Too much biting and devouring go on when we are not of the right spirit. The Holy Spirit should be filling us. And we should not be among those who corrupt the Word. It’s still contains the Scriptures that lead to life eternal. (Galatians 5:14-16; 1 Corinthians 2:17)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11960
7:00 PM on 9/23/2020

P. Schaller –

So glad you are here tonight. Praise the Lord! We are assembling in the house of God. Isn’t that awesome. It’s
beautiful. Thank you, Lord. Do you notice the deck? It’s continually being upgraded! Now we
have lights out there. That’s good. That’s amazing! Praise God! Just for a short word. 2 Corinthians 11,
I just changed my mind. Cancel that. Galatians 5. Do you know what spirit you are of? That’s a good
thought. Do we know what spirit we are of? How many of you can say there have been times
when you’ve had the wrong spirit? Yeah. You should be able to say, yes. There were times I
didn’t have the right spirit about something. Maybe judging my brother. My anger goes deeper
than just momentary but I am stewing in it. Seething in anger.

One friend of mine in Europe, he got a speeding ticket. He was traveling from Hungary to Switzerland and got a speeding ticket I think in Austria. But his wife said that the rest of the trip he didn’t say a word. It was he and his
wife on a very special romantic trip and a speeding ticket changed the whole thing! How do you
process anger? What spirit am I of? Call fire down, Jesus. We can call fire down on that village
because they don’t receive us. What spirit am I of when I am sentimental, when I compromise,
when I am arrogant, proud. We all have immediate reaction to things. There is something
deeper when I can go a whole day with some anger, resentment, revenge, sensuality. What
spirit am I of? This is Galatians 5:14. Love. Love is the fulfillment of the law. All the law is written with
love behind it. Every commandment, every law is about love. Why don’t I covet my neighbor’s
wife? Why don’t I covet my neighbor’s wife? Because my neighbor has a family and I love my
neighbor and I would not dream of ruining that family and that man’s life and his marriage and
that’s his wife. He takes care of her.

I pray for that and love my neighbor and all of his things. We don’t covet our neighbor’s goods because of love. We want our neighbor to prosper. We want our neighbor to be blessed. Why don’t you steal? Because I want to bless my neighbor. I want my neighbor’s things to be protected and taken care of. If their donkey goes astray, you
bring it home and keep it and tell your neighbor and you bring it to your neighbor. You don’t let
the donkey just go off. That’s the law of Moses. Isn’t that amazing. If my ox gores somebody but
I knew it would happen before, it happened before, and it happens a second time. My ox is
killed, and I am liable for the damages. It’s awesome, the law, because it’s about love. Vs. 15.
Kind of chew on your neighbor’s elbow. Biting and devouring. It’s about language. We don’t
bite and devour but we do this way. We hurt each other. We talk about each other. That’s
another spirit. That’s not the Spirit of God. If we are divided and we are divisive and hurting
those people and not loving them, our group is like this.

We have a little mission in our church and it’s to meet the pastors in Baltimore that have not shut down their churches. We had lunch with a brother on Loch Raven. I think it was Liberty Baptist, P. Gwen. We had lunch with him on the deck. We just were having a good time. You are our hero. You didn’t shut down. You are on
the news. The police were parked in front of your church. You are on fire. You are the man of
God. We are with you. We love you. We are there laughing and talking and connecting with
each other. I said, could you have a prayer meeting in your church and invite us, like us pastors?
And we could go to your church and meet with the pastors that have not shut down. That’s an
indicator to me. If you care about people and you are going to be preaching and ministering
then you are my kind of man. Halleluiah! That’s guy’s awesome. Praise the Lord! We met each other. We have found each other.

Halleluiah! In a prison cell, you find the man of God, the woman of God. I’m dramatizing it a little bit but not much. Not much. What spirit are you of? He said there are thousands and thousands of people that want Christ. He said there’s thousands. There is a wave, a revival. I go, you’re the man. Let’s go. We are with you. That’s
what we believe. That’s what we are doing. Our church is open because the hippies have to
come in somewhere. What do you mean the hippies? That’s what Dr. Stevens did in 1971, ‘72.
The hippies were welcoming in the church. And he didn’t have the petty little things. He was
wild for God. Evangelize the world. That’s what the pastor today said. We got to evangelize the
world and reach Baltimore. It was a nice talk. What spirit are we of? Are we biting and
devouring. I got to say that happens. I just got to share this with you. I can’t believe it when
people can’t get along. I can’t believe it when we don’t have the same spirit, when we don’t
have love. I can’t believe it that we can’t forgive each other.

I can’t believe it when we cannot be humble and submit to one another in Christ. I can’t believe it. I don’t accept anything else. I don’t accept any other spirit. I don’t accept any other mindset. That’s the flesh. There is no
future in it. It’s filled with confusion and trouble and division and arrogance and stubbornness
and unbelief and I am worked up about it. It’s just the way I am. Pray for me I don’t put it on
you guys. You guys are awesome. I got to say, it’s good for your learning. I’m dealing with the
case where I can’t believe it there would be another spirit that causes so much division and so
much problems and it’s just not of God. Then I have to bring it to my own life. What about you?
What about you? I say Jesus help me that I would be Spirit-filled. Straight up just Spirit-filled.
Help me to be Spirit-filled. Help me to be Spirit-filled when I’m talking, when I’m present and
thinking about you and loving you. Help me to be Spirit-filled.

How about in a marriage? Teenagers. Perfect. Wow! Help me to be Spirit-filled. Vs. 15. You know what that means?
There’s nothing left. There’s nothing left. What happened to that church? You know the church
that the Federal Hill building, some years ago pastor had a phone call from that pastor’s wife,
and we went down to that building P. Lange and I. Maybe P. Taggart. I really don’t remember all
the details. There was one man in charge of the building and his wife said, honey, you got to
give this church to Greater Grace. They’ll do something with it. We got to give it away. We can’t
afford the heat and the maintenance by ourselves. We got to give it to someone that will do
something with it. So we went down there, and I tried to find out what happened. Why isn’t
anyone coming? They divided. What did they divide over? The King James Bible. That’s what
they divided over. Only King James. We can use other translations. No. (He’s making noises).
You know what happened? Nothing was left. You have an empty building. You have a
discouraged pastor.

That’s what happened. Was that the Spirit of God? Was it the Spirit of God?
Was it the Spirit of God? Hey, wait a minute. You might think that’s shameful. That’s too bad.
Wait a minute. How about your marriage. How is that going? How about when you get a
speeding ticket. How do you handle it? How about your kids? How do you handle your kids?
What are you doing with your kids? How about being a pastor? How are you handling people?
How are you handling it when your pastor corrects you, but you say I love you pastor but you’re
disobedient. You’re disobedient. You’re disobedient. The pastor told you and this is the way it
works, and this is what you need but you are disobedient. You don’t do it. Why don’t you do it? Because you know better. You’re smarter. You’re more experienced, and you’re not obedient.
Jesus said in John. 14 if you love me, you’ll keep my commandments. If you love me, you’ll do
what I say. Now I am not Jesus, but I’ll tell you I got a whole car load of people that are saying
the same thing.

Be humble. Be submitted. Be quiet. Be gentle. Be edifying. Let no corrupt communication. Be Spirit filled. Be kind to your – a dad. I’d love to be a great dad. I’d love to be a great dad. How could I be a great dad? By being Spirit-filled. There’s many manifestations. Quiet, humble, sensitive, communicative, wise, not perfect, fun loving, having a good time, goofy time. It is said about Oswald Chambers when he visited someone in England or wherever,
he would get on the floor with the kids and play with the kids. He loved kids. Oswald Chambers.
Spiritual giant. What spirit are you of? Are you judgmental? Are you self-righteous? What Spirit
are you of? That’s the point. Vs. 15. And there’s nothing left. I’m adding. Vs. 16. When you walk
in the Spirit, you will notice people. When you walk in the Spirit, you are kind of a little bit – P.
Love, would you stand up here for a minute. Sometimes when I’m talking to someone, I got two
things going on. I’m talking to them and then there is someone behind them and it’s God. I’m
talking to him but I’m listening to God.

As I talk I’m in fellowship with God. That’s the way I want to live. It’s not him. It’s more than him. God is with us and what does God want to say and then I may not know but I’m trying to say that there is more to life than just what you see. There is the presence of angels. I am the only one left in Israel, and God says, no Elijah. There’s
7,000 that have not bowed their knee. Well, where are they? Remember Elijah with his servant.
He said to God open his eyes that he would see and all around them there were angels on the
mountain. Remember? What spirit are we of? We are of a spirit – I don’t mean it hyper-
spiritual; I just mean there is a way of living and I believe a lot of us Christians we sow our
problems and we reap because – and God knows. He doesn’t want us to be perfect, but he does
want us to walk in the Spirit. He does. Vs. 16. Have you noticed that the lust of your flesh is
there but sometimes it doesn’t even seem like it’s there.

Sometimes I don’t have any. I’m walking in the Spirit. I have my flesh but some how the lust of my flesh. It can kick in in a second. I don’t mean that, but I mean how much peace you have and how much life you have
because you walk with God in the Spirit. How do you get it? You have it. Walk in it. How do I
walk in it? Confess any known thing and known sin and walk before God. There are many
examples where you get upset and troubled. Many examples. One person told me they were
driving in PA into a town that was 50 mph speed and then in the town it was 35. Just beyond
that is a policeman waiting. The person went 50 and kept going 50 and he stopped him and
gave him a $200 ticket. That driver is saying really? I wasn’t going 70. I wasn’t going 90. It’s 50
and then is this a trap? What is this? $200. Okay. When you don’t have the money and so on.
Then that person we could say, walk in the Spirit.

Steam is coming out of their ears. You know why, they want justice but there isn’t justice there. In that case, I suppose you could go to court and try to work – but the point is, these things happen. It happens with teenagers when they get upset at their parents or teachers. It happens in a marriage when you are disappointed with
the wife or the wife with the husband. It happens to a father when he is upset about something
and so on. Then we need to come to church. It’s different if you’re online than if you are here in
person. It is. It’s different when you are here in person. Isn’t it. It’s better. I need my chiropractor adjustment. I need my spiritual adjustment in my heart and say thank you pastor.
Thank you for sharing the Word and telling us we need to walk in the Spirit and we never
outgrow it and humble yourself. What do you do with revenge when you go to prayer? I have
revenge. I go to prayer. What do I do with the anger when I go to prayer? Because of the ticket,
I go to prayer and pray for the policeman.

I  pray for him to be blessed. I pray for his family. I pray for him. I pray for him and to be helped or blessed or protected. What about that? Isn’t that amazing? That’s called the Spirit of grace. That’s faith. That must be God because people don’t do that, but when you are Spirit-filled, when the church corrects me, and I sit down in the
chair in my ministry. That’s my ministry. I sit down in the chair and I am corrected by God and I
receive it as from God, then I want to humble myself under the Almighty God because I am
causing so much trouble by being pushy, pushing people around and demanding my way as a
leader. Leaders must be humble. I’m working on a message about how ministers fail. I love the
thought. Ministers fail. I guess this is turning into my message. Ministers fail. Who in the Bible?
Adam and Eve. Who else? Noah. Who else? Abraham with his wife. Who else? Jacob. All his
sons except maybe Joseph. Ministers fail. Elijah in his emotions. Job in his unbelief and wounds.
Ministers fail. Solomon. David. Ministers fail.

The disciples following Jesus. Ministers fail. The Apostle Paul said many corrupt the Word of God. Many corrupt the Word of God. By the way, oh boy. Let me read this. “We are not as many.” I am angry. I am angry about the theology
schools, about the seminaries, about the professors and teachers and the arrogance and the
scholarship and they discredit the Bible. They become judges. They are liberal minded.
Philosophically, they violate the fundamental teaching. Here it is. Heaven and earth will pass
away, but not one tittle of the law will pass away. What is a tittle? It’s one of those accents in
the Hebrew language. It means not just the word but every dot, every apostrophe, every accent
of the Hebrew language. Everything in the Bible in the original Scripture will not pass away. It’s
eternal. Everything in the Bible. There it is. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the
earth.” Who wrote that? God wrote it. Who did he use?

Moses. Every word, every letter of that sentence? Absolutely. “We are not as many.” How many? Many. Who are? Dutch, German, English, American theologians that discredit the Bible. They say it is not fully inspired. That’s
where I get fighting mad about it. What do you mean? Yeah, the Bible. You can cut it up into
pieces. What do you mean? What spirit are you of? If the Spirit wrote it, I believe the Spirit
would have me submitted to the Bible. Paul said we are not as many which corrupt the Word of
God. They take away from it. They add to it. But as of sincerity. Who is sincere? Paul. We are
not like many. They are not sincere. They are not humble. They are not humble. Are they
sincere? No, I don t believe it. They are after money. They are in the ministry for reputation.
They want to have a job. They want to have a car.

They want to have a building. They want to be known. They want to be important. They want to be a scholar. They want to be academic. Are they sincere? Not before God. They are not sincere before God. There are many and they
corrupt the Word. 2 Corinthians 2:17 as of God. I forgot about God. God. God in the biggest meaning of
the Word. Be quiet. This is about God. There is a professor in Helsinki University who is teaching
theology in Lutheran and he changed, that Jesus is not born of a virgin. He is a teacher at a
university teaching these men in a Lutheran church and he’s saying- his name is Raisanen (spelling?). He was in the university and you know how they build their status, their portfolio
and the whole thing. “Jesus is not born of a virgin.” What? That’s what the Bible says. Are you
sincere? Are you of God? Of God? Have you been before God?

No. So there it is. Vs. 17. Pray for me and all the men and women serving that have this sacred sense of the Spirit in our lives. I’m so disappointed. There is not the humility. There is not the admission I am wrong. Please
forgive me. I have had another spirit. I am not humble. Please forgive me. I am wrong. What
can I do to humble myself? Many of you remember back in the days when Pastor Stevens was
here, and I was with him sometimes in these dealings with pastors. It was difficult sometimes.
There was adultery. There are money issues and different things that happen. That can happen
in any ministry with any of us. But he would say, and he would exhort us, and he would teach
us, and it would be important and serious and to be humble before God. He’d say turn in your
ordination. If you violate your ordination, turn it in or be restored.

Sometimes it would be to ask the pastor to go on a probation period and seek God and heal your marriage. Work it out with your wife and be restored. Do you remember those days? I do. They are in my heart in my
life. That’s what I want. If I get weird, I want my elders to correct me because ministers fail. If I
disappoint you, I am very sorry, and God help me and all the men of God that are standing in
the name of Jesus Christ that bring reproach on the name of Christ. What spirit are you of?
What spirit are you of? Are you fervent? Do you pray? Are you obedient? What a good word.
Are you obedient? I mean obedient. Like a kid has to clean his room. He’s got to be obedient.
Clean your room. Oh, you’re not cleaning your room? Where is your phone? You’re not going to
see your phone for a week. You’re attitude stinks. I love you but I’m going to correct you. You
know what I’m saying. You know what I mean.

Give me the freedom. Don’t go home and tell your kid you stink. Don’t do that! Pastor said! You know what I’m saying. I am fed up with arrogant pastors that feel they can do what they want to because they feel they are anointed. They feel they have done it in the past. They feel they can run a thing. They run a thing like a
gas station or a McDonalds. They are running like a business man, like an organization. I am fed
up with the whole thing. You are to be broken. You are to be humble. You are to be obedient.
You are to be submitted. You are to be of the Spirit of God. If you are not of the Spirit of God,
someone should tell you that. If your overseer is not telling you that, then the church should
tell you that. Wow. Okay. So that’s a happy moment!

Praise the Lord! God bless you!



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