Jesus came to baptize us with fire. This fire teaches us how to discern the vile from the precious. This fire teaches us how to avoid dealing treacherously with the wives of our youth. This fire makes us speak often one to another and refines us as jewels of God. The idle and the proud speak stout things against Heaven. But we are His and our words He writes down to remember. (Malachi 3:13-17; Isaiah 4:4; Jeremiah 15:19; Malachi 2:14)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11944
7:00 PM on 8/26/2020

P. Schaller –

I’d like to speak about the spirit of burning. We may be moving around a lot in our Scriptures. Isaiah 4:4, Jeremiah 15:16 let me back up. The Holy Spirit works in history through people. We see it with Jesus Christ in
the Gospels. We see it with his followers and the church in the Book of Acts. It’s the Holy Spirit.
It’s the Spirit of God. God is a holy God. When the Spirit of God moved in the Book of Acts, it
was so clear that they had a different spirit. They had the Spirit of God. In our country in the
United States of America, the kingdom of God is like a tree planted and grows up and birds
come and live in the tree. In a way, in our country, Christianity came here and then the birds
came and lived in the tree. What are the birds? What are the birds? We’ll look at that in a
minute. There is a secular mindset.

There is atheism. There are cults and different religions in
our country with freedom in the minds and hearts of people. We are living here, and God has
called us to be awake, to have it in our heart to have conviction and persuasion in our minds
and hearts. It’s so important in the days we are living in to recognize something here. Jeremiah
15:19, I dropped a ring down the sink and took the sink apart underneath to get the precious
ring that was in a lot of gunk. Have you ever had to put your hand in a toilet to pull out
something precious, like your iPhone! Have you had to go into mud, mire? Did you have to go
to one part of the city you would never have gone to, to snatch your son or daughter out of a
vile, filthy place, a bad place, a bar room or something? Had you ever had to separate the
precious from the vile? It’s a good question.

If you don’t know anything about this, it’s important you would ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit and teach you. God is not a dirty God. He’s a clean God. If we don’t have any distinction between the filthy and the precious, the
precious and the vile, we don’t understand what it means to have a relationship with God.
Remember the prophet said to Jehoshaphat, how can you be a friend of him that hates God?
Speaking about Ahab. Well, because we are friends of publicans and sinners. Yes, Jesus came
into the world and he was a friend, but it also says in Hebrews 7 he was separate from them. Even
though he could sit in the midst of them, he was not agreeing with them in everything they
were thinking and saying. He was anointed. He was different. He had the spirit of might and
counsel. He had the spirit of quick understanding in the book of Isaiah chapter 11. He had a
spirit of burning.

He was anointed by the Spirit and not just the water of John the Baptist, but
he had the Spirit of God that made him a holy man. How does this happen in your life? How can
you have persuasion and conviction in your heart? It happened to me this afternoon as I was
thinking about the message, various thoughts, and thinking about it and the Lord got ahold of
my spirit and my heart and worshiping him and realizing how precious it is that there is a
difference between us and the Egyptians in Exodus 10. We are not like the world. We are going to
vote in November, and you pray about it, but you register, and you vote. They say that 24% of
evangelicals in the United States aren’t even registered. It’s our civic duty not to have the bad
guys get in office. Say that with me, bad guys. Bad guys. You are a bad guy. Bad guys. Get used
to the idea. Bad guys. They’re bad guys. They are.

They’re bad guys. Well there is a lot of bad guys around. Look to your right and left! There are. There are a lot of bad guys but if you can – let’s read the verse, Jeremiah 15:19. If you can do that, separate. You know how Jewish law was you could have the food but not the shrimp. I think some of you are violating that on a regular basis! I’ve seen you! I’ve seen you! The Jews are known for this. Even basement water proofing,
if the water is standing still in the basement of a cellar in a Jewish house, it’s violating the law.
They will call Pete Westera right up and say get over here and deal with this thing. I can’t have
water standing. And the scientists today will tell you that. It’s unhealthy. Where did they get
that from? God. Water has to be running. The Jews are known for this. This is beautiful. The
Lord is saying something deeper. If you don’t know the difference, there is something not right.
If you live in the United States of America and you don’t see what is going on and don’t realize
and it doesn’t mean much to you, you need to get ahold of what is happening.

If you are saved, and you are by God’s grace, then walk in the Spirit of God and as you make good decisions in
separating the precious from the vile, then what will happen? You shall be as my mouth. The
mouth of God. Would that be amazing? Well, good news. You are. You are the mouth of God.
You are. You have a ministry from God. God is with your mouth. What are you saying? Yuck!
Yuck! And you’re able to say precious, precious. It’s precious. Where did this come from? I have
to say it comes and goes in my life. You can’t figure it out. It’s spiritual. Sometimes that spirit of
burning is something I can feel or sense and sometimes it’s faith. I don’t feel anything at all.
Sometimes I’m so excited about my faith. I’m so excited about what I believe. I’m so excited
about seeing God one day. I’m so excited about the Body of Christ. I’m so excited about my
friends. I’m so excited about holiness. It’s so exciting in my heart. There is no end to it. It’s

The nature of God is with us. Ezekiel 16:49, who is talking but God. Who is he talking to
but Israel. Israel, your sister is Sodom. This is like a figure of speech. I don’t want to say sarcasm
but some figure of speech. I don’t know how it’s labeled. Your sister is Sodom. We know Sodom
is a bad place. Actually, it was a beautiful place, but it was an immoral place. Beautiful but
wrong. Sodom is your sister. Then he goes on and says pride, fullness of bread, and abundance
of idleness was in her. I love America and our culture and many things about it, but many things
are not right. I have to recognize that. There is something here that parallels us. It’s fullness of
bread and it’s also pride and also abundance of idleness. What kind of idleness? What is your
mission? What is your vision? What are you doing? What is your life about? Do you have
idleness? Is it about recreation? Is it about hanging out? What is it?

You have an abundance of time and wealth and therefore a lot of idleness. You have pornography and your computer and all that stuff. Don’t misunderstand what I want to say tonight because this is the way it is
anyway. I want to say if you can’t separate the precious from the vile, then that’s what I’m
trying to say. We have to have it. How many churches can separate, the believers, can separate
the precious from this? Is there pride? Is there abundance of idleness? I can’t help but think
that’s a message for P. Love sometime. You want a make a message on that. I’m sure you’ll do a
good job. Abundance of idleness. How many hours? How much time? How much money do we
spend on our pets and our dogs and our vacations and treatments and everything else. Read
the next part. I heard that our charity giving for animals has exceeded the charity giving for
poor people.

We give more money for animals and the preservation of animals than we do for
poor people. Do you care about poor people? Not you, but I’m saying in our world. Do we have
things upside down? Are we killing our babies? Are we crying social injustice when actually, why
am I not on the street every day to help people. What am I doing in giving to people what they need? Is there any humility? Is there any honesty? Or is there a lot of hypocrisy and arrogance.
Hypocrisy. That’s my commentary on that. That’s a very good message and P. Love, give him a
hand for the message he is going to preach one day! I believe we are at the end times of
history. The election is on November 3 rd . I believe on November 4th we’re raptured out of here!
You know, election will happen and on the 4th we’re gone! Everyone can have their way but
we’re in another place! Come on! 2020.

I’m a false prophet! You knew that already anyway. Why are you here? Before Jesus comes, there is troubled times. We read about that. One of the characteristics of it is deception, people being deceived. The Spirit of burning is not the spirit of deception. The spirit of burning is the Spirit of God and you can tell the difference. You can tell
the difference between Christ and a false Christ, between Christ and a false prophet. You can
tell the difference between holiness and unholiness. In the book of Malachi, the Jewish people,
– this is the last book of the Old Testament – the Jewish people couldn’t tell the difference. They
were arrogant. God would say, you have tired me out. They say, what do you mean we’ve tired
you out? He said, you robbed me. Wherein have we robbed you? It’s seven times this word
“wherein” or “wherefore.” It means like a teenager when the mother says clean your room and
he goes upstairs and moves his shoes from here to there.

Then he goes out and plays. Hey, come on back. Did you clean–? What? What? I moved my shoes from here to there. You get the idea. Not when you are Spirit filled. Not when you have the Spirit of God in your heart. You are
right here with the Lord in you heart. You’re not treacherous. It’s an interesting portion. One
interesting thing is the wife of the youth and divorcing the wife of your youth with a
treacherous spirit. It’s an interesting phrase. Let’s put it up on the screen. Malachi 2:14 You say
“wherefore,” what are you talking about? The Lord has been in the midst of a marriage
counseling session with a husband and wife and the Lord is in the midst and discerning the
spirit of the man. He says the man is treacherous. Vs. 14. That is shocking to me. Why is the
man treacherously relating to his wife? He’s blaming her or accusing her or is going to divorce
her. Vs. 14-16. I think it happens to us.

I’m not honest with you. I’m dealing treacherously. In the case of my marriage, I’m not in the Spirit. I’m getting rid of my wife. What kind of wife? Wife from my youth, from my young years when I was so much in love with her and now there is something dishonest going on in me. The Lord is pointing that out. They are saying, what are
you talking about? God is saying that is your state. Could I say that in the United States of
America we have a church that is ridiculously entertaining false and immoral and false doctrine
of errors and practice that is ridiculous. A church is divided over homosexuality. There shouldn’t
even be a discussion about it other than love. We love everybody. Everyone is welcome but
homosexual is sin (1 Corinthians 6, Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:27). No doubt about it but that church, what has
happened? What? What? “God is love. We love one another.” What is missing? The Spirit of
burning and when you and I have that – it’s not about homosexuality.

It isn’t. It’s not the point. There is something deeper. It’s about me. I have sinned. I have sinned. God is loving me. God is teaching me doctrine. God is teaching me how to live. God is teaching me how to be a servant.
God is teaching me worship. When you find Jesus Christ, sin is not the primary issue. It is in
regarding salvation. It is in life but I’m trying to say and if you follow this pulpit you’ll
understand what I mean that we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God. Nobody is doing me any favor by letting me live in my cheating. Cheating. I put my shoes from here to
there and I go in the gunk in the sink and say it’s all the same. I say it’s all gunk or it’s all
precious. No. lastly, that was a side comment on Malachi. Everyone of these could be a
message in itself. Malachi 3:13, your words have been stout. Could you come out with your own
definition of the word “stout” and tell your neighbor what it means?

Who is speaking? God is saying to Israel your words have been strong against me. Your words have been hard against me. I hear it on the streets. I hear people getting angry with God. Angry with God. I know the
spirit of it. We are proud, rich, well fed, idle people. We are saying the world shouldn’t be this
way. And that’s not right what happened to him and her. And I don’t believe in hell. I don’t
believe in hell. These are stout words against God. There is no discerning in it. There is no
humility. This world is not based on you and me. This world is based on God. God made it and
he is telling us something and we are to be respectful and humble before him and listen to
what he has to say to us. By his grace, his Spirit will fill us, and we will walk receiving and we’ll
have a spirit of burning. It will be in you. It’s in your spirit in a beautiful, satisfying way. This is
where satisfaction comes from.

Human satisfaction comes from God. It’s as if every other thing cannot satisfy. It’s truth that sets us free. God said this to Jewish people, the Israelites. What? You said it is vain to serve God. Have you ever heard anyone say, I went to Bible college and it was a waste of time. I have. Have you ever heard someone say, I was a Christian once. It didn’t work for me. It doesn’t mean anything. I don’t care. I became a Jehovah Witness. What were
you before? A Baptist. What did you learn as a Baptist that you could become a Jehovah
Witness? What happened? How could that be? Are you born again? Do you have the Spirit of
God. Many will come in that day saying, Lord, Lord. Did we not prophesy in your name and do
miracles? I never knew you. I never knew you. Wow! We are good at this. We can take it up and
practice it, but do we have the Spirit of God in our spirit burning? John the Baptist said I baptize
you with water. He’ll baptize you with fire.

Our God is a consuming fire. When that fire is in our life, we come to a church that’s on fire. Why when covid19 happened, we just can’t stop? We just ooze out of the cracks like this pizza dough in the refrigerator. The guy made so much of it. They didn’t know what they were doing. They put it in this little refrigerator and a couple hours
later, it’s oozing out of the rubber seams of the refrigerator door! It’s just oozing out because
the Spirit to of God is in us. We cannot stop. We cannot stop. We cannot stop. It’s too good. We
are too hungry. Can you lose you hunger? Yes. Lose your burning? Yes. Can you get tired? Yes,
absolutely. They that wait upon me. There it is. They wait upon me and they renew their
strength. They mount up with wings as eagles. Don’t give up. In your heart you could say, I’m
dead. I’m beat. Remember Elijah.

Elijah shows up and faces off with Jezebel. There are plenty of Jezebels around in this world. He faces off with Jezebel and you couldn’t stop him. He’s clear and has a message and there he is. He says I think I’m the only one left. I think I’m the only one like this. The Lord says, no you’re not. I have 7,000 in California and Utah and South Dakota and I got some in Florida. I got one in Texas, in Houston. No, oh no. You might feel alone but we are
not. The thing we want to focus on, the social issues are one thing, but they will always be here.
The vile is here but we got to find the precious. When we find the precious, we’ll say it’s an
honor. Vs. 14-15. Do you know who we call happy in America? Who do we call happy? The rich people. They’re happy. The professional athletes. They’re happy. The high paid professionals,
the business men. They’re happy. We say the people that are representing all these immoral
causes. They’re happy. That’s what people say.

You can’t say that. You can’t say that. You find out they are not actually happy. And you realize what makes me happy is the Holy Spirit in me. The quietness. The peace. We can lie down and go to sleep in peace. We have power in our prayers. Just think, I don’t hate anybody. Thank you, Jesus. Just think, I got my friends, my
sisters and my brothers. I got an open Bible. I got a mission. We can see people go to other
countries and preach the gospel. We are so honored by the living God. Angels come and go on
us (Psalm 34:7). Everything works together for good for us (Romans 8:28). We are more than
conquerors. We are blessed in many precious ways. Think about that. Proud are happy. That’s
what they say. But what do you say? The holy are joyful. Vs. 15. Look at how backward it is. I
want to finish up because of the time but you have been very good listeners. I could finish this
with a big crescendo.

Are we ready for this? Do you see how the world is? Abundance of idleness, pride, the belly is full. They are doing whatever they want. Ordering people around. There is a lot of strength. And then in the Christian world the proud are happy and it doesn’t matter, and we are living in this age. This is the 21 st century. All these deception and blindness is happening and in the church too. Then comes vs. 16. I could weep saying that. They that fear
the Lord. They showed up. They got really humble. They fasted. They suffered. When we went
to Bible college, we prepared ourselves for the mission field by sleeping on the floor. I would
look up at my mattress! It was beautiful! I want to be in my mattress! No, I’m a missionary.
There is no suffering. There is no sacrifice. It’s just an abundance of bread and idleness and my
way and my talking and my arrogance on a university campus saying whatever I want to say to
whomever I want to say it. That’s the way it is in the world.

Do you know any difference? They that feared the Lord, what did they do? Vs.16. they spoke often one to another like we do. You come here on a Wednesday night because we speak often one to another. After the service is
over, we will be with our friend and we will be talking. It’s the highlight. We love it so much. We
speak often one to another. They had something to say from the Lord. They had discernment.
They had wisdom. They had a gift. They had a ministry. They had love. They had an anointing.
The Lord was listening to them and he heard it. He listened to them. God in heaven is listening
to us! Wow! Tonight. God in heaven is listening to us tonight! What did he do? He not only
heard it but wrote it in a book. It was in a book of remembrance. It was written before him for
them that feared the Lord. They shall be mine.

Those that fear me will be mine. Listen. The ladies have these boxes for the jewelry. What do they call it? That’s difficult to understand. A jewelry box! Oh! And in that jewelry box, they are lined with green felt and and precious little and velvet and they put it in and it’s there an there’s a lock on it. There is a red carpet that goes
up! Is that jewelry precious? Is that jewelry special? Do they have a special place for it? God is
saying these people are precious to me. They are in a special place. They are in a special place
in my heart. They are separated from. They are like jewels. Vs. 17. Would Eric Turk spare his
son, Zane? Yes. Would P. Gary G. spare his son, Nick? No joking. Of course, you’d spare. We
love you. Awesome. A man and his son. He’s precious.

The Lord is saying. That’s what I want. That’s what I have. Don’t be common but trust me because the United States of America doesn’t need garbage. They need people like you and I and we got something. And care for it
and cultivate it and walk in it. Don’t give up. It – maybe it grows slow like a big oak tree but it’s
alive. You might say I’m dead as a door nail. No, you’re just not moving much. No, you’re alive.
The juice is in you. You got it. Be patient. God is with you and he’ll never fail you. God is with
you. Be patient. It’s in you.



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