Jesus, the Bridegroom, sings great things to His Church, His Bride. He seeks to draw us to Him. He awakens in us a love that is beyond all things. (Song of Solomon 1:1-4; 2:5-9)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11848
7:00 PM on 3/4/2020


P. Schaller –

When he comes back with trumpet sound. We want you to come back. Anyone want Jesus to come back? When
he comes back, he will clean house. He’ll drain the swamp. He’s coming. He’s coming. He is.
He’s coming. He’s going to make things that are wrong right. You and I are part of this and
being trained now. We are going to ride back with him on a horse. I don’t know about you, but
that’s crazy, but I believe it. I think God likes horses. Ronald Reagan said nothing does more for
the inside of a man than the outside of a horse.

They are beautiful. You want to ride one and we’ll be going through the sky and coming here. Jesus with a sword from his mouth will make things right. Is the sword of his mouth going to help us tonight? That’s Ephesians. Rev. is the church at Ephesus. Turn there for a minute. Let’s get this right. Revelation – How does he show
himself in Revelation? We’re teaching Revelation and how does it go? Is it the Smyrna church?
No. How about Pergamos? Yes. Revelation 2:12. I thought it was coming out of his mouth but that’s 2
Thessalonians 2. Go back to Revelation 1 and it is verse 16. Could that happen tonight here?

Out of Jesus’ mouth is a sharp sword and he uses me and uses us. We are not the issue, but he is. That sword
does business. When he comes back, turn to 2 Thessalonians 2:8. When he speaks, when he returns,
and he speaks there is business done. It’s done. The enemy is consumed. I don’t know the
mechanics of it. I don’t know how it works but I believe it. The authority of God. He doesn’t
have to have big muscles. He has a mouth that speaks truth and he does business. Romans 12, this
is the Body of Christ. We have weeping together and rejoicing. Vs. 15.

I received a letter from Franklin Graham’s organization. He asked for prayer. He has a whole tour, eight cities in the
United Kingdom and the cities are here on the map. He says and it was all set up from North
Scotland down to Wales in London. One by one these venues cancelled. A small group of LGBTQ
activists complained that “I preached a message of hate because I believe what the Bible says
that marriage is between a man and a woman and that homosexuality is a sin. These truths
from God’s Word are what they labeled hate speech.

This is spiritual warfare.” And then he writes about it here, very simple, clean words of love. We love people. He’s been in the news and on the radio. He’s had some conferences and many Christians in the United Kingdom are
behind him and praying with him. He has here “more than 100 pastors in the U.K. to pray and
prepare for the Graham tour.” So he’s asking us in America to join in prayer for this issue. He
says this hate speech issue is coming here to the United States also as we can imagine. I say this
not to alarm us. But we rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. We are
one with our brothers and sisters in the work and the labor. Not out of any hatred but out of
love. He talks about sin being our problem.

People are dying and are crying out. They want to be saved. They want to hear about the gospel. They want to hear about love. They want to hear about faith. They want to hear about Christ being raised from the dead. Nearly 2,000 churches are partnering with the Graham tour. They have a lot going on. I’m asking us to keep that in
prayer. Second thing is that all of you folks know we have been going to Europe for Eurocon
since 1976. That’s 44 years. I don’t think we missed a year. Today we are cancelling Eurocon.
We made a big decision today. We have reason.

We thought, we prayed and about a week ago I woke up in the morning thinking about it in those terms, but I’ve been fighting against it in my mind and heart. Because God will not put any of the diseases of Egypt upon us and we can walk through a troop and leap over a wall, Psalm 18, and many other Bible verses. I believe we could go
and come back, and everybody be healthy. On the other hand, there is an outbreak of the
coronavirus in Budapest. It would mean 1,200 of us would be assembling in a building and be
there 5 days or 7 days.

There is a very definite possibility that someone would be sick in the
group and by the time the conference is over, and everyone goes home to 39 different
countries and if someone died or very sick, it would trace back to Greater Grace in Budapest. I
don’t really want that to happen. These people in Europe are well fed spiritually if they listen on
the internet! We go there often, and we preach a lot. They know our hearts. We haven’t missed
a year. Probably we will do something about this. We will be postponing to the fall. I don’t
know. Or canceling totally.

We still have a lot of unanswered questions about it. Some of you
have bought your tickets. Maybe they are nonrefundable. Some you can change them. I am
very sorry about that. If you knew me, I wouldn’t be doing this except for I’m thinking about the
big picture. I’m asking for your prayers and understanding with regard to this decision. It’s not
the end of the world but the end of the world is coming. No! No! Here is our official statement.
We just sent it out tonight. I’ll read it to you: “Dear friends, we have come to the conclusion the
best course of action is to cancel the European convention.

This has been a difficult decision. It affects many people in many countries. It was not taken lightly. We understand this is late notice and runs contrary to previous encouraging communication. We are very sorry for the
inconvenience. Today, the first cases of coronavirus were detected in Hungary.” By the way,
very close to where our church was, where these two students are living and go to school. “We
simply believe that the risk to us all is now too high for us to go forward with the convention.
God forbid our convention would be a source of infection to you and to others. Many of us
have plans which include expenses of tickets and reservations.

Some may choose to go anyway for reasons of their own and may assemble for fellowship. We in Baltimore will not be organizing such activity but will leave it to others to be led by God. God bless you all. In the big
picture we are trusting God for provision of life in spite of this important gathering not
happening as planned. Any questions, please let us know. Thank you for your fellowship in the
Lord.” Okay. Amen. God bless you. That’s great. That’s grown up friend. Group ups around here
have a good time. Josh, that was great. Girls, amazing. Song of Solomon for our message
tonight on love. Love.

Turn to your neighbor and tell them everything you know about love.
Here’s one sentence. God is love. 1 John 1 Song of Songs. There is a song of deliverance, peace,
song of war, song of happiness, song of depression, melancholic songs, songs of great artistic
value. Songs of history. All kinds of songs. This song is a song of all songs. It’s the song of love.
Greatest thing in the world is love. God is love. We are here because of love. Vs. 1. It’s
Solomon’s song. How many proverbs did he write? He knew about everything: history, science,
geography. He was the wisest man ever lived up to the time of Christ.

Jesus was wiser than Solomon, but Solomon was so gifted and knowledgeable, but the greatest song is the song of
love. Vs. 2. If you put God in this poem, this story, this narrative, this song, you know that Jesus
Christ is the bridegroom and you are the bride. You can consider him kissing you with the kisses
of his mouth. Your love is better than wine. Vs. 3. His name is like perfume that is poured out.
His integrity. His love. His care. His character. His nature. God loves. God is love. Draw me, vs. 4. Usually I write down these two words. Some people are pulled, some pushed, some driven but
he draws us. He cannot force us because there must be freedom in love.

You can’t force a woman to love a man. She has to be drawn to that and vice versa. It can’t be forced on people.
It’s the same with God and people. We can’t force people to be believers. They must be drawn
to God. John. 6:44 no man can come to me except the Father which has sent me draw him – by the
freedom, the joy, the wisdom. We are drawn in our hearts. When I think of Noah’s ark and
Noah building the ark and nobody coming, just his family. Nobody coming on the ark. People
can be frozen in their mind, frozen in their anger and bitterness and unbelief.

Love draws us. I’m very angry I might say. I’m upset with myself, but God says I love you and the love draws us.
Drawing us. The deep calls unto the deep. Psalm 42:7, Counsel in the heart of man is like deep
water and a man of understanding will draw it out in Proverbs 20:5. Many times when we assemble,
maybe I don’t need someone to preach a hard message but words that will draw me to the
heart of God. Do you love me, God? Then draw me and draw me to your heart. At the Last
Supper, all the disciples were there.

John had the unique position of putting his head on Jesus’ bosom during the supper. If you have been in the Middle East, you can see how affectionate people can be and physically close as friends. John wrote in his gospel “the disciple whom Jesus loved” when he referred to himself five times. He loves me. I hope you can have that in your
heart also. God draws you by love and speaks to you to get us out beyond ourselves.
Remember the two things: reason and feelings is how people normally live. With reason and
feelings. Let’s be outside of Noah’s ark and say I’m not going into that ark.

That guy is crazy. Noah is nuts. I can’t believe someone on the outside couldn’t be drawn into the ark. The
animals were drawn into the ark by God. He drew the animals. It seemed the animals knew
more than the people. That might sound right actually. Fish know better and birds know better,
but my people don’t know me. The ox knows his owner, and the ass his master’s crib, but Israel
does not know, my people do not consider. Isaiah 1:5-6. Let’s go to the drawing part in the same
book to chapter 2:4.

He brought me to the banqueting house and his banner over me was love.
You could have a banqueting house and the banner over the house is Rambo with a machine
gun in his arms. Over this banqueting house is the NFL Superbowl or over this house there is a
banner and it’s sentimentality. The banner over this house is some rock and roll event or
something. Or a chess club or a library or ideology or religion over there but over our house is
love. Romans 5:5 says it is. Out of our hearts goes love. How did you get it by believing in Jesus.
We are like the Father.

The Father sent the Son so we can be like the Son and we would have
love. Love one another as I have loved you so they would know the Father has sent me. Vs. 5.
Flagons, bottles. I am sick of love. I’m at this party in this house and over the house is love. It’s
affecting me. I’m getting it. I’m sick of love. This is a good meaning. I’m getting intoxicated by it.
I’m getting affected by it. Love is starting to become very important to me in my heart. Words
of love, spirit of love, attitude of love, living by faith in love. Vs. 6. I can’t do that. You got to be
a contortionist! He embraces around my waist.

Her weight and her head and her whole being is being supported by him. Is the hand of God under your head. Is the hand of God holding up your life. Is the love of God in control of your life? Is the love of God going to guide you unto
death? Is God going to speak to you and draw you and love you? Vs. 7. We have deer in our neighborhood. They are fascinating creatures. Light on their feet. They freeze and look at you
without moving. Nothing. They are very timid. It seems they don’t know what to do. They are
kind of frozen and they don’t know. Am I in danger? Am I free? Then they move. You almost
love them. You feel like these are mysterious creatures.

They want a relationship, but they are very timid. They want to see you, study you and look at you but then they feel the fear or that it’s dangerous and they take off. It’s a good picture of people. People look at you like they want
you, but they are afraid of you. Let them be it says in the psalm. Let them be. Let them have
freedom. I will draw them. That you stir not up nor awake my love till he please. Jesus is there
and there is a person like a deer looking at Jesus and they want Jesus, but they are afraid of
Jesus and they take off. Let them run. Don’t stir them up until they please. Let them be free. I
will draw them with my love. I will hang on a cross.

When they look at me and they study and feel the security of my love for them they may come to me. I can’t force them, but I will draw them by my nature, my faithfulness. That’s a good picture. I wish I had pictures of the deer. You
can see it. I think you get the idea. How long? Let them go for another year and they will come
back. They will look at me and stare at me and be frozen in wonder. I’ll work my work and draw
them and love them one year later, two years later. I have a plan. I can draw them. Noah was
there with the ark. Please come.

I can see people being afraid and emotional and blinded and some staring at the ark like a deer. They get nervous and run away. They don’t know what it is or why it is there. They don’t understand it. God is in it. God is in the church and the preaching. God is in your neighborhood. God has planted you in your family. God has put us here. Vs. 8.
The voice of my beloved. Where is the voice coming from? My beloved is speaking to my heart.
I’m reading my Bible and it’s speaking to my heart. You may read it and not get much from the
Bible but keep reading it prayerfully and talk with someone about it and have a little bit of
fellowship. It’s the voice of my beloved.

He’s saying come away. Vs. 8 leaping on the mountains of reason and skipping on the hills of feelings. The voice of God is going beyond our troubled self and our unbelief and emotional and personal trouble and discouragement and broken hearts. The voice of God is skipping and leaping on the mountains and hills because he is love.
Love is bigger than our pain, our hurt, ourselves. Vs. 9. Behind our wall. What wall? Ask Noah.
Noah is on the ark. The people are outside. Noah, where are all the people? They are standing
behind the wall. What wall?

They are behind the wall of unbelief, the wall of fear, the Baltimore
city wall, the wall of recklessness or lawlessness or drug addiction or murder…my voice is
skipping on the mountains and the hills. Vs. 9. The wall has windows in it. You know what a
lattice is, right? 8 foot by 4 foot Home Depot. You know how it goes. This is the lattice in your
garden. Where is God? Behind it. He flashes by in the universe. He flashes by. Remember
Haley’s comet. I think I mentioned it here.

Haley was one of Newton’s fellow mathematicians. Haley saw the comet and figured out when it would return, 72 years later. He said it would return on this date and he got it right, so they called it Haley’s comet. There is order to the universe and one wise man was smart enough to figure it out. Have you seen God? I think I saw
him. It’s okay. Vs. 9-10. Come away. Let’s go. Come on. You’ve been here too long. Let’s go. God
said this in Deuteronomy You’ve been at this mountain too long. Let’s go. And they moved on.
Sometimes we get stuck in life, but love draws us. I’m saying to myself and you learn to be very quiet before God and learn to look for him. He’s behind the lattice.

See him through the window. I caught a glimpse. There he was. Be careful not to freeze God out and become bitter
or unhappy or angry but instead hear the voice of love. Let the love draw you from behind the
wall. And get you on to Noah’s ark. We don’t have Noah’s ark. We got Jesus and follow Jesus. I
have but have you skipped, have you gotten beyond, have you seen him through the lattice.
The world of unbelief, reason and feelings. Have you allowed the Holy Spirit to draw you to his
heart. Understand God loves you and nothing on this earth is greater than this love.

That love…open up your heart and mind and you’ll become a believer. He’ll take care of me all the
days of my life. I just want to believe that. There might be a time coming in our lives there can
be a huge challenge. Tonight remember there is a song that is the song of all songs. The Song of
Songs. That’s the song that we are to sing. That’s the song that I want. There are many songs.
There are many in the Bible. Elizabeth, Hanna, Miriam had one at the Red Sea, but this is the
one most important and the greatest of them all.



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