We need some straight up obedience. Jesus has the stamp of God — the Father, the Son, the Spirit are One. Let’s live as He lived. Give heed to what you hear from the Word and be holy and He is holy. How can we neglect such a great salvation? Hold fast to the confession of Him. (Hebrews 1:1-4; 2:1-3; 4:14-16)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller, Pastors testimonies

Sermon 12387
6:30 PM on 10/9/2022

P. Schaller –

Anybody want to be healed just stand up. This will not be overly dramatic but just stand up if you want to be
healed. You’re looking for healing. Just stand up. Tina, I saw you. Wow. We have another Fin
here. Wow. (Prayer) You may be seated.

How about that? What do you think. Come on? What do you think? Why not? Why not, Lord?
Yes. Why not? Amen. Turn to Heb. 1. We’ll go through a couple verses tonight and I want you to
think about God as who God is, the Almighty God, the God of love, the God of grace, the God of

Vs. 1. What do you mean? What times? Garden of Eden. What other times? Noah, the flood.
Abraham. Promise. David, Solomon, Isaiah, Joel, Amos, Malachi. How about John the Baptist?
How about Jesus Christ? Look at the verse with me. Different ways. How? Didn’t Elijah call fire
down? Didn’t God speak by the fire? How about the Red Sea? Did God speak through the Red
Sea as it was divided? How about the manna from heaven? How about the leper that was
healed by Elijah? How about the proverbs of Solomon? How about the words of Jeremiah?
Vs. 1. He spoke a lot. God spoke a lot. You know, if you will give your time to listen to the Word
and read the Word, your faith will grow because it is so clear there’s no question that the Bible
is God speaking in different ways by different men. Vs. 2. What? The Son of God spoke to us. He
came. Parables. Miracles. Healings. Secrets to the disciples. On the cross he spoke to us. God
spoke to us by his Son.

Vs. 2. Christ will inherit the oceans. Christ will inherit the clouds, the stratosphere, the moon, all
the stars, all the galaxies. Everything in the universe, Christ inherits it all. For he won a great
victory here on the earth. When God made man, he didn’t give the earth to angels. I kind of
read in that and that’s in Heb. 2, that God gave the other planets and galaxies to angels. But
planet Earth he gave to man. This is ours. This is where we were made out of dust, made part
angel, part beast, part animal, part angel. Made with a mind that we think these thoughts

We read these words and we have a voice. Isn’t that incredible? We have a language. We make
sounds through our larynx that goes out through the sound waves and falls on your ear drum,
goes to your brain, and you listen and this is communication. We take it for granted but it is
absolutely incredible the way we are made. We are made not to be an animal. We are made
more to be like an angel, made to be like the Son of God. Made to be like God.
God had to come here and tell us you are to be like me. Walk on water. Tell the wind to stop.
Cast out demons. Overcome evil. You are to be like God. We are to be like God. But how could
we with our stomach and hormones and our tiredness – I got to take a nap – and our hunger
and depression and fear and shame, how can we become like God? God says be like me. I am

holy; therefore, be holy. Be like my Son. Follow my Son. Mt. 5:48, be ye perfect as our heavenly
Father is. Look at the verse. Vs. 2. So, Jesus is the Creator of the universe and he inherits it. It’s all given to
him and his throne. You see you have the Father’s throne. You have the Son’s throne. And
when we are glorified and we become his bride then Jesus will put all enemies under his feet,
and he will surrender up everything to the Father. It’s kind of a governmental, organized
governmental transition where the Father has given us to the Son. The Son has inherited
everything from the Father. And the Son gives it to the Father so that God will be all in all. It’s
beautiful. It’s 1 Corinthians 15:24-26.

Go to vs. 3. If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father. I’m the express image. It’s like a stamp
on a coin with Caesar’s stamp on the coin. Jesus has the stamp of God on him and if you’ve
seen Christ, then you’ve seen the Father. The Father is stamped on the Son. He is one and the
same. But they are different persons in an administrative order of an organization. The Father is
the initiator. The Son is the responder. The Holy Spirit is the revealer. When we touch the Son
of God, we are touching God.

Vs. 3. Literally, we went fishing in the Chesapeake some weeks ago with a bunch of guys here in
the church. I think there were 16 of us. We caught – I don’t know – 30 fish or so. And when I look
at the fish piled up on the boat, I was thinking Christ is holding every atom in those fish
together by the word of his power. He’s holding the bacteria together by the word of his power.
He’s holding the sun together by the word of his power. He’s holding your physical body
together by the word of his power. He’s holding everything together. In other words, if he
chose he wouldn’t do it. Everything is all gone. Nothing exists anymore. It would be in his mind.
He’d just say it’s over. Everything is gone. It’s all disappears. But it doesn’t disappear cause we
are held together by his will and by his word. The word that is holding the reality together for
his purpose. This is for his plan. It’s for his purpose.

This person that we are relating to is just beyond words. He is unspeakable. He is beyond our
imagination, beyond our comprehension what this is. It leads us to worship. Worship is what
you are made for. You and I are made for worshipping Almighty God. We’ve been made for his
pleasure. He enjoys it in Revelation 4:11 and we also enjoy it. When we are loved and then we love,
we get released in it. When we are able to love God because he first loved us. Then we are in
the Spirit of God. It is the love of God in the nature of God. But we are humans and not only
that, we are sinners.

Sin hurts us a lot. Sin shuts us down. Sin provokes us to pride. We easily react. We spoke this
morning about David and Saul and how Jonathan and David hit it off. They were knit together
like this but Saul and David were more like this. They were together and if Saul didn’t feel
secure with David – it says in 1 Samuel 18 that Saul was afraid of David. And then it says he hated him continually. He was afraid of David. He looked for the opportunity to get rid of David. He
was always thinking evil about David. But Jonathan and David were not thinking evil of each
other. They were knit together in their soul, in their heart. Christ was between them. And this is
Body life for us which we heard about.

So now go to chapter 2:1. This is a follow-up from chapter 1 when we find out that Christ is of
such great magnitude, he surpasses angels. He surpasses prophets. Therefore, we must give the
more earnest heed to the things which we have heard. It means we must have a focus on the
things we have heard. Pay attention. Don’t let them slip away. Give the more earnest heed. Like
a focus and a concentration on this reality. Like we said before, it’s on the top of the
refrigerator where your mother would put the goodies, the chocolate and the cookies and
everything. You’re seven years old and you got to get the chair to kind of get up there when
she’s not looking and try to get the goodies.

Well, God is saying to us things that are so high but they are not beyond us. We have to pay
attention cause if this is God that came into our world, if this is Christ then what we have
inherited, what we are part of is of such great magnitude we cannot let it slip away.
Look at vs. 1. We drift away. This is the NKJV. How do you drift away? Little by little. It happens
just in phases. Happens just by wandering, drifting, losing conviction. Maybe being indifferent.
Maybe not having a moment of focus, a moment of concentration, a moment of submission, of
genuine yielding. Maybe long periods of time where I just kind of let it go and I need to get
snapped back to what it is. If Christ is who he is, then he deserves all of my attention, my focus.
Not just every once in a while but as a way of life.

But I do think the spiritual life is something like a bow and arrow. I don’t know if any of you are
archers. You have the bow strung, string, and the bow is strung and then when you are done,
you undo it and put it away in the closet. I think our eyes are like this. Our eyes are open but
then we blink and we close them for ten minutes or a little nap and then we are awake and we
are open. Then we go to sleep at night and they are closed for some hours.
The eye is kind of like that. The spiritual life is like that. I am focused and then I am relaxed. I am
paying attention and I get it. It’s in my heart. I embrace it and I own it. And I also am relaxed
and I quiet myself. This is the, this is how it goes. I don’t want to drift away little by little. Very
slow tide. The tide takes it out. Very light current and then look again and it’s gone. No, it can’t

Vs. 2. When did the angels speak? When was a covenant made with angels. When were the
angels involved? It was when the law was given to Moses. Angels were the mediator between
God and Abraham, God and Israel. But now the mediator are not angels but it’s the Son of God that we touch. We touch the hem of his garment. We listen to his words. We see him on the

So, he says in vs. 3. I’m sorry to say that there are a lot of people who are neglecting salvation.
There are a lot of people that put it off. There are a lot of people that neglect it. Maybe they
know about it. There are people that don’t know anything about it. They have never been told.
They neglect a great salvation, a great one. A great salvation. A sinner becomes a saint. An
unbeliever becomes a believer.

I was at a car parts store today and I talked to the guy. He was a very pleasant guy behind the
counter. I just said to him, has anyone given you a good word today? And he thought and said,
no. I said, may I do that? He said, yes, you may. I said I’m a pastor and I want to tell you about
my message today. I talked to him. I said a few things to him. I said do you want me to
continue? He said, yeah. I like what you’re saying. I want to hear what you are saying.
There are people around us that just need – by the way, I was amazed how many new people
were here this morning at 9.

Many new people here at 11. The word is out. There is something
going on. There is a word of salvation. There is a word of encouragement. There is a word with
authority. By the way, the Spirit gives us authority. We have authority from God to say things,
to say things without apology. To say things without stammering here and there trying to be
politically correct or some other crazy thing like that. No, this is a joy. We have a message. God
came. God saves. God forgives. God imputes righteousness. God puts our name in the book of
life. God hears prayer.

I remember at the Advanced Auto store; I told the guy I became a believe when in college. I said
I had 19 warts on my two arms. They were like skin tumors. I was in the shower. I counted them
and there were 19 of them. I said God, I don’t know if I believe in you, but if you are real, take
these away. And within two weeks, they were all gone. I told the guy that. You have a
testimony. You have words. We have a living God. We have a God that cares for us. Let’s not be
afraid to say something in time and in appropriateness and in love and in faith. Invite them to
our church. Tell them that there’s a rain garden in front of our church. I wrote down our
website and I said you can look there and see what we are saying and so on.

How will we escape if we neglect the only train out of Dodge? How will we escape if we got the
only way out of this all consuming graveyard called the earth? How will we escape if we neglect
the risen Christ? How will we escape if we don’t believe in Jesus? How will we escape if we
don’t have grace and forgiveness and a resurrection and the name of Jesus? How will we
escape? Tell me. How can we escape? There’s no way out. No way out.

Lastly, go to chapter 4 and we’ll finish with this. Vs. 14. By the way, P. Barry Quirk teaches the
book of Hebrews and everybody said he’s doing a great job at it. And then somebody said much better than you ever did! I said okay. Thank you. Answer to prayer. Thank you, Jesus. Vs. 14. I
love it when these professional athletes talk about Jesus. I know the devil hates it. The devil
hates it. when a golfer professional guy wins a thing and talks about Jesus. Or somebody in the
Olympics, they talk about Jesus. There’s a lot more Jesus going around on the earth than we
realize. There is a lot more faith going around. There is a lot of good stuff happening from God
in these end times. There’s a lot of trouble on the outside but there’s a lot of blessing on the
inside. We are filled.

Vs. 14. Wait a minute. High priest. This is the Old Testament. High priest, remember?
Somebody praying for the people. Mediating, interceding for the people. Somebody offers the
blood. The high priest. The blood for the people. Do you know that a lot of people all they need
they don’t need a psychologist. They need a high priest. Do you know there’s a lot of people
that are afraid and discouraged and depressed today. And they don’t need medication. They
need a high priest. They need somebody to go to God on their behalf and sprinkle the blessing
down upon them on the earth.

Do you know what a lot of people need? Just straight up plain obedience to God. Just obey God
and you get a blessing. Obey God and you’re blessed of God. Follow God and trust God. You
have a high priest in heaven on your behalf. When you disobey, just confess it. Pick yourself up
and start obeying and you will find the blessing because our high priest has passed through the
heavens, Jesus the Son of God.

Vs. 15. He knows. He knows what it is to be hungry, to bleed, to be weak, to be tired. He was
tired at the well. He sat on the well midday. He was hungry in Matthew 4. He didn’t have a home in
Mark 7. He knew what it was like to be forsaken by friends. He knew what it was like to weep,
not just tears but great drops of blood. He knew what it was to be afraid, to be alone. He knew
what it was to be forsaken, betrayed. He knew what it was to be a human being. We have a
high priest who can sympathize with us and was in all points tempted as we are yet without sin.
Jesus, do you know what it’s like to be tempted to take drugs? Yes, I do. But I didn’t do it. But I
know what it’s like to be tempted. How about to protect yourself? Yeah, I know what it is. I was
a human being full fledge all the way a human being in flesh but I overcame the temptation. I
can identify with you.

Vs. 16. Let us therefore be radical and come to the throne of grace. Be radical when you fail.
Come to the throne of grace. Be radical every day and come to the throne of grace and get
grace. We have not followed cunningly devised fables. We are not following just a man. We are
following the Son of God. We are not just living in some religious fantasy. We’re living in God’s
reality. We have love in our hearts. We’re able to care for the homeless. We’re able to pray for
those that don’t like us. We are able to understand the times that we live in. We’re able to come boldly to God at the throne of grace and obtain what we need in every time of need and
have it on the inner man in our spiritual life and be able to live here.

We said this morning when David took the head of Goliath and he walked up to the palace to
see Saul, he carried the head with him. And when he came before the king, he had the head in
his hand. When you have that head in your hand, you don’t have to talk much. Cause that head
is talking. The evidence of my victory, who I am, what happened, how God did it. Here I am.
And that’s like us. When you and I have Jesus in our hearts, sometimes we don’t have to say
much because of the way we live, the way we think, the way we process things. We’re able to
say God is so good to us. God is so good to us. I hope you can say that. God is so good to you.
I am sorry to say some have drifted away. Drifted away. I don’t think it gets better when I drift
away. I don’t have it. I don’t have it anymore.

I just drifted off. I don’t think about Jesus much. I don’t find anything in the Bible particularly interesting. I got a new group of friends. I’m just living the good life. I’m living the good life. Well, beware of this. There really isn’t any good life.
There’s a grave. There’s a cancer treatment. There’s a broken heart. There’s something going
on sooner or later. I want us to realize I’m not being a doomsday prophet. I don’t mean that.
And I’m happy for anybody who lives a good life, but really the good life is the one that comes
from God that bears much fruit to God. It’s not about you making, tiptoeing safely through life
till you make it safely to the grave. That’s not our goal. Like no troubles, no troubles, no
troubles. And finally, I go to the grave.

Okay. I won. I won. I made it in life. No, you don’t want
to live like that. You want to live long life or short life to the glory of God. You want the Spirit of
God in your heart so that Jesus Christ is awesome. You want Jesus in your heart so you can love
when nobody else can. You can live when there is death all around us. On the outside there’s a
lot of trouble but on the inside there’s a lot of peace.

Did you notice that during covid? That on the outside there’s covid, but on the inside there’s
peace. Advancement. Progress. Blessing. Holiness. Authority. God’s plan. Revelation.
Development of character. We are better off having gone through covid with an internal life
than having gone through just having a good life and then oh! Covid! I didn’t know that would
happen. Oh, no! What? Yeah. We know.

No, book of Hebrews is saying if God spoke to us many ways, many times through the prophets
and now he has spoken to us by his Son. Then wouldn’t it be the way of life to live by the Son of
God where we are members of his body. We have his headship. We have his Spirit. We have his
Word. We have his purpose. And he’s saying live and make a big deal out of me. Let the praises
of God be continually in our mouths. May Jesus be a great, big awesome living God that will
heal our bodies, speak to our hearts, prepare us the way. Give us footsteps. Leaping over a wall.
Running through a troop and doing good things for us so that we actually end up with 160 guys
together honestly just sitting in a cafeteria eating and eating and eating! I couldn’t believe how  much we could eat! We were eating like – they said don’t your wives feed you? Eating and
eating and just sitting together and listening and being together. What a beautiful thing it is. It’s
a testimony. Amen. Pray with me please. (Prayer). Amen.

Let me say something else to you cause I’m starting to preach in my prayer. No, we want to
attack life. We want to attack life. Beethoven went deaf. Beethoven the great composer went
deaf in his life. When he went deaf, he couldn’t hear. And he wrote his best music and he said
I’m going to take life by the throat. I’m taking it. Isn’t that amazing? I’m going to take life by the
throat. I’m in charge. I’m in charge. That’s the idea. It can be said in pride, but I’d rather think
that Jesus Christ came into the world and said, no. You cannot touch me until it’s the right time.
No, the waves and the wind they cannot control my life. I’m in charge. And death, where is your
victory? And grave where is your sting? Or the other way around. And I think it’s correct either
way you say it. We’re taking it on. We’re deciding. What about this week? Let’s go to the
prayer. (Prayer).


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