The Spirit made Jesus alive and that Spirit lives in our mortal bodies. We are not in debt to appetite. Roots of truth leads us in freedom and liberty. We cry Abba, Father, because He has given us much more than the flesh can give. (Matthew 4:1-8; Romans 8:11-15; 2 Chronicles 25:6-9)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11622
11:00 AM on 2/3/2019



P. Schaller

I’m going to ask the song leaders to ask people to sit down front. It’s amazing how little encouragement obedient people need. Praise God, Amen. We are gathered in his name. What an honor. Thank you Lord. Praise God. Thank you Lord. His love. Praise God. Gathered in his name. I was glad when they said unto me let’s go into the house of God. Why was I glad? We will start with this group over here. Why was I glad? To hear. Encouragement. To meet God. The fullness of joy. I was glad to go to the house of God because there would be fullness of joy there. Fellowship. It’s my family. I was glad to go and be with my family. I was glad to go hear a good word. I was glad to go to the house of God because maybe something very good will happen today in the house of God.

When someone is weeping and sad, I can be with them understanding their tears. We weep with them that weep. I heard one of our brothers had a foot amputated because of a working accident. They tried to save the foot through the year. He lost his foot. We love him. He’s usually sitting right here. I was glad to go to the house of God because I could be with Billy, with my sister or brother. And then the rejoicing because sometimes very good things happen with God’s people.

One of our pastors in Nepal was hitchhiking and a motorcycle picked him up. In the back was a box. He said hold this box. He’s riding on the back with the box and the police stopped them. They arrest the man with the box. The driver rides away. In the box was an endangered animal. He got five years in prison. In the prison, people started clapping when they heard he was a pastor. They said we have been praying a pastor would come. He started preaching in the prison and 60 people gathered to hear the word of God. I was glad to go to the house of God because I could hear something crazy like that. He just got out of prison after five years. God’s people are a great people.

You are a great person in Christ. Minister to the person in front of you or behind you. You look great today. God bless you. You are a great believer.

In God-consciousness, in faith, he reigns forever. Saying it over and over and all the dead stuff falls away. All the worried and fear. He reigns forever. He reigns forever. Praise you Jesus.

We want to welcome P. Scibelli back from Africa. He had three weeks. What this man does by God’s grace and what has happened through him in Africa and wherever he goes. Conferences in Ghana and Togo and folks from Benin and Ivory Coast and Cameroon. Eight new churches in Cameroon. Raise your hand if you are from Cameroon. It’s a beautiful country. French speaking and British speaking part.

Well, I live in Baltimore you could say. That’s the mission but I’m in another kind of Africa. I’m in Baltimore. I’m in the United States.

We will be going to Costa Rico for a few days at the end of the week. Brent Hilenga has organized a conference there. We’ll go and minister for four or five days. That’s another kind of mission field.

The good news we hear from different places.

In our family is another kind of mission. Being a mom and dad.

Living in the days we are living in and having roots in ourselves. It’s taken from Mt. 13. It’s in Luke 8. Mt. 13. I know where it is on the page. I read it for forty years so I know what it is.

Luke 8:13, these have no root. They have no root.

Jonathan and a group of us were in the sauna yesterday in my house and had a little talk. If in this church my best friend leaves the church, do I leave the church also? Jonathan is from Sweden. I have to say it’s such an honor we have people. Daniel is from Romania. Leah from Hungary. These people come to our Bible college to be men and women of God.

Did we say that in the sauna? Yes we did. Can you repeat what we said? We were doing sauna and were speaking about in the church, in the ministry, if we have our best friends, our family and all the pastors and the reason why I come to church faithfully to  honor God in the church and be with the Body. But if my friends leave me or the pastor says something or whatever it might be. I’m here to follow God. It’s so easy to get out of the plan of God and follow man. I said it to myself. It’s so easy to follow man and not follow God. We think about that and ask ourselves that. That’s a little bit what we talked about.

Didn’t he do a good job? Roots. In my self what do I believe? Not just what my friend’s believe. What do I believe? At work, what people are talking about and thinking and doing. What are the roots in me? This parable is that the seed which is the word of God falls and it is received but then the word doesn’t get roots in me. I hear a good message, very good message. Very good message but it’s got to be me and the Lord. That word being part of my mind, my frame of reference, my life, how I think, how I live. This is the ministry of the Holy Spirit. This is what the Holy Spirit is doing in your life. As a pastor, it’s my greatest joy to think this goes deeper than this. It’s really taking root. Two references here.

The first one is do you think Jesus had roots in himself? Meaning, did Jesus, did what he believe and how he lived and what he said was coming from another kingdom and it was working in him. It was real in him.

Turn to Mt. 4 and we will see that. vs. 1. Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. Was he prepared? Was he prepared for the temptation? He was. He was loaded. He had no sin nature but he had the possibility to decide and to sin. This is important. He couldn’t sin in the sense he was God but in the sense he is Christ. All the theologians that are worth their weight in salt would say it couldn’t be a temptation if it couldn’t happen. Fish don’t fly. Are they tempted to fly? They’re not tempted to fly because they can’t. They live in the water. Okay, flying fish. I know where you are going! Cows can’t fly. Let’s get past that! They aren’t tempted to fly. It’s no temptation if it can’t happen. Could Jesus have sinned? You have to say yes he could have or else it would never have been in the picture. He didn’t sin because he had this nature. He had this nature that was the nature of God in a man. He was a new man. He was a different kind of man.

The good news is that you and I have that nature, 2 Pet 1:4. We have a new nature. We have a capacity to live like him. We can walk in his steps. We can have roots that go in us deeply.

Mt. 4:2 this is more serious than it reads. When someone is starving to death, they get over the hunger and just before they die, at 40 days is about the period of time you face death from not eating, they go ravenously hungry. It’s the last kick of the human body. When he’s at that place where he would be out of his mind for food, he was tempted by the devil to turn these stones into bed but guess what? He could say no. He could say no. I want you to learn to say that word. No. Let’s practice it. NO. Talk back to the devil. No. It’s not going to happen. We have to be tough in a certain sense. I want you to see in these three temptations, the devil did not have a handle on Christ. You know on your luggage you have a handle, a rope, a back strap. The devil wanted Jesus’ handle. I want his handle. He must be obedient to me. I can manipulate him and control him. I can drive him away from his Father. I can cause him to sin like I did the first Adam. The devil is saying I can do it. Christ is saying no it can’t happen because of love. My Father loves me and I love my Father. My Father is my God and I have no other God. You will suffer than Jesus. Bring it on. I would rather follow my heavenly Father. My Father is enough.

You are lying to me and saying my Father is not enough. You are lying to me and saying you are not the answer. This is very important. This is fundamental for us. We have two natures in us. One of those natures is saying I have to do it my way. I have to make it convenient and comfortable and live by my appetites. I have to pay homage to my desires. I have an allegiance to my survival. My flesh is my flesh. My appetite, desire and life without God. Through my new birth, we have been given a new nature. It’s the same physical body. I understand the Bible saying it’s linked to my material body. It’s linked to my DNA. My material body is saying you need sleep, food, warmth, the shelter and then your soul. You need security, value, love, protection. You need to take care of yourself. Christ comes and he’s saying yes we have a human body. I sleep but my Father gives his beloved sleep. Don’t forget the Father. Love him with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. He is God. He loves you. His way is not the way of the flesh. His way is the way of the Sprit. I always do my Father’s will. Even if it results in the cross. I will do my Father’s will. I love my Father. I know the world differently from the way you know the world. You are consumed with yourself. I am consumed with the Father. I have found the Spirit of God, the anointing of God. I have found my Father. My Father’s ways are not yours. My Father. I will show you the Father. This is what happened to the disciples. They learned of God as Father.

This leads us to our text in Rom. 8. vs. 11-15. This text will be meaningful to us about having roots in the Spirit. Rom 8:11 Jesus is dead. Was he dead? Past tense. Was. Let the people of God say? Amen. He was dead. Cold, gone. A dead man. And the Spirit of God raised him up. What kind of resurrection power is that? The dead man lives. The Spirit raised him up. If the Spirit lives in you, this is a rational argument. The same Spirit that raised him up lives in our mortal body. What kind of affect does that Spirit have on us? Does it make us alive? Does it affect my physical body? I believe it does.

Prov. 4 it says the word of God is health to my flesh. I think it affects the body but also the soul and the spirit of a person. It’s the roots here. Shall restore life in your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwells in you.

vs. 12. Here is a line of logic. If the H.S. affects my mortal body, then what? What does it mean? What does it mean if I’m tired or sick and then I’m healed and I’m awake? I feel the freedom, the joy, the peace. I sit in the church and I’m on the edge of my chair. I’m there listening. The Spirit is saying something to me.

vs. 12. We are debtors, I want to put in there, not to the devil. The devil says turn the stones into bread. We say no. The devil says you have to do it. You can take a long walk off a short pier. I don’t owe you anything. I don’t have any allegiance to you. I’m not going to do what you say. My appetite is a real one but I’m not in debt to my appetite. How about some of the men here and women too an appetite for a sexual life. There is sex that is right in marriage but outside of marriage, it isn’t right. I’m a debtor to my sex drive. Well, this says I’m not a debtor. Talk back to it. I’m not a debtor. Walk away from it. Those roots of truth go in your spirit and the Spirit leads us in freedom. Not fear or guilt or shame or closed world of my appetites. They are many appetites. Not simply sex but an appetite for acceptance, for success, for material gain. I have many appetites in my flesh and many desires. This says I’m not a debtor. I don’t have an allegiance to them. Paul says I take my body and buffet my body.

1 Cor 9:27 I’m in control of my body. How I eat and sleep and what I do. The appetites I have in my body are subject to a higher law. We are debtors not to the flesh to live after the flesh. For all of you live after the flesh, you shall die. This means when I sin and I do, I know what it is. It’s sin. I recognize it. The effect of the sin is I die in a spiritual way. I become more away of myself. I lose sight of God and the important things. I’m more afraid. I want to close down. I want to control my environment more. I’m not free. I’m more worried about what people say and think about me. It’s not a happy thing to live in sin. It’s deep in my soul and thought life. There are studies on this how polygamy in any culture where a man has more than one woman the culture is on a decline. The creativity of the men is diminished. Do studies on effect of pornography on the psychology to men. Men lose their creativity and energy and freedom. It’s another way of saying these verses.

vs. 13. Live is a big word. This sin leads me in death and the Spirit leads us in life and freedom, joy, peace, capability, love, others. How can I help you? What is your need? There is a new person. I wonder how they are doing. This is the leading of God. What does our country need? I’m here to be a servant of God. How can I help in our country? What can I do in prayer and outreach? What can we do? Our young people are in trouble. There is a life ministry that comes for the Spirit.

vs. 15. Daddy, Abba. Here is the flesh and my sin. Then I say in my heart before Jesus, you promised me victory over sin. I take it. I have victory over sin. It’s a spirit of freedom, victory over sin. I call you Abba, meaning daddy. The Aramaic word, daddy. Affectionately calling dad, something the Jewish people dare never do but Jesus introduced it and said pray this way: Our Father, who art in heaven. 8 times in the Old Testament and 80 times in our New Testament the word “father.” God is our Father, our deliverer. Don’t feel you are indebted to your flesh. It’s a lie. Walk in the spirit of liberty. Walk with God so you are able to say I really do love God. God is with us. In the Spirit of God we are able to say I love God. I love holiness; I love freedom. I love the joy. I don’t want to mislead you to believe any of us are perfect. We have both natures. But because of the roots in us, in a regular way we are able to say the truth sets us free. The truth is better than a life. The truth will never let you down. The truth is liberating. The truth opens up the Scriptures. The truth is leading me in a fellowship with my heavenly Father. The Father has a kingdom. The Father leads you in and out. The Father sent the Son so the Son can set you free. The Son laid down his life so you can have an abundant life not a wrestling match with your sin nature. A spirit of freedom and joy.

2 Chron 25 there was a king who made a mistake. Anyone here ever make a mistake? All the time! This king of Judah was going to go to war and so he decided to buy or hire an army.

He hired them for the price in vs. 6. P. Steve made a quick calculation this morning when I asked him what it was in American money. 1.6 million dollars. A man of God came and said cancel it. The king said I can’t. I got the army.

The prophet said in vs. 7, 9. Drop it. Forget it. Let it go. Forget about it. You lost it. We’re following God. I paid 1.6 million. You think I’ll just let it go? The man of God said God is not in it. It’s so much fun to say it. God is not in the thing. Drop it. Cancel it. Ever got into a thing like that and said I can’t back out. One brother said the day I got married was the darkest day of my life. God was saying every step of the way don’t do it. God was telling me all the way don’t do it. Once you get in that, I’m saying that – I think it’s a tragedy for that to happen to any woman or man. We are saying this to illustrate what we are saying. People get into business deals and feel they are a debtor to that deal. You are not a debtor to lying and cheating. You are not a debtor to any relationship that would mislead you out of God. You follow truth. You have roots in yourself. You make some decision. I’m not going to lead a lie to another lie to another lie because you are debtor to your flesh. God is saying you are not a debtor to the flesh. Walk in the Spirit. Make your confession. If you go the wrong way on route 95, you will head to Florida. Ever see the birds on the line? The birds facing that way are counting the cars coming from Florida and the bird’s flying that way are counting the cars from New York. I’m going the wrong way. I don’t pay any attention to it. We are committed to this. We change our plans. Going to Maine and now going to Florida. Debtor to a lie, a payment I made. To the error, to the mafia, to the corruption, to the liar. No, you are not. You’re not. The biggest liar is the ones on the inside of you. That’s where our problem is. When you go to sleep on a Friday night and are all alone laying on that pillow, you have to talk to yourself. If you are lying and you know you are lying, you will not get very far in this world with God.

He wants your best. He wants your promotion and honor. He wants to crown you. I am not a debtor to my sin nature. I am walking in the Spirit of liberty and freedom. Nobody has any right to manipulate me and control me. I’m starving to death but believing in my heavenly Father. I’m not a debtor to my flesh or the devil. Do not fear him that can kill the body. Fear him who can throw the body and soul into hell. We got a better way.

I’m glad you and I are on the same train with our heavenly Father guiding us. The more we live in the spirit of liberty, the more good things will be showered on us. He will give us what we need. We’ll say he did it. He taught me. He showed me. He did it. God did it. Thank you, God. You are awesome. Amen.


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