Pastor Morrison : Is 53.7 The devil doesn’t want us to go his way, he just wants us to go our own way. The enemy wants to penetrate our relationship with the Shepherd. Luc 10.19 = We have authority over the scorpions. Is 40:11 We can gather together because someone leads us. II Thes 2:1 We have a Shepherd that will keep gathering us together around his heart because he wants to impart something to us. Pastor Scibelli : I Sam 25.24 The Goal of the devil is to make Christianity so impersonal to people. The Goal of God is to have a personal relationship with us. John 5:39 God is being personal to us and he draws us to himself. I Phil 1:7 God’s words are so personal ! Each one of us has a personal faithfulness from God. Matt 10:38 / I Pet 5:5 When I sin, God has a personal mercy for me. Mark 2:5 This is what makes the difference in the World, Men and Women bringing a personal God in every city and country.

Convention 2006
Speaker(s): Jim Morrison, Steven Scibelli
Sermon # 8980g