Faith and grace go together. We wear something that is different and that stirs reactions. Abraham tried to make the promise of a son happen by natural means. It worked and it was a disaster named Ishmael. But then came Isaac. Grace is with us so we can live by faith. (Galatians 4:21-31; Romans 4:16; Genesis 37:3)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11682
11:00 AM on 5/19/2019



P. Schaller

Praise God. Praise God.

Before we sit down, we have a conference coming up at the end of June, One whole week. People come in from India, Africa – I think 15 pastors from Africa, and Europe. They come in and we host them for the whole week. One year we had 140 people living in different people’s homes. Sometimes people loan a car. Amazing acts of generosity and love to our brothers and sisters that come from abroad. Sometimes we have 4,000 people on our campus. The meetings are packed out and counseling going on all the time. Missionaries are coming and telling their stories. God is working. God is real. God is in his work. This is God’s work. This is the H.S. moving. Prayers are answered.

This week we have a banquet in this room. Tickets are for sale after the service. We will honor P. David Moore who for 35 or 40 years has sent people down here to go to Bible college. We want to have an MBC&S banquet in this room the day before graduation. We will have graduates walking across this stage on Saturday. Some go back to China and Europe and take what they learned here from the Spirit of God. You and I are a part of this. We are celebrating it. We are the family of God in Baltimore. They say what is going on in Baltimore in a good way. In the news that’s a different thing but what is happening in this room and your life is big.

Turn to your neighbor and say it’s big. It’s big what is going on. It affects the whole world. Halleluiah. I’m excited about it and the Lord will speak about it to our hearts about his love for us.

I was reading missionary newsletters and meditating on what people are doing abroad…to think of people that came from here and went abroad with the message of Christ. It’s big. It’s huge. Give your neighbor a holy kiss, and a high five. A handshake is good. Talk to someone near you about everything you know about grace.

The God of all grace after you have suffered a little, establish, strengthen and settle you in his grace. There are a couple verses I want you to notice before we start. We are going to speaking on Gal. 4 but before we go there we are looking at Romans 4.

Good to have Chuck and Stephanie Brookey here today.

vs. 16. That word is important. Two words, faith and grace. They go together. Grace is unmerited favor. Grace is something you don’t deserve. Ever been given a material gift and it came to you by grace? Just a gift? Maybe an inheritance. Anyone want to get an inheritance? You don’t earn it or deserve it but by birth you get a fortune or a small amount. It wouldn’t have to be a lot. Anything would be great if it’s a complete gift. Even I’m surprised. You mean me? Maybe he always wins and she always gets something but I never get anything.

vs. 16. Abraham got it by faith. David got it by faith and you receive Christ by faith. You receive grace to the end, the promise. That’s the third word: promise. Not only to the Jews but the seed of Abraham was Jewish and extends beyond the biological people, the Jews, because it comes to us Gentiles by promise. The promise is to us that we would be heirs of promise and this is explained in Gal. 4. Faith, grace, promise. These three are kind of a trinity; they go together. If you have grace, you receive it by faith and you have faith in his promise. Even I don’t see the land. I own it but don’t have it. I have it by promise. I don’t have a son. I have a son by promise. God promised me a son 25 years ago in the story of Abraham. When he was 75, he was promised a son. Now he’s a 100 years old and gets one. It was by promise he got it by grace and he walked by faith. That’s the principle.

Ge 37 for the next part. Faith, grace, and promise. Maybe a young man could be told by his dad when you are 20 years old, I’ll buy you a car. I don’t think you’ll do it. I promise you. If that happened, that would be grace, a gift. I believe. I don’t believe you. I believe you. I don’t believe you. Faith, unbelief. Grace, promise. God gives promise to Abraham and fulfills his promise and Abraham realizes that God delivers. God gave him a Son.

Go to another principle, Ge. 37:3. Israel is the other name for Jacob. In vs. 1, it says Jacob dwelt in the land. Why does he have two names? Because I have two natures. I have my Jacob nature. I’m a trickster, con man, deceiver, and liar. I meet God and wrestle with him in prayer and he calls me another name. Your name is Israel. You have power with God and men. You have an osn and a new nature. You have an old man and sin nature of our flesh and our new birth. God calls us by our new name. We have promise. You might say not me. Yes, you. I’m not the one God loves. Yes, you are. For me to say for the next 20 minutes, yes, you. Yes, you. Gen 37:3, not me. I’m one of those other boys. I’m not the one he loves. Yes, you are. You are special. Not me. Yes, you. Yes, you. You are the one with the coat of many colors. Pastor Schaller, I got a drug addiction. I’m hurt. I broke up with my wife. I’m divorced twice. I have kids that don’t talk to me. I foreclosed on my house. I got spaghetti on my wall. I understand. But this isn’t about how good you are, but how great God is! This is different. This is a game changer. This is the ultimate reality. This is something you can’t invent. God so loved us he did the heavy lifting. God took care of your sin. He gave you promise. Promise is something I can’t see. My dad says he’ll give me a car. I can’t be sure that day will come but he promised me. Maybe he’s not going to live that long. A lot could happen. He means well but I can’t be sure about it.

Get that child a microphone! Wow! Amazing!

When God gives you a promise, when he gave us Christ, we don’t see a lot of what he is talking about. We don’t see what this is. We live by faith. It’s by faith. It’s by grace and by promise. Like I said, these go together. Jacob is Israel and these are my words, my favorite son is Joseph. I’ll make him a coat of many colors and everyone will know he’s my guy. Is that a song? That’s the flesh! I have, you have a coat of many colors whether you know it or not. God has given you promise and you never earned it or deserved it. By his nature, he decided in himself and he calls us righteous. He made it possible through his Son. Our life will be a life of faith by promise. Many times we cannot see what they are. I passed from death to life, Jn. 5:24. That’s a promise. I don’t always see it. I think it’s true. I live still in my mortal body but the promise is sure. He died and I died with him. Promise. For us to live is Christ in us. Promise. Our name in the book of life, Luke 10. Promise. Rejoice in this: you passed from death to live and your name is in the book of life and I am your Father in heaven. These are promises to you.

You have by typology or metaphor a coat of many colors. Colorful. It means different turns, angles, and manifold grace. It means love in many colors. Many gifts. It means many opportunities with our heavenly Father, hearing prayers….

Seven spirits before the throne of God, Is 61 regarding Christ and the spirit Christ had. Counsel, quick understanding, compassion, mercy. Our God is not a small, narrow God like a legalistic God. He is the God of all grace. A God that gives you new life. You don’t know me or what I’ve done, a man over here says. I’ve served time. I’ve done things. You don’t know me. Yeah, we know you. That’s me, but I also know what Christ did for you and God has given you promises. You live by faith and the H.S. is sent into the world to teach us grace. To open our eyes and our understanding and help us understand who we are. I am not my sin.

Someone said to me, I don’t think I belong here. You are good, religious people. I said oh, no. You wouldn’t believe who these people are! We have come out of a world of addiction and lying and maybe proud and never doing anything wrong like the Pharisee last week. Three in the story. If he was a prophet, he would know this woman is a sinner. Maybe you are one of those. If you are a legalistic, judgmental person and we all can be, we have found something more exciting, many colors. All kinds of blues and greens and yellows. All kinds of reds and purples and florescent colors. All kinds of a living God that has many sides to him.

Someone said there are more than 300 names of God in the Bible. Actually, the names aren’t enough. Moses said what is your name? God didn’t even try. I AM that I AM. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! I can’t even package who I am. I am transcending your world. I am the Almighty God. Even the Jews couldn’t say his name.

Paul said he is the unspeakable gift, 2 Cor 9:15. I need to be in a church where I get a lot of grace. If you got to know me in my teenage later years, I’d never make it as a pastor. I found this church and this pastor who understood me and cared about me and ministered grace to me. A Pharisee would have blown me out of the water. No way can I make it with these perfect people. I needed more of a circus than a church. I needed to go to a place where we are so extraordinarily different, we are called a cult before a church. I need to be around people so excited about the living God and so involved with him. Let his praise continually be in my mouth. Praise God. Thank you God for your great grace given to sinful people. That’s what changed our lives and helped us.

Grace is given to the humble, to those who walk uprightly. It’s given to ministers. We are heirs of it. We are under grace, not under the law. We receive grace from Christ and we are what we are by the grace of God. Let’s make that clear. There is no way you and I can live this life and a holy life unless it’s by God’s grace. Grace leads us to repent, and we deny ourselves and it teaches us holiness. Grace leads us in love and helps us with our future and failure. Grace teaches us to love others that fail. We have the spirit of grace in us. God is the God of all grace.

Our text is Gal 4. We grow in grace, strong in grace and we speak grace. There was a person who said I want to tell you exactly what I think of you. They were upset at me for some reason. I said hold it. Time out. I’ll tap out on this one! Before you tell me what you think of me, tell me what God thinks of me. Before you talk to other people what you think about them, catch yourself and check what spirit you and I are of and speak grace to each other. Maybe they need our love more than our criticism. Maybe they need our support and prayer. It’s easy to tear people down but another thing to build them up in grace.

Go to Gal 4. I got all these verses and I did it in the first service this morning. The Scripture speaks for itself but we are also speaking in the Spirit and saying things that come to our mind. I think you got the message. You understand it.

Gal 4:21, Turn to your neighbor and ask them deep in your heart do you want to be under the law? Deep in your heart, do you want to be under the law? They gave you the right answer. No! Now you have to push the issue.

Let me tell you a joke. I was with a young man in a car. What’s your name? Greg. I was joking around. What is your real name? I was joking. He said Dominic! I caught him. He was lying to me.

Do you deep in your life want to be under the law? I’m in church and know the right answer is no. Do you want to be under the law? There are people that want to be under the law. It’s easier. Not as many risks. You are governed by the law. That’s what the police do. That’s what our judicial system does. To run a church by law is easier than by grace. You don’t have as much fun nor do you get to know God nor do you live by faith or give out any grace. It is by grace that is by faith and that is by promise.

vs. 22. What was his name? Ishmael. The one by the free woman? Isaac. He is saying this is an allegory. He who is a bond woman was born after the flesh. Abraham wanted to have a son. They are trying to figure out how to get one…Was he living by faith? No in unbelief. God promised him a son and it would happen by Sarah. She is so old and he is so old. It is biologically impossible. They can’t have children when they are 90 and 99. This is so man lives by faith, by promise from God. Every promise in the Bible, more than 8,000 are mixed with faith and we believe God. We believe God even though we can’t see it. We live by faith. That’s how we live. The grace of God is with us so we can live by faith.

Vs. 24. Hagar, put an H in there for the Hebrew reading. We have a covenant, Sinai, the Law, Ismael, the flesh, his mother who is in bondage, and he is in bondage at Mt. Sinai. When you have bondage, it’s the same old thing. You’re a slave. You’re walking around and around like Samson. They put him in the millhouse and Samson is there round and round. He’s in bondage. Ever been in the rat race called life? Ever been sick and tired of the same old thing? Ever had your hands hang down and say I want to get out of this thing? Ever been in a place of revival, anointing and passion? Ever been in a place where you lost your passion and love and you’re just in the law. You’re in bondage in the law. Jerusalem makes the Taliban look like a Sunday school. You stone a woman for adultery. You judge people. Jerusalem is a religious world of bondage and is in bondage with her children.

vs. 26. What Jerusalem is that? The heavenly Jerusalem. No sorrow, no tears, great music, great understanding, great holiness, great communion. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb when a marriage party, after the wedding, the wedding happens and everyone meets. The table is long from New York to Los Angeles and the person sitting next to you in Connecticut or New York is as close to you are as the person at the other end of the table. The New Jerusalem is above and the mother of us all. And is free. Freedom. Holiness means freedom. When we are holy, we are free. When God reveals himself, he is always free. In his presence is fullness of joy. There is freedom where you don’t have to be protecting yourself. You don’t have to be worried about anything. You are free. Law can’t do that. Grace does that. The Spirit of God is a spirit of grace.

Rejoice thou that is barren, vs. 27. 90 and holding a new born baby in your arms. Ninety and holding a new born baby. It’s my great grandchild. No, it’s my child. It’s your great, great grandchild. No. it’s my child. I have a coat of many colors. That’s why I don’t worry about the culture going to hell. Now there are mushrooms that are legal in Colorado….wait until the millennials have to pay the bills. The folks that remain have to pay for all this stuff. Who cares about my political commentary? The point is, it gets old fast. There’s no joy, freedom. I love God. His grace is sufficient. His Spirit moves me. The passion we have for God is real.

Ephesus, you have lost your first love…where is your excitement? We lost it at the last committee meeting, the last 10 years of committee meetings. We lost our fire. We’ve lost God. If you mention all night prayer, it would never happen. If you mention going out in the neighborhood, it wouldn’t be going on, but our doctrine is right. Do you know you have lost something? Personal understanding of the coat you have of many colors and the worship of the living God that came into our lives so our lives could be sparkling somehow. This is where we belong, in the New Jerusalem. One day we will be there.

God in his wisdom left us here. He is even allowed us to live with foolish leadership that is passing laws about marijuana and other stuff so we all become drug addicts and pornography viewers and selfish, little people, guilty about the whole thing. We just go round and round. Where is Jesus Christ? Give me Christ. Come on. Tell me he is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Tell me about his promises that teach me to live by faith in who God is. I don’t need those damn drugs. Listen to me. Read my lips. Damn drugs. They are poison, horrible, terrible….we are to give them a ministry of grace and lead them in faith and say come on. Jesus is here. He cares about you.

She that bore the child is crying out, laughing, rejoicing and saying I have born more children than the others. Isaac had Jacob and Jacob had 12 sons and they went down to Egypt and 2 million came out. I got it by promise. In him is a whole nation of a couple million people. Those people are going to be at the center of human history. The Messiah comes through them and the Gentiles will be receiving the gospel of grace. We are seeing it happen in the mountains of the Himalayas, the deserts of Mexico, the villages of Latin America. We are praying for our cities in the United States. I have something to say about that in the service.

Sometimes we are hesitant when we want to share our faith. Other times it’s crystal clear. I think that’s from God. We are wise as serpents and harmless as doves. We are on a mission. You walk into a school and people say where did you get that coat? My heavenly Father gave it to me. I’m surprised you noticed it. You’re not like us. Your messages are dry and stank. They are not working. I have a message for you. The God of all grace loves you and you can be born again and a child of God. You can wake up and walk with him like we did by his grace.

vs. 28-29. Put on your seat belt because we are in a place where we are targeted as the bad guy. They call us homo phobic. What does that mean? They say we are narrow, or legalistic or we have hate speech. When any of us go to jail for these reasons, keep us in mind and pray for us. Our heavenly Father gave us another coat. I don’t need your sin, your judgments, your flesh, your way of living and thinking. I got a wife. I got a clean life. I go to bed not drinking. I go to bed at night with a clean heart by God’s grace. I’m not being self-righteous, just saying.

I had a brother who worked in Baltimore and after 2 years, they said I never heard you swear. The guy said you haven’t heard me in the car! He said, no, I don’t. I have a coat of many colors and this great grace is teaching me. The Spirit of God fills us so out of our mouth comes praise and thanksgiving and quietness and control. We are not perfect but we are different.

Turn to your neighbor and say, are you different? You look different. Is there any difference between you and the world? Is there any difference between us and the world?

The answer is we have promise, God’s grace and we live by faith. When you live by faith, you discover his grace. You are saying his promises are yeah and amen. We can believe them and trust them and walk with them. Summer is coming and purpose in your life you won’t be careless. Wear that invisible coat that makes you different. I have something going on in my heart. I have something going on in my heart. That’s what’s keeping us in our life. Only God is the reason for it.

You are the object of his grace. Your life is different, your emotions, your mind, and this beautiful, awesome book of revelation is a way of living and thinking. That’s it. Would you pray with me, please?



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