) Coming to the one known as Jesus. God saves. He saves spirit, soul, and body, past, present, and future. He’s total salvation.

3) I come because he’s Son of God. He’s perfect deity.

4) Then I come because he’s Son of Man. He’s perfect humanity.

5) Finally, I can come because he’s a king. He’s won a victory. When I think of the throne of grace rather than in some religious circles they make an egg shell approach to who they think is their god.

Mt. 11:28-30 you just come. If you’re blind Bartimaeus, you come. If you are rich Zacchaeus, you come. If you are the woman at the well, you come. If you’re the man with 6,000 demons, you come. If walking on the road to Emmaus the wrong way, he says come. We keep coming. It’s amazing what will take place. The devil will say you can’t make an approach to God. Look at your life. Look at your past and failures. I say I’m coming.

Mt. 11:28 -30 it’s in the command tense. It’s not maybe you ought to come. You come, keep coming. This will be a new year for us and we come boldly. We make an approach. It doesn’t matter what is going on. People came. The woman comes in front of all of these religious people. She kissed his feet and wiped them with her hair. She comes. I was with some people last night and I said just keep coming. God is waiting. He’s waiting.

He’s very gracious, Is. 30:15-18.

In Is. 6, Isaiah says I’m unclean, that refers to sin and I’m undone, that refers to being weak. Isaiah, come. Joseph brothers, come. Just keep coming.

Let’s make 2018 an approach year. Come boldly without fear and coming without intimidation. I can come because God said you come.

Heb 7:25 we come. He ever lives. What is the ministry of J.C. today? He ever lives to make intercession for us. He was there on our behalf and still is.

You got some issues in your personal life, just come. Relationships situations, just come. Marriage situation, just come. Financial situation, just come. Whatever it may be, just keep coming.



P. Schaller

Approaching God in 2018 is a great theme for our lives. Being very bold and radical in our approach to God. Not give up but rest in his nature and character. Be very bold in faith. And not let that worm – do this with me (wiggle his finger). The worm cannot get in my soul. That worm is not going to eat up the internal guts inside. Because our God is greater than other gods.

Before we do the message, 2018 and the Eternal Is. How many remember the teaching on the Eternal Is? Half of you. Right now is the present. Where is reality from our point of view? Reality is now. Now passed by and that is gone. What can I do about it? Change it? I can’t do anything about that. Where is God? What is God’s name? I AM. He is Yahweh, Elohim, God plural, and the God that IS. He said to Moses when Moses said what is your name? I AM that I AM. We use that present tense verb for where God is living. More, for who God is. He’s the God that IS. In a way, we are not living in a God that was even though the God that is inhabits eternity past, present, and future. With God there is not the past, present and future because he is infinitely on. He is here. He is present. Always has been and always will be. For a man living in this world, where do we live? In the present. That’s where God is. He’s an ever present help in time of need. He is a God that is. We also live in our future. Where is God? In the present. He is eternally present. Or we say eternal IS.

When we say let’s review 2017, in a way we are looking for those things in that year where we feel or sense or know that God used us or visited us, that God was present. We are not living in the past though we recognize the work and hand of God in the past. Our God is the God that is. Sometimes the past blinds the mind of knowing the God that is present. Sometimes the fear of the future blinds my mind of knowing the God that is. I’m afraid what will happen to me in the future. Don’t be. You’re not to live in the future. He promises us all things work together for good regardless of what happens in the future and what happened in the past. He wants to wrap it up and say your past is not your life. I am your life. For me to live is Christ, and die is gain. Don’t worry about tomorrow. You have enough to worry about now. God is with you and to know him.

We have a marker going into 2018 that’s the time the planet went around the sun once. It’s just a calendar. The contents is God who reveals himself to us in the calendar. Which is greater? The calendar or God? God. If he is our present help in very time of need, and our orientation for life, we will fill our life with meaningful experiences and relationships. A man could live a short time and be filled with days because his life is the God that is present every day. Another man can live a long life but live a foolish life in the context of his past or future and not in the context of the living God. When we say “Happy New Year,” we are saying on one level the first level of the house, may God fill your year moment by moment with his presence. Multiply the meaning and content of your life all the days of your life. Job died with his life being full of days. As days are, so shall your strength be, the blessing to the tribe of Asher by Jacob. Have a great New Year with the presence of God in your life. We can say happy New Year. We can kick it up a notch and say Blessed New Year. May God be with you and his countenance shine upon you. All we are thinking about is the presence of God which is our life. I want you to be refreshed for a moment. Stand with me and turn to your neighbor and bless them for the coming year. Where is God? In the present. Where is he going to be in a minute from now? In the present. Where will he be tomorrow morning? In the present. Where do we met God right now? Ever have to go meet someone or do something and don’t have the strength or power or motivation and give up and get on your knee anywhere…and you say God this is nothing about the past. The past is not an issue. The future is not, but you are a present help and I need you help. Amen. You get up by faith and do what you have to do. The Eternal IS.

Psalm 21:8, this is about the king. This is about Christ. Christ comes into the world and guess what happens? God finds out all his enemies. Of course God knows all his enemies. Not as though he is learning something. It’s a way of expressing they will come to the surface. You will find them out. They will go from private to public. They will be discovered. Jesus the King. When Jesus was born in Bethlehem, one of the first things that happened is God found out his enemies. Herod ordered the babies to be killed. Christ was baptized at 29 years in the Jordan and went out in the wilderness 40 days and the devil tempted him 40 days constantly. We have three recorded in the Scripture. The evil is small like this and then it is underground we could say. You find it increasing. God is saying that is my plan. My plan is that the enemies will be found out. It’s like a sickness and the symptoms surface. Then we find out there is a sickness there. Like a lie. A lie is told and you don’t realize it then you realize how bad it is and then realize it’s a huge disaster. We’re saying it does happen and it’s God’s plan.

An illustration is in Esther. A king, his kingdom, and then you have this man Haman whose evil is like this but it will increase as he gets power. Power is coming. The evil will be greater. Genocide. All Jewish people will be murdered. 1st month 13th day they were to all be killed, 12th month. Any Jew from Indian to Ethiopia. That was the plan. God’s hand. vs. 8. When God comes, it’s going to reveal something. The evil can’t handle it. The evil cannot be quiet. The evil cannot retreat. The evil cannot lay dormant for a long time. God is provoking the evil to surface. It has to show up. You can’t bring light without the darkness retreating. You cannot bring truth without the lie retaliating. You can’t bring God without the devil moving in. He has to resist, murder, lie, and kill.

We might get an idea, I’d like it to all be neutral. Let’s leave the sleeping dog let it lie. Let’s be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. When you are Spirit- filled and wise, when there’s motivation in your heart and something God has called you to do, you have to do it. You say I might get in trouble but its God leading me. I want to do it. This is God’s will for me.

Mordecai is on the other end and he’s a righteous man. He’s going to get killed with all the Jewish people. There is another party, Esther. She is a queen. The whole idea is that truth will have stronger authority. That truth in the king, in the mind of the king, he passes another law. It allows the Jew to defend himself and kill anyone that will kill them. They had a right to bear arms, retaliate, and do business. These are the bones of the story.

What can we expect in 2018? I don’t know about you but I know we are living in troublesome times. I don’t know where it is all going but it is powerful. The only answer to it is another supernatural force. The enemies of God are supernatural. The way of God is also spiritual and supernatural. It’s the church. It’s the truth, the anointing of God. The guidance of God, the will of God in our lives. We’ve seen it happen in the U.S. We’ve seen the direction and activity by all the various expressions. There is real movement but then another real movement. The Lord is saying its going good. This is what I want to happen. I want the will to manifest itself because my hand will find out the enemies.

At the end of the story it was better. The Jews were promoted and recognized. In the Jewish holiday of Purim in the spring, they party. This is the party holiday. They put on masks and sing and party and they do this whole thing. You know why they are doing it. They are mocking and making fun of their enemies. You tried to kill us but it didn’t happen. God is with us. God is with us. If you go to a synagogue, it may not come across that way. We have the Holy Spirit and get ahold of the idea. They celebrated it.

It was like a Christmas time, not Christmas but I want to make a point about this principle. It helps me. Ha ha ha. Yeah! To the enemy. Herod, you murdered all these babies. You are a fool. You are lost, deceived and a tool of evil. You are a puppet and an enemy of God, an evil man. Hitler, where are you today? What was your evil, pride? The state of Israel was born as a result of the genocide in Europe. It doesn’t take away the pain of the genocide, but our God is a God of history. The hand will find out the evil in the world. We will do valiantly through our God who is the God that IS.

Take on the challenge of the age we are living in. Let’s do business with God. I’m sorry for all the crap out there and people dropping dead from overdoses and the foolishness of the human heart. You can’t deal with that evil by the natural man. Lord, thank you for the church. Thank you, that I can hear messages that build me up and speak to my inner man. Thank you that I wasn’t totally a fool, just a little though. A fool I will not err therein. We shall go forth with everlasting joy on our head and the trees will clap their hands. We will say our God reigns and our God did it. How did you become an honorable person? How did you live without fornication and adultery and stealing and cheating and being stupid? Absolutely no credit for it. I got saved and the H.S. gave me the fellowship. I started to find God in prayer and be bold in my approach to God. I started to find the God that is. Instead of living in the foolishness of what might have been or what might happen to me. That’s God’s business. Instead of living in regret you live in the God that IS. It’s going to surface if you walk around like this, my enemies are going to surface. What does that mean, Lord? It means you might get in some trouble. Ruffles some of your feathers. Preen feathers. Might have some pain. Might get in some trouble here and there. We won’t suffer because of evil people but because of being R people. We will say with Esther and Mordecai we are in good company. Jesus, why did you get in trouble? Because I’m a righteous man. The devil resisted me and slandered me day and night. God could find out his enemies in this human expression we are talking about. I will let their genuine nature surface to be what it is and I will use you to testify of something deeper and more permanent that won’t let you down. That’s my Son Jesus. You can go through the persecutions without a problem. I remember people saying if you get out of the ministry you could have a great ministry because you have a great reputation. That’s what a couple people said to me. You think I’m in this for my reputation? You mean I save myself and throw away my brothers and sisters? My reputation isn’t what you think. You don’t do it on purpose but it happens. You are misunderstood. It has nothing to do with our motivation. Let his enemies rise up. The rats come out from behind the wall. The bacteria surfaces on the skin. Let’s see the evil revealed in this world and we will be here as a healing, a messenger, a prayer warrior, a servant, as a helper. That was half of my message but now it’s all of it!

I was thinking about just a tip for missionaries. If you want to be a successful missionary, many of you are like that both here and abroad, but you want to be successful in your life? Here’s a tip. Get amazingly focused on listening and let God search any area in your life. Listening to Pastor Steven’s messages.

I was sitting here thinking about it tonight. Brigida is going to Malawi. And here’s a tip for her. The Colby’s live in Hungary and Tommy Colban is here. One of the best of them all, Tommy Colban!

I survived by just being humble in my heart before God and just listening to the word, my mind on the word, listening to the messages from Pastor Stevens in those years. I still do it because he’s my pastor in a way. He’ll never stop being in a way. I mean in heaven he will not be but now. I’m listening and focused and I’m not wandering in my heart. I want to get focused because mentally I’m a wanderer. I get focused in the word and prayer and listening. I leave my house and I have this as my orientation in my mind and heart. It’s how it kept me all the time. It was a way of life as a missionary. I was a pastor of many team members through the years. In ten years we estimated we had about 300 team members. And I remember a team member, a few of them it happened. I’d say you got to be careful. Your mind is wandering, and living in Budapest you might get in trouble. If you live in Budapest and your mind is wandering and you’re not focused and committed in Christ in the place that God put you and the plan that he has for you, you probably will find yourself in trouble. No matter where you live, you get in trouble if you don’t have a focused heart and mind in the things that are meaningful and count for eternity. And here in the United States definitely there’s a lot of distractions. Of course, this is our own country.

Have one more minute? Listen to this. This is Richard Wumbrandt, not me. “Because of drinking alcohol, you might suffer because a loved one commits this sin. Don’t chide alcoholics. Don’t chide yourself if you are one, but remind yourself how much money you have lost because of alcohol. How many smiles of your wife or mother, how much laughter of your children, how much happiness have disappeared from your home because of the criminal plotters of the alcohol industry whose victim you are. Visit a prison or a mental asylum. You’ll be amazed to find out how many are there because of alcohol. No one goes to jail because he’s temperate or a tea-totaller. Don’t you like it when you vomit? Do you like it when your children despise you? Would you like to be forsaken by your sweetheart? What kind of business sense makes you enrich the saloon keepers and impoverish yourself? Does alcohol help you to avoid car accidents? Do you think better when you’re drunk than when you’re sober? Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging, and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.” It deceives you. It makes you feel good. You get a little bit of a rush in it and you want that. You live on that. You are deceived by it. It is not your friend. It mocks you. The alcohol is a mocker. The wine is a mocker. “ If you have succumbed and feel helpless or despairing, consider the fact that God’s eyes run down with tears night and day because of your sin. He cares. You don’t need wine. The fullness of the Holy Spirit is available. Unlike alcohol, it gives a euphoria, a sense of exhilaration which is not transitory. The apostles gave the impression of being drunk at Pentecost when they received the Spirit but this was a jubilation that enabled them to accomplish great things for God.”

I have to say these things because it’s just needed for people. People need to realize it. I don’t apologize for it. It’s how I live. I love it. I have no problem with it. Being Spirit-filled is the answer, and knowing the God that IS is the ultimate answer for living this unique life. You will find if we live the Spirit-filled life, God’s hand will find the enemies and bring them up, and we will say there it is. It’s okay. I do real good in the presence of my enemies. It’s okay.

Let God arise and his enemies will be scattered. Amen.


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