The people of Israel were led out and down by the Red Sea. Death was all around and there seemed as if there was no way out. Be still and see the salvation of the Lord. This is what they learned there as His presence was revealed. (Exodus 14:13-15)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Justin Schaller
Sermon # 11595
6:30 PM on 12/16/2018



P. Schaller

Praise you God. All the church say amen and halleluiah. Praise him! Praise Him! We’re out of the box. Praise God. We are his people. Halleluiah. Praise God. All things are possible. God is here. All things are possible. God is here.

Tonight we pray for the sick. Let’s get it in our hearts. Is he the same yesterday, today and forever? Is he able to look at a cancer? Out. Gone. Is he able? He is able. He can heal blood, liver, lungs, back, bones, nerves, your foot, your brain, your nose, your eyes. How many times has God healed you? Personally, I think he’s healed me many times. I come to church and get healed. Look, I’m 142 years old! My mom is 96 sitting in the front row. Is he able? Say to your neighbor and give them an example that Jesus healed. Take up your bed and walk. He’s the healer. Praise the Lord. Do it again with your neighbor. I don’t believe but I believe. I have my doubts but I believe. God is able to do it. Drug addiction. He is able.

What is the Spirit going to say tonight? One thing he’s going to say is give your tithes and offerings. Reach deep down into your pocket. Your cash, your checks. What does the Spirit say? With hilarity, give in the offering.

(Then a tribute to Russ Porter).


P. Justin Schaller

Zoe Turk is the worship leader in Federal Hill and Emily Janssen. They do an amazing job.

I have a message and I’m thinking, Lord, how is this going to go? We have a healing service tonight and believe God will do something amazing in our midst, and he has a word for us.

Ex. 14, It’s great to be here. I want this to be encouraging, Lord willing. Help us. I want to speak about the character of God. That’s why we come to church to hear about who God is. Theology, the study of who God is. The more we get to know who he is, the closer we are to him and the more we can trust him. It’s so vital to get to know who he is.

Ex. 14 the Jews are in Egypt. They cry out to God and he provides a deliverer in Moses. Then God leads them out through Moses. You have to think the Jewish people didn’t know Yahweh. It’s not like they were living under the teaching of who God was. They were Egyptian more or less. They had their culture and dress but living as slaves in Egypt. They knew Jacob and knew of Abraham and the stories about where they came from, where their descendants came from. They called out to God not really knowing who he was or how he would deliver them. That’s an awesome thing about God. He’s not predictable. He raises up Moses and leads them out.

vs. 10. Moses led them out. God led them out, but they didn’t directly go to the Red Sea. They went a little north and came back down. To the north a desert, to the south a desert, to the east a Red Sea and to the west an Egyptian army coming towards them. This is God’s plan. This is the first piece of information they are getting about this God he’s following. He didn’t give us the direct route; he gave us the three layovers.

vs. 10-12. Can you blame them? I’d probably be saying the same thing.

vs. 13. You have to think Jews are understanding of who this God is. Moses says I’m a man of God. Follow me. I’ll take you out and God takes them out. He puts them in a place where it’s a dead end. They are trapped on all sides. The first thing they do is murmur and complain. If you have an option between bad and really bad, as human beings we take bad. They were saying it’s better to be a slave in Egypt. Moses says something interesting. He says fear not first off.

Fear not, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, vs.13-14. They are getting another piece of information about who this God is. There is no requirement for you to do anything for the Lord to work in your behalf. Just stand still and be still. Their instinct is run away, fight, moan and complain to everyone who can listen. It’s the leader, you Moses, are the problem. And this God you are speaking of has brought us to this place to kill us. We know the story that Moses goes forth and puts his rod in the water and the water separates. The winds blow the waters and the dry land and they walk across and there is salvation. In the Old Testament, when you read in the psalms about the power of God, they are always using this story as an example of the power of God. God’s great work was shown by God’s power in separating the waters. The power of God is that there is a Jewish nation there today. The glory of God is represented in the fact that they are there today. P. Ben and Ramona are in Jerusalem. That’s representation of the power of the the Lord. What is the power of God in the New Testament? The resurrection of Christ. My point tonight is simple but helpful for us. When we follow Christ, he takes us on this crazy journey that we come to a place where we are trapped on all sides. Like Paul said, I’m perplexed, behind me and all sides hard pressed. This is the way God shows himself to us. He shows himself to us by bringing us to the Red Sea. All of us have been standing on the shores of the Red Sea….the reality of death comes over us. Nobody is getting out alive. The reality of death squeezes us to the point we lift our head up and say help me. That’s the first test God was teaching them.

The first test was death is all around you. That is the reality of life. We use these words he “passed on.” He went to be with “the big man upstairs.” But we don’t say death. Death. It’s terrible. It’s horrid. It’s the reality of sin as we know. All of us have been on this shore in many scenarios. We all have testimonies. We are standing there in utter desperation and we look up and say help me. That’s it.

The Jewish people were saying we have to get out of here. I want to go back to the comfort even though I was a slave. Jesus was giving the parable about the seed sown. There are so many things that choke out the word and people’s spiritual life that they go, that guy doesn’t have God but his life looks better than mine. God is saying, no. This is my perfect plan to put you in a place where there’s no way out other than look up and say save me. This is the power of God. Christ came and his Father put him on a journey that put his feet on the shore lines of the Red Sea. He faced death. We are talking about the power of the resurrection. Jesus came face to face with death. He said this is my Father’s perfect will I come to this place, the cross, and I die so my Father’s glory will be revealed for eternity. Just like the seas opened up, so did the tomb open. We are content with the little, stupid things in life to get our mind off of death and on comfort. He brought us there. All of us. He’s opened it up so we can walk through. That alone to me is amazing. It’s amazing. Death, like Paul said, where is your sting? Come on. It’s got nothing. The world, my sin, is floating in the sea and I am there following the Lord and excited about where he is going to bring me. Here’s what I want to say tonight. We know that story and it’s so powerful and real for all of us.

This one thing Moses says to the people, fear not, and stand still. Be still. Trust. God is teaching us trust. What is trust? Simple analogy is there is the chair and I trust I can sit in the chair. I get on an airplane and trust I will get to my destination. You throw a little kid in the air and they are giggling the whole time. Full confidence you’ll catch them. The way God does it to us sometimes is messed up. What are you doing? He has to do it to get me to realize I’m hard pressed and my only way out is to look up.

1 Peter 3:4 look at what God likes. It’s great price the person who is meek and quiet in spirit. I love this because God didn’t have to do what he did with the Jewish people but gave Abraham a promise and made a covenant with himself and kept that promise. He wanted to show them who he was. For you and me, there is no reason why he saved us. We’re not worthy of his salvation. He did it so he can show himself to us. He can make a way so his presence can come into our life and meet with us and tell us about who he is and how good he is and how much we can trust him. And how much we don’t have to be afraid. We can sit in the midst of a storm and have peace and quietness because his presence is with us. All of us are standing there with the desert and the enemy to the west and a body of water to the east and death was on all of us. God sent a deliverer and his name was Jesus. Jesus separated the waters so we could go to safe ground. He is going to lead us all the days of our life so he could teach us who he is and how good he is. Garlic and onion and my dirty clothes and my dirty life and my dirty passions, my measly money and my desires are always pulling me back. I don’t think it’s because I want that so much. I think I don’t know him enough. I don’t know his power or nature. I don’t know how good He is. I don’t know how much He can satisfy me. The result is they murmur and complain and it’s the story we all know very well because all of us are just like that, murmuring and complaining in our heart. It doesn’t matter if you follow him two weeks or 40 years, he leads us into a place to know him in a deeper way. Paul said all I want to obtain is to know him. That’s it. Period. To know him and how amazing he is. I want to say this in closing, I want to encourage us. His presence. What does that mean? His presence. I think it’s the knock on the door and I say who is it? It’s me. Who? Your Savior, your God. I say not right now. I got things to do.

There’s this painting in the National Art Gallery in D.C., Thomas Cole. I’m not an art person whatsoever. But I went there a few years ago and it was a four piece exhibit. It’s called The Voyage of Life. You know when someone says something and they say it so much better than you. I’ve been trying to say it for years. Art work can do that. I looked at the painting. A child and a beautiful garden and a young man looking and a kingdom off in the distance, a beautiful landscape. And his eyes are set on the kingdom. The third one is manhood and a river with rapids and the painting is dark and demonic spirits in the background. The last one is a river dumping into a large ocean which represents eternity. In all four, there is an angelic being there but he doesn’t see it in the first three. He says my kingdom, paradise. In the fourth picture, when he dumps out into this huge body of water, he’s an old man and has a huge smile on his face. Nothing beautiful about it but the brightness of this angelic being realizing he’s been there with him through all of it.

With Christ, this is our life. He saved us. We crossed the Red Sea. The next day, this bread? Oh, the bread? The water from the rock. But as they get to know who he is, the things on the outside start growing dimmer. The world starts to grow dimmer. It’s not because of some religious duty. It’s because he is so good. He’s so loving. His presence is better than life. In your presence is the fullness of joy. At your right hand are pleasures forevermore. We invite him in. Like Paul said to the Galatians, why do you think it’s any different? If you are saved by faith, why do you think your life is any different? It’s very simple. Knock. Yes come in. In quietness. I’m discovering it. I want to discover it more. What does it mean if I can sit in a room quietly and say, Lord that is not more important? You are my God. You’re the one that can satisfy me. I invite your presence in. He says yes, I want to sup with you. I want to have dinner with you. In all of the O.T. when we see this stand still, be quiet. It’s always so the Lord can instruct. When he says to me, Justin, can you be still and trust me and sit in that chair? I say I don’t know if I can trust you. Okay, I’ll squeeze you a bit. Can you trust me now? I am saying I trust in him and nothing else and his presence is enough. Our God is so kind and longsuffering. The God that created the universe, created you and me and would want to come into our presence. That’s the Body of Christ. I always sensed it here and in Fed Hill and different places around the world. How is it you want to come in and be with us? Is that good enough? It’s so good. You get a taste of it. God, give me some more. We can struggle with so many things. We get pressed and want to run. We get pressed and want to quit. If they went back to Egypt 50 times, I’m convinced Moses would have gone back and pulled them out. God will do everything to bring you into his presence. He will do everything. He is relentless because he gave his most precious Son so we can enter into his presence. To be in his presence and know him, that’s what he wants. Like Jesus said, Nicodemus, just like Moses raised up the serpent so must the Son of Man be lifted up. Every eye that looks on him and calls on his name shall be saved. Shall be saved present tense. Shall be saved future tense. Will always be saved. That is my salvation, my satisfaction. It is in you. I invite you in. Be with me. I need to be in your presence. I’m trapped on all sides. God does it.

That’s our testimony tonight as we do this healing service. God walked this earth and he healed and saved and he is still doing it. He’s good and wants to show it to us. He’s so good.



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