Flesh is flesh; our sin nature is with us. We need a life of faith. God guides us and delivers us by putting a word right where we need it. Don’t be a stone thrower. The best way is this: have a personal life with the Spirit in faith. Hebrews 11; 1 Corinthians 1:29

Sermon # 11303
7:30 PM on 7/26/2017


P. Schaller

Heb. 11. As you come tonight to the service and we meet God here we want that to really happen. God ministers to us in different ways. These men (sitting in the front) are men of the Word and going after God. And they are finding God. How about in the back row? Is God back there? A couple of hands!

1 Cor. 1:29, Why doesn’t the flesh glory in God’s presence? Because we don’t have anything to glory in, only God in Christ. P. Love said the love bomb and he’s the head of that because his name is P. Love. People get loved. I’m so thankful for that.

I remember being in Lenox and we had a revival going on in the Spirit and God was ministering to us. Pastor was really preaching. If you archive messages in the 80’s, 1981 to 1987, they were amazing messages. Many times they were 1 hour long quoting 50-70 Bible verses. Then I remember my flesh. I remember attitudes. I remember where I was standing looking out the window and a Bible verse came to me. It was let him who is without sin cast the first stone. I wanted to throw stones at the ministry, at people. But then I realized I need to be humble. I needed to go to the Cross. I cannot throw stones. I have to give grace and live in the Spirit. Jesus is not a stone thrower. The woman caught in adultery, who was in the group without sin? Jesus. Instead of throwing a stone, he said you are forgiven.

Please get that in your mind. None of us are removed from stone throwing with each other and even with the people we love. With the people we love, we throw stones at them. When we go to heaven, we will not have much to say about ourselves except I was a stone thrower but by the grace of God I learned and the Spirit.

I don’t know how you read the Bible or how much or how you read the Bible, but I want to say something simple. First I have an attitude of prayer. I’m approaching God’s Word. Then I start to read and I’m looking at more than what I am reading. I read a Bible verse and before I go to the next Bible verse – I read it fast or slow or many times – that word somewhere would be a word for me in my spirit. You have the Bible but you have more behind it. You have God speaking from a voice that is a living voice. That’s how I get delivered and how I get taught. It’s in my heart tonight to talk to you heart to heart and encourage you.

I was in Finland the summer of 75 and it wasn’t easy for me. We had a team. There was bad talking upstairs in the house at times, bad attitudes. We had difficulties. God spoke to my heart and that’s what I got ahold of. That was how I was living. I was living by those simple words. Sometimes a Bible verse would come to me. God gave me the place, the book, the chapter and the verse. Not often. I was in Lenox where we had a moving of God yet I had a fleshly attitude in my heart as a pastor. What could the devil put in my heart?

Act 5 Satan has put in your heart to lie to the H.S. You know what I’m saying. We go to heaven and here tonight we have nothing to boast in except what the H.S. has done and what the H.S. is doing. I agree with P. Love, amazing church and amazing faith but also there is flesh. The flesh is not removed from anyone in this room. The flesh has many expressions. One is passivity, indifference, being deceitful, judgmental, and someone looking for revenge. They go to the church and “very good message.” “You should see my notebook,” but my question is, is it a life of faith and the engrafted Word that is able to save my soul from myself and my sin nature. It hasn’t changed at all. Some of us are not old people but have some years behind us. I remember there were times in my flesh, I had an attitude, a way of thinking and words and not exactly love or right. But God is the God of grace. God forgives and corrects us. He is able to put the word that is important for your life wherever you are at. When you are young and about your future, God is able to give you a word. A time when you are married and have your troubles, God is able to give you a word. A time when you don’t have a job or have one and don’t like it. Your boss is like the antichrist! God is able to give you a word. You neighbor is the antichrist! God is able to give you a word. You have a sickness. God is able to give you a word.

Heb. 11:1 Abraham didn’t have the land or son but had faith. That was it. I’m not saying it’s the same thing but when you live your life and are not going after these things, then you have faith and faith is the real substance. When I look back at our years in Finland as missionaries, the thing I love about it is the faith. The lives we lived there, we lived by faith.

vs. 3. And God said let there be light and there was light. He spoke it and it came into existence. Imagine all this stuff. Where did it come from? The Word of God. I can only say I believe it and by faith I know that. It is written and I believe in what is written. Our whole life is based on a life of faith. That faith is powerful. That faith changes our lives. That faith means the world is a lot bigger than what we see it to be. One thing about getting older is I remember certain things about my past and I can warn people. I love to warn young people creatively and lovingly about life because we have lived it and seen the wisdom of God in the doctrine we have learned long ago. The Lord checked me from being a stone thrower and a person who goes to God. God, I want to throw stones. God, I’m going to you. You will fill me with the H.S. I will have faith and pray. That can change things. You’ll want to throw a stone at the pastor, but don’t do it. Not only does the pastor not need it, you don’t need to be a stone thrower. You can change things by love, prayer, as you follow God. What is needed in any church is the Spirit filling us and us living by the Spirit of God.

vs. 4-6. Sometimes and I like the worship here tonight and they do a great job. The spirit of our church is one of joy and freedom and worship. Sometimes have a halleluiah breakdown. You got the joy and the energy and go wild in praise. For a half hour or something. Keep it going and let God renew your mind. You maybe look idiotic. I don’t care what they think of me. Usually I’m by myself and have a good time at it and keep going at it and praising God and the Bible verses may start flowing. I emotionally need it. We don’t drink around here. So we have to have a good time without it. We don’t do drugs or chew tobacco. I think there is a guy in the back chewing tobacco!

Ps. 147, 148, 149, 150 are all about praising God.

Even dancing in Ps. 149. And even doing it on your bed. How do you do it? By faith. You might not want anyone to see it but try it! Go at it! One thing after the other. Thank you God and go through all kinds of things. The older folks thank you for the children that were born. Every dollar, every minute, every day.

And even for the trials and troubles because you work them together for good in Rom 8:28. How are you living? By faith.

vs. 8. Some of these guys had hard times.

They all died in faith, vs. 13. They are buried and don’t have anything. They died in faith. In their heart they had something from the H.S.

vs. 17. By faith…by faith…by faith…vs. 27. How did he [Moses] keep the Passover? By faith.

vs.29, 30, 31, 32. By faith. Through faith subdued kingdoms…

vs. 33. Who stopped the mouth of lions? Daniel did. They walked around and he probably sat down with them and told them bedtime stories! How did he do it? By faith. By faith they overcame the power of the sword. By faith the dead were raised up from the dead, Elijah and the woman’s dead son in two different cases. How do we live? By faith. How do we go to Bible college? By faith. How do we not go to Bible college? Bible College is not the answer, God is. And he sends me to Bible college. I need to get some Bible and a way of living in my life, a way of processing the Bible, a way of living by faith, a way of *quietness. No miracle has to happen. John the Baptist was the greatest of all the prophets and did not one miracle. For a year and a half he ministered and no miracles. How did he live? By faith. He is living by faith in God and God is speaking to him. Don’t package your Christian life by following another person. God will put in your life people that will lead you by the Spirit. There are people who might come into your life to discourage you, to be critical, withdraw, be a stone thrower or make your faith shipwreck. There is a personal walk in the Spirit with humility and living by faith.

I remember years in Maine. I was a young guy in Bible school and away from my family. I didn’t know what I was doing. I ride in the car maybe to a church service and wonder what am I doing? Where am I going? How am I living my life? How am I going to make my decisions? I can live like this by faith in God.

That’s how we live. I go to the church and learn to live by faith. These young men down here are making good decisions. Only way they can do it is by faith. People break away from bad habits by faith. If you make a good decision for 30 days, probably it’s broken. Jesus said take up your bed and walk and it was over. He was healed. All he had to hear was the word from God “take up your bed” and he walked. You’ll never outgrow your sin nature. It’s always as wicked as it’s always been. We got the new birth and the decision to live by faith. Our new nature is alive. He’s living by faith. H.S. says I know I’m giving him the faith. I’m doing the work in his heart. Lord, I need an answer now. The Lord says I’ll give it to you in a couple years. I’ll show up. Live by faith. I’ll answer your prayer. You’ll pray by faith and make decisions by faith. You say I don’t have any hunger for God. Then live by faith and you’ll have it.

How did Noah build an ark? By faith. How did Sarah have a baby? By faith. How did GG go into all the world? By faith. God did it. Yeah, God.

vs. 36. P. Dennis White and Kailey came back from China and are here, back home in God’s plan. How did they come? By faith. How do you make changes in your life? By faith.

vs. 37. Put in a hollow log and sown in half. Isaiah I believe died that way.

vs. 37-38. A car ride in Maine is something like that for me. It repeated itself. It came back to me every once in a while. What am I doing? How is this going to work? I don’t know.

vs. 39. That’s how they lived and they died. If you were to interview them again they would say I would do it again. What’s so good about a cave? Nothing. It’s God in the cave. I got God, the words of God, guidance and direction. We say glory be to God. That is an amazing testimony. No flesh can glory in his presence. God started it, kept it, and carried us through. To the hoary head, the gray hair I will take you through. I’m glad I was not a stone thrower. I’m glad I learned grace. I’m glad I had a pastor-teacher and a Bible believing fellowship.

Our testimony is that God did it, God is doing it. And all our part was simply faith.



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