God promised in the Garden that One born to a woman would one day crush the serpent’s head. The One is Jesus. He fulfilled the promises, which are grace given, personal words that are Spirit-performed in the eternal purpose to glorify God. He is the wonderful, counselor, mighty God, everlasting Father, and Prince of peace. (Genesis 3:15; Isaiah 9:6)

Speaker(s): Pastor Steven Scibelli
Sermon 11798
11:00 AM on 12/8/2019

P Scibelli –

Genesis 3:15, Is. 9:6, this message will certainly bring us joy when we think about it. Genesis. 3:15 I look at it as a promise of victory. Think about that. Has your mind ever got caught on the promises of God and how they
pertain to a victory in my life, an absolute victory. His seed shall bruise the head of the serpent.
I like that. In Africa, I never stepped on them to kill them. I cut them up with a machete. So
that’s why I like this portion. That takes courage to step on them with your heel and bruise the
head. This is a promise that relates to Is 9:6-7. It really relates to the finished work, that he
would bruise the head of the serpent.

The cross. Is. 9, I was thinking about how it really reflects
to me the grace of God. it says it two times in Is 9:6-7. UNTO US. Who is this for? Unto us. Unto
us. Something very personal. Sometimes you can look at messages at Christmas from the Bible
and sometimes we do not understand or don’t really think too often how they speak to us
personally. Unto us a child is born. Unto us a son is given. This is a promise from God. I love 2
Cor 1:18-20. All the promises of God are in him yes and in him amen unto the glory of God by
us. I love it. How many promises?

All the promises of God are in him. They are in him, yes, and
not no and in him amen unto the glory of God. That is a great portion of Scripture. Every single
promise. What I also want to make sure in my personal life is make sure I never elevate the
promises above the promiser. Sometimes the promise doesn’t come in my timing when I think
it should be there. This has to happen right now! Right now! God is saying I’ve made a promise
and I’m the one who will be the timer and give you an idea when this is coming. I never want to
elevate the promise above the promiser.

Abraham waited many years for Isaac. Many years for Isaac to be born yet he had fellowship with the promiser but didn’t see the promise taking place in his time but in Hebrews 11:13 he saw it afar off. He saw things afar off. I love this aspect of victory that he will crush the head of his serpent. What are the promises of God? We’re talking
about Jesus, the Messiah, the Christ, and the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ which brings us
great joy. What is a promise? The word in the O.T. is DAVAR and in the New Testament
EPAGGELIA. I looked at five aspects of the definition of a promise: 1) it’s grace given. Every
promise of God is given by his nature and character. 2) It’s a personal word for you and I. That
promise is something personal. It’s not only grace given but very personal to me. 3) the Spirit
performs the promise.

I don’t try to make it happen. It’s grace given. It’s a personal word. And
the Holy Spirit is the one who is going to perform it. Have you ever tried to perform a promise?
I have and it just didn’t work. Grace given, personal word, Spirit performs. 4) It always has an
eternal purpose. Right P. Muhib? Every promise from God has a purpose that is eternal and 5)
Every promise from God brings glory to him. These are the promises of God. They are
incredible. We heard P. Dennis say at the earlier service, some people say 7,000 of them. I don’t
know. I’ve never had the time to count.

I’m going to ask Phillippe Serradji to count them this week since he has some extra time since classes are – No! I don’t know. That would be amazing to sit there, and you’d have to spend a week figuring that one out. Here are the great promises and they are given unto us, not just to Israel but to the church. I was thinking about unto us a
child is born a son is given. That speaks so much about the incarnation. God becoming a man,
amen! God becoming a man. In John 1:5 when you think about God becoming a man, I meet
people sometimes on the street in evangelism, and knocking on doors and they don’t agree.They say that’s impossible. That can’t be. He can never become a man.

Some religious groups say that’s blasphemy, God becoming a man and all this. You degraded Allah they would say. I
would say darkness comprehends it not. John 1:5 says darkness cannot comprehend Jesus Christ.
Darkness can never comprehend God became a man. Darkness can never comprehend the
purpose of God. Darkness can never comprehend what the church is all about. Darkness can
never comprehend or take in and receive and accept. Darkness cannot do that. That’s why
when he came it was unrecognizable except for the kings and the shepherds and the angels and
his parents. Darkness, the world was enveloped in darkness. Matthew. 4:16, those that have sat in
darkness have seen a great light.

Darkness does not comprehend. Have you ever wondered why
some people don’t receive you at work or in the neighborhood or in the family? Did you ever
wonder why? You have a Christmas dinner with the family, and you desire for them to see
Christ revealed in your life, but it’s not comprehended. They look amazed. I remember when I
first got saved in 1976, and my friends could not comprehend it. You mean you’re not going to
smoke dope anymore and snort cocaine and shoot heroin with us? You mean you’re not going
to commit crimes with us? You mean you’re not going to be with us on the corner every night,
day and night. I spent my whole life outside.

Darkness comprehends it not. The word is KATALAMBANO. It cannot take it in. it cannot grasp it. It cannot receive it. It does not understand. This darkness that is in the world has no ability to understand what is going on.
They have holidays; they know nothing about holy days. Darkness does not comprehend it.
Darkness does not comprehend the Bible at all. There’s all kinds of darkness. Even religious
darkness is the one most difficult. Isn’t it interesting that Jesus called the Pharisees and scribes,
the religious hierarchy, serpents and devils but he never said that to a murderer or a prostitute
or all these sinners around him. He called those people serpents. I’s amazing. Why? It was total
darkness. By the way, there is a difference between sin and evil. I’ve said it before. Sin falls
short of God’s glory and evil attacks God’s glory.

We are sinners and have fallen short of who God is. Evil has not only fallen short it’s on the attack. It hates Christianity. It dislikes that we would be loving and exalting and honoring Jesus Christ at this time of the year. It’s all about something else. If you are not careful, and I’m not against anything we do, but the enemy has a
way of taking it away. Darkness does what? Comprehends it not. I can’t believe what’s going
on. I can’t believe they don’t receive it. Read the Bible. Darkness can’t comprehend it. Are you
with me? Then it says this in John. 1:10, the world knew him not. The world has no idea who J.C.
is. The world knew him not. That speaks of an intimate relationship that is personal. The world
knows about God but doesn’t know God.

The world knew him not. This world system we live in which is in opposition to and alien from the life of God, does not know God. Maybe they know some things about God and can quote things historically, but they don’t know God. vs. 11 he came to his own, Israel. It can even be applied to the church today. His own received him not.
No reception. Not take him in or let him come near. Darkness couldn’t comprehend him. The
world didn’t know him, and his own didn’t receive him. Wow, that’s interesting. Vs. 12. As we
look at this victory that has been won, all the way back in Genesis. The prophecy of Messiah the
Christ having a victory at the cross, the finished work, the blood.

They put skins on them when they failed. God had to kill a lamb. You say maybe he had an angel do it. I don’t think so. I don’t know for sure, but he clothed them with skins. There was a sacrifice. This amazing prophecy as
we see it fulfilled in Is. 9:6-7, it’s unto you? It’s unto us. It’s unto us. The first name he is called
there, and I love this. Name always means the character of God. Every knee shall bow, and
every tongue shall confess Jesus Christ to the glory of God. The name given above all names.
The name means his authority, nature and character. The first one is Wonderful. He is called
wonderful. That’s an amazing word in the Hebrew. He’s extraordinary. He is above and beyond
the natural. He’s wonderful. He’s not wonderful counselor.

He’s wonderful. It’s supernatural. God became a man. Think of that for a moment with our limited capacities at times. He’s called in the Scriptures the only begotten. That’s an English word that’s used but when you look at
Greek or Hebrew it says he’s the one, he’s the only one and he’s the unique one. Say that. He’s
the one. He’s the only one. He’s the unique one. He’s the personal one. He’s the one who is
eternal. This is what he’s called in John. 1: 14, 1:18, 3:16, 3:18 and 1 John 4:9. He’s called
MONGENES. We used to sing a song many years ago in Africa, There’s no one like Jesus to me.
Do you remember that song. No matter how sinful I may be. I am going to my Lord right on the
throne. There is no one like Jesus to me. No one.

There’s no one. There’s no one. He is wonderful. Amen! He’s not just a teacher. All these religions that say he’s a good teacher. He’s a good man. He’s a prophet. He’s one of the gods. Liar! He’s the one, the only one, the unique
one, the personal one, and the eternal one. The one who loves me. The one who loves you. The
one who paid the price for me. The one who paid the price for you. He is wonderful. That’s why
these days are wonderful. Every day is wonderful, but this is a wonderful time of the year. He’s
extraordinary. Think about it. They were walking with him and they didn’t know him. Although
the 11 or 12 counting Mr. Judas had no idea who he was even up to the end. Peter said I’m
going fishing and they said we also go with you.

Jesus told him you’re never go fish again. They didn’t grasp it until they were really filled with the Holy Spirit in Acts 2 and then they began to understand who he really was. This is the God Man. This is one who is totally, absolutely God and totally and absolutely man. So many people think they have to try and figure that out.
What about just living by faith? I believe God, okay? I don’t have to understand. How many
times do you and I think we have to understand everything. We don’t understand anything. You
drive over a bridge, but you didn’t understand how they built it. You get in your car and you
don’t understand how it was put together. By faith in Hebrews 11 :3 we understand. Jesus is
wonderful. We elevate him and lift him up.

They saw it in Matthew. 17. He was transfigured before them. They saw Him talking with Moses and Elijah. He was wonderful. He did the miracle of the loaves. He was wonderful. He brought the wine, the grape juice in John 2 to the wedding and it kept getting filled and filled. He healed the blind man. He called a poor man and he had the
deaf hear and the blind see and the dumb able to speak and the paralytic in John 2 able to walk.
He cast 6000 demons out of the Mark 5 man. He healed a woman with an issue of blood. He
raised Jairus’ daughter from the dead. He’s called what? Wonderful. Supernatural,
extraordinary. The one, the only one, the unique one.

This is our Jesus, amen! Are you listening to me? We see him lifted up. He is wonderful. Isaiah knew what that meant. The Holy Spirit revealed that. He’s wonderful. Have a wonderful Christmas as you worship the one who is
wonderful. We can go to Mars. For what? There’s nothing there. We can go to the moon. We can go to depths of the ocean and find out what is going on down there. We are so advanced in
our technological abilities, engineered sometimes by Satan. Sorry. Man is wonderful. No, he’s
not. He’s a sinner who becomes wonderful when he receives the wonderful one. We look at
what people are able to accomplish, and we think maybe what you saw God accomplish doesn’t
really hit you so well.

You see someone on a cross suffering and dying and being persecuted. Jesus is wonderful. Amen. He is wonderful. Can you imagine when he comes back. What a wonderful day that will be. How about the Rapture. Is the Rapture going to be what? Wonderful. Wonderful. The gospel is wonderful. We were out on the streets on Friday and
Saturday just talking to people about the wonderful one. We are not talking about a pope. We
are not talking about a man in any aspect. Not an angel. We’re talking about he who is
wonderful. Unto us. Unto us a child is born. Unto us a son is given. And he shall be called what?
Wonderful. Wow. And that second name, Counselor. That doesn’t mean counselor in the way
you think it means. It means getting a purpose from God’s word. It means God has a purpose
but his purpose is found in his word.

I was talking to someone yesterday. A certain situation took place. A person was living in tremendous anxiety about something. You know what the psychopathic psychologist said to them? Psychopathic psychologist. Psychiatrists. Psychopathic psychologists and psychiatrists. They said what you ought to do for your anxiety is either get a
prescription or smoke dope. This is what a doctor told him. Maybe you ought to try a drink once
in a while. You’ll never find me going to one of those weirdos. I’m not saying there are not
certain cases in God’s sovereignty.

That’s great counsel, isn’t it? It’s great, right from the devil.
You should smoke dope to take away your anxiety. Smoking dope will give you a lot more
anxiety when you start snorting cocaine and shooting heroin and become a drop-down
alcoholic drug addict. What counsel that is. The counsel of this world is nuts. It’s crazy. You’re in
debt and they tell you to keep spending, so you go more in debt. Then they tell you to go
bankrupt. Counselor. Jesus Christ is my Counselor. The son given, the child born is my
Counselor and I get counseling by grace from the Holy Spirit. We get counseling from this Bible.
There isn’t any problem you or I will ever face in this life that this Bible through the Holy Spirit
doesn’t have the answer for. Are you listening?

I don’t have to go there and go there. I don’t have to run to this place and that place. People are running in so many different directions. I heard about this person. He has a real spiritual ability to help. What do they call those people,
psychics or something? You see a sign outside of their house. Sometimes you used to see them
at the beach or places like that. Psychics. Read your palm. My palm is dirty. Read my palm? Are
you joking? Read my palm? This thing? They get counsel. “You should never marry that person.
I’ll tell you why and give you 23 reasons why not” and God will give you one reason why you
should. It’s his will. Counselor. Someone who is just there. Jesus is my Counselor. The word is
my Counselor, Isaiah 11:1-4. God is my Counselor.

So he’s called Wonderful. He’s called Counselor. What’s the next thing he’s called. Mighty God. El GABOR. My hero. Jesus is my hero, not some Ravens football player. Thank God for them and I hope they are born again. But my
hero is not a sports figure. My hero is not a politician. My hero is not a king. My hero is not
even me. I love my wife, but my hero is not my wife. He’s called EL GABOR, Mighty God. He
wins the victory. He has the power. He has the authority. He’s EL GABOR. He’s Mighty God.Demons tremble at his name. He’s Mighty God. He’s able to create the universe.

He can do anything. He has the power, the might and the authority to change anybody in any situation at
any time. He’s mighty God. Amen! Mighty God. That’s amazing. This is the child born and the
son given. He’s mighty God. The Bible says not by might nor by strength in Zecheriah. 4. Not by
human might or human power or strength but by my Spirit says the Lord. Mighty God. I don’t
care what kind of situation a person is in. Almighty God can change it. Genesis 17:1 God spoke to
Abraham and came to him as El Shaddai, the Almighty God.

You haven’t been able to have a child. I’m Almighty God. Walk before me and be perfect. Mighty God. Mighty God. You look at this world and you can see so many situations that are going on that could be troublesome and
are troublesome, but Mighty God, EL GABOR can change it. Amen! EL GABOR can make a
difference. He’s our hero. He’s not just Wonderful. He’s not just Counselor. He’s Mighty God.
Then he’s Everlasting Father. What is that name? Unto us a child is born. Unto us a son is given.
He’s my Everlasting Father. What does that mean? That he has a purpose and a plan that is
eternal. And I look to him. He has a purpose and a plan for my life that is eternal. Anybody ever
try to give you a plan for you life?

Oh, yeah. Parents try to do it with their kids, right? Bosses try to do it with their workers. It’s all over the place. Even if you’re not careful, pastors can try to do it with their congregation. But God is the Everlasting Father. Jesus called Everlasting Father. He’s got the plan. He’s got the purpose. He’s got the provision. Then he’s called Prince of what?
It means ruler of peace. The one who has victory. This is what this time of year is all about. Unto
us a child is born. Unto us a son is given, and this is his name. This is the one who we follow.
This is the one who has given us the Holy Spirit and he lives in us. This is all grace. We preached a
message one time I think it was in East Africa.

Maybe P. Eugene will correct me if I’m wrong. It was called the Big Five. What are the Big Five animals that we try to avoid in Africa? The elephant, rhino, hippo, lion, water buffalo. Those five you don’t want to get near. They call
them the Big Five. One time I had a sling shot. I don’t know if you were there. Fifty, 75 yards
away I hit an elephant with a sling shot, but it wasn’t a very good place he got hit in. He started
snorting and trying to charge the car. I said to the driver, leave now! A year later I went back
and that elephant – I never understood that elephants remember. That elephant saw the same
car again and he started to make the same moves. He was just waiting for me. The Big Five. You
want to avoid them at all cost.

Although my wife loves giraffes. She’s a giraffe fanatic! Giraffes
are very gentle unless you get very close and they kick you. Here’s the Big Five of grace. Are you
listening? Just as we prepare to close the message. 1) The Father gave the Son. Unto us a child
is born. Unto us a son is given. Isn’t that what John 3:16 says. God so loved the world that he
what? The Father, the Eternal Father who had the plan and the purpose and the provision and
the protection gave his Son. 2) The Son gave the Spirit. He send I’m going to send you the Holy
Spirit. 3) The Spirit gave the Gospel. 4) The Gospel had the church. 5) The Church gives life. This
is grace. This is what this is all about. This is grace that a child is born, and a Son is given. This is
grace to you and I and it’s amazing.

And if we could just fellowship with that this time of year.
That God has given us victory by grace, a finished work victory by grace and it’s wonderful. He’s
the Counselor. He’s the Mighty God. He’s the Everlasting Father. He’s the Prince of Peace. And
when the enemy hears this, he shutters. He runs away because he knows this is the one that  bruised his head. If we live in that victory – I love victory, don’t you. I love victory. We are more
than conquerors through him that loves us. Thanks be unto God that always causes us to
triumph in Christ. Always. So let’s fellowship this time of the year with the child that is born and
the Son that is given and with that name Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father,
Prince of Peace.

Then it says the government – I like this especially nowadays – the government
will be upon his shoulders, Amen. The judgment and the justice will come from him, from God
himself. This is our Jesus. This is the one who is born.


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