We sometimes worship what is not God. We can forsake the fountain of living waters. We seek other sources of life and refreshment. We carve out containers that are cracked, we make things that cannot hold what we need. Elisha wanted double portion of Elijah’s spirit. Jesus promised to send Spirit and we now have Him in us. Be patient with the change that comes into your life by God. (2 Kings 2:9; Jeremiah 2:1-13)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11634
11:00 AM on 2/24/2019




P. Schaller

Did you hear that piece in the song, he’ll do it again? What will he do? If you go to the gospels, and you see what Jesus did in the gospels, some people believe he’ll never do that again. He walked on water, raised the dead, cast out demons and that’s the end. But the Scripture says he’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. What if I kind of think sometimes people wake up in the morning and get bad news the night before, wrestle in their sleep, and their world is falling apart. I need to come to the church and believe God can do it again. What? Renew me, speak to me, encourage me, forgive me, heal me, visit me, and help me. He will do it again. Let’s sing that part again and be believing it. Our church is a place where you are here and with us and we want to see God in life and in our spirit and in our heart. Amen. Praise God.

One proverb, Prov. 14:20. Just a pre – sets us up for the message which I believe will produce faith in our hearts and at the end of the service, during the service, but later on, we’ll have some pastors stand with anointing oil if you want to have prayer. You want to share something with one of the pastors. We’ll do that at the service today. Our prayer is for the Spirit to move and minister to our hearts. We touch Christ.

Prov. 14:20. This is only a few minutes. Then the offering, message and prayer for people. Tonight we have chicken cacciatore. Good food tonight at 5:00 at the fellowship hall. It’s all you can eat. I’ve been waiting for this! Down there at 5:00 and then we have our service with some special music and prayer and a good message by God’s grace. I’m excited in the Lord. Do you see anyone in here you don’t know? We have a new person here, Colleen. She’s kind of new. You know what you could do? I say Coleen, could I buy you a $5 dinner tonight? I’ll meet you down there and we can eat down there. I’m not saying the men are looking for the ladies or ladies for the men but I have no control over that! I’m thinking more in terms of people getting to know us better. Giving us a great time at the dinner time at 5:00 and we come down the sidewalk and have our fellowship. I don’t know if P. Scibelli will be down there or not. Oh, that’s right. You have some meetings. I was going to have him down there. P. Jason will be doing that. I’ll be down there, too.

Do you think rich people have a lot of friends? Not real friends, they piped up over here on my left. How many NFL football players sign the big contract and suddenly the phone starts ringing. People gravitate to the money but do they gravitate to the person? What does the person have? What if there isn’t much in the person. But they have money but what do they have? When Jesus came into the world, he came because he had something. You could touch him and you are touching God. This is a little difficult because if we draw a picture here…that’s you! In the same way, when people maybe want your stuff. Let’s draw a picture of your stuff. A box. In the same way with God, people maybe want the stuff but do they want God? This is the way we are as people. The rich man has a lot of friends because he has a lot of stuff. They want the stuff but do they want the man? What does the man have?

There is a great story with Elijah and Elisha. Elisha followed him and went across the river. On the other side of the river, Elijah said what would you like from me? Elisha could have said I’d like your bank account, your house, your stuff. But he didn’t. He said I want your spirit. I want twice your spirit. I want your spirit. A lot of people don’t think about life deeply enough to understand that really I don’t need your stuff as much as I need and want what you have in God in your spirit, in your heart. I would like your love, your prayer, your encouragement, your wisdom, your faith. I’d like your nature and character to enrich me. I want your spirit, Elisha said. Same with Jesus. Some follow Jesus because of the free lunch. They want a free lunch. Some Christians follow God because they are rolling the dice. Maybe if I honor God, I’ll get his stuff. Whatever that may mean. The message today is I would like to have the person and we want to say the same thing regarding God. We would like his person. When Jesus left, this is what he promised, the Spirit would come and he’s like me. He will dwell in you. He will teach you. We will love one another. You will pray in my name and I will do it. Amen.

That’s it. Are we ready for a message? Say to your neighbor, are you ready for a message? We need a message. Lord, help us. Give us a message.

2 Ki. 2, Put up the sketch again. It’s clear as mud! Where does your brain go when it looks at that picture? Don’t tell me! I’m afraid I could know you but maybe I don’t know you. I don’t touch you or I don’t know you. I might know your stuff. In some circles, it means your name, reputation or influence but do I know you? Jesus at the Last Supper – Phillip said show us the Father. Have I been with you so long and you don’t know that if you’ve seen me, you’ve see the Father? To touch Jesus Christ like the woman bleeding 12 years crawls through and touches him when he’s being touched by many people in the crowd. Who touched me? Many are touching you. He looks and sees the woman and he knows. I’m only saying rich people because it’s in the proverb and a good graphic picture of people relating to people on some level that is very common. It’s common. But in our faith, we would like to know God. This is seen here in this story with the one prophet and the other man in the school of the prophets.

This is 2 Ki 2:9. The guys running that are very good [the screen]. I just don’t tell them to the last minute. Ask what I shall do for you? You don’t have to do anything for me. It’s not what you do for me. It’s who you are. That’s what I need. That’s what I want. Who you are I want double. It’s a similar thing with God. We really want to know him. That’s his name, I AM. When Moses said, what is your name? This is what I’m going to do for you, but he said I AM that I AM. Because you have the H.S. in you, you understand me. The H.S. is the one that has changed your life. By the way, be patient with that change. Some changes are radical and some of the change takes some years. The change is happening because you are touching God. When we touch God, there is a satisfaction and an awareness of his nature, his character.

vs. 9-10. What could I do for you? Give me your stuff. Or let what you have in the Spirit be given to me twice. We have a Bible college here and the only thing we can give to people is that which is spiritual. We hand out certificates and diplomas at the end of the curriculum and we’re proud of that and thankful for what has happened in a period of time when someone is laboring in their heart, but anyone of us can shift to the stuff and think, what can you give me? We cannot give anything more important than the ministry of Christ that is given to us. This will endure. This will not fade away. This will be ours forever and ever.

De 29:29, I’ve called you friends because I tell you my secrets. The people that continue are those touching the character and the person. The people after the stuff- let’s follow Jesus and see what he will give us. We’ll get a free lunch. We’ll see some healing. When it came down to knowing him, this is for all of us, our desire.

Jer. 2 shows us what is happening in the church has happened in Israel. What happened in Israel was heart breaking to God. God brought them out of Egypt by the power and they saw it. They realized that God did this.

Jer. 2:1-2 This is the pre-wedding engagement period. This is the wedding, the marriage, the beginning of their relationship. When Jesus came out of Egypt, the nation was married to God. God says I remember you in this beginning period.

When you went after me in the wilderness in a land not shown, Israel was holiness unto the Lord, vs. 3-5. Using our sketch, Israel shifted. What did you find wrong in me? God said. What’s wrong in me? I am God. What’s wrong with me? I can answer right away. Your ways are a problem to me. Your ways are a problem to me. We were in the wilderness starving. God says I gave you manna. Yeah, but it wasn’t enough. We had to have it every day. God is saying, do you know me? We have a problem with your ways. We were 40 years in the wilderness. God is saying but did you know me? I was with you when your shoes did not wear out. I was with you when your clothes were not too worn out. I was with you when I fed you. The Shekinah glory of God came on the tabernacle when Moses built it. Did you see me? Do you know me? Lord, I’m concerned about myself in this. I think you would disappoint me. If my child is disabled, if I lose my job, my heath. If I get a cancer. All of these things are so important to me. Tom Schaller says amen. I hope we will be saved from our trouble. On the other hand is a message here. We are called to know God and to be humble and broken before God. When we get in trouble, there is a huge possibility of saying Lord, I want your stuff. You know what I mean. I want the good life. I want answers to all the things I desire. I want life to go my way. I have to be careful how I say this because I’m like everyone here. We believe knowing you and your Spirit is better than anything we would ever want. We believe your peace will go with us. Your nature will be imparted to us. It is in us now. We will be in fellowship with the nature of God. The love of God endures and never fails. God’s Spirit, God’s love never fails. The Spirit filling me is what I need. Lord, I don’t know you ways. You’re right you don’t know my ways or thoughts in Isaiah 55. Come unto me and learn of me. I am meek and lowly. I will give you a yoke that is easy and a burden that is light. There was two men, Caleb and Joshua and they would say at the end of 40 years, it’s not a big problem. It was a challenge but I got to know God in it. God was comforting me in the night, encouraging me in my fellowship. I saw the glory of God in the wilderness. God was with me in life, in my trial. I touched God, not the things about God. That too but there is some problem people have with this.

Jer 2:6 they didn’t say where is the Lord. Why didn’t they say where is the Lord? They were saying, where is the Lord’s stuff? They didn’t say, where is God? That should be in our life. I want to find God. In my life I need his kindness, comfort, wisdom, fellowship, patience, grace. I need his words. If you are a friend of God, I want to be your friend. A friend of God will help me win my fellowship with God.

vs. 7-8. The priest didn’t say where is the Lord? Have you ever been in a church, maybe a traditional church in America? As a young believer, I would go into the church and say, where is the Lord? I didn’t know anything and if he was there, I wouldn’t have recognized him or known him. Where is God in this church? Where is God in my life, in my past, in my future, in my fellowship, in my prayer life? Sometimes we are not praying because we are not seeking for God. Instead, we are asking for the stuff. God, I got to win the lottery this week. I’ll buy 5 bucks worth of tickets and that’s where I meet God. God is saying, take your foolishness and come to me with a broken heart and get serious with me and I’ll get serious with you. Sometimes we wonder why there isn’t more of the moving of the Spirit of God in the lives of people. Are they asking where is God, not what is he going to do for me. I need to touch his Spirit, twice the spirit Elisha said. I want a lot of what you got. You don’t have anything to give me to satisfy my hungry and thirsty soul. There is no pile of money or name on the earth. No opportunity you could dream up.

Nothing you could offer me that could compare to what it means to have a relationship with God who is almighty. Listen to some of his names. I took this from the back of a Thompson Chain. It’s the names of Christ. Who is Christ? He is the Almighty, the Alpha and Omega, the Amen, the Arm of the Lord, the Author and Finisher of your faith. He started it and he’ll finish it. The author of eternal salvation. Not salvation that you have one day and lose the next. The author of eternal salvation. You cannot lose it. He saves you forever. It’s ridiculous to think you can lose your salvation.

It’s like a father that sits at the dinner table with five children in front of me. Your mother and father love you. We will be faithful to you. When you get in trouble in school, I will be there. When you go to prison, I will be there. I am your father for the rest of your life whether you like it or not. I’m a good father, a good, good father. I’ll be there. If you disappoint me, you can’t destroy the love I have for you. You could be wrong but you can’t stop being my children. I might not agree with you but I’ll still be your father. I will not cut you off. Some people think children, your mother and father love you. I got to tell you something. If you ever bring shame on this family, I’ll have to cut you off. If you ever disappoint me and your mother and hurt us, the relationship is over and you are disowned. That’s ridiculous. Maybe you grew up in that kind of family but that’s not God’s family. I gave my Son, so I will never leave you or forsake you. I gave my Son, so you would know my nature and character. I’ve loved you with an everlasting love (Jer 31:3). This is what Jeremiah wants to say.

Jer 2:8 they didn’t say where is the Lord? They just go about their problem. Yeah, where is the Lord? Shhh! We’re doing our duties, our program. Yeah, God is not here. Where is God? That’s beautiful. The movements of God through human history for people seeking God and nothing less.

vs. 8. What a mouthful. What a great text of Scripture. They are doing all kinds of stuff but they do not know me. God is heartbroken. When we are talking about 600 years later Christ comes into the world and the same thing is going on. They are doing their religious duty but not finding the reality of God. Christ is saying I am here but you will not come to me. Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, I am weeping for you. You don’t know the peace I have for you. If you knew, you would seek me and find me.

vs. 9-11. Have you changed your gods that are no gods? What a good verse. How about the U.S. A. In God we trust – praise God for those who put it on their money. How did they ever get that on? That was an amazing thing to say. In God we trust. America, where have you gone? Your gods are no gods. They are cheap, sell out, phony, empty, tinsel, hollow, empty, sex gods. They’re sex. Are people choking on it enough? Are people sick and tired of it enough? Are they polluted enough? Twisted and perverted enough by their sin nature and infatuation with sex? That’s not god. It’s nothing. It’s body, flesh. What do you have? Do you have any mind, dignity, trust, truth, spirit, holiness, power, authority? What do you have by worshipping the gods? How about money? It seems everything is about money. The box. You become a Christian and get rich. We can all say it doesn’t work. I don’t think people say that but it’s forced on us. We buy things – you know all that. Maybe this is what makes us happy. We compare on social media what they are buying and getting. When you see a beautiful family and you don’t have one, get real humble and say I’m so happy there is a beautiful family. We need many of them. Maybe I’m not married or don’t have children. You get humble before God and come to God and touch the Spirit of God. Father, would you pour your heart and blessing upon those people and every child in that family? Great are the enemies against the family. Great are the lies against our blessing. God help us to know you. There it is.

vs. 11. I think we should understand that. There is a day coming when who you are will be seen. It will be beautiful. Maybe now in this world you, we are not recognized. That’s okay. That’s very good actually. We can live by faith and not be occupied with ourselves in some wrong way. We don’t know who we are. Jesus gave us some guarantees. The last will be first. The woman who gave the two mites he saw it. This woman put in more than everyone else. That kingdom is coming and will honor those that are meek and have found the walk of faith with the nature of God. This is our satisfaction that we have found it.

vs. 12-13. Look at the box here. My people are looking at the box, the stuff for life. This is what they want. God is the God who will give me this stuff. What if he doesn’t? Are we called to know him? If we look at the stuff we are looking for, there are two things about it. They have forsaken me, the fountain of living water so the source of the water is not God. It’s something else. Maybe it’s a bottle of alcohol. The source is entertainment or money or some other thing I have. I’m looking for the source of the water. I’m looking for another source because I’ve forsaken God. I don’t want to pay the price for what it means to know God. I don’t want to pay the price of being so honest before God, broken before God. I don’t want to sit in a meeting and there the guy says you got to hear the word of God. I want to live my life and I say to you sincerely and seriously, don’t do that but trust in the Lord with all your heart. If you forsake him, you’ll hewn out a cistern. In limestone land in Israel, you can take the metal like axe and chip away and make a hole that will hold water. Water is precious in the Middle East. Jerusalem is on high ground and they need water from rain and cisterns to hold water. If there is a crack, the water will run out. They have hewn out cisterns but it’s broken. It doesn’t hold it. You get one girl friend and it’s lost and you get another girl friend and one bottle and then one pile of this or that. I get some happiness, three weeks of happiness or a couple of months of happiness and then it drains away. It’s gone like the morning cloud.

We’re saying that Christ is the fountain of living water, and he’s given us a cistern that can hold it. We are holding it. It’s been decades. It’s not changing. It’s true. The truth of 40 years ago is the truth of the moment. Christ is enough. God is enough. God is satisfying. You are able to hold it and think about it and relate to it and know the same God that showed up at the beginning of your salvation. The same God is taking you to the end for he is the author and finisher of. Let me go through this. He is the Counselor, the Dayspring, the Deliverer, the Door, the Everlasting Father, the Faithful Witness, the First and the Last, the First Begotten. He is the glory of God. He is God. He is the Good Shepherd, the Governor, the Great High Priest, the Head of the Church, the Heir of all things. He is the Holy child, the Holy One, the Holy One of Israel, the Horn of Salvation, the I AM. He is Immanuel, Yahweh, Jesus, Judge of Israel, Just, King, Lawgiver, Lamb, Leader, Life, Light of the World, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Lord of All, the Man of Sorrows, the Mediator, The Messenger of the Covenant, the Messiah. He’s the Mighty God, the Mighty One, the Morning Star, the Nazarene, the Only Begotten Son, Our Passover, Prince of Kings, Prince of Life, Prince of Peace. He’s the Prophet Redeemer, the Resurrection and the Life, Rock, Root of David, Rose of Sharon, Savior, Seed of the Woman, the Shepherd, Shiloh, Son of the Blessed, Son of David, Son of God, Son of the Highest, Son of Man. Listen.

What is the point? Why would I depart from him? Why would I leave him? Why would I live by my gut and have a God that is no god. Just nothing but foolishness. It breaks my heart when I’m in it. I can’t stand it. I see someone precious and their life is becoming foolish and empty and twisted. They cannot find the way. They don’t know how to find the way. They are frustrated and hurting people. They don’t know who God is. When we are finding God and knowing God, you never forget, you never return back. You never go to some place and get occupied with those things and that way of life that will steal from you and destroy you. God is good. Really. Wow. I’m hurt by it. It bothers me a lot. It really does. I’m sorry about it. I don’t see it getting better. It’s not a game. People die. Stupid. They die. Overdose. They die. They are shamed. It’s horrible. We have to fight a good fight and care about it. We ourselves rooted and grounded and growing. God is going to take care of you and fill you and anoint you and lead you and teach you. Know your flesh. Know what it is and say no. You have an advantage. The unsaved people don’t know what to do. They get in trouble and they can’t believe they do that.

You have an advantage. You know what to do. Turn to me. God is speaking. You have forsaken me. You have made a life and it can’t hold any water. This is happening over and over. Come back to me. I will not shame you. I will not hurt you. I will comfort you and save you. I gave you my Son, and I’m serious about this. Yes, Lord Jesus. You are serious about it. I want twice. I want the Spirit and everything you got for me. Your stuff comes and goes but I want you. Okay. Amen.



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