Description: Offense can drive us away. The Spirit as the Parakletos gives us power to stand in face of these things. He puts strength in us. The Lord guides us in understanding together. David got power to run at Goliath. The Lord was with him in his heart to stand. Enemies of world fall down before Him. (Psalm 119:165; 1 Samuel 17:32-39)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12698
Date: 2024-04-11
Time: Wed 7:00 pm


P. Schaller –

Hello. Okay. Um, just as you’re seated just have a few minutes of prayer and either by yourself or with your
neighbor quietly and let’s just have a pray for people we love. People we know. God to move in
their lives. For the missionaries abroad. For them to be empowered by the Spirit. Anointed
fresh. For God to move in the ministers of Christ around the world, so let’s just pray for that
right now. (Prayer). Amen.

Okay. First, here is PARACLETOS. Okay. A couple sub-points and then the message. Turn to John
16. We have that beautiful word. PARACLETOS. The Comforter translated. And if you look at the
word using William Barkley who does such a good job as a scholar defining these words. We
have he says here and this is the simple breakdown of a number of pages of information. But he
has this word means to call in, to call in. So, a man is to call in an ally. To call in a counselor to
give advice. To call in an advocate.

This is the verb, PARAKALEN. And it’s to maintain and train a team at his own expense. To run in the torch race. That’s how it was used. To call in. It’s also to call in the gods as helpers.

Okay, so we have help. Because he himself cannot cope. So, the basic meaning is a helper. We
must now try to put some more definite content in the meaning. This is the part that caught my
attention and it is it is rare to say the word that means comforter. It is the rarest meaning of the
word. The better taken in the Greek language, it has a background of a comfort but it’s
stronger. It makes a man able to stand on his own two feet and face life.

So, in Job 4:4 in the Moffat Translation, your words have kept men on their feet. It is a
description of the effect of the PARAKALEAN. I like this because I’m not sure that we are able to
really stand and face life by ourselves. We may in some form or version of it but when it comes
to God and what God has for us, we need, we need the Paraclete. We need the Holy Spirit to
have us stand and face life. Face responsibility. Face the truth. To know the truth. To stand. To
have the Spirit of God in us so that we can be here and do what he has called us to do.

So, in John 16:13-16, we read this on Sunday. And that isn’t what I – not my truth but he guides
us into his truth. It’s not my way. It’s his way. He guides us into this. This is the reason why he
came and I believe you have benefited. Be patient with your life, but you have benefited from
the Spirit of truth. That’s what we drink in our meetings. We drink the Spirit in 1 Corinthians 12:13. And
we hear what the Spirit says to us, Isaiah 30:20. We hear the voice behind us saying this is the
way; walk ye in it. If you survive this, if you walk in the Spirit and you survive the challenges in
life, you benefit. You increase. You grow.

There’s another subpoint here. Being offended. Are you offended Jesus said in John 6. Are you
offended by what I say? These are hard sayings. Yes. I’m offended. Does your neighbor offend
you? Does the Gospel offend you? Does the church offend you? Does your friend offend you?
Does your wife offend you? And so on. And what’s the answer? Yes, we get offended. It’s very popular in life. You offended me. That’s not fair. That’s not just. You offended me. I’m hurt by
what you said. I’m wounded by what you say.

This is like in our culture, but the Holy Spirit is in you, so that you can stand and face the
offense. You can stand and face the offense. You don’t run. I get offended. I quit. I’m done. I’m
done with you, so I go away. That’s one way to live. That’s the way that many people live. Many
people live like that. The result is they don’t spiritually grow. You cannot spiritually grow if
you’re offended and are moved by the offense to run away or go away. The way I solve the
offense is I disappear. I’m offended. I’m gone. I’m done and I disappear. That’s how people do
but this spiritually you don’t grow if you and I do that. You don’t grow. You just leave but as you
leave, you just leave being offended.

And that’s your, maybe your story. I’m done. I got offended. So, that’s one way, but this is not
why the PARACLETOS came. He came so that when we are offended, he puts us on our feet and
he has, he leads us so that we can say I forgive you. I forgive you. It’s beautiful. I got hurt but I
forgive you. It wasn’t fair but I forgive you. I forgive you. This is love.

Love is not easily offended, but it is – the other side of that is we do get offended. We get
offended I mean oftentimes or sometimes. I don’t know. I think it’s relevant to how you look at
life. You can get so that you’re not easily offended by the way.

Okay. Psalm 119:165, If they love your Word, nothing will offend them. Okay. This is a profound
lesson and I want you to just listen to me and process that. Great peace have they that love thy
Word. Help me. Great peace have they that love thy Word. What is it? Nothing. Did we put it
up? Oh, good. Nothing shall offend them. Great. Thank you.

Okay. Jesus offended me. The Sanhedrin offended me. The Cross offends me. The people that
follow Jesus offend me. My friends offend me. And so, then we’re children. We just easily get
offended and we get offended and that’s all that we have. And that’s all that my message is. I’m

Well, where does that put you as a person? I’m a child. I got offended. That’s all. So, go in the
corner and cry about it and when you want to face life come back and say forgive me. Yes,
forgiveness. What’s the connection with the offense. It is processing it through love. That’s
AGAPE love. That’s a very common theme amongst us here. Oh, not now. Okay. AGAPE love.
We’ll put here 1 Corinthians 13 love. You know this chapter. You’re learning it as you come and you
listen and you’re reading your Bible. Love. Love. Love. Love. Jesus is on the Cross. Forgive them.
Wow. There it is. It’s the gold standard of life is that kind of love. That’s it. That’s God. That’s

When you can forgive, you are like God. When you and I learn to forgive and not be offended,
okay, we get offended but we process it and we learn it and we learn to love. When you learn
to love, you actually grow. You actually grow spiritually. You are growing. You are walking in the
Spirit. You’re learning to love and God is with you and you are blessed.

By the way, do you know how you get blessed? It’s not by having more money. It’s not money.
Money is not how you get blessed. It’s not by having a wife or a husband or a family or a house
or a job or a career. You know how you get blessed? Living in the Spirit of God. The
PARACLETOS. You know how you get blessed in life? God puts you on your feet and you’re able
to, you’re able to face life.

Let’s look at one example before we get to the message. Job 38. Come on! I believe you and I, I
honestly believe we’re increasing with the increase of God by learning to live in the Spirit in
love. I really believe there is an increase. There’s an increase in your own heart and then there’s
an increase in relationships. Increase in the Body of Christ. God gives and increases us in the
Body cuz that’s how a physical body grows. It doesn’t like one arm grows when the rest of the
body stays little. The body stays little and then one arm grows really big. Okay. That reminds me
of a Far Side Cartoon I saw… I wish I had it. I’d show it to you. Okay.

So the arm is huge under the table and there’s a little guy arm wrestling, okay. So, hilarious! It’s
hilarious! There’s an increase in the Body and this is key. Look at Job 38. After there’s been a lot
of talking going on and finally God is speaking in vs. 1-3. I’ll write down here this phrase. Did any
of your fathers ever tell you that? Anybody? Old school. Pick up what? Pick up your britches.
Like stand up. I’m requiring of you. Chapter 38:3, and what I am saying is you don’t stand up
and be a man before God without the PARAKLETOS. He’s the one that empowers you. Not only
you can do it but actually you want to do it. The Spirit comes in you. Actually, that is written in

Turn to 23. I’m pretty sure it’s there. Chapter 32:6, Job is speaking about God. Yeah, Job got
that right. If I meet God, will he hammer me? No, he’ll put his strength in me. Yeah. You like it
when you walk with God. You like it. You want it. It works. There’s an increase. You want the
truth. You and I relate to truth. We relate to truth. We enjoy God. We want the relationship
with God. We enjoy God and so God can talk to us and say to Job, okay. I know you’ve been
through hell. I know that but now stand up and answer me.

Stand up like a man so that ministry of the PARACLETOS is for this that you will end up
representing the mind of God and the heart of God before God. You’ll be there with God,
hearing what he says, receiving his counsel. Processing it in your heart. Agreeing with God and
walking with God and you will be increasing or growing. God will give you growth in your life.
You’ll not be a child. You’ll actually increase. In malice – how does it go? – in malice we are children, but in our understanding we are like professors.

Spiritual people. In our understanding, we have an understanding like men. Men of God.
The second thing about the PARAKLETOS I have here it says, “In ordinary Greek, by far the most
characteristic usage is in connection with help given in some kind of legal trial. In Greece, the
PARAKLETOS was the friend of the accused person called in to speak in support of his character
in order to enlist the sympathy of the judges in his favor. It means someone who will present
someone else’s case to some other person or to some other authority in the most favorable

I like it and the reason I’m laughing about it is because I feel my wife does that for me. It would
be like this. I’m called to give an answer and I give the best I could and she steps in and says let
me explain to you what he means. Yeah. And then I listen to her brilliant answer. Go, yeah.
That’s what I was trying to say! Yeah, that’s it. That’s it.

Isn’t that an amazing thing that God has given us that the Holy Spirit is sent into your life to care
about you, represent you before God, and to be on your side in this thing called life where we
really are kind of funny as people. How bad I can do in representing myself. But the Spirit is in
you. I have to say and I know you’re with me in this, but I feel when we gather in Jesus’ name,
this is a lot more than us. This is the Lord that’s helping us understand and helping us realize
that we are favored by him through Jesus Christ. He is on our side. We are okay. He’s
representing us.

He sent the PARAKLETOS into the world to show us things that we don’t know about and help
us in our lives and to face things. There’s another very good point and it is when you are
offended, process it with God and surrender your rights to God and say Lord, I want you to
represent me in this thing and would you fill me with your Spirit and teach me and show me
love because the fruit of the Spirit is love.

And the Lord just whispers to your heart, just cool it. I’m here. Forgive him. He doesn’t know
what he’s doing. Listen. In three months, I’m going to turn this thing around. Listen to me. You
and I have a fellowship. Walk with me. I will show you things, but I need you to stand up and
face it and I need you to be in it and not run away from it.

Now, there are things that we do go away from. I don’t mean that. David went away from Saul
because God led him. He had to. He had to leave Saul. That’s true. There are things that we
walk away from. That’s the answer.

On the other hand, David wasn’t that kind of person. So now, comes our message and let’s turn
to 1 Samuel 17. We all know the David and Goliath story. We’ve heard it maybe many times. But I
want you to enjoy it here tonight for a few minutes here because in one way, we don’t know anything except what can be freshly revealed to us. Vs. 32. So, where were all the other
people? They weren’t there. They were there but they were afraid. You can read that in the
text. They were afraid of the giant and he was a real giant of a man. A hero. He was a warrior, a
hero, and it looks impossible.

But David said let no man’s heart fail because of him. So, this is circumstances putting it in your heart that you can’t do it. The circumstances saying back off. Play it safe. It’s dangerous. This guy is a killer. He’ll take you out. There’s no way.
There’s no way. Circumstances speak to us, all of us, all of the time. They can and so on but
something else is happening in the story and that’s the thing that I want you to know.

You might say, well, not me. Yes, you. Yes, you. There’s something else happening in the story
and that’s for you and me. And this is the PARAKLETOS. The ministry of the Holy Spirit that is in
us. Walk in the Holy Spirit. You will be amazed at how life changes that you’re not afraid. Your
heart doesn’t fail you. Yeah, sometimes we are. I know that. We’re human beings but I want
you to see that God is telling us something in the story because this is a very real thing for us.
Vs. 33. You’re not able. You’re not able to go to the mission field. You’re not able to be a leader.
You’re not able to raise a family. You’re not able to pay the bills. You’re not able to keep your
job. You’re not able. You’re not able. This is a real giant. This is a killer. This is not going to work.
You are but a youth and a man of war from his youth.

Vs. 34. Now, I asked P. Ben about this verse and he lives in Israel as you know. He knows
Hebrew. I go was it a lion and a bear at the same time? Like how – it’s so powerful story. I lion
and a bear. You know, you can’t do that. And he led me to believe or he told me – I don’t
remember exactly how it went. I understand it, it is like that. At the same period of time, he
killed a lion and a bear and vs. 35-36.

Now, growth. Growth. When you are offended, learn to forgive and you will grow. Later, when
we really need, when God really needs somebody to say something or you believe in
something, you believe not in something but what the Lord’s heart is. Later, when the Lord
needs somebody there, you’re there cuz you learned back here a lesson. You don’t really know
it but you just say I’m living by faith. I’m not running away. The Spirit is leading me to face it and
forgive and to love and to serve and to forgive again and draw near and embrace it and believe

Now, what’s happening in your life? You actually end up like you are changing. I don’t know if
it’s a week, a year, or a decade. I don’t know and I don’t care about the timing. I just know it’s
real. I believe that. I’m saying I only know it like you know it. I honestly believe our lives change.
And we learn about this walk with God in the Holy Spirit. It’s beautiful. You don’t have to have
many words when you got the nature there. It’s just there. It’s in your heart. And so you are just a forgiving person. Gracious person. Joyful person. It’s just like in your life. It happens like

And so, David literally David is different ’cause he’s going at it and he’s saying you know, this isn’t a
problem. This is not a problem and everybody else is saying whoa! What are you, what are you
talking about? No, he is saying no, no, because you can stay a child your whole life and you will
live in a child’s world. You will. You will. You’ll just be, you’ll not have what the Lord has for you
because you cannot, you cannot get beyond being offended. You cannot get beyond yourself.
You and I can’t get beyond our own life. We can’t get beyond our self-interest. We can’t get
beyond maybe how important you or I am or something like that. So, this is the end of the
message right there pretty much.

Let’s just read the text and shout a little bit and hammer on the Bible once or twice and dismiss
you guys. Let’s go read it. vs. 37-39. What I see in that verse is David’s liberty. Put this armor on.
He tries it on. He puts it on and he goes, no. I don’t care about this. This is different. This is not
about the armor. This is what’s in my heart in my faith. The joy I have. It’s not about that. It’s
that Jesus has blessed me. Jesus is with me. Jesus is helping me. Jesus is here.

It’s about the PARAKLETOS. It’s about the Spirit that comes in so that you can stand and face it
and live like that. This is a great message I know, but my prayer is I hope we can learn it and live
in it. I hope that we can realize – I believe we have – realize that the enemies that the world
talks about are not a problem to us. Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world. And
that Jesus in you as you walk with him but you have to learn to forgive. I mean that’s a big one.
You have to learn.

Everybody says forgiveness is a great idea until I have to do the forgiving. You know. I love –
everybody, please, everybody forgive but hey, when I got to do that, that’s tough. And it is. It is
to forgive like God forgives but we must.

So, that’s it. And you know the story. He took him down. Yep. Woo! He, yeah, and he goes on
his way and processes that victory in his heart and knows that that’s like the way life can be.
And he tasted the kingdom of God on the earth. Experienced it and knew God in it and he
becomes a great leader with a lot of people he could help because he had something to give
and so do you. Amen. Amen. Let’s pray. (Prayer)

So, our takeaway tonight just as we go, 67 degrees Fahrenheit outside though. We’re going out
there. We’re getting our coffees out there and going out to the patio and remember the old
days. My takeaway is if I live as an offended person and I’m always getting offended and going
away then I will not grow spiritually. That will not happen. It will not happen. But if you learn
God and the PARAKLETOS will put you on your feet and you’ll face it and you learn the mind of
God and live in love and forgiveness, then you will grow.

And that happened with the lion and the bear and then when it happened with the Philistine
was like what’s the problem here? What is the problem? I’m ready to go. I’m packed. I’m
loaded. I got, I’m ready for bear. I can do this thing. I can take that guy out. And Saul said go for
it. But here’s the armor. And of course, David said, no. I don’t need that. I got something else
going on that you don’t know about. But I hope you will learn it. Okay. All right.


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