Sabbath is the thought of God. His rest, His peace — He has prepared for us. His very good creation got corrupted. Christ came and by His Blood finished the redemptive work. The ultimate day of perfection is coming. We can enter in His rest. Hebrews 4:4-10; Isaiah 55:8; Revelation 12:10-11; Luke 6:5; Genesis 1:31, 2:1-2

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12467
7:00 PM on 3/1/2023

P. Schaller –

Well, evening. Praise the Lord! Thank you, God. Amen. Beautiful time. Thank you for the worship and the
songs and your presence here tonight. Praise God!
Turn to Isaiah 55 for our introductory thought. Tonight, we are going to speak about the
Sabbath. Yeah. Keeping the Sabbath. So, oh boy! We’re all in trouble! Did you go swimming on
Sunday? Work in your garden? Travel a long distance? The Sabbath.

Isaiah 55:8-9, you know, it’s so important to understand that the new life we have by the new birth
we have the Spirit of God and we have the mind of Christ. And that mind has a capacity to take
God’s thoughts which are written here in the Bible, and we compare them one chapter with
another with a verse with another verse. In our life of faith, we are looking at the invisible. We
are looking at God but he is invisible in Psalm 27. We also have him before our face, and we read
that where, Psalm 27:8, God said to the psalmist, “seek thy face” and he said, “thy face will I seek.”
I always think I have a face behind my face that I see not with these eyes but with this heart. We
actually have a life of faith where we live beyond.

So, let me make a little sketch here. Here’s your life and your capacity in life is something like
that box. We could say it’s how we actually think, how we naturally evaluate, how we live, how
we dream, even how we rest. I like that. I’ll put down here “rest.” Because the Sabbath is a
mystery. Something I want to show you tonight. Something beyond the natural man.

Have you ever noticed you can work very hard and you go on a vacation and it doesn’t really
work? Or you just say I got the weekend and I’m going to take and get caught up on my rest and
it’s more running around maybe or stress or sleepless night or anxiety or something kind of
bubbling up in your heart or your mind where you’re not satisfied. You’re somehow frustrated
and so you go on week after week, month after month, year after year and it’s a good question.
Has God ordained for us to have a Sabbath and what is it?

So the beginning, the first point here is this one, Isaiah 55:8. This is a big part of the Sabbath. It’s
new thinking. It’s a way of thinking that comes from the Lord, the Lord of the Sabbath. We’ll look
at it a little later but just look at that vs. 8. My thoughts and then my ways. Let’s write down in
here in the box here our thoughts as people: Bob, Tom, Nancy. Our thoughts, our ways are not
his ways.

We could maybe make a bigger box. You’ve seen me draw this kind of thing before. The bigger
box and that’s where we’re going in our message tonight. We want to lead you in thinking about
life and we’re not making it up. It isn’t theoretical. This is something to meditate on, and the Holy
Spirit show you and teach you and myself what it is that we are a part of, what God is wanting to
show us. Why Jesus Christ came into the world.

Why did he come? Because we needed a Sabbath. Why did Christ come? Because he’s Lord of
the Sabbath. Why? Cause he knows that we wear ourselves out here in kind of a small world,
and that’s what I want you to ponder tonight that unfortunately, when we are in our small world
of unbelief or worry, anxiety, fear, idolatry, when we have other things before our eyes we don’t
find the rest that God has for us. Isn’t that profound? That’s something for our hearts to think

Go to the second part. We’ll finish here. Revelation  12. I think I better have you just talk for a second.
Did you package what I just said? Put it like in a few sentences and say it to your neighbor just
to test your neighbor. Say to your neighbor, what did he say? Come on. What did he say? Just
in a few sentences. Explain that diagram! Explain that diagram to me. Okay.

Okay. We had a tremendous week with P. Matti coming as our guest. We enjoyed so much the
whole week and all the prayer and our missions night last Sunday night. Our visitors that come
and the direction that the Spirit wants to lead us. I’d like you to – so, we have #1 that the thoughts that we have are, we want to go from our thoughts to learning his thoughts. So, how
important is it and how does that work? How can I get his thoughts? How can I go from my ways
and my thoughts to his ways and his thoughts?

I’d like to draw your attention to this verse, Revelation 12:11. Let’s go to vs. 10. I love to read about the
voices in heaven, the voice like a trumpet or a loud voice or the voice like many waters. Have
you ever been to a waterfall? Niagara Falls. [sounds]. It’s a deep sound and I love this whole
idea that in heaven there are these voices. And this is a loud voice. vs. 10.

Now, when does that come? Well, in one sense it’s an historical reference for the future. The
coming of Christ. The kingdom of God on the earth, but there’s an application and that
application is for us. I recommend you to hear Dr. Stevens message, the signature message of
the ministry called, “Throne Words.” It’s coming from this text and he’s saying now is come.
Today. Tonight. Now. In the time of Abraham, in the time of Noah, in the time of Solomon, David.
Now is the time of the kingdom. How? It says here, vs. 10b. Who is that? Who is the accuser of
the brethren? Satan. How often does he accuse you? Day and night. He can’t get enough of it.
Day and night. The way he takes you down. The way he attacks us.

How often has he attacked the church? Day and night. How many years? Every year. How
many millenium? Every millenium. How often? Day and night. How does he work? He accuses
the brethren. You haven’t done enough. You’re not good enough. You don’t pray enough. You’re
not righteous enough. You don’t read your Bible enough. You don’t evangelize enough. You’re
not a good worker. You’re not a go mother. You’re not a good father. You’re not a good teenager.
You’re not a good young person. You are nothing and so on.

You can just fill it up and that’s all so much in the world that we live in and in our own mind. It’s a
very common way of living actually. The thoughts of man. The ways of the devil. The way of
man. And many times, man works to get out of it. We can make a little picture here. Maybe the
same picture and he just wants to make a way like a stairway and somehow get out of it. He just
goes in, he’s in the same mode but I’ll get more money. I’ll prove myself. I’ll improve my life. I’ll
get better at what I do. I’ll go to another phase. I’ll make better investments. I’ll improve. I’ll make

How much sabbath does that man have? How much trouble is in his soul? How does he sleep
at night? Can he ever stop? Can he ever be really quiet inside? Is he ever really satisfied on the
inside? Is there always something missing, always something lacking?
You know this is the idea. Look at vs. 11 with me. I just feel like, I’m like so happy about this
message. Honestly. I just feel like you’re right with me I know but follow this. There are three
things in this vs. 11. You need to memorize them, because this is how you overcome the devil
who accuses you day and night.

This is how you overcome the accusation. There’s three things

#1. The blood of the Lamb. Many people don’t understand this, this whole idea of the blood. But
as the born again believer, you should learn about the Atonement from the book of Leviticus.
Learn about what it means when blood is shed. By the way, blood is a unique substance in the
world. Actually, there’s nothing like it. It’s so amazing.

I read in a book that there are 28 different – there’s so many properties about blood. In the
medical world if they can get your blood, they can tell you what’s going on in your body. Blood is
an amazing substance. It’s kind of like God put blood in our bodies, and he’s using blood and he
says, “the life of the flesh is in the blood.” That’s how you live. It’s by the blood taking the oxygen
out of the air, nutrients, and so on. And you understand it.

I want to make a point here. It’s the blood of the Lamb that has authority and it’s the blood of the
Lamb that gave us access to this. Look up at my picture here. This bigger world with God is
possible because of the blood of the Lamb. What do you mean? It’s by the blood that we have access to God. It’s by the blood that we are justified. It’s by the blood of the Lamb our sins are
forgiven. It’s by the blood of the Lamb that we have access to heaven. It’s by the blood of Christ.
It’s a unique substance. It’s eternal. It’s the blood that will never, never, always wash our sin
away. It will always say you are enough. You are enough. You see, in the little box here, there’s something missing all the time. It’s Ecclesiastes 1 where it says the
crooked cannot be made straight and that which is lacking, there is always that which is lacking.

#2 here is the word of their testimony. I want to be careful with this. Their testimony. The word of
their testimony. This is how you could say it: What’s your testimony? Well, my name is Tom. I’m
from Rome, New York. I grew up in a family and I went to that school and this school and so on.
Eventually, I went to college somewhere. I got saved. I was born again. You know, that’s my
testimony. But this is a better one.

The Lord says, yeah, I know your testimony is like everybody’s got that. Everybody that’s been
born the first time. Everybody has a troubled life. Everybody has sin in their life. Everybody has
failed. Yeah, I know about that. Your mother and father. Where you were born. If you had a
mother or you were adopted. Or you were forsaken or you’re an orphan or you have a disability.
I know all of that. That’s not your testimony.

Your testimony starts in higher ground here. What is your testimony? It’s that, it’s actually God
loves me and decided before the foundation of the world that I would be his child, and that God
was born, incarnated in Bethlehem. And was he obedient? Christ was obedient. Was Christ a
servant? Christ was a servant. What’s your testimony? I’m giving you my testimony. I overcome
the devil by the testimony of the Son of God. Not the testimony of my life, but the testimony of
the Son of God who loved me and came and died for me and sent his Spirit into me. That Holy
Spirit is our teacher for my thoughts are my thoughts but God says my thoughts are this way.
Your thoughts are that way.

Your way is to kind of build your life and talk about yourself and try to climb up and prove
yourself and become a better person or something like that. There’s no rest. There’s no
Sabbath. You’re always short. You always fail. There’s always something empty. There’s
something that you cannot find in this world. You need me. And you will overcome the devil by
the blood of the Lamb and by the word of your testimony which is actually his.

The devil will say, Tom Schaller, he’s not obedient. And I say, listen to me in the atmosphere. I
got something to say to you that Jesus Christ came into this world. He was obedient. I was not.
He was obedient. And in his obedience, he has imputed to me his righteousness and his Spirit
is living and dwelling in us and leading us in a life of faith. We overcome the devil by Christ’s

There’s a key here. It’s the third one. Look at it. They loved not their lives. They loved not their
lives. Look up at our diagram. Do you know there are people that want to say in this world? This
one. They love their lives. Their miserable lives. Their guilty lives. Their successful lives. Their
prosperous lives. Their wealthy lives. I just need another house or another boat or another bank
account or another business. They love their lives. They love their lives. But you can’t get
outside of your life without saying, Lord, I don’t love my life that much. I’m looking for something
more. And I love not my life unto the death. What is the death? The death of the cross. Is that
martyrdom? It can be, but isn’t it daily?

When you bring your life to the cross every day and you give your life up. And you say, Lord, I’m
not searching for the things that are in this world whatever form it might be. I’m looking for
something greater. I want you in my life. You will fill me and satisfy me and give me the sabbath
that I’m really hungry for, the rest for the people of God. Isn’t that good? Is that clear?
Let’s just read it again and finish that portion. vs. 11. You can read it outloud with me slowly. We
love our life but we don’t love our life that much. Love to be alive. Love the family but not that much that I’ll get stuck in a world without a Sabbath, without a rest, without his peace. I’ll get
stuck in life striving and working.

By the way, I think in America, I think the Chinese work – I talked to Evi Aaltonen. This is an
opinion not a research fact, but the Chinese people – I think we all know Chinese people in
some measure. They work a lot. They work seven days a week. They work a lot. The Japanese
people. They work a lot. The Koreans work a lot. Americans, we work a lot. And we are very
busy and we work a lot. We do a lot.

I want to use that to illustrate the importance of this thought that we’ll go into in the second part
of the message. Okay. Amen. Yeah. Praise the Lord! I want you to digest that for a second. You
want to do it? Just talk to your neighbor and just hoop it up a little bit. Go ahead. Talk for a

Beautiful (song). Okay, so we have the second part of the message. This is ten or fifteen
minutes I think but it’s so good. I’m so happy about it. I’m excited about this message tonight
and what it means to us. So, I don’t want to lose you though. Are you awake? Are you ready?
Are you good? Do you need to stand up? No. No, no, please. I don’t want to stand up!
Let’s see. If I can come up with a joke. I got to do it on my – in one year, I was born on leap
year, so I didn’t have a birthday this year. At midnight, my wife said to me, “Happy Birthday” and
then it was over! So, in one year I’ll be 18 leap year’s old. I’m really growing slowly or what.
Packing it in. So, you have a birthday every year. I have one every four years.

Thanks for all the greetings and all the good stuff you communicated to me about that, but I’m trying to make a
joke. It’s not working. Are you awake now? Are you ready to go? Happy birthday. Thank you so
Turn in your Bibles to Luke 6. We’re going to jump a little bit around and read this. Luke 6:5,
there’s a context for it but because of time and maybe at another time, another message on this
will cover the whole text. vs. 5. The Lord is the Lord of the Sabbath. In Jewish law as you know,
there were many regulations and different categories. There’s the moral law. There is the civil
law. The common law. There is the ceremonial law. The holidays and so on.

In the Ten Commandments, the fourth commandment is to keep the Sabbath day holy. But in
the text here, we see there was wiggle room and Jesus gave an example of David eating the
holy bread which was not lawful to do. In all the Ten Commandments, there is not any wiggle
room except apparently in the Jewish Sabbath. There can be some exception.

In other words, there is never a time when you would be allowed to commit adultery or tell a lie
or covet your neighbor’s goods but on the sabbath day, it would be allowed if a child fell in a pit
and was in trouble and needed to be carried quickly to the parents, you could pull the child out
and carry the child even though by the law it would not be allowed. And Christ is saying there is
something deeper than the regulations of the Sabbath that the Jews were following and that is
love. And that he could heal on the Sabbath. And by the way, I’m the Lord of the Sabbath.

So let’s look at Genesis 1 and we see it written there for the first time. We could look at chapter 1
and you can see when he did something – not every time – but when he did something he said
it was very good or it was good. We see it in vs. 10. And then again in vs. 12. When he made
the animals, he said it was good. The lights, vs. 18. The stars and it was good. vs. 21. The
whales and living things and it was good. Do you see it? And then at the end he made man,
chapter 1:26, 31. We want to use this just to kind and help you think with me.

Here is the way of man and then there is the thoughts of God. The love and the thoughts and
the ways of God. I want you to see something here in the story. Chapter 1:31, it was very good
and then he rested. Chapter 2:1-2, wait a minute? God rested? I didn’t think God ever got tired.
Huh? God rested. What does that mean? God rested. Like he needed to take a rest because of
the work that he did? Or what does it mean? And it’s not explained. We can’t find it. We only see that when he finished he said it was very good and that is connected with the whole idea of rest.

He is satisfied. He did it. He finished it, the Creation. He was done with it in the six day period,
and when he looked at it he said it was very good. It wasn’t yet perfect but it’s going in the
We read in our Bible that in the end of the Bible the world becomes perfect. Actually, somebody
in evangelism when I was sharing and I thought of myself actually, why didn’t God make the
world without sin, with the devil? And the answer is he is.

I used to say because he has free will agents and they have the opportunity not to believe and
so on, and I would explain sovereignty and free will. But then I realized wait a minute. He’s a
perfect engineer that is making a perfect world without sin and without death and that day is
coming. Wow! Come on! That day is coming! He is good at it. And when he made it and he
stopped and basically he said that’s it. Here it is. And he is satisfied with it.

This is the problem that people have in this box here in life. And we have it even more than we
could ever imagine because of our families, our jobs, our health, our relationships, our
problems. It’s not done. We are not satisfied. We do not say very good. Sometimes, and it has
happened to me. Thank you, Lord. That I finish some project and I kind of sit back in the Lord
and I find this satisfaction and that peace in what has happened.

But you can’t base your life on the good days. Your life has to be based on something bigger
and that is the Sabbath that he has prepared for you. Not the Sabbath in the box but the
Sabbath that he has prepared for you.

This is another time when he said that it is finished. It is when he said it on the cross, John
19:30. Christ is on the cross and he says this sentence that is profoundly important, incredibly
profound and deep when he says, “It is finished” and bows his head and gives up the Spirit.
That sentence is related to you. That sentence has meaning in your life cause it means God has
finished something that you and I could have never done though we are on the earth to do it.
God made man on the earth to keep the garden and have Paradise and fill the earth but we
can’t do it. So, he sent his Son and he did it. He did it. The essential machinery needed for that
to happen and it is going to happen ultimately one day and it starts in your heart and in mine
where we enter into something that is a lot bigger than us because Jesus said, “It is finished.”
And now, we enter into his rest.

Let’s read it because it is exactly like that in Hebrews 4 and we’ll finish the message with this but not
in a hurry because I know you are thinking about it and processing it. And we do go kind of slow
and ask the Spirit to lead us in this. So, look at vs. 4. Again, there’s a whole context. We are not
taking the time. Again, let me make a point. I don’t think God need – God’s, you know, not
resting like the way we. Does God really get tired? Okay. Why is it written? Why is it written?
Cause it parallels human beings.

That human beings work and they work in a world that is actually cursed and they are actually under a curse. We are working in a world that doesn’t give us the rest, doesn’t give us the peace. Have you ever, you know, ever met people that have difficulty sleeping? Difficulty with depression? Difficulty with their anxieties or self-
consciousness? The constant inner voice accusing you or blaming you?

I mean, we are people and we need to enter into his rest. And it’s written for our sake that the
seventh day wasn’t for man, it wasn’t for man. He was made on the sixth, and it looks like he’s
been made to enter into the seventh day of rest though he is a worker. Let’s make that clear,

Working is a great blessing. The work of a laboring man, the sleep of a laboring man is sweet in
Ecclesiastes. Labor is part of our nature. We are made for that. That’s what our hands and our
feet and our mind and things about life. We are made to work. It’s very good for us. Overworking and the psychological struggles that people have and they don’t have the peace is what we are
talking about.

So, look at chapter 4:5-6, he’s speaking about the Jews entering into the Promised Land,
entering into God’s rest for them. And then vs. 8. The Hebrew is Joshua, referring to Joshua that
came after Moses. vs. 9. Really? Where is it? How do I get it? I want it. I think us being here
tonight is part of it. To learn about it. That some people don’t know about it. All of us have to
learn about it.

You know, when I went to Bible school, I was sitting in classes and sometimes I was thinking I
need to do something. What should I do? Let’s do an outreach. So, we would do an outreach.
Then, I would be happy to come back to the classroom and sit and listen and be part of it.
Pastor would say, relax. Wait on God. God wants to teach us his thoughts. We have to process
life not by our busy schedule but by an attitude of worship. Like Moses saw the burning bush
and God said to him to take off his shoes. Like what do shoes mean? It means I can run. I can
walk far. I can work. But when you take off your shoes, you can’t run and walk far and your feet
are sensitive. It’s like slow down.

You are on holy ground. Be vulnerable. Surrender. Trust me. Prayer. There’s no rest in prayer. Yes, there is but don’t be guilty about it. Don’t fight. Get beyond it. Wait on God. Receive from God. Let God love you. God is for you. The work is
finished. Enter into his rest by hearing, by trusting. Don’t beat up yourself. Don’t turn inward.
Don’t disappear. Don’t withdraw. Don’t live in depression. Come on. Let’s go. Let’s go by faith.
Come on. Leave your house by faith. Get off the couch by faith. Come on. Let’s go by faith.
There is a rest for the people of God. A rest of love. Not like a narrow world but a deeper world.
Not a narrow one but a deeper one.

So, let’s read it. vs. 10. There’s nothing more to do regarding salvation. You are saved by grace.
There’s nothing more to do. There’s nothing for you to do to vindicate yourself or justify your
existence. Do you know that sometimes we do things to justify our existence. Why did you do
that? Because I want my life to mean something. And sometimes we do it in the most trivial way.
We hang from a cliff and hang from a rope from a cliff with a rope to spray paint on the big rock
like my name. You know. Or the name of my girlfriend or something.

I donate a lot of money or I do a risk, extreme sport or I do something to try to justify my life. But
he that has entered into God’s rest has ceased from that. He’s not needing to justify his – look at
this. He doesn’t have to justify his existence because he lives this way. I have the blood of the
Lamb that justified me. I have Christ’s life as my testimony and I’m willing to surrender the rights
to myself to God. And we overcome the devil, even ourselves. We enter into his rest.

Let’s finish up here. Chapter 4:10. What did he have to do? Nothing. I remember – let me tell
you a quick story. We had a ship we bought. Ed Canino bought a ship from Norway back in the
80s. A three hundred ton ferry boat that went from the fjord in Norway. It crossed the Atlantic.
Ulla was on board and a group. They sailed with a Swedish captain and the ship was docked in
Florida. It came to Baltimore and it was docked in Florida.

We had our people on board, but then we had other mission groups joining us. And there was a
time to unload the ship and load the ship with cargo. And our people were watching like a video.
Watching doctrine. Watching and then they were not working. They were watching a video and
the other missionaries said, wow! You people don’t work. Like you are just listening to the Bible
and so on. Just a short little story. I want to make a point by it.

When the ship had to be unloaded at midnight, our people were there because it didn’t matter.
The system wasn’t important but the heart was. I’m not comparing missionaries. I hope you
don’t misunderstand. This is all second-handed information. Who knows how much of it is true.
But I want to, I can use it to make a point. I can see that maybe somebody like you’re not fitting
into this picture but your heart is you are doing something beyond, right? You know what I
mean. Maybe we are out of the box. Maybe there is something about us but do we have rest?

Maybe we are relaxed. Maybe we are not knocking down all the points, you know, to be like
very good missionaries or very good Christians. Maybe we are not shoveling our driveway with
the snow. We don’t have it anymore. Maybe we are not, maybe we are not, our testimony – I’ve
met Christians who say I’ve got to have a good testimony. I live in this neighborhood. I’ve got to
have a good testimony.

My attitude is like it doesn’t sound right to me. I’ve never focused on my testimony. I focus rather
on what we are talking about tonight. You enter into his rest and what happens when you are
healthy. God created everything and he sits back and goes, it’s very good. It’s very good. Has
that ever happened to you? That you could be 70 years old and you could say, wow! What a
ride. Not too pretty but man I’m at rest. I’m satisfied because of him. He did this. He visited me.
He spoke to my heart.

Our thoughts are not his thoughts. Our thoughts can destroy us. Our thoughts – that’s the
problem in life is our thoughts and our ways. But when you are able to look back at something
and just say, man, that was like Jesus, he’s amazing. Did you lose a child? Maybe. Was it an
overdose? Maybe. Did you lose a job? Maybe. Did you have a depression? Maybe. Did you
have fear? Yes. Did you have any trouble?

But let me tell you something. Those things are not destroying my life. I’ve entered into a rest.
This rest is the same rest that God had after he made the universe. That rest is the same rest
that Christ entered into after he was raised from the dead and seated at the right hand of God.
That’s the same rest that you and I are called into. You have to process this. You have to learn it
and think about it and relate to it and never let it leave you.

No matter what you take home tonight from this message just say I’m not sure about everything
that was said. I’ve got to hear that again. I believe that there is a rest for me. I believe there is no
guilt. There is no condemnation from my heavenly Father for Christ was judged on my behalf. I
believe my heavenly Father is for me and never against me. I believe that God has a great plan
and we are in it and he wants us to enter that rest.

I want to finish with this. I’ve said that many times but I mean it now. vs. 11. It takes some heart
work, some effort, to think about it and process it and enter into that rest. Here it comes. vs. 12.
I want to commend you tonight for being out on a Wednesday night. I find it a blessing in the
middle of a week to have a little slice of heaven, a little piece of bread. A sister or brother with a
smile. Somebody saying I’m praying for you. You say to somebody you hang out with them.
Let’s go get an ice cream. Or go in the cafe or just be quiet or sit quietly. Come early. Leave late.
Come late. Leave early. Whatever is good for you! You are to labor to enter into that rest that
God and the word of God is living and he makes it happen. vs. 13.

I’m a butcher’s son. My dad was a meat cutter. We grew up in our family running the store. We
learned to cut meat…make sausages and we did all of this. And opening up an animal was just
part of what we did. It wasn’t a big deal. Open up the animal and there it is. The animal was
cleaned but it was the same idea. Cutting through the joint or breaking a hind or a quarter and
breaking it down and cutting it into pieces and so on.

Well, God does that with you. God does it with his Word. He goes into your spirit and into your
heart. And he gives you something. I have a voice but behind me is the Word, right? John the
Baptist was a voice, but the one coming after me is greater than me. I am only a voice but the
one coming after me is the Word of God.

That’s what you are hearing, the Word of God that is able to do a divine operation in your heart,
deep in your soul and give you a rest. A rest for the people of God. A rest for the people of God
so we can love and be happy about him. And that will make everything work. Okay. Amen. Pray
with me. (Prayer).

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