The living Christ whom we can trust came to us. We can get beyond the hypocrisy and live in lowliness with Him. We are very wrong, He is just and right. The Lamb is the One who takes the Throne. (Zechariah 9:9-10; 2 Samuel 15:1-6; Matthew 23:1-12; 1 Timothy 4:1; Hebrews 10:22)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12422
11:00 AM on 12/11/2022

P. Schaller –

This is our second Sunday on our Christmas calendar and the message is from Zech. 9:9. In Song of
Solomon it says, “he is the fairest of ten thousand.” Christ is so unique. There’s no one like him
and what he did for us. There’s nothing like it, what it means. In the book of Revelation, we see
Christ called – I’ll put here Revelation 5. We have it in chapter 7, 14, 17, 19 and 21 and chapter 22. He
is called the lamb. He is in the midst of the throne. God is on the throne, God the Father and
then the lamb is there. The lamb is there.

That word is important to us because we have two words. We have lion. He is the lion of the
tribe of Judah, but we see him with his Father as the lamb. That has a lot of meaning to it
because he was not violent. He was actually weak. He was obedient as the lamb of God to take
away our sin. Here we have this vs. 9. Jesus coming riding on an ass. He’s a king and yet he is
humble as a lamb. He is just. Three things. He has salvation. And vs. 9. He is just, having
salvation and #3. Lowly. Lowly riding on an ass and upon a colt the foal of an ass. The young,
the foal is the offspring of the ass. So, we have an ass that has never been ridden before that is
now being ridden by Christ with no saddle. Cause we read in the story he borrowed it.

We are told in Mark 11 to go and find this animal. Bring it to me. He rode on it. They put on
clothing, garments and they put it in the pathway as Christ rode up to Jerusalem across from
where he was. Outside the city, he comes up and people are shouting, Hosanna! Hosanna! This
is by the Holy Spirit doing this work. I want you to see here the uniqueness of this coronation,
this demonstration of him being the king.

vs. 9 is his first coming and then vs. 10 is his Second Coming. Let’s read vs. 10. These are like
military words for Christ dealing with war. When he comes, there will be the battle of
Armageddon. But when he comes, it’s over. It’s cut off. It ends. Vs. 10. So, Revelation 19 we have him
coming back in the clouds. He said that in Matthew 26 and Daniel 7:12. The uniqueness of this king.
Lowly. We want to emphasize this word here, #3, lowly. This world doesn’t have lowly kings. It
has more in the line of 2 Samuel 15.

If you were to read this about Absalom, vs. 1-6, we have a description of this man taking over
his father, running a conspiracy to take over the kingdom. He wants to be king. He is very
aggressive with it, hatred, revengeful and also hypocritical. I’ll put here because we will talk
about this today. Hypocritical. He says one thing but he doesn’t even know in his own heart. He
can give an image and project good will but he can’t really bring it home. He can’t really
execute it because he doesn’t have the power. He has a deceitful heart. He has the words.
Paints the picture. He has horses.

Vs. 1. Chariots and horses and 50 men. You could put that on the screen, 2 Samuel 15:1. Fifty men
run before him as he comes to Jerusalem and he has this expression of importance but he can’t
really love. He can take but he can’t really give. He promises but he can’t really do it. Christ is totally different. Christ hung on a cross. Christ was humble and low and was God but he obeyed
his Father as a man to save us and redeem us. This is our example. How does God make this
happen in your life? How is it in your life and my life we can actually have the life of Christ in us
ministering to us and to others? How does that happen? How did he do this? What is it that we
have now? That will be our message today.

Amen. Okay. Praise the Lord! Amen. Let’s praise the Lord a couple times. Halleluiah! Halleluiah!
God is good. Halleluiah! You may be seated. Paula, good to see you. Paula Lange is here. That’s
great. Amazing. Do we have anybody else visiting from abroad or here or another place? Good
to have you. Praise the Lord! Christ came into the world cause we needed him. We were lost.
We have two parts to our life: the eternal life that we live. Our body. Our physical needs.
Oxygen, water, food. Then our internal life. Our psychological life, our spiritual life inside. We
have problems on both. One is disease and death and the other one is ourselves. Ourselves.
Our sin. Our fear, our hypocrisy.

One of the things we love to see about Jesus is there isn’t any hypocrisy in him. He really is all
the time like shining through and tells the truth. And is not afraid. When he rode the donkey
into Jerusalem, there were people shouting out, “Hosanna to God in the highest.” This is from
the Holy Spirit. They were praising God fulfilling Scripture and he’s coming in knowing he’s
rejected by the establishment, by the legal authorities, the Sanhedrin, the religious leaders, and
yet this is the very one that they are representing. The Bible. They are the ones that know the
Bible and the prophets but they are now rejecting the Messiah. They plan after to arrest him
sometime not in front of everybody because the crowd is really for him at that point. So, they
plan. This is the beginning of the Passion week when he rode the donkey into Jerusalem.
We also see in the story in a little bit of a geography lesson. Here’s Jerusalem. Here’s the hills
up here, the mountains and then the water.

There’s water that runs down into the sea of Galilee. Out of the Sea of Galilee is the Jordan River. It runs down here into the Dead Sea. This is Jerusalem. And Christ was up here. He was up here in the north part when he said I must go to
Jerusalem and be arrested, scourged and crucified. Peter said, no, Lord. No. And Jesus said, get
behind me, Satan.

He starts his journey and he goes to Capernaum. This is like his headquarters here, the north
side of the Sea of Galilee. He walks through the hills of Galilee down through the Jordan River
here and up to Jerusalem. And he’s in trouble. That walk is ten days. A week. Ten days. I don’t
know how many days to walk from the north part here down to Capernaum. But anyway, it’s a
period of time. A lot of time to think. Am I going to do this? Am I, is this the Father’s will? It says
in John 5:19 I always see what my Father does. And in John. 5:30 he always did his Father’s will. He
was obedient.

Thinking about what is in front of you sometimes is frightening but it’s important to know who
you are. Your identity. Like what am I doing. What’s on the inside. We are living in a time when
we are so much seduced to the outside things. There is a verse on that that I want you to take
note of, 1 Timothy 4:1-2. I’ll quote it. You can put it up there. Meaning the Spirit is making this very
clear to me. It’s very true. It’s very clear to me that in the latter days, some will depart from the

Let’s just simply say don’t depart from your faith. Always guard your heart with God. God will
guard your heart for you. God will keep your heart so that you will aways have God in your
heart. Not your way but the way we are talking about Jesus doing his Father’s will when it was
not convenient, when it was actually difficult. It had everything to do with the inside. The
inside. Don’t live on the outside but have your life living in the Holy Spirit on the inside. Because
it’s God that searches our heart. God searches our hearts. And you know that.

Psalm 139. Hebrews 4:12. The meditation of your Word. Let the Word quicken me. It’s Psalm 119, we
have it eight times. It says “quicken.” The word quicken means make alive. Make me alive
according to your word. What do you mean? Does the Bible make you alive? It does. The Bible
gives life. My words they are Spirit and they are life. How did Jesus do the will of the Father? It
was by faith in the Father. He followed him and he did it.

So, go back to 1 Timothy 4:1-2. Some will depart from the faith and I always realize I have that
potential. It doesn’t make sense to me to depart from the faith but I am able to be senseless. To
be foolish. We all know this about ourselves. We should learn it about ourselves. Lord, I could
depart but don’t lead me. Lead me not into temptation. Don’t put it out there for me. Help me.
Strengthen me in the inner man. Build me up in the inner man.

Notice that verse. They will give heed, pay attention to seducing spirits. I’m writing it out here.
They are demon spirits. They will draw you to do things that you wouldn’t do. They will draw
you to do things that you wouldn’t do. That’s amazing. I would never have done that. I don’t
know what got into me. I went through this phase in my heart in my life in my imagination, in
my way of thinking and I couldn’t shake it. It was a seducing spirit, the doctrine – it says
seducing spirits and doctrines.

Have you seen or heard about any doctrines lately that are in our culture that are seducing
people into weird behaviors and values that are strange? Maybe we could say never before in
the history of our country have we ever entertained such absurd and senseless and nonsensical
ideas that we are entertaining today. And it’s our leaders that are entertaining these ideas.
What happened? In the latter days, some will depart form the faith and give heed, pay
attention to these spirits.

I want to draw a parallel between Jesus entering the city of Jerusalem on a donkey. I’ll put here
Jesus. And then the age we live in where we are seduced to believe and entertain things that
are strange because we are not obedient. We don’t know what we are doing. We are sheep
without a shepherd. Or we could say also there’s an amazing sense of hypocrisy.

I’ll put here “hypocrisy” in life. Jesus doesn’t have hypocrisy. Because in him, is truth in a good
time in a bad time. When he wants people to like him and when he doesn’t care. He doesn’t
care. He’s not in a popularity contest. He doesn’t have to be the king. He doesn’t have to be
shouting in the street. He doesn’t have to sell himself. He is who he is. He is the real thing. And
so are you. You might say how could I have the real thing happening in my heart and life? I
think we want to close with that in our message.

Right now, I want you to look at this word “hypocrisy” and think about it today. Turn to Mt. 23.
I also what to build you up in the message. It might sting a little bit. That’s good. Matthew 23:1-2,
what’s that mean? It’s a chair of honor. You are a teacher. You are a rabbi seated in a position
of authority. But the guy sitting there is not the real thing. He’s sitting in the seat and he’s
teaching. Vs. 3. They say and do not. So, here’s the difference. We talk. Have you ever heard
that phrase, “We talk a good talk” but how do we walk? We talk but how do we live? Do we
love? That’s the key thing. Love in the heart. Identity with God is that God loves me. God is
love. God loves you and you love yourself. You love others. You have love in your heart for life.
You enjoy life.

One brother told me this morning a couple years ago you said something in one of your
messages and it changed my marriage. I go, what did I say? You said, be lighthearted. And my
wife and I took that and we started talking about it and we realized we kind of get on each
other’s case. We kind of get irritated easily. And he said we just said, we should be lighthearted
and enjoy each other. Enjoy life. Enjoy the kitchen. Enjoy taking out the garbage. Enjoy fixing
the car. Enjoy paying the bills. Let’s enjoy each other. Let’s be lighthearted and rejoice a lot. I
said thanks for sharing that. Nobody has ever told me that before. That’s good.

I think going to church is a good opportunity for me to check my heart and for God to speak to
my heart. It’s just between God and you and for God to help you live this life in a different way.
Because a lot of people say but they don’t do it. They don’t do it. They say it but do they do it?
Remember Christ said why do you judge the sawdust particle in your neighbor’s eye when you
have a big Sequoia tree in your own? A big log in your eye. Why don’t I have my heart checked
before God? Jesus did it this way. It’s in Acts. 1:1. Do and then teach. This way is they teach and
then they do not do. This one is you do and then teach. How can it happen? Well, this is what
Jesus is saying in Matthew 23.

Turn with me to vs. 4. By the way, the secular world that we are living in and I hope you
understand the word “secular.” They don’t talk about God. They’re not believing in God necessarily. It’s not about God. It’s about science and sociology and psychology. It’s about
history as we see it, the evolving pattern of things. The secular world is very judgmental. It’s
very hard. The secular world is missing grace. Missing love. Missing God. It is. It’s just like this
chapter. They bind on you heavy burdens that are hard to bear and they themselves do not
bear them. Vs. 4.

This is a religious context like legalism and Judaism, but I want to reinforce that thought. Check
it out in your meditation and observations that the secular world is also very tough. Just get the
pronoun wrong. Say the wrong pronoun and you’re marked. You might lose your job. It’s very
tough. Very hard. But 1 Timothy 4 says they will give heed to seducing spirits, doctrines of devils
and their consciences will be seared. Let me write that down here. God shows to me who he is.
It’s there where I have to live by faith and obey him. Obey God with a clean heart. With a true
heart. Let us draw near with a true heart, vs. 22. What a blessing.

What am I going to lose? I might lose something on the outside but what will I gain on the
inside? What about the outside? The outside changes. Have you ever notice? Your friends can
change. Have you ever noticed how values can change? Ever notice how life can go upside
down and go sideways and we’re in shock in what happened in a year’s time. How did this
happen? Yeah, that might happen but no. I have a living Christ who you can trust with all your
heart. You will live like he did. You will ride a donkey like into the city so to speak in faith
obedience and God will say you are my man. You are the king of Kings. The kingdom of God is
yours. You are in fellowship with a living God.

What does it profit me if I gain the whole world on the outside but I lose my soul on the inside?
What does it profit me if I’m happy on the outside but I’m discouraged on the inside? What
does it profit me if the whole world knows my name but God doesn’t know my name? What
does it mean? That’s why he came. That’s why Jesus is the best thing going in this world. That’s
why Jesus is everything, the fairest of ten thousand. He’s everything for us.

Look at vs. 22. Can you draw near to God? I know somebody, I recognize they have fallen away
from God. They’ll be the first one to say, I haven’t fallen away from God. They’d be the first one
to say they haven’t fallen away from God. They have. You see it in their life. You hear it in their
words. You see it in their footsteps. Decisions they make. They have. They have. And I am not a
judge. We are not judging people but we care about people. That can’t happen.

Vs. 22. There’s a verse in the book of Acts where Paul said I am free form the blood of all men.
Paul said that. I’m free from the blood of all men. Wait a minute. Time out. Didn’t you kill
Stephen? Didn’t you kill Christians? You said it in your own epistles. You killed Christians. Didn’t
you do that? Paul is saying I am free from the blood of all men. How did that happen? How
could he say it? It’s this verse. Our hearts are sprinkled from an evil conscience.

I don’t remember my sin anymore. I’m not visiting that. I’m not identifying as a sinner in terms of my
sin. That’s not me. That’s not who I am. I am free from the blood of all men.
Do you hear that? Understand that? That’s amazing. This is not hypocrisy. This is reality. Our
reality is really to be God’s reality. And God says I remember your sins no more. And Paul says
in effect amen. I am free from the blood of all men. My life is new. I’m a new creation and the
old things are passed away. And all things have become new. Our bodies washed with pure

So, let’s go back to Matthew 23 and we’ll finish here. Vs. 4-6. They love it and you can see it in life,
you know. Vs. 7-12. Do you know what I love to do? Sit with a brother or sister that are like –
there’s nothing about them except they live a godly, private, godly life and their words and
hearts are godly. There’s no jazz about them. They’re just the salt of the earth. They’re the
people that are real. They have the Spirit of God in them teaching them. Their treasure is in
heaven, not on the earth.

And what they will gain one day at the bema seat judgment will be great because they are
living this way. Like Jesus riding the donkey. I can’t get that out of my mind. I love that picture.
He just is obedient to the Father. He is being rejected but he’s also saying something. The lamb
of God is on the throne forever and ever. He is saying the submission and obedience to the
Father is the key to this new way of life by grace. We are born again so that we have this life.
We are born again so we are able to bring it before God and he is able to search our hearts.
And when he shows us something – it’s vs. 12. Yes. How do you talk? What are your words like?
What do you think of other people? Are you a servant or do you judge them? Ever have some
weird, demonic thoughts go through your mind? Habitually maybe. Habitually. Bad thoughts or
wicked thoughts that go through your mind and the Lord is saying, that should not happen.
That is not my will.

You should not be plagued by demons. You should not have evil thoughts continually going
through your mind all the time day after day. You should not hate people. You should not be
judging people. You should not be criticizing people. You should not be arrogant. You should
not be up on a seat and saying but not doing what you are saying. Saying you should be humble
but I’m not. It should be more deep. When we have nothing, we have him. He will teach us. In
our minds and in our words and in our actions, there will be godliness. We’ll forgive a lot. We
are wrong a lot.

Another thing the brother said to me, you said that you’re wrong a lot. He said that meant a lot
to me because I started to think like that, too. I am a lot more wrong than I realize. I am wrong
a lot. Does this bother you what we are saying today? No, this is the way it is. I want Jesus in my heart. I want to live like that. I want to learn love. I want to learn obedience. I want to learn to
live by faith. I want Christ in my life.

Lastly, one lady said to me at the door after the early service, she said I want you to know I’ve
been in this church 38 years. We know each other really well. She said I got to tell you; I am so
excited about Jesus in my life. Your messages help me. God has spoken to me. I have like a
renewal in my life. I said, how long have you been a believer? She said since 18 years old. I said,
forgive me for asking how many years it’s been. She said it’s been 38. I said that’s amazing.
That’s amazing. You mean you are – she said I feel like it’s all, I’m born again again. I found my
Bible. I found the faith. I love it. Jesus means so much to me. I go, that is so encouraging. Cause
this has got to work. This has got to be real for me.

This has got to be – I’ll give a warning to all of us. The enemy of it is hypocrisy. The enemy of
revival in my life is my pride. In that you cannot correct me. You cannot challenge me. I am
right. I am arrogant. I am right. I want it my way. I am in charge. I’m in charge of my house. I’m
in charge of my relationships. I’m in charge in my Christian life. I’m in charge in the church. I’m
in charge all the time. I’m in charge.

And Jesus is another way. He’s saying my Father shows me what to do. My Father. I’m
submitted to my Father. But you are Christ. You could do whatever. He goes, oh, no. I am. But I
love my Father. I always do his will. I enjoy him. But Jesus on the outside, you’re going to get in
trouble. Yeah, I’m going to get in trouble on the outside but I’ve got my Father on the inside
and I love him and I know him. The greatest thing in life is to know Him, to know God. So, I have
to say I am wrong as a sinner. Father, correct me. Teach me. Show me. Help me. I confess my
sin to you. Fill me with your Spirit. Show me. Guide me to be a servant. Amen.


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