God brought a victory over Moab with Ehud and a hidden dagger. We, the Church, have the message that delivers people from the dominance of sin. It is the Word of victory. (Judges 3:12-20; Luke 17:20-21)

Speaker(s): Justin Schaller, Dennis Hullett
Sermon 12103
6:30 PM on 5/30/2021

P. Schaller –

We have a great service tonight by God’s grace. He’s ministering to us in song and just being here together. It’s
precious. I see Sharon here down front – I mean in the middle – with her mom from Albania. So
we have two speakers tonight and a baptism. We have the brothers here from Helping Up
Mission and Federal Hill. Would you like to stand just for a minute? Are you going to be
baptized? Stand up. Yes, Lord. Yes. Thank you, God. Thank you. Awesome. That will come at
the end of the service. As many of you know this is Convention time that is starting up. Our first
speaker is missionary from upstate New York, David Moore’s church, P. Hulett and Jane.
Maybe they are sitting over here. And Ruthie. Where are they? Do you want to stand? Ruthie
and Jane. Here they are. So can we put that up there? How do get that up? The iPad map on
the screen. Can you see? I can’t. Huh? I think the ocean is up there! I don’t know how to do that.
What? It’s up to you guys.

Yeah. As they are working on that, I have the map there. Did it go up? Yeah, there it is. Well, hardly can you see it. Alright so this is the country of Albania. Does that help? There’s Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary up there. The Bulkans. This is what happened that God had spoken to hearts and P. Dennis in his heart and in his faith
started to preach, went to Bible college, learned the ministry, went to Albania where we already
had some work going on, and then God using him. This is amazing thing that the Spirit of God
would move in an Albanians heart and believe in Christ and follow Jesus, love Jesus, and follow
Jesus. It’s one of the greatest things that you could ever see, that somebody in a totally different
country, totally different language, different era almost, totally different would love Jesus Christ
with all their heart and follow them. When that is multiplied around the world, then you have
more than 700 churches in the world that have come from our graduates and our home church
and the work God is doing in many places.

This is the work of God’s grace. This is amazing. And it happened to these men down here that are going to get baptized tonight. It just happens. It happens. It does. It happens. Wow! And so we are celebrating that. And then in the
Convention period here as people come in and we just get refreshed by their testimonies and
what they have to say and their ministries to our hearts, we say Amen. We believe this and
send Lord and work and multiply because you’re coming. You’re coming. We are here in this
world for this reason. It’s a great honor. We are here for this reason. Beautiful. P. Dennis is
coming. Then we’ll do a song, an offering. Then P. Justin is going to share a word. Then he’s
going to duck behind the screen and make a baptismal change of clothing and then get in the
tank and we’re going to be here singing and watch these guys go under water and hopefully
come up! Alright. Welcome P. Dennis.

P. Dennis Hulett –

Well, good evening. Maybe we could put that map back up for a moment. I
just want to look at you for a little while too. This is it. This is the time between graduation and
Convention. You know how it is. And for me to be here and see you all and be part of this is
extraordinary. Last year, we were not able to come but by God’s grace and the help of so many
supporters we were able to make it back down here. This is such a great time for us. My two
favorite moments in this season is the graduation from MBC&S. I love to watch those men and
women come across the stage and get their diplomas. And the other is ordination night on
Convention on a Saturday night when I see these men get ordained to be pastors and associate
pastors. And I want to kind of consider that. First, I want to talk to you a little bit about the
Balkans. We are planning a trip to Slovenia for the summer harvest. I don’t know some of you
were praying on going on that. We’re not sure because Slovenia is still closed. It is an EU
country, so we’re not sure if we are able to get in there.

However, I would love to hear some suggestions on some kind of crazy road trip. If anybody is up for that. The Balkans in the south are very wide open. In fact, P. Schaller mentioned some of these countries. We could do a
week, a month, or maybe the rest of our lives depending on how long you’ve got vacation! We
could start in Albania and then head east to Macedonia and go to places like [he’s naming
places in Macedonia]. All of these cities Albanian speaking so we could bring a team from
Albania: literature, Bibles, guitars, sketch board and just go crazy. And then head up into –
actually, the map doesn’t have Kosovo on it. That’s a bit of a scandal. But we can go to Kosovo
to the capital. It’s also Albania of course and do some time in Kosovo and head over to
Montenegro and then over to [he’s naming more cities]. Then maybe we could go to Bosnia and
then maybe we could never come home! That happens. Some of you know that. You say you are going to go on a missions trip for six months to a year – I think my wife had planned on
going to France for six months and then spent three years there. So we didn’t know how long
we were going to spend in the Balkans.

We’ve been there 13 years. So God knows. I have some thoughts when I was in the graduation time. I want to maybe consider them and see where God goes with it. Let’s pray. Let’s open to Ezra 3. Just with the times that we live in of
course I don’t live in this country but I know a lot about your country being American and you
don’t know what is happening in my country but let me tell you, it’s all about the same no matter
where you do. Politics and social stuff and the world itself is going crazy. It’s not just your
country. The world itself is upside down right now. So in Ezra 3, we see where they were
building the temple, rebuilding it after the destruction at the hand of Babylon. vs. 10. The first
thing they did was build the altar. They built the altar and they started the sacrifices. Then they
built the foundation. Then after the foundation, they built the temple itself. But here, they are just
finishing the foundation. vs. 11. And that’s beautiful. We know that our foundation is Jesus
Christ and we can praise God for that. That our foundation is laid and it’s a sure foundation and
we simply build on that foundation.

We don’t try another foundation. There are no other foundations that can be laid that are of the strength and durability of the foundation that we have in Jesus Christ. Everything else we have is sand. But we have that. That’s what they did. They were praising the Lord because that foundation was laid. But as you see here in vs. 12-13.
That’s interesting. The first temple being of course the temple of Solomon. And those that knew
that temple, when they saw the new one, oh it’s not as nice. It’s not the temple we remember.
They were crying. They couldn’t discern who was crying and who was shouting for joy. And that
struck me that concept there. Yesterday I was sitting over here somewhere watching these
great young men and women get their diplomas and I was thinking of the book of Acts in
chapter 19. I had two thoughts but I think they are one thought so that’s why it’s Old and New
Testament here. In Acts 19 we have the sons of Sceva and many of you know the story. They
thought they could do the same thing as Paul.

They loved what Paul was doing. A lot of people loved what Paul was doing but their motives were horrible. They were not of the spirit. And it says here in Acts 19:14-15. And when I watched those men and women come up on stage, God
knows them by name, John. 10. He knows all of us by name. He calls us by name and we are
called by his name. That’s a wonderful thing. It’s a wonderful consolation for us to know we are
called according to him. We are called by his name. Jeremiah would say that about the word
was found and he ate them and when I saw these people and their names were read off, I knew
God knows their name. However, Satan knows their name, too. For me, that is a good thing. I
want Satan to know my name. I don’t want to be cowering like Gideon was doing when the
battle was raging. I want to be the one that God says I know his name and Satan says, yeah, I
know his name, too. And I look around and I hate to say it but Satan knows your name. He
knows your name. In today’s world, we are seeing the world crumble around us. We are
watching everything that was good, bad.

Everything that was moral, immoral and things that are immoral, moral. And we are seeing this complete and utter destruction of the world system. But actually, it is not the destruction of the world system. It is the perfecting of the world system. Because we know this world system is run by Satan. He is doing a powerful work. We as
Christians can be crying about the way it was. And even myself, I see the world and I say I
remember the world. I remember the world I grew up in and the world I lived in. It’s not this
world. This world has gone crazy. And I can cry about the foundation, the old world, but God is
saying no. You are not of this world, right. This world is going to pass away. And all of the lusts
thereof and all the garbage thereof. God says, don’t worry about that. I think we read in the book
of Revelation that God is going to take care of that. And he’s going to be pretty, pretty – I guess
we call it wrath of God. Imagine that. I know my wrath. It’s a little wrath. But I know the wrath of
God must be pretty impressive. So I don’t have to cry about the world and what’s going on. I
know it’s Satan.

P. Schaller actually said something. He said God has spoken to our hearts and
he did that for me and I’m so thankful for it when he called me to Europe, first to Bulgaria and
then to Albania. I thank God for the ministry he gave me by his mercy and grace. But we sense
the leading of the Spirit from day to day in the decision making process of life. We know we hear
God’s voice and we know to walk with him. He says this is the way; walk in it and we do it. But
do we hear Satan’s voice? Because when it comes to Satan’s voice, we seem to visualize and
maybe put it on a horizontal and see it as flesh and blood suddenly. We don’t see it in the same
respect as God speaking to us. We see – we trust God. We have faith. We pray. We walk in his steps. But do we look around us and say oh yeah. This isn’t flesh and blood battle. This is
demonic. Not to limit how we see the world simply by our sight and what we hear because there
is a battle going on in the heavenlies. And there is a battle going on as we approach that day
and we know it’s, we hope it’s close. But we sometimes weep too much when we see what
Satan is doing in the world.

We say why isn’t it like it used to be? And we talk about politics or
social stuff and we lament all these horrible things that are happening. God is saying wait a
second. Satan knows your name. He wants you to simply stay out of the battle. But God wants
us to say wait a minute. I know the foundation. It doesn’t have to be the old foundation. I know
the new foundation. Jesus didn’t come as a great king. He came lowly and meek. He’ll come as
a king. It will be great. We will be with him. It’s going to be a good time. But when he came, he
came meek. What happened? Everybody rejected him. They said, no, you’re not enough. He is
enough. He is the foundation. We don’t have to weep about the things that are past. We need to
go forward in the things that are present and the things that are future. We need to discern the
spirits and know them as spirits. We know the Holy Spirit but do we know the demonic spirit and
are we as mindful of them – well, not as mindful – but we are mindful of them and say that’s the
battle. That’s the enemy.

It’s not flesh and blood. It’s Satan trying to tell me that you have to cry
about the day. God is saying let’s get our armor on. There is a battle to be won not just fought.
And as the names are called, Jesus I know. Paul I know. The people that graduated yesterday, I
know. The people that will be ordained in June, I know. The people that are sitting in these
seats, I know. God knows our name. He has called us to battle. He has called us to stand on
that foundation which is Jesus Christ and not be afraid of what Satan is doing in the world, and
not cry about yesterday. Let’s go forward with that perseverence, with that confidence that God
is in this battle and this battle is to be won. Amen.

P. Justin Schaller –

Good evening. How are we doing this evening. Good. Do you want to stand
up? You’re probably wondering why i’m talking like this. I don’t know what happened. It just
happened. Deep voice. This is what allergies do. This is allergies. Pure allergies. Bree Wier
graduated yesterday. The graduation was awesome. P. Philippe and P. Matt Gehret do an
amazing job in the Bible school. Yeah, give it up for them. Amen. These guys I have the honor
to be able to do the baptism tonight. Helping Up Mission, we have couple guys in the back,
Sterling and Danny and Freddy that came into the church. Julie Bond met them in the Inner
Harbor. Any new person that comes into our church comes into our church comes through this
one woman, Julie Bond. She invites everybody to church. Through that, we were praying as a
church. Rodger Osborne, right here in the blue tie, he’s been – we have a prayer group. This
guy’s done, how many days, Roger? See.

Who’s counting? 429 days they’ve been doing a prayer group ever night since covid started. We were just praying for just different ministries and these guys came into the church. It was opened up that we were able to go and we go
there on Friday nights. These guys are an amazing blessing to our church. It’s going to be a
great time to do this baptism. Let’s just read and then we can be seated. Luke 17, I just want to
– I won’t be too long tonight, but just give a – that was an awesome word from P. Dennis. Thank
you very much for that. It is good to be known right? If life is too easy, what does P. Scibelli
say? Easy roads make sleepy drivers. Right? If the road is too smooth, you pass out on that
turnpike. But if you have some bumpy roads like we have here in Baltimore, they keep us
aware. Luke 17:20-23. Amen. You may be seated. The Bible college graduation, isn’t that
awesome. This class was a special class. We say that every year, don’t we? We say that to all
of them. No, but this class was a very special class.

It’s amazing when people are trained up in the Word of God. Aren’t we thankful we are in a ministry that teaches the Word of God? We don’t go to junior church. We were saying today at lunch that a lot of these churches they turn
the main church into junior church. And they bring down the capacity for people down to a 14
year old. But we are not in a ministry like that. We don’t have lasers or dry ice, do we? No. We
don’t have gimmicks. It’s amazing that the Convention is coming near and people are going to
be coming and be part of the fellowship here. New people will be coming into the church and
new disciples. How did that happen? It happened because the Word of God is preached. It can
be definitely for a minister of the Gospel. It can be a threat to think that I got to do something
else. I remember one time my dad came down to a conference in Chile, and he was looking at
us and he was preaching. We were probably all after traveling there to get there on the first
night and he said to us, he goes what do you want me to sit on my head and spit out coins?

What do you want me to entertain you? I remember he said that. We’re all like, no, no, no. No.
We want the Word of God. Because the Word of God is quick. It’s powerful. It’s the only thing
that feeds the soul. Self-help, self-improvement, psycho babble, all that stuff it tickles the ears
and it caters to the flesh but it doesn’t heal the soul. It doesn’t strengthen the inner man. The
battle is over the Word of God. The battle is that you have to do something other than preaching
the Word of God. You have to do something else. It’s got to be your personality. It’s got to be
your programs. It’s got to be entertainment. It’s got to be your charisma. It’s got to be something.
It can’t just be the Word of God. People are going to fall asleep. Do you know what about
preaching the Word of God? The disciples stay and the ones that don’t want to hear the Word
leave, and you invite them back. And you invite them back. But is it not that we are here
because of the Word of God? Isn’t that awesome.

Thank you, Lord that we are in that type of ministry. And we’re in that type of Bible college. These young men and women were trained up for four years, five years. Bree, how many? Twenty. Thirty-three! This should be a special
award. Trained up in the Word of God. Word of God ministry. If you can turn in your Bibles to
Judges 3. I just want to read the story. The book of Judges, what a book. So strange, isn’t it?
Huh? We heard it this morning in the message. Book of Judges. Why is this book in the Bible?
It’s been inspired by God. It’s a history of the Jews and it’s a cycle of the Jewish people. They
do good one generation and then the next generation they fall off. They forget the covenants
and the promises. But God is so faithful to them. Has he not been faithful to us in our life? Have
we not drifted away. We drift away and then who is there when we drift away? The Lord, our
Good Shepherd, and he brings us back. Is he any different in the New Testament than he was
in the Old Testament? He’s still the same shepherd.

And in the book of Judges, you read it and go, come on children of Israel! But then I realize they are talking about generations and in my life I’m talking about weeks or months or years. I can identify very much with the children of
Israel. Judges 3:12, it does say in Heb. 12, that if you are his son or daughter he does deal with
you, discipline you to always bring you back. So God can actually use evil to bring you back for
your good. The Lord used this king, King of Moab. vs. 13-14. It doesn’t take a long time
sometimes for people to learn a lesson. And this time it took them 18 years. The Lord allowed
them to have this king over them. vs. 15. How faithful is God. You cry out to him and who’s
there? You cry out to him and he’s right there. The children of Israel maybe it took them 18
years to get over their pride and then maybe they finally cried out. Lord, help us! Help us! I was
thinking the other day I went out on the bay wind surfing. I was terrible. I didn’t even get up on
the board. I was thinking about this story when I was dating my wife.

I told her, I mean it was a half-lie, half-truth. I knew how to sail. I was like, yeah, I know how to sail. You know those little
sun fish boats like little kids know how to navigate, but I couldn’t even navigate that. I said, yeah,
I know how to sail. So we got on the boat. We put up the sail. Guess what? The wind hit it just
right. We’re up on the Cape and my family is there and they’re like, what is he doing? She’s so
naive to go with him! He’s never been in a boat before in a day in his life! I said, Ann Margaret,
you got the right guy here. I know how to sail. I know how to – I was just throwing out terms. I
was getting them all wrong. Tick and tock and jolt and jive. I know how to do it. So we got in the
boat and the wind hit it. Man, we took off! We were cruising. She’s looking at me like, you got a
chance. I’m looking at her. Not too bad, huh? If you’ve ever been in a sail boat and you go down
wind or cross wind and catch it right, you always have to get back, right? So we’re moving on
out the Cape. Hitting the water. It’s a great time, right? And then it’s like okay.

Let’s turn around and go back. That’s a problem. Because you can’t get back going into the wind, right? No. No.
But I have no Google. I had no iPhone. I had nothing. I just had my inability to sail! I had
nothing. So I’m sitting there and I’m thinking okay. How do you do this? I don’t know how to do
this. So we flip over, right? First time we flip over, no problem. Just playing around. Get it back
up. Flip over again. Flip over again. Then, get this: flip over again. I’m holding on the mast. I
didn’t even know the names of these things. I’m holding on the mast for dear life trying to
counter balance it up. Nope, I fall over and I knee her in the head! I knee her in the head! She’s
under water. I’m panicking. I just killed the woman of my dreams in the Atlantic ocean. I can’t get
back. I forgot this point. When we were going out, my family was supporting me but they knew
this would happen so they told me to put on a life preserver. But the life preserver was about
three sizes too small. So I have a small life preserver. We are in the middle of the Atlantic. The
sun is going down.

My family is on the coast line just thinking well he deserves it! He’s out there.
We’re flipping back and forth. I’m thinking this is terrible. All of a sudden a speed boat just kind of rumbles up. The motor is on the back. Backwards hat just sitting there. He’s got his girlfriend
there. He looks over the side. I’m bobbing with this little toddler vest on! I’m bobbing and he
goes, you need any help. No, I’m good! We’re good! I just decided to shake it up a little bit. And
Ann Margaret is thinking I want to be with that guy. I do not want to be with this guy with the
undersized vest! So we towed in. It was the most humiliating 30 minutes of my life. As we get
towed in, on the back of the sail boat there was a rope. It was so bad that I was on the sail boat
getting towed in and Ann Margaret was on the back just holding on to the rope just getting
dragged in. It was unbelievable. She still married me! Yes, thank you. What a wife. She still
married me. Thank God. It was humiliating, but I needed that.

I needed that. Why did I tell that story? Because I just wanted to tell you a story. Because we make decisions when things are good and we go out clipping. We go out moving and things are good and life is good. And so
many of us and we know so many people when life is good, where do we go? We go that way.
Just clipping out there. And then we realize when we are out in the middle of the ocean and we
can’t find the shore line, God is always there. Always there. And that’s how we learn grace, do
we not? We learn grace over and over and over again because he is the Good Shepherd and
he leads us back. vs. 15. For all you left handed people out there, God loves you. You’re special
warriors, you left handed people. The children of Israel are thinking, we’re going to appease the
king. Let’s send him a present. Let’s appease him. When Jesus came, his disciples were hoping
the kingdom of God was going to come by Jesus negotiating with the Jews or negotiating with
the Romans. We want to appease. And even as people of the Gospel, ministers of the Gospel,
we can bring a message that is trying to appease people to make them happy.

When you have a master who is over you which is sin, it doesn’t matter how much you appease him. He will
always be your master. So you need a man of God like Ehud. vs. 16-17.I don’t know what that is
in there but it’s inspired by God. I don’t know. vs. 18-22. This is violent. I told you the Book of
Judges! Vs. 23. Here’s a man of God. The children of Israel say yes, to solve our problem we’ll
just give him a gift. We’ll appease him and maybe he’ll take the pressure off. But the man of
God said no. I got a better idea. I’m going to come in and I’m going to come in like an assasin.
I’m going to actually execute him. vs. 26-30. It’s an interesting story, isn’t that? Here’s the point.
That man thinks he can negotiate with the flesh. Man thinks he can form a church or disciple
people without the gospel, without the cross. What is the cross that Jesus didn’t come here to
actually save your flesh. But Jesus came here to stick a dagger into flesh and into sin and to
come and die on a cross so he could deal with your flesh in your sin nature so you could go out
and you could have a full victory.

Let me just say the Gospel these days gets watered down. Does it not? There is a threat on the church to water it down. People aren’t that bad. Just give them something to appease them. We say no. This is too hard to go into the king and kill him? That is too hard. To preach hell. To preach judgment. To preach damnation. But here’s the
thing. If you don’t preach it, there is no victory. If the full Gospel isn’t preached, there is no
victory. It’s just a bunch of people being nice to a bunch of other people and all still under
bondage of sin. There is no victory whatsoever. But Jesus Christ came into the world like this
man Ehud. Maybe he was left handed. But he came into the world and the prince of this world –
let me ask you this. Do you think the devil wanted Christ to go to the cross? He didn’t want
Christ to go to the cross, did he? And interesting thing to think about. The devil went into Judas.
Judas betrayed Jesus. Jesus was brought before Pilate. Jesus was like this man that the
disciples were saying just appease the Romans and we can usher in the kingdom. Jesus was
saying, no. it doesn’t work like that. Let’s look back in closing. Luke 17:20, the disicples are

They’re saying, Jesus, where is this kingdom? You’re talking about a kingdom. A
kingdom needs military. A kingdom needs a palace. A kingdom needs a throne. Where is it? vs.
20. This man Ehud was going before the great king of Moab. And his power was not seen by
that king. His power wasn’t seen. But then at the right moment at the right time, he pulled the
dagger out and brought victory to Israel. When Jesus Christ came, he came as a fool to the
world. He came and was mocked and ridiculed. He was placed on a cross, and they put up on
the cross “King of the Jews.” There’s your kingdom and there’s your throne. And Jesus says
yeah, that’s right. I’m like Ehud and I have that dagger hidden on my thigh. I’m actually, I’ve
come into the world and you think that I’m a fool and I’m appeasing the world. I came here so
Herod could see me do miracles.

But I’m a man of God and I came to do the work. And on the
cross, I am giving you the greatest victory. I am going to crucify your flesh and your sin nature.
Not appease you or give you some sort of psycho babble or make you feel good or tickle your ears with entertainment. But rather preach the Gospel, and the Gospel is the only thing that can
save a soul. And when Christ came into the world, he’s on the cross and that was his raising up
to his throne. When he was raised up on the cross, that was his throne. That was his victory.
And when he died and the wrath of God was poured out on him, that was the start right there of
his enthronement. And when he was risen up, he was risen up into the newness of his kingdom.
And now for the last 2,000 years you and I and people throughout the centuries have been
going out with the simple message of the Gospel but it’s the only message that will stick the
dagger into death, stick the dagger into sin, stick the dagger into addiction and free people with
the message. And just like Ehud when he went out, it must have been so amazing. He blew the
trumpet and the Jewish people are thinking, man, did the gift really work that well? He’s like no.
He’s dead. He’s dead. He’s dead? He’s dead.

The victory is ours. And we are men of God, we are women of God and we are girded up with the sword on our thigh which is the Word of God and we go out into the world and we have something for the devil and we have something for
the people that are in the kingdom of darkness and that is a dagger that will kill them at the
cross of Christ but raise them up in the newness of life. And give them eternal life. That is an
amazing thing. They say, Jesus where is the kingdom? And he said, “the kingdom of God
comes not by observation, neither shall they say, Lo, here! Or, lo there! For, behold, the
kingdom of God is within you.” What does that mean? If there is a kingdom that is in you, there
is a king that is sovereign over you. You are his servant. I love this in 1 Corinthians 4, Paul says I’m a
servant meaning I’m an underrower. In those ships, those Greek ships there would be 200 men
in the bottom of the ship and each one with an oar in the water. Each one rowing at accord,
doing their little part to move that ship forward.

And you and I have both – all of us have been gifted with the Gospel. You have been gifted with spiritual gifts. We are all just simple underrowers. We all have our part to go out and to preach the Gospel. And our oars are in the
water and we are moving together as the Body of Christ with the kingdom of God. We are all
moving together with the kingdom of God and it is in us. That is an amazing thing. We represent
our king by our testimony. We represent our king by the words that we speak. We represent our
king by the words that he has given us to teach people. And I’m speaking to the choir when I
say this: let us never underestimate what the power of the Word of God can do to a soul. It is
the only thing that can save a soul. It is the only thing that can sustain a soul. It is the only one
that can – these words are the only thing that can free us from the ultimate reality of death
which is the cross of Christ and we have that church.

Graduates, you have that. Let us spend these few days that we have on this earth spending our time focusing on what God wants us to do in the kingdom by preaching the Gospel to every creature on the planet. It doesn’t matter if
we are in Parkville or Rosedale or Baltimore city or wherever. It doesn’t matter. It’s all about
people. It doesn’t matter about where we are so much. It does in the sense that – I’m messing
up logistical grace and I’m getting doctrines all mixed up here. But at the end of the day, does it
really? We love where we are, where God puts us. God puts Paul in prison in the book of
Ephesians. I love it. Look at Caesar’s household just came to the Lord. I’m a prisoner of Christ.
I’m not a prisoner of Caesar, Nero. I’m a prisoner of Christ. He has us in the perfect place and
this is the thing that matters the most the preaching of the Gospel to save souls from eternal
hell. It’s hard but that’s the truth, is it not? Thank God that we have the Word of God that speaks
the truth to us and frees our souls.


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