Spirit of Christ helps to see. We should not try to sell God with things. Job was not following God for his stuff. Job followed Him because of the Spirit of God. Too many fall apart when the marriage tanks, when the riches go. Let’s have the Spirit. Our ears are circumcised, our mouths speak what’s right, our hearts have great peace. (Proverbs 14:20; Job 1:10)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11635
6:30 PM on 2/24/2019



P. Schaller

A group of us ate good tonight. Chicken cacciatore, macaroni, linguine, spaghetti, parmesan cheese! Cakes, pies, coffee. We ate good tonight. Halleluiah. For $5. 130 people. Beautiful. Thank you P. Jason, Bobby Burinsky, Scotty Dubay.

We have a special service tonight. Fernando Allen and these fine folks will be ministering to us in song and music. The Spirit is moving and is going to use them ministering to us with a lot of liberty and freedom in Christ. Jesus is with us. That is some miracle. Turn to your neighbor and say I can’t believe God is with you. I can’t believe it! The great grace of God makes this possible.

Yesterday in a gymnasium in Annapolis a small group of mighty men faced off what had otherwise been Maryland champions but instead we were the champions. You got to say Coach Lynch and his staff take this small – I think I saw him in the mother’s room looking for little boys and throwing them a lot of paper and checking out if they got it!

They go to Tennessee tomorrow. Could the team run up here on the stage, chop, chop?


Coach Lynch

Jimmy was on the 1993 champions in GGCA and his son James 2019. There’s the champions right here. We are heading out thanks for the support last night cheering these guys on. We were down the whole game, tied it, down again and overtime. This young man…hit two free throws and first place. Big hand for these guys. One word for the team is tenacity and that’s because we get it from the pulpit. We ask P. Schaller to pray for us as we travel. We’ll be gone this week.


P. Schaller

A side note by way of humor – Coach Lynch and Jen could have had a son in the corner playing the flute but instead he loves basketball. He could be writing poetry. How about Doug W. testimony and his son and the football. He is a big strapping guy and Doug wants him to play football and he’s home petting the cat and has chickens hatching in the closet! That was a funny story.

We are blessed with what we got. We have a small school but a mighty one. We take no credit for it. It’s to the glory of God and we are thankful. These guys are going to go to Tennessee and win! Come on! They are going to go and win. Anyone here play basketball with Jimmy Carter in high school? Want to stand up? They’ve all passed away! Anyone here played with you? Scotty Dubay, you want to stand up? Eddie Yanosky. This is history. Love you guys. Good job. Thank you, coach.

One light comment before the offering.

Prov. 14:20. The screens are down I think because Jesus didn’t use screens. We don’t need screens either.

We have our Bible open to Prov. 14:20. If you are a rich man and have a lot of money, would you stand up right now!

Many of you sitting here are rich and you don’t want to stand up for many reasons and one of them is Prov. 14:20. Anybody here rich? Stand up. You’ll have a lot of friends by the end of the service. How about these football players get an NFL contract. How much does their telephone ring once they get the big money? How many friends the rich people have. There is a story about a prophet walking with God. Elijah. He has a follower, Elisha. They cross the Jordan River. Elijah says to Elisha, what can I do for you? He could have said put me in your will. Give me your money, house possessions. He didn’t. There is something bigger, greater, wonderful, and amazing. Give me your spirit. Spirit. Twice, double the portion of your spirit. Have you ever said that to anybody? I don’t care about your money. I love your spirit. Your faith, your ministry. I love your ministry. Your life, your love, your faith, your ministry. I want that. That’s why we go to church. We have a church in the Middle East and the KGB called some of our authorities. They said, how much do you pay people to go to your church? $10 a service, right? The answer of course is no. They can’t understand the world that operates without money. We follow Christ because of the Spirit. We follow Christ because of the love. We see God. If we see Christ, the Spirit of Christ dwells in us and by the Spirit of Christ, we see God. That’s a lot better than the things people possess in their pockets. It’s why we take more responsibility.

I think I’ll be short. I know you like it short. Fernando Allen, they want the shortest message possible! Okay, wait a minute! Hold it. I’m going to lose my way.

When we live in the Spirit, we not only think about what is possible but we live in the Spirit of God in the present, in the present. The Spirit of God in you says I can play the basketball game or love my wife or raise a family or keep a job. The Spirit of God in you says I can get off of drugs. I am off of them. The Spirit of God says to me I am off them. What? In Christianity, sometimes we sell God by telling people about things instead of revealing to people who he is.

The devil went to God one day in Job 1:10, and the devil met God in the heavens. God said, where have you been? I’ve been going to and fro throughout the earth. Have you considered my servant Job? Yes. The devil said, you hedged him in. You have given him anything he wants. You protect him day and night. You take that away and he will curse you to your face. God said go ahead. He’s all yours. We found in the story Job was not following God because God had a lot of money. Job was following God because he touched God. He had the Spirit of God. He followed God and he knew God. This is a tragedy that in our Christianity, people are thinking I believe in Jesus and he’ll take care of all my stuff and I’ll live happily ever after.

Wait. I ate dinner with a brother Titus who was in the civil war in Liberia for 14 years. We talked about the prosperity doctrine and he said it’s not good teaching. We talked a little about it. He said I agree with your message. People are after God’s stuff to live a good life and don’t know the spirit and nature of God.

Good word. That’s the end. I told you it was short. But it’s good. I hope it means something to you in your heart.

I believe the devil is in this. God, you take that away from those people and they will curse you. You take their friends away and they’ll leave you. You put bad circumstances in the picture and you’ll not find them. Jesus, I care about can I see you. Could you give me twice? Could you fill me with your Spirit all the time? I’m preaching to myself. Could I make it through my trials trusting in the Lord with all my heart? Too many people when the marriage tanks so does their faith. Their house is messed up so they get messed up. When my world is confusing, may we consider this message. Elijah said what can I do for you? He said give me your spirit twice. Jesus, give us your spirit. Show us your word. Open our hearts. Teach us how to live by faith and have joy. In our ministry, it must be upbeat. The Spirit is a Spirit of upbeat with joy. At the same time, the Spirit has us weep because of the tragedy of people not knowing and finding out what God has purposed to give them and fill them. They settle for crazy things. In the news recently where high powered and important men sell their reputation of honor and integrity for something silly and foolish and sinful. I don’t judge any of those men who have fallen recently but by the grace of God there go I. There is no difference between me and anyone in this world except one thing I seek after, to dwell in your house and behold your glory and taste of the goodness of God and the music of God and prayers of God and the way of God and mind of God and the kindness of God and the comfort of God. Our ears are circumcised. The knife of God has touched our hearts. We are not hearing all the things said in the sewers of this country. The ears, the heart is circumcised. We’re thankful for that.

(Special music). Wow! Fernando thank you so much. Just for a moment freeze this moment. How many of you know these folks personally? Do you? I don’t know them but listen, I know them! Amen! Isn’t that good? Isn’t that the point of this great faith that Christ is between us? That it is real, that Christ is in us and we are the Body and we are going to go. Do you have a song about that? I don’t know. Not tonight. But can you come back? When are we going to go? Where? When are we going to go home! When are we going to go up? What’s it going to be like and how beautiful it is in Christ? We are so thankful and praise God we are his family and we know this. Just to repeat that message: Some people want to follow God because of the stuff. But actually, it’s deeper. He has a lot. At his right hand are promises and pleasures forevermore but not necessarily the way we think it should be. It’s something bigger and greater than what we can imagine or think. Be careful in our relationships with each other we are able to see beyond the stuff and see and know each other in Christ. There is some effort on our part before Christ at the cross, where he will deal, he has dealt with our flesh so we can be free in the Spirit and see each other in the Spirit and know each other not according to the flesh but know each other in him.

We want to say thank you very much to each and every one for the Lord’s work. Praise God. Amen. Let’s close in prayer.


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