Will God address all right and wrong? There will be the Day of the Lord. Ultimate justice shall be served in the wrath of the Lamb toward unbelievers. At the Bema Seat, believers washed in the Blood of Christ shall come before Him and see the results of their lives of true faith. (Revelation 20:11-15; Luke 12:1-5; Revelation 6:15-17)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 12668
Sun 11:00 am

P. Schaller –

Wow. Beautiful. (Prayer). Today is a day where we’re going to be preaching and teaching about judgment.
Judgment. So, anybody wants to leave, you can do that now! Okay. No, we welcome the theme
and are very much interested in understanding what the Bible says about judgment. So, this is
an introduction for you and I for the message. So, we have judgment. In the end, we have the
last day or in that day there’s a time when the world will be judged.

Now, there’s two judgments. One we call Bema seat which is the Greek word for a throne or a
seat. The best example is in a tennis game where you have a high chair at the net. Fault! That
judge makes a call. Is the ball in bounds or did it go out. Fault! Okay. Double fault and so on.
That’s a picture of judgment. The believer has this one. This is Romans 14:10.
That’s the Bema seat of Christ.

Now, this is a judgment that is without condemnation. But connected with it is the potential of
sensing – I’m sure all of us will in some measure – sensing loss or sensing the reality, the reality
of God. For now, we see through a glass darkly as believers, but then when we see him and we
are understanding life in the reality of his light, we will realize – in one text it’s called fire. The
judgment is burning up the wood, hay, and stubble. That’s in 1 Corinthians 3. There is the reality of my
life in the context of his reality. There is the realization before God, but there is joy in it. We
rejoice in him. We’re not protecting ourselves or defending ourselves. We are realizing who he
is and then our life in the context of who he is and what we have done and how we think. This
Bema seat judgment is a big part of our life and we know that there is a day when the
motivation of my heart, things I have said, things that I have done and so on will be brought to
light. That will come later this morning.

Then, there is – and this is important – the Rev. 20 judgment. It’s called the White Throne
Judgment of Revelations 20:11. There’s no place for the heaven and the earth. Vs. 12-15. So, that’s at
the end. According to our understanding, this is at the end of the Millennial reign. This is before
the eternal age. This is the final – this is the judgment of the unbeliever.

So, we have the judgment of the unbeliever and they are before God and the books are open.
So, just the subject of this judgment in my opinion I think many people alive today want to hear
about judgment. They like to know about it. What does the Bible say about it. It can help people
come to Christ. They want to know. Like is there a judgment for all the lying, the murder, the
pride, the words, action. Everything. All of it. Everything that has ever been wrong in human
history is going to be addressed at that judgment. Is everything coming to surface? This is a
good question, isn’t it? Everything that has ever happened in human history will be brought
before God. Everything for the unbeliever.

But our sins will not be there. We will not be judged at the White Throne Judgment. We’re
judged at the Bema seat judgment. This is a different one. This is like coming into a room and it’s all dark and then you flip on the light. Oh, okay. I see. In this life, I have degrees of light. I
have degrees of understanding. I have degrees of the reality of God in my life.
So, we do see dimly, but at the Bema seat, the light goes on and its like woah! We are before
God and in our life in the presence of God it will be made manifest it says. It will be manifested.
I will realize something in the Bema seat but not be condemned, not be sentenced to the lake
of fire, not be – because if I have been living in the light, – we’ll talk about this in the message –
if we’ve been walking in the light, then we have fellowship with God and with each other. Okay.
All right.

So, let’s go to one more. Luke 12:1-3. How many people were there? There were so many, they
were stepping over each other. Pushing and shoving maybe. Trampling on each other. Then,
there’s a group of Pharisees in the group or to the side or however it was. We can read it.
Vs. 1. We have a good subject here that Jesus brings up which is hypocrisy. I want to correct
myself. Whether the Pharisees were there and present, I’m not sure actually. For some reason I
had that idea. It doesn’t matter. It’s not the point. The point is Jesus tells the crowd hypocrisy.
They cover up things. They project an image but they’re not that way. They look like they’re
religious and holy but they’re not. That’s hypocrisy.

He uses that and he says it’s like leaven which affects the whole pot of flour. You know, the
dough. You put leaven in so it rises. You don’t have to put much in. Just a little bit and it affects
the whole thing. So, hypocrisy affects our whole life and our relationships with people. It affects
us. Hypocrisy.

This is what he wants to say about it. vs. 2. Now, are you good at hiding things? Are you good at
hiding? I am. It’s in our nature. We hide. I don’t want you to see my shame. I don’t want you to
see my ignorance. I don’t want you to see me. I don’t want you to see me as I really am.
By the way, in marriage, which is a great gift for some people that have, that are married, it’s a
beautiful thing that your wife is open to your life and you are in her life and it’s open. And
there’s nothing hidden. You are together and you are not ashamed because of love. And that’s
a beautiful picture of us and God. We’re not hiding anything with God. We’re open before him.
And that’s written in the Scripture in Heb. 4 where it says the Word of God is like a knife that
cuts in and separates bone and marrow and goes to the inner part and is a discerner of our
thoughts and our intentions.

So, like the Lord can search us by his Spirit and Word. That’s a beautiful way of living. We don’t
hide things. Pharisees hide. Now, Pharisees are that sect of Jewish teaching where they teach
about law and they keep law and live by law and you can obey the law and say I’ve kept all the
law. I have never committed adultery. I never lied or cheated. Okay. And then Jesus says you say that but in your heart you do that. But it’s not on the outside. It’s on the inside. I’m the God
of the heart. I’m the God of the inside. I know what’s in your heart and don’t hide it from me.
Bring it out in the open. Put it on the table and show me. Bring it to me.

And Jesus said this. This is very interesting. This is for the believer but it’s also for the
unbeliever, cause the unbeliever doesn’t know what to do with his murder, his lying. It’s there
but it’s not covered. It’s not forgiven. It’s not dealt with. So, what does a man that’s murdered
somebody and he’s running around. He’s free. He got away with murder. He got away with it.
But he didn’t for there is a throne judgment. I’m sorry. White Throne judgment where he will
stand before God and the books will be open. It doesn’t say what will be written in the books.
But if we use this verse, we can imagine. Let’s read it. vs. 2.

We’re going to bring it out at the White Throne Judgment. What are you going to bring out?
Everything. Everything that’s happened. Every lie. Every murder. Every adultery. Every cheating
thing. Everything. For the unbeliever at the White Throne Judgment. Everything will be made
manifest. The books will be opened.

So, what is Jesus saying here? Your hypocrisy lasts for a moment. It’s in the book of Job. The
hypocrites joy or pleasure is for a moment. But one day, it’s over and they will try to run and
hide but there will be no heaven and earth to hide in. No closet. No rock. No den. No cave. No
drug. Nothing to hide. I cannot hide anymore. It’s brought out.

Look at vs. 2-3. Now, on the news you can see the craziness in our society on many levels. I just
look at it and I groan. I’m sad. I’m sad how people live and behave and what they do and what
to them is a way of life. It’s a way of life to add sin to sin. I lie but I just lie more. I lie more and
then I just lie more. It’s like do you know there is a judgment?

And I think in our exchanges with people we should let them know that we believe that. Not to
condemn but to just let them know. What do you think? You can say it like that. What do you
think about Adolf Hitler or what do you think about a conspiracy? What do you think about
murder? Do people just get away with it and it’s over and we go on? What do you think? Is
there a judgment? Is God going to bring it out? Will people stand before God one day? What do
you think? They get away with it in this life but will they get away with it? What do you think?
You know.

So, look at vs. 3-5. I understand that to be God. So, we have in our understanding of life this
might help you when we talk about justice. Where is justice? It is sometimes immediate. You
might get justice. Sometimes it is partial. And then there is guaranteed ultimate justice. That’s
what the White Throne – that’s when the Lord is saying you did this. You did this. And there will
be no way to hide. They have no answer. Not the believer but people. There will be no answer
for it. There will just be my own words will condemn me. My conscience will condemn me.

And Jesus said I came not to judge. I came to save. But in that day – let’s put up John 12:47. It’s
sobering. Vs. 47-48. What day? Last day. What’s the last day? The ultimate judgment. The last
day. Sobering, isn’t it thinking about it, like what it is. Wow. Again, we can say to people do you
think people I read in the paper I see in the media, do you think people get away with murder?
Yes, they do but no, they don’t. Do you think a tyrant running a country or genocide get away
with it? No, they do not get away with it. There’s the last day. That’s the last day. That’s the
White Throne Judgment.

They will say to the rocks, fall on us. Cover us. Let’s look at that. Revelation 6. It’s sobering I know. To
be honest, for a couple months it’s been on my mind to share it so here it is. Revelations 6:15. Now,
who are they? Kings of the earth. Leaders. Kings of the earth. You could say CEOs. Wealthiest
men in the world. Fortune 500. I don’t know. Leaders. Universities. Government officials.
Military heroes. Athletes. Celebrities. You know. Superbowl heroes. Victors. All kinds of people
that are the great people. The great people. It doesn’t matter at this time who they are in terms
of us but in terms of truth and God, who are they?

Therefore, when we are born again, we have the nature of Christ born in us. We will not be in
that judgment for our sins are washed away. We have been justified, made righteous. Imagine
the life of perfection that Christ lived is imputed to us. Legally imputed to us. We are righteous.
Righteous as God. Therefore, we are not being judged at the White Throne. We will be judged
at the Bema seat in regards to how I lived my life of faith. But no condemnation. Only a light
switch so to speak that will reveal what we are or fire that reveals what we are. If there’s gold,
silver, precious metals then that will endure the fire. That will endure the scrutiny of God’s
holiness and the reality of Christ is in you. So, you will have a good Bema seat judgment
whatever you have done in him and through him that has eternal value. We store up our
treasure in heaven.

But these are unbelievers in Revelation 6:15. They are unbelievers. Vs. 15-17. Now, a few comments
on it. Where do you find hiding in the Bible. Hiding. Where do you find it? First time? Genesis.
What happened? Adam and Eve ate of the fruit and they immediately hid. Why? Because of
God and sin. So, sin makes me hide. That’s what we do. We are sinners and we hide. From
who? From God. That’s why maybe I don’t go to the church. I don’t want to hear about it. I
don’t want to have a believer as a friend. I don’t want to hear about it. I don’t want to read the
Bible. I don’t want to hear about it. I don’t want to know about it. We hide. We’re afraid. We
hide because of our sin.

But we don’t understand that God takes our sins away. We don’t understand that it’s God that I
need. It’s through his blood that our sins are washed away and blotted out. The document
against us is nailed to the cross. The law is nailed to the cross, Colossians 2:14-15. My sins are blotted

out, like removed. I don’t know that so I hide. Or I do know that but I hide anyway cuz I don’t
know how to walk with God.

Here’s a simple lesson. Walk with God by being humble before God. Trust him. Fear him.
Respect him. Bring your stuff and put it before him. You can tell him everything. Everything. It’s
just like husband and wife. When you are open with each other, you are actually confiding in,
resting in the relationship of love. If there is love, love covers a multitude of sins and blemishes
and weaknesses and fears. We have a relationship and that’s like a human picture of something

When you are with God, then you are trusting him with your blemishes, your fears and
insecurities. You’re bringing it before God and saying this is me. What do you think? He goes,
it’s not a pretty picture but I love you. I gave you my Son. It is beautiful. It is beautiful. I have
accepted you in the beloved. I have imputed to you my righteousness. You are accepted by me.
I give you my name. I give you my Holy Spirit so you can walk with me in oneness and have
fellowship with me and walk with me. We say, oh yes, Lord. Bring it out. Here I am. I’m not

So, in the Scripture, there’s many of them where God calls. Like Adam, Adam and there’s not
any – where are you? Versus Noah, Noah. And Noah says, here I am. I’m accountable to you.
I’m not hiding. You know many of the – we could count them sometime. There’s Moses, Moses.
Here I am. There was Samuel, Samuel. Here I am. Abraham, Abraham, here I am. You can count
them. Look it up.

Okay. So, when Jesus came into the world, he saw a lot of people hiding and he’s saying to
them parables to break open the heart and tell stories about love and about grace and touch
hearts and exhort and teach and warn them. Like bring it out. It’s going to come out anyway.
It’s going to be manifest anyway cuz that’s the nature of reality. Reality is going to touch
everything. Like one day, all the wrong will be made right. Every lie, everything, everything in
life will be brought into the light of his countenance.

But for us, we have an incredible thing and that is everything that we have brought before God
not hiding, but we brought before God has resulted in it being washed away. It’s over. It’s gone.
We live in the light. We’re walking in the light. All right.

So, what about the unbeliever? Do you see it in the news? Do you see it? Do you see what
they’re doing? Do you see what unbelievers are doing? What are they doing? They’re hiding. All
the time, they’re accusing others. They’re blaming. You cannot find, you cannot find the truth.
You cannot find it. They have a hard time. They cannot take it. They cannot take it. They are
very busy trying to – they’re covering themselves and so when the White Throne Judgment comes, there will be no place for them to hide. And here, they are so eager to get away from

Now, notice it says – this is a very interesting point. This is a long message. I didn’t plan – this
was supposed to be an introduction, but follow this with me. It goes wrath of the Lamb. Okay.
What does that mean? Wrath of the Lamb. Have you ever seen a little lamb? You can push
them over. They are like a little dog or something. You can just push the lamb over. A lamb is
not a powerful animal. Why are they afraid of the Lamb? What? The Lamb. Because truth is like
this. Like the truth is like, the truth is in a sense it doesn’t have to have a lot of muscle. It is what
it is and they’re afraid of the truth coming out.

I remember reading a story about these teenagers that were doing the telephone thing like, do
you have – what is it? Prince Edward in a can? You know, the tobacco. Do you have Prince
Edward in a can? Well, then let him out! And then they hang up the phone. Is your refrigerator
running? You know. Those kinds of jokes that teenagers do, used to do. My era. With people on
the phone. Prank calls and everything. And then one of the calls was they called up somebody
out of the phone book just randomly. They just said we know everything! And hung up the
phone. The person on the other end, they left town! They just left town because they know
everything! Okay.

They are afraid of the wrath of the Lamb. The reality of God who is so humble and so weak but
the wrath of the truth is so powerful that they run and they want to ride and they want the
mountains to fall on them and not face it. They cannot face it. Why? Cause they are sinners.
They have no options. They are sinners. They have nothing taking it away. They have no
forgiveness. They don’t have it. Their own sin condemns them. The law condemns them and
shuts their mouth in Romans 3:19. They have no way to get out. They have no escape cuz they
don’t have Christ.

If people don’t have Christ and they are going to face God one day, how will they face God? It
says heaven and earth will flee away. We read it. They will stand before God but there will be
no place to hide. There will be no excuses. There will be no way out. There will be no answers
for their life. They are just sinners before God and the books will be opened. And everything
hidden will be made manifest. And there they are. That reality is so shocking. That reality is
overwhelming. They are cast into the lake of fire.

Does God delight in it? No. I mean yes and no. No, in that he died for them. He gave Christ for
them. Yes, because reality is reality. Reality cannot compromise with our reality, our games that
we play. This is a game that people play. And they’re hiding. You really think you’re going to get
away from God and his justice? Do you really think that you’re going to be excused? Do you
actually think your good looks are going to excuse you? Your personality? Your degrees? Your
money or whatever? Do you really think your excuses – your philosophy, your religion – is going to excuse you in that day? No. Nothing will work. Nothing will work in that day. So, this is how it
is. Think about it.

Let’s look at it one more time. Chapter 6:16, I would never want a mountain to fall on me. I’m
telling you that right now. I don’t want a mountain falling on me unless I have no where else, no
other answer. But I can’t face him. I can’t face him. Have a mountain fall on me and remove me.
By the way, suicide is not an answer. You will face God. We face God and if we have Christ, then
mercy rejoices over judgment. We will not enter into judgment like that. The judgment where
the light goes on in life. We will see and understand better and no condemnation, and also
momentary shame but fullness of joy, 1 John 2, Matthew 25. That is our position is different from
theirs. Vs. 15. Okay. All right. That’s sobering I know and very powerful. Powerful thing. We’ll
say a few more words about it after. Amen.

Okay. We’ll just finish in about five or seven minutes. So sobering thought today. I do think that
there are people we will meet in everyday life. Maybe at work. You can say to them, what do
you think? Is there a last day judgment or do you think that all the wrong things that have
happened will one day be brought and we would see God deal with every wrong thing and
make it right? And that there would be a new world where everything is right? Do you think so.
I feel that way.

When I was a little boy, I remember being on a swing set and life was perfect for me. Mom and
dad in the house and the swing set. The birds singing. Everything. Flowers. I was little. I don’t
know. Seven years old. I remember something about that feeling like yes, life. This is good. God
made this world. Somehow why would that be in our heart and mind and then we grow up and
we find the pain. We find the trouble, the sin, the broken relationships, broken heart, death,
disease, cancer, accidents, tragedy. And yet behind it I’m like thinking, no. There’s got to be a
better world. No lie. No murder. No betrayal. No broken heart. Yes, that’s what I think. It’s
somehow in our DNA. We’re made not to suffer. We’re made to live. We’re not made to be like
sad. We’re made to have joy. In the presence of God is fullness of joy.

So, will God take history and show us that things were wrong and bring to light the things
hidden? I think so. We can talk to people about it. And then, the last thing here is how do we
live now? How do we live? In a word, just don’t hide from God. Bring it before God. Ask him to
deal with your stuff. Deal with it. Deal with it. Bring it before God. Let him fill you with the Spirit
and bring it before him.

It’s 1 John 1:7. It doesn’t mean I walk perfectly. It just means I walk in the light. It doesn’t mean
my life is perfect or I’m particularly great or something. We aren’t. But we walk in the light.
That’s great. The light. Him. Just walk in the light. It’s like turning on a switch. It’s like having a
flashlight. Walk in that light. It might be small but it’s enough. Walking in that light and what

happens? Look at 1 John. 1:7. We have fellowship one with another. That’s that real connection
with the Spirit with God and with each other. That means that the blood of Jesus you can’t see
that blood of course, but it’s cleansing you from all sin. What? Yes, I’m a sinner. I’ve sinned this
morning. I’m sure. Somehow. Those are unknown sins. It says all sin.

This is all sin. All. So, you have unknown and known sin. What does he cleanse you from? All of it. I have some unknown sin in my life. I’m sure I have. I don’t know about it. God can show me, but maybe right now I
don’t know of it, but I’m not worried about it. I’m not concentrated on it. Cuz I’m living in the
light. If I live in the light, I have fellowship with God and fellowship with you. And we walk in the
light and the blood of Christ cleanses us from all sin.

That’s what it does. We’re not guilty. We don’t feel guilt. We feel worship and praise and thanksgiving and faith and confidence. So, here’s the last thing. What if the doctor told you today you’re going to die tomorrow? Or in
a month or three months. Okay. What do you think about that? What do you think about
meeting God? Well, if we’ve been walking in the light in this life, if we’ve been walking in the
light then we are in a sense we are prepared to enter into that light in fuller degree.

I haven’t been hiding in this life like hiding like I don’t want God to see this or see that and I’m hiding it.
No, we’re living in the light and as far as we know, we’re just walking in the light and then we’re
going to meet God and the Scripture says in 1 John 4:17 – let’s put that up. Vs. 17. What
judgment? Not White Throne Judgment. We’re not judged there. We’re judged at the Bema
seat. Fault! Fault! Okay. That’s not condemning me. It’s just the reality that my ball didn’t go in
the right place. Bema seat judgment is simply entering into greater degree of light – we are
without a sin nature – and we have boldness in that day.

Vs. 17. As he is, so are we, where? In heaven, right? Yeah, it does say when we see him we will
be like him, but here it says that we have boldness in that day of judgment because as he is so
we are now in this present evil world walking with him. We’re very eager about it. We actually
want to go. We’re ready cuz we’ve been living like this. We have been open before him. We
know him.

So then, we have a great advantage. We have a confidence and a boldness about meeting
Christ cuz in this lifetime, in the Bible, in the Spirit, in the Body of Christ we walk in the light and
we are having fellowship. So, it’s like a test for me. If I can abide in the Body in fellowship, if a
guy can teach me his Word and I can say not to sinful things and I have authority in faith and
I’m living in the light and fellowshipping, then I’m very happy about meeting him one day. We
have confidence in that and that’s the blessing that you and I have in this lifetime.
Therefore, in our evangelism, we’re able to share with people that we’re going to go and be
with Jesus soon. Therefore, we say what do you think? Is there a judgment, a last day? Is there
a time coming? Are you prepared for that and other things. Amen. Pray with me, please.


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