Jesus Christ: He is Prophet, Priest, and King in one Person. He’s the Son of Man — Emmanuel, God with us. He’s coming back because He is faithful and true and the Word of God, the Lord of lords. This is what we know about Him, and yet there remains one His names that only He and the Father know. This mystery is beyond for He is higher, deeper, wider, He is exceedingly above all we could ask or think. (Hebrews 4:13-16; Revelation 19:11-16)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Don Fischer
Sermon 11803
6:30 PM on 12/15/2019

P. Schaller –

That was a very good concert tonight. The middle school, the high school. Wow. That was really good. It ended and everyone is dismissed and there was the encore and that was what? That was awesome,
amazing, so good. Everything about it was fantastic.

We’re going to have Donny Fisher share a little bit tonight. He’s from the class of? 1992. Do you know we are in a public forum right now? What is this? A Christmas tree ornament. What does it say on there? Baltimore something. He shares his bread with the poor, Prov. 22:9. We are fundraising for orphans with
the Children of Grace. If you buy one for $20, that money goes to the ministry for orphans that
P. Scibelli runs. Or if you buy one and put it on your tree, you can support missionaries or
GGCA. Your tree could be covered with these. Those are available at the desk out there.

Now for our message tonight. This theme is touching to me as Christ as the prophet, priest, and king. Are you ready for this? Before we get going here, how were the services in Federal Hill? How was it? Awesome, was it? So good. That’s amazing. How about Silver Spring? Yes, Margie, great. How about Havre de Grace? Is that Jimmy? Good to have you here, sir. P. Wright, Havre de Grace. Beautiful. How about Harold Harbor. P. Taggart, we get a fresh report. It was amazing. Great to hear that. Turn with me to Revelation 19. Diagram, picture up on the screen there.
Jesus is born in Bethlehem. He is only a baby.

Wise men follow the star. They come and look and what do they do? You can talk back to me. They worship. They worship that baby and recognize he is a king. A baby as a king. We said this morning this is like seeing more deeply the baby is more than what you can see. Have you ever been somewhere that was just every day,
every day and then the visitation of God happens, and you realize you are standing in God’s
presence. At the burning bush. It’s a burning bush and Moses could keep going. He turned and
stopped and saw what it was, and God spoke to him.

Have you ever met a person – years ago I went to a college campus meeting with about 20 students. I listened to a man speak. He spoke in a very simple style. But my heart was on fire and I saw more than what I saw. What I saw was one thing but then I saw more. I could not look into the future, but it was something like this. I don’t know what this is but it’s more than just me. I didn’t have the words. My heart was on fire. I was moved by what
he said. It was something in me I was looking for and seeking and finding.

I couldn’t talk about it. It was too much. It was big and important to me in my heart. I hope that happens to you.
Even if you come to this church for 30,000 years, I hope there would be a time you would see
more than these seats and walls and more than a man speaking behind a pulpit but, you would find
something more and that’s Christ. It wouldn’t stop but would be a way of life for us. We have
two more parts to our message.

When Jesus was born and came into the world, there were silent years till he was about 29 years of age. He started his ministry and he was a prophet. Why do we say that? because Moses prophesied in Deuteronomy 18:15 a prophet would come that would be like him. This prophet would speak about things and bring the word of God to the hearts of men and women. Jesus would tell us about the Father as he said. He would show us. He said everything he would – my teaching is not mine but he who sent me, John. 7:16, John 8:28.

This is more than a prophet, but a prophet indeed has come here to be amongst us. He ministered for 3.5 years and then at the time of the cross he becomes a sacrifice for our sin and sheds his blood. As a priest, he brings the blood. Did I spell that right? He brings the blood to heaven and he intercedes and goes before God. He goes before God and we cannot imagine what that means. We have a priest that goes before God on
our behalf. We are way over here in a sinful body. We are in a world where we don’t
understand and we have deep feelings of fear, guilt, shame.

We have subjective feelings and thoughts about life in our hearts and minds. Our priest in Hebrews 4 is ministering on our behalf. Hebrews 4 neither is there any creature not manifest in his sight, vs. 13. My dad was a meat cutter,
butcher. My grandfather had a slaughterhouse. We grew up as kids cutting up animals. I think
of the priest taking the animal and bleeding the animal and it’s dead and they open it up. The
knife goes into the joints and marrow and opens the animal as he cuts it in pieces and parts. I
need someone to examine me and the priest does that. Is there any tumor or anything in the
animal unclean?

Does it have the four legs and two eyes and ears? When Jesus was here, he
had to be examined by God the Father and see if there was anything in him. He was a perfect
lamb slaughtered for us. There was absolute, perfect obedience and submission to his Father.
Absolute perfection in every decision he made and motivation he had as the Savior, the Son of
God. We are a mess. We are not like that. We need help.

Our priest, that Jesus being crucified has gone into the holy of holies on our behalf and there he has a name that nobody knows. He has a name that nobody knows. When he comes to us, he’s called the word of God. The word of
God examines all the parts of who we are. The word of God says you are deceitful. Yes, Lord.
You found that out. Your motivation is selfish. Yes, Lord. I’m naked and open unto the eyes of
him with whom we have to do. Hebrews 4:14-15. It means he knows the sadness of being without a
home. He was homeless.

He knows what it’s like to be without a family when everyone forsook him. He knows what it is to be hungry and thirsty and misunderstood and rejected. He could feel this as a man. He is touched with the feelings of our infirmities. He understands us. Vs. 16. The third thing he’s ascended at the right hand of the Father. Five times in the New Testament he sat down at the right hand of the Father and he’s been made a king. What is a king but with
authority. All authority in heaven and earth. He has the keys of death and hell. He has a throne.
He has authority.

That kingdom as a priest, he’s not only a king but a priest who can feel our
infirmity and can do some examination with a CAT scan, a spiritual MRI. We say yes, amen and
amen. We are in fellowship with the living God. We are his child. We are related to the Most
High. We have a king not a political Messiah. Politically, he could do something but nothing that
touches me where I am really living. What does politics do for a broken heart? What can it do
for me living in Latin America?

How could a king in Israel have any influence on an Aztec Indian or
Peruvian Indian or in China or anywhere in the world? What can a political Messiah do for the
human race? This Messiah, king, when they worshiped him the kings came and recognized this
baby is the King of Kings. How did they understand that? How do they know that? Daniel’s
prophecy said Son of Man. In the gospel, he’s called the Son of Man 80 times. It’s the most
frequently used phrase about himself. I’m like you.

I’m a man. I’m weak and frail. In Daniel’s prophecy, you have a lion, leopard, ram and an eagle but I am a man. Empires and the Third Reich in Germany, it only lasted 12 years and Hitler said it would last 1,000. It had teeth like
iron. It had tanks that would roll over Europe. It had without mercy, power and intensity to murder and
destroy. It’s like a ferocious beast in the book of Daniel. Daniel saw the Son of Man. Not an
animal. Our civilizations can be like ruthless animals tearing and ripping flesh apart. The Son of

Man is a priest and a priest that examines you and cares about you, forgives you, sheds his
blood for you, takes your sins away, restores you, heals you, calls you by name. He loves
you. He touches you. Visits you and encourages you, speaks to you. Thank you, Jesus. I don’t
want any other kind of Messiah but that one that is revealed to us in the word of God. One time
I was in India in a ghetto and the cows and the little village and crooked streets and houses and
low ceilings and a light bulb hanging down.

There was a big jet airplane taking off. I was thinking of these precious people. In a few hours, I was on my way to the airport. I did a Bible study, and in a few hours would be on a plane. I’d be out of there. If God allowed that and he did. I started to think about these people and somehow I wanted to stay. I want to stay. That’s like Jesus.
These people are the treasures; they are precious. Then I want to go back home. I want to go. I
need a priest that says I want to stay. I want to save.

I want to restore. I want to be in the slum. I want to hang on a cross. I want to give up my life. I want to lose my life for the kingdom of God. That’s what happened. Now we come to the end of the story in Revelation. 19. I’ve always
wondered about it, and it came together in our song service in my mind. We have these three
words: prophet, priest, and king. Three offices in the O.T. in one person. Prophet – he tells the
truth. Priest – he will serve you, save you, minister to you. He goes before the Father in your
behalf and comes back to you.

One hand on God and the other hand on you. That hand on you goes way deep inside and knows you completely and totally. Thank you, God. The Father made him the king. What does that kingdom mean? It’s forever and ever and it’s coming here. It’s here now, Luke 17:21. It’s in our midst. Can you see it, taste it, experience it? I have some
authority. Where is it coming from? Righteousness exalts a nation and lifts up a person. I want
to see it come. When Christ is going to be crucified, he said to the priest I will come in the
clouds in the sky and the Son of Man will come with the angels.

That day is coming. Revelation 19:11, I got a little comment on horses. It’s not for now but in the future I will. You might think this is a fairy tale, but it isn’t. Horses are awesome. Ronald Regan said nothing does more for the inside
of a man than the outside of horse! They are strong, powerful, and majestic and Jesus is going
to be on one. Don’t trip over what I’m saying here. What is he called when he comes back?
Faithful and true. Do you know what that is? He’s a prophet that tells the truth. He doesn’t
cave. He tells the truth regardless of the consequences.

When he comes back, he’s a prophet, a messenger. He’s always been. He never could compromise. I’m going to tell the truth even though you are going to reject me and hang me on a cross. I am faithful and true. One time, P. Matti was in Uzbekistan and they had a promotion to get people in the city to come to a women’s concert.
We had some people singing. There was a hole in the curtain, and he saw all these people in
uniforms, several hundred of them. He said, I cannot preach the gospel here. I’ll get kicked out
of the country.

They already told me not to do this. He’s thinking if I preach the gospel here. It’s
supposed to be an international day for women, and they were handing out flowers for women, but it was a
front for preaching the gospel. Because the room was filled with military people, he felt he
couldn’t do it. I think there was 600 people there. He went backstage and prayed and said I’ve
got to do it. No matter what. He came out and he preached the gospel, and every hand in the
room went up to receive Jesus.

As it turned out, the people in uniforms were in a university program. They weren’t military after all. Jesus is faithful and true. By God’s grace, that happens to us too. We take no credit for it. It’s the Spirit of truth that dwells in us. God examines us and brings in his ministry of the Spirit and the word of God in our life. God, I’ll never been a faithful
and true man unless it’s your Spirit sent into our hearts. There are other names. He’s called
faithful and true. Vs. 11. He makes war.

Making war, the right kind, war with the devil, war with a lie, war with evil. Vs. 12. His eyes were a flame of fire, on his head, many crowns. Crown of loyalty, friendship, humility, honor, righteousness. Many crowns. Many words that could define who he is and what he has won. He won them from the Father by his perfect life he lived here on the earth. Vs. 12. Nobody knows his name here. What does that mean? Nobody knows his name. Didn’t we get one name here, Faithful and True? Now we have a name nobody knows. Then we have a name. He’s called the
word of God. I want to make it clear to you.

And then his name is called Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Vs. 16. What I want to say simply is this is the thought I had. Faithful and true is a prophet. When he goes to the Father, he has a name that nobody knows. He knows it. The Father knows it and he knows his name. Nobody over here knows it. It continues to be a
mystery to us. Who is he? I don’t know the name, but I know his name is called the Word of
God and King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

I know he is Faithful and True. There is something about him that is beyond. It’s between him and the Father. He has a name, a great name. These names we know of Christ are incredible and important to us because we have suffered, because we don’t know the name of God. He came to us and revealed to us he is the Son of Man. He is Jesus. Call his name Jesus. He will save his people from their sins. Call him Emmanuel, or God is with you. Call
him Faithful and True. Because of this, we have received the ministry. This ministry has no end.
This ministry is the kingdom of God amongst men.

It is coming. It’s here now in us. It’s coming in greater intensity and when he returns, it will come this way. Vs. 17-20, this king does business. This king is the answer for the human race. We’ve been blessed to follow the story
from Bethlehem when they looked at this baby and realized to now – when we are able to
speak about it this way and look at this book and say it’s true. He is coming. We feel the health
of it, the blessing of it. Unto him that is able in Ephesians. 3:20.

We have the unsearchable riches of Christ, the gift of eternal life and our sins removed. We are called by his name. Thy words were found, and I did eat them, and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of my heart for I am
called by thy name, oh Lord God. It couldn’t be greater. We have not yet seen what it is but little by little. We
feel it, know it celebrate it, anticipate it and experience the victory of it. I shudder to think of
what it is to be a person without it. I’m lost without it. I’m without Christ. I’m in my sin. I die in
my sin. I end up being a spirit that goes to hell like a demon spirit.

Hell was not made for people but the devil and his angels. We are spirits with bodies that if I am lost, I become like a lost man with a body and soul in hell. That is why God came to save us. So we will never go there and
know his name and have this gift. Wow, it’s amazing.
Donny Fisher – Wow. What a song. That’s my favorite Christmas song of all times. I’m serious as
a heart attack. Stephen Curtis Chapman wrote that. Which is part of my ten- minute intro…it’s
good to be here. I think about you guys so much. I pray for the Body here many times a day. I’m
not in Youngstown if it wasn’t for “you guys” or “you all” if I was from the south, but I’m from the north. Why I love to come to Baltimore and as often as I can, it hit me that this coming

It will be 40 years to be blessed in this ministry. Eleven-year-old boy. My dad heard
the message from P. Kavicki in Pittsburgh at the time…I was thinking, why do I love Baltimore so
much? Is it P. Schaller’s messages? As great as they are, sorry, it’s not the number one reason.
Let me back up before I open mouth and take out both feet. It’s not P. Scibelli’s gospel suit
although that’s great. Is it the incredible musicians which are phenomenal by the way. It’s not
them. Sorry, you’re not the number one reason.

Who is head of the A.V.?…I don’t even have a cell phone. I’m stuck in the 80’s and staying. Is it Paul Nye and A.V. and the tech group? No. Is it the great security force? No, they are awesome and thank God for them. What this place looked like in 1990 when we came here was downright scary. The security force in the last 30
years is phenomenal. Is it the ushers? Nope. They are not #1. Is it the nursery workers? No. I
haven’t had kids in the nursery for many years.

Is it the Christian school? Sorry, P. Barry. You’re not the number one reason you and your wonderful staff. Is it the Bible college? We are getting close. A young man who came here with no purpose and kind of carnal, and it gave a young man purpose. If you young people think, Bible college? I’ll have no money. I’ll have nothing.
You’ll be richer than your wildest dreams. God will provide for you in miraculous ways. You will
be blessed beyond your wildest imagination. Is it the Bible college?

They transformed my life. That’s probably #2. Or tied for #2. Is it the great Missions office? We’re getting closer. Is it the overseas focus on missionaries and starting churches? No, it’s not that but we’re getting closer.
Is it all the churches we’ve planted all over the country and the new ones in Maryland? Not
that. We’re getting closer. Do I know how to come to a climax here! Are you on the edge of
your seat? Come on! I think I’ll let the cat out of the bag. Meow! If you walk down the hallway
towards where Newberry’s was, what’s it called now, Family Center.

It used to be a department store. I used to buy pretzels and eat them for lunch because I was too lazy to make anything. You walk by the Family center and you stop right there. It’s not the teen ministry either. What is
it? You stop before P. Pete’s and you look to your right. You see the word “gospel” and then it
says “go.” Go gospel. That’s the #1 reason is the going. If P. Larry Kavicki didn’t go to Pittsburgh
and then to Youngstown in 1980, I wouldn’t be serving God. It’s the going. That’s what makes
this ministry. There are other ministries that have the teaching and support missions maybe
even greater than we do.

It’s hard to find ministries in America that go like this one. That’s the
#1 reason I love this ministry is the going. We are not only going into all the world but all of
Baltimore, all of America as much as we can as God leads and provides. That GO gospel on that
wall is my favorite part of this plaza and whole ministry. I almost want to kiss it, but people will
think Donny is strange. I just wink at it…that is special to me, that go gospel. That’s what I love
the best about this ministry. If it wasn’t for someone going, you wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be
here if it wasn’t for someone going. That’s what I love about this ministry. Thank you for going.
Keep going.


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