The Holy Spirit was sent into this world to seal us, to abide in us, to lead us into all truth. He does not speak for Himself. He points us all to the glory of the Son. He brings the anointing of the Lord. The world is full of error and lie. The Spirit comes like Abraham’s servant who was sent to fetch Rebekkah for Isaac. He comes to prepare and make ready the Bride fit for the Son. (Genesis 24; 1 John 2:20-21)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller, Eugene Davis
Sermon 12154
11:00 AM on 8/29/2021


P. Eugene Davis –

Good morning. For an introductory thought this morning. John. 16. Just this thought, the Holy Spirit, and
I loved the 9 a.m. service and just having great expectations from God. John. 16:7-8. Look at vs.
13-14. I was just thinking this morning, when we were singing, “Holy, holy, holy,” that is a
reference to the Trinity. The Father’s holy. The Son is holy, and the Spirit of God is holy. And
which member of the Trinity lives in the believer? The Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1:13, Ephesians 4:30, 2 Corinthians
1:22). Why is the Holy Spirit in us? To let us know who we belong to. That is the member of the
Trinity that witnesses that we belong to God. We are his possession. As we heard in the first
(service), we are his bride. We belong. That comforts us, especially at a time when we are in a
troubled world. We are in a dark world as we heard in the first service. But what is the comfort?
Truth comforts us, the Spirit of Truth that is in the believer.

It’s amazing, you as a believer you have been coming and you’re like, P. Eugene, I don’t know if
there is truth in me. There’s a lot of error. Me, too. But you know what is amazing? The Holy
Spirit convinces us of truth. What truth? This truth, the Word of God. irregardless  of what I am
feeling, irregardless of what is going on in my life, this is true. In Psalm 51:6, God requires truth in
the inward parts, and he gives us the Holy Spirit who bears witness with us of what is truth. It’s a
connection with the Word of God. You know what is amazing, a couple weeks ago when Pastor
was talking about Saul and how Saul started and he went into a downward spiral? Why?
Because he started being occupied with himself. He looked at everything based on himself. He
wanted David to serve him. It was all about me.

But what does the Holy Spirit say? He will not speak about himself. The Holy Spirit speaks of
the Son. He speaks of the Father. He glorifies the work of the Son, the plan of the Father, the
Spirit of Truth. And this is what is so amazing. This is what sets us apart from the world that we
live in. The Spirit of Truth. We come to hear the Word of God, the Word of Truth, the Holy Spirit
of Truth bears witness. There is a direct connect. Aren’t you excited this morning that we can
come to church and we can learn and we can have something for the world we live in. It’s a
troubled world, but the Holy Spirit is here to glorify the Father. That same Spirit lives in you and
me and that comforts us, right? We may go through our troubles. We may go through our
difficulties but what comforts us?

The Holy Spirit is not leaving. He’s not checking out. Ever go to a hotel and you are checking out, you’re leaving and did you pay the bill? But it’s paid in full and the Holy Spirit lives inside of us, and we belong to God. And so this morning, you may not be comforted but by the time you leave service, you’ll be comforted, because we are going to
hear a great word from our Pastor. We’re going to be encouraged. We’re going to have a word
for our seasons. We’re going to have a word for our situations. Amen? Amen.

P. Schaller –

Okay. You may be seated. Turn with me to 1 Cor. 2 We’re going to move around a
little bit in the Scripture this morning, so the first portion is this one. The theme is the ministry of
the Holy Spirit. That’s our subject. We’ll go on with that for a little while, maybe a few services.
We have tonight. We have Wednesday night. Maybe some weeks on it. The ministry of the
Holy Spirit. To many of us, we heard a lot about it through the years, and we’ve been in a
ministry where the Holy Spirit and what he is doing and his ministry is so important to us, vitally
important. When we watch the news today – good to have Shane and Teija here from Hungary.
They just moved back. Good to have you. Their son Matt.
When we look at the news and the world we live in, it’s very disturbing to many of us when we
see religion, Islam in the Middle East and in Afghanistan recently. When we understand a little
bit about people, government, social media, popular ideas, lust patterns of people, behaviors,
bad things, good things. We are students of life.

We see what is happening and many times we are disturbed and troubled by it. I’d like you to read this portion, 1 Cor. 2. We have the ministry of the Holy Spirit here starting from verse 9. We can also read that based on Kenneth Wuest’s
studies that it hasn’t come from within us the things which God has prepared for them that love
him. It’s not by nature. You can see something that emotionally affects you. That’s like a
beautiful – a sunset or a movie maybe or a parade or something emotional that comes from
within you. That means we can be emotional. We can see beautiful things. We can hear beautiful things. But we have never by nature seen what God has prepared for us. We don’t
know what that is by nature. That’s by our first birth. By just being a natural person. We have
seen beautiful things. We have been moved emotionally, but still we have not comprehended
what God has prepared for us. vs. 10. Notice we have capital S. This is the Holy Spirit reveals to
us. This is what happened in my life that changed my life.

By the way, a man that I went to school with 50 years ago contacted me Saturday night. He sent
me his phone number. I remember him. We went to college together. I haven’t seen him for 50
years. And we had a talk and we are both saved. We’re both saved about the same time. His life
for 50 years has gone in a blessed way, and my life has gone in a blessed way. He lives in
Colorado. Maybe you remember my testimony. There was a guy that said I’m going to Colorado.
Why don’t you go with me. I said I don’t know where God wants me to go and I was praying and
fasting about it. I went to Maine and he went to Colorado. Anyway, fifty years have passed and
we talked. The Holy Spirit in his life and the Holy Spirit in my life. This is what makes your life
different. This is what helps you. This is what renews your mind. This is what opens your heart.
This is what affects you.

So in Maine many years ago, I sat in a Bible college classroom and the pastor said, this is
anointed. This meeting is anointed. This class is anointed. And the Holy Spirit was teaching us.
The same is happening with us now in this world as long as we are here. I want to explain that
to you today using Genesis 24. 1 Corinthians 2:10 What? The things you cannot see and you cannot hear
and it’s not from inside of you. It is revealed to you by his Spirit what he has for you from the
Bible. The Holy Spirit uses the Bible. From the Body of Christ. From the Holy Spirit’s work in the
world with us. vs.10. Let me show you something. This is only a little graphic picture for thought.
It’s not comprehensive. It’s not thoroughly correct in a sense. Here’s God. The circle is God. And
some people – I’ll put here a person. They may believe in God and there is something on the
surface about that. They believe in God, but the deep things of God.

That’s what I need. There is a deep part of you. The deep part of you is your Spirit. This is written in this text here. We’ll
read it in a second. The deep part of you needs more than just believing in God. I believe in
God. I believe he exists. I can see his fingerprints and footsteps but the Spirit reveals the deep
things of God – the mind, the heart, the Truth of God. Nobody knows this by nature. You don’t
hear it from a symphony by Mozart or hear it from a testimony of a hero in the military, or you
don’t get it from poetry or a movie or something. The deep things must come from the Holy
Spirit that searches the deep things. He is God. The Holy Spirit is God and he is the servant of the Father. The Son came to do the Father’s will. He left but He and the Father sent the Holy Spirit into your life. And the Holy Spirit in your life is revealing to you the deep things of God. To what part of you? Your intelligence? No, not only.
Not enough. What part? To my emotions? No, not enough. Not enough. It has to stick. It has to
go to the deep part. That’s your spirit. vs. 11.

You can know someone’s personality but you still
may not know them. You may know their action, their behavior. You may know and see that, but
you still may not know them. Nobody knows the things of a man but the spirit of a man, the deep
part of a man. That’s amazing. The fellowship with God with the Spirit of God is in your spirit and
you are in fellowship and this is why you are satisfied. You are satisfied with holiness. You are
satisfied with truth. You are satisfied with his love. You are drinking deeply of the wells of
salvation. It’s like a well that is deep. This is where you are satisfied. That’s why you stop doing
the things you used to do because they are sinful, because you have found holiness and peace
and truth. Okay. When many of us we went to Bible school or we came to the church on a
regular basis, and it started to happen. The anointing of the Spirit in the assembly like we heard
in the singing, in the worship. We started to drink the same Spirit, think the same thoughts from
the Bible, and the Spirit ministering to us.

The world we live in – here’s another sketch for us. We call this the world. There are many lies
in the world. There are many ideas and groups of people and there are many spirits in the
world. Jesus said regarding the end days, let no man deceive you. There are false christs, false
prophets. There are false teachings, false religion. When we look at a country like Afghanistan
and we see militant fundamental Islamic religion, we are like wow! That’s for real. They believe that. They live and die by that. Wow! That’s amazing! Where do we read that in the Scripture,
but this is the nature of the world we live in. It’s a world that is defined differently ways – evil, it’s
called an evil world. The god of this world, small g, meaning the god of this world who is called
Satan. Also he is called the devil in the New Testament. He has a number of names – Apollyon,
accuser. We have diabollos is the world devil. He’s the accuser.

He divides. Diabollo. Bollo is to through and dia like diameter is cutting through, cutting through the middle. The devil can take two people and he can throw some lie between them and divide them. He is active. He is in the
world. He sows seeds like tares. God plants the truth and the devil comes at night and he sows
the seeds of lies. So we are living in the world of lies. We are part of that by our first birth, our
physical, our natural man is part of that darkness. We are misled. Atheists, agnostics,
Buddhists, Muslims, Catholics, Christians – any kind of religion. It’s just part of life, but Jesus
said you must be born again. You must be born of the Spirit. You must be regenerated.
So we can draw it this way. In this world, there is the Holy Spirit who is different, of another. He
is from the Father. He is in this world to gather a people unto himself who have another spirit.
Look at this text. 2:12. Notice the word “spirit” is small s, spirit of the world. This is the spirit of
antichrist. This is the spirit that is not of God.

This is the spirit of philosophy without God, materialism. This is the spirit of lust, the spirit of unbelief, the spirit that accuses God. It’s a spirit of the world. But we have not received that. vs. 12. Why? That we might know the thngs that are freely given to us of God. What things are given to us of God? This one. The deep things we
want to know. The deep things that are given to us. What does it mean given? Given by grace.
Freely given. What has God given you? Who is God? What has he given me? This we have
received from another Spirit, not the spirit of the world but the Spirit which is of God which is in
the world and revealing to us who we are in Christ. We sit here and listen and another Spirit
teaches us, the Spirit of God teaches us, not the world. You go home and turn on the news and
you have the news of the day, the world and the condition of it. You hear about it and there is
the spirit of the world that is teaching and educating people in their minds and hearts. But you
can hear it but it may not penetrate.

You hear it. You understand it. You realize what it is, but it’s not enough for you. I don’t really like it so much. I know what is going on, but I’m hungry. I’m hungry for something deeper. I want reality. I want Jesus in my life. I want the Christ of the
Gospels to be walking with me in my life. I want to listen to Jesus. I want Jesus to speak to me. I
want Jesus to open this book up to me and satisfy me. I want Christ to anoint me.
Anointing of the Spirit. The word “anointing” is another word for the indwelling, the anointing of 2
Corinthians 1:20. You are anointed. Let’s turn to 1 John. 2:20,27. We’ll do this part and then one other
text an we’ll be done. It’s so touching this issue because we grew up in this ministry with a very
big emphasis on the anointing of God teaching us. And it’s exciting because I want to
experience God. I want God in my heart and mind. I want to concentrate on something. I want
Jesus to be our teacher and guide and lead us because he has taken us out of the world. We
are in the world but we are not of the world. Do you know that principle? We are in the world but
not of the world.

Do you know that in John. 17? Do you know that? Let me show you something.
Here’s water. This is water. This is a sea or a lake. Here’s a fish. How do I draw a fish? Here’s a
fish and here’s a boat. Here’s a boat. Let’s make it a sailboat. Okay. There’s you. What’s the
difference? You are in the water but you are not of the water. You are in the boat in the water.
The boat is in the water. You are in the water but not of the water. What’s the difference? The
fish is of the water in the sense that the water goes through the gills. In a way, the water is in the
fish. It’s going through the gills of the fish. The fish is in the water, but I’m not a fish in that sense
because I’m in this world but I’m not from it. I’m not of it. I’m not of the spirit of the world. I’m not
anti-God. I’m not misled. I’m not deceived. I’m in it but God has called us out of it and sent us in
it. It’s the same way Jesus was in the world. He was in the world sent into it to have a ministry but
they wanted him to be in the world.

The devil tempted him to sin. They wanted him to be like them, but he couldn’t be because he was anointed. He was of the Father. He had the love of the Father, the mind of the Father, the way of the Father, the message of the Father, the mission of the Father, the throne of the Father, the godliness of the Father, the righteousness of the
Father. But he was in the world, and the world received him not. That’s like us. We’ve been brought out but sent in. As the Father sent me, so I send you. But you are not of the world. You
are in it but you are not part of it. I translated you out of it from the kingdom of darkness into the
kingdom of his dear Son (Colossians 1:13).
Okay. Now, what has the Spirit done here? He has come into the world and let’s use
Afghanistan. In 1988 in the World Mission Handbook, look up Afghanistan and it says there was
no known Christians in Afghanistan. 1988.

I remember when I was in Bible college, we had a guest missionary. He lived in Afghanistan. He was an amazing man of God. No known Christians in Afghanistan. Then the drought came, the Taliban came. This is 2000-2001.
Migration of Afghans to Pakistan. People fleeing the country. Very interesting times for prayer
for Christ to – today, 20 years later, again, a crisis in the country but now, thousands of Afghan
Christians. Afghan Christians. What did the Holy Spirit do? He called them. He spoke to them.
He saved them. He sealed them. They are of God those Afghan Christians who probably are in
trouble and their future is in doubt, in question. So, what’s the meaning? The Holy Spirit, the
devil does his work and God does his work. The devil does a lot of screaming and yelling and
violence and tragedy in this case. There is the work of grace, the work of the Spirit, the salvation
of souls and drawing people out of the satanic world of lies and into the Spirit of Truth.
The Spirit is making a bride for Christ, the church, which is the bride of Christ. One day it will be
brought to heaven in the Rapture and that day is coming.

I’d like you to turn now to 1 John. 2:20 and read that with me. This is speaking of the antichrist spirit in vs. 19. They have left the church in vs. 18-19. There are many antichrists in the world. In our diagram, there is much evil
in the world. Many lies. Many antichrists. But you are of God. You have an unction in vs. 20.
There are people that have gone to China to minister. You might say how will they ever be
effective? How could an American or European go to China and be effective? He’s the answer.
You have an unction from the Holy One. God is with you. God is doing it. God is using
missionaries. God is in your heart. God is in your mouth. God is with you. That is what is
happening. It happens around the world. We have seen it. We have seen it in many places.
Even in the early days when we were coming to Bible college and Dr. Stevens would say let’s
go into all the world with the Gospel, we were looking at each other in unbelief. We can hardly
drive to the grocery store and hardly have our dormitory in any neat condition! Is anyone going
to wash the dishes?! How are we going to have an impact in a foreign country? Here’s the

An unction. The Holy Spirit uses us. The Holy Spirit does it. The Holy Spirit saves
souls. The Holy Spirit visits in meetings. The Holy Spirit gets people in love with the Bible. The
Holy Spirit opens the Bible up to our hearts. We like to listen to it and hear it and understand it.
The Holy Spirit works by his grace. vs. 27. We always have teachers. What does it mean that you don’t need any man to teach you? PSUKIKOS man or ANTHROPOS. It means a soulish man. You don’t need a natural
education. You need another kind of education. You don’t need a natural man to teach you
about life. You have an anointing that teaches you. You don’t need a natural man. You would
benefit a spiritual man, a spiritural body but even beyond that it is the anointing in the Body that
is teaching us. Putting it in our hearts to do the right thing. Why don’t I drink anymore? Why did I
stop drinking? Because the Holy Spirit put it in my heart, and I stopped it. Many other things we
have stopped doing. How did you do that?

The Holy Spirit is our teacher. The Holy Spirit says stop it. A week ago – this is a funny story. A week ago, I yelled from the pulpit, “get off your couch. Get off your couch.” So there were two people listening on the internet and they met me
this morning and told me at the door. The story goes on. The guy said do you remember
meeting me? I said no I don’t. Where did I meet you? At the steam room at the health club. You
were telling me and talking to me and we moved here from California. I said, when did I meet
you? He said in February. And he said I’ve been listening to you. You told me last week to get
off the couch, and so I did! You know, what is God doing in this evil world? He is pulling people
and drawing them. I want to show this to you. It’s a very long chapter, Ge. 24. I’m going to
abbreviate it. It’s very simple. I’ll break it down for you. You can do a Sunday afternoon Bible
reading on Ge. 24. Because I’m going to help you understand it. It’s a very precious chapter. It’s
about getting a wife for Isaac.

So the breakdown goes this way: In chapter 24, Genesis 24, we have four people. We have
Abraham and his son Isaac who is there in the chapter. You’ll see. We have Abraham’s servant.
That’s three people. And then far away, which is Iraq today, far away another geographical
location, we have Rebekah who is going to be the wife of Isaac. They story goes this way.
Abraham came from, he came from the east. He came from Iraq, the Ur of the Chaldees,
Abraham did. And he traveled 800 miles, 1000 miles. He went west and came into the Promised
Land. He had a son by promise. His name is Isaac. Abraham got the idea in this chapter we
read he said to his servant I need a wife for my son. Go back to my family. Go back to where I
came from, cause I don’t want my son to get married to a Canaanite woman. I don’t want that in
my family. I don’t want Isaac to be married to a Canaanite woman. You have to go back and get
a family member for me. Somebody from our clan.

Somebody from our family. I want Isaac to marry somebody from our family. All of this is a metaphor or a type of God having a son, Jesus Christ, and he wants a bride for his son. But he doesn’t want a bride from the world. He wants
somebody that is from his family. He wants somebody that is from the family. He wants a bride
that comes out of this world that is not of the world, but somebody from the family. He wants
somebody different. He wants the right kind of woman for his son.
Look at Genesis 24:3. He’s talking to the servant. vs. 4. I don’t want to lose you in this. I want to keep
it simple and profound. You will go to my country. You will travel 800 miles, 1000 miles –
whatever the distance is. You’re going to go by camels. You’re going to go and find a wife for
my son, Isaac, who is very special. You are going to do that. And the servant, he doesn’t have a
name. There is no name of who he is.

The Holy Spirit is this servant who is sent into the world to find a wife for Christ. He goes and it’s almost like an impossible task, but he succeeds. He comes to the well and Rebekah is there. He basically says to her I’ve come to find a wife for Abraham’s son, Isaac. He had made a deal with God. May the woman that offered to water the
camels be that woman. You can read the story. It was Rebekah. Here is the key. Rebekah said,
I will go with you. I will go with you. Listen. This woman doesn’t have a full picture. She doesn’t
know what is going on. She is going to travel away from her family and go a long way and marry
a man she’s never met and be with people she does not know and she agrees. And she is going
to do it. The Holy Spirit, the servant, the Holy Spirit who does not speak of himself goes to find a
wife and this is his mission. These people are in Afghanistan. These people are in India. They
are in China. These people are in this world. This is God’s work. These people are there and for
some reason they are people of faith. They are able to say, I will go with you. You will go with
me? I will go with you. Let me tell you about Isaac, the servant could say.

Let me tell you about Abraham. In a similar way, the Holy Spirit is in this world to tell you and I about where we are going when we haven’t yet seen it. The Holy Spirit is in the world to tell you about the Son of God and the
Father and to reveal to us the things we have not yet seen and has never entered into our
hearts by nature. And she goes. I want to finish this portion. vs. 5. Listen to this. What if she
doesn’t want to come. Do I come back and get Isaac and bring Isaac over here? And Abraham
said, no. That’s not going to happen. In other words, Isaac is never going to leave. This is our
land. It’s my land and my son and my people and the future is in God. God has a kingdom here.
This is our land. You see, there is something about Jesus’ work on the Cross that is convincing
us enough to believe and to leave our old life, our old ways. To look at the Cross and say there
must be more behind that. There must be a kingdom. There must be a Savior raised from the
dead. There must be secrets and deep things that are satisfying to the human heart. I want that.
I will go with you the woman said in this chapter.

Closing, I want you to think about it. The woman is saying goodbye to her family, her father, her
uncles. She’s saying goodbye. She doesn’t know what she is getting into. The servant is also in
shock. Many times he worships God. He says God, I can’t believe you are doing this. This
woman is going to go with me. He gave her the jewelry. Remember the necklace and the
jewelry as a seal. Then as they get on the camels, it’s a long way. Camel riding is not fun.
Camel riding is not fun. It’s a long ways. And the servant is there and what can he tell her. He
can say, you are making a good decision. He can say, you never met Isaac. I know him. I’ll tell
you the story. God appeared to Abraham and said give me your son, and Abraham believed God. And he put his son on an altar. He was going to kill him and sacrifice him as a sacrifice.

And Isaac was an obedient son. He was subject to the father. Those are the kind of people you
are now part of. You are making a good decision. There is something deep that is going on in
this family. And Abraham said he walked through the land and God gave it to him and I believe
that. You are becoming a part of a great family.
In a similar way, the Holy Spirit is sent into our lives to tell us, you are making good decisions.
Trust in God. You will not be ashamed. Live by the promises. You have not yet seen what you
are part of. I want to reassure you. It is not in vain. It is not empty. It is satisfying. It will keep you
out of trouble. It will lead you in the right way. It will edify you and encourage you. You are a
precious person.

You are a child of God. And one day, sisters and brothers, this is mind
blowing. One day, we will be taken out of this world, joined to him and married to him. And we
will come back and say – we’re going to say it was as God said. We’ll say it was. It happened
like he said. Wow!



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