Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12166
11:00 AM on 9/19/2021

P. Schaller –

There is a verse we were just singing and a verse came to my mind. Maybe some of you know it. It is
“watchman, what of the night?” Are you familiar with that verse? “Watchman, what of the night?”
Anybody? Okay, there’s one. Wow. It’s Is. 21:11. Would you turn there. Our theme today will be
on being a servant. We are going to speak about Body life and being a servant. I think it will be
a good time this morning. vs. 11-12. In a way, this could be a way for us to have it – what’s
verse 11? We are living in times where it says in Romans the night is far spent, the night is far
spent. We are in a way living now in this era is the night. But we are children of the day and we
are watchman. The Lord says, what of the night? We would say, Lord, the night is dark. What of
the night? There’s a lot of criminal activity in the night. Lord, we are waiting for your Coming.
We’re waiting for the morning. Lord, we are awake. Remember Isaiah said their watchmen are
like dogs that cannot bark.

What if I was with people and a house is on fire but we are having a party. Watchman what of the night? The fire, the house is on fire, you know. What about there is a virus going around the world and nobody pays any attention. Watchman, what of the night? What of the night? What’s going on? What’s happening? Watchman, what of the night. I think watchman can sleep. Watchman can not be barking dogs. Watchman may not be alert.
Watchman may not be there when I need them there. When I need them, there needs to be
watchman. One of the blessings of assembling is that the Spirit and the Word stirs our hearts
and minds so we are awake. Maybe you are realizing but Baltimore City and the teenagers and
the need on the streets. Watchman, what of the night? What of the night? We say, Lord, we are
here. We are here and we are knocking on doors. We are here and we are praying. We are
acting, moving. We are believing. One of the things that I love about our church is that we are
willing to be available and we are willing to obey.

We are willing to function and obey and operate in our gifts, in our ministry, what the Lord has for us. We are not sleeping as others. We are watchman and the Lord says, what of the night? What of the night? It’s a good word. So I’d
like you for just a minute to pray. I’d like you to make little groups of five people, seven people,
ten people. Alright, so would you stand with me. This is unusual I know but what of the night?
What of the night? I’m a watchman in the night. You have to be active. You have to be involved.
One brother said I don’t want to go to that church at Greater Grace anymore because the pastor
asked me to speak to my neighbor. I don’t want to speak to my neighbor. I’m not going there.
Watchman, what of the night? What of the night? Let’s go. Meaning, if I cannot love my brother
who is standing next to me, how can I love God who I cannot see. If I cannot serve my neighbor,
my brother, my sister, if I cannot talk to them, love them, minister to them, encourage them,
probably I won’t do it when I get home to my wife.

I probably won’t talk to my wife. There were two men in a lighthouse out in the Atlantic Ocean. Someone visited the two men and the visitors said, oh, you guys must be getting along really well out here in the lighthouse. And the one
said, no. We haven’t had any warm conversation. We haven’t talked. He hasn’t talked to me for
one month. There’s just two men in a lighthouse. He hasn’t talked to me for one month. I once
was with a married couple living in another country and they didn’t talk to each other for six
months. Watchman, what of the night? And I say, it’s a disaster. It’s a disaster. Okay, so behave
very gently and kindly with each other. Love each other. Serve each other. You have a few
minutes. Make little groups. Talk to each other for a few minutes and then we’ll go on with the
service. I’ll need a volunteer. Maybe a young guy. Okay, Brian. Were you at the picnic
yesterday? That’s what I’m going to do. Is that okay?

We had a picnic yesterday with the Bible college and we had this illustration, so Brian is going to help me. First turn to the Scripture. 1 John. 3:16. That verse is important to understand. Regarding Jesus’ ministry, Billy Graham said, “no
where in the New Testament do I find that Christians are to expect to be popular and
successful. The servant is not better than his Lord. Christ was despised and rejected with no
where to lay his head. He was born in another person’s stable. He died outside the city walls, an
outcast, having come to his own who received him not. He was buried in another man’s tomb. In
his footsteps follow the heroes of the faith who were tortured, mocked, imprisoned, torn
asunder, slain with the sword. They wondered about in sheep skins and goat skins destitute,
afflicted, tormented. They wandered in deserts and in mountains and in caves of the earth. In
many parts of the world, being a Christian still means suffering, but here in America giving your
life to Jesus Christ brings little persecution. Sometimes it is difficult to tell a Christian from a
worldling in the United States.

So in this verse, 1 John. 3:16. I’d like Brian to lay down his life by going down on the floor. Go ahead. He’s flexible. Now, when he laid down his life, when Jesus laid down his life, he was alive for 33 years laying own his life, but he was alive. When he was living here, he was alive. What was he losing when he laid down his life? When Jesus laid down
his life, like Brian – are you alive? Yes, he is. That’s important. Because when you die, that’s a
different thing. When I die, I’m dead down on the floor. I’m dead. I laid down my life and died.
But this picture is I laid down my life and I’m alive. And this hurts when someone abuses me or
takes advantage of me. They steal money from me. They speak bad things about me, and I’m
alive but I lay down my life. I am a servant. I am a follower of Christ. This can’t happen in the
world. In the world, this doesn’t happen. Would you like to stand up for a minute? What happens
in the world is what? He defends himself.

He fights. He argues his case. He is offended. He is depressed. He is angry. He is flexing muscles. He is making his case. He is defending himself. This other picture is shocking because it takes God. God and you and I to actually be alive and forgive. So Brian, I stole $100,000 dollars from you. I stole a lot of money from him. How does
he treat me? You go to court or you talk and try to solve your problem. There are those cases
where the thief gets away. The thief is gone. He stole money. I will never forgive him. I curse
him. I pray that God will destroy him. I hate him. He took from me. He stole from me. So he is
standing defending his position which is natural, understandable. But this is very difficult, very
new for us. Many times believers, they have no idea how this changes because when you are
born again you now have the nature of God in you and the nature of God is different from the
nature of man.

The nature of man is what we know very well and we are taught defend yourself
and revenge and we are taught to protect and get. The second thing about this man is he is a
consumer. He buys things for himself, for his family. Actually, when he goes to church he’s
shopping. He goes to church to shop. Is it going to be nice? Is the church going to be beautiful?
Are the coffees going to be, you know, cutting edge cafe. Are they going to be nice to me? Are
they going to understand me and give me things and make me happy? I go to the church so that
I can be happy. I’ll shop for the church that will tell me the things that I want to hear. That’s how I
live. Consumerism in America means that I shop at Target or Walmart or the 7-Eleven. They
said that in the 1950s there were no 7-Eleven’s, no convenient stores but just now in our time
it’s one of the most thriving businesses. 7-Elevens are open 24 hours a day for people to shop
at two in the morning and buy something they don’t really need.

They are thriving and they are everywhere. Why? Because we are consumers. We are consumers. I would like him to lie down on the floor and talk to him in another way now. Please do that. Who is he now? He lays down
his life, my rights, my church, my friends, my wife, my children, my job. I have something else
now in my heart and life. I have God. I have God in my life. I am a giver. I am a servant. I have
something else in my life. I have found Jesus. I have found God. Much of our world is about us.
But because of being born again, you have found God. Now your life is about God. What has he
found laying down his life and forgiving the man who stole a fortune from him but he couldn’t do
anything about it. He had to eat it. He got hurt very badly. It was very hard to forgive. What did
he do? He followed Jesus. Look at Jesus over on the cross over there. He is alive when he’s
dying and he says, forgive them.

They know not what they do. What does Brian say? Lord teach me to follow you and to forgive. Many people do stupid things. Many people need to be forgiven. They don’t know what they do. And also, I’m not buying anything right now. I’m not looking to buy anything. I don’t need my church to be a perfect place. I want to find you, and as I find you I
can serve and I can look for you in my church and bring your love and your presence into the
fellowship. I want to be a servant. Servants are interesting people. It changes your life when you
are a servant. When you find God this way and you find the joy and the life and the love – when
you find God, your life is different. When you start to live this way, – jump up on your feet for a
second. We’re going to do this a few times. This is your exercise routine for today! When you
live this way, turn with me to Exodus 2:11. Up on the screen I’ll put the word “Moses.” This is his
biography. Before he was saved, Moses was powerful. He was one of the leaders in Egypt, a
son of Pharaoh. Exodus 2:11, He was Jewish and Egyptian. He’s about 40 years old. He’s grown up
and he has two identities: he’s Egyptian and he’s a Jew.

He’s a Jew and he’s an Egyptian. And he goes out to look at the Jews who are called his brethren. vs. 11. He saw an injustice. He saw an Egyptian smiting a Hebrew. The Jews were slaved and he saw an Egyptian smiting a slave,
a Jew. Moses, it touched his heart. It bothered him. It’s like this kind of man. When he sees
injustices in the world, he reacts. He would like to make things right. He’s natural. It’s
understandable. The world is filled with people like this. It’s not right. It’s not fair. I got to do something about it. This is one way of living. vs. 11-12. Brian would you do that? Look this way
and that way. I think that phrase is important. He looked this way and he looked that way. Why?
Cause he’s going to do something. He doesn’t know if anybody is watching him so he checks it
out, this way and that way. vs. 12. That’s one way of delivering the Jews. That’s one way of
bringing judgment or righteousness in the world. It’s to look that way and look that way and
check it out because what I’m going to do is a bad thing, but in my mind it’s something I have to
do. And he killed the Egyptian.

That’s one way to live. That’s one way. It’s to be in the fight. It’s to look that way and look that way and do a lot of talking and explaining and fight for justice and many things we can say about this man. He is strong and empowered but it got himself into more trouble. It didn’t work. vs. 13-14. Word is out. I killed a man and buried him in the sand.
Oops! Word is out. You know, Moses left Egypt and was out in the wilderness for another 40
years. Then he saw the burning bush. When he saw the burning bush, God said take your
shoes off. You stand on holy ground. And this is the beginning of another way. I’d like you to lie
down there. This is the beginning of another way of living. Take your shoes off. You’re on holy
ground. This is not about you. This is about Me. I will send you back to Egypt. I will give you the
authority. After that, when he went back to Egypt it wasn’t like you have to talk to Pharaoh, and
Moses looks this way and looks that way and ways his political advantage and tries to figure it
out. No. He just has to obey God. It’s new. He has to obey God.

Go to Pharaoh. I will be with you. This is the thing that many, many times people miss. You obey God. A servant is simply submitted to God not looking this way or that way. Not thinking about politics or what’s the deal.
What do I get out of it. How many people live this way: I do a good thing for you, I do a good
thing for you and now I’m waiting. When are you going to do a good thing for me? You do
nothing for me. I did something for you and you do nothing for me. That happened to me in
Hungary. I didn’t know the custom but somebody in Hungary gave me a gift to give to my wife.
So I flew over here. It was the same time I was leaving Hungary. I flew over here and I gave that
gift to my wife. That was it. I returned to Hungary, and that person met me. And they said did
you give the gift to your wife? I said, yes. Thank you very much. She enjoyed it. She liked it.
Then there is a pause. Did she sent anything back? I go, no. No, she didn’t. Do you have
anything to give me? I had a bag of peanuts.

I said here’s some. Do you want these? He probably gave those to his wife, and they probably laughed about it. But do you know what it means to live this way? You give and you get nothing in return and you live and you serve God.
God is your reward. I’m not making fun of Hungarians or any people or any of us. We are all the
same. I’m only saying the natural man doesn’t understand the spiritual life. When Moses went
back to Egypt, he was a different person. When you go to the church, it should be that you and I
change. We are changed from glory to glory. We have found the joy of being a servant and
being available to what God has for us. We give. God returns our blessing. Nobody knows it.
We look this way and that way. People are watching. How about this shallowness in our culture
where people are looking for famous people or looking for notoriety or reputation or buying
things or importance. It’s like oh no.

The church is empty if it’s filled with people that have conditions. Maybe Brian stand up one last time. He goes to the church but there’s conditions. Conditions. I don’t feel it. I don’t feel it. What do you have for me? It’s like what can you do for my kids? What can you do for my marriage? Can you preach a better message? Could the
music be – could we have lights and smoke machine and rock and roll music? Could we have a
cafe? It’s about me. It’s about me. And we are saying today, no. We’d be cheating each other if
we thought like that. No, it’s fun when you sit in a little church, a store-front church and there’s
people coming who are after God. And when they step in there is no child program, no nursery.
The music is horrible. But the preacher, the believers are there. Go on down. The believers
there are like some source of life. Some shining in the heart, in the face in the words. Some
care. Some life. Some vitality. Something happening in a spiritual way that I found a place
where I’m going to hear and grow and God’s going to change my life. Jesus is going to be real
for me. I want God in my life. I want God in my life.

Lastly, there can be seminaries. Can you stand up. You got one more to go! You got seminaries and churches where intellectually they are learning everything you can learn about theologically, but they do not lay down their life for
the brethren, the weakest brethren, the uncomely brother, the person with problems. The streets
of Baltimore, God sent us here. God wants us here. What kind of people are we? We have to be
people – we are not weighing advantages. We are not weighing benefits. We are not looking for
money. We could care less about the things of the world. We are not consumers, like what is the best deal to buy. No, Jesus said give me the toughest, the most difficult. Give me the place,
and go on down there. Give me the cross as my way of life and I will be a doormat. I’ll be a
doormat in this world. While he is alive, they kick him. They lie about him. They pluck out his
beard. While he is alive, they pierce his hands and feet. They mock him. They make fun of him.
While he’s alive, he’s loving them. He’s loving them.

When it is bad, he is loving them. Amazing. I’m not saying I can – I know I have tasted it and that’s why many years later, many brothers and sisters through history have just said they finished their course with joy and they just said I
found being a servant changed my life. Not looking for what was good for me, but how can I be
a servant for my brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ? How could we be a part of the
solution of a disaster. This is crazy, bizarre world. Bizarre world. How can we be another portion
that some people have never seen. One of my relatives said, when you go to India, who picks
you up at the airport? I said somebody from the church picks me up. What do you give them?
Nothing. Well, where do you stay? In a hotel, but they pay for it and sometimes I stay in people’s
homes and we have a great time. Who pays for all of this? I don’t know. I don’t know how it
works. It just happens. People do it. Don’t they ask for payment back or what’s the deal? I don’t
know. I don’t think like that. I’m available to whatever but it’s more deep. It’s deeper. It’s deeper.
I don’t know how to explain it.

When you have a church that is filled with these kind of people, things happen much more than dollars and cents. Much more than buildings and politics. When people live that way, people get saved. People are made disciples. People have faith to go to a country. A building is bought. We don’t even know how that happened. Somebody gets healed.
A school is started. A clinic happens. Fresh water comes out of the ground. Things happen.
Kids get changed. Teenagers are transformed. When that happens, things happen that – the
Jews leave Egypt. Let me finish with that. Moses is going through the Red Sea. Moses, don’t
you need to stop here and look that way and look that way and see if anybody is watching?
Moses is walking through the Red Sea and goes, I have no idea what you are talking about.
God is walking with us. We are moving. The Red Sea is split. A couple million people are
leaving Egypt and that is God. God is with us. Jesus is saying, if you can follow me, if you learn
to be a servant, if you sense the Holy Spirit filling you, if you make decisions by faith and trust in
me, I will pour out on you the blessings of heaven.

I will show you the way of God. You’ll know the ways of God. You’ll experience it. That $100,000 that was stolen from you somehow, it melts away in your heart. Just say one day I am going to meet God. One day I’m going to see God in
my flesh. One day very soon everything in this world is going to be passing away. We have
found the living God. When did you find him? As soon as possible find this new way of life.
That’s what you want. That’s what, you know, Jesus came for. Thanks, Brian. Don’t fall asleep
on me! Would you pray with me, please?



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