God loves us. He is faithful in His betrothal to His Bride. He did it. He is doing it now. He will do it forever. (Hosea 2:14-18; Psalm 34)

Speaker(s):Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12190
11:00 AM on 10/31/2021

P. Schaller –

One word as we start. Acts 20, I’d like you to turn there or read that or look on the screen. Good morning. What
an honor to be in an assembly of worshipers wherever that might be in the world. What an
honor to be part of an assembly. Jesus said here in Acts 20. Paul said it in Acts 20:28, he’s
speaking to the leaders and often I think of this verse. vs. 28. So there is an exhortation there
that pastors and other leaders take care of themselves. Take heed. Be aware of yourselves and
the flock among whom the Holy Spirit has made you overseers. The Holy Spirit has given men
this blessing of overseeing, caring. I care about you. I care about you. I wonder what you are
going through regarding your faith? Do you have suffering? Temptations? Trials? Do you have
financial troubles? Do you have family problems? Do you have a broken heart? Do you have a
challenge to your faith? Do you have confusion regarding the Scripture or any doctrine? Yes.
This is what happens to us. It’s life. We are living in this world.

Am I drawn to the world? Maybe. Have I some temptation at work? Yes, it could be.
We are overseeing the flock only in the sense of helping all of us as we walk in the light and
learn about who God is. And then he adds this vs. 28 “which he has purchased with his own
blood.” That means there is high priority on you. Why? He purchased you with his blood. He
bought you. You are valuable. You are valuable. How much did you cost? His blood. You are
valuable. Your life is important. He purchased you. You are not your own. He bought you with
his own blood and you are valuable. Your name is in the book of life. You are important to God
and in his plan.

He’s not done with us. Turn to your neighbor and say, he’s not done. I wish he was! He’s not
done. Here I am. I am alive. Here I am in the assembly. He’s not done. He’s not done. Okay.
That’s all I wanted to say. We’ll have a great message this morning, but I want you to remember
this verse.

Is that Diane Post back there? Diane from Nepal. Good to have you here. Other visitors, too.
We’ll have P. Steve do that in a minute. Remember this. Purchased with his own blood. The
church has been bought with his blood. He’s not going to lose you. He’s not going to lose you.
He bought you with his blood, but he doesn’t want you and I to go the wrong way. He wants us
to be shepherded, pastored, encouraged, taught, enlightened to understand the Scripture. He
wants us to hear his voice and trust in him and walk in faith. God is for you and has a lot for you.
We’ll speak on that today. So welcome P. Steve Andrulonis.

Good song, huh? Yes, it’s a good word. A good word from an excellent group. Very good. Thank
you so much. Very good. Would you stand with me for a moment. Good to see Caleb here and
your wife. Caleb, what’s your wife’s name? Faith. I want to introduce you two to everybody. Just
raise your hands. Caleb and Faith from Tennessee. Good to have them here.
You want to just say to your neighbor, fear. Fear. What do you think. Fear, he is a __? Liar.
Okay. You may be seated. Praise the Lord!

This morning we want to teach from Hosea 2 about love. I’ve been thinking about love and want
to share with you a very important teaching on love. Love is so important in life. God is love.
There is human love. There are four different kinds of human love: friendship love, family love,
erotic love or sexual, emotional love. Which one did I miss? There’s AGAPE love. Okay. Four
loves, three of them are human but I actually think there are four human loves. In the Greek
language affection love and so we are talking about AGAPE love which is defined in 1 Corinthians 13
God’s love. God in 1 John. 4:19 he loved us first.

This is a starting point for life is him. We start with God. Many people do not know the starting
point. They have their own starting point which is their life. They start with themselves. Even a
Christian can do this. Even after learning a lot, you may still start with yourself.
So I want to read from R. C. Sproul, a personal fear that he had of not being saved. R. C. Sproul

was a Calvinistic theologian-preacher. A good believer. A good man of God. He went home to
be with the Lord. This is what he was thinking at different times. I say this because this happens
to us. “There are people in this world who are not saved but who are convinced they are. The
presence of such people causes genuine Christians to doubt their salvation. After all, we
wonder, suppose I am in this category.” Meaning, I think I am saved but I am not. “Suppose I
am mistaken about my salvation and I am really going to hell. How can I know that I am a real
Christian? A while back I had one of those moments of acute self-awareness that we have from
time to time. Suddenly, the question hit me: R. C., what if you are not one of the redeemed?
What if your destiny is not heaven after all but hell?

Let me tell you, I was flooded in my body with a chill that went from my head to the bottom of my
spine. I was terrified. I tried to grab hold of myself. I thought, well, it’s a good sign that I’m
worried about this. Only true Christians really care about salvation. But then I began to take
stock of my life and I looked at my performance. My sins came pouring into my mind. The more
I looked at myself, the worst I felt. I thought maybe it’s really true. Maybe I’m not saved after all.”
So, let’s draw a little picture here. Here is the believer and he can feel and think and start with
himself. Me. Am I saved or not? What grounds would I know if I’m saved? Is it by my behavior?
Is it by my performance or how do I know?

I want to share with you today some thoughts on this subject. I want you to turn to Hosea 2 and
one of my favorite passages is this Hosea book, chapters 1 and 2, and here we have God
saying that Israel has played the prostitute or the harlot. She has betrayed me God says. Israel
as a nation is seen as the wife of Jehovah or Yahweh. The wife of God is Israel. God brought
Israel out of Egypt. I brought Israel out of Egypt and delivered her from slavery. I saved her. I
brought her out to be my wife. But then Israel has betrayed God by worshiping idols. That
might sound strange to us, but it’s very common with our hearts. We replace the living God with
other gods. The living God with ourself. The living God with ideas and temptations, lusts,
desires that we have. Intellectually and emotionally we replace God with lies.

Fear, you are a liar. I wonder how many people live in fear, for example. You are a liar. They
live in lies. We betray our relationship with God. But even if Israel has played the harlot, God
has said I am for her. I will never forsake her. I am for Israel. I love her with an everlasting love.
There are two things about God that are important for us. He is holy. And I’ll put here the word
“righteous.” A very important starting point. God is holy. You know these yard signs, “Love is
Love” and the woke movement of our culture and what they say about love. That’s not what we
are talking about. God is love. It’s not human love. It’s God. It’s holy. God’s love is holy. God is a
holy God. God cannot lie. God is true. God cannot betray. God cannot be deceitful. God cannot
cheat you. He cannot mislead you. God is holy and true.

The second thing about God is love. This is so important to us. Love. He is first loving us. First
loves you. God loves you. He loves you. I am a sinner. Three times in Rom. 5 there’s three
phrases. One is when I was without strength, he loved me. The second one, when I was a
sinner he loved me. Third one, when I was an enemy he loved me. He saved us when we were
enemies, when we were sinners, when we were without strength. If having saved us when we
were in that condition, how much more can he keep us, can he be faithful to us? If when we
were lost he saved us by his grace, then having saved us, won’t he keep us? Will he ever fail
us? Will he ever cheat us or lie to us or betray us? No, love cannot do that.

This is where we start. We start with God. R. C. Sproul in those moments which we all have. We
probably have. I don’t know. I have had. What if I’m not saved? I believe I am. But if I am not
saved, what do I have? If I’m not the elect, if God does not save me, what do I have? Where is
my starting point? The only starting point I have is him. Him. And what does it say in the
Scripture? Read it with me. Hosea 2:14, he’s spoken about a treacherous woman who has left
God. Spiritual adultery. A woman who has forsaken God who is decked out with jewelry and
provocative clothing, and he draws her like a woman who is promiscuous. He describes her as a deceitful, cheating woman. God is saying what shall I do with her? vs. 14. What would that mean do you think? I will bring her into the wilderness. It says in the Scripture here she will chase her lovers but not find them. She will go after her lovers. She will
get all dressed up looking for her lovers but not find them.

Then God says, I will bring her into the wilderness. Have you ever been in a wilderness? God
has brought you into a wilderness. You are empty. The woman that had five husbands in John. 4
and the man she was living with was not her husband is a good example of a woman in the
wilderness. But Jesus spoke to her and she was amazed when she found Jesus. No man has
spoken to me like this man. He has told me everything. She said, everything. He is the Messiah.
He told me. I said I know the Messiah will come and he said, I am he.

Wow! You know what happened? She found God. God found her. How about you? God found
you. God saved you. I have three things to say past, present, and future about your new
motivation. Let me say this: when you come to God, you have now a new motivation. Here you
are and here is God. I want to put the word “motivation.” Motivation is a big and important word.
Why do you walk with God? Why do you rejoice in God? Why do you sing songs to God? Why
do you obey God? Why do you desire to obey God? Why is your heart after God? What
motivates you? What happened to you? You’re born again and the Spirit of God has done this
for you and I.

Read the verse with me. We’ll go through a few of them. vs. 14. I can’t help but think of the
wilderness of life. The wilderness of a lost job, a broken heart, lack of money or opportunity.
Kind of get stuck in a narrow pit. Lost somehow in a wilderness. I will bring her there and what
does it say? I will speak comfortably to her. I will not be yelling at her. I will be counseling her. I
will be loving her. I will be forgiving her. I will be building her up. I will be encouraging her. I will
be motivating her in a new way. She’s not motivated by fear. She’ll be motivated by my love. I
will love her. I will love her freely. I will love her without having to pay for it. You can’t buy love.
You can only find God is love. God is the God that loves. vs. 15. That was where the family was
stoned in the Valley of Achor. What’s the meaning of singing? Freedom, joy, peace, comfort,
convenience. It fits. Appropriateness. Singing a new song. Life. Worship. God is here. Peace is
here. She will sing there. vs. 15b.

You mean Israel had a time of youth? Yeah, when she came out of Egypt. She was young. She
came out of Egypt from slavery to a new birth. A birth. God is with Israel. God has the
tabernacle and the priesthood and God is leading them into the Promised Land.
Now, go to vs. 18-19. What does betroth mean? What does it mean? Engagement. I’ll betroth
you to me. When a man is engaged, he takes a woman and wants to make promises to her or
lead her. Well, God has in a way lost his wife but he brings her back and now he is saying I’m
going to – you’re not going to call me master, Baali, but you’re going to call me Ishi. Right? vs. 16.
In the Baal religion, Baal was the god of fertility and in that religion he was master. But this
religion isn’t God is my master. It is that he is my husband. Jesus said it this way: I don’t call you
my servants. I call you my friends. Marriage is like friendship. Two pillows. The word “Intimacy”
comes from the word – in the Middle East, I don’t know actually where I learned this if it’s in the
Hebrew, but two pillows. When you are married, you have two pillows and you talk.

The word “intimate” is from that in the Hebrew. Intimacy. Connection. Talking.
When God loves you, he has brought you into relationship where he tells you his secrets. He
tells you from his heart. He loves you. He wants, he speaks comfortably to you. He is revealing
to us love. This is love. Love that doesn’t fail. This is love that saves us from hell. Love that
forgives us from our sins. Love that says God is our husband here. Hosea 2, husband. John. 15,
he’s my friend. He is my shepherd, John. 10. He is the way, the truth, the life, John. 14. He is the
living water, John. 4. Out of our belly, John. 7:37. He is the manna from heaven in John. 6. He is the

door and the way and he is God. He is love. He is love. R. C. Sproul had a question about his salvation and there is no answer for that question except God. God is the only one that can answer that question. He has spoken to us comfortably with secrets, with words. Those words, I have chosen you. You have not chosen me in John. 15:16.
God. Is it, is it – would God be the kind of God that would call you and forsake you, or would he
be the kind of God that would call me and when I go away from him, he would never leave me
or forsake me? He will follow me, Psalm 139, even if I make my bed in hell, I am there he said.
In hell, I am there and my right hand will lead you.

What does this mean? The only hope for any of us is God, and who is God? He’s a righteous
God. He is a holy God. Hallelujah! I want to be holy. Be ye holy for I am holy, 1 Peter 1:16. How
can we be holy? Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit dwells in you. By the Holy Spirit you walk with God.
I want to say three things about motivation regarding your new life, the past salvation meaning
you were saved some point in time. You were saved. He saved you by his grace. Did you earn
it? Do you deserve it? No, we are lost. Enemies and without strength. No way. He saved you,
Jonah 2:8-9. Salvation is of the Lord. He chose you. He elected you. He forgave you. He gave
his Son. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whoever – what
does it mean “whoever?” Doesn’t it mean whoever? Whoever believes in him will not perish. Will
he perish? He will not perish but have everlasting life.

It is not God’s will that anyone would perish (1 Timothy 2:4). No, he saved us. He saved us. Come on! He saved us by his grace. Do I have those thoughts. Maybe. Of course you can have them but how do you deal with it?
How do you process it? How do you live? I’m telling you there is a way to live and it’s through
love. God’s love. God loves you. That’s how we live. He loves me. We are to grow in the grace
and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are to learn the Scripture and understand what
God says to us. Does God benefit by – does he benefit by people who live in insecurity? Does he benefit by a
people that live in fear? Does he benefit by people that are living in guilt? Does he benefit by
people that live in shame? Does he benefit by us living in our flesh? Does he benefit by us
hiding in a corner or living afraid or worried about our salvation?

No, these things were written so we might know we have eternal life. It was written so we would know our name is in the book of life. It is written so we would know we have been forgiven of all of our sin. Hebrews 8:12.
Remember our sin no more. How about it? Wait a minute. Does God know all things? Does he
know your sin? Yes, he knows all things but some how he has decided that that he does not
know. He said I cannot remember your sin any longer. Well, then how can God who can’t
remember my sin how come those sins are remembered by me? Why do I remember what God
has forgotten? If God has forgotten it, why don’t I live with God and forget it also? It’s gone. I
remember your sin no more, Hebrews 8:11-12. Isn’t it true? I don’t remember my sin. I don’t dwell on
it, think about it. I don’t remember. God does not remember. He has cast them into the deepest

In the ancient world – by the way. What is the deepest sea on the earth? It’s the Pacific Ocean.
How deep is it? Seven miles deep. Seven miles deep. Where’s my sin? At the bottom of the
Pacific Ocean. What’s the meaning of that? In the ancient world, that was the part you could
never go. You could never go seven miles down in the ancient world. Even in the modern world,
we have a hard time navigating that. We cannot find the airplane that went down off of
Indonesia. Remember that? Haven’t found the plane yet some years ago. It’s gone. Cannot find
it. Our sins are worse than the plane. The plane they have not found, and they will never find our
sin. How will they find our sin? They cannot find our sin, for God is love. God is righteous, so he
sent Jesus to shed his blood that his blood would atone for our sin and cover all our sin. It’s
gone. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Our sin is gone!

Okay. Now, what is my motivation in my life now? I am drawn by this message of grace and this
message of love. We have three things. My present life motivates me. The present status of our
lives. What does it mean our present life? It’s Psalm 34. It’s a psalm of recognizing the amazing
blessing of a Spirit-filled life. A Spirit-filled life is a blessed life. A Spirit-filled life is a life of joy. It’s
a life of love. A Spirit-filled life is a life of praise to God. It motivates us. I want to be Spirit filled
every day. It’s a better way to live.

Have any of you lived in the flesh the past week? Huh? Come on! Confession time! Confession
time! Have you lived in the flesh? Anybody? Anybody here? Have we ever lived in the flesh?
Have you tasted it? How about the beautiful song we heard? Fear, what did he say? He is a liar.
Do you want to be led by a liar? Do you want to be living in fear? Do you want to worry yourself
to death? Do you want to murmur, worry, complain? Do you want to be argumentative? Do you
want to have anger, not far away from you but in your throat ready to swear and curse? Do you
want to live as a miserable person in this world? Maybe some of you do.

I’m so glad you are here today because we have a good message for you. There’s a better way.
It’s easier to praise God. It’s better to be thankful. It’s better to trust. Give all of your stuff to the
living God. Amen! The living God who is bigger than everything.

Hey! You know I compare God to a spray bottle of water. And just take a spray bottle. I don’t
know how you are hearing this illustration but I have a meaning in it. There’s the ocean, a huge
ocean. The waves of grace. Waves of love. And then I have a little spray bottle. It’s kind of like
my life. What is that compared to the ocean? What is your life compared to a living Almighty
God who is so deep and powerful and awesome? What is your complaining? What is your life?
What is your small life? What is your life of sin? What is your pettiness? What does your
selfishness mean? All of it is nothing in the light of Almighty God? Who is our God? Our God is
not like their gods. Our Rock is not like their rock in Deuteronomy 29. our God is a living God, an amazing
God, a powerful God. He so loved us tenderly that he hung on a cross cause he knew we would
be afraid of him, but in his humility he hangs there to draw us and say I am for you. Trust me.
You can trust me. I’ll never betray you. I’ll never lie to you. I’ll never cheat you. I am for you. I
am not against you.

How does he betroth Israel? Go to vs. 19. We’ll finish up in a minute. Like a bridegroom
speaking to his fiance saying I’ll betroth you to me in righteousness and justice. This is up on
our screen. This is the first thing about God. I’ll betroth you unto me in righteousness. I can’t talk
with you unless I make you righteous. I can’t be married to you unless I give you my
righteousness. I have to have righteousness. How can two walk together unless we are agreed?
I need to impute righteousness to you and I will make you righteous.

vs. 19-20. Five words. If we had time, we could take those words apart and talk about them but I
want to make it very short. It means this: to my fiance basically it means you’ll never find a guy
greater than me. You’ll never find a guy more honest, more righteous, more loyal, more faithful.
I’m the one. This is God speaking to Israel. You want me. Your other lovers they cheat you but
not me. I’m the one you are looking for. I am. I am God. Wow!

This is our motivation. This is our new motivation. He’s drawn us by love. He’s drawn us by
truth. He’s drawn us by putting it in us. And in the present life, you benefit from it. You talk
better. You think better. You love better. You forgive better. You’re more kind. You’re more
gracious. Your empowered. You’re anointed of God. God is with you. You are like God to be

It says in the proverb that the woman is the crown of her husband. If we could say that the
church we are kind of the crown of Jesus. We are the evidence of a good man. We are the
evidence of a good husband who has treated us very well. He has saved us by his grace and he
keeps us and we love him, Song of Solomon. We love him.

We have posters up around here because it is a time of prayer for the persecuted church. We
see some Indian or Pakistani or Arab brothers or sisters who has been martyred or suffering persecution, and we have so much respect for them because they just have found this love. A
love that doesn’t quit. A love that doesn’t fail. A love that doesn’t cheat. A love that believes
even in pain, even in trouble. A love that says God loves me. His grace is enough. We are able
to do this.

The third thing I want to share about this motivation is this one here. It’s the future. Does the
future motivate you? The bema seat is the judgment seat of the believer. Does it motivate you?
Why do you live the way you live? Why do I go to the church? Cause I need to hear a fresh
word. I want to see my brothers and sisters. I want to meet them in the flesh. We become a lazy
culture. The covid shut us down. We learn to live in our pajamas. And we learn to go to church
in our pajamas and make scrambled eggs and eat them while we’re watching church in a big
lazy boy chair at home. We become like this by habit. I wonder how many Christians have not
come back yet? Come back!

I preached that one time and one brother came the next week and he said I came because you
yelled at me. I was in my chair and you yelled at me and here I am! I haven’t seen him since
actually! I got to do it again. Okay. You cannot. We are in a war. We are in a battle. We are in
the end days. We are going to see Jesus soon. We are going to die soon, or we are going to be
raptured soon. In any case, some of us at the age we are at within 10 or 20 years it’s over. It’s
done. We did it. So praise the Lord! That will be great. Why live at the end, why not go out with love. Why not finish up and if you started, you got a great life to live. Because if you live a Spirit-
filled life, it’s #2.

The present world it motivates us. The blessings of a Spirit-filled life. I want more of it. I want
faith. I think somebody said Americans are dying because they don’t have any vision. They don’t
have a vision. Americans don’t have a dream. Americans sometimes they are just hanging out
on drugs or at a pool hall or on a street corner. You got to have a vision. Come on! We got to
jump off a cliff. We got to do something. You got to make a difference. Let’s follow Jesus. Let’s
go in the pool hall and preach the Gospel. Let’s share it with our family. Let’s go on the street.
Let’s go to another country with the Gospel and be prepared. Or just raise our family the way we
ought to. Talk to our children with love in our hearts and tell a young lady you are young lady.
You are beautiful. Don’t ever get the idea that you are a guy.

You are not a guy. You are my little girl. You’re my precious young lady. You are a precious, beautiful woman. You are precious in my eyes, and God made you the way you are and God is going to have you love yourself and
lead you and guide you. You see, what motivates us today? Love motivates us and we need
that for the present.

And then lastly, the future judgment seat means this: it’s a great thing when God takes
something out of the trash can and gets it all fixed up, polishes it all up and then it’s like a
thousand times more valuable than what it was. It’s a great thing when God takes a sinner and
makes him a saint. In heaven, we will see the magnitude of what we are part of. We haven’t yet
seen what we are part of. We are somehow dull and blind. We’re some how kind of dumb about
the whole thing just thinking about when’s lunch time. All I can thing of is do I have enough gas
in my gas tank? All I can think of is a pay check or my career or my house or something like
this. No, wait a minute. I want to think what God tells me in the Scripture.

There is a day we are going to see what this is. It motivates us. I want to win the race (1 Corinthians 9).
I want to run in the race. I want life to count. I don’t want to waste it. I want to redeem the time. I
want my life to count for glorifying God. If God can be glorifying by us believing what he said, if it
brings glory to God, then what a great way to live your life. Your life glorifies God. Whatever you
do in word or deed, you do to the glory of God. Why did you sweep the floor? Why are doing
this or that? Why are you at peace? We are living to the glory of God? What’s going on in your
life? Every bit of my life is living for the glory of God.

How could that happen? Because I’ve been saved by his grace, filled with his Spirit, and called
to live a life of faith. Where did it all come from? Love. Love did it. Love is doing it and love will
finish it and we’re all part of it. That’s a good message.



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