Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller

Sermon # 11586
11:00 AM on 12/2/2018



P. Schaller

I love the Christmas season. Isn’t it good? Why do you like it? Jesus is born and it’s a Christian feast of the incarnation. Huge, isn’t it? Can we get that? Mary did you know? You know that song? How does it go? Did you know when you touched your baby, you touched the face of God? Wow. This is the sermon card for the month. Mary’s wonder. The miracle of the incarnation is the message today. Next Sunday is Mary’s trouble. Finding a place to deliver the baby with her husband and going down to Egypt as Herod wants to kill the baby. Mary’s hope as she knew Christ would be great. And our living hope. It will be a great month of messages and then in January (he’s reading the card).

How many elephants fit in a Volkswagen? How many people fit in a phone booth? How many people fit in your heart? How many people fit in God’s heart? And how many people fit in your heart? I love this church. I love it. I love you guys. You are the real thing, halleluiah! Salt, light, truth, Holy Spirit is our teacher, guidance, love for that book, learning, growing, moving. God has put us here in this world. Not me or the guys over there but you. God put us here. Isn’t that amazing? I believe that.

Our first subject in our message today is regarding the trinity, the nature of God. This is an awesome and important theme.

Tell me the three persons that are in the Bible. Defining God. The Father, the Son, and the H.S. Is the Father the son? No. Is the son the Holy Spirit? No. We have 1) God is three persons. 2) Each person is fully God. 3) God is one. I know you know this but it’s the mark of our Christianity that we believe this. It must be logical somehow but it’s beyond our logic. We don’t understand it that well but we don’t have to. It’s clearly written in the Scripture.

God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son in Jn. 3:16. The son of God is God. Fully and completely. God the Son, God the Father sent the H.S. who is God. The H.S. is here in the world fulfilling his ministry. The definition of these three persons is important to us. We understand something about reality based on this reality. There is only one God but he is relational. Who would God love if God were to love? Take a man by himself on an island. What is he going to love? Himself, the nature. But if he’s a man, he needs to love his own kind. He needs a woman. God is God and who will he love? Himself. In this understanding “himself” is the Son and is a separate person. The Father loves the Son and the Son the Father and they have different administrations or the economy of the trinity is an orderly administration where the Father is the initiator, the leader, the planner and the Son receives from the Father. He is eternally begotten from the Father. He was never begotten in the sense of humans begetting children but always coming from the Father and the Son has returned to the Father who he is. The Son has always loved the Father and the Father always loved the Son. That love between them is the H.S. In our Bible we read God the Father used the Son or works through the Son. The Son is the agent or the means by which the Father does what he does and thinks what he thinks. In the beginning was the word, the Son of God and the word was with God, always with God the Son of God and the word was God.

The word became flesh and dwelt amongst us in vs. 14. This is amazing because we would never know this except the Bible verse by verse – let me fire off a few verses. God said let us – us is a very important pronoun. Let us make man in our image. Let us go down to them.

Ge 11:4, “Us.”

Whom shall in Is 6:8 whom shall we send.

Is 48:16 very insightful. The trinity is in that verse. I don’t want to lose you. Bear with me. This is precious information and you need to go to church and hear it. Is. 48:16, this is the Son of God. Christ is speaking. Let me read it again, Is 48:16-17. That’s Christ the redeemer. Notice an interesting point. You can’t reverse this order. The Son of God would send the Father or the H.S. would send the Father or any other way of combination of this. This is not biblical. The Bible cannot be added to. You cannot take away from the Bible. You can’t twist what the Bible is saying. One other point about the trinity.

Prov. 8 I read this for more than 40 years and thought for a long time there is some treasure in this text. I was reading last night about it and I found what I thought was in there. It’s just one sentence I’ll read to you.

Prov. 8. Are you okay? Are you awake? Do you care about God? Do you care about the word? Do you care about me? Do you care about this church? Do you care about world missions? Let’s go into the highways and byways and proclaim the gospel. I’m not ashamed of the gospel. It is the power of God unto salvation. The Son of God was sent. As the Father sent me, so I send you. That puts you up on steroids. You are huge in your purpose and calling.

As the Father sent me, I sent you in Jn. 20. You are valuable. You are precious. You are important; you have power. You are sent. You and I have the Holy Spirit. In the administration of the trinity. We are called into this calling. It’s a high and holy calling and very precious to us. Notice something here.

Prov. 8, we have the subject of wisdom. Wisdom is seen crying in Prov. 8:1 personified as a woman. SOPHIA, wisdom from everlasting to everlasting.

vs. 22-36. It’s defined here. This is that text I haven’t been able to understand but read many times and thought about it. Jesus is in eternity before the creation of the universe and Christ is with the Father. Always has been. The Father wants to utilize Christ in the creation of the universe.

Col 1:15 Christ created the universe. Christ is holding it together. The whole universe is held together by Christ. He ordered the Son of God and the Son of God as Creator did it. It’s defined here.

vs. 22. Christ has never created. He was acquired so to speak.

Same word for getting wisdom in Prov. 4:8.

Get wisdom in Prov. 23:23. The Father got the Son. He took ahold of so to speak or acquired his services. The Father in his mind wanted or desired – these are human words – to create the universe and had his Son as his counselor. The Son who would be creating the universe through the Father’s will. There is the idea of submission. You can’t have much of a relationship without the whole idea of submission. Submission is an awesome part of our life. Always look to be submitted. We are submitted to God, to Christ, to what the Holy Spirit is saying, to one another. If I fit into what God is doing, I am submitted. Mary did you know? Mary did you remember what the angel said to you?

Prov. 8:22-24, this is the part I couldn’t get. I think of it this way. Andy come over here? Here is the Father and before anything materially existed, God always was with the Son. Now he’s bringing forth the Son and the Son is there as the Creator. Yes you can find verses for each one creating, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, but generally the Son of God is the tool, the arm of God, the means. The Spirit is there expressing and manifesting the power, the authority, the will of God. I’m not trying to explain this too much just to bring an insight to you.

vs. 25. I don’t know how to explain that. I brought Andy here. I brought him forth to think of the Father utilizing the Son. Of course he did because God is one. How can God do anything without the Son of God? The one who is him but separate from him. When Jesus was baptized, this was the Creator of the universe and was put in water. Behold my Son in whom I am well pleased. The Holy Spirit came down like a dove, basically as a visual to see. He hasn’t stopped. He’s the one to reveal to us. He is the anointing, the expression of God in this world.

vs. 27-30. The phrase the Father began to direct and make use of the powerful, creative work of God the Son at the time of creation.

Brought forth in vs. 24-25. It is a different term but could carry a similar meaning. The Father began to direct and make use of the powerful, creative work of the Son in the universe. Who is the Son of God?

Col 1, we have 7 things listed there. Head of the church, the Creator of the universe, the reconciler of the human race to God, the servant of God, the humble servant. We can’t imagine how God could be hanging on a cross. God the Father and the Son at the time of creation, the Son is understating how things will work in the cosmos. How gravity will work, the speed of planets, microbiology, the intestines of your gut would work. He knew man would be made in the image of God. Let us make man in our image. The Son of God is saying he will be made like us. He will be emotional. Man will be emotional. He’ll have a beautiful smile, a shiny face. Man will be intelligent. He can give names to the animals. He can study the universe from the earth. He will be able to figure out the distance from planets… He can take silicon and make an iPhone and put satellites in outer space. How do we do that? The Son of God made us in this unique way. We would be intelligent, emotional, have free will. We understand what a family is, what hurt is. We have suffered immeasurably from the fall. The distance between us and God and we become miserable people because we lost God. God made us fearfully and wonderfully made. He made us for a divine purpose and we know it. We are made from immortality and we know it. Every funeral, every tear shed we think of our mother or uncle or brother or lost child.

I was in Hungary living for years and on the street preaching. Every once in a while a woman would come up and with tears say will I ever see my son again. He was 8 and he died and my heart is broken. Will I ever see him again? You’re made this way.

The Trinity. If I could understand the Trinity somehow and appreciate the fact this is not just a Christian story of some distant belief of some kind that I never understand, but if that Christ on the cross as God it blows our minds. We can’t believe God would care so much about it. When the Father brought forth the Son and said we will create the universe, I’m going to make this up so get the idea with me. I know in my mind how to make the universe the Son is saying. I know what it is. The Father has great pleasure in the Son.

The Son with the Father and the Holy Spirit moving on the waters in Ge 1:2 as a good picture of the one who is serving all the time. This helps us understand the story.

Luke 1:26, P. Schaller are you ready? Yeah, I am.

vs. 26 this is after Elizabeth is pregnant with John the Baptist. I believe in angels. A lot. I believe in them. I believe angels are in this universe all over in the cosmos. We don’t know the numbers but many in great numbers.

Innumerable company of angels in Heb 8:12. One-third fell and became demon spirits and are in this world. Some are in high security prison called Tartarus and don’t have power to roam freely. In one sense, all demons are in chains. All demons have their limits. They don’t have the same power as angels. They are dumber, blinder, more ignorant. They don’t have the same power. When we live in sin, we get dumber, weaker, and we lose our vision and view and become selfish. Demons can do a lot of damage to the human race because they have power with lies.

Jn 8:44 tempters, accusers, resisters, adversaries, very important to understand that. Keep coming to this church and you will learn and things will go together and your theology will be awesome. You also need your own Bible. You have a phone; use your phone. Whatever you use, read it all the time. Read a portion of it. Read five minutes. I can read a little bit and I can go a long time reading it and enjoying it.

It gets better and better, sweet like honey in Ps. 19. The best thing that ever happened to me is that book. I got to say it again. I got to let you know this. This is the greatest thing in my life. The Holy Spirit came into my life and this book became the very foundation of our thoughts. I got that in this church years ago, 46 years ago. The time doesn’t matter but the work of God in your life does matter and you’re on a good road. This book will get in there gently. Like every blade of grass has one drop of dew on it. That’s what you got. All of God is in your life and you got what you need.

Luke 1:27-28 This is a great thing for God to say to you. Hail Mary. Hello, Mary. You are highly favored. My grandson said to me last night, pappy, what would you like for Christmas? I said take an empty box and open it up and fill it with love. When I wake up one morning and don’t feel so good, I can take that box and open it up and all your love will be in there. Isn’t that good. What is the great treasure in the world? Love. If the H.S. says to you Mary you are highly favored of God, about of all the women we could go to you are the one. I wonder what Mary had that attracted her to God.

vs. 28. You take a thousand women and take one and she’s the winner. She’s the one. If you go to part of the message where Christ is the Creator of the universe and is going into a body of a woman, the choice of that woman is a big deal. You are highly favored. You are very privileged. You are favored by God that you would be that person. We know it relates to us too. We are sinners like she was. She was a sinner. She called Christ her Savior. She was in the upper room at Pentecost. She was no different than any other human being. It is fascinating that this woman got the job. I think it was tough too. That’s our message in a minute. Here’s Mary. Put long hair on her. I’m not making fun. That’s the best I can do. The angel Gabriel is telling her little information.

vs. 29. She was troubled of course seeing an angel, an angel talking to you. She wonders what is going on. This is not a normal thing.

vs. 30. The angel repeated it.

vs. 31-32. In her mind as a Jew she has some training. What does she know about this Son of David reigning forever? She is of the seed of David. Perhaps in her family they talk about David, the seed of David as Joseph was. Probably a religious Jew, someone who knew the Scriptures. We read them but the Jews generally that read those verses do not see the Messiah.

Is 9:6, Mary did you know that verse?

Mary did you know Ps 1:10? The Lord Yahweh said to my Lord Adonai, sit at my right hand till your enemies be a footstool. This God said to God sit at my right hand. How do we understand Messianic verses? We understand them that this is a man, made. He is born of the seed of David. That means the genealogy is from David. He’s 100% a man but we also see he is called Mighty God Everlasting Father.

And of his kingdom he is from everlasting to everlasting in Micah 5:2 and his kingdom will have no end. He will sit on the throne of David forever. Mary has information. This is the closing part of our message I think.

She has little information and in vs. 33-38. Little information. Let it be according to the information you do give me, according to thy word and I will simply trust you. A visitation of God comes. I got Old Testament Scripture. Gabriel came to me. I have my Aunt Elizabeth having a baby miraculously in Judea. When Mary visited her, she said the mother of my Lord and the Baptist leaped in her womb. He was filled with the Holy Spirit from his mother’s womb and he is responding to the Christ that is in Mary. This is a meditation to provoke you in your thoughts. Her tummy is getting bigger. I don’t know who to explain what is going on to people when they ask me. What’s going on? An angel appeared to me and on. No, we don’t buy that. Explain to us. How about her husband Joseph? Honey, you got to believe me, trust me. This is extraordinary. This is off the charts. If she was like that and I don’t know but her womb is extended. And she is pregnant. Mary do you ever have any doubts? Do you pray to God he would give you more information? How do I explain this to people? My reputation is in the trash can. My husband is ashamed and embarrassed by it. I don’t have the whole picture. Did she do that? We don’t know. Do you do that? Do I do that? Am I restless with the little I get? Am I restless when God gives me a definitive word for my life and I can’t live with that? No less than Christ himself in your life and the H.S. speaking to you. I don’t have a lot of information, but I can tell you God is with me. An atheist said to me on the street, explain to me one thing about this thing, about God. If God exists, why is there so much suffering? I don’t have any answers for you but what I got is enough for me. I don’t have that information.

Job 33:14, God is not answerable to you and me. He’s not answerable to Mary. What he did with Mary is what he did. I’m not beating up on woman. A godly woman is able to get contentment when things aren’t explained exhaustively. You know what I mean. I need, I need, etc. Would you remember Mary didn’t know what was going on but what she did know was rock solid and it was enough for her. She was quietly riding her donkey carrying her baby to Egypt when she heard the news that Herod is out to kill him. Joseph had a dream and was told take the baby to Egypt because Herod wants to kill him. I don’t know about you as a woman, a mother, but there are things that can throw you off the rails and now you have to face this thing. I don’t need more information. I need a heart of trust and obedience on what I do know. You don’t have to explain to me why there is suffering. That’s your business. But the Creator died on the cross for us and sent the Spirit into this world….get ahold of the real stuff in life. There is a lot of fluff and social media feeds that are not helping people. They are not getting fed from that which really counts. I don’t need more information. I need Christ now. I want to know you. I don’t need a perfect world. I don’t need everything to go my way. I just need you in the way you are guiding me. If it’s through a storm, that’s okay. It seems she was chosen because she could handle this mystery. I remember the wise men coming and said we are looking for the King of the Jews and got down and worshipped my Son. My Son is a king of the Jews in a cave in Bethlehem. Could you believe it? You got it, Mary. You got the thing. Do you have it too? Do you have it? You got the thing. You got some roots, some gravity, some reality, the feed that counts.

I don’t need a Twitter feed. I can get information but none of it makes a change in my life with regards to my purpose. We are sent into the world by the Holy Spirit and we have a definitive purpose in our life. We need the church. We need the book. We need to be quiet. We need to share our faith with people. People are going to hell. I can’t believe it. I do. It’s a shocking world of reality. We wouldn’t know the things we are talking about unless they are revealed in this book. You don’t have to believe me. Read it yourself.

Seek God and he will be your teacher. We are to eat it, read it, embrace it, and build our life on it. We will not be ashamed on that day. Trim your sails and live you life and one day we will not be ashamed. That’s what he said. Now I see. We praise him for that.


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