False stuff is all through this world. But the Spirit does what it good in us. We are made clean and set free to be His servants. (Acts 15:28; Matthew 13:24-25)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller, Steve Andrulonis
Sermon 12156
7:00 PM on 9/1/2021

P. Schaller –

Okay, you may be seated for a minute cause turn to Acts 15. This is a very brief Scripture. Acts 15, today is a day
of prayer for our ministry. You feel and sense the Holy Spirit in our lives. Acts 15:28, that
phrase, “for it seemed good to the Holy Ghost.” We say Holy Spirit. It’s a better translation. Not
ghost but Spirit. Holy Spirit. It seemed good to the Holy Spirit. And the rest of the verse, “and to
us.” Isn’t that interesting. I think in your life you’re going to sense that this is good, this is the
Holy Spirit. It’s good to the Holy Spirit and to me. I agree with the Holy Spirit. I agree. I have a
sense that this is God. This is God’s mind. This is from the Holy Spirit. vs. 28. This is the
apostles. They could sense that the Lord didn’t want to burden the people. He did not want to
lay upon them any great burden. He did not want to put on them legalism. He did not want to be
told – the typical Judaic law approach to religion.

It wasn’t the Lord. It wasn’t the Lord. The Spirit of the Lord is liberty. It is love. It is truth. And this is what the Scripture is saying. I want to say a few things about it. vs. 28. There are, sometimes, people like to put burdens on people. That’s
Matthew 23. They love to put burdens. They love to manipulate. They love to make people feel guilty.
They love to put on them burdens, but the Holy Spirit does not. He convicts us, persuades us,
but he is a Spirit of grace, the Spirit of God’s love, truth, wisdom, and it motivates us. vs. 28.
Then there is a list of three things. That’s all. Other than that, they were free. They were free
anyway, but this was not to be another form of Judaism in the sense of living by law but it was to
be a ministry of grace. I want you to take that verse. We just taught what I believe it is saying,
and I want you to say a few more things about it. vs. 28. What else would feel or seem good to
the Holy Spirit? He would say it’s good for you to learn grace.

It’s good for you. It’s my nature to help you. I will carry you. For it seemed good to the Holy Spirit to carry you, to wash your feet the way Jesus washed feet. It’s good for the Holy Spirit to edify. He would say edify. This is my
nature. I want you to encourage the church. I want you to build up the church. It’s good to the
Holy Spirit to reveal Christ to us. The Holy Spirit wants us to see Jesus and wants the Bible to
be taught to us and the grace of God to be seen in it. It’s good in the Holy Spirit to come
alongside a weak brother or sister and kind of carry their load. Help them. The Holy Spirit would
say that’s my heart. That’s my mind. To forgive. It would seem good to the Holy Spirit and to us
to forgive, and to forgive again, and to forgive again, and to forgive again. The Holy Spirit says
this is my desire. Do you know what this means? It seemed good to the Holy Spirit – it means
that the Holy Spirit has desires. He has desires. He’s saying this is what I desire that you would
not lay upon them any heavy burdens.

Any more burdens. They have enough. They don’t need burdens. They need love, forgiveness, encouragement, grace. They need edification. That’s why we assemble. It seemed good to the Holy Spirit that we would assemble often. Where’s that? He wrote it (Hebrews 10:25). And it seemed good to us to assemble us. It was a good thing.
We felt it and sensed it. It was the desire of the Holy Spirit that we would assemble and love
each other and care for each other. Okay. That’s it. Amen. You are dismissed! Wait a minute!
This is what I would like you to do. I want this to be like family a little bit. Family meeting a little
bit. I want you to feel – we’re just going to take the liberty, because where the Spirit of the Lord
is, there is liberty. And to minister to each other and to have a time of prayer and fellowship with
each other. Make little groups in the room. We’ll do this for five minutes or ten. I’m not sure how
it will go. I want you to make little groups and laugh.

I want to hear laughter. I want to hear a joyful sound. I want you to love. I want you to encourage. I want you – so it seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us to lay upon them no heavy burden. No more burdens, but a ministry of
grace to people. Why not adventure out of your zone. Get out of your comfort zone and
prayerfully go if you want to or stay where you are. Move around and have a time of fellowship
and edification as the Spirit leads you.

P. Steve Andrulonis –

Good evening. For a word of introduction, those words are so amazing to
me. I’m so happy that it seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to the apostles not to put so many
issues on us in terms of what we have to do to walk by grace through faith. Are you happy that
you come from a church where you go home with a message that sort of sticks with you. Yeah,
it’s good. I’ve been thinking about – I’ve had some things with my mom and took her back to
Pennsylvania and was driving through the hills of Pennsylvania today and was thinking about
the things we heard on Sunday and the story of Rebekah. That story is so interesting to us. It’s
so interesting that – talk about your Christian mingle.

There’s no visual for this woman when we see that and we see that she is asked to take a tremendous leap of faith to leave her family, to leave her friends and to come and marry somebody. Can you imagine that! A guy comes and
says I have your husband. He’s waiting just for you, and he doesn’t even know what you look
like. I read this story and at the end of the story, in this story we meet a man named Laban and
he’s going to figure into the story of Jacob and the son of Rebekah later on, and we’re going to
find out a little bit more about this uncle. But we get a little bit of insight into his way of operation
here, because he really wanted to hold onto his sister it seems like, Bekah! Bekah! Don’t leave
me. Let her stay for ten days. Let her stay for ten days. Laban and his mother are saying we
can’t lose the girl. I can’t believe it. Then they ask the question.

They ask the question. Call the damsel and inquire of her mouth. They called Rebekah and they said to her, will you go with this man? And her answer? I will go. That’s like amazing. Who did that in her heart? Who caused
her to see what was going to be in her life. I think the Holy Spirit is that active agent in all that
we do. We do this ourselves. We go to people and we say, will you come to Jesus? Will you
believe in this person? Will you believe in the person who knows you better than you know
yourself? Will you come to him? And the Holy Spirit does that. It’s amazing. She didn’t have so
much information. She saw the camels. She saw the stuff. She just was taking the word of the
servant. We don’t even know the servant’s name.

The servant does all the work here. He prays a prayer. Asks God to do something. Bring the right woman for his master’s son and it all happens. It’s amazing. Will you go with this man? That’s like there is no other burden. It’s good
that the Holy Spirit gives us no other burden than to believe in something that we cannot see.
It’s amazing. We heard another message on Sunday night, the wandering character of Satan.
He has no place. I’m thinking you can compare the two things and line up the two messages
together and you realize that Satan really had a lot of information, a lot of talent, a lot of beauty.
The Scriptures are to be believed and we believe them. We understand what Satan saw, what
he did. He whispered to Adam and Eve. He said you can do better. Trust me. You can do better.
You can learn more. You can have more information. It will be amazing. I see Laban that way.
Rebekah, you can’t go with this guy.

You really don’t know what’s going to happen if you do. I will go. I will go. I will go. God answers those things for us. Okay. What about doubts? Are they a virtue? Are doubts a virtue? That’s a big thing nowadays. If you doubt, that’s a big thing. It’s a reality. I have my questions. It’s a reality, and not every question in my mind and doubt in my
mind is going to be answered the way it is in John 20 with Jesus showing up and saying here I
am. Just put your hand in my side, and everything will be okay. But that did happen to
somebody. That’s amazing. It did happen. Most of us are called to live as Jesus said. Thomas,
you’re so blessed because you have seen, but very blessed are those that believe what they
have not seen. And how blessed was Rebekah when she chose to go back? What would
happen to her? She found, she saw her man for the first time meditating in a field, so he was a
man of prayer. Also in the Bible, he was a one woman man which is not always the case in the
Bible in the Old Testament. Isaac seems to have one wife.

One wife. That’s kind of interesting too, but let’s not get off the subject. The point is this woman would give birth to Jacob and Jacob would give birth, father twelve sons and these sons would become the chosen people, the
nation of Israel. This nation gives us the oracles of God. Our Bible is from them. Our Savior, he
came from them. That’s such an amazing thing, and it all was answered in the one question, the
answer she gave to that one question. Will you go with this man? I will go. I’m not sure what it is
going to mean, but I will go. All of us are going to face those kinds of questions, maybe more in
the future. Will you go with Jesus? Will you still continue to walk by faith? Will you come to the
assembly? Will you go to the missionfield? Will you knock on a door that you are not sure what
is behind that door. It’s amazing. Will you go?

When we answer yes to those kinds of questions, it’s a great thing. It’s a great thing. We don’t need to know it all. We don’t need to know it all. Satan knew a lot and he got corrupted by the things that he compared with himself and with the
throne of God and became a wanderer. But we have a home, we have a place, we have an
understanding and all we have to answer is simple. It’s good. The Holy Spirit said it’s good. Just
believe. Call upon the name of the Lord and believe. It will be amazing, and watch what
happens. That’s it. Thank you.

P. Schaller –

Turn in your Bibles to Matthew 13. Also, can I get the Ipad up here. Thanks so much.
Thanks P. Steve. We’ve been teaching on the ministry of the Holy Spirit and we made some
points on Sunday regarding Rebekah and the servant that went to get Rebekah far away from Israel. Abraham told the servant to go get a wife for my son Isaac. I don’t want him to have a
wife from the Canaanite people. We said this is like how God wants to have a bride for his son
but not from the world. They are taken out of the world. They are saved and sealed by the Spirit.
We are born of the Spirit, regenerated, and we are the bride of Christ one day. We are in fact
scripturally, but in our experience we are the church. We will be with him as the bride one day
when we have our glorified bodies. Until then, the Spirit is in the world in a way by typology
speaking to Rebekah and saying to Rebekah, come. Will you go? And she said, I will.

P. Steve mentioned that’s a measure of faith to go and marry somebody I haven’t yet met. Though
maybe some of you have already done that. I haven’t yet met him, so though we see him not,
yet we love him (1 Peter 1:8). though we see him not, yet we love him. That’s the Spirit of God
in us. We worship him and know him. Here in this parable, we see two principles in chapter
13:24-25. On Sunday, we drew a diagram of the world like this, and we talked about the lies that
are in the world. We did this first, because in the Garden of Eden, there were only two people.
They fell. Paradise was only in the Garden. They fell and were driven out of the Garden and
couldn’t enter back in. We’ve lost the Garden of Eden. We don’t know where it was located. It’s
over. It’s gone and the world is cursed. It exists in God. It’s already and he has a plan. We read
about the Millennium. It’s not the Garden but it’s a version.

It’s an upgrade of life that we have not yet stepped into. That day is coming, and then comes the eternal age with a new heaven and a new earth. Until then, God has allowed false religions. I’ll put here the world false. False
teachers. False believers. False ideas. False religions. He has, the devil has sown in the world
lies. He is the father of lies. All unbelievers, their father is the devil (John. 8:44). He’s a liar from the
beginning. He’s a murderer. The world has this influence. There are spirits. There are fallen
angels that have become demons that are in this world and this is the nature of the world we
live in. That being said as there is the “false” there is also the “truth.” We drew it this way on
Sunday. We said the truth is in the world. How do we know this? Well, because God sowed in
this parable, he sowed good seed. vs. 24. Good seed.

God seed. He sowed seed that would bear fruit. Seed. Where did it come from? Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is in the world. The Holy Spirit is doing his work. When you are born again, you are born of the Spirit. When you are filled with
the Spirit, then the Holy Spirit is your teacher, and the Holy Spirit guides you in truth. There is a
difference between you and the tares. The tares are false, but good seed is bearing good fruit.
vs. 25. He sowed and he left. He went his way. The devil comes and then goes his way. He
does his work and then goes his way. I wonder how stable the devil world is? I don’t think it’s
that stable. It gives the impression but he comes and he goes. It’s us that get infected and
influenced by the devil and then he leaves. Not us as believers, but us as people. People are
infected by him, trained by him. They think the way he thinks. They have a sin nature, and then
he leaves them and they continue in that same demonic mind and heart. We could say they are
demonized or have been affected or trained by the lie.

They believe a lie. The devil leaves, but they continue in the lie. The answer to this is of course Christ. When Christ came into the world, the devil had no handle. There was no way he could get his hands on Jesus. He had no mind
for the devil. He had no demonic thought patterns. He couldn’t embrace the demonic mind.
Even when he is dying on the cross, I read in Psalm 22 yesterday and thought a lot about it.
You see Jesus suffering so much but never giving a place to the devil on the cross. You can
read it, Psalm 22. On the cross, he continues to believe. He’s just believing. This is how he
overcame the devil. How do you overcome the world? By faith, 1 John. 5. It’s by faith we overcome
the world. What is in the world? Is the world leader, the cosmos crator, the devil, the evil one.
He is also diabolos, the accuser. He is the impeder. The word “Satan” means resister, like
holding back. The devil holds back like a man or woman wants to make progress with God but
Satan resists that progress. Undoubtedly, he is able to discern the progress. He can see it. If
you are making progress in God, he undoubtedly can see that because he’s spiritual and can
recognize spiritual things.

Like Jesus I know, Paul I know but who are you. You are nobody in Acts 19, but he can recognize it or discern it. So he is in the world and when he sees God’s work, he is sowing the seed of lies. He sowed the seed of lies even before when the Fall happened. Adam and Eve are producing children and one of the son murders the other brother
because of the devil. The devil sees the progress and he is the false teacher. He is the false
way. He is the murderer. He is the liar. So we are living in this world, that’s why when you see
what is happening in Afghanistan, the Islamic world, here in this country, we are recognizing
what is behind it. Does it upset you? It does me. It upsets me. But also motivates me to understand the subject. What if we are Spirit filled? What if God gives us his mind? What if one
man or one group of people have the Holy Spirit and they are praying in the Spirit. What if
people of God are active in godliness, in the Spirit of God? What happens when we are in the
Spirit of God? How much love.

How much faith. What kind of energy do we have? How do we live and how do we work? It’s pretty remarkable, because we have seen it. I believe if we are – let’s do a brief word on this. When the Holy Spirit is in your life and you are obeying him – let’s say, we’ll use that phrase “it seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us.” It seemed good to the
Holy Spirit and us. What did it mean? I don’t want to make too big of a deal about it but I feel it
relates. When our leadership in our church said we cannot close down. We will do everything
we can, honor the authorities and do everything we can but we cannot close down because we
are told to assemble. We cannot give up that right. If the liquor store, their parking lots are
packed; if Home Depot, their parking lots are packed, our church, our parking lot can be packed.
Okay. That’s what seemed good. At least it seemed good to us and we would like to say the
Holy Spirit had that mind. When there is faith and there is obedience, there’s results. The Holy
Spirit gives you a witness.

The Holy Spirit says this is the way; walk in it. I want to say something: I think there are Christians amongst us that are discouraged. I think there are Christians amongst us that have bad habits. I think there are Christians amongst us that I don’t know about this room just now but amongst us generally that meet on Sundays and they are
very precious people. Very precious people. They are the people of God. They are very
precious. But we carry with us a sin nature, and many times we have temptations. In those
temptations, it says that the devil brought Jesus to the wilderness to tempt him. The devil
tempted him. I feel we should understand this that I could be tempted and fail. I could fail as a
sinner. I can sin. I can commit a sin that I feel very ashamed about. I feel very bad about it. I get
trapped in it. I get very discouraged and maybe I stop coming or I quit or I don’t feel good about
myself and all that stuff that happens.

But the Holy Spirit – what would he say to you? If the Holy Spirit could speak to you when you have failed, what would the Holy Spirit say to you? It says in Zechariah 3, when the high priest was clothed with filthy garments, do you know what that filthy word means? Filthy garments. Do you know what that filthy word means? It’s human excrement.
Filthy garments. Garments soiled to the maximum. Filthy garments and he’s a priest. Priests are
to be so clean and so fresh, fragrance, anointed. So clean and so righteous before God, but this
priest is not. Satan, it’s the word for “resister” is standing at his right hand. He’s standing at the
priests right hand resisting him. What do you think Satan is saying to that priest? You don’t have
a future. This is ridiculous. You are filthy. You are nobody. You are nothing. That’s not the Holy
Spirit. That’s the devil. The Holy Spirit wants to say to all the Christians in the world tonight – if
he could say something to all the Christians in the world that this life is about Jesus. That Jesus’
blood speaks.

That Jesus makes intercession. That you need to know who Jesus is. When the
servant when to Rebekah and they got on their ten camels to go back because it was a long
journey, then the servant could tell Rebekah. It’s not the chapter 24, but he could tell Rebekah
because it says in John 16:13 the Holy Spirit doesn’t speak of himself. He speaks of Christ. The
Holy Spirit wants to reveal Christ. He wants to restore. He wants to love. He wants to care for
the church. He wants to wash the church clean. He wants to give the word. He wants to give us
hope. He wants to instruct us. He wants you and I to overcome the devil. He wants you and I to
understand the incredible value of Christ on the cross and what his blood has done. And that
you and I are born again and have a new nature. By this new nature, we respond by faith. As
we respond, we respond and we have faith and now comes obedience.

What happens? As we read in the book of Acts they were filled with the Holy Spirit, Acts 4:31. What happens? There’s
joy. There’s a lot of joy. Joy unspeakable and full of glory. What happens? There’s the deep
calling to the deep in Psalm 42:7. There’s strength. There’s witness. There’s quietness. There’s
restoration. There’s encouragement. There’s a calling. How about separate unto me the people,
the men, that I have set apart for this work. Like tonight in a few minutes we’re going to pray for
Roger, right Rog? He’s going and the family going to Turkey. Set apart for me the people, set
apart for me – there are people teaching children, homeless ministry, missions. I remember
when we got off the plane and went to Hungary. I was so excited. I’ll tell you a short story. 1979
I was living in Finland. I traveled in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

I remember we did this radical trip to Hungary, 1979, and I just sensed Lord, if this ever opens up, if Eastern
Europe ever opens up, I want to be part of that. I was so much feeling it and thinking about it.
1979, ten years later in 1989 it opens up. I talked to Dr. Stevens about it. I go I feel I should go to Hungary and he never really encouraged me in it. He didn’t want me to go in a way, but he
trusted I was hearing from God and we went in 1990. And when I got off the plane, you couldn’t
have found a happier guy in all the world with three little children. We just bought a house, but
my wife was awesome. House doesn’t mean anything. It’s not about us. What is God doing?
What is his will? I just want to say when the Holy Spirit is doing his work in this world, a small
capacity. There is no small capacity but I bring a glass of water to someone. I teach Sunday
School. I make a phone call. As I live by faith in his love, then in that obedience there is an
increase. God increases you. God visits you. God helps you. God leads you.

He closes doors. He opens doors. He makes a way. It’s a real world. It’s a real world of love. It’s a world of truth,
of doctrine in the soul. How about when we went to Bible college and again another big thing of
faith. I’m not going to Bible college. I got another school I’m going to but I quit. I quit that school
like many people do when they have a calling. My friend said you’re going to regret this one day.
You’re going to regret this. I’m waiting for that day to come. It hasn’t come yet. That day is not
coming cause I’m not trying to put this in any box. I’m just trying to say a principle. You may get
discouraged in your life and my life of sin, but it’s not fun. The life of sin is not a blessing. It’s a
life of boredom. It’s a life of lies. It’s a lie of emptiness. It’s not fun. But a life of faith obedience.
Don’t live in your personality. You might say I’m not that way. Go to the cross and be Spirit filled.
Who knows what way you are. That’s ridiculous. I have a personality type this way. I don’t want
to hear about your personality type.

I want to know are you filled with the Holy Spirit? Are you filled with the Holy Spirit? Is the Holy Spirit leading you? Are you living by faith? By temperament I am very shy. Well, get over it. Go to the cross and be Spirit filled and find God in your life of faith. This is what changes a church. A church cannot settle down in just maintaining. A church
is an assembly of Spirit filled people that live by faith and they obey God. They obey God and
do what God wants them to do. How about relationships. You fall in love with somebody but put
the brakes on. Wait a minute. Hold it. Are you sure. Pray about it. Think about it. Is it God’s will?
How many of you guys have fallen in love with ten or fifteen or twenty women? All at the same
time! You are crazy. We are crazy. We don’t know how to organize our life. We don’t know how
to live our lives. We need the Holy Spirit to fill us and guide us and lead us and take things to
the cross and see God do his work.

Take your money to the cross, your talents to the cross, your personality to the cross, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your single life, your nationality, your ethnicity take it to the cross. All of this world, take it to the cross and be filled with the Spirit and know God. This other diagram. This one. Both are going on at the same time. They are
both going on. The lies are going on and the Holy Spirit’s work is going on. Those are
happening at the same time. There are lies and then there is the Holy Spirit filling us and
leading us. We fail but we know how to deal with it. The Spirit of God wants to teach me. Don’t
live in your failure. Get up. Go by faith. Receive grace. Walk in Jesus. Learn how to sing a song.
Say a prayer. Laugh a lot. Rejoice always and minister to people.

Don’t stay in your own group but go to the cross because sometimes people that are outside of your group are needing your portion and be led by God to minister your portion to people. Those are a few things for us
tonight on a Wednesday night. That’s all I think I want to say. God bless you. Would you pray
with me, please.


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