The Holy Spirit saves and seals us. But the Spirit can be grieved and quenched as we are walking in this life. The stories of Samson, King Saul, Ananias, and Saphira show that our intimacy with Him is fragile and easily disturbed. Acts 5; 1 Samuel 15:22; Judges 16:20

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller, Ramir Manguling
Sermon 12295
6:30 PM on 5/1/2022


P. Schaller –

Okay. P. Ramir has done a great job in many ways. He works in inreach and is a great servant. This morning we
spoke about being Spirit filled and what the Holy Spirit is doing in the church. We feel that in
our church. He had it in his heart to really start a recovery program. P. Lightsey started one
years ago and has done a great job. Then P. Ramir came into the picture. I just want him to
share something from his heart about what’s happening here with recovery.
P. Ramir – Thank you, P. Schaller – We have a recovery meeting every Friday night. We start
around 6 p.m. in preparation for everything. We go there at 6 p.m. in Greater Grace
auditorium. We prepare everything and the actual program starts at 7 – 9. We have a
wonderful program every Friday and I have a wonderful team working with me. I’m so thankful
for them and above everything else I’m so thankful that they are giving me a lot of grace with
the way every mistake that goes along the way and every accent that brings confusion
sometimes. I say the word but it’s a different word when they hear it! I love everybody that
works with me on Friday. They have a laid down life just like mine I think!

We have a very good program, and I highly recommended it to you. We plan for this. We pray
for this. P. Schaller’s overhead vision and I’m just being led by God to execute that cause we
have to honor the vision, right? We have to honor what God is giving to us as a church. So,
recovery meeting every Friday. I highly recommend it. We got everything that the people will
look for. We have group counseling. We have individual counseling. We have a food pantry that
they can avail for free food. We have provided recently a children’s program because some of
the parents are coming in the meeting – both of them – so they have kids come with them. So,
we have people taking care of the kids as well. It’s not only substance abuse. It’s not only about
drug addiction or alcohol. It’s also about mental health issues.

If you know about that, I don’t have to elaborate right now. But if you know about any kind of
mental health issues, we also deal with that in the Friday night program. We are capable
because we have the Bible. We have the Word of God. We have the Holy Spirit with us. We
have the Word of God. We have the Son, the Father and the Holy Spirit. What else can you ask
for? We have the Word of God and it’s the most amazing – Hebrews 4:12, right? The Word of God is
alive. It’s powerful. It’s a double edged sword that penetrates the soul and the spirit of
everyone. We use that as our main tool. We are mainly doing only biblical counseling. Like
Christ is the center of our counseling.

In the group, when we do the group meeting at the second part of the Friday night meeting, we
want to make sure that Christ is exalted in the group. We have to give a solution based on the
Word of God. So, if you’ve never been there, come and visit us. And if you’re being called to
help people with substance abuse or mental health issues, please come and help us. You are
welcome. I would be happy to welcome you with both of my hands. Come. Come and help us. I have a very good team but it’s not going to hurt if you come. If we know somebody who is
struggling, invite them to the Friday night meeting. I’m pretty sure God will show up.

The other thing I would like to say was P. Schaller’s message not only today was also last
Wednesday, the message last Wednesday was also awesome. He was preaching and I was
sitting next to the other pastor who was close to me, but as I was listening to the word of God I
was literally crying. I was crying, but I don’t want anybody to see it so I would simply grab my
arm and kind of like wiping my eyes like that.

Today, the message about the garments and everything about Leviticus, we had read those
verses before but we’ve never seen that way like about the leprosy and everything. It’s kind of
like opened the window for us to search more about the Word of God and be dependent on the
Holy Spirit in giving us what’s the meaning of this word because we read that a lot of times but
we did not see it the way our pastor was sharing it with us today. Isn’t that amazing? Like the
leprosy and the garments and the warp and what’s the other word? The weaving and
everything and when you touch it, when you touch you, you’re automatically infected but it’s
like the sin that goes with us.

And also, the Holy Spirit, Acts 2 about the Holy Spirit. Sometimes we are waiting a long time for
the Spirit to do something in our lives. It’s just worth waiting when we know that the next thing
that will happen is he will empower us before he sends us, right? So, they waited in Acts 2. They
waited for the Holy Spirit to come to them and then they are ready to go. Sometimes it is like
that. We are waiting for a long time and then the Holy Spirit comes and we are ready to go and
do something. So, if you feel like you are waiting and waiting for more than 10 days for
something to happen to your ministry or your spiritual life, just be patient to yourself. Just rest
before God in knowing that some day when we are ready, God will send us in our merry way.
Amen. So, that’s my small testimony tonight. Thank you.

P. Schaller –

Okay. In our team to India, there are two other brothers going, Evan and Andrew
Silva. They are in Frederick. They are also leaving. I don’t remember when we went with such a
Spirit filled team. Other times, it’s been a disaster! I’m anticipating such a great time together.
Thank you for your prayers and God’s work there. We go to two cities. Mumbai, and we do four
days and fly to Bangalore for two or three days and then travel time and we’re back. Thanks for
your love and your prayers.

How many liked the message this morning? It was good, wasn’t it? It was edifying. Wow.
Excellent. Alright. So, would you take prayer for a moment before we begin our sermon just
with your neighbor and then we’ll get started. So go ahead. Thank you. Okay. Amen.
In the beginning of the Bible in Genesis 1, we read that the Spirit of God moved on the waters. Genesis
1:2, our theme this morning was the ministry of the Holy Spirit. By the way, the high school yesterday and Friday was awesome. I enjoyed it. The actors and actresses did a great job on the
subject of love using Shakespeare and Song of Solomon and Dan Dunbar and Carolyn Peters
wrote it. They did a great job. I’m so blessed by our school. A visitor came and when she left she
said to her neighbor this is the first time I have hope for the next generation. Don’t give up.
God’s Spirit is moving on the face of the waters.

When the earth was without form and void, maybe we could say some disaster. When the
world is in the condition it is in, don’t give up because the Spirit of God. The third person of the
Trinity. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is powerful. The Holy Spirit can put the
waters in order. The Holy Spirit can melt the snow, Psalm 148. The Holy Spirit can speak the Word
and it says in Ezekiel 3, God said to Ezekiel, eat the scroll. Then it says the Spirit caused him to eat
the scroll.

Christ came into the world and he did what he did by the Holy Spirit. John the Baptist said, I
baptize you with water but another comes after. He’ll baptize you with the Holy Spirit with fire.
Christ told his disciples that the Spirit would come and he’s the same as Christ. Not the same
person but the same in essence for he is God. We said this morning there were four words that
we wanted to mention for what the Spirit does today with us. I’ll mention them to you. He
empowers us. He gives us power, Acts. 1:8. You shall receive power after that the Holy Spirit
has come upon you.

There was an old man at the time of Jesus’ birth. Jesus was eight days old and to be
circumcised. And the old man’s name was Simeon. He said God had showed him he would see
the Lord’s Christ, the Messiah, how he died. How did he know that? The Lord showed him. The
Spirit of God showed him. The Spirit of God can tell us about the future. The Spirit of God can
tell us about what’s going on. Give us understanding.

The second word is enlightenment. He enlightens us. That’s why the Bible is so precious to us.
It’s treasure. We open it up and it’s treasure. It’s honey. It’s sweet in our mouth. Roll it around
in our mouth. Roll it around. Words. Words of life. Words which are Spirit and they are life.
Third word purifies. The Holy Spirit like fire purifies, cleanses us. We are lepers, but the Holy
Spirit purifies us because of the cross. He has the power to do that. This is our blessing today.
We are gifted by the Holy Spirit. We have another spirit like Caleb did in Numbers 14. Caleb had
another spirit. So, we see men and women in the Bible that were moved by the Spirit.

If you turn with me to Judges 13, we see one of our favorite characters, at least one of mine.
His name is Samson. Judges 13, the country was in a big problem, the country of Israel. They
were oppressed. Big problem. Oppressed. Fearful people. Afraid. No weapons. No power to
make weapons. No swords or arrows or bows and arrows. No swords or knives. They had farm
implements. Tools for farming, but nobody with the heart to use the farm tool to destroy the enemy. This family was told by an angel they would have a great son. This is Judges 13:24-25,
the Spirit of the Lord began to move him. Has that ever happened to you? The Spirit of the Lord
began to move him.

We have a brother here, Jake Davenport. He’s in the back there from Federal Hill church. I love
that guy. Can’t figure out why he’s here except this verse. The Spirit of God began to move him
at times. He reminds me of myself. Why did I go to Bible school? I don’t know exactly. I was
counting the tiles on the ceiling and the windows and bored and listening and distracted. The
Spirit of God began to move me. He moved me. I started to listen. I started to believe. That’s
what God does.

Without the Holy Spirit, none of this would be happening. Without the Holy Spirit we would not
be building a dorm on our property of $2.5 million project without the Spirit of the Lord. We
don’t want to do it without the Spirit of the Lord moving us, leading us to go into the world with
the gospel. Study our Bible. Get on our knees. Confess our sin and say I’m a leper. I need

But this happened to Samson. I don’t know what happened to him. It just says the Spirit of God
began to move him. Maybe he just started to look up and believe that with God everything is
possible and kind of get our eyes off of ourselves and be Spirit filled people. Vs. 25. We see in
chapter 14, he could fight. He was not afraid. Vs. 19. These are Philistines. Chapter 15, he’s
fighting again. He defeats the enemy. He’s very thirsty. He says I think I’m going to die. He’s
been fighting. I think he killed 800 uncircumcised with the jawbone of an ass in vs. 16. He slew a
thousand men in vs. 16. There he is. You see his strength and his weakness. It’s funny. I slew a
thousand men with the jawbone of an ass because I have no weapons but that was the
weapon. That’s what I grabbed and I did it.

And then he said here comes the weakness of Samson. I think I’m going to die if I don’t get
some water. You mean you killed a thousand men and now you think you’re going to die? Yeah.

Here’s point #2. When we are in fellowship with God, when we have communion with
God, it’s very much like people relating to people and a person actually can discern if we are of
the same spirit. A person can actually discern what spirit we are of. Another person can – let me
give you an example. I have a plan to meet my friend and so I say to him, I want to meet you
tomorrow night at 7:00 in front of the church. Tomorrow night at 7:00 I want to meet you
there. And that’s all. And then I walk away. What’s missing in that communication? I want to
meet you at 7:00 in front of the church tomorrow. And then I walk away.

What’s missing? I think that’s like prayer sometimes for us. We tell God. We tell God things in
prayer but what’s missing? It should go like this. I would like to meet you at 7:00 tomorrow
night in front of the church and then? I’m looking at the person. What am I waiting for? I’m
waiting for them to answer, to – my eyes are on their eyes.

I am relating to them and I’m looking for them to agree with me. And what are they thinking? Let me see. Could you repeat that? Tomorrow. 7:00. Okay.

The Holy Spirit is a person and when we pray we pray in the Spirit. And what does it mean? It is
not arrogance and I’m not telling God without waiting on God. I’m waiting on God. I’m waiting
on God. I’m relating to God. Lord, my aunt is sick. Heal her. Walk away. What’s missing? God.
The Spirit of God. The Spirit of God. God, my aunt is sick. Here name is –. You know who she is
and I’m waiting on you. I know who you are. And you know who I am and I am praying in the
Holy Spirit for my aunt. And I am asking, I am waiting on you. I am anticipating. I am relating to
you. I am fellowshiping with you in this love.

You see what I’m trying to say is there are problems that we all have with this walking in the
Spirit and Samson had it. Samson had a problem walking in the Spirit. But he was moved in the
Spirit. He fulfilled the will of God in the Spirit. But look at chapter 16:20. He didn’t know it. It'd
be like a believer operating and he doesn’t realize it but he’s lost the Holy Spirit power, the Holy
Spirit guidance, the Holy Spirit ministry. He lost the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Does he say his
prayers? Yeah. But is he walking in the Spirit of God. He is raising his family. He is going to
church. He is maybe reading his Bible. Saying his prayers. But his prayers are like this to God:
tomorrow night, 7:00. Walks away.

P. Ramir said something interesting. He said he cried. He cried during the message. That was
precious. I want to have that in my heart, in my life because I see – I’ll give you three examples
in our Bible where the Holy Spirit is saying he is leading, he’s guiding but why did he leave
Samson? Why was the Spirit grieved? Why did he leave Samson? Samson was left to suffer, and
he suffered. But at the end he cried out again with his eyes gone and his strength subject to his
persecutors and tormentors and God answered that last prayer. That’s true.

But I’m just thinking in our meditation tonight, I’ll make this very short this part. 1 Samuel 16,
second example. Vs. 14. “but the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul.” Well, we know in our
New Testament that the Holy Spirit has sealed us and God will never leave us or forsake us.
Ultimately, absolutely, there isn’t any question about it, but isn’t it possible for us to grieve
him? Isn’t it possible for us to quench him? Isn’t it possible for us to lack the authority and the
power of the Holy Spirit in my life? Why do so many people struggle with so many addictions
and attitudes and fears? Why do people deal with so much guilt and oppression and emptiness
and difficulties that they have in life? Why? Why is that?

We read this morning in the book of Acts in Ephesus in chapter 19 the people said, Paul said,
what were you baptized unto? And they said John’s baptism. That’s John the Baptist’s baptism.
Have you heard of the Holy Spirit? No, we haven’t even heard of such a thing as the Holy Spirit.
Wow. That makes me think that’s about my life before I was born again. I never heard. I read it
in the Catholic Church but I never knew that the Holy Spirit was a living person who could affect my life on a Monday and a Tuesday. Never understood that the Holy Spirit could change my life.

I never understood that the Holy Spirit is the power of God and that the Spirit of God could fill
me so I would not be drunk with wine but filled with the Spirit. I didn’t know that. Not until I got
saved and I went to a church where they taught it.

I got some excited about it! I mean I was praying. I was speaking in tongues. I was praying that I
would be filled with the Spirit. I was praying that God would do miracles cause I was a
Pentecostal for about four months. I mean when I lived in that area. When I moved away, I
found this church and I heard the same kind of thing, little different language. I heard about the
anointing of the Holy Spirit. I heard about the filling of the Holy Spirit. I learned about victory in
my life. I learned about faith. I heard don’t complain and murmur and have a bad attitude but
wake up. Don’t quit. Keep going cause God is with you. Wow. Beautiful.

But where we have a story of a king who was anointed, Saul, and the Spirit isn’t there for him.
Now, you know, I said this morning a father has a son and they are crossing a river, crossing,
fording a river. A fast running river. I remember in Kyrgyzstan one of those. There was no way
we could ever get across it. It was so dangerous. It was terrible. I think of a different kind and a
dad with a little boy and get in him over. The son is rebellious and disobedient and not wanting
to go. It kind of grieves the dad. Then he grows up and he wants the son to jump in the car and
let’s go get an ice cream. I don’t want to go. And the attitude that a son can have or a daughter
or a family member or a boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife. How easy this can happen.
God has that problem with Israel.

He goes I’m drawing you. I want you. Come on. I got a lot for you. But they will not go, Psalm 78. So, he sent his Son. Christ came. If you follow him, you will find you can get across the river. You will find he can carry you. You will find that he can speak to you. He does speak to you. You will find an increase. An increase? Yes, an increase in the Holy
Spirit. What do you mean? I really believe that. You can have more of him, Mark 4. More of

I’ve always thought about that verse. With what measure you measure; it will be measured to
you. If I want a teaspoon of God, that’s what I’ll get. If I want a swimming pool of God, that’s
what he wants to give me. There is no limit with God. God will give more and more and more
like he did his Son, Jesus Christ. Christ, obedient, anointed. Christ, broken, obedient, anointed
and more and more that came to Jesus without measure it says in John. 3. He gave his Spirit
without measure to Christ. Christ is the fulness of God. Christ has been highly exalted. Christ is
an example for us.

So, what happens to Samson? He shook himself like other times but the power wasn’t there.
Here the king it says the Spirit of the Lord departed from him, from Saul and an evil spirit from
the Lord troubled him. God is saying in a way to a believer, okay. You want it your way. You can
have it your way. I am here. We are crossing over. I love you. You’re my friend. We have a relationship. But I can let you run. I can let you run. So, our backslidings reprove us, Jeremiah 2:19.

We find it’s hard. The way of the transgressor is hard. I’ve seen it, the stubbornness. 1 Samuel
15:22, stubbornness is like witchcraft. I’ve seen it. People are stubborn. They got to do it their
own way. They live their own – they are just not broken. They are not broken. They are not
God requires a broken spirit and contrite heart. Humility. I need you God. I need you. Oh, no.
really? Do you really need me? No, I need you God. I need you. Really? Do you really need me?
Can’t you go on your own, do it your own way. Can’t you? That’s what it means. I quench the
Spirit. I grieve the Holy Spirit and I get hard in my – and this is the third example and the last

Turn with me to Acts. 5. I won’t go into the details. I think you know the story maybe. Vs. 1-2.
They had a farm maybe. I’ll just make up a story with numbers, $200,000 they sold it for but
they lied. Cause they wanted to lead the apostles and the church to believe that they gave it all.
So, they said something like we sold it for $100,000 and we’re bringing the $100,000 to you.
Bringing $100,000 to the church as a donation and we’re giving all of it to the church, $100,000.
But it wasn’t true. It was actually $200,000 but they didn’t tell the truth. Can you imagine lying
like that? I can. Sure, I’ve done that before. Have you lied before?

Can you imagine making up a story. Cheating a little bit. Lying a little bit. I can, but you know what? You have the Holy Spirit in you and the Holy Spirit doesn’t allow you to do that. I can’t lie. I can’t cheat like that. I got to
tell the truth. Here’s the truth. The truth is we sold it for $200,000. We don’t want to give it all
to the church. We’ll give half of it to the church. That’s the truth. Thank you very much. That’s
amazing. Or whatever the numbers are. The point is you can’t lie. You and I can’t lie anymore.
God cannot lie and the Holy Spirit in you cannot lie. You cannot lie. We can’t lie anymore. We
have to tell the truth. That’s the way it is.

I read an amazing missionary story. I’ll tell you the short story. It’s missionaries 1869 in Canada
with Indians. These missionaries are in a canoe. These two white men and one Indian in the
front of the canoe. And the Indian said there’s some ducks over there. Hand me the rifle. So,
they had this rifle in the back. The guy in the back cocked it. Passed it up to the second
missionary. He took the gun. The trigger hit the paddle, fired off and shot the Indian in the head
and killed him. These two missionaries are devastated cause he was a man of God. He was their
translator. The Indian is dead. And in Indian culture, that means somebody is going to die. The
second guy, the guy in the middle, they were both part of the accident. He said I had to go to
the tribe and tell them what had happened and I knew they would probably have to kill me but
I had to do it. They brought the body to the shore.

They buried the body. Then they had to go back. They had to go to the tribe. They had to go there, and the guy had to tell them what had happened. And that he was one of the responsible people for the accident. The Indian tribes
and the chieftain and the tribesmen were all talking and saying they have to kill him now and
the whole thing but God saved him.

When I was thinking about the story, I was thinking about telling the truth. Sometimes, there
are things that we just have to face the music. Sometimes maybe terrible things happen. But
there is something about your life where you are different now because of God. It’s amazing.
We are filled with the Holy Spirit. The stories that go on in that book. It’s called “the Canoe and
Dog Sled.” A great book. An old book with these stories in it and I just want to say as we finish
here this story shows us how it can go.

Vs. 2-3. Who were you lying to? The Holy Spirit. Satan has filled your heart. These are
Christians. Satan has filled the heart to lie to the Holy Spirit. Vs. 4. Meaning you could do
whatever you want but you can’t lie about it. You can do whatever you want with your own
money, but you can’t lie about it. So, why have you conceived this thing in your heart? Because
I’m independent of the Holy Spirit. Because I’m not filled with the Holy Spirit. Because that’s
how I’m living and I’m part of the church but that’s how I’m living. That’s the way it goes. This is
how I’m living. I’m not filled with the Holy Spirit and I have something in my heart and I’m lying.
I have jealousy in my heart. I have some kind of boredom in my heart. I have judgmental spirit
in my heart. I am judging Greater Grace World Outreach or the Baptist church or the
Pentecostal or whatever it is. Pastor so and so, Eddie so and so or Jimmy or Nancy or Debbie or
whoever they are. It’s in my heart.

And Jesus is saying come on. Let’s go together. Hey, you got to deal with that thing that is in
your heart. What Lord? What? Jesus says you know that thing in your heart. You say thank you,
Jesus. I would rather have fellowship with you, Jesus, and your teaching and your love and your
nature and your character and be reduced to simply faith in you and obey you and follow you
and find my life enriched by the filling of the Spirit than have my own way and have something
else fill my heart.

How many people in this world are suffering because Satan has filled their hearts? And they just
live that way and they are not bringing it before God. That’s why when we have a church and
we have God’s Word speaking, he’ll catch me somewhere. What about that? And I say, yes,
Lord. “We are naked and open unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.” I want you to
fill me. Thank you, Jesus.

Draw this simple picture here. It doesn’t work. Okay. Okay. P. Steve says it doesn’t work! Not
working! Drop the pencil. It doesn’t work! Simple picture. Do you know what the Holy Spirit will
do with you and your world? He will make it bigger. He will. Holy Spirit will help you. He will
help you. Ananias and Sapphira, their scheme was too small for the way that they are made.
They are made to walk with Jesus. Jesus says, how much did you sell your house for? $200,000.
How much are you going to give to the church? $7,000. Wow, God bless you. It doesn’t matter
what the numbers are. The point is can you walk with me? Can you trust me? I know you’re
angry about your ex-wife but you better forgive her. I know you are depressed about your child,
but get a grip. Walk with Jesus. He’ll help you. I know it hurts, but I know the Holy Spirit can

move on the water and the Holy Spirit can turn Peter into an Apostle. The Holy Spirit can do his
work. But I want to also say to you, the Spirit left Samson and he suffered. The Spirit left King Saul and
he suffered. And the Spirit was grieved and lied to by Ananias and Sapphira and they died in
Acts. 5. Their life was cut short. They died, 1 Corinthians 11:28-31. Are there not some sick among you
and some that are sleeping already in the graveyard because they do not discern the Body of
Christ? Yeah, that’s true.

Well, that’s fun to preach about that and to say the Holy Spirit will never ultimately leave me
but sure looks like he’s gone to be honest. Psalm 51, David prayed this, “create in me a clean
heart; renew a right spirit within me. Take not your Holy Spirit from me.” What does that
mean? Where is he? Where is he? But Matthew 10:20, Christ said do not worry in that hour when
they drag you before the magistrates for in that hour don’t even think about what you’re going
to say cause in that hour my heavenly Father will speak. That means you got the Holy Spirit all
over you.

This is 1 Peter 4, for our brothers and sisters in different parts of the world suffering. It says that
the Spirit of glory rests upon you when you are suffering for Christ’s sake. When we walk with
Jesus and we get in trouble, Jesus is with us and the Spirit of glory is upon us. We have
authority. We have power like Samson had in that period of his life. When the Spirit moved
him, he had authority. like King Saul also. They thought he was one of the prophets cause he
prophesied and the Spirit of God was with him. And then it was like nothing. If I grieve him, if I
quench him, if lie to him, if I am rebelling against him, if I am angry with God, if I’m
disappointed and angry with God’s people and I’m angry with the whole thing and so on; then it
might be very likely that the Spirit is grieved and waiting and grieved and waiting. Then the
voice of God gets less and less and less.

I’ll finish with that one I hope. I don’t know if I get this. Got one more in there? One more
picture in there, P. Steve? Here’s King Saul. Is it there? The voice of God with King Saul and
finally, finally, finally there’s no voice anymore. So, what does he do? He’s got to talk. Samuel
died. The Spirit has left King Saul. So, what does he do? He goes to a witch. Can you imagine a
Christian coming to this church. God is speaking to them for 20 years. God is ministering to
them. The Bible is alive and open. The Spirit of God is anointed them. They are enriched in their
life, and then they are grieving the Spirit. It’s like it’s over. God has left them so to speak. It
seems like it. Now, they are driving up Route 40 and they turn into a psychic house where they
have palm reading and psychic. Why did they go there? Because nobody is talking to me. I’ve
lost God.

That’s a crazy story but that’s what happened to him. King Saul had to go to a witch. And said,
can you call up, Samuel? And she did. The witch was shocked it really was Samuel. Samuel said, why are you calling me? Saul said cause I don’t have anybody to talk to. Nobody is talking to
me. It’s over. Nobody is talking to me. Samuel said tomorrow you will be with me. Meaning Saul
will go to heaven. Tomorrow, Saul will die in battle and he’ll go and be with Samuel and he will
go to heaven. But In this life, he was living without the power, without the filling, without the

And that’s what we must cherish. That’s what we must always relate to and that’s how we want
to live praying in the Spirit. Let’s say it this way. Lord, could I meet you tomorrow night 7:00 in
front of the church? I’m waiting. I’m waiting. God wants to see my face, Psalm 27. Go wants to
know my heart. God wants to know what’s in my heart. God wants to know what is my attitude.
God wants me to ask him. God wants me to relate to him. God wants me to wait on God. Wait
upon God and believe him. Then get really rough with God so to speak, like tough with him like
a little boy with his dad. Dad, you told me we could go to the circus. Dad, you told me. Let’s go.
We’re going to the circus. And the son is there waiting for his dad. His dad says, do you want to
go to the circus? Yes, dad. I want to go.

Then we will go! Then we will go to the circus. You see what I’m saying. I’m trying to say something tonight. The Holy Spirit is real. We can quench him. We can grieve him. We can get a hard heart. We can become nasty Christians
judging people, miserable, critical, nasty people. But wait a minute. We can be awesome
people. Very kind. Very patient. Very loving. Prayerful. We can be giving. We can be serving. We
can see things happen because Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.



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