Let’s rediscover the walk of faith. Allow God to renew you in your desire for His calling in faith and joy. See the green light and go forward in the law and purpose of the Spirit. (Romans 4:16)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Steven Scibelli
Sermon 11927
6:30 PM on 7/26/2020

P. Schaller –

Turn in your Bibles and let’s have a word to minister to our hearts. This morning was really a joy to minister to the
Body here especially I really sensed it at the 11 service. I did at the 9 too. And also P. Shepherd
is here with us. I had the idea of our guest here walking down front and doing a [pique]). How
about the folks who did the Chicago trip? Would you like to come down and dance down front?
They went maybe 3,000 miles by car – Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago. A van full of missionaries
went out. How did it go? P. Duke Horton and Debbie, that’s their second son, Ryan.


We’re so thankful for a church that encouraged these kinds of things and prays for us.
Thankful for the pastors and their families on the mission fields right now in America. We see
the Shepherd’s here.

That’s awesome. We had opportunity to see these families for about 8 days now. They opened their homes. They really loved us. We slept on their floors and made a mess, and we had to clean it at the end. Thank God for Seth Horton and his cleaning skills. Just like appointments of God are amazing. I was thinking how weird it would be if called my doctor in White Marsh and I said, I’d like an appointment. And they said, alright. First things tomorrow
7 a.m. Greenfield, Indiana or Elgin, Illinois. What? That’s not close to me. But we have
appointments made by God for each one of us and they are out of our comfort zones. Way out.
They could be next door out of our comfort zones or in another state. Acts 9:10, Ananias hears a
vison and says go to Paul because I hear his prayers.

The connections made on this trip in evangelism. We’re in this town for one day and God said go to Angie because I hear her prayers. We’re just following God’s appointments for us and it’s such a great work. It’s a holy calling and
we love you all. Thank you.


Oh my goodness. Amazing trip for sure. It was good all the time. All the time it was
good. Amazing unity, amazing team. I felt we were living off of your prayers. That enabled our
trip to be great and divine appointments. We ran down the list of things every day. I don’t know
what to say. Maybe the highlight was evangelism. In Chicago, seven souls were saved. We felt
the authority of the Holy Spirit and also the warfare is real. I felt like it was the worst day at the
end of the day. Why do I think this way? Satan was trying to erase the memory of the greatest
day. Yeah, it was good. Usually I’m exhausted after trips. I was energized. I could have
continued. We were all outside of our comfort zone living by faith obedience. We were reading
the Bible. Conversations in the van. Everyone had the Bible open. We had one mind, one spirit,
striving for the gospel. It was amazing.


We really tasted and saw that the Lord is good. You send us out with the full blessing and
we’re thankful. We also saw the goodness of God and the power of God in simply sharing the
amazing gospel. One example we were so encouraged to share. I never had the approach to
quote a Bible verse. I remembered you were doing that. So there were two motorcyclist men. I
said, could I quote a verse for you? They stopped and said, yes. They so listened. Afterward, we
talked. The other man said, I’m still on the fence. The other said I started reading the Bible two
years ago and now I’m in the book of Proverbs. There is a real burden for this nation. I
sometimes wore that Randy Rollins t-shirt that says John 3:16. One person knew what the Bible verse said…we had gospels of John to give to people. The Word of God is available but who
reads the Bible and knows who God is. So there is a real burden.

P. Schaller –

What I hear from these folks is faith obedience. I don’t know if you want to stand
there for a while! Carolyn Peters, do you want to run up here? Brittany has been. You are
welcome Brittany. Carolyn, there she is. She ran. One young lady from Iowa came and moved
down. Dawn from Iowa. You are here. That’s a big thing to move from Iowa to move out there
and be in the Bible school and the church. P. Brian is here. Mindy Stein is here. Mindy, want to
do a wave from Berlin? Sharon from Albania. Anybody we missed, just raise your hand. Just
welcoming you and so glad you are here. Turn in your Bibles for a brief word from Romans 4.
When God speaks to your heart about something, you may not know is it really from God or
not, but it comes back to you.

He speaks to your heart about something. To embrace it and
believe it and be willing to act on it takes faith. There are times in your life when that will
happen, and it will be clear. That is what he is saying. You can hear it or be led by the Spirit in
your heart and act on it. It can be in regard to repentance. Repentance and God speaks to me
about leaving something. Stop it. Leave it. Drop it. Forget about it. Don’t do it. Stay away from
it. It’s not me. But for me to repent I could understand that but also approach the whole thing
with an excuse and say I’ve always done that, or I do that, or you understand me. God might be
silent. He is like that. He may say I told you, I made it clear, but you are not hearing or believing
me and embracing what I am saying.

One year or two years pass and there is not much spiritual dynamic going on in my heart and life because I am living in my excuse, not faith obedience. There are bad habits people have in life and rather hear and orient themselves to the habit instead of to God. With God he could say it’s over. It’s done. Sometimes more than once Jesus
healed the blind man. What would you want me to do for you? It’s your call. What do you
want? It would be obvious that a blind man would want to see but it wasn’t Jesus’ decision. It
was his decision. What do you want? I think that applies. Sometimes we don’t have because we
don’t want. What do you want? I would like to have a changed life. I would like to have a
spiritual life, joy and peace. He would say it will be given to you according to your faith. When I
say stop it and you believe me, and you walk by faith obedience, then you will find me.

A positive example was the folks down front here and with P. Richard Shepherd from Philadelphia
and then by faith making decisions. And then finding God in your life. When you find God in
your life, there is nothing like it. It is satisfying. It is refreshing. We said this morning, the
spiritual life is infinite. It’s immense. It has no limit. When we walk with God, we know there is
no end to God. That makes us young in our spirit and heart. I have a future. I have God. I’m
refreshed and renewed in my mind. I’m learning to relate to God in my life. Let me say
something about this. I didn’t read the verse yet. Romans 4:16 it’s faith. Do you know when you
really mess up in life, when bad things happen – I said this morning about meditation. I have
found sometimes my meditation going south.

My meditation not being very good. My meditation being just sinful. My mind. If you leave me with my mind, many times this is what happens to us because of our sin nature and a lack of discipline in what I am listening to and seeing. If I see a bad movie, undoubtedly that will play back in my heart. If I read a bad book,
that will come back in my heart. If I hang around bad people, the things they say will come back
again and again in my mind and heart and I’ll get discouraged, guilty, condemned and
discouraged very much. How must I live? I must live by faith and say that’s not me. That’s sin
that dwells in me. That’s not me. I shake it off like Samson shook himself. I shake it off by a
change in the content of my mind. I ask the Lord to fill me with the Spirit. I bring my filthy self, –
sorry to say that but it’s true – my sinful self before God and say God this is me and you know it.
I’m not hiding anything.

Thank you. Cleanse me. Create in me a clean heart and renew a right
spirit in me. Fill me you’re your Spirit and teach me. Psalm 119 is all about the Word in such a
way that it affects me and directs me and leads me. The Jewish mind is more about practical
consequences. What will it mean? What will the Word do? Where will the Word lead me? How
will it affect me? Like the young people standing here and saying by faith we got this trip, this
van. We rented a van and went by faith and came back and we actually feel and sense the
effect of faith obedience. Richard Shepherd goes to Bible college and the Spirit moves in his life.
He goes yes, that’s me. I have a desire to understand the Bible. I have a desire to teach the

I have a desire to be a preacher, a pastor. I feel God is with me in that thing. I don’t talk
about it, but I can feel it in the Spirit in my heart. This is beautiful. What if all of us were living
and many of us are and we are in and out of it, but we rediscover what that is to walk by faith
and be in a simple way obedient to what he is saying. Open you mouth. I will fill it. Awake thou
that sleepest. I will give you light. Walk by faith. I will show you who I am. Trust me. Sometimes,
we approach the Christian life intellectually. I have the knowledge, but God is saying very good
that you have the knowledge, but I need your heart to act on it. I need it to affect you. I need
you to be salt. I want you to be alive. I want to anoint you. I want to lead you in a way you
would not go. I want to guide you in thoughts you don’t have by nature.

I want you to have deeper thoughts. I want to enlighten your eyes. I want to make you more than what you are. I
want to conform you to the image of my Son. Romans 4:16, how did you get to where you are? The
grace of God did it. How did you get hungry for God? God gave me grace. Are you clear about
everything? No, I live by faith. I’m in a fog. I can’t see clearly. I’m living by faith in what God is
saying. Do you know where this will bring you in a year or two or five or ten? No, I don’t know.
God told me this is the way and I can go in this way. I’m not sure what the consequences are.
I’m alive. I have life and freedom and love. We said this morning and by the way, that message
was anointed. We said this morning and we prayed for it to be anointed. To be honest with you,
this is a life of faith. We are preaching by faith. We are assembling by faith.

To be frank and honest this covid pandemic time. A lot of us have heard about it for months and months and
here we are. We are choosing to live like this. We don’t want anyone to get sick but that’s the
way it is. There are car accidents too and we drive on the road. You can get bit by a shark and
not in the Chesapeake I hope! A vending machine might fall on you and you might get cancer.
We know this. We are called and that’s exciting. In our calling, we have found the sweetness of
it. In Psalm 19, it says your Word is like gold. Think of gold and then it says it is sweet, sweeter
than honey. That sweetness is part of this whole life. If God’s Word would become sweet to me.
If I would learn to love it and live by it. If the Word would become part of my mindset. Instead of living in sin – by the way, there are people who don’t want the Ten Commandments.

They don’t want law. They don’t want anyone to tell them they are wrong. There are people that just
want it their way. This is backwards. We are going backwards when we have no law. There is
something greater than law and its internal freedom. That freedom is why Jesus came. By the
law, society is organized but by freedom ministry happens. By law, we are protecting each
other and protected by law, but that doesn’t give us ministry. By faith, we have ministry.
Ministry is born by faith. We get saved by faith. We start living by faith. We start praying by
faith. Have you ever got up in the middle of the night and gone down to the kitchen and get
something out of the refrigerator and decide to hit your knees and stay there for a little bit and
love and receive and say to God, God this looks crazy maybe, but nobody can see me.

You see me and you know I love you. You know how much you have given me and how much I
appreciate who you are. When you and I say a prayer like that, how do we say those prayers?
By faith. We live by faith. We go to church by faith. We open our mouth by faith. We say
prayers at night by faith. We love somebody by faith. We give money by faith. We give good
words. We smile at someone maybe by faith and encourage them and a child on the sidewalk.
Get to know their name and care about them and think about them and walk away from them
saying a prayer. Ever met someone at the parking lot in Sam’s Club and later that night I will
never see that person again but in the name of Jesus Christ, bless that person. Help them.

Save them. Speak to them. How are we living? By faith and the Lord is saying to us, that I have given
you grace, and this is out of the box grace. This is so much grace. I am so much for you. I am not
dealing with you according to your sin. I called you to live by faith. Be strong in grace. I can heal
you by grace. I can cleanse your life by grace. I can change your heart by grace. I can call you by
name. I put your name in my book. I am for you because I am the God of all grace. That’s how
we think. Vs. 16. That’s it. Amen. Would you pray with me? (Prayer). God bless you. P. Steve
asked me what’s next. I don’t know! I don’t know! Is there somebody maybe that spoke to your
heart? I don’t want you to do anything about it only think about it with me. There are times we
get stuck and nothing is changing or moving.

That happens to us. But the meditation – that’s a great theme for us in the future and willingness to obey by faith. Maybe Jesus meant that when he said to Peter to walk on the water. It’s totally out of the box but it’s God and Peter and he does it and he finds God as he walks on water. Maybe that’s what I need sometimes. I would
say there are believers that need to be challenged in the area of faith obedience. What would
happen if I watch movies, pray prayers and sing and read a little bit but my heart isn’t to be
obedient. I just go through the same cycle and then my meditation is in the sewer. My
meditation is sinful. It’s just me, my sin nature. Be serious about it. Be serious about it. Go
through the Bible in your heart by faith and say is there something here I read I could obey?
Something here I read, and the Lord speaks to my heart and says I want you to take this
seriously and come to me and obey this. I want you to believe me for this. We are sacredly
coming before God and believing him.

As we walk in it, we find the Spirit speak to us in peace and contentment and we say amen. Yes, I believe you Lord. Now you are walking with God. Not just believing in God. Walking in the Spirit of God. You learn how to sing. You learn how to serve. You learn how to obey. You learn how to forgive. Like I never talk to that group of people. I only talk to my own friends. Jesus could say I want you to change that. I want you to
be led by me in the church as to who you minister to. I want you to be aware of the fact that
this is the Body of Christ and every person is a member. You understand what I’m saying.

P. Scibelli –

I love it how it says that faith and grace because we have a grace given faith. I love it
in the midst of 276 people on a boat on his way to Rome as a prisoner, he has these old sea
mariners. He’s got the Roman centurion and maybe 100 soldiers are there. There are
unbelievers except for maybe the people that are with Paul. And right in the middle of what
you would call an incredible atmosphere of unbelief, a storm takes place. It looks like they are
going down. They’re going to lose their lives. He stands up in the middle of them and says as
we heard in New Freedom, PA many years ago from Pastor Stevens, Acts 27:25, three simple
words. Satan thinks he is so sophisticated but simple faith defeats sophisticated darkness. “I
believe God.” That’s what he said. “I believe God it will be even as he told me.” Oftentimes we
live in an atmosphere of unbelief.

Hebrews 12:1-2 speaks a lot about that. “Seeing we are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight and the sin that easily clings to us.” You know what that sin is? Unbelief. It easily clings to us. Let us lay it aside. Every weight and the sin that so easily besets us. Looking unto Jesus – Amen! The author
and the finisher. It doesn’t say “our faith.” It says “faith.” Because it’s his faith. I think that’s
amazing when you think of finished work faith. We live by the faith of the Son of God, Galatians 2:20,
Philippians. 3:9, Habbakuk. 2:5. We live by the faith of the Son of God. I was thinking about something
simple on the way down. Green light, red light. Say that. I have the sources of faith. Faith
cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Green light I go with faith. Faith works by
love. Galatians 5:6 green light.

The Spirit of God in Galatians 5:22-23, 2 Corinthians 4:13 and I have the Holy Spirit
living in me. Green light. Green light. Body of Christ, 2 Peter 1:1. Like precious faith. I’m with the
Body. Green light. Green light! Looking unto Jesus and his life in the gospels and the finished
work. Green light. Green light. Just keep going and not stopping. I stop a lot. Red light. But I
don’t always like it. Here is some red lights. Anxiety. Oh how little faith you have in me. Mt.
6:26, red light. Anxiety, a divided mind from God’s mind. Red light! Fear. Why are you so fearful
oh you of little faith? Red light! Red light! Matthew 14:31, oh you of little faith. Why do you doubt?
Doubt. Red light. Red light. Are you with me? Little faith, Matthew 16:8, you are living in human
reason. Red light! Red light! Red light! Green light! God says keep going.

Keep receiving. You have a green light of faith. I talked to some of our missionaries in Morocco. P. Steve Morello led
this one man to the Lord, and then he led his wife and family to Christ. The other night another
man got led to Christ. Then they went to his house and all five people in his family got saved.
This is in Morocco. Green light! It’s God’s faith. You get some of these movements and you talk
about faith. Your faith needs to grow. You need more faith. What’s wrong with you. Really? I
didn’t know it was yours. You want to give it to me? Red light. No, I live by the faith of the Son
of God. It’s God’s faith. The Bible says without faith it’s impossible to please God. And the
Father said, this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. So tonight as we pray, green
light. Green light, the Word. Green light, love.

Green light, the Spirit. Green light, the Body of Christ. Green light, Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Red light out of here. No red light. Don’t break the law going home tonight! This is a spiritual principle. Luke 5:20 they saw their faith, the men that let the paralyzed man down through the roof and opened the roof up. He
saw their faith and healed the man. When I saw those young people up here and that even
means Pirjo because she’s young, I saw their faith and it enhanced my faith. I saw their faith.
They are green light people. They are not living in anxiety, fear, doubt or human reason. Green
light says go for it. Green light says faith. Green light says no sight. Green light says no
emotions. Green light says no human reason. We are a ministry and a people and thank God we
are here together tonight. A great crowd. Thank you, green light.


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