As Pharisees at heart, we can have a hard time saying, “I am wrong,” Sinner woman of Luke 7 did not care that the Pharisee was there. She worshipped Christ alone. Pharisee trashed Jesus in his thoughts. He belittled the Lord. Pharisee knew nothing of what was in his own heart. The woman’s life of faith anointed Christ. She loved Him. She was forgiven. We must learn this love and faith. (Luke 7:37-50)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Luigi Palmieri
Sermon # 11706
11:00 AM on 6/30/2019





P. Luigi

Hello. Thank you, Pastor Schaller for the opportunity to share something with you. Sometimes it’s not good to be at the end of the sharing and sometimes it’s good. I’ve heard so many good things. I’ve been inspired by every portion. It’s a joy. No other word than joy to express what we are getting altogether this week. Great messages, great life, and great fellowship. It’s a privilege. Thank you.

We can pray. Sometimes when we are asked or want to do something, we are asked to do things, pray to what we want to do to prepare the way. If you want to bake a cake or something special, sometimes you are asked to turn the oven on for 20 minutes at a certain temperature and you prepare the way for what you want to do. If you miss this part, the cake will not be as good as it could have been for you. I think that because our weakness and because we are frail people, imperfect people, so weak, God is asking us to consider life as baking a cake. In the sense that yes, the joy of the Lord we rejoice in the Lord always. But maybe it’s not very intelligent for me to say that Php. 3 comes before Php. 4. You know that? If you don’t know, thank God there is someone worse than me!

In chapter 3, Paul said everything that was gain for him he counted as garbage. This is I think one of the things God is asking us to consider before we can rejoice always in the Lord. If we don’t look at those things, good things they are gain for us. Many things we count as gain for us. Not just talking about house or bank account or car but just my perception of things. It could be my future, my experience. It could be many things.

Before you can rejoice in the Lord always, there are three parts. Rejoice in the Lord always. You have to consider all things always as nothing. I know it’s not so easy to do that. We can exercise every day and by faith we can take a step and say Lord what I love, like, what I think I need, what I think if it’s not your will, not your will, let me consider it like nothing. Just nothing for me to find you. It was the prayer of Paul also. In order to find Jesus Christ, the knowledge of J.C because and this is another thing to consider.

In Ezek. 1, you have this vision of Ezekiel. He sees some wheels, a big one and a small one. It seems to him the small one is swallowed by the big one. There is two dimensions in our life, the small one and big one. The principal when we consider joy, there is two dimensions to the joy, the big joy and the small joy. There is the small list and the big list. The big list is God himself. My joy cannot be found in the small list. Even if for a moment it brought me joy. But it’s gone. Only when the small list is included in the big list now, we can rejoice always for everything and in everything we will be so thankful. I think joy goes with thankfulness also. For everything, small things, big things and even difficult things we don’t understand.

In Africa, they have an expression. There is blessing in blessing. Be careful; everything is not blessing. I could say there is joy in joy. There is love in love. We know that outside of agape love, we cannot love. Even we cannot be friends. What gives the real dimension of friendship is agape love. What gives the real dimension of family love is agape love. Yes, there is joy in joy. Two dimensions. Two lists. At which one are we looking and searching. In God we have everything so forget the small list. We have every reason to rejoice in God. Why do we keep our eyes only on the big list? This is eternal, perfect. The other list shows us imperfect things many times. Limited things but in God your mercy endures forever. Your goodness is forever. Your grace is infinite. Your mercy is forever.

It’s interesting to me when I consider my life and the life of everyone. We are so small. At the same time, only the infinite God can fit us. Only eternity fits our life. Only that.

James said in James 1:2 count it all joy every trial you are going through. One time when you are young believer and even if not, we are still asking questions about the Bible. How can it be possible to count everything as a joy when you go through trials and tests and every bad situation. It’s possible only if you look at the big list. To know God and his promises, to know his nature. We cannot look further than our situation if we do not have a vision of who God is. We cannot rejoice and the rejoicing part of looking at our trials is because we know. We don’t know exactly but we know something eternal, infinite, life is waiting for me right there. If you know your father is waiting for you across the street and you are a young boy scared on this side. On the other side is your loving father waiting for you with everything you need. Now you can rejoice over the situation. If we can rejoice over the situation, the bad situation and the trials and tests of our life, we can always rejoice. If you can do the more difficult part, the little part every day every moment will be so easy. Easy. We would see the small thing of our life as nothing.

God gave us the ability to see beyond the situation and rejoice. Not about the situation. We are not crazy. We don’t pretend it doesn’t exist. Many people don’t know God and his character, and don’t know his nature, they pretend the situation doesn’t exist. They have cancer and they say I’m not sick. Can you shut up! I’m sick of you!

Let’s be man and women of the Bible, of faith. Yes, I am poor, but the Lord is for me. And I can rejoice even in the “baddest” situation of my life. I know God and count everything as nothing. I spend my life to know the one who can put everlasting joy in my heart.

God bless you.


P. Schaller

Are we ready to hear one more message? Let’s go. The good news is there is life in the message. I’m going to speak like P. Obed. There’s life in the message! Toronto. Praise God.

Any Fins here? I think they went back. P. Risto, how long are you here for? You fly out Wednesday. You have to sanctify our sauna and make it real Finnish by your presence here. We had a group there until two in the morning. We cranked it up. It was a good time. I grabbed a young man from here, from Florida. I said want to come to my house for sauna. He said sure. I said the reason I asked you to come is because I’m trying to get you to move to Baltimore. I’m trying to reproduce the climate!

Luke 7, Thanks P. Luigi and all the messages we heard this week. At the 9:00, P. James told Wednesday night before service he got a phone call from his neighbor in Montreal that the maple tree had fallen in the storm up there and crushed his car in the driveway. Then he heard a message on rejoicing always! Then P. Ben spoke this morning and preached about the favorite sport he likes to watch is the rodeo. He said we have to learn to stay in the saddle. When the tree falls on your car, P. James, stay in the saddle. Don’t give up. Abide.

The message we want to share is very simple. A few weeks ago, we preached on the same message. I heard it from one of our GG pastors in India, P. Shaker. He preached it in the morning, and I was next and re-preached the same message I heard him preach. The Spirit used it to speak to our hearts. I believe it can speak to your heart this morning. Often, we don’t re-preach the messages but that can be done when it’s a good message and God uses it to speak to us by his Spirit.

This message is about three people. I could draw a diagram about two of them. We have on one side of the diagram, the Pharisee. Is it up there? The Pharisee lives in time. This is the word here, time. The Pharisee lives in work, behavior, and discipline. He believes if he fasts twice a week and these weeks accumulate, that his character and nature will please God. If he keeps the law over a period of time, he’s earning favor and gaining with God. It’s like a staircase that goes this way. We put God here. This is typical of people in all religion. We all adopt a method of behavior, a standard we live by. We earn our way. We learned it in school and in our families. If we behave, we gain benefit. In school, if you got the study right and earned points, I graduate. At work if you behave, you get a parking space for my car. If do better a window in my office. If even better, you get an increase in my paycheck. In the military. In my Christianity, if I obey the laws and rules will be meriting favor with people and with God. That’s how many live.

On the other side of the diagram, I’ll put God here and here I’ll put a woman. A cross. I’ll put the woman here and put some long hair on her and a dress. She is beautiful, isn’t she?

Turn in your Bible to the story in Luke 7:36. Vs. 37. How many people are in the room? Three. How many people are in you? Think about it? Christ is in me. My old sin nature is in me. My new man is in me. I’m a new creation. I’m a sinner. There is also a pharisee in me. These two pictures are making up your mentality regarding life. One part of you is a Pharisee. Ever met an atheist who is a pharisee? I’ve met an atheist who is a Pharisee. I am an atheist. There is no god. He is so confident and so strong and so smart. He is so well educated and confident and he’s standing there. Not only is the Pharisee in the religious world, he is in the secular world. They walk around believing they are right. This is a very important point about this room with three people. There is one person that is right, and he is the Pharisee. This system makes him feel pretty confident. As he goes here, he’s in good status. He gains a sense of confidence and authority and pride.

Remember Martha Stewart. Anyone remember her story? She built a business with her home improvements in the U.S. She was a popular interior designer; however, she made a mistake. She cheated on her taxes and the IRS caught her and she went to prison. She was able to say I was wrong. I’m sorry. Forgive me.

American people, I said it the other day, we don’t mind if someone messes up or they are wrong but the thing we don’t like is when they can’t confess it and say I am wrong. This Pharisee has a hard time saying I am wrong. Please forgive me. Forgive me. A big word. Please forgive me. Please forgive me. Have mercy on me. I am wrong. Forgive me. I am sorry. I am wrong. If you don’t have this in your language, if you don’t say I am wrong or please forgive me, there is something missing in your life. It’s important for us to say I am wrong. Please forgive me. I could say it to people. There is something about it. They don’t like it because their system is about, I am right. I am strong. I am succeeding. I am making progress. This is not life. Life is filled with mistakes and you are one of them! Why don’t you turn to your neighbor and say that? Life is filled with mistakes and you are one of them!

The woman had the box of ointment and stood at his feet behind him weeping. I feel that she didn’t need the attention. She wasn’t thinking about herself. She didn’t have to stand in front of him. It wasn’t drama or the TV cameras. Politicians will make a phone call ahead of time to the airport, are the TV cameras there? If they are there, we will land. If not, we are moving on. Life is deeper than that. Praise God. This woman had love. We’ve been speaking about love and growing in life. You have natural love when born the first time. When born again, you have this kind. Worship love. This is what happened to you when born again. The sinner found Christ. The sinner becomes a worshipper. The person that is wrong finds grace. The Spirit of grace. I’m completely wrong. I need God and I need God’s grace. A whole other economy. All my life I earned what I have. Now I find grace and it’s changing me. I’m changed by grace. I’m growing in grace. I have tears coming out of my eyes because of you, Jesus.

Vs. 38. Does she think about the Pharisee? She doesn’t care about him. She’s in his house. She could care less where she is. I’m in the presence of a Pharisee but I don’t acknowledge him. The man’s judgments about me, what he thinks about me, his opinion, his attitude. It means nothing. I am a worshipper. I found the grace of God. I found Christ. I’m staying with him, growing with him, learning him. It’s a spirit of love and joy.

Vs. 39. Who is he talking about? He’s trashing Jesus. You know who this woman is if this man was a prophet. The woman could say to him, if you knew who you are. You don’t know who you are. There are three people in this room you don’t know. You don’t know who you are, Jesus is, or I am. You are blind. You don’t know life. You don’t know what a child is, what a man is, what a sinner is, who God is, what the gospel is. You are just filled with yourself. I have heard him speak in me about you. About God. About this life. I heard him say things. I know what he is thinking. The good news is I’m experienced enough to know I’m a Pharisee at times and I also know what it is to be a worshipper and a Spirit-filled grace person. When I know who I am and who he is, the two of us I’m motivated by. I’m motivated by him. I take the alabaster box and say it’s yours. I take my family, life, business, my life. You are God. The God of all grace. You are my life. I want your friends to be my friends. What Jesus says I want to follow. I want to be in what you are doing. That’s it. That’s all. That’s a beautiful thing.

Vs. 39. Woooo, a sinner! There is a sinner in the church! Security! There is a sinner in the church! We are here to control the church and police the church. Let’s go through the building and find out who we don’t know and now we realize there is a sinner in the church. What a terrible way to live. We get bored with it quickly. We don’t have any joy in our church. We’re too busy walking around making sure there are no sinners around here. Making sure things are reasonable and controllable and things are meeting our standards. The military works like that and my business so of course the church works like this. Where is the joy, love, faith, grace? Where is the mission? Let’s go to the mission field. How is that possible? This woman has tears and her hair. She has a full heart and him. Lord, I’m here. Go with your tears, your hair, your alabaster box. I have anointed you. I have called you. You are empowered. I am the God of grace and I commissioned you. This is how we have lived by God’s grace through the years and are thankful for it very much.

Vs. 39. When Jesus knows a man’s name, it’s a good indicator. It’s a good indicator when he knows his name. Not all the Pharisees were enemies of Jesus. Many of them became believers in Jesus. I believe this is one of them. Though they were like this in approaching God, they were able to learn and find salvation in Christ and be born again. The fact he was in his house he must have been open to Christ. And the fact Jesus calls him by name is an indicator. That’ good news for him. Jesus speaks to him and corrects him by giving a parable, by talking to him.

Vs. 44. I’m looking for those stories that touch the heart. Deep things that happen in the world. Stories of motivation and big hearts of faith. The room is filled with these stories. People that come in here with stories of simple life of faith. It means a lot to God. It touches him. You didn’t wash my feet, but she did. You didn’t care about me or know me, but she does. She is the winner. Simon, I am talking to you. I want your eyes to be open and understand who I am. We need this diet of doctrine in our lives. We need the Spirit of God in our lives. We are serving Christ and anointing his feet and serving him.

Vs. 45. Your life of faith is anointing Christ. Your life of faith is speaking to his heart. God the Father sees Christ in us. But beware. In you is also the Pharisee who doesn’t know. He doesn’t say I’m sorry. I made a mistake. He’s not humble or broken. But when you are, and you serve and live by faith in him, you are living, serving the living Christ.

Vs. 47. She wins. She wins. Her sins which are many are forgiven. She loved much but to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little. Love. Love. Love. There it is. If for a period of time you lose your joy, you lose your energy, your heart, you live your structured life and don’t have any imagination or heart or don’t have any joy or love, then probably the Pharisee is in charge of the room. The Pharisee is your counselor. The Pharisee in you is in control. Loosen up. Ignore him. Get serious with grace. Realize who you are. Be humble before God and become a worshipper before God and your joy will return. Say halleluiah, thank you, God. I want this is my spirit very deeply. You the Creator of the universe humbled yourself to forgive me, restore me, fill me, anoint me and use me. This is our life.

When we see each other it’s more than a hug. We do a lot of hugging and everything. Some people I will not see you this coming year. I have a picture of you. I care about you. That spirit of this woman and Christ is in the church. When we do not see each other, we are not a judge of each other. Jesus loves and gives grace ad we care about each other. Do not judge each other. That’s it. Isn’t that good? Praise the Lord!

One practice thing before I pray. Turn to your neighbor and say I have been wrong. I’m not usually wrong but I want to learn how to say I am wrong. Please forgive me. Judas repented perfectly. He made his confession and turned the money and what did he do? He hung himself. He missed Jesus. I am wrong and have been wrong, but I have found Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ has forgiven me. Judas didn’t have Jesus Christ. That was the answer for him and that’s the answer for us.

Let’s have a great summer. Let’s have an anticipation for what God will do this summer. He will help us, and we will learn and be these kinds of people we heard about today. Say to your neighbor you have been wrong a lot more than me, but I forgive you. I forgive you! I forgive you.





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