There’s something hidden in the midst of a world at odds. It’s a reality of life from Christ that’s buried in a field. Let’s sell all that we have and find this treasure. (Matthew 13:44)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Chris Logue
Sermon # 11345
11:00 AM on 10/8/2017

P. Chris (Laconia, N.H.)

Dave used the word that I love, “desire.” I often think if I won the lottery, I’d buy a bigger church and fix all the problems and people. All the things we do with money.

James 1:13-14, desire. Such a powerful word. When I want a new phone, I see it on a commercial and desire…I see a new car and it’s the best on fuel, nothing wrong with my car but it’s a desire. Biggest desire devil uses today is drugs. I can have godly desire but I don’t know Christ. How can I have godly desire? I can only desire what the world offers me. Desire when it conceives gives birth to sin and sin when fully grown brings forth death. That’s all we see is overdoses upon overdoses. There were 96 in July, 8 on the night of July 4th Laconia. Five were completed and the rest were regained by Narcan. Ninety-six bodies but not one is concerned because they’re drug addicts.

vs. 16. The world is telling us to go on drugs. The devil has it so deceptive that to get off drugs you need to go on drugs. If you have any issue in life, here’s a medication. You will feel better. Who am I worshipping? Lord, remove the desire for me to do drugs. Remove the desire for my child. 90 days clean. No drugs through prayer. Desire. I want to desire the Lord so I need to show people how to desire the Lord by stepping in where people might not go. I don’t know how many come to the Dry Dock I have. I prayed with them and by the end of the week they were gone. In heaven. Thank you for bringing them by the Dock, Jesus. Desire to work for evil or good. Free will sets in there. It’s our choice.

Php 4:6, Lord, help us. Remove that desire that steals our families. Give me the desire to bring me to the street and help them chase you. Show them a way out.

vs. 7. Beautiful. He’ll guide my heart and my mind in J.C. I found a way out. It’s not drugs. It’s J.C. The world doesn’t want to tell me that. There’s no money in that. Not a whole lot of money believing in Jesus. We struggle. One time I was in the city and just got a car. And needed a car and did drugs. Was selling my car for $35 worth of drugs. The guy wouldn’t sell it to me. I was blessed. God stepped in. I was willing to give away my car. I cheated on my wife and kids with drugs, alcohol, lies. Now my kid is being deceptive, lying, and right in the devil’s hands. Then we separate. We’re not family any longer. The devil is sitting back and laughing. When desire was attached to a thought, I have a desire to rebuke it. I’m stuck with the things of the world. My nature, the world, and the devil is not going to bring me to Christ. Fellowshipping with someone does. Are we bankrupt, tired and not willing to fellowship with someone in our life? Exactly what Dave was saying. There’s smoke in the room. It’s our nature. It’s the devil and the world. It’s waiting for the moment to say go buy that phone. You don’t need to pay rent. Take that vacation you can’t afford to do. We wait until it hits the alarm on the top of the roof. Why wait for the alarm. Praising Jesus he is here with us. My life is hard. I don’t have the money I need. My car is not good. Thank you, Lord, I have an apartment. We live better than the old time kings. They didn’t have flushing toilets. And we’re upset. Maybe someone you bump into at the corner store you share the gospel with might not be here tomorrow. It happens to me all the time in the addiction world. Hanging with like-minded people is the safest system out there for recovery. We come to church, we hang with each other; we have cookouts together.

Prov 7:17 iron sharpens iron. I call someone and say I need prayer. I have some issues in my life; will you support me? I’m a chaplain in the jail and to connect with the guys. I have some new stuff. You got to try this. Now I say I have some Jesus. Do you want some? I have men in prison waiting to go into long-term prisons running around [saying] I got Jesus. They are starting Bible studies. Christ has entered and separated the desire and took the sin away that the world calls disease or habits. We call it sin. We can fix sin. We can prayer. 15 years in me, 90 day in my son. I can go on and on through prayer. I never know I might pray with someone and they might become warriors of my church or they might be gone in the morning but at least gone to heaven. I look to the Word for counsel. I go to men who think the way I want to think and have a desire to chase God. God first, God first, God first.



P. Schaller

That’s good. God working. God is saving people in N.H. and around the country and what we are doing here. I love to hear it.

It was a great song at the offering. The offering itself was great, – Big Dave speaking to our hearts and stirring us up in the faith. Two mysteries. We’re going to speak about mysteries this morning.

2 Thes. 2. This text is about the Antichrist. Who is he? Someone said I live right next to him! He’s my son! Who is the Antichrist? Are there many?

1 Jn 2. There are many antichrists in the world. Cain killed his brother. He was an antichrist. Why did he kill his brother? How about Las Vegas? What happened? Why did that man do that? Why did he murder 59 people? He had five million dollars. He was not religious or homeless. He had a professional background. Why did he do that? I do not know the answer. Here it says the mystery of iniquity does already work. What are the motives of people that do these evil things? Why do they do them? Sometimes we do not know on one level but maybe we need to understand more deeply that there is evil in the world. Evil crucified Christ. Imagine Jesus healing people, never hurting anyone, feeding the multitudes, people looking at him and some spiritual way hating him without a cause. It’s something, isn’t it? The mystery of iniquity is working now. Different fields of influence where it is working lies and evil that is happening in the world around us. The Las Vegas tragedy is so public and obvious and evil, it startles us. We begin to think what is going on and God is saying this evil is happening different ways in the world we are living in. You can talk about it on many levels but one thing for sure it is spiritual. It’s called a mystery. We can’t really get our hands on it. It’s something evil that defies reason and logic. It is in front of us at different ways. We can see it. So there is the murder, the deceit, betrayal, the treachery, the pride the blindness and the hate that is there in the mystery of iniquity. Lucifer is in heaven and it’s incredibly perfect but then where did it come from? From where did it come? It’s a mystery that in a perfect environment someone could have such an evil thought. We have this iniquity born in Lucifer and he begins to lie. He is the father of lies. He begins to hate. He detests and despises and has this emotion and way of thinking that is out of the nature of God.

God does not think like that. God is thinking another way. God is this way and his mind. When Jesus comes into the world, we see another mystery. This is the mystery of the Incarnation. God in the flesh. The mystery of the mind of God revealed to us.

Mt. 13:44, we come to church this morning and we are looking for the more. Like big Dave said in the offering. We are looking for God. We are looking for God’s answer. We are looking for God himself in life. The mystery. This is a good word.

Mt 13:44, you have ten acres, a field and you have a treasure hid there. I can’t see it. I don’t know exactly. It’s there but not so obvious to me. It’s like life. This is a field but in it is a treasure. I want to find it. I’d like to own it. I’d like to see it. In a similar way in the world, the devil has evil in it. The world is also like a field. The devil has in the world the evil. I can’t always see it or understand it. It’s a mystery. The mystery of iniquity. A man that looks good and operates naturally, educated, capable, pleasing and so on, in him is the evil and it’s a mystery. In him is the evil. Wow. Have you seen that in your own heart? Have you recognized it in your own heart how I can change? How I can think about something and I recognize what that evil is. When you hate someone for no reason, for no cause that’s evil. When you hate at all, that’s hate for selfish reason. Judging people. When I judge people by what I see or hear. When I’m judgmental. I go from the law to taking the law and being a judge. I don’t do the law but I’m a judge of the law.

James 4:13, a judge but not a doer. I see evil. I know what that is. By the grace of God I recognize what it is. When we become believers we start to grow in our faith and you can get these crazy ideas that come to our hearts.

Mt 7:21-23 evil comes out of my heart continually and there is a list of what those things are. Then because of the Holy Spirit teaching me about the KOG I realize there is a field and in the field is a treasure and I want the treasure.

This is vs. 44. Hid. Why is it hid? People don’t see the treasure. It’s hid. It’s not obvious to me. There is so many people that don’t know what life is about because the meaning of life is hid. People don’t know who Christ is because Christ is hid. There are so many people who have a hard time in life because they don’t find it. They can’t find it, and don’t know what to look for. I did a thing with the beatitudes this morning and I think we have it as a slide up here.

You know the beatitudes in Mt. 5. Poor in spirit, blessed are they that are poor in spirit. Poor in spirit is ridiculous. What does that mean? I read a sentence, I’m reading the history of the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany. I’m fascinated what he was thinking and operating. He thought Christians are like nobody’s. He said the Protestants, they sweat with embarrassment when you talk to them. That sentence got a hold of me. To him Christians are weak nobody’s. Poor in spirit. But the worldly mind on the right if you change it, they say if you are strong in spirit you will succeed. Strong willed, strong determined, fighting, aggressive, super people. Really? You haven’t found what’s in the field. What’s in the field buried isn’t what you think. It isn’t that way. What is buried in the field is Christ, the mystery. It’s not so obvious. It can be proven if you are strong and powerful. You can’t tell what a thing is by how it begins but how it ends.

It’s not how it begins in Ec 7. It’s a mystery what this life is. It’s not to be big and strong and powerful. It’s to be needy, broken. God I don’t know. Help me. Show me, fill me, take away from me like pastor said that desire for drugs or my life. Take away from me and give me your Spirit and fill me with your Spirit so I will have the kingdom. Theirs is the kingdom of God. When? Now. Have you felt the kingdom in your heart and life? Have you felt the authority of Christ in your heart? Have you felt the love for God when you cry Abba, Father? Have you found the mystery of Christ in life? What happens when you find the mystery? When the man found it, he hides it. Now I have to make a confession. I was in a store, and there were some things for sale. I found a thing valuable to me. I took it and put it over here, hid it so later I could come back and buy it. When you find it, what did he do with it? He hid it. He got excited. I got it! It means a lot to me. It’s very valuable to me. I can’t explain it to you. I found it. I got it. Isn’t it obvious? Doesn’t everyone know it? Doesn’t everyone have access to it? No. Somehow we are in this world and there is the mystery of iniquity and there is the mystery of God and you can’t figure that out. Everything is an open field and we live here somehow satisfied with the open field and drawn to the creation instead of seeking the Creator. This list is looking for the Creator. That side is looking for the creation. Creation. What comes to mind? Nature, earth, stars, moon. How about dog? Job? Wife? Family? House? How about paycheck? Creation. Beautiful things in creation. A vacation on the beach. How about a beautiful wife or a very responsible husband? Wouldn’t that be amazing to try and find one of those? That’s impossible! Everyone wants and all of us are creation oriented. But, no. Creation is not the answer for my life and is not the meaning of life. Creation is a distraction for the natural man. Blessed are they that mourn. Very real sadness that comes from the heart of God. God feels our pain and our tragedy and emptiness and he knows what this is and cares about it and so do we. We mourn.

Like P. Chris. The drug overdoses in N.H. and around our country. I believe it’s 60 a day in Maryland. Former governor Erlich, – we sat with him some months ago and he had the numbers. A huge problem. There isn’t any teaching about the mystery. In the average assembly, it isn’t blessed are they that mourn but happy are those who party. Crank it up. It’s party time. Happy Hour. It’s more like danger hour. It’s more like hello? Anyway, of course this is how people think. Not being sad but being happy.

When you find the treasure in the field, it’s so real you are moved by the reality. When you find God, you enjoy the reality of God. Whether it is tears and then amazing joy. When there is mourning you are comforted, satisfied, contented. Broken hearted by something at the same time you are comforted and edified. We are on a mission. We have found a treasure hid in a field. He hides it and for joy thereof he goes and sells all that he has. You don’t do that. You go get $10 so you can buy another bottle of beer. You go to get something to buy a car but you don’t go sell all you have until you find this treasure. There is nothing in creation that compares to the Creator. There is nothing here that measures up to what he is. There is nothing. You cannot buy it. It’s so amazing what we have found in Christ. I have a thousand life times if that was possible. There is no contest to what we have found.

Our lives and our message and our ministry is so important. If you are between the two mysteries and looking at the Hitler thing or Las Vegas or Cambodia or Khmer Rouge you say I hope it never happens to me. That’s about how far we can go. I hope that doesn’t happen to me and my family. And this is just the field. On the God side, it’s a field and I don’t understand what it is. I’m between two undefined things not explained to me. This is what I want to say this morning.

When Christ comes into your life, you know you have it. It grows in you. You can feel it and sense it. You start to think about it like this: if I could be meek and lose my rights to myself, I inherit the earth. The world says don’t be meek but confident and strong and proud and you will be the leader in the world. Jesus says no it’s hidden in the field. When you find it, you realize it’s the other way. I was thinking of Tim Teboe who was the quarterback at the University of Florida. He was both of these people. A leader, strong, athletic, capable. And then he’s a born-again Christian and meek and humble and following God. Can you be both? Not really. You can’t be big and strong and powerful, – you can be, but that’s not the key to life. The key to life is brokenness. In that brokenness he has a life you can’t beat him. He plays for Denver and is fired, and then for New York and you don’t have the skill. All the time he rises. You can’t defeat him. There is something about the treasure. His family were missionaries in the Philippines where he grew up as a kid and he has a Christian background. I don’t know a lot about him but use him as an illustration.

It is true the meek you can’t beat them. Those Christians in Germany who were nervous in front of Hitler, they are nobody’s. Oh really? Really? Are they nobody? You don’t know what you are talking about. The mystery of iniquity doesn’t know the work of God. The work of God knows what the mystery of iniquity is. The work of God knows. When we are living and growing in God, we welcome these words. They that hunger and thirst after R will be filled. You’ll be filled. Maybe without a job but I’m filled.

We had one of our brothers from Baku and he was living in a dorm with little. Trying to survive. He was a man of God. He had this little job moving this rich family. In the move, the family lost a ring, a valuable piece of jewelry. He found it. It was worth $15,000. He brought it to the owner. I found it. Here it is. The man said who are you? He said I go to Bible college and I’m a Christian. The man said I want to know you. I want to send you to school. I want you to work for me. I want you to run my oil rig on the Caspian Sea. I want to promote you and use you because I know who you are.

When you walk with God the way we are, we find what others don’t find and we sell everything. They that cheat, lie, and deceive and get away with it will be rich. Is that true? I’m afraid to say it is. It might be. Are the proud leading? Yeah, they are. Are the happy partying? Are the strong in spirit succeeding? Yeah, they are. What good is it? There is nothing there. You’re going to live a happy life of 70 years and it’s over and face God. Nothing about God or truth or reality your whole life deceived. Is that correct? My whole life without the mystery of Christ, the kingdom. Go to the next one. The merciful will get mercy. Those who get what is due them will find justice, satisficaiton. Kill him, destroy him. He took out a tooth. An eye for an eye. A life for a life. Yeah, that’s what I want. Jesus is saying come on. Eye for an eye? That’s nothing. That’s the field. That creation. Do you want to know God? Give mercy. Forgiveness. If you give mercy you will find mercy. There is a place for justice in life but Jesus is saying come on. I’m taking the hit for the sins of the world. I want to show you who God is. We want the treasure and we will sell everything, even our great strength. The Nazis proud officer, strong men, the leaders. Really? It is so empty, so cheap, and so foolish. It is so dangerous. It is so abusive, murderous, hateful, and proud. This is a better way. Pure in heart. Those that get their own way. Not pure in heart but treacherous. Peacemakers. The world says escape conflict. We go into conflict to make peace and bring love and forgiveness. When Joseph was sold by his brothers in Egypt, he could have in his heart, I hate my brothers. Look what they did to me. I never want to see them again and if I do, I would destroy them. But it went the other way. My bothers. Maybe I could help them. They are liars and deceivers. Maybe I could minister to them. God sent me before you so we would have food and you would survive and your families.

Maybe in a church when we have troubles in the future don’t say I’m out of there because I’m hurt. It can happen. I would like to say don’t get out of your family because you’re hurt. Don’t get out of your job because you’re hurt. Don’t get out of a relationship because you’re hurt. Don’t get out of a church because you’re hurt. Don’t get out of a country because you’re hurt. Instead think this way. Maybe God is giving me something and could use me to bring healing, a message of love, to help people, to bring words of faith, to pray for these people who have problems.

The mystery of iniquity is working to destroy. The mystery of God is also working to use us, to bring something into a world that is here but not easily found.



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