The highway of holiness is ours to walk on because the Blood of Christ made us clean. We face no lions or beasts on that highway. We may fall, but there are people like wise Abigail to meet us, correct us, and bring us to restoration. Isaiah 35:8-10; 1 Samuel 25:2-3; Galatians 6:1; Proverbs 14:1-3

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller, Matt Gehret
Sermon 11990
11:00 AM on 11/15/2020

P. Schaller –

Praise God! Good to be together. We have a couple here from North Carolina, Thomas and Tanya. Wait a minute.
Let’s see. Did both of you move up here or just Thomas? Both of you moved up from North
Carolina. Isn’t that amazing. Did you move up to be with us? How did that happen? It’s amazing.
And you want to go to Bible college. Like we have now this semester and next semester starts
beginning of February. They moved up to go to Bible college from North Carolina. It’s amazing.
Wow! That builds us up. It does. I want to thank a couple different people for what has
happened in the last months here on our property. How much love, how much faith. Ryan with
the café and the work that he does. P. Bill Alderson in the finance department handling
everything. The good news is he does such a great job. The bad news is we don’t have a lot of
money! Was is it, Pastor Bill? We need money, right? We are behind $10,000 every week for
some weeks we are behind.

Three weeks behind. It doesn’t take long before you get into big
numbers. Thanks for your giving online and also here. I want to give a shout out to P. Jason
Moore. There he is. Has anyone gotten a phone call from him? Raise you hand. Three people!
His department making calls, visiting people, helping people. Even to go from an apartment to
go to an assistant living facility. Someone has a problem with this, and P. Jason is multitasking in
helping people and serving the Body. You are not alone, pastor, right? Are you alone? God is
with you. And you have a team. You have Sirpa, Kerry, P. Tom Sliva, P. Love. A whole team and
they are constantly caring. This morning the nursery is open. Krysta, thank you. We have
Sunday School happening. That’s amazing. Pre-teens, the young people need a word and
encouragement. This is awesome. I just want to praise God for that. Okay. Do you have a good
attitude today? How about over here on the left? How is your attitude? Do the people on the
left love the people in the middle?

Express that love right now. How about on the right? Good attitude? Praise the Lord. Yeah, how about in the middle? Woe! Yeah! We in our staff started like finding – I asked Ulla to get Far Side jokes. You know those comics? So we’re sending them around. We’re sitting in our offices laughing! I need it! A merry heart does good like medicine.
Is it a merry heart? The joy of the Lord is our strength. Rejoice in the Lord how often? Always.
And again I say rejoice. I love it. It’s good. These are good times. How many like the little deck
out there. Have you noticed it? Lights, sails, chairs? It looks like a yard sale out there. You can
sit out there and have a staff meeting and high school students because our school is open. Ara
Shismanian, P. Barry, P. Colban – they’ve done such a great job. The teachers, young people. It’s
great. We’re just thankful. This morning we have P. Matt Gehret is going to give an introduction
and we’ll have a special song and I’ll say some things. I’ll give a message and then we’ll have the
pastors come down front and if you want prayer or counsel you can come down front and then
we’ll be closing. It will be great.

One lady said that was a great service. I said what did you like best? It ended! Are you coming back? Yes. Yes, I am. You hear amazing things at the door! One new couple came, and I said how did you come here? Was it a man or woman? Let me think. I told the story before and I think it changes every time I tell it! They said, someone at work told me if you really want to go to a good church, if you really want to hear a message, then go
down there to Greater Grace. I’m not going but that’s where if you want to go, but I’m not going there! If you really want to hear a real message from God, go to Greater Grace, but I’m
not going there! That was funny. Are we ready to go now? Welcome, P. Matt.

P. Matt Gehret –

I always forget this one moves. The other one was set in place. Good morning
everyone. Welcome to church. Today is a great day to hear the Word of God. Proverbs 14, I’ll give a
short introductory message. We’ll talk about a story in the Old Testament and I hope it will give
you something to think about later on. Let’s pray. Proverbs 14:1-3, Psalm 90:12, there is this
amazing story in 1 Samuel That I want to use those verses in Proverbs and Psalms to bring
something out. It’s my prayer that it blesses you. I loved the reaction of the middle of the room.
You guys were fire this morning. You guys on the left were kind of awake. You’re kind of here.
Why did it come? The right was we can do better than that and then the middle went crazy. I’m
going to look at your guys. See, there’s the reaction. 1 Samuel 25 talks about David sends his men
– sorry, P. Scibelli. You’re always rowd up! I Know. Okay. Where David sends his men to this
man named Nabal and his wife named Abigail.

There are a series of events that take place when David does this. Let’s start with who Nabal is in 1 Samuel 25:2-3. It talks about Nabal, and it says something really interesting. A fun side note is his name in the Hebrew, Nabal, actually means “fool.” He is a fool, so you should know where I’m going with him when I start to read this
story. Vs. 2-3. She was a wise woman that builds her house, a Proverbs 14 woman. He’s in Proverbs
14:3. He’s a man that has a rod of pride who is a little obstinate. That word “churlish” means
obstinate. That means rude. That means stubborn. Set in his ways. David comes to him and he
says – well, David sends his servants to him. They say, hey, we hear you are shearing your
sheep. We realize you are a great man. You have many things. Can you give us some of what
you have because we watched over your sheep? We watched over your shepherds. We took
care of them. We made sure no harm came to them. Nabal in his obstinance, in his
stubbornness he says later on in 1 Samuel 25:10-11.

You see his stubbornness. You see his pride. You see his trust in the things that he has done. You see his trust in his possessions. You see his trust in his power per se but not in the authority that was coming to him in David and the
anointing of God in his servant. Later on, this story gets to Abigail his wife. We said Abigail is the
wise woman that builds her house (Proverbs 14:1). She doesn’t pluck it down with her hands. She
takes what these messengers came and asked of Nabal and she goes and carries it out behind
Nabal’s back. She goes because she is the wise woman thinking with God and goes and takes
care of this matter. When David hears of Nabal’s response, he says I’m going to come and
destroy his household. I’m going to take everything away from him, everything he holds dear
and it’s going to be mine. But when Abigail goes, and she pleads to David and gives him all of
these things it’s like a sacrifice to him and his men.

She appeases David and David is – P. Schaller put it this way this morning that David is corrected. David is corrected in his thinking and he doesn’t carry out his vengeance on Nabal. We know the Bible says, “vengeance is mine saith the Lord.” He will carry it out. He will make things right. David hears Abigail, hears the
truth and David is appeased and takes a step back. I want to say this. I said something a little
different at the 9 a.m. but I want to change it a little bit. You have a typology here. You have
Nabal who can represent the world. You have Abigail who can represent the church. And you have a message being brought to both Nabal and Abigail. Then you have a message being
delivered by the church to David, right? You have two things that happen here. See if I can get
this out. You can think with me on it. God sends his Son to the earth and sends him as a
sacrifice for us. He sends him to die for us and pay for our sins, not only our sins but the sins of
the whole world (1 John. 2:2). Every single person, every single sin all paid for.

This is the authority of God sending his Son to do this thing. His Son comes. He pays the ultimate price. He dies. He’s in the grave. We sang about it. On the third day breath came into him. He rose from the grave
and later he ascends into heaven. This is like the authority that God has sent to us, has sent to
the entire world, to Nabal, to all of us at one point. We were all in the world. We were all lost in
a way. Ephesians 2, we were all under the prince of the power of the air. We have a decision to make
at that moment. Are we going to react, respond to the good news of the Gospel, of the good
news of Jesus Christ, of his death, of his paying the price for us? Are we going to react in
stubbornness? Are we going to react in well I have done all of this in my life. Well these are my
sheep, and these are my things and why would I give anything I have to this person? Who is
Jesus? Who is David? Who is this David, Nabal says. And we say in our hearts, who is Jesus?
What has he really done for us? So much. So much. And then you have Abigail, the church. You
have the person who hears the message.

The person who hears the message. She receives the message. She receives it from the authority of God. Oh, I know who David is. He’s the anointed one from Samuel. He’s the one that used to be king over all of Israel and all of the things even the things that my husband and I have will soon be his anyway because he will be lord of all.
And the church responds a different way to God’s authority. But then here’s another thing that
happens. Abigail having received the message, takes the message out. Takes the message out
and goes to David and turns the message around and keeps David at bay. You have two
responses in life. One while you are in the world, while you are not a believer. Am I going to
believe the authority of God? Am I going to believe what Jesus Christ has done for me? Then
once you’ve made that decision, whether it’s stubbornness and you’ve turned it away or
whether it’s humility and you realize Ephesians 2:8 it is by grace through faith that you have been
saved; it is not of yourself. It is a gift of God and you receive it and become part of the church
like Abigail.

Then you have a message to go out to people with and you have something to say
to them that quells the anger and the distrust and the bitterness in their souls and you quiet it.
You change it completely because you’ve been given something from God. 1 Corinthians 4:7 “what do
you have that you have not already received?” And if you’ve received it, how should you then
glory in that thing? No, I was given this from God. It is a gift. God is faithful to call me in 1 Corinthians
1:9. God is faithful to deliver me from any temptation, 1 Corinthians 10:13, to give me a way of escape,
to not let me go into something that is beyond myself that I cannot handle. I take these
thoughts. I take these things and I go out and I give a message to someone else that needs to
hear it. You can change someone’s life with wisdom, with a wise woman builds her house. She
builds it up. The church is the wise woman. We’re the bride of Christ. We have wisdom given to
us from God. Proverbs 4, wisdom is the principal thing. Is that Proverbs 4? Proverbs 23.

Wisdom is the principle thing. With all the wisdom, get understanding. With everything you receive from God take it in and apply it and send it out somewhere. Give it to someone else because what we
have here, what we have in this building with the pandemic going on, with uncertainty in the
political spectrum, with all the craziness that the world wants us to focus on, we have anything
thing that we can pay attention to. We have the wisdom from God that we can take into our
hearts and give out to people who desperately need it, who don’t even realize they need it until
they hear it. Did you know you were a sinner before you knew what sin was? In a way, your
heart kind of knows it but once it’s defined, then you grab ahold of it and you’re like, oh! I am
guilty. I do have regret. I do have pain and the message comes in and it frees you from that. You
have that same message because you received from the authority, from the anointing of God a
message that you can take out to other people that you can give them to free them for the
truth has set us free (John. 8:32).

The truth has set us free. The Gospel, it’s the power of God unto salvation (Romans 1:16). That’s what sets us free. The free gift that he has given us. It’s a beautiful story 1 Samuel 25. If you get a chance to read it, I encourage you to. And if you are think about anything later on today, Psalm 90:12 again says to teach us to number our days that we could apply our hearts unto wisdom, that we could apply our hearts to the God-given authority of the
Bible and the message that he gives us and that we can take that out to other people. Amen.

P. Schaller –

I enjoyed that song a lot. That was beautiful. That was awesome. Would you stand
and change your position for a moment and have a good attitude when you do it. Stand up. Get
excited in you heart. Say Praise the Lord! Turn to your neighbor and say, you look like Abigail!
You look like David! You look like Nabal! Are we ready to hear another portion? Yes? Praise the
Lord! Great. Halleluiah. I love listening to the word. Isn’t it precious. I think we’re going to move
around a lot. I’m going to say a few short and read the Bible and maybe something is going to
go off. We’ll say a few things. Isaiah 35, I just said this in my prayer about this highway, vs. 8. There
is a historical prophetic reference for this verse. I don’t mean it that way although that will be
happening. There will be a highway that will go up to Jerusalem. But in another way, by way of
our analogy, typology there is a highway today for us it’s not a highway like 95 or route 70. It’s a
spiritual highway. Vs. 8. Read it out loud with me.

The way of holiness. There is a way of defilement, a way of death, a way of lying, a way of perversity. But this is a highway of holiness. Read it with me. Hey, you can’t go there. Hey, you? You can’t go there. You can’t go there. You
can’t go there. Why can’t I go there? I want that highway. That’s a highway of holiness and you
are unclean. Remember in the Old Testament the leper put his hand over his upper lip and cry
out what? Unclean! Unclean! He’s warning the people. Unclean! Unclean! But this is different.
You are clean. How did you get clean? Christ. He cleansed us, John. 15:3. How did you get clean?
The holiness of God. Be holy for I am holy. The blood of Jesus has washed our sin away. The
blood. What’s the song? How does it go? What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood
of Jesus. What can make me whole again? Nothing but the blood, nothing but the blood,
nothing but the blood of Jesus. Hey! You can’t go there? Yes I can. Yes, I can. Yes, I can. How
can you? I am holy. I am clean. Vs. 8. What kind of a man? The wayfaring man. What kind of
man is that? The traveling man, the pilgrim, the man of faith, a man on a mission, a man that is
going somewhere. He’s a man moving. He’s a man that believes.

A man that is following. Jesus says follow me. You become a wayfaring man. A follower. You are clean and you are a follower. Vs. 8 though fools. Let’s try to act it out. Though fools. I’m a fool. I am. I know that. But I’m on
the highway of holiness and though I am a fool, actually I am wise. Though I am a sinner,
actually I am clean. Where are you? I’m on the highway of holiness. What’s up there on that
highway of holiness? It’s such a contradiction. Isn’t that a blessing? Believe me. Believe me. You
wouldn’t even believe what a fool I am. You have no idea how I don’t know what is going on.
But actually, you don’t see that with me because I’m not erring. That somehow you are getting
it right. Somewhere there is something right about your life. Somehow you have love.
Somehow – why do you have such authority? It’s clear to you. Because I’m on the highway.
Because I’m on the highway of holiness. I’m not saying this regarding myself alone. I’m saying
this regarding us.

P. Matt said David was going to come and make a mistake. He was going to kill Nabal, but Abigail is like the church that goes out and meets David and says don’t do this thing. You don’t need to do it. God’s going to take care of him. And David said thank you for correcting me. I needed that correction. That’s like us when we are on the highway of holiness. I hope you follow it with me and realize what I mean. There is not much we can boast in.
There’s not much that we are saying. I’m saying more about the highway than I am about
ourselves. God sent Abigail. Vs. 9. No lion shall be there. We read in the Scripture that the devil
is like a roaring lion but he’s not there. 1 Peter 5 he’s roaming about seeking whom he may
devour. Can’t he go up on that highway? No, not according to this. He’s out there. Jesus in this
world and the devil could take him to the cross but not without the Father’ permission. The
devil could not touch him until there was a certain hour to fulfill his purpose. But otherwise the
devil in Luke 4 could not touch him. They went to throw him off a cliff, but he walked through
the midst of them because the lion could not go there. When the devil took him out into the
wilderness to tempt him for 40 days, Jesus was above the devil.

He had authority because of the highway of holiness. There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof is death. But we have found another way; we have found a way of life. We have found it and it
sharpens us like iron sharpens iron, and so the countenance of a man’s friend sharpens his
countenance. Iron sharpens iron like Abigail meets David and she sharpens David and David
gets the mind of Christ from Abigail and he’s corrected. Proverbs 6:23 the commandments are a
way of life to the upright. We are corrected by the commandments. Like the way you drive a
car, you are always corrected, and you welcome the correction. My speedometer. My gas tank.
My directions. My mirror. I need a lot of help when I’m driving a car. I need to be alert. I need
to know. In the same way, when we live in our life as a believer, we need to walk carefully,
circumspectly, Ephesians 5. I need Abigail to come out and talk to me.

There are times I need the counsel that comes from a woman like Abigail who knows how to build a house. It says the wise woman builds the house but the foolish pluck it down with their hands in Proverbs 14:1,4. Isaiah 35:9,
what are these ravenous beasts all about? In the Jewish law there is the idea of a wild animal
like a bear or lion that could kill, and it would be like a sign of a curse to be killed by a wild
animal. That can happen. Back in the Middle East and back in this time, there were wild animals
in the Middle East there at this time and in Israel. Here it says that these animals can’t go on
the highway of holiness. We could say the authority that Jesus had over the wind, over the sea. The authority he had over the demons. The authority he had was prophetically a sign of what
was coming. What is coming to us in our hearts. How we think in our mind. Be very disciplined
in your mind when discouragement or depression or fear wants to take over your mind. If your
mind is passive, you may give in to these projections or these ideas.

But don’t do that. Be very determined in your heart and mind regarding what you read or are thinking about, your prayer, your waiting on God, your fellowship because iron sharpens iron. Imagine. Imagine if Jesus was
talking to you how much he would sharpen us. Do you remember? He could say. Do you
remember Lot’s wife? Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees or Sadducees. He would say wake
thou that sleepest. What? Could you not wait, could you not pray with me for one hour in
Gethsemane? Come outside and let us rest awhile in the gospel of Mark. How awesome it
would be, and it is so because we have the Holy Spirit who is Jesus Christ. He isn’t the same
person but he’s the same in the heart and the mind and the purpose in the relationship. Vs. 9-
10. Where will they return? To Zion. What is Zion? It’s Jerusalem. It’s another name for
Jerusalem for the specific area of David’s city which is in Jerusalem. They will return there. Who
will come? The ransomed of the Lord.

It will actually be a literal highway. It will be a road that will go to Jerusalem in the millennial reign. But we are those that go there now. We are on this highway now. We are on a spiritual highway. We are like P. matt said we are not like the world. We are different. Remember he said, Matt said in his message that Nabal – let’s write that
down. This is his name. It is a funny thing that you would name your child this, right? Nabal. The
baby is born, and the parent looks at him and says look at the little fool! Look at the little – little
fool. What a strange thing. That was his name. Fool. He said this is like the world. The world is
like this man because the man said who is David? Vs. 10. Who is David? I do not know David.
Where is he coming from? Many men have left their masters in these days. That means nothing
to me. I don’t care about him. This is like how the world thinks of Jesus Christ. Who is he? I
don’t need him. Where is he coming from? That means nothing to me. I am not interested. No
interest. In the family is his wife Abigail and she discerns him. She is a picture of the church
because the church is a female in our Scripture, the bride of Christ.

The church, the head of the church is Christ and we are his Body. There are many metaphors for it. We are the branches and he is the vine. We are the sheep and he is the Shepherd. He is the cornerstone and we are
the stones. We are the temple of God and Abigail discerns her husband and she goes out to tell
David. That’s what we need in our lives. We need somebody to talk to me and tell me. I need
the highway of holiness in my life. I want to walk up there. It said the ransom of the Lord will
return to Zion but there will be a certain spirit. Vs. 10. That’s what’s needed in this world, joy
and gladness. A sense of humor. Lightness. Joy. Coming from God. Why don’t I have it? Maybe
because I am living in sin. If I live in sin, I grieve the Holy Spirit. I lose my joy. But God has a
highway of holiness where there is joy. So I confess my sin and he cleanses me of my sin, and I
have the joy of the Lord for I am forgiven in Psalm 32.

That’s the source of our joy that we are forgiven. Really if you think about it you can walk around and say, I am forgiven of every sin I have ever committed. That’s amazing thing. I am called by God’s name. He is my Father. Jesus Christ is my Savior. The Spirit of God is in this world that I would live a different way by faith in
God. I believe God. Too many people live in reason and live in their feelings and their personality and their opinions and their own ideas. Just look at social media and Facebook and
other ways of communication, what people are saying and so on. It’s so low. It’s so low. It’s so
unclean. It’s so reactionary. It’s so emotional. It’s so opinionated. It’s like the world revolves
around them. David is coming to kill Nabal. It’s like a guy going on social media and just
unloading. Abigail comes out and says David don’t do that. This is beneath your dignity. This is
beneath you. David, these are my words, get a grip. You are anointed king. You are king, the
future king of Israel. You are special. David don’t do this thing. David thanks her, goes back
home, and ten days later he’s dead. Nabal is dead.

He went into a coma. He was dead as a stone for 10 days and then he died. It was over. I think that happened to Al Capone. He was in his 40s. A mafia boss in Chicago, I believe. Powerful guy, young guy, talented undoubtedly. He
went into a coma and died from a stroke by the swimming pool I think. I know you guys study
those things out! You know what, this world is on a road. It’s in trouble. Abigail knows
something. She’s building a house. Abigail is a picture of the church. The house that God built.
Abigail is a picture of a message to David. And David is a picture of a believer who needs her
help. I need help in my life. I need iron to sharpen iron. I need a prophet. I need a message. I
need a pastor. I need an open Bible. I need instruction. I would never live the way I’m living
now. I’m a fool. Look at me. I am a fool. I am. But I’m on a highway and though I am a fool, I will
not err therein. It doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes. It just means when I fall down I get up
again and I keep going on the highway. I fall down seven times in Proverbs 24:16.

I fall down seven times and I just – because the highway is too good. I want to be on a highway of holiness. I
want to be in a fellowship where truth is truth. I want to be in a place where there is humility
and we live by faith and don’t understand everything. God is with us and there is everlasting joy
upon our heads. Doesn’t it say in Isaiah 55 that even the trees clap their hands. Even the world
of nature that we look at takes on a greater dimension of glorifying God. Even the ocean is
speaking. There was that Eugene Peterson pastor, amazing man of God and faith. He said his
wife and he on Monday would go for a four-hour walk in the woods and they wouldn’t talk until
lunch time. He said the world is so sensual. What he meant was the trees are talking, the water
is speaking, the smell, the flowers, the birds are talking. It’s so sensual. That’s what he said. It’s
so filled with perceptions. The trees are clapping their hands. The fish are talking or however
you want to say it. You understand what I mean?

A Spirit filled godly woman or man of God has another way of living, and the world, Nabal, he may be very rich but he’s very foolish. He might have a lot going on but he’s very empty. Soon his heart will be like a stone, and his life will be over. We are sent into this world for this time. We haven’t even had any difficulty. We haven’t
even had any problems. We haven’t even had any problems this year. We haven’t even had.
Any body had, really, yes, okay, I understand, but please bear with me and what I’m trying to
say. When the Spanish flu came, 50 million people died around the world, 50 million people.
This is totally different. This is not a problem. We have our freedom. We have our Bibles. We
have our faith and most importantly we have our joy and our love and our vision and our
mission. We have our people. We have our elderly people that are precious to us. We have our
school. We have our children and our grandchildren. We have our parking lot. We have our
country. We are going through challenges and there are difficulties, but we have a highway of holiness.

The devil is roaming around. I want to get up on that highway and devour the saints of
God. God is saying, down, down. You dog you. Down. Back off. Can’t go there. There is
something here that is from God. Why? Because people need the joy, the message, love,
encouragement, a family. They need someone’s face to speak to them. They need a heart. They
need some care and kindness. People need people. Have you noticed that? I need the joy of my
friends. I need a word in season. I need an Abigail to come out and say don’t do this. Our
offerings have dropped off some. Let’s sharpen that edge. Let’s give unto God. Let’s trust God
with my money. Let’s sharpen that edge. Some of us fall into a mood of some kind. I need a
good belly laugh. I need the joy. I need the love of the Body of Christ. I need Abigail to come.
Let’s do one last verse. Hebrews 2, no Galatians 6. I want to use that Greek word and quote from this. I
believe it’s Kenneth Wuest. It goes like this. Galatians 6:1.

The word “fault” means like a mistake. Something I didn’t necessarily intend to do but it happened. I kind of fell into it. It was a lack of wisdom, a miscalculation. I was overtaken. I was in the wrong place, the wrong time with the
wrong people. I’m sorry for what I did. I was overtaken in a fault. It says you which are spiritual.
I think that is happening in the Body of Christ. People are being overtaken by a fault. They kind
of stumble into trouble. They kind of realize this isn’t where I want to be. I wake up with that
and realize how did this happen? How are they restored? Vs. 1. The word restore is where we
will finish our message. It’s from a Greek word which means to reconcile factions, to set broken
bones, restore, to set a dislocation. Like a dislocated shoulder. To restore it or set it. When
someone is overtaken in a fault, they need to be restored. Sometimes when a doctor has to
reset a dislocated bone, he has to be careful, gentle, firm. He has to realize it should be done as
soon as possible because it will get worse.

So when a brother or sister has fallen or is overtaken in something they didn’t anticipate, it happened to them, but they need to be restored. Maybe we could say Abigail went out to David and actually kind of set him straight because he was going to take off Nabal’s head, but he was corrected. So it says this about that word. To mend
nets. To equip or prepare. “What the particular meaning is in this instance will be determined
by the context. Paul is speaking of a child of God, a born again blood cleansed believer in the
Lord. As a believer, that person is a member of the Body of Christ, the figure being that of a
human body and a human head. The saints of the age of grace as members in the Body and
thus composing it and our Lord is the head of the Body. The saint with sin in his life is not in
correct relationship to the head and the rest of the body, just as an arm out of joint is not in
correct relationship to the body and the head. But the saint still is a member of the body as a
dislocated arm is a member of the human body.

Again, the life of the head still abides in the saint as the life in the human head still flows to the arm. Once more as a dislocated arm is useless to the body and head and will obey neither, so is a saint out of fellowship with his Lord
is useless to the Body and the head.” You that are spiritual restore such a one. So we’re not
police running around correcting each other but we are spiritual people who are caring. Words
of encouragement. Letting people have their privacy. We are people of faith. We have words of
wisdom and we are able to give counsel. Our church services are like this. They are for this
reason. Because there’s a great tendency for us to be negligent and forget and to leave and
disappear. Forsake not the assembly as you see the day approaching. We are needed. We are on the highway of holiness and we have a very important message for the people around us.



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